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The herald. (New Orleans, La.) 1905-1953, July 29, 1920, Image 4

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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AMI-%I'l1I'.1T 141 ( II iHTl1 43 %T IN
i' \1, 1 . 7'1
.1r t 1 . ' , , t
.I. o, rI'''
!~ I I , .t ,3 . t;. 1;3 ,;- "
, .3.3n .1 ' ,. tr , I
Ir- i I 3, "11 1 I 1,", 1 . t i.
sI t e I,1 3. .3 3 11 ~f r " " r
Sr* -t 1 .Irrt t It , .. t* . 'i l - '" . ,
.I.'I I.;. t 3' J , , 3 :', ' ' - , ·133 .3- , L
, ll. . 1 '1," I".: ;, -Ii: . ''r 3,, ', 1,1
th 33 rat i I. .: " .n r ..... ,3 - hI ,
I ,.' ,,t ~II, -, ,' ll1 I. 31 . -, f,1 t , I .i v - i '
r 11 1-3 .r t 1 I , 3 : ,3l3 ' ,, .i' r111 1 - ' 11:r
: 111, 11 1, . .! 11,,.n , 1 * I - ,. r f u h.1ur,. i ';:
11~1311 -;t'r 1 1i 1" 15 11 NI .3 133 II :' -
1I 'l I. 3 l I ' 13. t, " . l 3r, -r, i 1 .lrdl ,,1 ' . '.r'
Pol. l r .' I'. 1'"33 . '11, 3 .II3.3 ' ill' r .'
ft r h,1I3 . ,II . , ,,'r' " I 'If '. ", '.f - I ,. ,i' T'"
l111t tit, t'. - , 3 ' .I - : . 1.1 I " r- , 3.1
1'.3n3331'3 3. 1 ''*.1 o it 'r''I3 tf r :3f13 i 3l ijr.Lr
.\It 3 i t 1 . l' Il l I:t. 1"h. t...3 f,:'l . - ) ' th
31.14 3n 33'r r'-r" l rit1. 1 T l, 3 1 .t r'l 31i" r ul
)f 1I, t ," ,rIll 313r"l I* i.,f ,.,,il 1-A .1 1,1i. it
1tfr' l .r diti'lr ' Ill 1 1 h:! I h"1t 1 'r 311.
fI ; 5 , 11 r.'3r. i of , 1 1,' ..r 1.,1 ' , :f ii"r31'ui ,
i.5331I. iil '3.3ll3 1 3 l . tt.31.. h.333tr3.i:..! r.133 -
l l , . I l r o t, .  f l l,it II , i S li l} , E11 1 " l, l tl
t1n.rr' 111'r , I3co , r-.1o l.r . ''r d, ,1 t1 l
of the ,i.I;srI ,..1l' , ,oter v PIur bb.t .It ,
Irl' lr3 1.f.Orer .l113t 11a I :,III a il t 3' er3I .
t1i1+ ' oil, ;. 1 ili,17 11,1, % I."n 3i.3 r ..i-+3'3 ia l hr. '
i ll,3 r I pro%3 i,'3 h1,i l '. . h :- - :i 1% i3 il3i,. I 1
rleu-,iiil l*4nd ltl$ it dM llre.y dir tan dr
.lllIr lilt' i . :1i l| 1 ii.3' ' r "'r 1 ,'f3iii]- . '3r '.I,
go lilllr that. the ,. nte rt ant e oath --l e ir'
th nl 3333.h 333d by3 filt' l. . l,,\lr . 333. 331 "3 ,1f
t1 333"s. ,3 3333 d ,r in.'j1 f I3ov 3 drst fo:i3:1 . 1 r.
a lfo re i l . lrt ir." Ill o) f th e , I'h a ir h.r -Ir u, t
gi rds il rsnilol 33 .tl id l3o' o lr d3:t' her.l
ifltIer i. -to' u kolcOrlh. of tdi. 3for.; ' 1 ('i Cor
1 el.'rt 4 ' 1141. of Ne' w 4lan-1" . 1,1 1h 1 . 0l
tht. tilh Ii a .1:% , .'i crl.r. . I! lir. ai uil ii
ot h u3. 3'r h.ren first 33 33333', 3nt
tl . i1t, t r l e.r's- .1 3e 1, f 'la irhh lll. 1li33 t. i,
.\'1irr 1i I31 1 7. L1-:1+ I3 1itou rgils., lal- t'ren- t
wan iitn1 ,l. 3.h3 ihe,.'reinto ih 3.3 ti. r 35th ;iwl.
aftn.'r rndi1cnl y of tihe' '3 le.313013.i
t (Orit IIl a lg.tin. .) Ji. i,. lt f zler . t 're.r
idnt. II. Fi. l moh. 'lretr ii' Tr iasyu rer.
Wit,.r litn ,to!,s holdhr of tine taforr.:iil E 'onl
J. MS. Q3N1T'ERo. Notary P3ublh31.
A trp: e 301. 4i'5'y.)
T Jh. Il. l 5 I aElt., Notary P loffi.,
Pariht' of o-rl.n lr. to3 f lthfit 1n}
uBefore me, underslnr h utln lirt. Ilter oli
eall. clilhe 3I .,' ap feard . 1ssr. lIa tzl. r.
ftPresident of the Stnlrd Ex rt whole.
Itlrigluil sligne:.) J. L,. Ilanlzlr, Pre,
tno., t; iand F. . it. Suiet. a tere ry ofr.
ithe tandard obert Lumber Co.. tdIl.i
who eM.'g b y Ne first duly swor. depoeull
and said ollthat the .ntire aon the in4
Preash of t rle an.spttil 3tak fI.ouilli ti l.
dred thousand $10.tiO.30) dollars 3. ti hres'
Befohundre thnip, nder3gned auth00 dorllrn h
ollyer tame and au lrbeared J. e anthis.
PtOridn at iof th~ . L. adrd luntler. Ure
ident. 11. FI i. Smith ll mretary resur.y of
th J.e andard Export Lotber o.. ubltd.,
whoJune 24bJuly e fr. duly worn dep
United ta thes of Aeria. Statent of te on
of the monf th of Jun in the year of ourn
dord. one thousand 1$ , nine hundred andt
twenty, and of the Ind.'penden'e of the
United States of Anmeril's the one hudred
ahund forty-fourth.and before 300e.00 dollaras L.
btarnet a Notary Publicah. duy is
onedor and qualifed, in bed for the thir
isth day of Orleanse. tate of lou theren
residi g, and in te prJ. nce of the witres
Spersonally caie and TE eotaryed the seral
persons whose namnes are her'unto sub
crred, alt l of tLe full age of majority)
who neverally de:red to bt N otary Publ h.
prvded t, and ore palrtic'3l rII oy (ofAM
T AN Or sun INC.
