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•- Better Ferriage
Devoted to the 'pbullding of the N'e't Side of the River. "A very live and creditable wee.kl. ncrlpapl r."-M l l.'A(' 'F.RI:I I - :t t)F ( ).
- - -,- . . . .. ... . .
eg0. L. Cunningham left last
- t. Louis to visit relatives.
Mrs. McKinleY Vezien and
ter Clarissi came in from
Saturday. where they have
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pef
Uittle Clarisse. who ran a
~ toot was conipolled to have
ed Sunday as It had be
aay friends of Mr and Mrs.
. elly will bhe pleased to
t their infant son is improv
ah attack of pneumonia.
 rry Maids Lotto club met
_e of Miss Lelia Pitre. The
players were Misses Ethel
and Agnes Pitre. The next
o the club will be at the
Mi. Velma Diket.
r/ Mrs. E. P. Babin and Miss
a arrived Tuesday after
trip to Houma, La.
ithel Pitre. Oris and Jennie
are going to spend a week
Spahr, Jr., spent the
'ith his wife and baby at
La. Mrs. Spahr will re
'w weeks and will occupy
/gdence. 536 Oliver street.,
'Nicklaus returned from
Bielas of Slidell ave
ay night for San F'ran
will be joined at El Paso
. Jas. Talbot and child
avenue have returned
where they spent a
-Mrs. N. Matulich and
Slidell avenue, accom
Jno. Malutich left
for San Francisco. On
they will stop at all
bitles on route.
Cassday, Mary Col
Haggerty spent
Sunday at Bay St.
of Misses Alva Sal
QGblin: •
athreaux of Shreve
been the guest of Miss
,left Friday for her
'ansterman returned
gs, Sunday.
'Fellers is home from
where she spent a
Stnsterman left Sunday
le Rildr and Ger
last Saturday for
'weg In the mount
Caroina near Ashe
Made shbrt stops at
lid Knoxville visiting
'ueach and daughter
6eradetta DI Fatso,
and Messrs. Geoff
elttmeier spent the
Sernlague and family
at BLloxi, Miss.
rbert is enjoying her
in Mobile and in
pariong left for Bay St.
Se will spend awhile.
ees, the manager of
of, the Canal-Com
i spending his vaca
Dlchard J. McClus
after a pleasant
try home of Mrs.
11M. J. Rooney and
ar have returned
amae in from Mobile
with his parents.
and nephew, Wm.
two weeks at the
KLemmalr spent Sun
Cttage. Milneburg
C. Stacey.
Sad Julia Marquez
stopping with Mrs.
Delaunde street.
stine and heri
Galas of El laso.
auts of Mrs. O. E.
wix-Hay of Jack
the guest of her
e Almeda. Calif..
Kilduc4 of our
rled here by the
death of her
nff, will return
warsenbach left
Roustton. Tex., to
with her cousin
returned to her
Sunday. after
.ia New York and
has returned I
S. Troyer and
Pearl Langwith 1
rahn at Hotm. A
chilren ae
a·ttbe fleni
The Dock Board took the first step
in Its announced plans to develop
commerce handling facilities on the
west bank of the river Tuesday night
when it agree(d to contstruct a wharf
for the Crescent Industrial Alcohol
Company at Algiers.
At the same tinme it solved a real
problemn for the alcohol company.
which itself had started to construct
the wharf but which was halted by
'oulrt proceedings.
The Crescent ('Conpainy. t new
firm organized only last March,. has
taken over the property of the old
d Algiers brewery and in addlition to
a its statement to the l)ock llalrd has
e purchasetd six lots facing the river.
- It prepared to erect a wharf in front
a of this property which would serve
e as a landing place for ships. loading
,to be through a pipe line from ther
W. G. ('oyle and Company applied
o for an inj.unction to stop the building
• of the wharf on the claimn of owner
ship of some of the land. Sam \Wolf.
t of the Alcohol ('ompany. told the
e) Dock lIurd. The D)ock lioard
I agreed to build the wharf providing
t the alcohiol coml;panyl wollld advancell
e the money under the arrangements
miadei in si milair cases by tlhe Dock
hIoard and at the samelll timlnte g ranted
the comtnpainy the rig'ht tol put a pipe
line over the wharf thiius solvinig the
whole tangle.
