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I)evted to the I'pbuilding of the W t .ide of the Iier. ". I ' r- lie and I rei '. le r rIkl nel pap, r."---t t I \ t 1" I I -' II ,"1 !
THIT *at1 e, i Ol)EFtl.
l, follo in - . '
Hofthe siotrY
15of t r1e 15th T..' "
r I Ot . .. i ,
r ., . -
Black 1101, Ro "
r 15iS Murp ''
1 Civil , 4 .I t .1
1191. 0'N' -
1tue 6!2.
at Criminal curl Hurn
1 1111lSheriff
fil:ims 763.
{ Attorne> 1 rtl "
ll-1 Marr "19.
S117. Oberl," 71 1
Ofe ofM'- " \ . ,
11I. Lebn 64. lDu n ;.7
J sd t l (it .r.tiin l a ourt
ytler, 1164. l)4º w l:n: ....4*
lad ("Yo a'rinunal 4 nrt
¶nJuell 1126, Ot I.,) 1;.. Echeza.
ai 6111.
j reoend ('ill Court ('i'l u
775. Mahoney ,-. llatt 41..
SCourt of AIppeal. .. Total
g. chrod er "I'.G6 ". llanntl " 1'.
if, Crilly 4.253.
k$ . 'cond ('itv Clourt I':l:ent
llGthib 596. Hluguet 4441
STED RoRsltUltV FO)il.ED1I
M1,r McCoy clored 4:2
)Iq agin street. was arre,t.'dl in
gi easrly Friday morning and
hld is the Eighth i'recinct sta
galth breaking and entering in
,olit time with feloniotu intentt
igLalleged to have entereid thl
gsgre of John ('ahibi. 712 Teehe
aboat 3:15. a. ni.. Friday. Hp
teted by the police before he
lwcleeded in making away with
d the store's good.. Another
il being sought by the police
gseetion with the attempted
sad Mrs. C. C. McEckron an
the engagement of their
Miss Thomaselta Jeanette
to Mr Aurnst Calderaro. the
to take place in the coming
Ily Harvey and Mr. ('alderaro"
mwlel sad favorably known in Al
o Miss Harvey is a graduate'
din bsplanade High School and
he hil m assignment as teaeber.
Ms b very fond of atheletics and
asd7 received a medal as an ex
_mt is live-saving. She is one of
-ller beautiful young ladies. Mr.
lmarmnr is Algiers' young drug
llutMuat, who succeeded in the ee
-Mlmeat of the late Peter Rupp.
lhiadoag a lucrative business and
thimy friends join in wishing him
aIU is this adventure.
Th Mylng lady received from Mr.
a beautiful diamond en
iring, the diamond being
halald carved pratinum mount
h The ring was received on
l 28tht, being her 18th birthday.
UI. Calderaro ana Miss Harvey
it to be the first couple married
b-les Algiers Methodist Church.
ONi tr wbitch will be broken in
The public evening schools will
l Maday night with the follow
blrp of teachers:
L. Honold. Miss Loretta
I r Dmeard Hanley. Miss Mary
45Us, D. M. Powell. L. D. Ber
r, A. Russ, Miss Mary Stras
MI Ilitt.
~·"" ·· OO·~eO·eO 0 0 6 OUS6UUOI·
··· Oe..OeOOO········e
··· ·····00.......0···
0000000 0·0·0·0000.6
S.. 0 ...Se.0000006~
0·· 000·· 0000.·
S.... 50555055
* o00000 0
*005 I··
Paramout Arlerft Star
1IA I'It: 1:.i U.s. It A.'i M.ll('li IN
TI"II 111'1i Tlli4ta 4(.11 STREETS
.1.lS0 % INIT ('IT "Y SI1''.
h n1- th* :2 a t -t i'
.''tUrlad .2 11'" .t ,; , ¶".'2n 2:- t ',2, t22,at
'. '! t  'i ' " |)*' '. 2" ,, 1 ';'  i, l '1!
!'1.1 .". °, ;'l:"!" fi R. P',.eI ttl'I t a.
is ic~l c" (12 24 t22. , t t a
c: h, ol, E:( . r2. (u t. 11:'it0
:,prbas!r bTe ?' c n h; ::"t fon o
i t n t 1 +.i l -1 ." t t 'u- a l t':,.
