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The herald. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1905-1953, June 10, 1920, Image 8

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I llt "2 St t:ltl". of . clIr l a l. S 'e of .Loll
i- I .a1 , l'. 2rit-h o I .rl, .: .. I t 1' ) oe.t \. 11
irti t 1i 1' I ." it h11 I 14:1 it l xh . Il. .1i i
41.1) of 1 .1. I .k. , I .lilt f i i 1,, Ir i.p li. . i.
tf l 1t . I llite.d S1 1.1 1,'- o1 . 4ll .4ri, 1 11 .' eisll , 41
b 'lowr.- it,.. .Jo.i.Ith .;r4i'-. .,1,1i) 1'1 .l , i t,
.1ih IN wi i-t s ion.id weni] .1iihl a *1: | in ;111.1 .I
I rlI l I'l. rii -tIi i. l rl.-11i1, . Iht r.r In rall- llit .
, i -i i ih r - 1 r1. " 1, l 1, 4 I ea '. l l.l -n,-"4-. lia'r'. II
ill.1fh.r l1 1 l ii* 11.41 i fll. illl.- 1 * .t .-i- ,l.loll. ll)t Ii
I. . ,lr d h11i 1 -" . .r;:ll 1 'l-,.4al II. 1% t. :lll4 l:lr" l i.
.r1 i.." l i . ii .t .a ill,. 21.414 1 lt I tl.. l "1111 - i44 ii
11 h. o l.. I4r. i I. i,.. ar1 . that ;4 : v1 illnur .1
hlem- I l .. I I t 1 .... : I1 .. t rt ar .iode., of ,
I.11, t i.Ir l -. 1 to h 1 . , sIwa.- IId.ll" l il pr.i - .
tIll. )l'4ir 1911. I ;la al nii iied, rel, 1ti4 n 144 th4i-, a
. rl, io n, or . li l iilon :n t f lor la lln of II
,,,1 41. 4 aIII, .rail 1,. h 1114hi l.-r.-i,11 'ti t4 |li44 l4
lorporl. tiel. they baeiit l l h.lil t ll fa l4 . a d.t ' .r 11 i,
atl.t : r. h11a 4 bllnet them4 l a Ves 1 %% 14i'l a" 1
I.11 i-ii I other. a, 1i:lay hl. altll'r hornlmr I
a t 4'l ,,/it td % ith i th *'ml. to fo ran a ror ipora- I
Iii o n i.r Ithe l .a jil I. :l411 plrllrloses. .44 1144 II
tlnldIYr Iih, artlit'l .14llli llpulliiions l 1l1
Io t : llo
.I2TIt'l. : I. The I :1111n " ,Iand .tI Il of tlii
a-lr. tlar.itti I\41li4lllL42 , I'Ih,, T i1:. h ll, ll4,1l -i
,o r p o rI t io4 n4 th a ll 4 'F41 '11 I : .T1."m 1 I 41 -141
lei.nt oi np;lllllill', a lll llier It, in ro l-tr-r
athf inll a im l i1 lhll I.Illt'r poler filln litu
Ilj rity to IhatI-e :414t1 to , ' njo.Y . orb liratl, "' -
4.i "1'." for a lperilodl . , I4 ).'firs frolm tll,
a4-:. " 1lt ,l '  oo nnI0li, r 1I.14'444 4te l). I ill il.I
tillln or o hllhai.r '1i. it - hal h:.1 1 4 p1 4 *w r to
41.."44 I . rpo .allh" .r4a1 and to I r,:a.k aor :1414.r
IIl-. 1 441144' i t Ip .lur4-l I.4' h I..I a .il. 2 l4t'41ll 1141
f1th.erwiset dispose.j of I-Ipropertly .: tt p ir
Stha. , r eiae-l rrl- 1.L :1..", :...4f.-r ream1 4 .). I
.sign, moirtg:1..* ' ;Im h4 ) o1 2 1h e1It4h* p 1 rllllo
rty,l rl al. pIroon :l ;114 ,, ..lf, lorpori l : ,i
.or in.or apor.al. to i-"..1 -4,nl :1iI 14o 1 .a
I-aire ,l l t ) ori tiut11nc1l. lt buly lan4d hI . tl
.14nk III olther ollomp:li , to l 111te. dtlt
:1141 ppoilal t a ll lit r1I:.1" . ;1,.ll -a. a1ir.,'tor, 1
far ofl ilers ;4. it, hIin- ss nut. ):y ra 4uire4r i
:4adl to i.:l.* :141 ,,t:ha lish, altel.r olr :l ellln
iv laws, r ll*.' alll4i r,-4laiirn.4 tio r it1
*n v ,r n ml e n lt :1 . I nlas y hI e. a . ltl . *d li." .* - t. r y
niirll to d. fill thin , li 4 ilie ,.41 l lnd lpropr
all I .- wnaillillt of t.lle hui*s nl "s i. a 'll
til, corpor ation is . n igcag .
.llI 'Fll'.E III . 'l4 'll* 1 ii, 1 " of this alr
piration i t in the lI i or ew llI )ll t ' , , Ill2
,'i..4 i ltons and in Ili1 l1ro ,vs4 shaill Ioe .srvt'. ,
upoll it>. i'r.-idlt l, i ll d l.faut of 1t 4hi,4 h 4
1upon its "I. I-'ri,-lllI t.ll in .l. f:lit 4I
%wlih Iih upon i-t, 1n rrel,a r.) Trr.: lr".r.
l:TI''I I.1: III. The- 1.,1 1,- :in.l Je. 1 itl
pot s  or l thil, srlar:tio l r, "Io. rli ll ,
1-fll, 14 -.1 #-,, i,\*lai i l:l*, liar t . * , -i:;" r.i-*.'. , 2 i
i )ly ilt I lt ani :lild t h erl is-i e in *II , dI"u It r
IIn or i.po. . of r.-.il -.lltah. prron.h l propI
arit :e1{ fili' nl. tiii hi oeity or 4.L Inhl ir,..
,ilth.r for it, 4I4 ll 4 i44 ,.,1 nt ,ar for ,,thr
Ite r-n, tlrill. l, alht ti.an rialir house'. 1 n In
nr n 4'ral otar it l,.If or o lhers i. 4n41r 444l
t -st. on "nani ,4 ,,"1 ,r .oth er ,is.L a i to,
lend 114O4'1n fail r,":11 .":111." ;Ind I4' .1arr4
lnl :nail OIn4Ind t .l'htl ather lbllnll i a n- d 1114
1hii ngo at a.:4 441. e I a. h4n441 II . rl'. ar 1.. ,t Ii
fee4 ftale flat- purpo14 e1 :nil to I l h41n1 a fit , at
14prospor.tll"y an4 h 11 nl1 f f1 Illaie propl rti4's, 41
righlts 14141 prllil 244 . of it4 li l, iorporal4li.on
AIL'I l'l.' . IV. Thlt capitil .4 ·n.k of thi f1
rororatlhn 1. fixed :ll t$l5iM.ll ) 4divit Id1
into i and t rli pre tiI. u il ll) 144 lsharl . at hll .
Iha.'a cash. Saidai st4.3k sh1l4 l Ir4 p:Iai for I
by law fnd in the .mu:lp r afa a t such4
il4"nl irelnd it ll h ilc olll nts as i :)
bl prsc'ribed ll th4lt4 l.ar 4ll of itir.'tor. 1
The capital stof ok lay bi4 in.r aerl. to I
:wI.I i0,4 divided itte _14 1 ) Il0 hare' of t1en
tollars4 each. .all stor k shall li-| fil paid
laod lion lanled of sill a- laid r1 4ll e r40pr s e4t f
ll ly eartlifin ites to be .sel,tt*.d y the a
lonlrd of 4irectors anid silnetl lby the I
I'resident and Sci rtl tar.% Tresure.r and
aale lt wisll the ell of the4 'orporatio. e
AltTIt'IE V. The sp.*. of this corpora.
tion shall ibe traifelrrodr only Uloffr i.s
looks and isubjet to such regullntions land
fornmalitin,s i lay be prescribed by it.
toaird of Iiri'tlors. nfly s4tolkholdlr d1
ltring to sell or dispo4 of tany stolk held
I rly hioint ithis corporation shall offer the
the- loard of lIirreftors with ten days op
laina a-i not ea.'e'liilg the hookI vonle there
of iand fallre of the sor.khaolders2 to ae
4lept said offer in that pIerod shall hleav
the seller at lihierty to disose of the .
saime in the mnnilnr 1n141 for the pr-' he I
.ay tae fit. bait no trali.isfer of stoc.k shaill
ie Iainding 4upon tis cI'orlporation until
and unlessa done upon i.ts books.
AITiCIElt Vi. The lrplorate tpower of
thi corporation shall be vested in andli I
relarclsed by a Itolrd of Dire.-tor. Oml4- I
piImed of no lens than three and no m11ore
than five stockholdetrs. two of whoml
shall at all tinea iconstitute a quorum for
the transactionN of l)01?niesil. At any" of
the meetinga of the tioard of Dlirectors
miya vote in person or l4y proxy. Trlhe
first Board of i)irector' of t.1s corpora
tioa shall be coomposred of the following:
lvr. Domingo A. Ertrand. - til Itlrrnks n
4treet, New trIens. 1, ..; V. I'. traullx,
Orleans and Rialihilrt Mtls.. Ne`w tlrlean.4.
l.a.; Jose A. Morales. 2-"! "illafle Ai'v enui`.
New Orleans, l.a. These directors shalle2
aerve until He.om l Moniday in May. 1t41.
or until their uccei.e.oirs shall have benn
elected and qualified. The lIire-tor, shatii
be elected from the stloc.kholder4s at a
meetlng held for that purpose on thbe st
and Monday in May en.al year. NotIl'e' of
suach meeting shall be given 15 days prior
to the date thereof in writing and shall
he sent to each stockholder at his then
known address. Each stockholder shall
we entitled to one vot.e 'or each share
held by him. In lPer5on or by proxy.
