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1 I -
Record 4
Warrants Faith
The reports of this bank
show progress and successful in
vestment. Strict adherence to the bank
ing laws, careful transaction of the
business and honest consideration of
our depositors' interests go to make
this institution a safe, substan
tial and reliable depository.
Our record justi
fies the faith of our
great number of
depositors and
insures protection.
Safe y-Honest -CourtesJy-Service
RESOURCES OVER $80,000,000
Oovernmnt Is Planning Severe Meas
ares to Repress Nuisance That is
Becoming Intolerable.
Some time ago the government of
Bombay appointed a committee to con
Older and formulate proposals for the
purpose of suggesting prctiecal mes*
cres whereby the ever-growing nuus
we of professional beggary might be
abolished. The committee has now
ampleted its Investigation and has
Issued a report.
The report shows that there are in
Bombay city alone 5,000 professional
bljgars, and the beggars In other
pafis bring the total for the presi
igAA to over 00,000. The general
i e of the committee are that
the must be Introduced at the earl
t opportunity an acet for the preven
dUe of professional beggary, which
1wi be applicable to the whole of the
adbhs sad fairs, It is suggested,
should be exempt from the operations
of the act, which it is proposed should
sbe beggnlag a cogaplable ofense.
Those who have visited Indla will
de btless recall with feelings of horror
the terrible sights they have witnessed
of beggars, mnay of them physical
wtscks and messring from loathsome
asse, seated about the roads a
udtag alms frem pagssersby.-Frao
a* Times of India.
War Mape for envelope.
Prem the Rd ross Bulletin of te
Brblrle states, pualbd at Risa:
"The shortage of paper has resulted
N maW novel masfts. One atof
these is the e of German and Rus
dl e.Sdal war maps as material foar
. rgs quantities of war maps of the
4 Slts. tim German taperial army
ta ~Batermet's western volunteer army
baoe eptured by the Letts since their
siyend -ce in November, 1918. They
' mid to private Interests, who
et varieties ato envelopes from
'1The paper is of excellent qoal
ewe atempt was made to remove
h m proper. The maps were s
feed sd cut to sse and glued.
Is very emveatet to open a letter
msl fd that the t ieet the envelope
- p o the a sttes at whih the
Phaae is bkr g men comfort 1a tn
shortage. Divorces are de
to Paris ad ether Preach
's' ree of the lack of houses
rMA la Sad sotaibe places is
as live lspt. dlarutlsd er
1 msan p-lc sae cempealag
bi aqnems sad eotilmasg to
m dMer the same root During the
mes safhe tof this year, 50
were psemmaced to Paris
eles bet tae ahes the stemtege oa
; sahs bees mob bea, fet,
the rtit hlt the amber at
ssee sctes has been faieg stead
I" msont SN Oe of apt
tell below ume theesand. ai
Gls agg itIs btYntd the saumbr
aS ae Mers soes- bmeed muah.
tsmiiwifsd te.
a atIUUt
Statlitics Show That British Factory Id
Employees Are at Their Best o
About Midweek.
- tit
What is the best workday in Amer o
eat? In England it is Thursday.
That is the finding of industrial re
sarch board investigators of that i,
country. The London Chronicle reports Q
that over a period of twenty weeks ti
the output was registered and a
"graphs" were made.
The workers gave their best on N
Wednesdays and Thursdays, but the l
output on Saturday was Invariably t
low. When doubled (to equalize time)
It is often less than 75 per cent of that a
on other days.
Another important conclusion was
that the skilled workman is much n
more regular in his output than the ,
worker not so well qualified. He does
not get the "tired Saturday feeling"
so Soon.
In some factories the output arises A
until Friday, but among the less skilled
workmen it was found that Thurs
day was the best working day.
An important consideration which
the investigators kept in mind was J
that of the atmospherie condition in
which work is done. Records of the g
air conditions have been taken with f
the output records.
In various plants the Saturday out
put was so low that employers found 0
it unprofitable to operate, so they
losed down. From this it would ap
pear that on a hailf day the worker t
does not give the average of a half
day efat production.-Richard 8pillane i
to the Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Prehistoro Grveayard Unearthed.
