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-u nT., "i nnl- $10 M• lo
- .1 p0- o4 Oil'" r It ti l s. i; of
dos. feet Prt'ly , ii, I
s aning wter. Plate srre.n- HI(
rEK Lyeb. 22iermuda
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I Ss- IIns
,state For Sale---4
.B\p. 1;+-11 ' "r., h ,
ts L Couor. 1303 t
- " "ory c i rorms
A Apply to 416 acic Ave.
Aml PacPic Ave.
a ride .. .........
S1113.15 SumMeI St.,
Stopes each side. All
ersl improvements.$
$.0 rBermuda St., _
i1 location-SOLDr
17 Pelican Av:e.,
WIa lot---8OLD .-.
I1118 Nunea St.,
Newton St.,
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314.16 BEliza' St.,
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Buinesar Personals-lO Tyl
The Hatter T
Velour. Felt and Panama Hats. Cleaned, T
IDyed and Reshapled.
119 University Place. Zah 1" Rebt
W. L. BAKER work
All kinds of maehine parts manufactured. -
in%.ttions 1,, -Iop,-d. d.s.ignung and draw
ing. b51 Carondelet. 2-5-2O
Delivery in Algiers every Thursday.
Bruce Seed & Poultry Co. I
732 Poydras St. NEW ORLEANS. LA.
Instantaneous and Automatic Heaters last
Relined and Repaired. Jacch
33o I
C. J. MARS Powd
13$57 Magazine St. Verrt
SPEARING & COMPAN1t, (Established 1817) If
SAIL MAKERS. Awninr, Flags, Tarpas- mak,
line and Tents, Theatrical Work a Spesisaty,
Cumberland Phone, .Main 3891. Corner Ca
nal and Tchoupitoulas Stu. New Orleans, An
t the l
Citizens Bank of eat
: of Lo5ibasý a :: E n
620 Gravier Street a
Thrift Stamps and War Savings the
Stamps for Sale tie.
Savings Deposits Bear 4% In
terest. El
Compounded Semi-Annually n
 a terest on Mortg. es TI
lO$50.0) payments on prilni- eche
p:al reduces interest.
No bonus.
Liberty Homestead ,
730 UtMMON wor
540 Vallette St.,
The Diplomacy Hair Dresser.
Agent for Mime. C. J. Walker.
RepoIar Shop "
We repair anything who
® Binoles, Clocks, Umbrellsa, etc. tho
819 TechA S8t.R-Pl,
F. A. BRUNET and
m Established 178 ondhe
® 7 Royal St. port
Expert Repairing Done. and
Adamr' i1-i-t tion
FELIX DORNE, JR. Mill. PIsataties sad and
Sgineers' i pplies Paints and Oils. El. tion
el PtaSne rest. Phess Aliers 5. -in
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Adams' Hats by
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OHN, KAPPLeR. s lmad e I Coal. Fire- lan
wood and ice. Expree to hire. 447 Elmira ups
Avest Phone Algiers -W. In
7 PHONE . tir
IR, Phone IHemlock 2Sf. Oxy-Acetylene and
1Welding, Brasing. stei
u. WORKS !
-R. Holbrook, proprietor. Keys made, locks e
repaired, models made, inventlons per- n
feeted. LIght machine work. Prompt ser- ahi
vice. 01 Bourbon Street, New Orleana, La.
A Atomoiles Etc.ON1 n.
Waty 1474. 5-12 foo
em- General blackSmithing, Wate is- tal
Jnd andspebbeltT
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Duat te wlS.hltlsas
SCi0iaER & SONS, Inc., h
S Gearal iach Slmith Wer& I
e51-t34 Islar St. Phonesa .3557-3602
- OFM ANDa a D I
rls. W. i. PerktaO s. Cro Ist,
- a Reoom 34 cusech's BUins. Make
-Prices reseonablea
0 1S2 ST. CARLS STlrr.
eoiled M. EIATh* HOARD,
141 420 Diana St. Phone Algisrs 1 .W.
Alix and Bermuda streets. Chedee Deed,
PeekV.1 alnsa Mttes Mast say
tae at dai. 5. car aIRe
Tow WIL NaTE NUB emual
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Typewriting, Etc.-14
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Typewrixr Ex 4chage
Rebuilt typeswriters always is. stock, any
make bought. .old. ex,'h:anued; all repair
work and rebuilt t- h o iwriter. guaranteed. -
300 C'h artres. Vain 219. 11-24-"'1
41 (;odchaux Itidg.
