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1PACES THE HERALD. Better Ferriage
Detoted to the Upbuilding of the Wiest Side of the River. "A very live and ii reditable w44 kl nwspapEr." -M11'I':'T tr : E ' I;:ilili.
l's Happenings
b Local Community
t H Tom M:aln.' is in Chicago
business trip.
. A. J G -n . a left last week
Mr We phis to .in, his w ife andi
hy who are visai th, re.
Mr L. F. (;irch cot,.rtained the
7ysra Afternion Euchre Cluh.
s~nceetaful plav."i were Mrs. U.
. wisL Mrs I F. isch and Mrs.
. Tansey Mr: C. V. Frisch re
jred the consl'olon. Mrs. F. HIoo
will entertain at the next meet
It. John Social ("'lub wiill give
Stetlription dlance Saturday even
Sat the Masoni" lall. Music
till be furnished by Jazz-a-Sass Or
J. C. Root Camp No. ,579. Wood
p of the Worlid. will give a ride
p the steame(r ('api' ol on Tuesday
5tght. Nov. 2:' .\lh'rt Tufts is
m tirman of the atran,1omenft com
i.ee with I. Ituihen r ex-officio.
iited by Judee N. F. ulllmphrey
t other members of thte camp.
The band of San'a Maria Council
We the paradle whhlht preceded the
baiation ceremonits of the N. O.
cnil K. of C. last Sunday.
mIrt C. Broussard has returned
Sher home in Lafayette.
s. J. P. Walter is home from
aeboro, Ark.. where she visited
hlrdaeghter, Mrs. Fred Weaver. who
,estly underwent an operation.
Mr. Peter Cooper of Shreveport.
,, is the guest of Mr. A. LeBlanc
Ol family.
ila Florence Kinkald expects to
ha next week for El Paso. Texas.
el will be joined at Lafayette. La.,
Snts. Matthews and daughter,
rlJennie McIntyre, of Lafayette.
Mhu Lois Walter spent Thursday
b lafayette.
Th many friends of Mr. B. L. An
ons of Bouny St.. will regret to
hae that he was compelled to un
ibgo another operation this week.
In. Hy. Acker entertained the
VW anday Night Euchre Club. The
nuaeufsl players were, Mrs. Taylor,
SL DeLaup, and Mrs. Cognevich
hlviag for Mrs. R. Staples). Mrs.
& WV. Pollock received the consola
s. The next meeting will be at
l hmne of Mrs. S. Boylan.
t Jae. Younger and baby, of New
rI, capped over here Monday night.
nsmb to Galveston to join her bus.
r. Harvey McNeely spent Sunday
IWI parents in Abita Springs, La.
LK Victor Escouse, Jr., spent a few
~here last week, returning to Iron
i, uhere she and her children are
tag several months.
US. J. B. Gambling, of Shreveport,
i the guest of Edgar Cayard last
lB Katherine McWilliams, of Ire
ht4 Is the guest of her sisters, Mrs.
L . Gullot and Miss Bella McWil
iba D. Murtagh entertained the
tt Night Euchre Club. The suc
Splayers were Miss Neff, Miss
Je Kappiler and Mrs. W. Sadler.
SR. Staples (playing for Miss
Richards) received the conso
C. Corbett entertained the Ma
lt Ch. The successful players
SMS Comnevich (playing for
iCrht t), Mrs. Sam Boylan and
n . A. Tansey. Mrs. P. O. Caflero
tl the consolation. The next
wil will be at the home of Mrs.
'LUnse R. H. Bell and B. C.
Seat the week-end in Lafayette,
Its, of Mrs. Hal Limbrick.
3 C. Gilder and family have moved
lileville street to the Tallon
2* Morgan street.
m8 is only a short time away.
I Ione too early to be think
the remembrance that is to
the heart of a friend or
IUber of the family. When
2*5 to selecting the present
~s ombine both usefulness
* a'ament there is probably
tla can equal a nice Cedar
@Wardrobe. Either of these
itlele of household furniture
!last a lifetime and is of
te whole 'round. It can
h but be most appreciable to
- r sister, for with a cedar
- Wardrobe clothes may be
Sbetween seasons knowing
..1 tat never a harm can be
-S. With the thought of a
S a cedar chest or ward
Poar Xmas remembrance it
_ssary that you think of
year purchase will be
- . Royal Cabinet Works,
street, offers a wide se
t h. handsome and orna
ad wardrobes, carry
l ties a complete stock.
