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Better Ferriage
Devoted to the Upblilding of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MA l'FAItTRJRlS ' RECOIR).
I h's Happenings
I Local Community
xMildred itrauner had as her
Thursday night, Misses Anna
Srechtel. Ilrbert and Hollis
Ijlal Miriam lambert and Annie
i E. G!ovtr of 44S Paciife
e. who was oplr . te.d on at the
s'asary is ddint nic',ly and is ex
d home this week.
His eloise lhebort was one of
de Girl Scouts who appeared with
noette Kellerinan at the Orpheumn
st week.
Mrs. G. M. ltu-std and son. liar
gM of Wichita Ftlls. Texas, left
or their home. via Jacoby, La.. after
,rlef visit to h,.r sister, Mrs. Johnb
ltegiaraeina. Jr.
Dr. Julian T. Itailey of Meridian.
ia, was entertained last week by
Mrs. Jas. L. Higgins. Dr. Bailey
Sere attending a series of lee
on Lois Walter has returned
far Lafayette. She was accom
psid home by her little niece, Lilly
Mrs M. B. Conklin who has been
itidng relatives here left for her
yesis Morgan City.
11M C. Broussard of Lafayette.
, is spending awhile here.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Marcour. Jr..
datl Verret St., have returned from
pDaldsonville where they visited
stir mother's grave.
Mr. Albert Lelilanc and children
Ug home from Donaldsonville where
tb visited Mrs. LeBlanc's grave.
The many friends of Mrs. Tom
Allsey of 321 Alix St.. will regret
i irn that she is ill at Touro In
lr. Walter Martinez returned
ine after a business trip to Galves
i., Teas.
IOb Louise Jolly of l'laquemine,
i.,spent a few days with her sister,
Ir F. Heuner.
Mrs. C. L. Stumpf spent a few days
h1laiusa, the guest of her daugh
r, rs. Geo. McDuff.
Ih F. Skelly entertained the
khy Night Euchre Club. The
OusOl players were Mrs. E. Mar
I4 in S. Kappler and Mrs. J. A.
(playing for Mrs. W. J.
Miss Belie Henricks re
lrM the consolation. The next
utl will be at the home of Miss
h Abribat.
iT mauy friends of Mrs. Norman
kewalee are glad to know that she
In bees brought home from the
illDies. She and the little baby
a deit nicely.
11 Thursday Afternoon Five
Mited met at the home of Mrs.
. filer. The following were the
mRIfl players: Mrs. J. Gerrets
l is Claire Richards (playing
kiMrs Felix Borne). Mrs. W. A.
Ml received the consolation. The
Sestitag will be at the home of
MI T. Brunner.
Ist Hy. Vallette spent a few days
$iy St. Louis this week.
I. ad Mrs. J. C. Machana. of 221
arvenue, are receiving congrat
is the arrival of a fine baby
S aptain Mrs. Lillie H. Yalets
ai meeting of the O. D. A.
l"h te5dight at 7:30 at Clark's
Wmr Elmira and Alix street.
STalts desires each one to en
Wh present, as business of im
ill be transacted.
:.i Mrs. Chas. Spahr announce
Miglsat and approaching mar
d their daughter, Camille Mar- C
SMlr. Earl A. Vallette. the cere- r
Ibie place early in December.
Cach of the Holy Name of
ulds i of Mr. and Mrs. E. O.
a- Natchltoches, La., will be
Lr that Mr. Payne was ele~td
te resat election as a delegate
titatiomal Convention. Mrs.
- formterly Miss Norma Hig
Alierr, sister to Mr. W. E.
lelMoua avenue.
. Oswald and sons, Ray
 IMauld and Mr. 8idney Os- N
-I he week-end at the Dia
qUtis and Fishing Club,
A. J. Guard of Olivler St.,
m d ays at Chatawa, Miss.,
 aghter, Audrey who is A
boeol at St. Mary of the
SMrs. Frank Bennerfield
the approaching marriage
4 glter., Minerva. to Mr. l
SII , the ceremony to oi
e. 18tb. at St. Joseph's el
rwan- and family andn
- rusaek have taken up la
at 318 Olivier St. ot
SNlighe Five Hundred
- e 'lek at the home of
' rl. The succeesful
_ Mrs. A. E. Hotard, and W
Aibl t (playing for
3 rs ). Mrs. 'W. A. Dil- or
t* eonsolation. Mrs. of
5itain at the next
r. Haneen and baby cs
week's stay at Bn- in
R Court Room Crowded When Dec.ion
Is Made-Appeal Not Expected.