Election shall be held hne.r the rul4.4 lnd
regulattoas ai mty be trslcm'rtilwd by the
Board of irectorst. The Iirtetors when
elected shall hold office for one y3,ar or
until their uceasnora shahll have been
elected and qualifited and failre to hold
said annual meeting or to elret Hlwid li
rectors shall not operialte a forfeiture of
thIs charter or of any rtightl acqnira'l
thereunder. Any vacancy in the toard of
lItrlecaltors may be filled ly tlhe reniFinn
llrectora for the unexpired term. Imme
diately aftter their elitlon, each year. the
llrectors shall meet and select from their
number a l'rildent. Vice-President and
tteretary-Treannarer. Tm e first offihera of
this corporation who ashall hold offl'e
ontl the second Monday in May. 1921. or
until thlg t1'E4e1 ornr sl all hayv. been
elected and quallfied. ar lrt. Diomingo
A. Entrada. lPresident; Jose A. Morales.
VIhe-President. and V. '. Isreaux, iecrP
tary-Treasurer, none of whom shall re
ceive any pay for hia services during the
first year of this charter.
ARTIC.lE VII. This ,,harter may be
.hanged. altered or modiRf· t or amended
by and with the ronsent of two thirds of
the outstandlng stock at any meetIng rall
ed for that lurplhe. aullject to su0h liml
tatlons as may he provided by law. Any
increase of the capital stock of ihis 0or
proation may be made lby three-fourths
vote. Notice of nie.tings referred to In
this chart.er shall b given in the manner
provided for the giving of notices in caiie
of elections, unlen the inme shall have
been waived.
ARTICLE VIII.- In case of liquidation.
dInnolution or termination of this charter
by limitation or otherwIe. its affair.
shall be liquIdated by one or more meni
ers slected by the stloekholders, whoi
may provide the number thus selected wIth
sub power tand authorlity as the law per
mits and who shall fix the terms and on
dlittes spea which they are to serve ana
their compensatIon.
ARTICLE IX.-No stockholder of thi.
cogporotlon shall be liable for any acts.
liability, eontract, debts, or faults of this
corporation or any of its stockholders, nor
shall any laformality in its organliation
have the effect of rendering this charter
mash or of exposing a stockholder to any
liability beyond the unpaid balanae due
on any stock held by a:im.
ARTICLE X.-The stberribers hereto
have written opposlte their name, the num
her of shares stubacribed by them and their
respective l'oat Offlee address so that
this charter may serve as the subscription
1ist of tIe corporation.
Thus done and panssd at my office In
tl('ty of New Orlans. on the day, month
and year first above written, ina the preI.
ence of Albert 1. Canton and Vincen
(bare., competent resident wItneases, who
have hereanto algned their names together
with the said appearers and me, Notary,
after due radIng ef the whole.
(Original Sigued) lir. D. A. Rstrada.
President. 2012 Itarracka St., New Or
leasn. La., 2 shares: J. A. Morales. Vice.
Ptenident. 2-12 Tulane Ave.. New Orleans
La.. 510 shares: V. P. Breausx, Secrtary
Treasurer, 801 N. Rampart St., New Or.
leans, La., 2 shares.
Witnesses: Alberto (. ('atatn, N. (bar
Notary Public.
A true copy.
May IT, 9i5.u
Notary PNblie.
I. the undersigned. Receeder *f Mr.t
gages. for the Parlsh of Orleras. 8tate
of Loulsimaa. do hereby eartIfy that the
shave and fwretalui Act of lacorpartta
ot The Tula.e lnvestment Limited. Inc..
was thl day duly recorded la siy ettlfe
New Orlmna LMosiana Mar 15th. 1,60.
May :lum.e 3d.
ERN MO)I.AoE. Co., INC. oI
I litedt .st.t'-. of A. oeric:. Stotet oof ]oui- >,r
lgllll. t'Iri rih of lIr . lll. 0'lly of New the
to of l" month of 0.irth. in tilt- year ~h
too ot \ o- loo O I t 0llnl t toroi i 1 o0 -h o' )"Or 001
i uour Lord. I'll-- 'T'hloo and i , Ni.'. lI n- et
In l t a tw, lt'. all., of I tit--. ' h otl, lIpLndnll en I'ti
,f I,. I tilt.-.l I S t,,mo- of \. n0tri;. lth- onl' IIa
0n00 rt, :a.il fortI Imt rlth. htotootr in.. WVil- aon
,n i .1. ;oi- .." i N oit. 'r l'ol i ,, d ultitI c nm - ,,li
ll ionll. ,1n .1d .l :1iht-fl.*If. Ii n alnd for the s t
,.-o I'. ori oh . .1St .ate. ti '-r *-in r oes.iding. In;
not In Itl.- tr o.o.,e of I1n a lto .--.. II, here' tIl
tll ll l r lron d  o tiP h t o .tier .'ilololled . rl pjr.on- stI
,Il, . . lir00 t :011 tP redro . ttcar : .11.. 000- ,i[f,
n.ipl003 t s. I 0 o0rtorrlo-t . , c0 o oor.itisot or- u
:-rii ot1a otnd ereoted under the laws of o
it.. 0oartb of I.oni-oi;ort:o. I. .,. t o '.oed 1' or
or., Jr L l --r. r i.Tr.. Notoirn l'P tlitoio. I
. th* lt th i t,' 1 I-tr orIoi.l i . t . .o. . 191.l i oII
IloIo roo ro t dui roourt00000 i oort -,.ffee . ito or
ii for thit.- i'ari-h of iort*.,ot -. Stoto ' of
,.0 i0 : , inn. i n o1 , , ,k t1 :.7 . o', l io : .t l W h2i ,ot
o., tl.ro d, t11. 1 t i:t :r I". i:i o In.t e 1nt.l . of till' 0i
too, khotlder- of the So*,oootll -ru Nlot 1':1 '-+ , or
.oi0i0 t.ll In, oorploroi.-o. htthl at th,0 of0 ice' to.
I the cit orpor t :Ir. i t ho Itl- . .iI>I. I'1 Ith I n,
o:rd d:ot of 1a r It. 10200 olt 0h0 h ot loont 0000
I t! hfi ', : .iitn l s tocl k ,,o t - .o ,.r i, o ra tio n 1 i
0a. ri -tprr. 'nthod l o. the holdil r-.- lll o:u d 011 roIt
r4 loth .-rof Iti p|lo-r.oo or t1.o lprol he aidti t
.o, khohltr- ,0:0 ied :oo ma .i-l -l-o,'e d ~it0 h 1t
II prl i loo. tolti' or lothor I orl .tlty. for
Ii- ,:l1lin0 of suh tlloo t 000ne. :.s prro idl. it-ot
i the l 'ht rter of |the 'ortorr tiol. to
T h a t a t s. 01d nl.e ,t i0 i .f t o -t'' okht lh *ro ,. it
,ri- l0, .nnio n -h reo- lo l tiih t .l r -,, " o III o
of the charter of the.. orl.orf t0 I0 . .. :,ii o Io l ,l.
. -o as0 to roeadt s follott - ,
.\1Tit' iI hll Ill 'he obj.i- t h. ;t Lt. or II I
,, ,s for ~hic this ii or oorati il it or- 0n0
:oittitd :old ttho Iatooro of tre t 1ot-"00 .0- too pr
.e oarried on lt It are o no r toro ll tootored to loo
. too -,r17:00 1 e i to ihot loeneraol too iuso of tih
-i im0 . ellio i., .. ounion . thoitithl . re'fill
00. Iore ,sr0t0in . or oi lltr'r tl o ItrO r- in0100 ror, i,l
n_.Lohline in II m ll.st.-.. n.0 .O.r. rie.. fruit. taool
,.,labl,.. _i l-, .. .) rills .. ,"\tr:a,'+. :it to
ohol. lin00 et r. :itl, ill roar. foio.ituffs of t
ron 0aoit r.- a bat-o o l- r and bl iIt.' oh } ' t
r1 IIact, thereol' I
Toro tool . Itlo'ro t. . or ri .quire I
ootl itll0 Io o ,i t .t h - rot al tiPiiroptrrliy .a. i ayo.o 11.
..- I1,.00 - --ar I ftor lto. propeir oolo tl ioon ndlll 1 1
r,,.o.e .ntioin of tit,- 1 a1in.000- iin r-lp-o' t to o n1
It, ,-lat tlio-hn..0it tnid 000.ntruioti ill of fto. oir
tri ., lltlltllt ol I o rthoI rtO iti-. 000
o.n1 i, r ll\ to *d and performI all p
I.nn , p"-'rtilent :tood itlololrt to Illt f' or . f
andin obji n purl,''.-.s ;ind w hi,"h
,ti Ii." proper t 1., IoIt-o f r tort farll i,.rt o ,r- to i
Sin,_ outil0 . , l"" titjiol. :0l0d o, l.tnsion, of tihe oo ,
,0'-r.rI to ll lr , o. f theI ttol- 'rpor:ll.0l L - 'rI
Th Iof alit "*.l I o t ou,,tla of tltotkhold-ll,. di
S 0 u.itl noill i loi t rt'o lett d r lIthat t l rtirlt t.
S of tIto, b rti r olf tihe .- rporatiol I,. re.
0l00rol d oll . ; to r to : rol .t r f ll.tlo I
.'itTII'I.Il IV.. 11:t tor. capital 0h.k stn
of thi. *o'rporatior i i- hlr.-t ,Iot roio to To
to. Ih .. i w1 o lif fiftly thousand L i0ll..tlNItl Ti
toiltr -.. dtitlo-d into hi:iore o' f o nilot hionl
Irood tIitO $ 0 l 0l dollars r a o l . 'h.
tThe l ou 0t t of eal, ,0ar. - -rihall it paiitl 0
or :lcordi ng I I:tll . : tll thi c.oripor ,tilo Ii.