H. N. (:. '. THEATIIR .
R Frida}, July 2-3.-Itillie Rhodes
t in The L.iol andill the .Lambh. a .,ree-l
- Robertson-Cole feature alto third epl
' isode of The Silent A.\ivenlar featurii
ing William i)unican.
1 Sunday, Jluly 24.-M-ystery of the
Yellow Roont a 7 reel Itealart Super
- protlduction with a all star cast. also
- latest Fox News.
Tue.day. July 271h.-Willianm S.
Hart in The Preacher and thei flndit.
ia 5 reel Westerner. also i1'wetdle f)an
Sin a reel comedy. "Sho Me."
First show Friday and Tuesday. 7
p. nm.
First show Sunday 6:30 Ip. it.
At a regular meeting of the I.iberty
Social Club held last Saturday. the
following officers were elected: Jans
, sens Jones. president; Robert E. Gal
t linghouse. vice-president; W. H. Bou
dreaux. tieasurer; A. Yuratich, finan
cial secretary; T. A. Keen, recorder.
TheYfollowing were elected on the
Board of Directors:-Wm. Nolan.
I chairman; I. C. Trauth. L. Daigle. N.
r Troaclair. R. Sterling. S. J. Dupuis,
and Win. Suttherland. sergeant at
Mrs. F. Lecourt Sr.. is home from
Bay St. Louis where she spent three
weeks at her summer home.
W. P. Salathe Jr.. and Erwin T.
Salathe spent the week-end at Bay
Stt. Louis.
Mrs. Carmelite Lecourt spent Sun
', day at Bay St Louis.
Mrs. Hahn and grand daughter are
guests at the Lecourt Cfttage at Bay
St. Louis.
Mrs. J. Tranchina and son John
and daughter Mrs. N. Rando and chil
dren left for Bessemer. Ala.. to visit
Misses Zelda Huckins and Alicia
Gravois returned from Bay St. Louis
where they spent some time, the
guests of Mrs. F. C. Hymel.
Miss Mary Enos Dean and brother
after a month's visit here left f:r their
home in Boyce, La., accomplanied by
Lillian and Joreph Koenig.
Miss Alicia Gravols left yesterday
for Heartsease Park to be the guest
I of Miss Rilma McNair.
Miss Marguerite Euper has been
the guest of Mrs. Muntz at Ocean
Mr. Walter Martinez left Tuesday
ft. Mtbhile to spend awhile.
.\r. W. P. Salathe Sr.. has returnted
home after a month's stay at his sumn
mer home in Bay St. louis.
Misses G. Meyers and C. Biday and
Messrs )Dwilht Salathe and Irvin
Harding spent Sunday at Salathe's
Cottage in Bay St. Louis.
Mr. E. J. Worrel was a visitor to
Bay St. Louis on Sunday.
Mrs. F. Wiegman and daughters
Misses Josie and Anna a:ld .Miss Mary
Gllen returned frnom Biloxi last Sun
J. O'Connor and A. Massa were
guests of Misses Josie Weigman and
Mary Gillen at Biloxl on Sunday.
Miss Lois Walker returned rome
Tuesday night after spending three
months in Marksville. Lafayette and
Morgan City.
Miss Emma George is home again
after a visit of three weeks spent in
Jennings and Morgan City.
Mrs. M.\ W. Geldert and little son
and Mrs. J. J. Vanderlinden and
and daughter are visiting relatives in
Mr. and Mrs F. Lecourt Jr.. and
little son are spending a week at Bay
St. Louls.
The amount raised in our district
for the Tulane Endowment Fund was
$783.25. Mrs. J. E. Huckins was in
charge of the drive here. Of the
above amount, $53.25 was collected by
the Girl Scouts under Miss Florence
Miss Ethel Morgan who has been
visiting her brother and sister Mr.
and Mrs. C. O. Morgan of Pelican
Ave.. left on Wednesday for her home
in Ohio. She was accompanied by
her nelce Ila Morgan who will spend
the fall up north with her grea
parents Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Morgan.