Unit teof taea of Amer sc. eState of loan
ans. I.e it known that on thila 6th day
of thoue month of Jun114, relat ing to the our
Io. organization and formation of cornd er
ations. have thron nie ' ndi agreed.
and by these presents do covenleant ao d
agree and bind otheolreves. as well as all
lsuhr othr .erons as mayli here ofter b
ronendct oated with t hem. to formh a cor
porat onf a lorhe objects and purloses asld
under the articles and stipulations followthr
rding, and I I)to- ewit: L
ApRTIoalE 1-ese and ameard tithe of this
Corploration shall be Shelby Supply ('rn
panyr Inc.. and under its corpo rate na.t
it shleall have power andr a uto hority to -
and to erajoy corporate eoistenor' for 3
period of ninety-nine years from date
lonr or otherwle; it shall have power to
contraictn . tyo suae and to be surd; to eI
and use a cororte seal acd to alter alnd
break name atnd pleasure; to hId. rwell ive
lease. purchase, transfer, assign. convey.
mortgage hypa.al thrate pledige, to or other
wise retive or dil oste nof proprtoay rea l.
pnersa nal rl and mied. corporeation incor
poreA; to issue lhnds. and tit desIred, toh
cure theo samel bye mOity g lg3 to buy (n
hold stock in othr companies. inident toc
the obje to ano 'orposes or to the expan
lon of thelui h.nl intyr.sts of the t.
poration for the orj'ts al pura power ud
omanagers, agec ts. directors or offen orln
Lake and restabrish alter a3ndt atmend 13
proper gov,'rnmentc as may be deemeid
necessary and prrerer, and, generally. t'
do any aCcd all things incidet to or neces
seary and proper for the extensirn of the
busines in which the o r pooration is ec
ARTICLE II.-This Corporation ahal
ube domiciled a the City of New Orleans
Sthe o tate of laoansana. and all citatiou
or other legal process shinalt be served ull
ARTICLo II.t-The objects and pun
poa for which this Corporation is ortan
raed and creted and the altre ot the ad
aes to carried on by itre are declare
to ho so fellows: To bayl, , manfrc
lure. exchange, repair and otherwise dea
ln or handle n to export or port, mill
sepplies and equipment. mill machinery
ad material oe any and all hI ds. To ea
Maie sa a general marine supply bsinaes
y. b ,lI. manufacture. ex'ange, pre
pare and otherw ao the deal n or handler t
rt or import, marine and ship sup
ps provilions, machinery, hardware
oesess aad varieties, snd to en1.age gen.
hey busieses. To act as agents or man
c turetrs of any of the ore odescribedl
medotaecy ld materials. To hold, leras.
tsad warehesest o i connecti on with tt'l3
fRTeign sad domestic commerce, and I
earry ea the buesness of the Corporation
To cededut ad cory oasuech other busn
ssess ts may he foed necessary or con
vealet eor properly eetli ating ther afore
esI r s le or eseortg the value o
the rights see privileges o0
e sme ck eo this
IDlil.proiinmiery hrwa
tlei/,~ ~~~... liD;ei frntue pulmet f l
itr ta1..* of $1'NiN) ii I b. Saidll t.k t:ii l I
I." ..... fr in ....h or it.. r" tl"ln", :1 K
, n lo 10l b.. , h\ l te l, a n d ill s u c h n in t t w r : n to
l -.u,':, tll.. .11J in ,ti'l Jion.tll lhe.01, ;
i,,. I "i , r- rl r it, hI * a..ar of Ili
I:.-_ ý ,t 1'~' 1.t11 rh f 1 .
\. _ 1 "I . \ 1 1 I " 1 II5 l I :t1. . ".L. l t 'i .
, ,1, ,r,,s1 i ii,. - . l I . II trl li It
.. i I. . i , 0II" 1 .. I" k r 1,II I 1  r.I.I Ilo I Is
1 1 114 .M" ,.(1 r r . - if , s it-n k i
. , It , I I, r " 1.l fo g . .'
r.1- t ..u ! II 11 ' .III . r 1i I - 1 I
r 'II 1 !"i -- r t ri.,r1 . 1 r"I'' l. l r i 11 1 1.i.;
\ ,, I , - I I : 1 ' II l . .r I .. ' " " f k I,, ,
,I 'I ,I T '. ! ' I. 1' . . T' II1i ". ~
..... I r 1 ,L or'' . i t -. . !. . , i . , i " '
. " ' i
,,r , I. . 1 .1',. -ri1: ii ,,l 1
t, ,t.. . 5 1 1 -. - Il, .... .. . - ir
" . . " t t I ' r t t . I 1r 1 .1 1I
S ,i, " .  r : ii t , l i ' - ' t in. "tr
S ., I, , . I I ' r. l, " ris- . .iii ,,. . . '; i i 1.i
.o r:'n "o I: n 11. 11 ,. 6r\\ l 1. r-f Tl T' of1 I I '*
i I  i ...... i ii . I i h II . :
r its ii . i .I it *. - i i ti
1 .r.. r 11i .11 1 t 111i.e o f '1 11i1 1 i i
S,11 1 i l, I I 1 ,i r 1f l , I ll  it I I,
thi II-t I Illust l l : hut ill·1· - IN lt iii I
1 . I., i.t1.. i i . .tii ri, i i, tr11, 1 - .
it. iL .. a " .' 1 "". .t 1..t .i--' Ii . I .  i
.l. t " Ir.. i i . 1. .Ti t .r it I i t i
, Ii,. , ,,t, f r o, , n1. .:11" ,, - i't. 1ii, .' t i .