, ade of the best Tennessee
Stock, and Is guaranteed,
that go with quality
Ip and best materials.
d Wardrobes are made to
Ut Slze. any kind, fancy or
ltek of different sizes may
• te showroom, 322 Royal
Sit is advisable that you
ere the Xmas rush.
S~ S time to place individual
SMr. Asaro, the proprie
a-arattee to please you.
Miss C. M. Lehmann, B. N. and Dr.
Philip Bohne. Assistant Medical DlI
rector of the Public Schools visited
us on last Tuesday. A thorough in
se,'tion ;tas made with the reuirlt
that everything was well with us.
.iss Nan Griffith. Supervisor of
Physic.al Training spent the day \%ith
us on Thursday. She spoke very en
couragingly to the teachers anri
pupils and highly complimnented them
on thhe work done by thIem in her
de-"partment. .Miss t'. Albert. Super
visor of M usic, also visited us oni
A special meting of the Co-Opera
ti' ( Club was held on VWednelsday
atU 'rnllon to talk oover our coining
"Thanksgivinre Festival." RI:ports
froim the different chair-ladies were
hei-rd and all ind:cations are that
th. l , ebtration will he no excIeption
to all our fornier ones -' A: Grand
Se-cess." All parents, whether imeti
eois of the club or Inot, are iost ear
nIe-tly irced to assist in disposing of
rh.- tickets. thereby assistint the
school. Will you co-opelrate with us
in this Colltl work?
Theo following tpupils were perfect
in the weekly tests in Spelling and
lapid Arithmetic:
Eighth Grade A -Sam Brechtet.
Stello ('ronan. Lucille LeCourt. Inez
BIourgeois. Holston Moseley, Isabel
Le-wis, Grace C(azaubon.
Eighth Grade 8.-Vera Lusk.
Christine Bieber. Eliska Sullivan.
Alice Serpas. Ruth Zeringue, Ethel
Iirc. Thelma Wille. Grady Scott,
Allen Smith, Roy Hingle.
Seventh Grade A.- Pearl Hymel.
Elmer Grundmeyer. Mildred Sutton,
James Gillis. Ora Brown, Pearl Hy
Seventh Grade B.--Marion Edge
combe. Fred Collette. Anthony Pit
Sixth Grade A.-Iley Bergeron.
Rosie De('orte. Leola l'mbach. Rhea
Sixth Grade A.-Eleanor Berger
Sixth Grade B.-Thelma Rice.
Nicholas Carona. Jennie Scott.
Fifth Grade B.-William Hynes,
Irmadean Simon. Ben Cantin.
Fourth Grade A.-Clemmie Smith,
Ethel Maronge, Lawrence Tagert,
M. Cantin, Leo Wille.
Fourth Grade B.-Leroy Cooper.
Third Grade A.-Norestine Bieber,
Henrietta Smith. John Goodwyne.
John Tierney. Linell Landry, Floyd
Third Grade B.-Elise Lassere,
Rath Walch, Henrietta Grundmeyer,
Edward Pujol. ,
Second Grade A.-Muriel Galling
house. Margaret Robichaux. Virginia
Gautreaux. Mildred Bergeron. Lteana
Second Grade B.-Niel Maronge,
Loretta Tierney, Laura Fabin, Gloria
Anna Reynolds, Rhea Simon, Aldes
Rodgers, Jeanne .Lassere.
Eighth Grade A.-Charles Smith,
Stello Cronan, Floyd Hoffstetter,
Holsten Moseley. Grace Cazaubon.
Eighth Grade B.-Vera Lusk. Ruth
Zeringue, Thelma Wille.
Seventh Grade B.-Marion Edge
combe. Peter Ferrari.
Sixth Grade A.-Iley Bergeron,
Bessie Boudreaux, Eleanor Bergeron.
Leola Umbach. ,Rhea Trudeau, Rosie
DeCorte, Elise Trudeau.
Sixth Grade B--Ione Cox, Henry
D)eubler. Thelma Hintz.
Fifth Grade A.--George Tierney.