Coming Down
((sp. .:l gt.
Itt x'. (C . ('. \W ie r . p )'ts to r. re s i ,+n c +
:'1I6 Oliver. Phone M. 13S.
Last Suitnday was onie of unusual
activity with the pastor aind congre
gation. At 9::30i. thel past or Iprached
at the Y. M. C. A.. Naval station, and
at 11 a. nm. and 7:45 at the church.
and at 6 p. min. by special invitation.
imadeit a talk to the Junior Epworth
LeagIue on the sacramellntlt of the
Lords Supper. At the morning ho ur
Miss Thelma Kennedy rendered a
beautiful piano solo. At night. Mliz
pah choir had beautiful mlusic. (onl
of specal mention was the duet by
D)r. E. M. Fay and Mrs. Jessie Sum
mers. At 4 p. m. the Epworth
League held services at the Bonner
Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Bell left last
Friday. July 16th. for an extended
tour through the West. During their
absence. Miss Thelma Cayard will
take Mrs. Bell's place at the piano.
the Teacher Trpining Class pupils
will act as substitute teachers.
Last Saturday. Mr. H. B. Rickey
Assistant Scout Master of Troop 18.
and a crowd of the boys had a fine
hike to the woods.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hanna of Pacific
avenue have just returned from a
visit to various points In Ohio.
Mr. and .T.s. Raymond Glaser are
at home again, after a two weeks
stay in Chicago ano other points in
the middle West.
Mr. Geo. Whippo. who has many
friends in our congregation is sick
in Ward C. Naval hospital. Algiers
station and will be glad to see
Mr. Sanford Hebert returned home
Sunday night, after a nice vacation
In Kentucky.
Mrs. B. W. Blakeman and child
ren left Monday to visit relatives in
Crowley. Houma and other points on
the Southern Pacific.
Miss Bertha Ryan is the guest of
her grandmother Feske in Franklin.
Miss Fadra Holmes. teacher of
State Normal. Carbondale. Illinois.
was a recent guest of Mrs. C. C. Wier.
Prayer meeting tonight at 7:45.
Services next Sunday at 11 a. m., and
7:45 p. m. Everybody is invited to
Our attendance has fallen off a
little during the last few weeks, we
suppose due to the large number of
folks off on their summer trlps. We
certainly miss you when you are ab
sent, and we ask you when you re
turne from your vacation to do your
best to begin again and be out) the
very first Sunday you return.
The regular monthly meeting was
held at the home of Mrs. Summers
on Tuesday evening, with a large
number of leaguers present. The
African Special pledge cards were
distributed among the members pres
ent and quite a number have already
signed their cards and turned them
in to the treasurer. Miss Irva Deniels.
Our league wishes to become 100
percent in joining the Loyalty Le
gion and so we are thinking the mat
ter over, and come prepared Sunday
to join with the others. All church,
Sunday School, and Leaguers are eli
gible for membership in the Legion.
Judge Richard B. Otero. one of the
leafing criminal practloners before
the Orleans Bar, announced as a can
didate for Judge of the Second City
Criminal Court. Judge Otero is well
known throughout the city, and in
Algiers ham many triends who will re
member him on primary day. Sept. 14.
ithe social affatir lvteil by :li-
iulh \'allette on Satllrdtavy. July 17.
' aI . a a decided C sue r,,s.~e
i'he . proceeds werle generously ido
natied to the Jas. I1t. Illjenk Circle foi
the' eniertaintilllent of tlh poor work
uing girls. at the lenaorial '!orne in
lhay .St. LoliS.
iss Vallette arind her co-workers,
includin g several tmemb11ors of tilt
Kn ights of ('olunllbus. are to be cont
plimented for their good work anti
generiosity to those less fortllllunate it
life than themselves.