A prehistoric graveyard believed to P
be at least 2,000 years old has been
unearthed near Stargard West Pros
dla, by German investigators under
the direction of Professor Zakrewsk.
In one of the raves the excavators
found six black urns and one red urnam
with white stripes filled with day and
ashes. Among the remains were some
glittering substances which the inves. I
tigators believe once had been adorn
ments of prehistorie men and women.
United States of America, State of Lou.
islana, Parish of Orleas City of New Or
leans.. Be it known, That on this the
twenty-second day of the mouth of Jas
nary, in the year of our Lord, the one
thoeusnd, nine hundred and twenty-one,
sad of the Independence of the United
States of America the one hundred and
forty-Sfth, before me, Arthur A. Moreno,
a nosetary public, daly commissioned and
quallaed, in and for this city and the
Parish of Orhns, therein residing,
and is the presence of the herean
after named sad undersigned witaesses,
personally came and appeared the
following persaou whose names are
heree~to sebscribed, together with the
amount of their respective suabscriptions
to the capital steok of the corporation to
be frmed. who severally declare that.
avalllng themselves of the previaeoas of
the general laws of the State of lasto
iana relative to the organisatioa of cer
poratlode, they have qeessated and
agree, sad do by these presents eove
nant sad agree, and -bind and obligate
themealves, as well as such eother persoa
as may heref1ter become associated with
them or their seecelsers. to rm anad eon
tittite themselves into a corporatin and
body poltic In law, sad for the objects
sad ppe and ader the aeemeat
and stulatlons tllowlg, tf-wi :
ArTIcE I.-Ths name and title at this
eepereatlen shall be a a rehead. Wllmm
Compay, lae., sad by this same ad title
isaorportiea shall have power ens as
theeth to have sed seesis for
t I m ou f lnty-air lyears eni the
date heurt; to eaitraet, se ad ae seal;
to borrow meoey; Nt make anl aee its
Sipmeelaerv notem o other
• 0[den aem oade :; to cerat debt;
to make sad 'u a  erpsats seal; to pr
chase and receive, lease, bets sell and ee
vey, as welon as mUetag ass hye
property reL -er ad to
m e aad appoiat seb edteIrem
as the interest of Sui eaeM s to
qaire; to mahe and eeaNsh by-Mw
and r-les lses meanadu
meat and regslats ofa a  s my
be deemed eoes-ear, e - the *me to
Change, sller and mend at pleasuse
< L nt n.ha 4e i. the t ashNw Os.
Para of 0grm, One a
-.elLs 6
ug and cross-ties; and generally to do pr
tvery act and thing necessary or usually ti,
lone in connection with the business to th
be carried on by this company. by
ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this to
corporation shal be twenty-five thous- a
and ($25.000.00) dollars, divided into two lo
hundred and fifty (250) shares of the par I
value of one hundred ($100.00) dollars th
each, and may be increased to the sum It
at fifty thousand ($50.000.00) dollars. dl
vided into five hundred (500) shares of the co
par value of one hundred ($100.00) dol- 5u
ars each, and this corporation is to be
a going concern when one-half of the
apital stock has been subscribed and one
half of which subscription has been paid a
or. to
Each share of said stock shall be en
titled to one (1) vdte. either in person or
by proxy, at all general elections or meet
ings of the stockholders. iu
ARTICLE V.-No stockholder shall ever iIn
le held liable or responsible for the in- t3
debtedness, faults or deftauts of this cor- all
ioration. nor shall an.v mnere infratlity In
in the orgalizution of the corporation have ot
tihe effect of rendering the charter imIIl.
or of expos0.ng thel stockholde.rs to any li;t- a
tility beyond the unpaid balance, if anyi.
