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Better Ferriage
Ieoted t tthe UpbmldM g of the W est Side of the River. "A very Iwe and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTCRERS' RECORD.
~ie Hundred Citizens Protest
Demand City Owned Ferries
mwnritt" Will Have Charge of Details-Will Submit
Final Report to Algiers People.
IIa ynight at the Av ,nue
more than 5-, determined
-. ad women assembled in a mass
- for the purpose of prote-ting
sr ad condemning our present
OW ige1m, and to take such ac
r would guarantee a permanent
--pwat of this important mat
O transportation between this
o- e other side of the river.
o meeting was called for S p.
a, ng long before the time set for
S eg of the meeting there
-ga good crowd of citizens present
-pt a front seat and to show their
i sgomething so vital to the
e commercial ,interest of the
Sues meeting was held un
g aspices of the Algiers Civie
as organlation that came
wigloese a short time ago, when
ittisena responded to a call
Spurpose of o organizing an as
55 to take up this very ferry
igZetn i g was called to order
Sg hasirman, Mr. Peter S. Law
o explained the purposes for
t ~es called, and stated that
''r e present would be given an
to be heard from re-;
i rmy suggestion that they
g have for improvements.
V" a' the big features of the
was that of twelve or four
askers, there was but one
pposed meaicipal ownership.
'lLak Duale stated that he op
dtY ownership of the ferries
he feared it would become
and we might not get
servlce as we have been
John R. Norman made one
talks of the evening.
oat straight from the shoul
dty ownership of ferries.
f his lnterview with Com
Jhaesey, sad said that he
testate that Mr. Ma
#Wo working for city own
-W that the Algiers people
have to pay a profit or
ta to a corporation for the
Srosinag the river.
stated in his address
ownership could
'1k WW rlhAer a frin
* stipulation that the
for the franchise to go
is and betterment
W. Leaaox of the Inter
A& Trust Co., also nmade
aid told of some impor
is that should be
ao ar terry system. He
'/lrsail of the audience
 dd, attention that some
1e have not sufficient
l iskets at the greatly
at which tey are sold,
sad are compelled to
late the bore being
hof a ticket. Mr.
that tickets should
U to be laterchangeable
ant peamsaer tickets
"- gdht for vehicle trans
64 vise versa. In other
that a ticket sold
* ampsay should be
Mitd of service. He
at the Perry Com
or elght different
Wbewsd Into the Sad s
~L- g~h~i ~L -r- g 1~ hu
13 n ary so b, .t a --· b ..
r"rr Oawoww~rmo
Attorney Robert E. O'Connor also
made an address before the meeting
and he also voiced the sentiment of
the public in general, that needed
improvements should be started on
their way without any further delay.
Mr. Adolph Spitzfaden. assistant
cashier of the Canal-Commercial
Bank and Trust Co,. passed a pic
ture post. card among the audience.
showing the magnificent ferry house
at San Francisco in comparison to
the beautiful edifiees recently erect
ed by the Southern Improvement and
Ferry Co., on both sides of the
During the debates of the evening
there were little oratorical tilts that
ended in amusement rather than in
Mr. Julius Bodenger favored leav
ing the matter of details to a com
mittee, this committee to report back
when they have completed their
work. He said no time should be
lost in getting to work at once to
give the people an up-to-date ferry
system, that landings should be lad
at more than one place in Algiers.
It was the general opinion that Ope
lousas Ave., or that vicinity should
become one of the new landing places
for the ferries.
Mr. Frank Henning also spoke and
told that he was in thorough accord
with the Algiers Citizens in demand
ing a good system of ferries.
During the process of the meeting,
Mr. August Schabel, a former mem
ber of the council, presented to the
meeting a petition setting forth some
of the principles to be asked for
from either the city or a corporation
purchasing the ferries.
There was some discussion- regard
ing the adoption of this petition, and
the audience was divided as to
whether or not the petition should
be presented at this time. The peti
tion met the hearty approval of all
thoee present, and the only opposi
tion being that it should not be pre
sented until such time as the com
mittee, to be appointed, can get to
gether and draft a petition to the
council setting forth,in detail all of
the improvements demanded by the
Algiers public.
easidee the resolutions of Mr.