., III tII ti'ol h ir iiti . I 1 ti . l trI l .a - it
i, r l hui i ,I ,i 1 : s ,. r-i i ll t r 1 ", 1 1 a h i irI
tri i tr Uli i I,. re 1 .. u i'otul i i. i .r . t It
, i.i , i' o I ini--ILt ori ll,.r I ll,'-r ill. Lr'l l i. l r i
Ir l. -r i r thl offi. fir oil- si'ttr. ir
Tii t rhil h Illtt fli iO thl I U ril n-; lhi ol. ' ll tt.i
tt ti u . i i n tt i t.ori .ll 11 sit. t il, .. ni t
hi" Ir - li rd i i ll . . . I lllto r d .- l ' tO fitt. in h i
t tihulh..t r i thh,, uti i - llh iri tIh, , hh u
-.tit !tit, 1trr . ,lrrlh i t Ite iuir-o a .ti to 1hu t u:
-itrimn+t mmt lie iim'rr tu1 0ii from lhr tr.-r to
ftir lrv a , Iilor o itr ,uti- l o f thle ofIttilhlt. t t
,Tif IIt H, rl o hllol li fhll o . I, . . ,, 1'.. .l lll
.11) olf l Its i-ljltC to ,;ir ..: ki oli'. ri. i t tll- it
ir t .tr d o.r ttlitii. .-t I. l ivti wIt. 11t. 1011- 11
trnt of twno-thitr f: .111 th tiltoik preiilll*
at any , lt , l g.. : tIirrtll. or tuh,r*it1.t too liI
for tlia I i,ll l iilrpoi I iti ut i Iliwi lll .ll t i
o..r to inin Ierrtt. ir dir.. iar. . li . t pi. tial
Tito'k al hereit," efitre itt ollt. l, IIy in-I
irea1r In the Ii- ital to k ihird 'i1i- s of
the amount n\n.l.d hereIn an th amotirnt
to l-hi I, irt ill l tie made i 1,J 1, Itre ,
lot Ithi riote" ols ill out. todn s toc tr 1i'
f ARTIIE X.-Snt"ce of . an tand. all r
net llils rfrn-iln l to in thI i-haItrtr. orf
rluiirrd l by lliw. o hrll, be gien In t h e ll
maniner. prlit in Ilnliian11 notice in elra 1
tho 'lrttin r. utllul s the ant sith tIll hae,' a
Iten walied,. In ctl o the s dls hr ntio. I
l1uint.lon or tertni. l tio. of thIs uTo arter.
.tIris I:I., k , 1 : 1.11hxl . h . 111""Is' of fi'l '
t nl mtaltion or otlherr Ic. the f r ir. ol 1
orthi rpatl. ti l n shall lie olrlnat  Iry.
t.one 1or atoe foli'r uiator1 elit " by thekl
Itoh d I lies. iwho tlay lrolde the lihm
uTher ol aid llslitor. rand at thein mwith
such power anti ailthority as itlay bIy l.ar-,
froe permitteil . and ti the trmi anid thon
1:o.ird of Ilireltork. The Tlir 't urs. when
lto.d. 0all hold offite for one tre antI, or
until osr npeusstrh ,hll haion a rvie tlect n
tore., the remalifin lifailure to mold ill
h le unly or l ontinue dir to. all ot behalfop
of ti,, torlloratlon.
A TIICI.E i---.o stokhl.older of' thi:In
rlate tln forfeihlllture lof this hre or r anspoll
for any touts. iiontrii:t. derbt or faults
rof iis thonuder. Aoy ina o It ofi"cers;
lor  hltll any hinm Inlormality in orhan-.h
-h rtl oardll anofd ired. or oy " filled by
shosl-hloidir to any liability beyond the
A direCtors for the unexpiredtrs hrm to and
in the written that the o their ni dres torhe
inut acr oef upon the crbedro to by eac h
poi nted to fill their itol hen a tock-ddr .
that tirs 11 charter nlsha ere duly the .ll o
rt :on nliw it ortor. T rlioratrd ofall o
rmannetr andy e iftrmlsed from three to
fithve y majority voteof toui outsta. on tding
day.k at allth and l year herein ir allt lboy
lpt.ial imlleting of itI. stockholder, illld
for ittenh lipurpose. and are tho of lph e -
ilof and Paundl ment or altera. comptionet ofent
this charter.
RTICLE. VIII.- This charter or at of their
incorporation may be chnged. modified.
altered or nedthed, by and with the -aid la
sent of two-third of all thl. stuck present ,.
atl any mee, ittr. anerll or rpadin . hehld
for that purpollse; and Schuar Pdmaul E.
iay bIe latlerianl or immatrderial. subjec Mort
nly to limitations as maydo hereby law pro- that
vided ao and this orporation harterave thelb
lower to ireemor Inc.. wrase ithis apial duly
intok as herns hefore st out ha and any then
cirease in the capital stock in ellina of
the Itount nla d herein un s the amount
to which it may e made by a D three
fourths vote of all outstanding stock.
ARTICJune IX.-Notie of any and all
mtnetinla referred to in this charter, or t
required by law. shall be given in the .
manner provided in giving notice in eae d
of tle.tions, unles th-e same shall have s
tien walved. In Amse of the dissolution.
lhuidatnso e it or Lnermnation of this icharteenr.th
bday ol mitathe month o Juntherwise the eaffairl of
ourthis cpodr, one shall os e liqundred nd
one or ore Iqubedatore e. ('harelm by theo
storkholders. who may provide the nuc, duly com
mer of saind iquldatorsd in and them withis
such power ad authority Ors may by Ithereinw
b permited, and fix the terms and con-the wt
thrir compenasftonr nd provide that in
o the Prof diabilhty of Orlans. of ullsaid ale oulda
tor.ri the heremaiin appiquidalors may filr ca
pcthe vacany or continue to aPredent on behalfc
pof hny, corporatdion. er b ru
Ao rsoluEto adopte the stochkholder of thisder
corpo ratiod omphall he Jnishle or. resportiled
thefor any oss contrnc. debs or faultsre.
o that at amtlny or any of cls offlders; o
heldnor shall any moce at It dnformalicly in organ
Orlzaon haon the effth day of rJunder.ng th1920.
whsltk meeti toholder o any oiabilly theyond omhe
ennpaid halance du on the stofk held by
ARTICLE Xhudd.-(The0) shubre were hereston
itnumber of shars ubscribed to byend Ar-h
of tlhem and o the Citer postoffhe addreComps so
thart tls hT. tarter may rve as the sub-'No
seription iest of the Pucorporation all of I
lIook 1':;1. Folio 7r,1. so that said Artlcle h
(tho hIll h,.reafter read and be as fol- 1
lows, to-wit:
AlRTlt'I.E. I. -The nme and title of this
, or lpo ltio shall lie tar tci la- urke M otor, ,
oIrl:tl in. Iti Orpora.'1ed. land unde.'r and by
 iil im wi. ui t.- sooner dis.olved in a."