The first group of guests entertain.
edl in the Home rounded out their
two weeks. July 17. 920. and left
showering thanks on the members o!
the S. M. I)aughters. The childrer
of the group especially enjoyed theit
stay and were the life of the Home
Two days were devoted to genera
house cleaning by the House Com
mittee preparatory to the receptior
of the second group. which arrived
Saturday even!ng, accompanied b.
Mrs. tH. Vallette.
Quite a number of visitors cam(
over Sunday to enjoy the hospitality
of the Home. among them the Gen
eral President. Miss A. Kennedy, whc
had the pleasure of seeing forty-ons
guests at the table.
The House Committee has planned
several entertainments for the plea
sure of their different groups on
their arrival at the Home.
David Crockett Fire company's auto
hose wagon and Auto Pum per No. 17
of Algiers answered a call for assist
ance from the Texas Oil company's
plant at 'Marrero. Saturday morning
at 10 o'clock. for a fire that broke
out in one of the oil tank wagons.
The flainm.s were under control with
in an hour.
The Wolers of Ausicai
HIS beautiful valley-now a part of
SYosemi te National park, by the
way-is one of nature's most wonder
ful works of art. The valley is only
eight miles long and less than two
miles wide. The park embraces a do
main about 36 by 48 miles. Here the
supreme artist has chiseled and etched
and painted an outdoor gallery of mas
terpieces unlike any other in the worldl.
The Indians termed the place the
Heart of the Sky Mountains and called
it "The Vale of the Ahwanee," and
themselves Ahwaneeches, or "Children
of Light."
The excelling features of the Yo
semite are its waterfalls and sheer.
bold cliffs. Snow-waters from high
mountains have fount a wonderful
variety and beauty of courses down
the mountain walls to the Merced river
in the valley below. These peculiar
peaks strikingly resemble huge domes
and range in height all the way from
1,200 to 6,000 feet. The falls which
descend their rugged sides range in
height from 350 feet-Vernal falls.
which is only 35 feet wide at the top
to beautiful Yosemite falls, which. In
three leaps, plunges half a mile and is
said to be the highest waterfall in the
world with anything like thile ime
volume of water.
Standing on the summit of Seantinel
Dome, the magnifcence of the vista
of the valley that bursts upon the eye
compels silence. Perhaps no valley in
the world combhlnes m much that is so
sublimely beautiflL it is "a bite of
Parad ." sure aeoLgh.
.\ ver'y pleasant s.urlprise. party
%Iag svenvI at theli homie oft Mrs. Hot
ini k% laslt I'uesldal y evetlling it hontor
,.f her udaughtcr. Kaltic's, hirthday.
Shlit Va t .s presentedllt with a Iteauitiful
c.:n l' ring a it liiken for the ocn-a
kin.. 'I horse present were Norita F Ir
niandz. Irenei No.lan. Elenora Mitch
oIl. Kaltie ('hstnut. Ruth Munster
miani. Annette Keller .and Katie
Hotuiosk". Mlessrs Warren Boyer.
('harles lilyer,. Paul .Mallette. Teddy
Mastaria, John Pope. Ignatius
Traluth. Alvin ('Chico and Mr. and
Mrs. Horinosky.
.hMr. Mussachia rendered several
vocal selections. Dancing was in
d ulged in until a late hour.
Last Sunday. at Clese Park. Mc
Donoghville. the largest crowd that
ever turned out witnessed the most
exciting pitchers' duel ever staged
in Algiers.
Umbach, of Algiers. and Markel,
of the Morrisites. put up a beautiful
exhibition through the seven innings
scheduled. wth the score 1 to 1 all
the way. In the extra inning. Im
bach's sore arm began to tell on him.
After Dell had dropped a Texas
Leaguer in left with one down. Um
bach walked the next batter and then
both runners advanced on a wild
pitch. Rupperts grounded feebly to
first base and Knowles shot the ball
home. Dell was caught at the plate
but Cazaubon dropped the ball in the
critical moment. and the old ball
The breaks were decidedly against
the locals. In the first inning. Gus
Knowles beat out a bad bounder down
the third base line. Cazaubon hit into
a fast double play.. Defraites to Dell
to Rausch. Kirk Abbott next up. hit
to right center for two bases but
was called out for failing to touch
first base.