on their sulbscriptions. r
AltTI'I.E VI.--This corporation shall a
have all powe-rs granted to such corplora
lions by law and shall have the power to
contract, sue an;ld be sued in its icorporate
namie. and to owii, hold, receive. ian. ll t
li-as-. purllchase. sell and ,-onve or Inort SI
gage any and all of its reffects. or to hypo- I
thi-ate its Iproperty and to do liany and all d
ncits and things of any other kind. natur- fr
or description as iiy h. e n Iltssary to I
-arry out the olbjects and purplose-s of said
bulinltess. is its jlte-rests amnd coLIvellieni es 1iI
may require. 0
A\RTICLE VII. -The tbusiness of this ,
Icorporation .ishall lie directed bii and vel s t
id in a lard imf lirectors of three nieli- st
tiers. two of whom coinstitute a tuirnii
for the tranisition of mlns.iiess. anid tIhe sl
said 14uard of Iiir.ctors as first consti
tited shall he i'nil-posed of :lavid S.. or- :
dIon. laniiel I.. WVilliails and i.IGeorg,- E. t
'er-thanud. aind they shall hold ofice until
the lst Moitday in January. 19:t2. and on i
that day and onl the saine thereai:fter each i t
iear. eltctions shall he held for directoirs '
at lhe lrincilual oltie .of the iorporatioln ;I
anid the etlectiion shall he held eltveemn the
lhours of teni and twelve i. In.
Iirld S. I;orlon shall eI first pll sident d
if this .oriiportion; Daliniel It. 1'illiams. I
hall bie first vi,.e-lpreidiu nt anid George E.
iFerc-halud shall bte first secretary-treasurer. ii
and they shall hold office' until the last If
tlundsl in January. m ltts 1..
lilire to hold an eli- tton on the ilay r"
pteiCiied shall nIot dissolve the corllportion.
ibut the diretors shiall hold theuir respie - tI
tive orli'es until ant elem-tihn shall ie held
after thirty days nlottie of the time antd a
olat-ne thereof given to each stockholder. I
Iirictors illy act either in person or t
by proxy.
AlTIT'IE VIII. --Whenever this cor- It
porition is dissolved. either by limitation.
or foerorany other nSe. its affairs shall he ti
liquidated by the loard of IDirem-tors. who at
are hereby vested with full power to sell at
aiy or all assets of the corporatiou, either a
s:eparately or in a massn . and to convey s
full and compilete tith- thereto, and shall
have full power to do and performu all acts
neisessary "and proper to fully and comn- i
pletely liquidate the affairs anld distribute t
the proceeds. If any. among the stockhold
ers of the said corporaiion to the amount t
of stock held by each. oi
ARTII'LE IX.-Thits act of Incorporl - r
tion may be amended, altered and modified. I
or this corporation dissolved. in the man- It
ner provided by law. a
Thus dine and passed. In my notarial tt
office. in the City of New Orleans. on the p
day. month and year first above written. ii
in th- pIresence of Ruth M. Steller and Ii
iladys E. Rider, competent witnesses, who ft
hereunto sign their names, together with
the parties hereto and mne. Notary, after
a reading of the whole. I
(O1 ;INAl. SIGNED) :
ti. E. Ferchaud, 316 Whitney Bank lldgS..
New Orleans. La., 5 shares; Dt. It. Wil
liams. :106 Whitney Bank Bldg.. New Or
leans, La.. 55 shares; D1). 8. Gordon. per
4G. E. Ferchaud, 306 Whitney Bank Bldg.. I
New Orleans. La.. 12 shares. s
Witnesses: Ruth M. Seller. Gladys E.
Rider. ft
Notary Public.
A true and correct copy of the original
now on file and of record in my office.
Recorded In M. O. B. 1253, folio 82. of m
Orleans Parish. v
Notary Public. r
Feb. 24 to March 31. a
United States of America, State of Lou- 0
slansa, Parish of Orleans. Be it known
That on this 11th day of the mouth of
January in the year of our Lord, one
thousand, nine hundred and twenty-one,
and of the Independence tf the United
States of America. the one hundred and
forty-fifth (145th), Before me, Watts K.