Schabel, Judge Sam Levy made a
motion that the chairman appoint a
committee, the members of this com
mittee to be left to his discretion, to
be appointed from among those pres
ent at least within a week. IThe
resolution was unanimously adopt
Mr. Peter Muutz also spoke at
some length regarding the necessary
improvements in our ferry system.
The following resolution of Mr.
Schabel was referred to the com
WHEREAS, the present Ferry
system between New Orleans and
Algiers is inadequate and impossible
for this day and age, and the City
of New Orleans as outgrown pon
toon landing and side loading fer
ries; such a system being inadequate
for the heavy traffic that is and will
be operated between the two banks
of the Mississppi River at this point;
WHEREAS, The pontoons have a
tendency to give or sink with heavy
traffic, and the same being true of
ArAl N
Wb co
t R
i. l~
- ý..
Dock Board Fights
Sawmill on Levee
i A long-drawn out battle in the
courts between the Orleans Levee
Board and the Algiers Saw and Plan
ing Mill appears certain following
the failure of the company to remove
its plant from astride the levee at
s the head of Verret street after it
r had been ordered to do so by the
t levee board.
Although the time limit for re
moval of the plant expired last Wed
nesday, the mill was running at full
capacity Monday. The board or
dered its contractor tb proceed with
Semolition of such parts of the saw
I mill plant as are in the way of pro
ceeding with improvements to the
Arthur McQuirk, special counsel
for the Dock Board contends that no
permanent private rights can be ac
quired in the riparian property and
that the company has occupied its
position across the lqvee only by
virtue of sufferance of the state.
The location of the plant on the
levee has been declared by Chief of
State Engineers Frank M. Kerr to
constitute a grave menace to lives
and property in Algiers .
On last Thursday night, the resi
dence of Mr. Wm. Duffy, in Opelou
sas Ave., was entered and ransacked
by thieves. Nothing, however, was
taken from the place.
the boats in loading in the presently
used method; and,
WIHEREAS, The boats are frail
and constructed of such material
that in case of fire there is no re
sisting force for the protection of
passengers while reaching either
bank; and,
WHEREAS, The possibilities of
accident from leaking carburetor of
the gas motor machines all loaded
on the forward deck and to the wind
ward side, is a condition that should
not be tolerated; now, therefore,
Be it Resolved. That we, the citi
sons of the Fifth District, petition
and demand of the Mayor and Com
mission Council of the City of New
Orleans, that they find ways and
means to operate a Ferry system of
modern boats and modern landings
of such type that the vehicle traf
fic can be loaded and unloaded from
the fore and aft ends and directly
through the center of the boats.
That each boat shall be able to
carry not less than four (4) trucks
abreast, and be not less than one
hundred and fifty (150) feet in
That the hulls of the boats shall
be of steel with airtight compart
ments; that the entire boat so far
as possible, be built of metal, and
with all modern insulation and pro
teotion against fire and other dan
That the approaches shall be
made stable as those of large rail
way transfer landings; that there
shall be two landings on each side
of the River sad not less than four
(4) boats, built on identical plans
and speelfieatieos.
That the City, in its operation of
the ferries or sale of the franchise
therefor, shall submit for public in
spection, plans and speelflestions
with blue prints attached, of the
boats, terry houses, approaches and
inlMine sa mid franchis or said sped
fleationas to set forth proper pemal
ties and demurrnage charges againter
an opmtor not eomplyiag with the
regqialrements oe the fraeckle.
That all thei details eof charges on
tonnage or traffle and fie, and the
policy of whether the fanchise shall
be sold, or controlled by the City of
New Orles or the Dock Board, shall
be eomedeed fin pblie metagnp,
Sthe people may have a voiee be
Sre the final deeaieen by the orem
Be it frtherk Resolve; lat the
Maer sad Cesmlimers need np I
sad get sedio at this iaprtan 1
eastM eI.
Prosperous Session At
Holy Name of Maryi
The Holy Name of Mary School is
enjoying a most prosperous session.
Almost six hundred pupils are in
daily attendance. The usual zest and
enthusiasm animate the pupils in
their studies, and have brought them
flying colors through the semi-an
nual examinations which have just
been brought to a successful close.
The pupils showed throughout a
proficiency which brought not only
reward to their teachers, but genu
ine satisfaction to their good Pastor.