S ,", ro " . t r '.tf t , ta I f l 4t .1
,1: t h . t .. , . ' 't .- 1'.' * '* r , , .1u
,, :" . 1 :' f "r ;;, fu er it h hi . ,'l
, , t'l'\12 . 'i.. ," : , 1 " ."t2. ,. ' 24,h" l
r i , .' t' . ,., . h ti. ,- e , r thc 1t,:
,!,r2 t: t 2 he . ho. , l t .he r n, ' t, t
:n this lb 1 rm2 n2 tr2'in c 2r0's
without s:an 1r2. r ma2.nermnn
1h4s 2e222e12r. 'nt orkeir for r.'
' T+r,' r1' w.r ,: for i'. 'roo ut
SHumphrey In s Mentioned' ,t
For Bench Vacancy
i ,lkel,) h r . 1n 1 " . i) o !andlt dat It for
hI ldirlm of M 1Iuiaci tunni iertof s.
,tNicholas .t . H) \ umphrey just elected'
,to , the Alers city judesr hich will
probably be a candidate for th e po
\ i i i. I ate h , sap ,u t], t.' c hett er, ,lit
sitionr h of th' d ie of the criminal di-h.ne
:n thi: |lt. llr'ina stronc'h nl l Ito.'
Strict ourt to fill the vacancy left by
Sthe death of Judge Frank rI. for len
fo rn m t l lda s ,,,r, at r , f : rl l r fo r
t;ial + y ! t It s, fc l ttl . v.ral lost
Judge Humphrey I he enters the
I race, will be the first candidate to
Fi announce who not een alner e
I wtho the AlgNews Orleans macjudgeshine. will
wprobably be a candidate for th po
.ition of jl'dce of the criminal dis
"trict court to fill tho vacancy left by
Since will be irst ically a certaintyo
annfom the mo has not been alliedg
Arthur 'Landry entered the race for
the position which he now holds as
an interim appointee, that the crim
inal district court bench would be
made the subject of a definite fac
tional anti-ring fight, and since all
the other candidates are more or less
intimately allied with the late ma
chine, it is almost a certainty that
if Judge Humphrey entered the race
he would receive the endorsement
of the Orleans Democratic Associa
In addition to Judge Landry ,who
was the only machine candidate de
feated at the last primary for judge
- of the First City Court. the candi
dates so far announced for this post
I are Judge John Fisher. recently de
- ing for the First City Criminal Court
- bench; Representative Conrad Meyer,
and Attorney Ulic Burke.
U Amended I
iI / 0i ' -
~\ )I ' ii 4
/1. / t //i 4
u i'--~ -45 69
// < /
1.1I'111.: .~~TN Il)fT 1E I1'I.F: AND THINGS W( TIll"T
the aI i a t intl, now ab. + at
t i ntl -thool.
Mr ant rll rd.r Il a ' .'or. ,ert . io v
.laci.r las.t Sul:avy v tin.: a Mr and
!,la-a. Lrouas Itrauner
.Mrs. ('has. Lati net,e and f.unily t
a:lo M i .ss O lli la 1 i ltona .p , at S un
day it' Iilotxi, Miss.
Mtl-' J.,-ophbin,' Ltaviinttt iS.
tliache with relative- and fit nds.
Mr. W. Dwyor has roturnad from i
Itay St. Louis where h," spent somea
time with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Guepet of
214 Vesrret St.. have returned after
spending a few days in Itataumont
and Port Arthur. the guaets of Mrs.
Licker. Mrs Guepet and Mrs. Kin-t
Mr. Andrew A. Ayers of 235 Belle
ville St., enlistwede in the navy lasto
On October th., the Shrine Band
will give a concert at the local play-i
Miss Sara Davis made the preson
tation speech when the award to the
class of 1920 of the efficiency cup
presented to the college by Miss Eve
Magruder took place at the student
body reception to the freshmen at
Newcomb College last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Shade G. Smith are
spending awhile at Milneburg. They
had as their guests for the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. I C. Rostrup.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smith and
baby spent two weeks at Mlineburg.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Walter and
daughters have returned from Jack
sonville, Fla., where they spent two
Louis W. Peterson will be grand
marshall of the Holy Name parade
which will take place Sunday. Nov.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bailey and baby
and Mrs. Geo. Hildebrand left for
H ouston and for Port Arthur.
Mr. Walter Martinez has returned
from a business trip to Galveston,.
The many friends of Mrs. Albert
flket will be pleased to learn that
she is much improved after a serious
Mr. Vallier Judlin is spending
awhile here with his parents.