Leverich, a notary public, duly commis
sioned and qualified in and for the afore
said Parish and State, and in the presence
of the witnesses hereinafter named and
undersigned, personally came and ap- t
e ared John E. Bouden, Jr., and C. W e
ox, Jr., herein appearing in their re
spective capacities of Chairman and Secre
tary of the meeting held on the 11th day
of January. 1921, of the stockholders of 1
the Whitney-Central Trust & Savings P
Bank, a corporation organised by nact be
sore Alexis Brian, notary public, on the
3rd day of July, 1901, recorded in the
Mortgage Ofee of the Parish of Orleas
in Book 912, folio 255, and amended by
a4t befog' Watts K. Leverich, notary
public, dated January 28, 1919, and re
cormded in the Mortgage Oee of Or
leans Parish in Book 1222, folio 7. And
the said John 3. Bouden, Jr., and the said
C. W. Fox, Jr., declared that at said I
meeting of the stockholders held at the
domicile of the said Bank in the City of
New Orleans, pursuant to due notice, and
according to law and the charter of the I
said Bank, all as will more fully appear
by reference to the certlafied copy of thea
proceedings of said meeting hereto an
nexed and made part hereof, it was voted a
by the unanimous vote of all the stock
holders and representantivs at the said
meeting, being the entire amount of out
standing capital stock of said Bank, to
amend Article V of the charter of said
Bank so as to make said Article here
iafter read as follows:
ARTICLE V.-The capital stock of this
banking assoeiation is hereby xed at one
million ($1,00,0A00.00) dollars, divided into
ten thousand (10,000) shares of the par
value of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each.
aid stock shall be irepre sented by cer
tificate of stock, aned by the President
and Cashier, and, in the absence of the
Piesident, by any ot the Vice-Presidents.
and shiall be trmaterable an the books edt
the company upon urre ader or ptoeft e
loss or deetruction of the outstanding ear
tificate.; and no stockholder shall be en
titled to voto on any sharee trasfarred
to him within twenty (ID) days preceding
the day upon which ho attempts to vote
And the smid apparers declared that
they appeasd bereor me, the undersigned
the end that the same mighlt be reorded
and established aeeording to law.
iThus done and pased at my olee la
the City e Nw s1a, on the da,
moanth and year er be rst wrttt,
in ti e nne~o W. W. Beaden 2nd.
Blee ennmptent wtesee, who
ave bersanto ubsrlb td names, to
gether with me, Rotar , a? th iIl ap
peares, after due resdlag of the wheb.
SWitnesses: W. W. Deaden, . liae
troa iary PubUthn
Ith ab o , ve and gn el Act a e
metd othl Vhtn- r Trued adl
aOrlaln. war eaf EL
A Deputr Deesdes.
saaawu iu , ame
es. Do ed i shthe 3a5 day
ct ' _ rmdJ bod
s Etl
~ J544 e
provisions of the laws of Louisiana, rela- itt
tive to the organization of corporations. at
they have covenanted and agreed. and do
by these presents covenant and agree, bind.
form and constitute themselves, as well In
as such other persons who may hereafter In
join or become associated with them into o0
a corporation and body politic in law for
the purposes and under the agreements be
and stipulations following, to-wit: of
ARTICLE I.-The name and title of this e
corporation shall be "Scott Brothers & j!
Surtees, Inc.," and under its corporate
name it shall have and enjoy existence i
and succession for the term of one hundred a
uears from this date. with all the rights, o
advantages and privileges granted by law
to corporations, including power to con- At
tract. sue and be sued in ijs corplorate
not: to nlake and use a corporate seal
and the sante to break and naler at pleas
ore-; to hold. receive, purchase, convey, a
mortgage. hypothecate and plelge proper- i
ty. real and ipersonal; to issue uonds. notes b,
and other obligations; to have and empinl in
tma;naigers. directors, oticers. agents and i
otlher emplllloyees as the- interests and con- st
Veniences of the corporation limaty require; 11t
anlid to tiake land establish such commnittees
n11,1 to rcreate sullch by-laws. rules and
r,-culations for thie corporate natnagenetlt i
and for control of thel at ffairs of tihe salid
corporttion as may be deemued necessary t"
antd expedient.
.1ltTIt'IE Il.--The doliciile of the cor- ti
poration shall lie the City if New Oirleans, l.