Ike (Babe Ruth) i Whitmor,
brought the crowd to its feet in the
last half of the seventh. Ike was
first up and Algiers needed one run
to end the game. After fouling a
Icouple. Ike connected and out to
ward the left field fence sped the
ball. It looked like a sure homer
and a beautiful ending to such an ex
citing battle but, alas. the goddess of
luck was against us and Ike's hit
fell about two feet short. Reynolds
was laying for the smash and made
an easy putout against the fence.
The Morrisites will play Algiers
a return game on Sunday morning.
August 1st. On Saturday afternoon.
July 24 at 3 o'clock, at Clese Park,
Algiers meets the stro'ng Swift's ag
gregation. On Sunday morning.
July 25. the Peppermints of New Or
leans will journey to Clese Park to
battle the local team. Play begins at
10:15 o'cock.
Score by Innings:
Mlorrisites ...... 000 100 03-4-4-1
Algiers ........ 000 010 00-1-5-2
Batteries-.Markel and Rupperts:
I'mbach and ('azaubon.
Umpires-Clement and Morris.
The superb fielding of the
Knowles brothers and Whitmore of
Algiers and Dell of the Morrisites
featured the game.
Ace Markel had great control and
saved himself on several occasions
by using his old bean. Umbach was
extremely wild. He walked six men
and uncorked three wild heaves.
On Saturday night. July 24th, at
the Avenue Dancing Academy, the Al
giers Baseball Association will give
its second dance. The proceeds are
to be used to purchase uniforms for
the Algiers team. Manetta's jazz
es-az, which proved such a big hit at
the last dance of the A. B. A., will
furnish the Jazz an this ocaslon.
T h ' .. . lt ! . r I'
TiT:, t]!u t i1,-" 1 - 1;1 ,'
1 I. ;" I1! , 1." . :" 1 : . I '
t f i ' I1 ." ..' . ,it - ,l . , , ' , ,
It. I " . ".
1'111t i ,'111.,1 " , .. ,I it I. 11I. ' IH . '. t:
that h :,. h, ',I l . - -iT
t11' I ". 1>" 1 1e F '' ta1 "
wi1ll. b ill :t -, . , ,, I r . : ."i
emi-lll- 1 ,' plr S ,1;1'r. : 11, 1" ; F-r
11 t1 i (11;t 1 11 .11 it 111. t.11t ,. . 1., t
1 1 1 t hi .s ," ,,I r : I " \' " '. I t .t 'l t h l l ".. . . ' '
1 1r the1,l'll i, ,li l. th*ir a h' t ii ::  i .
It is hop- tl t h + t. - 1' rrt I t,.; 1
u1arr kI 11 Ita o h(.11 - _t . l' .: l ( t '
(1*011 l ' l'o'a i a~ nl: tli.' it ' l t 1
l )n t Vlr h ni ht. t " 1V,.hh'- I a 11 1
Iht* ' Sixth I' r (.t111 , lI ele sr IeNa1,l
critic ('at <'i h h .1 i its lltth r, u-o1 n'
ieIti, , l it. h M par k. I hni-. Mlch
Ienthue i ltil \the d:flyingtl q. , In th),
::bsl c r a Mr N a\t il tdih. pl-!i l,'nt
f the T llh u b who iot - tunltablt It o attlIn.1
tn it.nt f ll'nt +. TIhr man lli ih' A l
I ot'- * l aln -te to wi t as chais itan .
hcl opTeilne the mtvi'el'tin  la"n H tait' i
chn.ral rTheito of tile ok uteran
yi'n hd oull tll o ' in th . i lf rle,'iot
Ir e. the aionllle t'iol of h' pres'itet
'lill as. 111on applir ntion  a Ie, iti '"r
thip; on all rlop o1i to l p s it hill w lt
recivhin the ligtl anll ti-e wrmIth,,
witheIdo t1"et preof t. pltso wahin ohf
aI d1re sev" withe lio thele sesin ct cand
Itll nailln vterti < i " lsi l a g)irert.
a-lt,'Ihti,< wt-ir', miaide by NIr John
(Ilitents. ca ( linaI l at fo ta lerk llo
the Third City I'ollurt, Geo(ueit' W.