,, :I lid bhe n - III. I a ni, llla crrn htl ,~i Iu
nt..-rt. fioo th ..n...ndo I Sol,.v tWonltM dloiotiri ,
f it-. iLlitraI, stock ihall tte been o lh I
-ribe.oV and p:iht for. No t:raoo.fo-r of It
urllk -htill b h. in in: llpoilln lhi)Is lorpor
hin ,nlle . : 1 le appears upon Ill. i book
ll"r*f. . o .t. tockhollelr lhaill lia er, the '.
ritL t.io a--io:1 or transfeltr iany sthre ior
h:are. held i% hnim uillh's he .hi:ill :, b
irlt o iffered fill|- in riting to the hoard I
f directors, ,hih will ohal e the righl t to t. i
iPuriLha. aminn within ten day'.o 0.
it a:0 unoit .tn i li ' ly ro-- oo"lr tIha t Art olt.- ot
V of the hitarterrl of Ithl 'orpnor:tion to toi
lSited ,o to ro,;l-* l a0 fo)liot, .
.1 IT'Il.I: '. 11 Th' ' iOrpor2tO 1000'- toi
,r-. of Itis corptoraltion otrltl to ,he ,,etoed in- 0
t ooardi oof director, to be o.-omioiio-.l iofl ,
floor otirorIor. tlihree of 'who shall 'irtot i
ltitOlh I quorrul for the tranl.: tionl of
,l oine. : sich diri'o tior o to ,e 'to.ooed by
Itie .to kholdert a I ll b '(hl tral mioo0hti to IWlO
,be h llo OIlne first MoinIiit of .iJanuary i
ii e ctilh i ear. d,"
lls .At a .tllt m -tin - , or i-To, tionl of thi oit
orplorntio l. .ah s·. tollhitor shail bli, 00i 0i
Oittled to 0 le ilot.o for eic.h oshareo of o.ttok re
tilti nc hi t lio . 0:lu Oliln theo hooks of itl.
ui-ltotipan . whiclh tote -h0ill ie ao' t in boor :p o
00nn or t% 0 rittoon proo " .
1:hi The ihoard of director, shtill hae .-o
Toler to i Ike -ill b -laws. rule, notoo rcl' ooif
ilntlio  i ntl llo.ry for the iondi 't of the tII
ludsines afftirs of .:tl orporration. and :o
shllti oh.*-t from their r numie.r a pre.lnt.lt .
tioe- presidtentl nll it seoretary' t- reasurer. 'T
(41 10ti1 ol the ol. to- to tIo e hetlooto t
theroinnhot lrovided. tohe follooti lilo 0 hall
constitutel the first board oof directiors
IJoo.eph -A. I iolltet. Jr.. Eiglair G l. olioot-
qtlt. W'lli 'i. F'. \MI)sing. Iieorge W. I'
And ltne. 0id oappearer frther dw~rnlrd o tr
that he is authorizid. empo wered andt di- r
reo-ltes tol sign nd toet - sOit all ro.quisilte it
and n.oessariy iits ind plro' ceedingst toI
artry out and to effc.-r cla d Kahlo mend- hol
omeots. and that lie doei now ltappear ell or
foreo nimt, notary, hi orolir lo nmake prolper 0
notlrial ro-ord of said meilndiments and so
to have nne re'orded as required hby law. .i
Aill of which will nore ull t tppe':r ly i.
referen'ce to a certified copy of the minotonln-. I
of ooid stockholtders' omeltingi attoaheod for .1
reforere'nc to this ac't of ametndment. F
Thiul donn.. antd .,l c no0ed in mny offiw ' at
Ohto tity of Nooto- 0Orletnna. ,obrate of'lLouit- 0
nto., on the ili'. mn nonth tnll ya'r firtst
horionllolV' wrlitten. tIn tio trll'en, of 00
II. I.. It:rno tl ' n' t llo 3h orri IIto. 0d0i0nn.
i'onpltoon witn0lnsoo who lhavle heorentoto
:ilnot lheir uIe llt. toglether wi0h lht std'
llbaoe orr tlnol nm.'. i0n00ry lftor ooto roool
inl of the hhoole.
(Otrl ioa l oIoin t . to): t-. 0i . l0o otilolt.
Witne' noosoo :
i. l, . lto IreIo'tt. I
Morris IF. Itlohiinnn. 0
I1 .1o1. 1A .I. tI t STE.
Nootor. ub tololi.. 0I
I htrthy crtify thato thto li-on ioo fIorto
olirr 10 a s troe oan 0l orr.' opOy o'of Who'
ortliinl on 0 i0 e it tht e rtordo of 00ny of
fto. til Ntoev \ t broiolen , I.ooull toinn.i
W'o!1.I.%I.! 3. GI t TE. 0
Ill. Ih unoersiztcd oorder of tort
gtl,. It sioo for thto tIo-rish of, O 4riennai. a
.iih1 of I.ouiltino. do hlorehy ',rtlif" thot I
tlhe bovoe tono forelwona n't or amtendmtono
to otororter of the oolion'rn Molaoo tConi- o
tiliny. In0('.. wi00 thita.Ini dnly r--orotet In
oooy offloe in oook 1242. folito 55
New o' rlo':n.o. 10<iniiotl:nt i.. M onrh :1t. 100O2. I
(Slonool) : EMI.E .1.I.F.ONAItlt, It. It.
.la* "O-Jtno 24.
No. 131.,46. IlOto-loon It., lMokit o. -Joa
eph ,chiilkoffookoy. Eloi !it. So'hilkoffoko'y
and bloo L. tthltkofftkey, vorsus ('hand
lI'r 0'. .tuzoonhotoror. ii01triot .Attoirney-. Pur
ioh of (Orleans.
Thio ,'ooloto' 0n00'ii 00 on ttiol day to be heoord
asoo w-.i subniottted to the e'oirt for id-
t'reoent: liolon1 WVontliog. ittorney for
Itllttonr; 4rloohaondler C. tLuzo-lnboert0'. dits
trio-t sittorney fSor defendant.
Wohooi. after ho':irlng the oleinding olnd
the evidenioe the Coulrt ,eingn atotloosfied that
the pltintiffo nro, enititlod to the relief
oriyod for. for the reooasonio, orally oolinioll:
It in ordered, oljoldoed :ind deoreedo that
thero toe Judoment hierrln in favor of jo.
titionera. nootd arnsinhist the defonooant,
iLrantlniu the ohaonigo of nmles oteotired. anudo.
0co-ordhingltr. Itohit Iho' nomlii of petliioner.
Jooeph Nohlkoffokey be and it In now
hereby changeot nnt o e to'lbl hsrttfoer too
0o recognized ilo Jooio'jih Shil-" that the
nanme of 1ill1 It. e'hltkoffokey be and
It ls now hereby olhnogeot ind h'e otaloil toe
no ro-oglntzed. n Etllo, It. chill. rnd that
Itohe nanoe of tOooe I.. ttbhtlkoffskey. ptlt
Ohlooor. te and it t0o now herooy itohnoed
stood he ahottl be not reo.ognized a000 Maurh'oo
t,. t'hill. whtoh nonneos hall bho the tru'
aood lawffl luanmst,, of ttoe osoiol etlitilonern
after Otie ijtubtlicaioin of tliis judgmnent in
1lomto' newatooaloor in the ;o:irlosh of (irheana I
for fifteen dayr; alond an-cordhlgly. It i4
ordered that the ahdl pelttionoro cann.'
Ohis Judgnoent to be publtished for the
period of fifteen dnlio tlo a oewapawpjer puh. *
llhowl in the pariah of )rleeann at tho l
costs of petltionero. and that they pay
the cotot of then. preceedlno,. Judgment
rend and rendered in open contr thin 4th
day of May. 1920. Jnlogment read ando
soigoed In open court. thin May 4. 19"20.
(Signed) FREI) J. KING. Judgo.
A true copy.
F. Grelshaber. Deputy Clerk.
1'nited Staten of Amerca. State of Lon
itlana. Pariah of Orleana. City .f New
Orteana. lie It known that on thin 10th
day of the montb of hay. 1920. and of
the independence of the Unlted Staten of
Ameriha. the one huadred and forty-fourth.
iefore me. Jobn P. 8ullivta. a metary pub
li. duly commtasioned and qualifled, in
and for the city ef New Orleans. parlah
of Orlesna. state of ILoalniaa. therein re
aidlng and i' the proeence of the witnenses n
herecinalfter named and undersigned. per- (lon
onvlily.- came and llappleared the following and
errs~,'nS. whose nlimene are hereunto sub- hav
n.rito-tl. togethe'r with the amnounts of joy
their reptc.ctive .ihibsariptiona of the rap- ni
itall stoclk of the. corpiorallon to he formed tr:t
.hI)o sw. vr;y llly declare that, availilng theml- use
of ll i ro of ll* roviiinla of the. lawis of ceii
ihe , t:ct- t of o I.onticl lau relaitive to flthip or- it
rnlic.atiion of c.lrlpora:tions. the.vy lhave cocve ri:i
taItte.d and agreed. :Inet do icy thle.se irell s- t
i., " tenl illct a nd aeg reee itlnd itte11 them-l t lt
i.c11",c. g:1 wI'sl such otheIr personi asl I to
livi hereiafter hic. omln cc.so-icttcted t ith re
hici. or theihr -tie' c oeirs. fc forem and aei
cii.llcittI , tihe selllt S.Ie t l: :1 it irporlctc ti 11d
,Ind I lc y politic ill Il i, iend for th ie hl t he
j-",t. and purpose s :ltd und -r :i:. rnente ls
.d11 stipulationsc foll,,,ini . to .tit: r
A. TIC 'LE. I The. lccli'e :ilad title of this I
Sorpol r.tion shall , the "ll;:I, :te :llll \\' iltc l
i l c tCA I' i cill l nl l ii-ll tl i lnaI. Inc .. x111 bli I
Ihctl tilc ne a;cidI cnrporctiicin -litill icavoe paii - u
c.r cIndl :uithority It ha.i c ac einjoy sec ll l,
ciessionl fir the full teri of t c l tecc in, liitt
ta,:ll'c frl omll tcIe ' tiIe t- tie-re*- ,f. to . lir1 't: ;, l
Io -iic -11 I,, -idc . Iee e.lke and 1 - :c1c
. o r p o r tt h s ,a l , t o p lr 'h1s1" a n d r ele, .* . ,
leia e, l will. - .11t ; li l c r )Occ e,. :1 w e ,ll :e 1 t Ic "
i.rtcvlli;ie . c:iil hiit ctlh*e'ai te, propltert.., reat; l, .l1h
ier-sonlil iand ie : ii i c,, ito  nl c n t :il cppoitlt fee
s. ffi eit cl lcis t a c cacli.i :.s Ithe intler*c i,- i
"of -.S i erlecir.r i n hi .i) rceillre., i I wa:ike .c i ii
Sciid - teilllh i c li It l . ;tliel rieclditcic -c ecl
lfo r lt Ii,- r ee r tlicl hi *iieiiie 't :I lli i rc lc il iti -n .11.