Fourth Grade B.-Adolph Hotard,
Mike Evola. George Tierney.
Third Grade A.-Floyd Guillot,
Allen Milan, John Goodwyne, Aaron
Edgecombe, John Caruso, John Tier
ney, Hillery Mailhos.
Third Grade B.-John Heurtin,
Loyd Collette, Lawrence Robichaux.
Henrietta Grundmeyer. Edward Pu
Jol. Mamie Trahan, Roland Lassere.
Althea Moffet. Ruth Walek.
Second Grade A.-Frank Gillis,
Edward Sutton.
The most important fact that We
must note this week Is the purchase
of a new Duo-Art Stroud Inner-Play
er, by the McDonogh No. 4 Co-Opera
tive Club. This gift to the school
is a beautiful. useful and very valu
able instrument, and it will prove
very helpful in training the boys for
the Music Appreciation Contest, as
it reproduces standard musical com
positions In the same artistic man
ner in which the players have played
them, without the aid of mechanical
This addition to the school enabled
us to place our old piano In the base
ment, for daily use for many pur
poses. This has been a sore need
of ours for a long time.
We appreciate this gift from oyr
Club and we gladly and proudly
publish this "one more good turn"
accomplished by its members.
Miss A. Conway, Chief Music Su
pervisor of the city schools, visited
our school last week. and inspected
our new piano. She expressed her
self as delighted with our selection.
Miss C. Albert paid her regular
monthly visit to the school last
We are still collecting old news
papers and magazines. If any friend
has a collection of either one of
(ContInued on Page $)
f    J' - , ---=-
PAPA " . L ;
*LtrS GO! v
0 I;'
r -il
£ \
' 'a
.... " 0 -
'OM I'ANY AND Pi'1t111t I OFFI
A federal receiver may to asked
for by the South New ()rleans .ight
and Traction Company. which op
erates the street railway system ohe
tweetn Algiers and Marrero. La.
E .\'. Ilurgis. president, and E.
Howard McCaleb. attorney for the
company: E. J. Glenny, commission
er of public utilities of New Orleans
and Jules G. Fiher, president of the
Jefferson police jury, will meet this
week to arrive at some definite ar
rangement on street car fare.
Eight Cent Fare Asked.
The railway company has asked an
eight cent fare to enable it to pay
the motormen and conductors who
went on strike November 1. a salary
of 45 cents an hour. The men re
fuse to work unless they get 45 cents
an hour and the company says it can
not pay it unless it gets the eight
cent fare. It is believed, however.
a seven cent fare will be decided
Whether this will be agreeable to
the Jefferson parish police jury is
not known but persons who are in
authority in the company said that
unless this was done there is nothing
but a federal receivership. This in
formation said the company is losing
$58,000 a year and has a deficit of
$95,000 and owes $140,000 on the
bonded debt.
President-elect Harding is to make
an address on his arrival in New
Orleans. We suggest that he make
his address in Algiers from our
Playground. Of course. you know
The Herald has a motive in this, and
that is, It will give all the people In
New Orleans an opportunity to see
at first-hand our elegant ferry ser
vice, and more especially the new
"tin Lizzie," without a bottom and will
be used, it is said, as a temporary
ferry house. So let it be! AMEN.
NewErt Phctua of
*; gii
PreIrdent-elect Hardn ~~a FB. 5co
The Bey neea Poin+ ILcbelle
President-elect Harding and Mrs. Harding with a small group of tends are enjoying a vacation
trip along the Gulf of Mexico as the guest of Mr. F B. Scobey of San Antonio. Tex.. who is a elose friend
of Mr Harding. After spending several days at Point Isabelle on the gulf shores they will visit New
Orleans and then through the Punanm Canal and bore. Those completing the party are Senators
Davis Elkins of West Virgin's J. 8. Frellaghuyoae of New Jersey. Frederick Hale of Maine. Secre
tary George B Christian and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Deal McLean. The aceoe below. Mr. Harding and
Mr Scobey. Is part of the eountry where the prt" wall do their shDlna sad bunUag.