Teachr of Sh,r!th:lad. Tyl .ritingc and
Iik k.-lieping. l-a y unid night 'la""'-s.
l'.ta liiherd I :;. 2-17-J1
The w )rd designing in the ad of
W. L. Baker was mis.-pel:ed in our
last issu-. Those to receive the
Jacobs candies are J. S. Peterson, C
330 Elmira .Ave . Loui- Zinc. Jr.. 12,
Powder St.. and Mrs. A. Curry, 53
Verret St.
If dollars fall mach lower, why not sinet
make gasoline legal tender? I't
Among the prominent benefactors of brui
the human race is the Iceman. Peni
If the weather seelms too hot think dtl es
of next winter's coal and be happy. for
Disappearing beds are nothing new. M
Everything is out of sight nowadayl. Cou
If women vote this fall it will be had
another occasion for buying a new hat. Bro,'
The automobile that goes over into D,,v
the ditch turns, of course. mud tur- had
tie. livil
Even the professional pacifists will spill
not object to the proposed war on Pn
rats. girl
The chinch hug was a little behind th
schedule, but has arrived this season, ton
as usual. con
This world-wide indisposition to d
work hard hangs on even worse than lv.
shell shock. lool
State of Louisiana. Parl-h of Orleans. I
City of New Orleans: Be it known. That CUT
on this 11th day of January. 1,21. hbefore
me. Victor K. Kiam. a notary public. in
and for the Parish of Orleans. personally sil1
iarnle and appeared the several ipe'rsoils on
whose nlleis aire hereiunto suhaolrihr.d ill
the presen., of the nnderlrirned witne- es chi
who severally dl,'lar,.d that availing therm-
selves of the provi-inns of the law of the
SState of Loudsiana in such case made and Th
provided. they have covenanted and arreed. he
and do by these presents covenant. nLrc.
and hind themselves as well as all such
others as may hereafter become a~sociate4.
with them. to form and constitute a cor- it?
poration for the objects and purposes
and under the articles and stipulations
hereinafter set forth and expressed, whi'h
they adopt as the charter of this corpora
tion. to-wit:
ARTICLE I.-The name of this corpora- il
tion shall be the Louisiana Tire Company. he
Incorporated. and under this name shall 1fk
have and enjoy all the rights. advantages.
Id and provisions granted by law to corpora
. tions for the full term and period of ha
Ninety-nine (99) years from this day. It
shall have the power to contract: to sue pe
and be sued: to make and use a corpora
tion seal and alter the same at pleasure; do
to hold, receive, purchase, convey. mort
gage and hypothecate. property, real per- bi
sonal and mixed, corporeal and incor- so
poreal; to name, appoint and elect such
offers, directors,. managers, agents and I
employees as its business may require: to w
makaand establish. alter and amend such
by-laws, rules and regulations, for the
government of the affairs of the said cor- hi
poration as may be required.
ARTICLE II.-The domicile of said cor- th
poration shall be in the City of New Or
leans, Parish of Orleans, State of Louis- al
Slana, where legal process shall be served
ra upoq the president of the corporation or
in his absence as directed by law.
ARTICLE III-This corporation is p1
formed for the purpose of engaging in the P,
business of manufacturing, repairing, buy
ing and selling automobiles. automobile di
tires, automobile supplies and accessories Q
of every type and description and of en
gagling in the said business at wholesale
ne and retail. for Import and export for It
self and as agent, and generally to have I
all such powers and privileges as are In
cidental or relate to the objects and pur
pose hereinbefore set forth or may be nec
essary or convenient for affecting said ob
jects and purposes of this corporation. t£
S ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this tl
e corporation is hereby fixed at five thous- P
and dollars (5.000.00). divided into fifty
shares of one hundred dollars ($100.00) g
Seach. said stock to be paid for before is- d
- suing and to be fully paid and nonacccns
able. The corporation shall begin business a
as a going concern as soon as fifty per
cent of the capital stock shall have been
-Isned and paid for. The remaining stock
shall be offered to Ben Frank of Nashville. *
Tenn.: 3i. Pilak. Nashville. Tenn.: Abram
AS Frank. Nashville, Tenn.: J. D. Freedman.
i; of New Orleans, and Victor C. Burk. of
M. New Orleans. in proportion of one-fifth of
ON the capital to each, said stock to be paid
-12 for at par. before offering the same to the 1
- general public. The corporation may is- t
sue the shares retained to the stockhold
ers in case the profits of the business are
, taken in and become a part of the capital.