Rev. Father Cotter, whose warm.
kindly devotedness to everything
I connected with the school is a' strong
incentive to Sisters and children.
The school with its great gen
erosity has pledged $1,000.00 to the
Seminary Fund, $700.00 has been
handed in, and the remainder is
clearly in sight, each child striving
to outdo the other in active effort.
The recreations .4 spent %n con
ferences so as to devise money-mak
ing schemes, these find realization
in lawn parties, wondrous sales of
homemade candy, etc., all of which
are generously patronized.
The religious sodalities are in
creasing in numbers and growing in
strength of spirit, their excellent or
ganization is productive of untold
good to the pupils, their monthly
Communions are a source of edifi
cation to the parish.
The pupils of the Commercial
Class deserve honorable mention, I
meriting an excellent class average.
They deserve great credit for the
work accomplished in their various
subjects, notably in Bookkeeping, I
Shorthand, Typewriting, Rhetoric
and Spelling.
The Class of '21 have successfully
passed an examination in actual of
flee work, taking unprepared dicta
tion at the rate of one hundred words
a minute ead. correctly transcribing
the same.
John Mars, 40 years old, 823
Homer street, Algiers, was knocked
down by an automobile at Homer and
Elmira streets late Thursday after
noon, as he lighted from a street 1
Mr. Mars received contasions about
the body and arms and was given
medical aid !by Dr) Weaver, woo I
pronounced his condition as not
That Vernon Ernst, driver of an
automobile owned by R. Harper, of
the Algiers Garage, stopped after
the automobile *ran into Mars, was
the statement made Saturday by Mr.
Harper, in contradiction of an er
roneous report. Mr. Harper said
his employse remained 15 minutes
at the scene of the accident, offer- I
ing his aid in any capacity. ·
John C. Scheuermean, former po- a
lice sergeant and George Roussel, ex
eorporal, sentenced to serve not less
than three nor more than five years
in the state penltentiary for attempt- 1
ing to extort $8 a week protection t
money from Mrs. Thomas Ysrbrough,
are preparing to apply in March for
a parole.
The two policemen were bonviet- r
ed early in- April of 19119 and on
two occsoar have appeared to the
Board of Pardons. Raeh time their
pleas have been turned down.
PytWIANB 5 TO Mu -ll
The l57th Pyth annlversary ll
will be celebrated Saturday evening
Peb. 19th, between 8 and 12 o'elock a
at the Hall of the B. K. of A., on v
North St., opposite the Lalayette
8qaure. The Pythians of Algers I
will atteend tin large numbers and I
sesh member le resqueted to bring I
is mily. etrehmaents et all I
hids will be serve, and danelng I
vl be the tetur of te evmlist.
Maloney Seeks City
Ownership Of Ferries
s Data will be collected on the fer
ries that cross the river between
New Orleans ani the towns on the
I west bank, if 'he Commission Coun
,cil approves the suggestion of Paul
H. Maloney, commissioner of public
.Mr. Maloney, when the council met
Tuesday, recommended that inas
much as the Napoleon avenue ferry
franclhe had expired and that of the
Louisiana avenue, Canal and Third
District ferries were soon to expire
that he be authorized to collect data
to submit to the Commission Coun
Mr. Maloney said that he favored
the municipal ownership of the fer
ries and wanted to gather data so
that he could tell just how much was
taken in on each of the boats and
whether it would pay for the city
to operate the craft.
W. P. Crilly of Algiers was ap
pointed by Judge Richard Dowling,
of the First City Criminal Court. on
Saturday morning, as temporary
clerk of that court, in place of Wal
ter Mahoney.
Mahoney, who served as commis
sioner at the polls in the past general
election, is barred thereby from
holding public office for nine mopths
after the election.
"Mr. Crilly is a member of the
Non-Partisan Labor League of Al
giers," said Judge Dowling, "and I
appointed him in recognition of the
League's services in helping elect
me to the judgeship."