Open. Fridaby ýMo'rnin.-Stulpndon
In Magnitude, the Price Ite
duction, Are Mlore
I)uring the past ten day.s the cot
Inuns of tho press have been filled
with sensational price reduciIng sales
of different conllcenlls more or Iass
Illnknown in the bli.iness world. hut
it remained for The New Lelader I)e
p,trttment Store. 4 4'-26 South Itam
part street, to startle the buying
public with what they announce to
he the opportoun it y of the season to
buy lmerchandise at prices that were
teven unheard of "before the war."
This progressive South Rampart St..
store is preparinle to make history
in this wonllderful sale. which starts
Friday mnorning promptly at eight
o'clock. and there are none that will
dispute the fact that long before the
doors of the store are opened lines
of eager buyers will be there, anxious
to be the first to grasp this oppor
tunity, for New Leader sales of the
past have beenl wonderful events.
Fourteen years of honest mer
chandising is the record of The New
Leader Department Store. Pride in
the knowledge that the store has al
ways undersold other stores, the in
tention is to always maintain this
lead. Not in business for a few
weeks. but a thoroughly reliable
business house. The New Leader
will be doing business long after
some others are gone and forgotten,
and their reputation, already gained.
does not permit them to fool the
people into buying there. Satisfac
tion to customers is the aim of The
New Leader. They ask that you
compare prices with those of whole
sale stores, for comparison is all that
is necessary, and it will be seen that
these stores are being undersold in
every instance.
A page ad in this issue of The
Herald tells of this remarkable sale
of The New Leader Department
Store-and the story is but partly
told. Not an article of seasonable
merchandise is omitted in this sale.
The clad news awaits you on page
I{.l (VIt 1i .t. lit1 i.M1. '%(i,SloI,4m )
I-F'lR HE 1.IRIN(: .
Suit for $1 .,-t danlt;:~es. filed sev
eatl months ,ago IV 'enros- lidovich
.c.ain.t .hi..ph li arniiano. ftrlel r p.%
inc teller of thl. Algier- !ranch of tlhe
Interstate Bank and Trust ('omtpany,
which \\as ro,,ed of l o.r,.-, in .lune.
1.,19. %\as called by .Judge i lu h ('.
'age. in the Civil Itistrict ('ourt. IMoln
day morning.
adovic'h. l\ho was identified by
Ros:nano as the man who held him
at the point of a revolver while he
took $1t6.it11 from the -alsh drawer.
was later oxonerated uIpon Itosa
Itutno's confession of the theft. Itado
vich's grounds for suit is that his
reputation was damaged by his arrest
in connection with the robbery and
that he suffered mental anguish dur
ing the three days he spent in jail.
Police Chief Mooney, Captain Capo,
D)etective George Long and George
Snmith, the chief's stenographer, who
were present when Rosamano identi
fied Radovich, have been summoned
to testify in behalf of the plaintiff.
Itosamano was convicted of the theft.
but sentence was suspended.
On Wednesday. Nov. 10th. Rita
Cummings entertained her little
friends at a party, the occasion being
the seventh anniversary of her birth.
Games were played and enjoyed
by all. Dainty refreshments were
served. The little hostess received
many pretty gifts from her little
Those present were, Katherine
Lampton. Elise Walters. Merlin and
Jeanne Rantz. Joycelyn Brown.
Rita Cummings. Alma Whitney. Lou
ella Flanders. Alice and Elizabeth
Flanders, Aldea Rostrup. Marie Van
Hees. Helen Kohler, Melaine and
Inez Gallagher, lone and Alma Dur
gin. Gladys Cromble, Evelyn Parr.
Carmelite Adams. Evelyn Berthaut.
Alba and Marion Cromble: Misses
Rita Lauman. Clare Lauman, Inez
Weber, Mrs. G. Crombie, Mrs. W.
Lauman, Mrs. W. Baker, Mr. A. B.
Bourgue. Bernard Cummings, Jr.,
Mrs. C. Morrissey, Mrs. E. Bolling
ham. Mr. and Mrs. B. Cummings.