The police jury of Jefferson parish
ier denied the application of the South
na New Orleans Light and Traction
lis ('ompany for permission to raise the
street car fare from five to eight
ife cents at a special meetiqg held MIon
he day afternoon in the jury room at
x- the Gretna courthouse. There was
a large crowd present, all seats being
of occupied and standing roonm at a
th premium. Protestants against the
raise, as well as the striking carmen
tr- nali their symplathiziers were in the h
ift throng.
ert Jules G. Fisher. proshlent of tile
n police jury, plresided. The only
ab.ente,,e was Hugh Burbank.
n. After Mr. Fisher called the meet
by ing to order and explained tho pur
ey pose for which it had been calledI, E.
c Howard MiCaleb. Jr., attorney for
the company, read the petitlon, in
Pd which the case of the company was
. set forth at length, a complete pre
sentation of data relative to its
tinances featuring the document. The
company contends that it cannot
rtteet the men's denmands for in
r creased pay with a five-cent fare.
B. P. I)auenhauer. city treasurer
e. of Gretna. spoke against the appli
cation and presented the numerously
signed(l petition of protest against the
m raise in fare as requested by the
d comtpany.
On the roll call, the vote was prac
n tically unanimous against the appli-
e cation.
E. W. Itiargis. president of the com
i I pany dipllonmatically answreod the
,t quiestion as to when he Intended to
. operate the cars by saying: "When
ever we can."
d There have been several applica
I tions for positf)tns as motormen and
conductors. but the applicants have
refused to take out the cars upon
learning the schedule of pay and also
that a strike is on. It appears that
the company has but one course
open under the present circumstances
and that course is to attempt to 0
operate the cars on a half-hour h
e schedule on the Algiers-Gretna line.
e and an hourly schedule on the nt
Gretna-Marrero line. which would
L. have the effect of reducing the num- a
i. her of employes.
e Following the refusal of the Jef- w
e ferson parish police jury alonday to tl
grant an 8-cent fare to the South P
New Orleans Light & Traction Co. d
e on the Algiers-Gretna line, the Com
mission Council Tuesday declined to
take action until a further confer
ence is held with the Jefferson offi
cials in an effort to smooth out the cc
tangles involved in the double fran
chise. In a final effort to reach an ol
agreement. Commissioner Glenny tl
met Presidiint Fisher of the Jeffer- th
son police jury yesterday. m
E. W. Burgess. general manager tl
of the South New Orleans Light & fi
Traction Company, presented his ea
company's request for an increased ni
car fare in a somewhat modfied w,
form from the first request made by M
the company. His new proposition th
is for a cash fare of 8 cents: the
sale of tickets in five or ten lots at
7 cents each. and tickets to school
children for 5 cents each. is
Mr. Burgess says the employes of cI
the railroad are all out and they ur
will not go back to work under the se
old contract and the company can ve
not pay what they demand unless ti
the increase is granted. He said su
the company was denied relief in
Jefferson parish not from any rea
sonable business analysis of theo
company's petition, but because of a
popular clamor in Gretna and the co
decision to hold strictly to the fran- of
chise agreements. Following a gen- t
eral discussion the question went
over until after the conference be- dii
tween Mr. Glenny and Mr. Fisher. ist
The newly elected members of the
Orleans Parish School Board-Mr-s.
A. Baumgartner and Percy H. Moise pla
-will probably take office Friday.
December 9. upi
Secretary Nlcholas Bauer said Sat
urday the law directed that the new- bel
ly elected board members shall take tol.
office as soon as practical after the
election. It is considered probable Jut
arrangements for the installation of Dol
new members will be made at the lea
last meeting in November, which is
on Friday the 27th. res
Mr. Harry Drotz of Indianapolis,
_nd., Is the guest of his cousin, Mrs.
W. P. Salathe.
Harvey McNeely arrfved from Cuba cas
on the Lake Goran, after an absence Sai
of two months.
New Orleans Review No. 5, Wo- n
men's Benefit Association of the Mac- T
cabees will hold their regular meet- he
Ing on Monday at 7:30 p. m., at yea
Woodmen Home, 720 St. Charles St. wit
I_______ -\___
191- ES.