ord:l i s,. h ilh law :mlli this (I I trterr, it r
, 1 , 11 . . i -! i lt .1 d r o ti h lnn . , a n d . li ll h a v e
!:t1dl .it uj c or1orat,- o xii teIv :ii d \ ul.". t""
:iilI ;ifllr tllt. d:!t. of Itli- A.I . It Iit;I)
I 3: il ., , h: ld . re . ,eii e . 1 ,u rro w . Io a it. 4 -5 -
, o .., o t. ro' ..i b. lt ". 1I :.f. I lti . Ii h
pi thes:1ii.. -... niniilr .+inl ll .rtl .1:" prop I
l.rtiv iof : lV kindlll . itl' er rI.ril. -Ir, n-.Il r i
l ,t'i ' . , 0rp", ra': l or i .ll or-r' l, ' l t 11t, h ib I
or in n or:3l: . all . I o lit lo l li I ill it :.1
li lo n .1 iti % h e p r , -' r i b ,. : b y I, .l
A ndl Ih ' s itd :.1-p" ter.'r. .:.", I .' i th-tt i
t h tle p p . i.r jl h 3.1 3 ri , , ir e . . . . -: t l, . r 1 ' ~i: t .
rd:l l l, n tl h h .. tll o ri. ll* \ . t ,Il tl
h+in. ait th, -.aid t nlI( - fli.or I, p ll io
I I 1lb.il 11 ' iii d mlli .l.ti li i.i pl ,.r .I .'31 13
lh 'thli, trin :1 l,1 in , r,,r tIt ,i t h . . I.. ,
It,.' I ,or , i- ;..si r 21•i.Id , I % L4.1 .
1 i, do . i loll.. i ii. It the I'l y of
N. , l (rle: l . on I:,. t h t1,%. nlillith a - yl, v ;i
I n,- , 3ll .ol ,3 first rl. i t l. tIll : 3. tit I 11,- Ir i:.
oIf ' l'111i , .1 . Elliott and u- \\V (;i. .1 .: i oi li'
I tol ' : \ tl i .... .. " . Is I , hl , ri n iT r 1:1I 1 1 t" u I i II1
,IIll . k lIt.. Eliter Eii i - tl ;1l : 1id 1 -ll,l ": ''r
:i 3 i. . l' . In.l t . i.l lllt. r r1 I. lii · .i f tl. 3
lli ri- .l I -i' ,l it 4 .lrl 1 i. I ., ft
11.irt ni .1 Iilrl k+. I'rt
\. 11 .i , ", T- 1 . '1•r' 11 , ..r I \ i ;.11.111i
, ' T. T I14"l. lt l:\. \ .! itr lI ' bill,
I. thlh ' i n . i.h illf e I I' I -i-o , , if M ort
31:..- Iln n! for :. e I'.rbl.h if . I. l n.ill n
, t % t , ll . " i I.o t t l), I : 1 . do htreb r ti fy. ""r1 th..;
n iurt ..f , . r." vii.-.- iol t .r. 1:1 Mlolor , .o i-.
In-,.' l :I, I. l hlr t . Ior l lI rh.' .r.I i n' i t, Ih2 i
F, nI
ioling I, :a true :lru.l r t.rr I . lp of ll.
u r ip t l :I l on f l i lt Iand of r : a <1 - r'I t t. i.%- (l
I Ii ' T :llK , . h'Y. N.i. itir I' tllll r , l P llil
. rl.. - lilt ll ll
,,ti.l I, i lT tili llrl13 l• , .-or \ .3 -
l n ited >t:t"< of .'un ri .1. t l t t .f 1.,,11- .
i-, tn '. Il'1,r.i 4 ft3 irl.'alh ., i.r'la ly t 1 .w
Irl.- . . 1 :."11 1 it r ol . I tI ell'(r l tl s I hirt
;rl.lirt,11 t tI i e fi l outh Io f Apr I 4 il. 1i it, I
titr of our Lord.I one 11 . ll l iand li it
Bred :nail m s..i tw e ts, beore W... .1Jtal
,.'1i R TI',h ill" .1 Et. ir l'ubl " I,. e -c ill \
Ils-li tl r l n.' d l ,-unr lif d in ,i . ot for ti ll. -
t'ri-r f. 'If Irl. ---Th. t ,tr lll, of It o Iani .
th , r.,it r .i li l il. and in h" 1r.'li." ih I
th.b t nitno **. h.-r einaff.er matainm ..ol u..
hilh ius ' rll h"onallly li u e and app. ardll ,l t'
ll .Of filr orilhI. r 1 . ol-l .'lrdo li.3 th. , s tllllr
li . ll Tit ll.. llI es ot f Ilt. I.Ie f th . I., S".. . "I \l
1t4314 .. 3. ' e. th e bola lne.it d ofitl C .l ...I. l
1II .i1ig .n;rit .nd r l. aoti to ibl . t elit.
Ij ii air hbe. -,I :i I,.o itif led wIIIt .i 1 l . into
t irpor-. i, urul. bloea y 1. aih ill ill. for I
Ith l ami 11, r tld l le rpo is e ;irid ti ir l lr-h
I oll nosl I d ; llr ,4ti. atiih t.i .l f l in e il:. ll 1
11 a! I .LE f I. The l n e and oil, 'of thi
Ienpo. ialt orn lla br Peoupll, la oiari ;p
o1,.f1 .l kIn. h ih re apab Ile of erinh'r
lt l  .. ilr . Inll.e andl unr iorl ith car
p% rate I a. it hall enjoy . .'r'. on or
It l fill' to Ta I of inelrtp liatone IoIh leare ,
rtil i at hundre th le date h ,o ll ar. a ;hll
lba;l,, p. r :id :i thority o t .ontroI, ..I
"sa.rs O lu sda re, or other hla oth.,,:utie.o , to
Suak mand it - I .s urporat." ..'alt . the 111
ool tl o lreo k o ll alte r e .t -b aid tt. ri
rhal li.-. re aite. lor a., . h lt or oItlher r
,.,luir LE and colt R. as well ; ll. rtgaII ll_
;(1t h. pIotl s at e. nIid* r it , .orporat,"
rale. protal r , ll e h i reat l la l per io .l, It
iborron. Th one.V and ito I. nt1, " I,'. Inlt
i to -r oli l Iu tion or u nego l .l . lin tri
st1 o ti r,: to hlt stocsk itn olher I trpori
otil,. Itc arr a oul t d ll f lthe o j ctls.
it il int sitch.' 1n-Ieeri nld dir.eora, ofth
er lrand ao n s. all the instdr.t and einr
Site~ed of a sBr norporatioe n al reqlot ire.
lil to h ak" if e n istablio h. n ll :I, atlt er
I ltd Intend "at hela orl, a. h Li -laws.
rile, a il regulation, for t il. Inlet :llin g .nt
tiod rentation of the affairs of lit herlr
(rtiOh tlt may h e l ei. sarI, . po r tt or
ItlTI'LF II.-The domiil,'l of this cor
Ioretion ell lie in the 'darth of Irlanil
hthe of Louisian. aud all citations ork
Other legal iro'e saill be served lupon
a ti offers of the .corpo ration.