=g The profits so treated must equal in value
the par value of stock issued.
No stockholder shall sell or in any way
dispose of. mortgage, or hypothecate his
IG stock without first offering it to the cor
poration which shall have thirty days to i
decide whether it will purchase the stock
or not. For the purposes of sale, such
stock shall be valued in accordance with
the financial report of the corporation im- a
mediately preceding the offer to sell.
SAll transfers of stock must be made
upon the books of the corporation and the I
original certllfete surrendered, properly
endorsed. The corporation shall have the
power to inerdse its espital stock to one I
k I hundred thousaad dollars ($100,000.00).
ARTICLE V.-The a firs of this cor- I
poration shall be controlled by a Board of
Directors coasisting of nat less than three 1
Directors. said Directors to be aleted an
nunally by the staockholders. The Board of
g Directors shall elect annualily a President.
Vlce-Presldent, Secretary-Treasurer and
- General Manager. The last two offices
may be held by the same peson. The Di
rectors may vote by mail on questions to
be determined during the year and a ma.
jorlity vote in this manner shall be con
trolling as to the question submitted.
ARTICLE VI.-This corporation shall
have all the rights and powers conferred
ut, pon corporations by the constitution and
the laws of LoMisiana whether such pow
Sers are speciUcally set forth and claimed
153. or not. No statement of its powers and
authority shall be considered a limitation
of said power and autbority.
- In testimony whereof said parties have
hereunto sialgned their names in the pres
ence of me. Notary. and undersigned wit
nesses and set opposite their names the
amount of stock sanbscribed by each of
them in order that this may also serve as
- the original subscription list of the or
Ben Frank, 10 shares, Nashville, Ten.:
Victor C. Bark, 10 shares, New Orleans,
W. La.: Joseph D. Freedman, 10 shares, New I
-- Orleans. La.
Witnesses: J,. H. Wiener. Gerald Netter.
raer VICTOR K. KIM .
Bet, Notary Publie.
ay I, the undersigned, Recordero of Mort
gases, in and for the Parish et Orklans,
- State of Louilsaa, do hereby eartify that
the Act of Inceorporation, of the Louisiana
Tte Co., Ise, was this day aduly recorded
in my eooee in Book , foell -, New
Orleans, January U, U21.
A true cop. D.".Ii.,
5.. . . - . -T.
Theat !"
Shadow i
of the l his el,
of t opene,
Sheltering 1 ay
his hi
Pines ou:ln
Pul usithem
d New Romance of the too.
Storm Country wlhy I
to wt
By ldugh
Copyrtiht by the H. K.. Fly Company. they
A Will Is Changed. "I
The two years that had passed out a
since Tony Devon had entered the "N,
l't'ltdlehalven home, the greater part Tonn'
of which she had spent In school, had brusq
brought about many changes. Paul "AI
P'endllhaven had taken his place Docts
I among the worldl's workers, but this he ri
dos,,, not say that he did not still long hand,
for the child who had gone from his last
life eighteen years before. Th
Mrs. Curtis was no nearer giving tliel
Cousin John to Katherine as a father had
than she ever had been, and Ithaca neck,
had caught no sight of Iteginhhld her.
Brown since he had fled from it with "T
the notion that he might follow Uriah chok
Devon behind the prison bars. Philip qile
had carried on his wonderful work, the'
living In the joyous letters he re
ceived from Tony and spending his ing t
spare time in ansuwring them.
one morning Tony came to Paul
Pendl.-haven, smiling and blushingly thou
girlish, and he motioned her to a lit- that
tl, stool at his feet. turn
"Dr.rling." he began in a moved etch
tone, "I sent for you because I've o
come to perhaps the most important ther
deelion of my whole life." .~
Tony glanced np at him wondering. vnd
ly. He appeared solemnly sober and he'll
looked as if he hadn't slept hom
"If it affects me, Cousin Paul, It
can't he greater than the one you ence
- made over two years ago when you cool
Stook poor little me into your home," to a
she asserted.
tHis hand fell lovingly upon her
t curly head as though in benediction.