-, ,r
v '/ / ',
// /
.\ notable meeting in the ramshackle shed dignified by the name of
"rit ry lHouse" which adorns the river-end of our ('ity's grand
BIoulevard. was held on Saturday morning last, when a conmittee from
ou r newly organized nIon-political civic organization met the ferry corn
. panry's repres(entative b.) appointment for the purpose of laying before
the ferry comlpany the resolutions passed by Algiers citizens last Thursday
night at ('lark's hall.
d Mr. John It. Norman. chairman of the local committee. in language
'as polite as it was firm. substantially told Mr. Walter Verlander. who
represented the ferry company, of the "herding" and the "penning" and
the "prodding" which had been so long inflicted by ferry conditions upon
the Algiers people, which conditions were aggravated if possible, by the loss
of one of the houses, which recently took a "plunge-bath" in the muddy
Mississippi. with disastrous results. While the ferry company's repre
sentative resented any imputation that he was not entirely conversant
with all present and past conditions, including what he might have termed
a the unfenced and un-shedded "pasture" now so conspicious at "Algiers
Point", he seemed to be astounded that the "long-horns" as someone
dubbed them at the Clark Hall meeting, were not "faring" as good as
could be expected, now that they could enjoy the open air and its ac
companiments of sunshine and rain, to say nothing of the gentle zephyrs
that waft the dust and the smoke of the "Fords" in our faces, as they
come screeching through the hapless "herds" on the animals' gang-way.
But to again get serious, let it be understood that Mr. Norman as well as
f other members of the committee., made it clear to Mr. Verlander that
the temporary shelter which should have been provided, say 3 days after I
- the "cave" of October 2nd. would have to be installed at once, if a mass r
meeting of Algiers citizens, properly denouncing present conditions at 3
these landings and approaches, is to be avoided. While Mr. Verlander
finally agreed that if a certain collapsible steel shed he said he was daily
expecting by rail, would not have been on the ground at Algiers by Wed
I nesday (yesterday). he would begin, that day, to erect the temporary
waiting room and its necessary gang-way. Replying to a direct question.
Mr. Verlander stated that the steel building referrea to, was not to be
the new ferry-house, but was to be used as a temporary shelter while the
main house was being constructed.
Mr. Verlan~i'r has no idea of admitting, however, that his company
is violating a single requirement of its franchise, which nevertheless in
cludes a uniformed attendant and ice water at the several ferry houses.
uniformed officers on the boats, caps on the deck-hands (not boot-blacks),
separate, comfortable waiting rooms, with separate modern toilets. (well
ventilated, heated, and lighted) at the several landings, ticket-sellers and
ticket-takers on both sides of the river, etc., etc.,-the passengers being
supposed to be provided with gang-ways separate from the wagon gang- I
way. "which shall not be used by foot passengers." Mr. Verlander took
occasion to say that the ferry owners do not. as spme people think, stay
awake at nights devising -hardships for their patrons, but that on the it
contrary. they have been and are always ready to do what real 'servants ft
of the people should do---serve the interests of the traveling public, using
their facilities, to the best of their ability. a
Members of the committee declare, however, that they could not C
divine whether the ferry company's representative was a profound humor
ist, or whether he actually thought that his statements and arguments to
were persuading. Be this as it may, however, the committee left the
meeting convinced that from now on, there will be a marked improvement al
in conditions at the Canal street landings, since the ferry owners being E
business men of prominence, cannot afford to further ignore the just rep- M
resentations of the people of Algiers, protesting against the continuation R
of the harsh treatment they had been forced to submit to in the past. L
'"During the thirty-five days since the destruction of the landing a'
place it has rained only twice," one of the committeemed said Saturday. L
"While the weather remained ideal, the hardships imposed particularly
upon-*he women and children, have been borne patiently by the Algiers
people, who constitute the bulk of the travel. Cold weather with rains
being imminent now it was decided no further delay in the matter can be d
tolerated." A
Besides Mr. Norman, the committee was composed of the following:
Judge Martin S. Mahoney. Julius Bodenger. J. P. Vezlien, Mrs. Henry
Donnerl[elser, Mrs. Edward Yalets and Peter S. Lawton, president of the
league. The representations made by the committee were expressed in a
resolutions passed Thursday at a meeting of the organization. M
John Mangiaracina, Jr.. popular
cashier of the Jefferson Trust and
Savings Bank, has resigned to re
enter the service of the Interstate
Trust and Savings Bank, with which
he was connected Tor a number of
years before becoming connected
with the Gretna institution.