.lI it- altctire . ,i t. i ll e e" , i.. led ce-. I'' 1-c1. r j"i
Ii,' -" r*'. [ *11,
.U It 'I.: 1 'Fl. litutr i 1c ' i if ie :it "-her ill
i . 1 ciire cciie
S ti lic nl -shi lt. I ic ll c i e i oc i f Ne.w t or Ine
b:ilw l lac .f Lisi tu . :n'i i old all citationsc -i11
: till cl her l*l ctl clirecceic. -li'll ei -,,rc ed r 1
ll.n thei lI iprll it lof . idi ,orlllioi rar tiol. i"cr
al d ll. I l iase of Ilii ailcillle l elpill tle vi- ie - St
pre cidlilnt. :it l ill cc c e of lhie :lh-ieece of hi.i
hcthl I li-i. off I. er-s. ul,l IIe- -ie"ret.; r) elot
i lere1if. 1 r
.1c l'IC'i :l III l. h* itcjel.i :aend piier- ir
pliess-. tir i hlich this corporatliii i,- es 1iii1
tabli-ht , n 1 l ile c ie gtre oif theli Ilbhis e  ii
to le e. rried Ai byi ic i re hiereby dclriired ill
Io t Ile. I thl p rilcia. . sale acwll htiring of c all cl ;l
lniitilel I Ii .icali;lls. Sa lt tiche operail tionl of cii
,a ien"railr: :c rlilnehtile :imend taliit livery
bi llulli s :nd p:I rliclll rly ti i opellratce Ilil
blacik nd ii hiti e a.h.e anid tc:xillIhsi: le ta ll
p, liuhrhliI-c e ;lid ell cll :cl;c iin hil t ite s pl lites -Il:
. o;iid rl*'. ,cicri.. :cnlii '*. tIer:ir lly tI o di all /I tI
c-c is ind t., .I cr t cr inio ali iroltr:-l.c that "'f
:Iti te. lt.eec. i - c: e lo ein s tiihl i" r alp Pi
leprop'ri:ate in Ilii- :a" .cmc ipluh lii-cci icfi lh,.I Ibe)
.i fir.e licl pin rlcceice .Ill
.\11tI'll '1.1": 1 i'll 11 T '.ill ..p l k sio ll 't
\ii- il'llceiruil cclil -cliccl Ice itccc l lil-i ll Ice Il
this ourporalal t shall 1.. t.n thousand .b"
ielcll.irc i lii fiit NIcic. l l h ite-d i t lleh it lc n l fir
direl c hiancire-s at thl l piller iitli . ) le h ell i
cired - I lllar ccarch I,:clc i lle 1ti tli i. te-tif lit
hi iasih oir icel.r Iproti. rlt l or fl or s ,ire ic .sc c th.
relterel d oir i c:-t ill plterfeori l c l - is i ,- 'ii te.l Site
S Iltce tioeurd ofi ditircl,. r. ei:iclit share ill ll Il"
it.. capitail l tollck hali tll hi- entitled Itc tie. ::it
.el -. it ail Il .,etlilcI i of tht e stlc kihiol lers off
Th,. ralt ital  k imci he it ,cre:ied Il Ilie. lIt
lii111 f lift) Ilt it liiitl dollars t$ 'i.I.tuN tiI .
Al TICll.: V N elcrklihldlerr ihall c lcie hi-I
iable- or responsible for tlhe indebtednes". "ni
Ialiirl, of the rl.i il rp or rl' lt l* ' : h11 *'11 ffe i,It
of reindei.rictc li, chartler tliill itr .tf e. \
i,- ns lt he [ he rk hltle-- Ice 1t) liai illtj y
hI.lic l t hi e iiL n tci, I a n .tis * .. if i.n. Oet 1e t
lii stliI. L ctihc-rilltiol. licc
. 'I:l 'I c1.1: 'V I. ,iilc c l : i . a .i lii kleict1 er li-c
de.ire Ic II his d .t- . hek. Ie hall first ofllc ,
. clr s il,:t- t ll tIhe stll.kht nlcleucr- of the cuil- ii
liip l thrull  itsr b c clll of di rel" tor.-ic. and c 't
Ithe stockholders .%ho der*',, to purchase, . I
-hall lli l ei . the riclcit lii fllrclhal " slcmile., li*
- ituilllcibt said t. Ilcikhldrtl s ithi, ii es v lity- c
t.,,c hours iflter ..rietin ,-lcie h:ls bteeln iii
cie.n. f:ll ior re.fu-se teo purccihti the stolick
olfiered ftir :el . t- I, tool.k lii : e Scldi -,tt
Its aill i cg . i.
.\ i:l':TI'l.: VI i. T his i-orloraliolu sclicll 'i"i
hlct ,.e ill lthe pi e r- granellii-l Ill tc lh c oi r *I
pioratiols. c ced ishall hia.. lIe, powt e r Io liI
' enlltra nt;il i. lit cclild e i  e l c i its torpor- .ii
. li llia i l. a d t oe it. holii. rec. .iv,. lu in I'r
,leasei." pi rchise ii. eIl au.; nley or loinrl *'
a;ile L s iril -ill iof itl ii -eIc. ior lto hit - sIe
pitlihe-atc I it l- irpe rlt Stdii I doi ai l ii. a in ill
ca l cctIis ir lthings -i f l ly" kiiLnd. licattr or Irl
lI.sll riptliol. c:s csly hi e iie'e ar Ito .I rr .Ic -
. iut tihe lhjea.. l at l p rp ill, rl of hit l i s i - tot
lim - l, i ile ilt ier -s I ied il tlilelir ic,-ic ill- . liI
re-u it." c :e.l
.\ll:T I 'E VI . .\11 l 11 ItllmineiI-s niti lce
a:ffairs of sain -orprattorn shalel lie. ie. T ie
i ii and direcetd by- :c lo hnird of ditr"citorr I,
ciioih iTii Frank F. nTcye Sid P ntl
-Toe. ill oef huliful . acid recidlnts of re
uthis eit e and they sdcll hold fice.ic until
i. ilie 1. 121 and l onri c th t d.iair. uii frelion t
cihi ctcil i-e-ri elct thcrecdlr. ci iction
cshall heh illd cnnuaclly for directors at the l
erici-icai o fffice ocf the rpirltion. lFail
urie to h ioot at ecection nn the day speii- ,It
l i id i. ll not dissolve thle cori;pora tion e. l
tit the director- i oflece siihall hold their \I.
respecitite office- tiuntil n ie cclion shaill,
he held after ten cices nitile of the time ll
Sl'and picce. thereof llien to eaclih stoick
'lholder. Thei e aiicueil eli,-le nl lhall ie iheld -
iotle the firlt Mondliay in .ilucie. f1'21. there- rec
r after on thie first Monday Ile June of each
i succeteding 3tur. ind the directors shall tie
lihe lhoseltin by baillot. l vacancies oili the fte
SI ictecrd of direcIitors fur whatever iorue shall d:i
Sbe I filltd bh the rein'alinini directors. he
r .iti-iph T'oyet,. shall iee first pre,"scient cat
F'rinik l. Toyc. shall lie first vie'i-pre'i s"'
it I .eti anie [....ul Tmi..t. .ill *. first Se-re- cl
I it y ce l rc.c urcll r and lthey .iall hold fit
cffic. uniil the first Mondliy in Jlune. 1921. i
i cciiiI tieh icceccelduilg board of directors ly
cidliciil ect its lcriniealii officers for the ici
to lern of their elet ieion ii|lii only sttit.khicld- hi
ci ers shall be. eligihle for teltciilen ccii ct alitici- oif
i IHer of lic heoarc of diric.tors.
.'11"itTIl.E IX. W'hcieliiver this c-'°rieorcc- cic
lion is diicolteii. ceilhlr icy limitation. or I
for cliy ohicer .cu.c Its ceffcfirs shill ieee it
liquhieitid hy ih, icard of dlirecors, who ci
citre iherehy v lested wilth rulil nwter to c-ill II
clly cind aili  el asset-c of si ii torlot; ion. - II
. cil iler sec i trciily or hi mltc5cw, anlii to Ill- 1I
viy fie ll tt ii l c i 'ti i iltl et II1,t t itiereto. utlh
- icill hivte tfull lower ti dt anlcl lcerform coc
c all curts *c mciecrll cn Ilirrolper. futlly eitll ol
cOlml.tlelth. to ihltiitte the aiffcirs nd cieci fi
iit lrIiute the icroeteei. If ccity. citecll3nc th"e J.f
e.tockholte.rs cf scii . eulicororcttioin in chlii
e.A.c ilcoint of stock hIllt icy eaich. tI
.llTTIilE. X. This cutt of lnci-oricrrntion I
I ii:ly ice lntnilide, caltered or inodilfited or
et thi elierlcorlioln diisolve, ei a voete of t
t thrci.-fourths of the iliclr c f t le totl -i
it- ccccunt of stock ac Ii llictie .cnvellei for if
in thit epurpose after tnl cys notide. hi writ
inr lln ileldi to te. adleress of each strek- I
l. holder. -i
Tlihuts lone cludl pci csed ait niy notaricil Ii
effcee. in the city of Setw Olrllilns. state of
I.uitiiilia. on ithi diy. nemloch aned year.