AItTI'JE III.-- The obju . ty and pur
I-11- for whicrh this c'ororati;. is or
ui.d. :ind the natullre of the busint,. to
lie codi .ted by it. are h.reby detlard
th,, ea Parish of Olrleansl. state of L.ouisiana.
and elsewhere, the btuiness of " .tea ,;
ain genera laundry, and to wash, clean.
purify, scour. bleach. wring, dry. Iron. (
ol1. r. dye. disinfet, renovate and prepare
for use all articles of Wearing apparel,.
hoilehold, domestic, and other linen, and
cotton and woolen goods and clothing. I
and fabrrb., of ill kinds, and to buy, sell.
hire. alanufarture, repair, let or hire. aI
ter, improve. treat and deal il all ap
'aratu,. machines, materials and artil.ls I
of all kinds, which are capable of being
AitTIt'L IV.-The amount of the cap-.
I ta stock of this corporation Is hereby
flied at one hundred thousand dollarn
(10.0W) share of the par value of ten
soldolya t n o
oo ihat greater joy can
th any one have than to
• know that the future is
0 eprovided for or-that
one can take advantage
of it!
eh aOpen a savings account
and feel the joy of saving
-feel that you and yours
are provided for. 3otat
Interest will be added to
I. your deposits.
Hibemnia Bank &
Trust Co.
rcai o wlts f o. ear
I, m mr of w bth is es
unc M agm m~ s..
holder shall be entitled t one vote for ,
eau'h sh:are of stock stanidiln in his n:tnl,' ,
on the, books of the comnpanv. Said toa. it
shall Ihe 'ast in person or lby proxy. ant.l i11
: IMlaljority of thea votes ':tot Nh:ll ,." t '
$ hid lin:ard of IDir,..tiars ..ha:l hay*" Ith .
pow. o r to fi ll l vaI t'; itil.j'is n illt '! I 1.111c
ar on ti' lito:lrd. evcrn tholi ih nO 1 i.rl.ii'
r n";lin' :at the time iuth If ,I l. i*: ar" to
In lill . lailture tto e. t l r. tor'. oi
Ithell' .d 1 :i ,' . l. . " ill*.,I 1.,11 : n11 t .ll 11..
tlm . o rlo r:inii ta. ltiit the, lait' ta" -. !h t: Int
ofi' . 1,. 11 r lu t. l in otf ,0' H 'i I tt11 t it"
t.u, r r ir 1,I... -1 , + o ni,, ;l l ' .11 1t I % .
1: a dr. -1 111 I'. I tfroll t tf r fi i, .r :r
1'r +- ,l t111 :1 ,it, I', dint. .r .' r
aIiI Ia 'l'rI - rr. 'I 1 , t ,' t, h I,
l°.rlTl; io l 1 I t l l .. I t_ L *, II
lo I t it , , , t,.,'*, ,,
iir: r ifat r l .\.i ta i llt , .. t , l , . t II1! . it It , ri, I
In I'.f I ..  I11. I re h r. '* l.,*  . i r' ,I i r
(Ir. 411r r 1 51r 'ri.. .
th ." rol e l, ll' i l tt:'". ,lo \ \t . , t , t i , ,I t
At's .. . . . of 1Er *l tt,- I h
'tl '"t N. ' Ir i ,lI "i ' I : i" i i : i
! , r o ll' iill n to . | r 't 1l 5 i :.l l t , r'1
., l ld , - f 1 ,11 . :1i, ,1. t\ ,-II .I- II 1 " .1 r,1 :l111,,'l -. ?
.il , r . ' \ itl 'll, . :1 1f 1.1 tl° t'11 l . 1i1· t- het
', l ll . 41ir 11 li , I . , a'I. r ii1 1. ' i, lit ,l f i
r1.1 -11 r. r l f11 E.11 rill. .: f -r I'. .i ni ' II . iil f
aIo r - r11 t l ' Iti I o :tuls rt .n .' IaIt 1
.at ora r I lt... . .. .. II. . . .. 1 l.1 I , l t r '
- ,I.: il.l l t I ;4 l i l. . rl ll. r 4 ' ,,;a ii .. i i t.,, a.r
d' "l i ii , 'a 1aL u. ".. I. j t i. l. i .r r ,t
1 lis, al-,j.ii a )r I a tir e ii, N 1i. iI I 1. a 1 i
.1,411. IfI . f IX. .I- r ,. ; Ih a
bli: . f , \i ' rI. I l l', N  . Ir , + .l
I l l . , it i i. . th rs r. .1 1. ""t -II a. ' , I
Snai I l Ii ;i '.-it . la :l, 'IL n . . ' . ~1 I ,'
ri:. * i r.-l . I 'h l' I , hl.la. n , tlýl .ie n \. .ir .l'\r
' ,I: rn l il 1111. l 11 a liA, a (- ith il' 1 i
I Nel tt I'rof Ar m a.r. W. \t, of I II,
1141 rieai s h rl. eit e . th I ia li.'t 1 I 1.:
.oul. 1In' '. rlo . por l In t , \,-i, 4rlrtli p
iald a 1., th l. I i l :1-b - Iill a - i Ii, I,' a 'r lI1
.1i T II L1 a iai oa ll iiTa'-aa 1.1 iart aiaer a rI ill.1
Io tdila'ai t al aa 1 . iifes- i aaai. 'h l au.rda'
11, ( ulli T -. sl m ilf ofI~I bf t he iItl
a tnl o this 'aa rrolti. nI . fhiaI.hIt 'a i; 1i .1
1',r.-. . ,I H-r"h ,. * ler tl l l\ L , .+, r;. l ,i +
f*r .,I li , - cpi I 1. -it' l If l III1 a e s
.4 .tate an .-tr- :Irlali-. aflu aaa itL~! iss iay ll
. ',aor rll.'I sh a I r ,. t a, riiti, ' tf hil r .ial
I4 i tl hat ltha. r tsle oft . I. t IS-. tl l r I
,iI at. r .-. ll Sata'a t 1 I4 o n . l a'al k r1a'rt' It"
allyr l Ut all*ilal . la a'-ll J so a rs to f lit," s
I rITe' t1--a of the m.' tte'l Iol'l o' &-hi.- o
Tnhd ratone inder pthe iw.ed ot th off e11
the I ity of St.10# 1th ins L'i' lt-1.11, of.