C t
A.\nother step in her fight for
I possession of her '-year-old boy was
i gained by Mrs. Olive D)onuewar Wed
- nsday whsen tilhe supremelnl court
handetd (down a decision denying the
writof her husband praying that
Judge Andrew Wilson of the juvenile
court he prohibited from proceed
ing with the case.
J.udge Wilson said he would issue
an order directing the father. Alfred
IDonewar. to deliver the child into
the custody of the mother.
The case of Mrs. Alfred Donewar
- in her fight to gain possession of
her children from her husband came
1dramatically to the foreground sev
eral weeks ago when the father, ap
pearing in the juvenile court. picked
up his child and fled. Summons by
Judge Wilson that he produce the,
child in court was met by a plea to
the supreme court. just decided
Mrs. Donewar alleges her husband
has been guilty of ill treatment on
several occasions and that one time
he put her out of their home and
refused to give up possession of the
yo;:n:ger child. She took the eldest.
Olive Dlonewar. aged 4. with her antl
went to live with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Itainey. 3214 Banks
l)onewar denies he has been cruel
to his wife and asserts that she left
their home volluntarily. Judge Wil-
son, hoaever, takes the view of the
itother in the case and said he
would exhaust all legitimate means
to have the children kept in thet
cu'titody of Mrs. Donewar.
A most delightful masquerade
Hallowe'en party was given at the
home of Mrs. R. Fernandez. of Val
lette St. The house was beautifully
decorated in appropriate colors and
games were played and dancing was
indulged in until a late hour. Re-j
freshments were served in abundance.
Those present were Misses Elmer
and Edna Chico. Alice Buras, May.
Catherine. Lucille and Elizabeth
Barton, Thelma Willis, Delonise Vit
ter. Jeanette Lange, Carvelle Mc
Nell. Esther Lecourt. Ethel Rich
ards, Marie Kirne. Augustine Sharp.
Mena Bowers, Norita Fernandez, I
Edna Willis and Katie Hornosky;
Messrs. E. Roussiare, L. Hinyub, I
R. Biehler, C. Mangano, C. Willis, t
L. Broussard, H. Adams, N. Rich
ards, J. Davis, J. Trauth, S. and J. v
Leonard, J. Roper, O. Smith, R andl(
L. Fernandes, A. Faclus, A. Chico, i
W. J. Boyer, A. Foster and A. Con- a
rad, Mr. and Mrs. C. Willis, G. Hein
"1l. C. Moore. R. Fernandez. Mes
dames M. Facius. L,. McQuilling and 1i
A. Willis.
Mrs. John Heindel entertained at F
a miscellaneous shower in honor of b
Miss Minerva Bennerfield. The c
house was beautifully decorated and h
refreshments were served. The
bride-elect was showered with many c
handsome gifts from her friends. !
Those present were, Misses Clairia s
Richards, Emma and Maude Wal
ters and Minerva Bennerfield; Mes- I
dames F. Bennerfield, Stanley Hen- a
nings, B. Long, A. Lauman, H. Ben- !
nerfield. Traub Chestnut and Hein- i
del; Messrs. Hy. Taple, Geo. Ham- d
bacher, John Bass, John Heindel, I
B. Long, Ohas. Hortman and Jones. i
Algiers Levee Repairs
To Begin At Once
"11%0 I 'I.ItIlIElI. N TOel le ll Tl,'T
C AV"I-IN\ 4-14 t'tlcF:l.
In.' 0IT :. 1.111 11 1 H.111
b>1 \\ : l111 -1t%, .lit \1 1,,il II I .t
h\' . (', I ], 1 " ' ,it'Ll ' , 1 1 ., t
I p. n a It * I heard. l ii'
";I l, Pi t ':r 1 . d"" f :r 1i o .
'lt , , r"; 1 the bui I I ,C o
nl i l I t , TI i ,f I "i ' ,',Ii -.i
hT.i lk thtl t rl'l oltul' t t! Il. ( 'ro t l -
M u \,' rl n:: ,t 'L,' nn 'l.t, ' t~1' t :,.