They both lapsed into a long a
y silence, the girl's dreamy eyes fixed
S on space, and the man gazing at her lent
shining head.
"Tony," he ejaculated at length. two
ý There was something in his voice as will
I. he pronounced her name that dis- her
pe olled her revery instantly.
"Yes," she breathed. "Yes, what Is Sal
It?,, to
Pendlehaven cleared his throat. Do<
"'h I would never have believed that hay
anyone could have wormed her way
into my 'heart as you have," he told tis
Y. her. "How would-how would you wit
like me for your lather?" aur
a- Tony tried to speak but, seeing he
had something else to add, waited ex. ed
e pectantly. the
a- "Once, as you know," went on the ape
. doctor, "I had a little girl of my own, 1o
r- but the years have been so long and life
rt so many since she was taken away, hol
ad I feel I shan't have her again in this 0111
to world."
he Tony's dark head dropped against bat
r- his knee In silent sympathy. as
"Could you think of me as your fa- pot
r- ther, dear?" he said after an emotion
is- al silence. the
ed 'Tm not ft for that," sighed Tony. are
or"No, no, not that. I come from peoe Th
is ple who are not your kind, Cousin me
he Paul. You know that Everybody Oh
Sdoes! Then rm not so good as you
es think I am. First of all I haven't al- me
ways told you the truth." " C
t- "So my brother told me," remarked so'
Doctor Paul. "Long ago be took me
r- into his confidence about the poison in ,i
b my medicine. rye watched you for
two years, Tony, and it seems to me Re
is that I know every secret of your souL tel
I rm sure you love me, dear child. Fm be
o0 going to adopt you legally for my of
is- daughter. After this rm your father, th
and I give warning to my Captain to
per MacCauley that if he tries to take you no
2 from me, he's going to have some fight on
ii. on his hands. From now on, I'm not
m Cousin Paul. I am-whatt" th
of "My father," gulped Tony. "It
o seems as if I couldn't stand so much T
the happiness. And if you're my father, at
1 that makes Cousin John-" ty
are "Your uancle," laughed a volce from hE
tal the door. "So Paul has told you, has g
le he, little girlt Well. Tony, you oi
var wouldn't have slept a wink one night I
his if you'd heard our argument about w
to you. We spent several hours wran- bi
ock gling which of us should adopt you. I
ih said I should because I saw you first
Im- and Paul--" t
ade "Has the prior right because yo t
the saved Ine, Tony," Interrupted PauL h
srly "Now I think the family had better
oe know of our changed arrangements."
) Paul Pendlehaven acted as spokes.
cr- man when Mrs. Curtis and her daugh.
e ter, Kathernlae, hadbeen summoned to
an- the library. He told them very grave.
lent. ly that an his will now stood, his b
and brother, John, and his cousin, Sarah. a
were the benefldaries of It Mrs. Cur'
a to is smiled at him and arranged the
Slace ruffles around her neck.
"You've always been most goner
hal eus, Paul dear." she simpered.
ad "But now," went on the doctor. payI.
ow- Ing no heed to the lady's remark. "our
ed honsehold's going tohave a mistress."
ition Katherine lifted her chin from the
e palm of her hand. and Mrs. Curtis
res- straightened up. Were her ambitions
it going to be realised after all? Was
t it Paul who was going to put hl,: in
e as her rightful place? The smile hre,:d
cor- ened on her lips anld he -n,,rk '.'."
with a hh, yvpv s'ib et , -..
mn.: mit Comus Paul looked very h ul
I some, yes, evn handsomer than Cou
sin John. What a fool she had beesm
ttr. not to have caught him sooner.
ic. "The woman you pt at the head of
ort. your home will be most fortunate and
ins happy, dear PaL" sha murmured.
** "I hope so," retumned Pendlehua'vea,
irds and Doctor John pulled at the corners
Noe at his mouth te hsp back a amaklcols
-* "Im going to adopt my Dwose
oe'. Docter Paul had oly tlame eaeg t
make iLd satmn when Mlm Ole"
tls Snmad as ier I
"You couldn't do that!" she cried. p lces
'That would be wicked, Paul. abso- i Sht
lutely wicked! Oh God, don't do turned
that !" Salvat
Without heeding In the slightest his wh,, T
cousin's bitter ejaculation, Paul Pen- and h
dlehaven picked up a box that lay at put tý
his elbow. With much ceremony he
opened It and took out an exquisite t'ri'k
pearl necklace. girl'ý
"I do not need to remind any of man,,,
you," he sail. turning his eyes from "A
his brother to his two white-faceld sne,r
cousins, "that thete belonged to amy the I11
dear wife. I have always consideredl in hen
them the property of her daughter ",Ai
too. That is the reason, Katherine, gro,
why I've always refusda your request tough
to wear them. lIut now I have a .11 tl
daughter." lie turned smiling eyes twi.e
upon Tonnihel. "I shall allow her to in."