Ith'. dI lyt rm n eit'h andl yJlar h r irtai fir-t 4:Efof *+
\ rag .nl f in th.' Iar- 'l a oi f ittll a \.l k a:l 1I
11 .lllrd I' rtaker. th*" uInder tlned ti tu-rl
i .u 1tli ia n s- ,e n %k ho1 h relinto lni tlal
fiat,,.'. wl ith - lid ti>p , arer  a. n1 iii.., ui.
tat r kl rla r-a d of tra . untd ( hin?& w 4b.i
id rie iil -ito lt-d 1 .'ohilm-toni .\rl- tro
nll 0 ini. la.'laI,'1- I t ia 1iff la of h a.- l0, ar
I:ait'laa a h ls all. o. t he thrday . i Jil.
a of a oron .II lo. I u .ir .. I 1i are.. II t
l1. the ist adrsiUand I' oer l' tr of~ iri
'.* il at d for tile ' 1.iri-h iof I.rl.:i.
b le ofla bf a.lii :lein . Io hertl as r eitad Ih
Ithe ie anTli d f heIII . t kt of I t, ior i'ra
i.oll .itaaar of t' l e pl ars va l te I.., 1110
dre . l it. . wa-,a Ithic h:iy dull re'ordd I it.
tll osaI. t h in I o stk 1212. lFol n 4. l
.'a t th e , ndli- .i. ,in h e. n1a t ll
r N'lils II t1:i 11.: .T I .mouN. t of . 'la It
Slulne .fAxlly at he
iM ENMSENT To ( shall TER F ill
S.NITF:Dl I IN .li & Gi.t. Ci 'ItMP'XINL .
I ninld State s of .Am |riai, St:le of Lou
i-i; ;t. PIari-h b of 4rlean ., i It 3 " o' ,v,
Iirlinni.. Ile it known, that l ill thi. 17th
d a the r emonth of ,lt o aut n icn hl. l toLar t
a.'r Lord one thou and lttf e isuedanird a3nd
stllel 11. and of tin l at hill ntel l of ih.
a 'lb.. iA Plofll lil lss Iso s fD*eal atr
Iuirted States of \ ln l'elr . li helone hutalred
and forty-fourth. I.-fore nt.'. William J
4-it ste. I Notary Pllbli.. duly commissioned
bnd qualified. in and for this ('ity ilu.,
th. 1':ri.sh of Iirleansh t s halel in rtslid n
tand ill the presencelt of the wtuless hre
inarfter naned and undTersignlled pronfitn
lAlly canle and appearel Joph 1-. .M's, I
President of the Ianited o' lil:a & I;lld.ha
Comipany an corporatioan sllv orgdanid llzed
and created under the laws of the Statle
of iouisiana. by r n t passed before n elix
h.1 Ireafad s, Notcary Public. on April "7itl,
SI!01. and duly roec orded In Mortgage ffic.
is and for the Parish of tarians, Stale ofs
Louisaine. in [tlook y12. solio 4:e. who dc
tl-aretd thoat at sp...al meetine of the
Atol kholders of the United hfull & ;las i
(ompaltny. hteld at the offi'e of the torlpor
ation. t1 this city .on the 15th day of Jiihe.
11o1. at which mneatin trall of tho capltal
stock of said corporation w.ta repre -ent- d
' by the holders and owners thereof. ill
perso or by proxy. it was unaninously
resolved that Artiyles I TI. I a, VI. VII.
VIll. IX. X. XI and XIV of the charter of
thl. coslpany boe amended so as to read a
fllows. to-wit:and
AItTICLE III.-The tapital stok of this
corporation i hereby fixed at the saum of
$- _,NI,(I..00 divided into and represented by
2te shares of the par value of $100.00
each. Sid stock shall be issued In two
tclasses, the first to be known as Clasd
A stock and the second to be known a.
i'netss I; talck. The amount of ('laths
stolk is fixed at the uor of $115.01a).00.
dividead into and repre he nsted by 1.1.a 0
hares of the par valun lo $100a00 each.
athe prea nt outstandinh m apan sltok of
pint iorporalion heretofore issued rsnd out
st, aing at thin time. tonristling of e..a)
etar of the piar value of $1o0.0d Tnch.
Irhe amount of Class II satk ie fixed at
tlhe Board of rsuTor of i5,000.00. dvid into sn
repretonrtd by cre ahares of the oar Vmlmu
eof $100.00 each, which shall bo paid foter a
.t ath or isued by wayi of stock divde ond
pfor aOdusulatr and unditribute d profits
eIt nt hereby made a term and condition ra
the isrnecocr delivery and accedtur ng , s
tse nme I sthk that same iw. issul. dliv
oernd, "eitepted and heli upon the uob-d
tion. understandngff and agr ement *
the ,aid t'ia. a 5 stok shall enjoy no right
sote r. In all other resofes Clae s or tockf
roll have ahnd enjoy allod t the prvlegs
of ilass tock.a o All vothnlg powers aor t
the.1 shares of stok hall be fully paid and a
e noas thsabhe. No tron g fer of ftock shall
bhe inding thoe company unl oess record
ed on its books and made in pursuotlnne
turk erear. T shall cobnrce buse
t1.000 shares of thea capital stock shall haven
bion subscr beic and hpaid for.ee L
ARTICLE IV.-All the corporate powern
of this eorporatio are vested in and w al halls
be exer thised by a Board of DtreHtord, to be
rhall constitute a quorum for the trads
action of buhine s. The Board of Diro
authority to adopt and enforea by-lawr o
rule and regulationsl for the overmelont
and manag ment of the busanAss and af
falrs of the company and toe alter alnd
change a the iame at pleasure. The Pr
and affairs of the company. He ehall ap
pointc hire and diycharge all hlerksd agents
unid employisca and fix their dularie, suba
qelt to the pproval of the Board. The
salary v: the Prreident ohnel bo frxed by
the Board of DirectorS. The Board of Di
may be deemed necessary and useful in
eonashtlol with the busgar ss of ta e oom
pany, and prescribe the duties sad power
of the sami. A DiAetolton who iabout tor
depart brom the alty or who ma tJeporartly
abtevt thect roms may aut.orze any otshre
oface, with the same powers that the
prlaeipal could exore ib preosy ntt
non-rdeident isrector hay appoent inotter
:t' In *:m ..b b o
each t'laws, .\ ,to,.kholder hIv th,.'S.", r,.t r\
St:tini th." houl r. 4and shall I. -* ni' ,.\ r5.,r
i -tr' I ii:ttl i'r fl i tl '": I" knu w ."b 1.
its writinLg i it tist fit' I t-s ,f. r to t'
dL., . t0 sl ," for th,. *h" "t11,, . tI -,I . s.!"tr,..