I l i V t 1 1 ', I ti l "i , 'i .i ", ir : . ' :llT', ,'
nil. 'h, 1],\ .. i , , r 5' 1 ; , . a
it, 'l t r i,, ,. ri j. it' 1Ii t li t\1i .:
3 '' t la: .1 Ii . '1 Itfl
tI l T :. !i I' 1* i, I ]t ..i , 4 t". 1it i -t
I, e ll .'ett'lt li tu il l1 tyl iiill 'I Is - lwhi -
Oll . I'*.:" 1 t1)l,4 thr 1 1e I1\"r
Slithe 4; 4l \ .I Io f h. ' n i nvt ''1 1.a hit
l ut h s i l aI.' thi' t ,ll l )th N II\\ ()t ' e.'
th" ,. " i.? h(u ll h h ;,.l \ t a ,,'il ,l
ilonl Th111 . l It th in;a 1 w.1tork \ l11 a.
ti O'rf, t h 4' l 'r , 'lIII l ' nll'.' 1r 1 "lll i t, ut
tit l, , t th' ,, i'.,l t" 1'1 ', l r , 31. I." l" 3
r --'1'-' 11 .'\' \4it'(k lPraotise, of ione saw
I h' ltour major rplrotjs ios 10 \% h..l'orr t
tIt, ,.'e, hoard 'T'he o her tihr..
$i4 . r, " - il" i, ll t r i '1 t1' i of I t is'l
('it - -:t01 \11. 1111(3'111 | h' Ih tht II l 1t 3h ,
S\"'"t-: h 1o l1,,ylit of 1 rt, taX ie 1141I
ithe 1. IIk4'T. I4a" on '. 1] II 1ti tlll1 .le('\''.
c nt41 1 a4t"W . 47 s]' nt ('1 in4 ann(o nC ",
Saturday th1,r'i W\(1l( . a sp.i pcial t
J It l ti IESlat the board II's day ther ,
S('le1to i 1 yIk ao disho f thaTl lii 1
IIqu'-lin 'I, ITh Vl "" lax for 19'10 i>
e'xph 'ctld Ito he we i mills - vhic ryh ,
- douhle the 1 1 '1'1 tax lr. i
T h e ueistio nls o f th e l e n o l l o f hh p r s '
tI wi ll.l ,r illtt idtle nt to fil [rin ent 1itt
location of the Aldirs sawmill (n
r v'olv1es the exproplriation of the saw
s mll prop.,rty, haients bn rferlred to
. 'h board's attorn',y for advice. T'ile
"t :T liers sawnmill company lv t it .s
( $20. 0,00 for its propertly if it is
i taken forll lO vle,' lpur'pl)ose s. It is
, 1nl ,,54 hy4.t. ,1' h rll+t4l I114 1 -L'v 114'
claim d bh omie per ons that as the
propaerty is lvet plroperty the com
S4* f ift list- for 1i (t- purposes.
d It is stated that maps and other
o surveys of yearsi ago show that the
tl'i li' 'ne is at Patterson St. Ifr
Shics fact can he shown it is tet ry
falikely that expropritiliot n ptroteedi) s
will Plhe unnethcessary. showing that
own ,rship of this prlprdty ulp to Pat
tolrso wlrs. thaelongs to the teIe
a.tliN AIFREe I McOtr iON tE.H macINN i
El isENEuAbTH l1ERTI itNEy
Aisa Tr AD nET Aier.T i
inned haneath aa t autod obilm th
Iwhich left the Mlroad awd lhng latteri
an ditch Suinday a'teMr. Donnell. Later- b
stopel wlaere maon dhe for tairie oad. Je-thers on
the way to Jefferson. Alfrd ol
At deI etive steerig Wear isaly
blasmed. Dr. Charles E. elbke l
arrved. lr.lonogh an a partbody waf sI
friends in the ravelian along th
left at the road at the rate of awhileout n
thirty mils an hour.noIs was left Don
atnell, district manager of the morWhiee tat
at the whel Others in the aternoon machine Nfa
sareet; Edward Segur, of the samenue.
iahressr-I n-Mrla. Wallace CouDonoh and
called auto party smorarted frclaimed the C
home drof Miss Mverlls where the automobile fr
wroand Segur joinch caused ther. Donnell. Latero an
swstops were mad leave for the others on
Leota Sway to Jeffdahter of John Swart
bland Mary Soverd. She was a native wi
oronf Algiers and was twenty-four years th, is sa to have
old. investigate the tral toogedy and pro-a
nounced itday afternoon at 3:30 'cloc from wccidental.
here the reaccident occurred. It was he
in St. Bartholometime later when an ambulancew Cemetery. T
in St. Bartholomew Cemetery. Ti
:1' 11ti i11 Ti; 1 I lu ..1Tli' '- 1-,,ýIt.