State of L.ouisiuna. Citationu and othelr
I-gail pirocess shaill lie served on tile l'reti- 2'l
dlient, or. in his albsencel or inability to act t
friom an11 caus-e whatisoever. upon a lice "'
liresident or thie et-.retary--Treasurer. st
A lTIt'l.E Ill.--Tihe objects and pur
poses of this c'orporation are to coniduct.
llmanagei- anld carry ont thle bulsiness of
naval architects, consulting engineers and o
surveyors. including the desl'ining: the i
supiervisiton of construction, reipair, rect- t'
stru.ctlio and salviing of vessels; to de- w
sign anid supervisea tle onlatruction, re- a
construction and repair of hlilp building o
yards., ship repllair yards and dry docks; sl
to investigate marine aciIdeintls atnd losses. r
aind to hold surveys and ilapprnisettents
andt to report thereon, and generrally to do,
any and ill ithings niessary and piroper
to atarry out the olbjects and plurlosea'
AIITI('I.E IV.-The cailpital stock of this
Ioriporalion shall lie five thousand dollars.
divided into one, lhunldredt slres of the
ipar vailue of tifty dollars eachi, all of whlih
aidl capJital stock shalll lie issued full paid
and non-assessabille. Tile capital stock mllay
lie inicrei-ased to fifty thousinnnd dollars. The
cllpital stock of this c-orporation is issued.
rceinilved and held under tile irrevocable t
agreetllent and contract entered into for
InllntUia protetitio n lanld advantage alnd as a tl
condition of this charter, that, iniasuch
as this uorploration is organi7ed for the "
uripose of taking advantage of the skill. I
tallenlt and ability of G. Norimain Scott and
Thlomas Ii. Scott, it is agreed between the
in.orloratoLrs and madle a condition of this
chiarter that all stock Issued or whicih maay C
hiereafter be issued under this charter, or 1i
any amendnment thereof. shall lie so issued o
ind held under an irrevocnble, contract and o
agreemenllt in favor of said persons, which
shall affect andi follow the said stock into
wihonoever's hands it may fall, that:
(1) No stock shall be sold or trans
ferred until an opportunity is first affordedt
the said (I. Norman Scott and Thomas II.
Scott to acquire the same in proportion to
their holdings, or by either of them should
one refrain from purchasing. at book value
establilshed on the inventory alnd trial
balance last preceding such sale and in
transfer, payable in cash. ninety days It
rafter written notice given to said persons (
through the Board of Directors of the cor- ti
poration. Failure to purchase within the h
delay aforesaid shall, by the mlere expira- d
tion of said time limit, release such stock A
from the effects of this provision. N
(2) All stock held by any person save n
that held by the Messrs. Scott shall be q
so held subject to the right of both or h
either of them to purchase the same at any it
time upon written notie accepting this a
option. payment to be made in cash on or c
before ninety days from said notice, at the t'
pirice fixed in the preceding paragraplh (1i t
of this Article, provided that if such action f
is taken hereunder, within thirty days be- c
fore any annual meeting, the holder shall
he entitled to receive in addition to said a
price any dividend declared at such annual I
meeting. d
(3) That in case of death of G. Nor- c
man Scott or Thomas D. Scott, the sur- s
vivor of them shall be entitled to arrange a
anilcably with the widow, heirs or legal c
replresentatives of the deceased for the u
acquisition of said stock, and failing to ,
agree said survivors of the decedent shall a
be entitled to offer the same to the sur- a
vivor aforesaid, at the price fixed in pars- c
graphs one and two hereof, payable, how- b
ever, one-third cash and the remainder at
one and two years credit, with 6 per cent .1
interest, with right to take up all or any a
portion of the credit portion at any time c
with interest to such date. That in de- d
fault of acceptapce of this offer, said de- t
cedent's survivors shall have the right to a
demand and to obtain the dissolution and I
liquidation of this corporation, any pro- ,
vision of this charter or of any law now
or hereafter existing to the contrary not- t
All certificates of stock of this corpora- a
tion shall bear in or on the same a refer
ence to this Article of the Charter in sub
stantially the following words:
"This certificate of stock is held sub
ject to the restrictions and limitations Im
posed by Article IV of the Charter of this I
And this shall be full and sufficient no
tice to all persons, and shall subject the
holders sad possessors of the said stock
to all the rights, limitations and restric
tions herein created.