wear them whenever she wishes, and ~
If-if her lost sister Isn't found, then iyou
they are hers-hers forever." gte i1
A long hissing breath broke from ga!n~
Sara_ Curtis, and a gasp came from me t!
Kathe rine. .. t
"I couldn't wear them," Tony got
out at length, "I simply couldn't." 'er."
"Not to please me, your father, aer.n
Tonnlhel?" demanded Paul, almost ly.
brusquely. with
"And me, your new uncle?" laughed ithr,
Doctor John. "Why. honey, little girl," yoer
he reached out and took Tonnihel's me."
hand, "don't look as if you'd lost your ,.
last friend !" asks
Then Paul Pendlehaven drew Ton- will.
nibel Devon'to his side, and, when he The
had clasped t. e Jewels around her us.
neck, he lifted her face and kissed are
her. grow
"There, little daughter!" Ills voice bitin
choked with emotion, hut he con- You
quered his feelings and went on, A pi
"they're very lovely, very precious, t.
Tony, doubly so because you're wear- of s
tng them." ..,
l "Oh," she exulted, "how happy I "an(
am! . . . It isn't the pearls, .I
though they're slmlpi great, but it's in i
that I have some real people." She .,
d turned a flushed and radiant face to she'
each man. "Somebody that's my very but
own. My mother's dead, and my fa- ..l
ther-" his
"Is in prison," snapped Mrs. Curtis, mar
vindictively. "I'm wondering what .
he'll say to all this when he comes mact
It home." "To
"Ills opinion won't make any differ- hea
u ence to us," Paul Pendlehaven stated R
coolly. "lie has forfeited every right whc
to any claim on Tony." her,
r "ideous " exclaimed Mrs. Curtis, sec
and "Well, I never," dropped from pro
Katherine. to
"And," went on Doctor Paul, re- aw
lentlessly, for he knew the barbs that his
were being thrust inte the souls of his wa
two cousins. "I'm going to change my moi
as will in favor of my new daughter ,
s- here-" pro
"And I mine In favor of our young ee
i Salvation Army captain who is going .
to marry my new niece," chuckled "Jo
Doctor John. "I guess that's all we von
at have to say, Paul." old
ay In silence Katherine and Mrs. Cur
,Id tis faded from the room, carrying
with them bitter humiliation and
'nursing outraged feelings.
he "It's all your fault, mamma," scold
e, ed Katherine, bursting into tears when
they were in the seclusion of their own
he apartments. "You've whined and wept
t yourself right out of Cousin John's
nd life, that's what you've done. God,
hy, ow I hated that girl when I saw Car
his oline's pearls around her neck 1"
"What are you doing nowt" thrust
ast back her mother. "Aren't you crying
as if your heart would break? I tell
fa. you tears---"
on- "Oh Lordy, tears What good do
they do?' came sharply. "Here we
ny. are without a future, without a home I
eo- That interloper will see we go the
sin moment Paul gets out those papers I
)dy Oh, what shall we do?"
on "I wlsh that man--her father, I
al. mean-was out of Jail," mused Mrs.
Curtis. "I really believe he could do
sed something, Katie. Perhaps, Reggle--"
me Katherine wiped her eyes with a
In sudden movement
for "Mamma, why don't you send for "
me Reggle?" she questioned. "Now, lis
tiL ten to me. Reggle conflded in me
rm before he left that he really was fond
myl of that girl, and if-- Oh, mamma, rI've
her, thought of a wonderful thing. Send
ala for Reggie, shove the girl under his
you nose every minute. Let him cut Philip
Ight out-"
not "And perhaps have my son marry
that thing," objected the mother curtly.