I first Iloe written in lthe. lrrene.ne i of John
E T. tlinii-n aind c iark it. Nthuilauter. con
litlte lit llesses. wcho have iereunto sicrned
Stheir ciceis together withe aicplerer.s ind
In ne notelry, after dchi riadilng of thu
4. whole. c
r- Frank E T. Toy lei4 Leeocr street. 0 ci
shiarei: Jocph Tye. 4314 lumeaine street, tl
") aihareLs; John I. Toya. ier . E. Toyl,. ii
4i114 ltumecince cctreet. 2- shares: Paul Toye. il
i 4314 Itumcine street. 10 shares: teorge A.
iTeve. 4:114 hiumnineo trect, 2) shcerehs.
ir John T. iullivan.
.Me. It. Ne.whiutser.
liavid Sescler.
let Notary Puhblie.
c- I. the uind.ersicined Recorder of Miort
ci: atagts. In lind for the pariah of Orleans.
at sttie of L.oueiisinci. ito herety certify that
Ce the ahoce and foregoing act of inc.orporn
I, lion. of the ilauk aud White ctb Cocc
!. -icicy of louislana. Inec.. wa lthis duvy dully
r. r,.e rlhtd in1 my offilee in hook 1242. folio 4
ic New twrhiienn.. t.n.. Mfay 11. 1920 . .
he (ign.li: .V111e, J. I.EONARlt. D. R.
I nitcd State-a of Amneri,. itt.te of L.ou- I
icinna. Pariah of Orleans. City of New Or- I
In lian. lie it known that on this 10th day a
of the month of May. 1t)20, and of the t
is independence of the l'nited States of An-r
erlca. the one hundred and forty-fourth. ii
he before me. John P. hilnllvan. a notary pub
b- lic. duly concmissioned an. qualifIed. In c
ha and for the city of New eile-ans. parish of t
s)rleans. state of Loulalana. therein re
siding cnd in the presence of the witnesses
th hereinafter nanted and undersigned, per
nd sonally came and appeared the followlng
persons, whose names are e hner nto suh- r
.cribed. together with the anmounts of their .
resp'tlt-e subacriptlon of tle capital stock c
of the corporation to tie formed who ser- *
erally declare that. avatlung themselves of I
the provislens of the lay, of the state of
lBotouisiana relative to the organization of
corporationa. they have coventanted and
a- agreed, and do. by these presents. eove- I
nw sant and agree and bind themstlves. as
th well as such other persons as may here- 4
of after cecome associated with them, for
of their successors, to ftrm sad constitute
th themselves into a corporation and body
b- politic in law. and for the objects and par- I
in poses and uader agrremeuts sad stipula- I
Stlions following. to-wit:
re- ARTICLE I.-.ll name and title of
C(ompany. of New Orlemans. Incorporated. to
and by that name said corporation shall of
have power and authority to have and en- les
joy .u cen4.io4ll for the full termn of nnlllety- di
nine years from the date hereof; to con
tr:i-t; to sue and bIe lsuel; r mallke a(Ind ;1d
sa." i corlor4r:te seal: to pur 'lcase4 aind rme hli
fri4 t. I,-iase. hold, sell :a4Ind .omnvey, :S well tilIt
I, i lrtgl:iig' and h.ypothvIltite, p ropi erty. I h.
retl, i..r-mo il iand mileini : to n0,ame anil .li
appointl -l.h ouh flfi er, ll a4 ntaIlt ,Is the It.
ihlhri.- , 4 , a :lid c-rpol 4 ?nton m ay ret ,liire; tit
hto m aik e ;a t ld e, a bhlis h , t h t  ,a f :l l e 4 d . -h.
rie4ll4: llinil4l for lthe prnll -o. r Ii l 4 a e.t:ll4 l. l II h
oll r.i-n 11:lll 4 of its all.lirl :i. "i l h - 11 4. i
d e,, l **-I u,- ,s i rl :nn l to . lnl.: : lt as ll.-r ii.i
th,. :nm. at their pl,..inre.
. 1: 'II I.l-: II IT h ." u .44 ,4 II. o f n:ii e , r s
pa. r l l oll . i-ll I.- iII t.,, r.: l. f N i-o '. I r
:4141 oth. , r lI-'l: ltrim.--- 0I4 lI ,..- ocrw',l r
,lp o n l fi - 4.r4.sr - t.4 lt of s., i i, , ru l r:r l io n andil l
it, " ~ ti- f h i, .s .-m4 u n i, ' ll--' l' e p re4,
id e a.l . a n d i " " .I , e to tl h , a ,s ,,-u " .t tih.I b
of it,., illl **r . l' 4utp l lit,- ..e ret.4r,| thi-r - lip
.\:TI1'I.I: III The .oJ,. .- :ctd pur- .
-Ioo .. lfil.r .,ih It 44i-t ,r.r:oI trationll I. s 1l
t, ih-he-d. ;lfd th 4e t r01 r r. t thf 4 h,- I'll n ii-.. lit
it he . t.a ried o41i by it ire l, . r.*Ii3 de-. l "r,- ,
In I. I . ,hpu4r.,h.I -:Il e.1 l nlld hiring: 1 I
.il i n obil,- i i . l4.I l, s: l.. b', 4I I 4tlh " oh -ratir4 -,4*I
o f11 :ia ,-',,lr i ai ln u l . i l llll 1Il.415 1. 44 4 ll4 n i .tl
A. It U rs h,'l nsl ,'s and p.artlularly to i .
p rt.I sl i ll oit ah.l ; to pur" l h, ael " :Inl sell- i,
Ill . ii al r ;l 4 - 4obl h 4ppli i,4s and l ,tesori.- i
:lll ig . lerall l to ;ti all actsr :nll to enter l,- .
4,into all 44t44 r:I. that mIa: be 4 -n0e04,4ry
4444d 4,44444 ni4 -or appr4 priat4 in 1." ac. le i
4u4 pi4ll4.ht4 thi4 of the af4lort-s:aid pu4lrpto-,es
. I .'TI'I"" IV Th, cap' ttl stook of thi- l
. orp r ,tionl .hall I.. Iless th",lt-lrld doll lr I's
liý NIInl . ,11 lidid into tll.' hllfundred i,
-h4,r,- at tii h- lpai r vaili.s of i)net hlnu ilred :.
id ll.lv- wl.-, . lI ( Il. " he, ll l -l ted illn : sii i r.-h
, ,r tt h ,.r lp ro l4 rtly o r fo r 4 verl i , .,. re it-hrt-4Id
itr . ia.ti4:Illy pert.rorm e4 as4 1 .s -' htil-r i ly lh*. I
,ti)rl mit ldiri .torr-, . .,Ill4r- i lire. of U .*. te ap
ital .,ck , ,hall be ,ll ,,tll d to Oil i ll o t' :tt
Atli °meetiI .- of theI .lo-.' kho hld .rs. 'T h.
.apital ,tonk lay" h." lonri.-sd tolI the
.il t of 1fify thou, and ,loj:i r ll lirs 0 4ttNl).N41 i
.\1:'I' 'I.l: V. N.o .to , lhi,-,llr .- hall h"I.
il4l4eh or r,-spol)-iille for th1, indebteduhl Ili, . i.
faiult,-. or ldeaults of tlhll4 -.irptirationlm . mlr l ..
lt :tl i4 y 4 r1 4,4 r,- inlformiullity ill the organ-ll i
;.tlill of l the - rporati n hlte anlly 4 effet ,iffi it
of r.-mnl.-riinr 1h- charter ill  4 or of 4- \
ip, i44 ti(.. ,st. - l.kh hl,,rs4 h i4 anyi liabtility
1l, )o l1 th , nll l ; l bhleu p a n , it a n( l . ti h ,
i-. k 4 bl s.' riprioll.
1. I:TI" 1 'I.1: % I. .h ,n ld :lil , to , k h ol e r
,.-ire- .i -.to , h tli t,. k. h- ha:i lll first of t
fir .mw44 to ih,- ltoikholl trs of the 4 otl r
,p.4 t1 hro1 4 h i t, oilrd ot f diIrect.ors. lan4d tI
lh,.- -I.k. ol ,.-r- i'.4hi dloir*. o p4 lr,4h44- ,-. Ii.
4hall ale tlhe ri- It to pur4 , a h :4s, il . ",
tw 44o 4h4u4r4 afte:-r N(r11l0-n uimi i,. l:, b a eed I,
-i",n,, f;ail or re.l 'tls. Ito pl lr . h :l), t1h," stn. k I
offer d I f r r:il . I .- h -t.u k t i :, . s. - t.I "
. n r. n Ir.l. r of .st. o k e I ii ll 1,- lI laie oir
hi.ldl t", i ' la;lidl :nd indling lUile.- da d,
.mI ht.. bun4 kr i t4.4" 4i nmpa: . ali- t m ui l '.n I
4l..0 in u 4r4st4l.lh 4 . to fit' p ,ro , lti 4ull ofi
tli ha :irlir.
.11 :1 I'I'1.I: VII Tl'hi-s ,0rpor:lt ito n 4,hai ll.
i,.4 .All t .he plo .wri. r:lantd it, - ll'4 h I4 ir
pi4lr. lttl4l,4 . il ,llil shall, : flll t -Ilh- I~ l,%'oetr to
4 troii * r: i ll' e -l tl e sed lll ll its corporltlIr t
l lI ... .ld to -- . :nll'. retl , -%e . 'toed. ti
1.:a ' purll:,S. -e i * :l  lco nt4 or mn orl
,;t. It,' -rl,tro ..trs :mIlit tmo o any : o0d a.Iit e
i t-4 or lhigl. of :mi kimi. l li ler,- or ie - Ihl
. ri. ionl :4 e lht b- li4 .s-s-,ar, to ta.rry ou-:
i. i 4 . .l-I t :i t llt l urpo 1, of . , t 1--. i ts * t
yll iret . ll
.\11:I L'1.": VIII .\11 thI. htl-ir4,.s and I ll
firflt l'- it "all- ot cnlr or lalt' IIi .hialll b." i,.led i
i I :onld ,i4t* t4.,d . bo r ,:lr of dirt.'lors 1.
lpo,., of lit -hr- .- t-.. . kh i r;rs Ii n j:4 tt *,
,I w hot,, sh llall l cnt hitll te l n 0 11t urtr i for
h4,. l't.r.it:wa ti4144 .I :1 11 A hl-n4ll '- I.old tI i ," i4i
., l dilre.t .r- :is fir-I ,,on, titllu ,l -s: ill . l hbe
S -'r a k I ... ' l.. 'e:r: " T . . 4 4 a n d .I n s I4.