.ARTICLE V.-AII the corporate powers
vested In this corporation by this charter
and by the law shall be exercised by the I
Board of Directors hereafter created. in
eluding the right to manage, control and
direct the affairs of the corporation, the
corporate policy, and to sell the corpora
tion or merge the same into another cor
poration, and to take In payment of any
asuch sale or merger, cash, bonds, notes or
Sstock of the purchasing or merging corpor
Iation, or of a new corporation. created for
the purpose, without tbe necessity of re
I ferring either or any of said acts to the
The said Board of Directors shall be
compoaed of three stockholders, who shall
be elected annually on the third Tuesday
of January of each year. The Brst Board
of Directora shall be composed of G. Nor
man Scott, Thomas D. Scott and John
Dart. with G. Norman Scott as
'Presldeat, Thomas D. Scott as Vice
President, and John Dart as Secre
tary-Treasaurer, and said Board shall
serve for one year and until their sac
cesmors are elected and qualifAed. iThe
Selectin of the Board of Directors shall
be preceded by written n·ete to t
stoekholder, deliveed to perose or ant
by ma to the address give in the cur
rent ty dlrto, unless the address
Sueh steetkllder shall have oen regis
Stered with the Secretary, sad in deftalt eo
0 either, care of aeral Delivery, New Or
leans. La. The eleetion shall be held at
at the oreo of the corporation at such hour
-I a may be axed by the incaabeat Beard
g of Dieoa ad under the aupervislon
a one, or more, commiso er apponeinted by
Sthe same. At ech electlon each stekhold
r shall be eatitled to one vote for each
n share of the capital stoek held by him,
sad the peroas riceilg the highest num
b' l er votes t at at eleet5em shll be
declared elected and the Beard et Direc
Store thus elected shall meet and orgls
s oseon after amid electlm as plb A
Smajority the whole Board hall comstL
tuate a qurm and any Dinrecter abent or
enable to attend may authorin a Direetr
p at r hit im by itte prox
l icd rt& J the crtary., and iwho all be
vested with all the powe~r ech abenatee
um cld eaelise it presat a persona.
All rmtie butnesm matters shall be
deded by the vorit te o the
querum preA s at eting, t et
Sw dn uarythig in thia charter or
Sthe law tO *e tary, a matter or
i thing afecti the noai poei, or
majority a nume and ia aemou t o
stck held by the individual members of
the wheao Beard eo Diretes, and prr
mInmte entries an Ie moad to sho ar
facts. At ite Iret meeting after election
o as esem themreefir as prticabik the
ard i iee ail elect a Pudent,
a Vice- s at d a ..etery' s..
o; thlainist eamed s; e ame a ho T
ne-estechhodwea, and thetwo * * may
b oeassaid or kat s oe eeral ea th
Be ard o Det ctf may Irse
ty semneat as th siiea, andft hay
2wC: L~
Itself, or at the call of the President and
at the request of any two stockholders.
ARTICLE VI.-The charter of this cor
poration may be amended and the caplital
Increased or decreased in the manner now
or hereafter provided by law.
ARTICLE VII.-This corporation may
be dissolved with the conse.nt of two-thirds
of the issued and outstanding capital stock
expressed at a mleeting called for that
purpose, or in any way permitted by law.
Up'on the dissolution of the corpororation, by
;imitation or otherwise, the stockholders
shall elect from among their number one
or more liquidators, and shall fix the
termls, conditionls and other provisions re
garding the liquidation.
ARTICLE VIII.-No stockholder shall
ever be held liable or responsible for thie
contracts or faults of this corporation in
any further surn than the unpaid balance
due this corporatiou on the shares owned
by him, nor shall any mere informality
in the organization have the effect of ren
dering this charter null or of ex\,osIou the.
stockholders to any liability beyond such
un paid balance.
.\RTI'I.E IX.-Wherever notlle is re
quired by law or by this charter the saml
msay be in writing, delivered il person or
sent to the last known address. as is Ire
srihed in Article V of this charter. and
twounty-four hours' notl i'e shall lie suitci
ent for all purposes, excelpt where other
wise prescribed, herein or by Ihw. Rnut
any and all notices required by law or by
this charter imay lie w:ilved by un:llanimus
consent of the Board of iDirectors or tihe
stockholders. as the cas.e tlay be. and such
w a iver shalli be ettered lon the tminuteI of
the smeeting to which they apply.