John Victor, a negro, giving his
home as 311 Wagner street, was
given a quick trip to the state peni
tentlary, Monday, by Judge Edring
ton. Victor pleaded guilty to horse
stealing and received a sentence of
three years at hard labor. The
negro was arrested Friday by Pa
trolman Ben DeRocha as a danger
ous and suspicious character. A
boy companion also was taken in cus
tody and following the latter's con
fession, Victor admitted his guilt in
stealing a horse worth $100 from
Peter Troulliet and selling it to a
woman on the lower coast for $10.
The Algiers police sent the boy to
the Waifs' Home, then turned Vic
tor over to the Jefferson authorities
and the penitentiary sentence fol
Complaint was. lodged with Cor
poral Hyde at 8 o'clock Sunday night
by Louis Brown that Brown's sister,
Mrs. Benson Fears, of 801 Elmira
avenue, had been cut by her huh
band. Corporal Hyde's investiga
tion resulted in a statement by Mrs.
Fears that, during an argument over
a family matter during Sunday, her
husband had -cut her across the left
wrist and the left side of the neck
with a pocket-knife, after which he
had left the house. A physician at
tended Mrs. Pears and declared her
wounds to be slight.
Sears was arrested Monday at the
residence of his mother, 227 Elisa
St. He was charged by Corporal
Hyde with cutting and wounding,
and was later released on bond,
pending his trial.
Mrs. J. Calvo of 2137 Carrollton
Ave., entertained at a tareswell dia
er, her coausin, Mrs. G. ]~. Baldwin
of Newark, iN. . Tiny baskets of
violets were given as laors. Tho.o
pIrsent were: Mrs. . . . Baldwin,
Mrs. B. Borne, Mr. and Mrs. 3. J.
Borin and baby, Marcia, Misses Ora
Boyle, len MalN, Violet huger,
Mabie a, Messrs. W. Rasey,
mmessad M kJ mis Ylarn e. -
gme and Wn trth .,Od,
Many Lives in Danger
When Ferry Sinks Tug
lives of hundr.dis of pe:sonr - wer 
-endf aniir ,r.d Thursda. at # :::o p. In .
When thle er'ryboat llliidlay. w\\ih a;
peak-hlourl cargol ( of Ias e.ll, rs. , c'!
lided Nwith, and sunk thet tic Mlaoie
Coyh' off the loot of ('an; al ftret.
It"ar lnid-stream.
T'he big ferry had julst I t th h
('anal street landing and poirnted
her nose towards the Algiers shore
when the captains of the two boats.
believed to have beltn onftusedl by
the lights and whistles of other boats
failed to see and hear each other's
signals. The prow of the ferryboat
tore a jagged hole in the starboard
side of the tug, which quickly began
to fill with water.
Captain R. M. Guess, of the Mamie
('oyle. ordered full speed ahead and
sounded his distress signals. The
dock board tug Sampson succeeded
in taking off the crew of eight men
just before the tow boat sank off
Girod street.
The accident occurred at the peak
hour when hundreds of citizens of
Algiers were returning from work.
Had the sharp bow of the tug struck
the side of the ferryboat it is be
lieved that more serious damage
would have resulted and that the
Halliday might have been sunk. As
it was, the excitement caused by the
crash of the boats was quickly quiet- !
ed when it became apparent that
there was no danger of the Halliday
On the Mamie Coyle, however, the
crew had to fight back the water.
Hardly had Girod street been reached
when the tug began to settle into the
water. The crew had to leap for
the Sampson which was standing
alongside ready to give assistance.
At five o'clock Friday afternoon
the Mamie Coyle was completely out
of water and preparations were un
der way to remove It to the com
pany's repair plant.
All day the crew of dregemen and
divers. headed by Captain Whitman,
labored to get lines under the sunk
en boat at the foot of Girod street.
At about three o'clock the lines were
all made fast and the dredge boat
Pelican commenced to raise the tug
from out of the mud in which it had
James R. Cobb. United States in
spector of steam vessels, stated Fri
day after that as yet no opinion has
been formed by the committee which
is investigating with a view to fixing
the responsibility for the collision
because all the witnesses have not
yet been located .
The only way officials of White
man Bros. Co., and the dock board
can account for the accident was
that another steamship which was
fully illuminated and blowing its
whistle at the time, caused a con
fusion of signals between the two
boats. The Mamle Coyle was pro
ceeding up the river and was struck
about midships.