.-ph I'4m . all 4f Lis .ft a::4" and r4,4l444 d4 n hi
it ,hi t , t\ a ll. t:h , % i:ll hold oilfi.e .,i
ntil tune 1 1 1h", I mid ,% -.r) da 1 th.tr,.-lft.-r. : 4i f 4
.l1.-t -ihall I.. t ,- hld nnu ally for dir.e-.- I"
tors .it fit- 4ri4 -4il44 4,tl44-4- of I ,-.- c..rpora- 4.t
~fl u .I ath, tr-.. to 1,4 I , 4 o t t h: , 4 '.rl-- •I,
:lt ,pecified h ia ll t ot 4 .,nlr. t e -..r II ,
p lr tnr l b l l flhe d ir , i e r, It . h o f ( h al l ,l
hold r r 4l o e ,peo t il, , officel s ill lr t t il t V - 4 t .- - b:
lio, h - :,ll be held iller 4 '"" dayi , to4 tire 4 ;It
oif lite i nl e : d plac ." herelt - iv.ier Ilo 4 t
4eabh stockhl. delh mr. Th'I .-I nIi mi4IIl .lction h
i.hti4 l e I,. hll i tll ih fir-st Mondat l n 44 y. 1I
1!0_1. th,.-*-:4ft-r 4on th,- irst Mondayi iiin l
..lul 4 ol f each I n .,. ..lil y4 -r. F nd the di all
r,.tor- hall - to 4m ..,in by b:illtt. A11l V - r.
,ant.ii . ol4i the bo:irdt of ,ir0-'-4 rs for what- pl
v r - -n iira , 4. 4h;ill be, filled by tlie ret aini rl
i diri'.-or. i -Frank 1-. Tiy. h), a:ll h.,- th ti
ffirst pr.-- i,4 nt .ti-,.iphi T.. , sh lal ie t,. i,'
firel 4.:.--pr.-i- ent 4and4l 4,o-irL' A. Toi* :
.hall he0 thle fires .retrlt and trrasu.l r tb
ind they shall hold offi.ce untilir the first ,
h l1lnday ini .lnt. 1I21. an4 eai.ch sl .u dinri :I
S ;irdt of diristmtir t shall 01l 41 st its prinl.i- to
pu44l offters for the tirmi of their elet.lion 1
id 4 il4y ,4tokholders lshall h4 e .-ii0,l". for
,le.tiol anI at e.metr of the huird of" di
rect ors. fI
S.\ITIrt'l.E IX. Wh.ner.tr thli c'trpor:
4 ti4t is dissolved. either by li itl:tionl. or l
Ifor lit y c an-v. it affair li shall tim. liui4 r
I dated byi the hard of directors. who are o
, herII.y vested with full power to sell any if
;Indl :ill ii4,s.4 of .aid corploration, e4ither i
se.aratell or Ii l mise. and ti 4on4-y full
ailnd iompilltle title thetimr. :altd shall hiave
14f4ll lpow er t4 do 44 a d te lfortli jill 4-t4. I
it. nt-i : ir." ndul4 i tpr4,t faully 1 n- nd ti O lt0444 -
ly 1Io iq0 idltot the alffnirs aind o dilstri
Iil 4 te th, lrta'etd4 . r1f 4 a. i 4a4 4it44 h. t ie tok
4 hlhir4 , 4 t f 441 4444 1 orm- or1ti4 oli in l hthe l UUnt 4
.4 otIfc('k h.hit liv eilnch.- .
.11-Tl'lE. X.- Thlio n4.- of tncorloratl0on4
444 Ihe n l iendl. alll ttilr4' or mnodiflil or
44r i m..nrori4 4tion liolvted .y I-n vote of
4 tliro.-fitrtli of the sharso of the tolal
0 li4un4 mtof sto.lk :ii i i metIig c -v-e4n4lid for
4 h:il 444 prtlo40 e if4tr lnu daysii 444n41,r4 In
i. ri inli' ili 4ilei 4to4 hth llldress of eiIch
-ito okho44lhr.Im.
"I Th i 4 l4oie -E44 d 4 iIa0t at l4ly notarlI
In 'f'- li4 the city of Nm-..w trleanns. satie
41 if l.4i4 oinlnlai, o0n 4h4. d1y3. mnonth a44d yer 4
Sfirot 44bv-, t writteni in the lpti'r.S44l4 olf
. .John T. 4ullivn.i inild Mnrk R. NewhiuNmer.,
r 44tnpi44ientl Witnim',insi. who hieretunto ig.Inmdm
h4irt 444444- wi44h a44ppeairerF anld le, 14- 4
n !t'r. 4ftmtr 4l4e riflediing of tie t whole'.
t (4i44notlt" .11rt. .1. P. Toye. 4:114 1)nmine I
4 -trt-t. 14 ohli:ier.: Frank E. Toy,. 1]544 Leeda
I mIrtre4. 20 shLFr,,s: *Ios'h Toy per 4 . E. '
rToy.. 4314 l Ullrnnn St.. I44 mlilre.te: John
i. Toy4 .. 4:4 1Un ihte treet. 144 4har s:
morte... A. Tume. 4:114 l 4uln44 lit lottree. 1; 4
hI4r4', .1:l4in s T4i'mm 4:14 1u4l4lUn 4ii4 i t. . eert,
I 14. shar4t44s.
. 44444 T.F IIuIiv.:ii.
n ,. 1.. N,.whasr.
i Notary P4ublic.
4 i. 14 undersigntele R t'ordter of Mort
en4C,' in and for the parish of OrleaIns.
4 t44444 of roltn, do hm'rF4y ietlify thath
Tthe h iLove and foregoing a4t of incorporn
4I t1on of lhe Yellow 4ub CompanIy. of New
I treansa Inorotet wam this day duly
retoorded in my office in book 1242. folio
! New Orleans. May 11. 1920.
4 (-igntned": EMI.E J. LEONARD. D. R. I
41May 20-June 24.
" S4l.'l). of 1ouislalna. Parlall of Orleana.
o 4"113- of New Orleans. 1e it known that
on this. the 1.th day of the month of
!May. in the y,-ur of our Lord, one thou
.and. niuie hundred and twenty, and of
the indejlendence of tlme I'nlted States of
_.merhka. the one hundred and forty-fourth
iefore rae. Charles F. Fletehlnger, a an
- tary l4ubl04e. duly commtasloned and quali
fled in and for the city. parish and state
4 foresuit. therein residing, and in the
l- lrtsloen4e of the witneames hereinafter
r unmed and undersigned. tersonally came
43 fnd appeared Hlenry ('hotard Kuattl and
4 5pragu0te Eunatl. both of lawful age and
r- residents of the city of New Orleans.
h. hereto alil)earing in thetr respective ca
-iairltles as the chairman and sieretary of
In a nmeeting of the stocksolders of the Mo
of tor & Fire Insurance Agency. Inc., a cor
e- poration orgmmnzed anG exrm.ting under
'4 the laws of the atate of Itoutalana, by act
r- pasaed before Edward B. lilim. a notary
i puhble. of date September 3, 191i. and re
b- corded in Mortgage Office book 1222. folio
i..... whirh said appearers severally de
k clared that a meetlag of the stockholders
o- ef Mid Motor & Fire lnsiance Agency
of Inc.. was held and convened at the office
of of said company in the city of New Or
of leans, on the 15th day of May, 19U, after
id compliance with all legal requisitea at
e. which meetlig there were present in per
ma son or by proxy all the ouestanding stock
e- of the corporatios; that upon motion duly
or made and seconded, It was unanimously
te resolved that Article I of the charter of
ly said corporation be cbanged, altered,
r- amended and re-euacted so as to here
a- after wrad as fellows:
ARTICLE I.-The name of this corpora
of t4o1 shall be The Plre a Mart.e Ageey.
Ib ae., sad its domicile is hereby deciaret
to be in1 the cqity of New )lrleans,. NtatII'
of Lonisiana. and all c'ilntiuins or othlier t
lnasl p1ro' 1111s ihall h'e Ier'. on the pr.i'r t
SuiI a i pt."irn.rs furth,.r d"1.lare.d :that in
zle dition to4 ti pi p:'.:asi2 " orf a r.l.oltltion :In
thorizie tihe idot'di .nt t..1 thi." artr i.t. n
Ithe larti lll ir. h rell llll l , ' *'ilir*.r tt. 1
I1" tIIere also :f~ Il rl,. ii II/ . . i t, po,1 1 Ilr l an tr
Ir,. tl. t ;it , I.i:r I. iir.- n 1nt44 rI l lb
i i ii. for thI'. Irpoll I." f o ,:i.rr .ill t i .tll ,I
-"I InI I \f f' l I. t .aial 411 'ndnn11 ,11 1'1t 1 .I t1 I
. hi.l irt r a . 1a ht i nil' 1 lhIf ".n n., pl.a'd in al
th .l , +t o " a,rml rli| ttherm.ift,,r r , n)r-I.--t alll
VI 4li . h ,d i m Ieo r l . l , i t h it , i . \ l -t1 1
In_ l r'o 11r·o· of t11he1." i\v. r tiitt th."ret1.. r
,I1 1 . .Ill haIIno r' ti ll l :11 ,l lrt l rtil . p I
11 1i.f1 I r ', lllI .Ir. l l l,. ' I 1.1 I, llt I ll % .111'rt
thlul h , ) ,ih r olf t is . r) "to itta. h.II '( for It
ii 1 t1 . l tfor it . fi o. . *la d l . i
;I l .il aIIi ,rI flthll r .f ,,r'. .ire d lh . IitI
Il,- tl rI. llt ;II 'bI .4 , n thorit l .11o l .drr Il '
.Ip oi t h 1 .ll : - 1 " i : f -or .'i. i. l h *y I h l, " .II "
".r,'Id h."I ,r, ii . itlr , . or t i" pElr
p,.. of 1h1.1%1~ l h ' :111n i ; ri t to 1h1,
h.,rlt."r of IleI l. :lorporr lll plha E,' in . i
lil, ,'ill, (ri'l ;iI11 lh~,,)I*. N .:II h ri Pat i.. i
ti1 iI th.i * ' h.irt.r of thim '.'.f. or . -ir"" i
2ir . 44l .  . ." ' t ln. . 2 w.. fr 1:1 1 i ll.. tin
:I to klh rl'". a: -iAnd-*'I , l h.ii,4d6. altl.r
Id ,i1,n l r"t t ,Ie Ii.tI in II lh ' npIlIrt utI rll- I.