Platt. canlidtai for .ailnde of the
Third ('it 'our" i: Ihn. John Maty
tnagh.e cant Ioylan . ' aItreih t'i l
\a . .l ant ing. L . W illis. N. Hotird
aletur sh Gouldo. Iefir h nrestint
were servede e r in aundanc. From
all ap pti ara ce . tle 1ii Sixth
carry the aunner of victory for true
dtive. Ev'r and white supreally inter-d
an overwhelming majority on Sep
teniber 14th for our peerless leader,
the Hon. Martin Behrman. After
ested in the welfaeting the flyi ourg squadron o
locall to speakers attended meein of
the Third Precinct at Santos' Hall.
Trinit E. Lutheran luprrhted
On Thllursday night, July 29th, the
levans. Kramer will favor us with a
lecture on the convention at Detroit.
Mich. The editors of the lgtheran
Witness say: "Every congregation of I
Synod ought to hear. if possible, its
represntativef report unpol the ses
ions. The congregatolebn that allows the
Hoyis opportuniy to pass by withoutan
Speceiving the light and the warmth,
Allhe n t) of the impetus. which
warvivid report of these sessions can
bestow is certainly losing a great
opportunityforitselfand for our electric mothe
church at large." We are very for
corse that oa lecture on the convention. This
will arrivt the iii a few days but we sin
ivcerely hopIvry oneit who is really inter
uniy hred. presented.
-or. Edwlian S.and Oliviusar. Nlw Or-.f e
libford. randilctt for. TeItphone Algier.
Senatorvies for next Sunday as fol
lowas one of the first entlebration ofC the
olyseat In the Iniot (Full Choral) andow
held byo. 9.30 a. m.. Gnday school.and is
7:3now waging an actirayr and enser-etic
Allan Mrou.ls Groussard wn. soin thof
selled with many or his friends and Viola
upGeorter S. Seymour and"Edna Fran
I ine havrge ofat last reved the billdquar
coutrse and Is mighty busymean these dayst it
pbera. fectandidata for plntd .
perfectlg cmmpaigp plans.
i',hn I: \... u .l . . I .,rl . 1n" Ir e ( ulI -
.I, I \ : lll I)l " il l , t
I' I .' " , t . i'. .. i, _ ' ' : ? 1 1 t a t..rl +
! " .hu.I i ! i , !
-I Lt ., ' .! , I . 'i i I. , . 0Ii t3 jl l l3 .
"" !,., t:n ., - . -t ; ,r R ' 3.t,,' 3
I:" nll ) [ ,'m I+,,' ;. \lh -;i 3 l3 3 l - t
tI, I '3 ' I.I. . ." .: ,,; . ll ,3 ho
111' NnlX n m
"! i .11 " " th. ,, .It , t ti11 *'Ir <h nl, '1 n ot
- xl, ' ?. r ,I3 rlL' t, ' - ' 3.'" t -
. I.I l t3:t i . l ., .i, n 11 i I n ,'I '.d n l-.
i," n o'.tll a:n t hll I ._+33.t' i l -  ]till'
I.: , II, *,-1., 1,nl ,i . 3' pt 3 1113'
l, I . 1 3 t . i _, ". '? , I, ' .t . :3 h , 1, 1 ,,ii ,,'
- 1 t] - l n tn , t + i 33 I n,\ 3l3 a i t' lim tO
t;111 ,I1":I .3II 133Itl i . I " t t(,11
3IIrl , ;."u to , , ',, 3n t 3 tora tl , p i lt
~n tII'" ?. ,.I Ii I ., *l itt l'non1I. tratted
hl ' t1. I .1 t!\,, 113,,. 3,3, Ii. .; 3 t 'tti'i l
3 - I t p1 l w. , I,,, , Il it , I . l )'. '1 I.
other fl lZ nitv whI+ . rlll hPl l'r y abutlel
th333 i . 111 T r3333mal. howe ver.