"i'.. 1 " t h -" I '.' . " i
1 1 '
T 11
I Xib l w.th ,' ',7.tthh h ,.
t it ll !I II I h lrl n .1t 1 :1 11 ; Itit' t l'
+',[ 11 I'""1 I s I qirI n|,nl' h--i ll tha t
"I .1 "7 " a 1 l l , - tI w l ' 7" -h t7
11L at 1 1 1 a hl ]in 'P It I --e 0 1 i r
I';I"" ,I L 1 1 1" . 11 1' ,1 1 ! nI ,
SI 1, t " I . I tE'7 l f r t Ir :I, i
"ht7 I !!i-" ~t tl : , ' I7t r tl I .a 1 rindi i7 n
I -i cill iat tll h, - ,4 )0 l l ol th e fei'rl
S h , - .- 7The I ;i hii  li7 t ,: I1
1 v i,,, l< t ,!, ;till lllt l'I f i1"i 's 1h .1111,'
St i7vl .e ll i *n put h ll hu i, '7 s shi h-"e.
, lII. I 7 h - i '- 7 olf ha r - 7' 'i 11" w r1 ili I' I
7it7 ll 7 7 . 1 I i i l 7 .t 7 I 7 h 1,' t 7r
7Wedd ings ofiii. New
hi'TERED "'tll'H ll'h STATE OF M ,AT,
.l .{l \ I l I -TIA I .
wa that of Miss Mlary Traunl to Mr.
lphollse J. -'lensom. which was
e'Iebrated last Thursday evening at
7 o'clock at the Church of the Holy
NamWeddings of he attendants
were . iss Ros KellMary Trand ibr. Hugho
.Inlpl i trl.' J. lhitllo , which wi t5
7At the hoe of the brideh s sisterhly
T. Ite f afford offiihatting. The
hot ue lwas pretilly deorated wither,
flowers and fernslt Miss Lor Walter t.,
Miss iih. Co- k M;llt atill Mr. (Uso.
Ily sp1n lasit Wednelsday lastNov. 3rd.
T. It. ('ifr o1ficiating. The
when 7llMiss Mildre.d lirauner enter
tai. tld a few of hetr friends at her
home in Nashville,. lithe occasion bhe
intl Ihet Ilth anniiversary of her
Ill aljt i .a7.1 nt g i t, n until a
lat' holtr l 7" ii dainlty re'frfshnments
W7lere serted, in alundance.
Those awhto larticipated( in matking
the 7>vEning a sut(eress wfr(,: Misses
Inez ('lemetnts, IHilda Coyne, Cl.'
Ience Spril'r, herbert Malain. An
nie I~tupp. Alida Miller. HIollis Malain.
Virginia Sperer. Antna May ilrech
tel. .1iis Wilson, Irma Newall, Mar
guerite Hlolle. May Kissinger. Irene
Newall Marion Holl. Mildred Brau
ner. Julia Birny. Miriamn Lambert,
Audrey Nessin, Mary Margaret Me
('orda Messrs. Raymond Curren,
Lawrence Sperler, Sam lieatty, An
drew Richards. Theodore Sperier,
John hlirney, George Hlle, G. We
bert. Charles Guillot. George and
Robert hillrauner, Edmund C. Moore,
Jr., and Christian Brauner, Mtr. and
Mtrs. William Parker, Mr. and Mrs.
l. T. Kirnm, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Moore.e Mrs. Htolle, Mrs. Peter Nesin,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph lirauner.
With full military honors the
body of Ensiagn Thomas John Mooney,
which arrived recently from France.
where lie died at the base hospital
at Tallanhle. was laid to rest in the
family hliryinig place in St7. irtho
lhmew Cemetery. Saturday after
n0oo01. followliig services at the
Church of the Holy Name of Mary.
Squads of marines and bluejackftŽ4
from the Naval Station accompanied
the remains in the funeral procession
and at the grave, which was banked
in flowers after the casket had been
lowered, a volley was fired and taps
sounded. The heavy casket, draped
with the American flag was borne to
the grave on the shoulders of half
a dozen bluejackets Ensign Mooney
was 29 years old and a son of Ara
bella Covell and the late Jud
Thomas J. Mooney.

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