l, I .lth 'lI Illl h rltld 416' I,lI tltll ll' 1111,, "
I111h d0.."III 111, ll r tl'. lr. l. Ii1 t li r ;llr , itoI
r',. it.' :illd to re.,ordl . i", ;tnll, ll.l. lnt a'i
h I lll . ll I do i l. .i ill Ily
a ll Illhe plh E 'l of hlll 'rt \\ '. 11 " ry. and
I lhn 11,it l ,111r, n t :1e 111i n1 1ro'.. :, i'ho.
li III IIn ll  si i'r i Ily I'. Eu ti r. " halitl
n . t..prae vile 1': l I i.. er t. lry.
\\ 11 - 0"s :
1:Ikrt \'l. Hlenry.
I. li-hler.
Notary P'ubli,*.
I fhie Ul ler ¢lulii r'sOrdL, r of nlorty:ales
II ..li for e111. p 1ril of Itr 'iansi. . 1ti of41
LIl-i:.lh. Io her y l v ).rlif)1 that Iltllh aIbose
.I al t r :e1i1 i ir.' it l 'f :1111'. It li.ftl ;lit. 1 : till
.larte'r f te'. 1 otor Ii Fire IIr nsilurl 1e,'
\11 " ,'es. 111c. \t1 . thi - d1v1 du1 ly r.. r 11h.ld
ii su ofIle in book 1_1_, folin
. .t ' rl, 11 n1.1 1 I. 141 . L.. 1 11 r. ' IliO.
.1l d4' ml E.11 1111. .I' tlll.l': l.t.I. I ll' fNi.tl r. II . It .
t1 b,1 ; lIln. ' 11n l orr6,,t .'oiy ofr I hI,.
rit itl.'r ;1 l 1 i a ll 1it udll r.l to the 111c41 6hatl.l 'er
rf, 11or,',.r .li 'rlort 7.14 il4.l" 6 Il 'tr e l ll I L 'Erdl :161a1
11161 f\ ,r t ll. l""'r 6.4 4'1rj143 1 1141 6 'r4'i1- 'II | 4611 611
Iltr wholly row ot16o 111." of f th of
t,, ord III Iny offie'.
1 6 1111lOr, I.. t ll ln :111, h14 . ,it d
1, ,11 . t 1 I) 11 ' l11 11101 1 r1 %K I t1'K \1 ' 146'.
1 i 'it l l.t' I'. I' .l r.'Ti 1I 1 Itt1 t of I• l I
1114414'1' 141I. '. ' I" 141' ll fo r- Il fl tIleNI'.
i6414 ,lll 'I .1'-tlt,'-44 ,, .\ ft,,rin1.ks 1f 1
I.l I:I l:ifrlht of Prt .s1101 . 1( 'it1' of .alt* o
olf',,ah 1:. it 1.It n . that on thi, thir
t1 lhI I fIE. It." Tolb, th ol f ' t ril. Ito thell
IIir Ill.4'4r ,l6 4 ,r1 6t l,0 111 1 i4r l ll' l I i h a the
,l56r f fur L. r dl ol- t.Hflo.u14a1 d f1 tlll dollars
Ir1 ld rell l'tlle 11nd , t thelr ud Iped (0v)lll
I I: r d t.t4 Ifll itEr. of .1 n rl.;. 0 h0 . o nlr.d
hIl i trlll. ,l :lfail iErrt e htirdl . l Io rtirE II' . nld-.
I:r \l . . 146'.61 .t,1 nlt.tr4 i lhl E. it a1tdll fe
Ilh' pl.ir h of Irhe't:i-r -61 3 te of loI. is Thin.
i ll , or iorl llt s 1il.o d . I t. lorn g i nd nali f ied,
I )t 1r ( .. . er , and of I t.. llIr h d, per .onally
.,0na " ' . ll h*.ppe r |iT0. II. l, 'r id p:rrih. h
! .l,'.r. I n ,.1-.Ii'r.41 lhfr to. 4I46 atrife d h olt f - t
.(h11. I'r l' Il.tis of tllt. -n:,te of Lo.ui
iti . in . .a m al, i4 fo. l re" 1,t'k and dh )O .
I ll, 'hl".' , 41+,I.' .I *,t. :llliut ;I o ,il | ;I lllr d W|o
ha tlhew " roven sr*l 'le 1;Iiis ;al r r.. ;iii
blinld tle ll Ille . a. w 'll( :I a ll al i h)r per
,-fit, iht lllho Illt hrll I t'f r .l l ll I Ii i)| bfid.x
1i611t olEt ly bh e 116to 1 frror n1.6 or for sdr
p.lii, I. Il riets. lor lhI. obje. 1, 4 r. nr pn I r
,pas' : inirl nlet r the. :il''Erd in 1 to ile x'u
oI.If li lh'ir I tereof. i
.\tTI'll.E: 1. Th-I'n tneu. ,f e hi-nt 6n' 1or
or owner ofll  tk. :ar wel'rl an hi'. wlul'w.
mididt ulld *.r it, 'aid enrporatr " tiliii'. it shall
ha*t. l,(%%. r ;and althority to vljoy) aorpr
est1tte or heirs. desires to ell or dithfonl
Ir of ii' 1". tl'h holde"al.r or owner. s1 wellt
lr. hs wi, do w. el t ar e I. l l : rii . t 6r fire . st
o:ik of the I, a oloratorn.e sold . drin suc
eir iod y _of thrly dat .r othe sarwid hhold.
rrcia.sa ha poth e, e ire risllht to ac-I.
Phel,. Mor rt sthe purd dci.p of. said roprty.
r11:l|. p1,rolal and fili od: 1o Iw Iue ne14 o
I It ale u i a nd note, or In ther evint sal d
.toE'ikholiiern i through said 1oard shall fall
Sto ae satind purchand withIn the maId
piers. at. dirors andthe pre ofifered nder the itson
di.ons iafresaid then and in that even r-t.
i1 -1ore to make and establish. uis wellt s to
alther anoc hold. from inlder to tnri. n th
I.to -Is.h otrule- and r.el or ltion for the
SropTr management . of dom afflir of ths r
.-poration. ha the In the 1ity of uew ., ry
an.d properl... wlre all meeorporation of the have
fu hortlders ower to laIire. sell and dispov.
edf thtapital stok i other en r orationf all
ndhe further to r enjoy anal d eet r of the di
rihlt :and privilege, nud rnt.t - under
torhe m e held olwlde of t1 sthtte. and more l tate.l
ularly under Act 267 of 1911 of the lou011
ianlr wLin thre of 111. than at
e t:oTII'E I. The objn ts anbe erd purpose
for wthe pi.h ld , orrn the atin s organized.
:allt of the ar latter ponainte to Ice p-i
Srient. 111d In the ahrbnc or dhy ired to leof
n the latter leon the nd s retary and In the
o tlhsce or dIisab llItmy ol the latter thrpon
to he treasnrer.d hrih and o il
AITI LE w.ll .-AI the fpornll' fow th
enrlofure tIf n .rtain stit drinks and
eof xercirne pbri a oard of dlre torn.
fr three In number. al dsof whom shall eof
htock hld,.er. to e elected an the firjd et
of iMond corf orch o each ear. commntion.
AilTn wIth the firt o cday ofitl stock of
Swith the rortOn i tner fixed th at the first
solrd of fdretorsy lelnd (se.lect b ) dollarst
holders and n ted y four hInds charterd (400)a
Swell ars f the first vlet o of one hundred
limer namnd.r shall bold oaie ont Il the
hofIrd of dirart ors may de otermint.l their
'orucnnora havell a r concernted and have
thlrizied o do sss a o a fifty
Afte) r the elect of its autidhorizd o dcapital
nil rtr b ri the holder. n atoc leat faft here
( providedr . nthe of shall hestok selbrtedhd for id
o dIhr vtorln iro their own sumber, the ol-to
i lhsr o th cor poration, r i to thae ex
lusiv jaudg: It.nt and fiding of thve oarda
olt; 3rd. a irtors hreof. t. a trearer,
AIIt'E V.-n the event an holder
or Thowner of rstok rds well dirs his wd tow.
hooksc of the corporation, and during such
;I etl~eers ofthllis eorporatola shuall be the
follhwinu , and whi, h s.i.s. lorl of dlr.
flr, :11-l nltll ,',r+s ,h:1ll *.r\* nIllil l th,. D ..