1- et IN I l.1 :1 \il 4ll I ' 11 Ti  1
I-,f Il11l' 11IL114 II I" I 1
11I I l 1 1: . 1 -
I,' " ! .. . .' ,:! .. T" i O 1 t. i '
I,, t" K : a*. t, i l : ' ! :"" K u ' ln K I, , ,T '
w it i i" ! d :, + ,t,, r., . - ,"i'T t' i" "''iT li .. L
".1', ."' 'I, ~ - ,\ "'l! 1,, .. t i l t!, 'It ll, S .0 ti " 
S, i." I ett . rI l hi It h- . I.T . h it: t. "
• !! .. ."t, thr tic htl, pl.s
! T; 'i. TL i- b, . ! t t\ ,
Ih! i a .f p, r etuati*ti/' prin ,
i,'" up, 't whi. 'i lthe ,. . l K i:!iT
S ,n - Ioiut l. .Tricin:it' et iT : h
"l"-, ' ! I ,!'. " I. l rh", It S l taml't l" u!it
( I ll ' 1 t],. toter l '"" '" 7, i ii.'hlfn:' lý i,,,
olru, nit , w ith I rt y fou r , f I! i
find and af it nf.. ,l i hiT his p T s
:i:l.t. t ii ,l a pt:i.tion a cih r t-!
I 1Thnksiv,. g night 1.r.!i'"thi., the t... anir;asmbe ntpo lSril
Mio untin.e ne ar Atlhan, ,dh e at 1*
Tlii- '.. rk.
]{', ,n it.t.un e l')l it b~la'ingii:t fier icross
ten tod t- hei o . T T al . l I -anel t it t
in is ibtl ' tl Ire Knig t fir t f Ki
flieuxs arid alter Inflling his pllas
Sin Thaiiksiring night. i .h hi'gi or
canizers assene Tin-TI T f t hep oT 'tTi
nI ntal i n nK. r tlan t. t ne Tir, at
frini-tn . undef'r i blaing fier. loms.
thi y t.ilsT k the oa th of altlian I, ll thel
Invisible Empire, Knights Tif the Ku
Klux Klan.
Since the KIlan hai d n mnlth its otr
gfni/Trs thrae nueet rs Th t4 T ofriain
! Ku Klux Klrte the wa w gr rtedibyt
tin was granted. in its charter all it.'
ia l rights andio o aviles greantel tThe
original han.
The charter sas issueed , the STant
oif getirgia o hecemer 4. 1iih.tl isl js
slnp ial ian rter was it egratwts'i al tie
Finlton cits ty superior s. urt July 1.
While conditionis toIla are not the
sine as they were when the erisinal
Klan watS organi ed the need for ant,
Sorganizotion of thise hoarater i. just
haspressigtnyow as it ever e epi accorl
ing to its founders.
Its purpose pa to Inculcate tie sa
cred principles and nogle itdeals Tlf
chivalry, the development of cluaraTter,
the protection of the home and the
chastity of womanhood, the eoemplifi
cation of a pure patriotism, the pre
servation of American ideals and the
maintenance of white supremacy.
Only native-born American citizens
who believe in the tenets of the Chris
tian religion and owe no allegiance
of any degree or nature to any for
eign government, political institution,
sect. people or persons are eligible for
No man. it is declared. is wanted in
the order whio hasn't manhood enough
to assunme a real oath with serious
putrpose to keep the same inviolate.
No man is wanted in the order who
will not, or who canot. swear an un
qualified allegiance to the government
of the U'nited States of America, its
flag and its constitution.
On last Sunday afternoon, little
Ursula Jeansonne, the bright young
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jean
sonne of Park Boulevard celebrated
the seventh anniversary of her birth
by giving a party to her little friends.
Games of all kinds were played and
enjoyed by those present. The
"Tionkey game" first claimed their
attention, the successful ones being
Hlilda Adams and R. P. Burton, Lu
ella Ehrhardt receiving the booby.
Next came "Kicking over the Hot
tie." in which the prize winner was
Esteila Lanier. Then the peanut
game furnished much amusement
and resulted in the following being
prize winners: Duval Dickey,
Shirley Bond, Helen Sease, and Hilda
Delicious refreshments were served
throughout the evening. When the
pretty birthday cake was cut, R. P.
Burton got the ring. Gerald Needham
the thimble and Claudia Johnston
the coin.
The fair young hostess received
many pretty presents from her little
Those present were Gerald Need
ham, R. P. Burton, Ferd. Ehrhardt,
DuVal Dickey, Edmond Jeansonne,
Bernard Anderson. Charlotte Hoff
stetter, Hilda Adams, Shirley Bond,
Estella Lanier, Thelma Wilson, Hel
en Sease, Claudia Johnston, Luella
Ehrhardt, Ethelyn and Muriel Al
brechts Helen Entwisle, Catherine
Needham and Ursula Jeansonne,
Mrs. F. Goebel, Mrs. T. Entwlale,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Arnold, Mr. and
Mrs. G. J. Bourgeois, Mr. and Mrs.