\\ , l i n;illi 3a l te ou l titth c i'ncil
, o. l 11X..1i. %w l lr.' I \ i )
Th, P, th, . ,3 nth \' , rli t i*,c, ith\l
1 Jt"lrs Tu'-t .i i ntih 3. 33ewo s that
It ~ thclr ft1311w ritizi':i-. John It.
Nor al , l. ',Irs . . had ''"Ibeen noIIInai
tell f .r citly i'. llnis sionet r on the \1c
Shan3 tick, t. TIh , h 3.sa,' g;s tf Mr.
Normant . : elelction was read to a
mleeting of th,. Fifthe3,th Wards 0. 1).
A.. club which had just endorsed the
candidacy ltf Andrew McShane. Louis
Mhtn stermta, whard aresident, presided
at the gathering.
N. ' . Ilfumphries . liery Acker. John
F ('olli;.. W. .1. Lewis and others
addressel the ieetlin. President
A.lunsteran ga.ve notice of a cam.
lpaign colInittee meeting Thursday
Iternald (It'l :-key .was chosen pres.
tion of the ward. iT place oAf W. P.
('rilly resigned. with e. orne serving
as secretary.
The Firt and Second Precinct clubs
of the same ward meet Wednesday
night at Clark's lhull. Alix and Verrett
On Sunday. a most enjoyable time
was spent at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. I. Stumpf. In Delaronde
street. when Miss Faye Stumpt en
tertainetd the members of her bridal
party. .M1iss Sump f will be married
oi Sy'*temiebr '9th. to Mr. Louis La
The attenlndants are Misses Alma
L;er3rets. Elvira .Marquez. Mildred
lireani. C..(rlmaille ('asana've. 'ora
McEvoY. Althea K irseh. Marrvel and
i':th~r herie Stnmpf. Messrs.i John
Thoi, 11 tHry idressler. Ed Price. Carl
Shillt. 1Mr an3(31 Mrs. Kobt. Stumpf.
Mr'. riy r1Mrs. I-, wry Shill.IBo Mr. and
M.rs. . t 1 Stwrpf. crard Mc\Duff,
Ilris la. Sluiapl. Jr.. lMrs. Sam VMc
.eely 3n1 son3. Sa3m. Jr.. Miss .\Minnie
Onii Wednesday night. Joyl 14th.
Ihlire wspn ste33d t 3t the Alhambra
.lrinnastic' ('II ,. u bp,x ing coltest be
tweent Red Wilson lan Young O Don
ricnll. ttwo f llr local .oys who went
the limit \if three roluntis. O'lainnell
provtdl 3t, c3l0. r ('h. for rilson. who
was forced t(3 u.uit.
(in Trlll rdly (K a. Gordlon and
Iltitling h lorntl mnet in a four rounhl
hot. rotyh lIcys glrt Some terrific
hlo.ws o the 1ncc aned tie bolv. The
Kh'. kid. with his one punch slut
ged hitimself right into the itattler '
shi twir 3(f ipp.er cuts but in the rush
113331 ling (G3orre w33 set on the r(3n
hras thro,.uh K. 0. heaiwork r. a I.
Dinapole, managers o. W11e lunte
threvw in the towel i3 tliet first rhuAlh .
but Jos. Herder. the referee. 3a
nounced himself for a founr ronDl
go with Kiol Kirby. hut as Htcrler
coulld do nothing wito h Kirhy he was
out-classeri a933( (hit in the second
round. The spicctators were IR.
Thomas. timner; V. Wiingerter. bell
man: E. Lecouirt. traine'r of the Bat
tler; A. Abbott. trainer of the K. O.
Kid; W. Verdhovt and L. Rodich.
corner men.
Mr. J. Lusignan. manager of the
K. O., hopes to soon be able to class
his man with some local boy at the
weight of r10.

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