On a writ sued out by Benjamin
J. Daly on behalf of the City Board
of Health, John Martin Heron, of
Algiers, Friday was adjudged a leper
by the Civil District Court and sent,
under guard, to the National Lepro
sarium at Carville, in iberville par
ish, for confinement.
Heron several days ago was ex
amined by Dr. Edward Bacon, inspec
'tor of communicable diseases of the
Board of Health and the afflicted
man voluntarily appeared before
Judge E. K. Skinner of Division C,
for final adjudication of his malady
as soon as the board's attorney had
filed his petition for commitment. I
He was sent immediately to the lep
ers' Institution, which recently has I
been taken over from the state of
Louislana by the federal govern- .
ment. 11
* Building a Roof in Sumaatra
DW~~u inin d k.-I the reel. al w drr~g. pbrehM
Lam` w u .Iume. dc
$10.00 IN CASH
" .l I!, ' 'S 1"I'F:{ s e,.1
r l:s'" Is F'l:i 'l' I.I: Ii1' \ I'F:
1"10T{HIll 11T 1%,EI\I.nT \1 THIls
AI \F I 11I"F:k'.
able to the ,.te. <. n 1,i . r* | ,!ol
l 'rs to -so 1'+ lt'' . l' pp,1 tl,-: in 1 i thfl
:dll the subsI . un,1 t'lit l. o" f .r! h,, II1 ,' -
aId. ltrifly .tate.d the' -t,'t i- as
follows: i':ti.' t; of The Hoth bl..l
contains the adv\"rti-.mnnt- of IIny
dlit' rtint Iprocrst " V.'s . a l liv, tter
chants of the city. In 'ach ranl
every one of these ad'vert isen'wnts
the reader will firtl one or nore su
perfluous letters. These superflouo
letters when found and properly
placed together will spell the
name and business of some firm
whose ad is printed on that
page. In few words that ex
plains the feature. There is much
profit to be derived from reading
the advertisements of the live mer
chants every week, but for these
two weeks it will be more so from
the fact that two persons are going
to be $10.00 wealthier. The first
correct answer to reach the Herald.
care Contest Editor, will be awarded
the $10.00. The same rules and
conditions will apply next week,
when another list of superflous let
ters will appear in the ads appearing
on that page. So get busy. busy
readers, and aside from reading
'!some mighty interesting ads, you al
so have a chance to win the $10.00
each week.
On page six will be found the ads
of the following stores:
Meyer Jewelry Store, 1233 De
M. J. Rosenthal & Co., Exclusive
Jewelers. 113 Baronne.
Dameron-Pierson Co., 400 Camp.
G. N. Gonzales, 1430 Canal.
Barnes Electric Const. Co., 513
H. N. Rusakof, Furniture, 510
H. Pukof, Cedar Chests, 239 Dau
Gabriel-Riviere Millinery Shop,
153 Baronne.
M. Fauria & Sons, Awnings,
122'5-27 Decatur.
Harry S. Armstrong, Gov. Surplus
Supplies, 339 Baronne.
Exclusive Millinery Shop, 1522
Parisian Corset Parlor, 220 Ba
A. G. Williams Home-Made Candy
Co., 513-17 Baronne.
J. Segen & Co., Jewelers, 636
Chero Cola Bottling Co.
A. Simon, 631 Canal.
Aug. Royerre & Son, 122 Exchange
Ajax Model Works, 601 Bourbon.
Old Absinthe House Restaurant,
Bourbon and Bienville.
Earl Bonneval, 17 years old, of
2347 North Galvez street, was stab
bed in the neck with a pocket knife
late Wednesday night following a
fight with Leo Hinyub, 16 years old,
of 915 Belleville street, at St. Roch
avenue and North Roman street.
Young Bonneval was taken to the
Charity Hospital. His condition is
not serious. Hinyub was taken into
custody by the police and sent to the
Waifs' Home pending trial before
Judge Andrew Wilson of the Juve
nile Court.
A holdup, in which three young
sailors from the New Orleans Naval
Station, were the victims, was re
ported to the poliee .unday.
Jesse O. Perry, Henry F. Millsaps
and Luther Coulton, all apprentice
seamen, were held up by two men at
Patterson street and LeBoeuf avenue,
SAlgiers, and robbed of small sums of

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