Mr. Jules Judlin left this week for
New York.
Mr. Frank Hoogoven motored to
Raceland this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Courtemanche
of Port Artbur. Tex., were visitors
to Mrs. J. E. Huckins this week.
Mrs. Courtemanche was formerly
Miss Viola Hildebrand of our town.
Grandma Reynolas of 247 Pacific
Ave., returned home after a delight
ful trip of three weeks spent in the
principal nothern and eastern cities.
Mrs. Sidney Caflero and Mrs.
Mayer are spending a month at Mil
The many friends of Mrs. Hugh
Cogan will be pleased to learn that
she is recovering trom her recent
The ladies of the Orleans Demo
cratic Association will hold a meet
ing Friday night 730 at Clark's
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. McIntosh
have returned from their honeymoon
and are at home to their many friends
at 506 Franklin St.. McDonognville.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mcintosh and
daughters. Olivia and Irene, have re
turned after a pleasant three weeks
stay at Biloxi.
Mrs. W. J. Isbell and Miss Irene
L. Mcintosb are home after a pleas
ant trip to ialals. Fort Worth and
Longilew. While at Longview, they
Hr " r t r. . ',I t r.fF,- .'r. !ati 'ilit'-r.
St . i !...,i ' thi weV. k fe t S ncot
'.;t::. nntl htlIIS
I - o ' t r:.L (,hi't,,rt ,nt,rt: :ied.
;t d:,1,nn.r Sunday. in honr of MJi
.t1 lm"! {. wl of llia ana. (' th . . i
Mr. an ( Mrs I. V Sia.ra ain
i.th: .l.,ta. hay'. rtunrn-d from:n
I. -'kp rt. I.,, w h,,r,, th.",. at', n !,(1,
th' I .anr . y-\Vac.u'poer'k nupial:s
1!s. St.,!la A.hri .at ,,n',rtair e l
th. Mn!, Iil Nmb'.iht Eu-hr. ('!uh. Th, I:
su.cc -sful players wear, Mis ('armnan .
Abrihat. Mrs. Martin and Mis- Kate "a
iOltrien. Miss Stlla Abribat re
'c'leved the m onsolatimn. T t"xt w
rmeetirng will be held at the home of ha
Mr; Martin.
The Once A Month Euchre Club
met at the home of Mrs. L. Dea Laup.
The cce'ssful players ,wore Mrs,
aDeLaup Miss S. Kappler and Mrs
G W. Pollock aplaying for Mrs. dif
i)oase . Mrs P. O. Cafiero received e%
the consolation. The next meeting I
will be at the home of Mrs R. M
Staples re
Mr Raymond Richards has return- vi
aed from Long Beach. where he spent ri
his vacation. '
Mr. Abbert Ward spent Sunday at If
Ohatawa. Miss.
Mrs. D. Murtagh. Miss Irene Las-, r;:
key and Mrs. Louis Peterson were! t
visitors to Chatawa. M
Mrs. C. McMahon and daughter A
and Mrs. F. Weber of Marshall. Tex.. Ni
are ruests of Mrs. F. J. Borne. Jr. d'
They expect to leave Friday for i'
home. Io
Miss E. liBrchtel is home from :
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Koerner (for- L
merly Miss Nimmie Buniff) are r'- g
ceiving congratulations on the ar
rival of a little stranger at their ri
home ,
Mrs. Joel Lilly is spending awhile w
in Hazelhurst. Miss. ft
Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller and daugh- o
ter returned to their home in Eu- Ii
nice. Ia.. after visting relatives c
Mr. and Mrs. Eug. Chatelain and s
son of DeQuincy who have been e
spending some time here, have re- r
turned home. t
Mrs. Annie Louise Ford and baby 1
came in from Beaumont. They are t
s en route to Abita Springs and were (
accompanied by Grandma LeCourt. '
- Miss Osceola Casler has returned t
from Lockport. where she attended
r the Landry-Waguespeck nuptials. it
Misses Shirley Schroth and Eulah
o Donner and Malcolm Donner spent
a week in Lockport and Napoleon
e ville where they visited Mr. and Mrs.
rs L. Landry and Mr. and Mrs. Jno.
. Brechtel.
ly Mrs. H. L. Hoyt entertained the
Tuesday Evening Five Hundred I
Ic Cluhb. The successful players were
t-! Mrs. G. W. Pollock and Mrs. R. A..
e Tansey. Mrs. D. Murtagh received
s. the consolation. Mrs. C. Johnson
*. will entertain at the next meeting.