"It "That thing, as you please to call
uch Tony Devon, is one of the prettiest pl
her, and richest young women in this coun
ty," Katherine snapped back. "She's
om helress to the Pendlehavens, and en
has gaged to be married to a man who
you owns half the town. Thing. eh? Well, t
iht I think she's a little higher up In the
out world at this moment than my half- e1
ran brother, Reggle, if you want my opin- w
. Ion."
lrst, That night an argent message from
the frantle mother traveled by wire Ic
yo to Reginald Curtis, summoning him a
'auL homr
'tter - F
ugh The Last Card.
d to One day some weeks later, Regid
ave nald Brown walked rapidly along the h
his bumlevard past the row of squatter
rab shacks. He had received word that t
Uriah Devoa rleased from prlso,
the would ancher the Dirty Mary neat
the Hoghole in her sccustomed place.
Devon was on deck when Brown
ran up the gangplank.
p1 "So you came, old topR" was Urish's
Sgreeting "It's good you did; I want
Sto know what's doin'."
the A woman came to the door of the
mcabln and peered out When she saw
the newcomer, she scowled and went
in thought you sai.d she was deasd"
'4 commented Reggle, with a wag of his
bead toward the spot where the wom
an had stood.
L "Well, she ain'ti Worse luck"
gowled Uriah. "I told that to the
kid to make her feel bad. Ede was
wining to be dead for a while, any
bow. What's the news of Tony?"
"Oh, she's ~ lady now," answered
egise, aarastically. "The Pendle
haves have sent her to school ever
mes d yes went away. My mother tells
s Pul Penldlebhaven's goang to adopt
her. And what do ye. think else'
A i "I eensh'PirsG the .. 'Gos
pieces with curiosity. ire anena. -Now
and tell me." Ing to
"She's copped Phil MancCauley." re- . ri:
turned Recintrld; "Ithaca's snob of a "I
Salvation Army cea4taln, the fellow what
wh, thre.w me In th In lke that dlty, In..'e
and he's a rich as the I'en.lhv'tens hla
put toz.'the.r." "
"'W ,ll,. h,. wou't 'et 'er." n ,."ertMl Irr:'n
rltiah. sha:trpy. "I've till y,,, the *'l .'
girl's rich t,,o. llH-r father's got N, .
nln'y to turn." "
"A lot of ,o'I thnt'll do you, Itv." t, '
flns',resI itl "ch.. "She woulhn't look at I L'
the like' ,f you and Edilt i. Y.nu arenl't if I
In her cluss inyy nlre." "l
"Ain't I s,?" . 'uer!.'d ri von, r"i
grroiic! ly. "I rc.'kon her hi le rin't no 4'.:
tougher nor thltck-r'n It uiet o, I. "!:,hin
I'll tlun'p h--llt out of 'or on,.' or l I,-'
twl'e; I'11 show 'er what clams .-he's "I "
"You'll have to cantch her t,-f',re
you tent her, won't you, ltyv?' '.-g .i Mr
gte innquinr,,l taunthtnly. "1lhowre y,,u o'r-:
gains; to get your Lands on lier? Tell it. t!
me that, will you?" Itm1
"Yi.p. Mr. Mealy-mouth, I will," and
thrust hack Devon. "W.( cot to stron Tirt.
'er." lie clenched h!s heavy fist tirid ha.!
swung It menacingly hnld sutgL'<t~v- ' It, t,
ly. "What's left of 'er whe.n I'tn i-in h'l d
with 'ir 11 marry y-u all right. .11 at Con
over, I'll tell '.'r who she is, pr.rv. ,!!n gle
you promlisie to halve up the stuff with i-v r
"I did promise you once, didn't T'" d
asked Itezr.i,, sulk!ly. "i)f coirse, I play
will, but wihat's th.- use of dr.:tnlnriz? of
The I'nlh.ih:ihaveins're too tnlu'h for pent
us. Now tha:t P'aul's well, he and John that
are a big ti'urn, and they worship the h
ground that g!rl walks on. You're cnm
biting off more'n you can chew. Ry. ln
You ar.en't any too strong, you know, exc
A prison r-cord doesn't help any." ,zi
t'rluah grunted and followed a ring tt
i of smoke with his frowning eyes. Pnu
"She's my girl," he said at length, ..
S"and I'n goln' to have 'er." hy,.
"I thought you said she wasn't," put lie
in Reggie, suspiciously.
"Well, she don't know that, does -_i
3 she?" Devon retorted. "Nobody knows 31
but you and Ede, besides me." He
"She's a beauty," sighed Reggle, dan
his voice lowered to a growL "rd
marry her if she didn't have a cent."