11.l 11 t o " 11 h,! on th1 . first 11I,,h ,t  ,f
\1 I.-r 1!:1. r r 11 -1ir . 1 . -.I i r.
t"",! i tib,"I I :1 111 r.. thl. 'iTT tu I. I
I.|ir tie l hPl2 n 'l Issl n' l ai b r T hI1 .'i
I, 11,f 1i,11. l, i i r r, ,:t... I \ i.l" l ,1l " -
lslt te iiilil..thr r thu Ipur(. -bi- lit
.\I, II ll, r.: lir, - ii II r1 il. I in to + :r ,
l.I t I 'ii. t I I -tr, t. pi. . ,t 1 rlr t..11. i.
lit I i l ' L i,~ of . i iirti \\\,- ýliuni l
1.;1 . n l \t\ .\ l . 1'\ . r I . I, , 1
I,, r.. li-- t -
'I h." h,,.,r , of dI r. T ,e -,! r it o h 'r,. ti'
ri hl to 1 ll .11 .il 1. . t "i , I, , . 1 : I I_ I1 il,
.li l i IIIYr, W l ..itr rI'. itti t rell-ir I.. a.
it"ol lt iilr .lo it ,r ril, r ir. f i . I
. l:''11 1 l.l: Ill TNh.. :,1si tI 1 l i"r t1_ .I
[h ." -, it - k Ihoilt h r t it l111 L o~I rl rti, ti r I hit
Ihi' , 1l., t li. l ftl ,t ir.-.r i, i -t ,II11 lI.. I-, rI -
itih riia t l1 nll ii l. r .I \o l. 11. r l o"f l, I ,tr
S1, .XIi ll I, -il. -:l. 1" i 111, i. l t. sit. - t \itr1.. l tit" -
11.e ·h 1T* Tfr I P ,' 'I'i. a t,,r ,.Ii. ,111d
tor  i h rill h1 . h" I, t. 1ill r il iht *: I1r . rir1
niIl , lll i ollt :11. .)1,1t.1 \ Iii r of1n w ie e 1
.rlion oir t t r1 *ii \ h.t "i1..l . s 1il" ii .. I., r
, t lie for i lth ll.ii hIIu.\ : tr.. it . -,I... i .Ih Irt '
Oif to. k , %. ,l . i. to1 be I , t.) I.. ~1l .1
for .Ill. il l.. :.,i I -It ! . -tJ tll not i"
n.ill iiu.jd 't. , iTn l.1i1 ." . rtiil
S T h 'l bi.ard l of ir'r , tor, r h-:tllr ;i ' ",
b , rli- fillh,-ut sil,,- i ti liti l iib li. i " thit -
b rsri~11 of ti ,t t ir. '. t,r' :11o 1 -h:,i oll .i
tilti. h 11, - or li rl. I.ti kholt l rs tiio prl.l Iit
.t . l\ lh ii . .\rII y fali l~l. iti r il ro It :
ii tia rk ."..or r I o '-I., t t i irti t tuer, on
thO ,L1:1\t ftnir for that il Itltr hitt' ll t I irtn
o, r il t tili l Ih 'r tti .. ,,- ll rtf l ,ir  ,, 'i.
i:1 l Il alih d.
i.rti :ltard I f i t furti r nltho rin , it ti
fr; iit ."ltilr adoli . t i I \ al rit. rllet tliol rt 14i
l.illll 4 :i tl t. i ff irile lmir o a ld i. -e ofier trilhe
", ilp;ttil% lit.a ' P l.ll 'r . :, i i. It n.lt > I,'l ti£
SI t'-l''--lh t fitor t i lh si, titlletifnl 0 I :Ia : nt i
i L.t t rlet of. llthprovidedle t.u I. th e i* ,i .-.
Inof u flii t wt ithi thi l' imh rtir 1i0lr thI "
la+w of lle bthe t of tl thtiian, and ohf'.
tinOll nd terl ls of P lt.nli ilnent. s wlli ll a,
allllllo and appoinilt agent. anLdl l mpllori .I.
, in its di-rtit . t o lln ia" l.t.it i fit and prpoI
Ir. ifi wt I ll 1i to fix l il Ie tlle triet nt-ht n
of "Inpli+ lil t.Il of tit.' 1111*"," , i.allployel.'
i-ftierk'. and ini at:Int h t l I t
AITII'I.E ' VIII. Thio Iiar, of direi tor,
is lnie ally vti .t.l d wl itr l t he ill lpow r It, l s"
i:sir• ti lle pirh-. sitllh tiro.prty or li- i
1.Ts orl good in il or :llI of the. , front
idiltide f l, firms. oI r othr n r.en prations,
a aid board of dlirt il-. o ior m d ll ad
onll  ,t If P ll. iltb th:is t ith I deem hlet. and toI
pall therli.rfr in tih i'al oital t.k of lthis
s Irt h.ration or oth erwiser. ni.
l\I TIiI.Ir : IX No i tkole io helar her- ti
Sto tr Ib. Oplld liable or r'epolintile for nhaeu
Ii tillr . faulllt, or drInt tr, of thi, 'lorpor-c
this l oir sh:ll atil lith re infa rmllliity in
it- narminii zat:l lin. hl e' the ifl' t of rptn
l d.'ring this harti- r null. or lit of t rpo lin :
it' iito 1 khln r. r 1 t tI anlt.y liabilit ne h.eyo d
lth. ilIupla 1 s.lial"ie tell thl ll.tl k own ed1
fi" o :ibd r --,..'s oi f th. . -tlly- rilLrn ot fhle., o
- rt I. - of itnl'orpors:ltii :i d I ll th o ilimliile.r
I1f iL t r:l, 0r orF liettrlk h.r foir rl t. n,i.
.tr" .+- followus .\bbly IIill,.r. _ 1_7 Ith
t. I i., tr . - t: m '1 orw tl  .iti i. I.:i . I shariI a
t wlit' lmll tl iLi et. ri d t, , lilYtlfiti In:
1i, IIr .hl. i --in - I.; nl iii.  ii N . . In on strt.
\,\ a rig ntl .: Ia . ll hare .,I Sa.-l l , .
\ TI 1 1 . in* kllnidter,' nwetrt
i , thf t , dir tos as above
xli :. . h;ll Ih. hith :iftr fiftle, fl}s
w ritt'h ithe i' ml i:ied mlto f h .Ii I ltocklmld r.
ilorth .tp .it.'khuld.t r"s 1 .wetinm,- ally ie. held
when ord11.'.' by hile Ibalrd of lirt1l'lorll.
or whoa r.I l lt.id ti- t iln ':+t l twsi -ntifire
. Nr i ient f tof hie out. Mliuttllni l. ii l ito-k.
N~i lowI of all stotkhirolr- tnl.l. other
lthan :itljoulrnbed meting, shall h 1e hi thi.
iin:nll.r ri. l. crilbed for , ct tkhnhlders' io,..t
ini:. forl Ih, .'l"+thion of dirn ltors. 11l11""x
a.1 h 11.'the i 1 w0itd ty uuni t
.\l''11'l.1; .11. ThiA Oharter may h.'
.iia.tilo . . alt.red or ,.haniidl. :it aI ,..l- 1hil
iu.w.liini of i1 Ito.kholldl-rs all.'o for that
.1l-Tl'l.l: .Ill Whir.0 . Oth, subi rlip
e ion of .uin I.:Lo',ian to 1h. a" 1il:
stok of this nrporation 'an i t. in prop
.rtly tr:lnl fa"rr.d to th is corporation, to
\i t Iit ll Ili, right, tite, and inti rest of
i th,. said Luci,,n lelavi'dan in "iolrtaili trade
Siarks or tride unam s; :i. wvl, l as the for
In mlhl for the mai:nufacture of soft drink.
1. and soft .,v.'rr:i.s permitted by lIw: and
:lo "i .rtaih other propnerty. in B "rtordan.e
-with the, provisios of Nct.lion 3 of .'rt
"Ti7 of the I.aLiii ina I.Plaslature of 1914.,
ther, i, now unlnot\.,d to thew- articles of
inirio r:prtion :I n n to he read in cnnet'
tlion thi.rtwilh. an nlloeuratl+. detailed and .
itemnize-d de..riptioni of said property. to
o ,ether with ai statement of its cline nasI
It appraiswd It the dire<.ltors, the same us
" if ~"t forth in full in this charter.
.\IITIo'I.E XIV. -This corporation may
y be dli+solved by the vote of two-thirds of
'e all Its iutstanding capital stuck and upon
un conmplVini with the rPellirementi 4 of Fee
lihe n 's of \.t 207 of the Louisiana Lg
le idature of 114, aln in the event of such
"r dii-olItion. two lhluidators shall he
nell d nd appointed with all the n.es
sary powers and athority--all In the
manner and as provided In said legisla
live nat.
n Thl in d d, o h nd
of Ci0P- Willinm F. I'onkerton and Ar-5
d0rnihilhi0el in thi citq of N Bw Orllanx.
hlo.. who sl.ned thmsm prs.ntm toiethert
21.o flinld oppite theil sr-lpoVivre nSme.
. P. onkeron.
, .rthur .I. Itynn.
d otary Puetle.
tion if the Edoird PrunOlu ''o.. Inc...
? Signlld): EMILI J. IoEOiNAltll. D. R.
for Men and Boys
M. Abascal & BrosJ,, Lt
I Il.rs in
I'li n I.. /'r. Veb e
S' , Phone
I " ' " -:I- s - 1
IoeI, of I Flow' Of
Uriah J.Virgin
"The Flower King"
Iusono Main 567
91 ('anal Street
(" ..,ltry ()rders Attended it
--" -----.
We have the Experleaes Wg
have Pure Drugs. We r
Perfect Service. If such w
rlor service appeals to yes,
let us fill your preirue
Accuracy first.
Cyrus Broussard
(or. Belleville and Pellema As
Phone Algiers 91M,
We Delnver
Prescriptlons Filled Dn)y r
We have the best breed be
cause we pay the bighest pries
for the best four. No order ie
large or too small.
H. Martinez,
Phere Algiers SaN.
Stomah KdneyOHeart-mL
Keep the vital aor heaIbe ?
regularly taking the rword s
ard remedy for kidney, Iu'
usddr and urc acid uow
ache, NaIuhIua,3L
Rniggold. Ga-- Mrs. ChA
r et this place writes: "Ia 0
of Thedford's Black.D d MM;
SIt was one of our tainily
Also In my mothrt's bol
Swas a child. Vhenaa7 ay
ten complained of
rectify the trouble. Ofte
Spring, we would hal
chills, or troubles of this
we would soon be. up ro
agaln. We would not b*I
Draught wham not o
lot of da be - _
fThedord' Blak~Db l M
troubles, aId the pop .ur.d
f you lis not 1660
abls eyinptoinpl.8
andd unless5O sthiC Isagde
lord's, the ori~lllm sa

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