I- Mr. C. C. McEckron left this week
for Scotland on a business trly.
h Mrs. Naomi Campbell and family
it have left for Covington. to make
t their home.
's No bids were received for the con
struction of the Algiers outfall canal f
h and Stanton-Beka roads Tuesday. at
an the session of the Commission Coun
is cil when the last of the bids for the
e. street paving for the 1921 paving
d program were opened. The roads
e- are about four miles long each and
s'extend from Algiers to the Plaque
mines parish line.
- Several timely subjects are touch
id ed upon in the editorial columns of
ty this Issue.
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
(4)1 I'l.FW %'11o EINTEIRED T!11..
4 lA I K-1I1% (, 'l)ltl).
1'!;I ti ri.lc' of Mr ohln ('!ark
t 1M-; Alice l ,:ina ro was quie tly
- - ,
:, l rite :t last r :,a. rv enin; l:"v.
t .111WRIG!( HT-itI-"1Y-;)N t.
1 T:; miarr;:an e of NMi;s ('arri, ri
SI',.nyso. deau-hter of I r and Mr- it
I I it .leo.niso to Mr Wa.rren Wain- 1
, nr.. hit - n of Mr. and Mrs .\. T
\ Va nii right. fuorrly of our town. r
was celebrated last Thursday at the r
( home of the bride's parents. 1452 11
T.\r-alia Court.
b - -h
.A imnple but very charming wed- a
4 dir took place last Wednesday
d eveni:" at five o'clock, when Miss c
,I Lotto Fe rn Marxen. daughter of
i. Mrs. Leonore Marxen of 527 Dela- rn
Ironle street, and Mr. J. Gaston iDu a
- vineaud of New OrTeans, were mar- 1
t ried at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran n
Church, by the Rsverend W. H
it ifafner.
The church was beautifully deco
- rated with palms and ferns, and as d
,e the bridal party was ushered in by:
Mi-esrn. James Fillery and Wallace
, Ahadio. Mendelsohn's Wedding, d
I March was played. During the wed
Sding~ ceremony low music was ren- i
r dared on the organ by Mrs. F. Macau-;
li. and while the bridal party signed
Sthe registrar. Mrs. A. R Sievers
ysan the impressive "O Promise Me." t
r. ILohengrin's Wedding March was
given ais a recessional.
. The bride, who was given in mar-a
ir ri, e by her brother. Mr. Wmin. J.
iWasson, was radiant in a gown of
le white satin and bridal lace, beauti-'
fully trimmed with pearls and sprays (
. of orange blossoms. The veil of il-Il
1 :-ion fell to the hem of her long t
es court train and. was arranged in ^ap
effect with orange blossoms and it
Ad strings of pearls. The nuptial flow
an ers were a shower bouquet of brides'
"e- roses and litlies of the valley. The
handkerchief which the bride used
by was one of old lace, and was used
re by the groom's mother at her wed
re (ling. She also wore a handsome
diamond platinum pin, the gift of
ed the groom.
ed Miss Esther Marxen, a sister of
the bride, who was maid of honor.
ah and Miss Velma Borne, bridesmaid.
nt were lovely in charming gowns of
n- georgette crepe: They carried show
rs. er bouquets of pink Killarney roses.
io. Theta Wasson, a niece of the bride,
and little Olga Mae Gerrets, were
he the flower girls, and looked fairy-.
ed like in dresses of flesh georgette
re crepe. trimmed with dainty rose
A. buds. Their flower baskets were,
ed filled with pink roses and carns
on tions, tied with large pink tulle bows.
The groom had as his best man.
ek Mr. Edwin F. Emmer. and his
groomsman. Mr. Paul Galllardanne.
ily a cousin.
ke Everyone enjoyed the very infor
mal reception which immediately
followed the wedding ceremony, at
1O0 the bride's home, where only the
relatives and intimate friends of both
n- families had gathered. Dancing was
.al indulged in. and great pleasure was
at derived from the cutting of the
in- bride's cake.
he Mr. and Mrs. J. Gaston Duvig
ng neaud. Jr.. left on a bridal tour:
ds through the west, where they will
,nd visit San Francisco. Los Angeles and,
ie- other interesting posits on route.