I- t ." -to kht ItlTr- -.: 1l , t s _ -t" r
\ 11 I tht 1 1l1.1 \. L 1 ,1 1 , i:. 'I : i t." ii '
1 , 1sT. I.i-t i." \ tl r, -;,1 t \ .5 . "'
.\or I: I I \ ,II I 1\ 1 1 . - - I. 1 .'
ir! I, It i t ,Oi t t'., ;"r I, ' ,.1 ti,
t It - ,
)I 1 1' '< ts 1
, l !. " , t. - " ' l ,, t,, , t11. ,.. :'. ,i n .,. t I S
l i ,t .
-,5: 1:,s h,, 1 -1 nt' I, .;''b. s . I. . '. r
. . \. I. , I .. . . .. . i. 1..,, , t' . .
S.. . . t' , ,- ..... . it . ... .... ...." .I r ''' 1 s 1 ..
it I i h-i t I I\ .It I i., h i" . +i ri" tr ". -
", l,,r( ,t,, , -1 . I. .1 .rl . II,, r, r. , I \ I,
\ 1 5 "-.. . .... ,, l 1 I1. . .. I t. , II .'h ,
\l'r..T I: \ III." 1 th fI-, ..'"" ,r ,
Is mll I" r - . l ,! tI. " :tll. IIt ., li , l ,,I
r .ll " t .it I. r . .t hi . i r -i , ' I I\
'ih lll I . , 1t . , 1 I... . i r. . 5 'f," ,,
Is . l. .lll ,l !., ,! h r . i " " . . st . I " . . I· . s ;.l , - lI , I
'I' It,,I - +.. . '\ I. Itl r.- n ,.ti r , 1 I \
i Iir . t I.. i tt S Ir s 1.. L r I
Is 11 . i t Io s, r ,1:1. , H I tt s I. . b ', re
... ... ... . .. i ... . I, - I . . ' I
I, T i 1 .1 I 5t 5 f it. *I h ,. 5.5.2 ,
' i, 11 t. . l."i lr " .sr f a '\ li l t : \ , t 1. " '
te li s \ ,r l it- r t \ ',l i .'. .
l,"5. - 1!... et i - 1 I,.I f n " "I.1 t "I' f"l'
.\I:'I' t'I.1 e IX l'1 a .1 . "t i to f'"' f f tilr "
, r-i rr lliit :" - til I. tl s. rt I : I I,, , -'i,.
. o .sI . .T I " \ , ;t t olf iR , r lh\o rto .rt
\. . -Lo k. n *o ,,r :+t :e 11 t . l rl th* I. '
fir''' It t re I it t of tilttlmr. t i o
I I r . .. . t f i .I I I. r . " , t n h 1 ! :r
*~hnrtpr 1 e ofite - h ,h If ther . sf 4 -
iI i I hil\ 1.. d,..r r .i -..r It u n1 i- li' 1 ll,
\ I, 1. : . "'hh i, , lt ,o f it,.,r , ,r: .
is ..\ Ift.. ". .:It i t "r ft r i . .-r it., t . f i ,i
ila O r"l.t ns , I'm 11:1% 1., ,hd'-,. ., ! t!t , i
-ninelt i thr I., I rit i i i,t h. i fi t I. . t
\ I' . h , i-, l.r, tit'h 1 I it 'i i it.rll u -l i t
-l,"' iii , 'l '. t t1 ,- hr f tur ,- t h
t Tihfr itof t li in tit i-o t- i e rt rdt
.\It TI 'I.F: f Ittt \hi ,.nit,. r !tt rs. ,t orl. ir
fitif u afift-fir fiatin'ft'n, e r -ii- ut r tth i
i* tt ita ot tht . .iid t ot-r L sa tis ir t'.n
f rt. lit r,' ,,t tu. 'h ,rt.u r sorI , I ',,tt n i l t ,111",t,.
, t,,n t, h.1,. o t ir fl. ,l i tr o l O-. n i i -io th i i tr.l e
i1, rtt i ,1f1 . . 1. :ilh Te. fi'ruh allrz an r.n.tu
I rt',i - ts h, f,-rt orutine d.w i ,the d t xa ttl,1
Il fiilt ir ra i t! .nit Nh o ry tl titrl ii rUt'* rt11
till) . isidat,., Iii !h* ," f h,. ,, .a1,1h
+n:5or11 .\ tn 1 t" t t h,. me oo ttht- h:ri,
i hi l l l nt rf i y th t t rith e r t' all hi. oie, ll
'I lter-. id I, s i . li ii ni ll r h i t th ir
, l .I ai Ji, -;T.tll no t I r- ,alnir .ll, i,
],. i.1 l. ti erin ed 11 l et ortir of , ht',o t i
, , t, r. to . I I i l'ller H, l ,tl. llalll. l inl th,.
lnr,.y r i -. s.
f l f - h' m"\\1 , ]le of h."rti.t t,r,'-, rilr,,
I the ll,.,s fio of Ierinh of r r an., s .  t , r
i, t hin t:. t do tic here o.. ertiey haor tne.
-r\ an .e fi alplh,'arr f. rtl.hr ad''. .d thrl t
it.t. I i a nd f ,oregi" g , a, o f" .. aeindmeni to..
'h.e il leans. . oilln t ns) : Jian that h dayof.
iow-. , Itfr, Je. Notariy. in ordr.
filly alI-ar JY rJ. 1.E.'r' to :1 -u.rt-li .
J ly of thi- rn itift of .naid .to,'kh5d fr
thin. its of Ne" t trlu.an . oir lh th dao y. onf th
oiii. , ti lol. e. inr h rei ord,. iofeto ffrif, ,
nt n . dole anL. i lo.fsk e. ntr offloh and
and W ILL herin fir.st shoe write..n Iuli h.
ren. 'n e ofner talph . tchwarz ande Morrt
I. I , fo Ih of Orleans. co p . t vitess e, 'o
h irnto s.ign heir hn ime, withy the satlld
ap.re ater and net. otary afer dun read
hin n o f the whole.a in la
th rieial tigned.) Josor e ph in . m ofi es
I'r-t e .l, innt i
p\ria d fiorfo Italheh J. ra s wsirz. Morrig
roo. It 1iode a d ae.re
I thereby ti ertufd e that the aiove and fore
goilg i isa true a nd a orr,i t t ody efe dhn.
orait-dl on file hia the rn.mord of ity offio'e
oi p Ne.w I rleansLo. ousiana.nh it ia o
sI. te. ndersdllne J Recorder of Mort
gage  for the s . r ish of Orleans. tal e of
iouisianao do hareby certify that the
athoe aned foregoing act of afendmeat to.