"You don't need to make any such fell
sacrifice, old home," said Devon. Thi
"Your eyes will bung out of your disi
head when you hear her name."
Reginald argued he should know Ile
who the girl was before he married in
her, but Urlah wouldn't give up his the
secret. Indeed, he unfolded to the in-I
prospective husband how he planned ad
to capture Tonnibel, and sent Reggle
away convinced, red hot to perform
t his part in the scheme. At last, he
was to have the girl he wanted and
money too. Ph
The next morning Reggle ap
proached his mother with an air of he
secrecy. the
"g "A minute, mater," he said 'softly.
"Just a minute! rve seen Tony De- asi
e von's father. There I Now sit down,
old lady, while I tell you something.
d- w,
ai h
torl"y ay the Only t W hymet Kda ri
or Ry a t he Only W I to Kidnap
us' Her Bodily." sl
e By says the onl way is to kidnapO her
bodily and force her to many the
re man be promised her to," the boy ex- he
Sndplaed. "What do you think of
that t "hat
ip "Paul wrould kill him," gasped Mrs. ce
oCurtis, her eyes taking on an expres K
"Wl ,in of fear. cI
"boHe won't have a chance it Devon
Hworks out his present scheme" re he
est plied Reggl, "bat ya and Kathle ft
"'have to help as." a e
In the terror h ero er
o Ire. Curtis shook her head. e
rho "I don't want anything to do with ft
ell. it" she objected, wobbling in tearrs tI
alt- "We'd lose our hems. Paul and John
pn- would turn s out. They've threate
ned to many a timeo"
rom "Well, when I ausmr you our be
ire loved cousins won't know anything I
him about it, not even after It's ove,
won't you try to help us?" querled the
young mant "Now, if it goes through
all right you catch Cosin John o t
the rebound, and Kathle'd be sure to
rope in Phil." I
Legi "What joy that would bel" ejas t
the lated Mrs. Catis. What abont it?'
tter Then Beggle told her, ts very low
that tones, the plan they had concocted.
A"You talk it ver with Kathh," he
advised, wehting a cigarettoe "nd
ae you'll have to e Devon about the
mr get it or him I hav ptoo sel
h's may jewels and KathtWeel too prom
lised the woman, her eyes sparkhing in
anticipatlo "itl go and tell gher
the right away."
Meanwhile, el unconsious that
beri Devon had been released irom
reo rison and was conspiring against
Sbher, Tonnibetl Devn was entering
heart and seaoul into the Salvation
rn Army work with Philip. Each eve
lng she went with him to headquai'
ters where her fresh, young voice and
her klindlines drew many a poor soul
Ifo comfort aad co Mse t
SOe week at, r se%" ld Curtis
', had cenoded his secret to his moth
der, and she had told it over again in
udle wbispers to Katherine, at an hour
tlls thbouse. Beggle met him and took
him launedistely to Mrs. Curti' roo
her, made a crt bow an twisted his
esb etwesa hIs bans.
Sis w ow, nS," invitesd
Now tell my mother how you are go
Ing to narry this thing out."
'rilnh sat on the Ike, of a chair.
"I ali't ig lin' to dI, anlythiiln_ ,r te ll
what I'rn gnlli' t ,. o till I .',t the
ollI ." ie nt. h l i eri-, ly. "I ,. :* t to
if I 1 t r l(,l '1, r :;.r
iln , ! Into ..;' 1, " :t," th ., :t1 t+,,:
r ,ur } 't r : t. : l, - ! . )
Pti'i( 'iTl'ey t,""
iMlrsq (':rtl' I ad hil T 'n 1 o,, e- i'".1
e.+r- f,,r , ,i.i ti, - . ''
ir ti e I' 1," .11. i !..t\ n 1., '.. , si:. a
S1 ul:ti,, .-t s:ir'ip tual toer J,-.k . ,I
anu l Kuith.ri,.'s to g t the i." .:,'y
TonIy' f.il: r ,hl lianils't. N '." mle
ha! it t'ak.'1 h''ti y, realy to l.i,
It. ilt aS the tIte' tn'lit by flitl she
had no chanice to s.htl for l:! tV )
c,:ie for his lh drglter, s hll ,' i n toi
give up hto;e, that the hlose w,,ulld
hever Ih." r>l1 , ° the Irese,''ln' nti hlc wa
ai cna .int thorn lin her tii'shi. Inut it
i,..": ,ýlt t:hat soltar or later Fate
piiya the lucky e i,\1n Into the hlandi
of the unlldliervi, aild so it halt
penel in tihe lase oef the consplratrs
I ai hatinst T',nniil D-a ,en. i.tke all
thions alttst! for, the oppl.rtunity
cii'e one ay h while the family was at
Philip MacCauley entered in great
"Yon look as if you had swallowed
the sun, imy dear lad," smitled Doctor
"I've got to go away," flushed the
boy. laucthing, "and I won't go alone." -
lie gazed maninilly at Tenniiel.