The bride's traveling suit was of
brown broadcloth, and she wore a
ch- velvet hat to match. The couple
of will be away about a month, and on
their return will reside at 3039
i,1.1 I 1t\ -. 1 I:\ 1.1 i ta ll  l l i l'
I "' t1 " I I '1 1 I t - ll , lI ll
- - 1 " 1 I i, i t X11 . . I !t
..... ..I - I r.
S. : f.
. ' . 1 • . , . .
S - , I. .l ,'
1.. .. , 1 . . .. ' v I n . im .
S t tr oft Sivo,: . 1.'k'rt L ai
'k ' 1' w . 1 : 1t th, . f nr: t
r *. - r" , oi v f ;n r n n, Ir 1-d. L aT - I
i, 'r * "a ou qu,. l of .. .. ros.. . e 0 , I"
Stll , i , i t f s ohat totn v l
i . tI, ho asr. ,r u i n .n i th,
i.u.. I hs fath. r lonokt. lov Io.
t. maicy
- - l'* ,,.r ,.:i of :2u-iottt w.iis ar
n, r.iaid in s ti'p mfftct and she car
d, ri.d a bouquet of br!des' roses anMd
; , Iili..s of th'e valley.
Misy 5)col a ('isler. cousin of the'
Briie,. was maidd of honor She wore
flesh goorgrttt heavily bwaded with
ha t and sho, s to mfath and CLarried
d-: U a ouq tlet of pink rones and Miss
L.itl.se Walcu spack. sister of the
erroomd was hridfemaer. She woer
peach blossom georgitt o with trim
a- tmini to match and ctied a bouquet i
u- of pink roses.
- Mr. Wauiruspack haw as hiu s b,to t
oman. Mr. Mack Rtzan of lockport.
1: and as his croomsman. Mr. Iouis
Schr:mp of New Orleans.
L ittle Adeola landr. sistelr of the
o-I ride. wa.s ring-bearer. She was
as dlrissed in pink accordlan pleated
by erepe de chine with rose bud trim
e rming. while little Anna Helen Lan
" dry. another sister of the bride, was
d- flower girl and wore !blue accordian
n- pleated cr"pe de chine with ross
U- :bud trimming, both carried Maria
Ad ntoinette Baskets filled with roe-'
'rs, buds and trimmed in pink and blue
as Misses Eulah Donncr and Shirleyi
Schroth, both cousins of the bride.
ir- acted as ushers. "O Promise Me"
J. was beautifully rendered during the
of ceremony, by one of Mihs Landry's
ti-' friends After the ceremony a re
y' ception was held at the bome of the
II- bride's parents. They were the
ng reciplents of many handsome and
ap cnotly presents. Mr. and Mrs. Wag
nd uespack will reside in Lockport, La.
47 BEI.
I~· 9
:4 f.mmU 3 trI aamutAtrf :U
-. \ I ' . . , I to, 11 .:',
' , " ,',! N 1 tl'l I
1 ,V..
.* i.
, t , r k,
.:: I . 1 .I t e l)r Iil ln ''.l
:.1 'h1 " 11'r :'' :r ilr ' I,' 'r. : l ouIne'
- 7 - . r u : , lo i nt 'd i , th tir at
I Ih I Ith e'a painful Itnd
.X l t .. ...iin A q iab i '. "gnt.llnan
...n . i l.i rtl I .... V u tp,' he'
kl., ',o  I i a.e will i't e' Ia tl lt "is t hil
pr.ir~ r . IIIn our n Idtrll
in ine pnIm hvto to the' inixth Grade
hi;r t'nltar sd himself to his teache'rs
l i, famtlr. have, the sin r '.'' and
he ,artf',lt sympathy of the t.I achr,
tnI pupil.- of Mclknogh No. 4
Mhiss Eulalie (;iblin i8 takini, Mi,.
t Ituritit place'.
S ('continued on Pag h I
i Therie will only he one parade
hMardi Gras This will be ther
- pageant of iiRx. King of the Carnival.
; Mardi Gras day. Tuesday. el'bruary
- Many cauese'i are' assignied for not
i reinaui urating the parade'se. stopped
- during tlhei' war.
(n'ne of the chief reasons advanced
is that the different organizations
r ave no suitable place in which to
hold the'lr ballts following the streeta
On Saturday nighb. Oct. 2. the Al
g iers rasehall Assoctation will give
I another of It, series of dance',
I w'rhleh up-to-date have proven a big
- success Manetta's band will te on
L. hant. Nuf! seld.

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