R. Engler. Mr. and Mrs. R. Ander
son and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jeansonne.
\1 . - - I 11: 1 ! 1 I 11; : lil ial
111" "ill tel- 11 1! it i 1 -' ll11Ti
111 Ai . l l 41 , I I I l 0I' Il'
'I i i l I i
. , 4. . I.*
,I ,lt . . I I I1 . .11 i
I - 1 1 F4l ' .n f , . I . :. , il. 'tt, !,,4tr
'ih. .n , . t e ' Ja o , 2. . ,r ' ,i, lHe
,. e 1.. ', r; . 4 i i- , " . S, '. \..I . : ',i e -
t . \ : l.1.: 1. , f Il - ' , if i I. , i . " :1 \ 11 .
,:i:llt 1t\. ('i, v AtI' i Io i i '.ins is
lTt i. , ,In . - :tu. n th itn -} ,1r. i'
i2c.1 ' he ha ieen i inro l.i," 't It, trLe
rI - tlt I , r i tf T ihi . :: 1 h t 1 2 '
ilanfl to rofliphy w inth it n trbli Iii'4 2f1241
PlP (i n. ' t.n .1void tile '11fi4 ll f1 \ i-n
.\ ge n t4, -(r , . ,. ,11n , ,! lltio r. ~ tr.
anlt' frfit stanllt has be opened at
141 'hrodefle Street. I ry n iss ,elen
Heiltd. .Miss iheit is 1p ehad the
invorestiation will rf oin thrie tls ine
highr clnatin of faitlleC. ludge Mid-hr
d leton charged the in.ant itof us hake
seen thorough inv.stiicces of ithe nrait
bakeries in the ct't. especally on
r anald the inquirr y is eoll tl to be
in ookpetrting i the wirndtl ri the
bia oenhas mayeen intr in. thb rear
of the store. r Miss Iileill has estab
lished tills kind of place.
Shetn has prd t tile sulalhst make
ill e ecen fr to complastin ther pas
an the citomply with esitdes aknhi andll
ki. shires toll alsoid thane l a fui llin
ti dint to a separate investigation.
A new bakery and confectionery
and fruit stand has bs. n opened at
141Her store atlarond Strt St, isby Miss Helen
to Inakld. t. This alone iis had the
ple to stop on their fay hoie from
tilforesigh city to recognizhae their pastr in
Algiers of carrying them froduc the a
cit sidehigher class of fancy river.akes, bread.
A very important mneting will be
pies. and pastries. Many of us have
helden theomo great succeightss atof several. .,
at (lrkMs Hall ily the flewly orga
niezrs( Algiers Civic toeagli. p otice
bakeries in the city, especially on
Canal St., where doughnuts are be-ou
ing cooked in the window and the
big ovens may be seen in the rear
of the store. Miss Henjoyil has estab
lished this kind of place.
She has put Inat the latest make
of these ovens, and has secured as
will be seen from tasting her pas
tries, one of the best pastry bakers
in the city. esidnas baking all
kinds of high class products, such as
Thcakes, pies, ant other articles of this
kind. she will als handMitche a full line
of fruits and vegetables.
Her store at 141 Delaronde St., is
cle a, and is as neat as it is possible
o make iton . This al. Done invite pwaro
essrs. C.e to stop on their way home from
treze city to purchy, Durkase their pastriet.
instead of carrying them from the
lcity sid e of the river. eile,
A vThery importll be ant meetion he will to-e
hl tomorrow night at 7:30 p. um.,
is hrey asgiven te of Section . of Al-mi
nagiers tharct Couthey are invited through
boothis medium to atlocated and the scome a
mplaces as las t election.
A.One of the most enjoyable parties old,
f22 Pacitie season was at the homI of Mr.n
Satund Mrs. Erling ater in Washington
Ave., itrn honor of their charmingle
drivaughter, Miss Edna ErlngerI. a Theia
erns. Refreshments were served brin

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