"l'Pardon miy rushing in this way. but
S-lhut I want T' ny to co with in."
Mrs. Curtis tlashed him a dark look.
He rarely paid her, or her frowning
datuchter, tny aittentlion nowadailys. so
h be dil not notice that a paller settled
on Katherine's face, or that her fork
fell from her limp fingers to the plate
SThe mother saw her daughter's mental
distress, however, and studied the
young man's face, groining to herself.
°rh e had grown so manly and handsome
in the past two years. and he was
s the one person she desired for her son
e in-law. lie was rich, too, which only
added to his attractiveness.
e "You might explain a little more,
my boy," Doctor John spoke up in a
id deep voice
An embarrassed laugh fell from
Philip's lips.
P "There isn't any secret about it,"
he answered. "Fm going abroad for
the Salvation Army for a .year. longer
' perhaps, and it would be too much to
ask me to go all by myself."
Lines appeared between Doctor
Paul's brows. At last the day had
come when he must give up the girl
who had taken a rare place among
those he held dearest. He noticed
with a quick sigh that Tony's eyes
deepened softly, and her red lips were
parted in a smile.
"It'll hurry up our marriage a lit.
tie," Philip continqed. "but--but-"
The sound of a chair scraping back
from the table broke off his state
"Then we'll adjourn and talk it
over," remarked Doctor John. "You
ask a mighty big thing, Phil, when
you demand our little girl without
Smore warning."
"Little girl." sneered Mrs. Curtis,
after the four had left the dining
room. It happened, much to her sur
I prise. that Doctor John sought her
out within the hour.
"Those children have won Paul and
me over. Sarah." he id a littleo
grimly. "They're going to be married
a week from today. It won't be much
trouble to prepare the house, will it?
You needn't make a fuss. It'll be
ap very quiet Teny can buy everything
she needs in New York on her honey.
her In the rage that overtook ner, Mra.
he Curtis wished the speaker dead at
ox- her feet.
o1 "The house isn't mine, Oousla -
John," she said maliedously. "but, of
re. course, I'll do what I can, although
te Katherine isn't at all welL I fear the
child is going to be ill."
o Doctor John found Katherine with
re her eyes dull and heavy, prescribed
Te for her, and, before leaving the room,
e, "Paul and I are going over to Syr
Ucase tomorrow afternoon to make a
rith few purchases, but we'll be back on
r. the night train. Stay in bed, Kthle,
until morning, and you'll be all
The moment he had disappeared,
Katherine sprang up.
"Tomorrow ;they're going away I
ing You heard, you heard, mother?" she
cer ried. "Now then, where's Beggle?"
"Darling," adviseld Mrs. Curthi,
agh moved to tsar by bher dauglhter's dis
tress, "I have a premonition! We'd
better not interfere at alL Oh, child.
tIf you could only get your mind r
that boy He isn't worthy of a love
Slike youres. We've got a nite home-
o "Nice bome " hurled back Kath
eine, wildly. "Ntice home a Look what
she's got ! Jaust think of her and then
theof me Oh, God, that such mlsery
could he in the world! i never for
give you, mamma, if you don't keep
your promise to mi."
"Don't say that, darling, dont,"
e groaned Mrs. Curtis. "I'll see your
brother, and who knows." she bright
that ened and smiled through her teamr;
"who knows but what that horrid girl
inat will be gtne by tomorrow night?"
(Continued next week).
ation -
aa If they keep on, the barbers will
and drive some one into inventing a safetl
olhair cutter.
i It's wonderful how straw hats ca
not- lide when the dealers put the skids
hoder them.
yt That threat to educate the cocknF,.
ilect out of London is a blomitd.
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d q The mesuito that blt moe at 0 ¶
tdats irls is lable tb die 0
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