New Orleans, Louisiana. this 10th day of
Thinnerube Eanm oi is niONA hry ch.ard
and he sa e .mtth so r heo gierdus ar ai,
tif to rneans .
u hen, .al hon.r the p edn no
Its ice-cold goodness will just about hit
the right spot. It has all the fine flavor and
invigorating strength of old lager.
Order a case from your dealer.
If Your Dealer Can't Supply You, We Can.
Phone Galvoe 83.
I.. I ill i i .h r:* ' " ill ! " I :""
,I r  I l i t.l I, . t h " 1 1 t i
. ii r , I- X ir It-l,
SI." i. \ 4 1
1I I 1 1.
I8 1 1 - 1 )ll 8 l1)It 1 I ')\,( III I I I) I
Iil r'. 1" 1 I
~ I; "i' \i,,  . ,,ni. -.r II ,
i: '', , 'I i .' ' 111 - ,, : i. t,". 'I " 1 i -
- _ t r' l ' 11 1 'i it
",i. i ,-i , - , ,l-, ." 1 .tt 111"i 1 I'- . I,..
i... ,,, I- ,11 to.1 t ..1 l I..'\ ir . t. I I- i'
. 1 , : , . 1.. ·.. r, 11 ,."1111 .ý. . 1,+. ., '
I li. 1 i :111 i" , ' "1 I' 1,.ll . l' I. l l .'oI r I
4:t .. .1 L , o.t , i ..* r '... "t i a r '.. ' "I
". r!.. .r .' .I: " 11 1. r .,: .\.·11 1 1 , ,l ,
1'I'- unI- II 'i''iI ' j I1' ail\i. j Iic' n.'
tl t c, a - ot thi c' i ii- at ,l t t 4
111.1r. 1 4 1 . 411 .'d ,"'1? t l t " ;.1_ . 11.. _* 1 , .
tI tl. I."i .ltl Imi. I. tu' i 11,.1 i " , 'o r (1 i tI ltlt,' . .
' i, i l,. ar4 t i.. ,.. I . u! 4 t . . .
.'or t .r' t' io " i. I, r'c11 '. 1, t,,' " r ' i of1' I i'.
t . '. t r 4 , tho ,-a 4el 1" . 4rx 1. 14,14,i . i,1
'' ,t,1 1:4,4 .. . . t.u, :1- ' ' r I ' , "
'1 .11 !.. lt ti,l I1.' r'-1 . . lil l II.I t 11 r.11 e
i tar.' .1 'L' 0' .1.. , ! tt I4' a.1 r . ' .'t .' mi 11 . '
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- tcIt. ni , ttlt tits .44 lier xai' 4 no tie t .11 th
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lii.e the sthumh of one mip llioni dllar .n
exelrciser a h.ty fix*d by aithe lloulr W.
whir harporaion shall ontoma l n oin,
for Men and Boys
' !i \iTRS.
, har1" ' h
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u. t he. 'hl
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S, Ii" " , i - ' i. , p m . lli ar
t ' r .. .i .. .. . .e lin l uin s tei
,, , , I,,, I I.r . wirittelnd j.
,I -I. .. ~, , ', k. . . .... at n hi i
I.'Ii rr :rI" ." l, it the r i pdat.
S1 -  '_ .I I . ! ih ti lirum in ltig
.. -t tilt..,, ;i : , , - prior to tekl s
.A1 I'.'1" I.I %i ft N. . tiM kholi i s
..""r I, ," h1 I -! I , .r rflpon bile fai ,
· l lr ;: I 1- t iI'- Fr ,,I" t.l ofs p l al i
lot i lit . in . lirti ,r - il- th an lthe mls
I . ' -Ii , . 4 , ,1 h," , r r1: '. tr :l t lo a o n s lll l
-toi, t , .,i l .I ,\ in. nor shall Iam
i rlf .r ,,lit x in ..r _ ",Ii/.i io n h a v e tkh .
if r.,it, .rin- . tie- ilh.r r unll t r i sI
l o- . kl,,Lu i :, r to titi lability sm
ihd. c ritploi a,, t rnr.n iniong i due
. Ilt'1 ' 1 IX .r rtIhlr Ao'kerm .
fork N. 1 Ir F Ilx 'la rk..eLhalsdgl
.lfre..i \l: ti . toI-.r% ik. Ia,.. sL a l
.\- Ik'-rtln . N. orkr N Y.. and
4;i.l 1.."r_ N-." I Irl-:tns. Ia.. hi i
. " 1 1,.h 1 i . ,In d ý . *. , t +le. f 4 t h e i r a t gt "
I 'it,. l ,r. if Hi.' *-rtoriatin. with b
blt ii r A,' oli- rtan a I't. ' e dent. D. O F.'
n hs Vi n,,-I'r i.-i ,tn atI d a sfrmd i
Sr u.Ii, E rn-d T'. ir.'r. to servres
untaitil lh.e, tir.t Nt i tn:i in .an aryl I
until th-ir . ,,-..'iers shall ha
, .1.- t ht d fnd tislifihd.
Th.r. snIl.-rltor. to te spitul it
lrathur Arkertiialn. New Yorks, N.N.
shi re'..n.
It. t 'llrk, A.lexandria. La,. IiM
Alfred Tlead. Berw k. l.e.. IIry
ttnaf A.r IE. t',erni l tat ti t
i.. '11 s. ar .'.
\ltraoi-in Ioltle rg. New Ors baY l
TThus. duIone anid plassed at my 0
IMts or. lug ntie, Thorpe and tJ1ld
Ilarro. 'mp. rtent witnessesm ,
and lioth ofi this city. .who oi l
their namel , together with the a
t.'ar'rs and .Ine. Notary, on the
dote herein frlst-aove wr itm, r
amnhllle rt r o : rll t
Alfred Mead and others."'
Eugene Thorpe. Joseph A. iSd
orCOTT E. BEIR, Nobiy V
I. the undersigned Rentde d
giages. hereby certify that ih
hforegoind charter of the Oy011i
I u fts t'orlration. Inc.. wasl tbl0i
tigJul ne h-A. .. 1 ,

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