Thusl done and passed. In myv notarial
oth,e. inll the ity of New O)rle.ans. on thil
date aforesaid. In th e presence of louis
'. l;uidry and l.menry P. IDart. lcompentent
witneess. who have herelunto signed their
names withl the said parties, and they set
out their addresses and the number of
sharesl held by them, and lle. N.otary, after
reading of the whol,.
(IOriginal signed.) Thos. D. Sontt. 8o
lroalld t.. New York City. N. Y.. 41 shares:
;. Norman Scott. per TIhos. S. Seott. 2i2
IOakland Avenue. Stateln Island. N. Y.. 51
shlares: John llart. 9104 Canal Bank Blldg..
New Orleans. l.a., 1 share.
Witnesses: Louis C. Guldry. Itenry P.
Notary Public.
I. the undersignl. Recorder of Mort.
gages. In and for the Parilsh of Orleans.
State of L.otsiaLnn. do hereby certify that
the Act of Incorporation of the Scott Bros.
& Surtees. Inc.. was duly rnt'orded in my
othe a In iook 1246. FolIo 771. New Orleans.
Jan. 7. 11(21.
(Signed.) ROBIT.' SCOTT, Dy. Rec.
I certify that the foregoing copy of
Charter of Scott Brothers & Surtees. Inc.,
is a true and correct copy of the original
on tile in my notarial records, under date
of January 5. 1921.
January 31, 1921.
Notary Public.
Feb. 3-Meh. 10.
JAI.tUARiY 1, 1331.
'United States of America, State of Lou
isiana, Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
leans. Be it known, That on this fifteenth
(15th) day of the month of January. in
the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine
hundred and twenty-one, and of the In
dependence of the U nited States of
America. the one hundred and forty-fifth;
Before me. William John Hennessey, a
notary public, duly commissioned and
qualified, in and for the Parish of Orleans,
State of Louisiana. therein residing, and
in the presence of the witnesses, herein
after named and undersigned, personally
came and appeared Julius Bodenger, of
the full age of majority and . resident of
this city, and Richard J. Stenhouse, of the
full age of majority and a resident of this
Bald appearers acting herein respectively
as the President and Secretary of J.
Bodenger Incorporated, a corporation or
ganized under the laws of this State and
domiciled in this city. as per act of in
corporation passed before Robert E. O'Con
nor, notary public, on January 16th. 1920,
and recorded in the Mortgage Office of this
city in Book 1238, folio 315; acting herein
under and by virtue of a resolution of the
stockholders of said company, adopted at
a meeting held at its domicile in this city,
on December 20th, 1920; a duly certified
copy of said stockholders meeting being
hereto annexed for reference.
• Who mutually and severally declared:
That at a special meeting of the stock
holders of said corporation, which was
convened and held as aforesaid. on the 20th
day of December. 1920, according to law,
the following amendment to Article IV.
of the charter of said corporaties was
adopted by a unanimous vote of the
stockholders of said corporation, present
in person at said meeting, being all of
the stockholders of said corporation.
Article IV. of said charter was recast and
amended. so as to read as follows, to-wit:
ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of the
said corporation is hereby fixed at twenty
five thousand dollars ($25,000.00), divided
lato Ave hundred (500) shares of the pas
value of fifty dollars ($50.00) each. Said
stock or any part thereof may be issued
for cash, and in payment for the pur.
chase of patents and patent rights, and fo
property or machinery and materials act.
ually delivered, or services actually ren.
dored to this company. The Board o:
Dlirectors as hereinatter created is espe
cially authorised to dispose of the stoec
of this company, in whole or is part, foi
any and all of the purposes Sbove stated
as In its jndgment may seem fair an
Hary even carri
ma1es noiw
HENRY WAS "near." HIS STRONG coatlttarM.
IN OTHER words, tight CARRIED HENRY through.
" HE CARRIED two pack. ANQ DAY by dy.
OF CIGAREttES. HE GREW more ppulsa.
ONE FOR friend Henry. AND HENRY knew why.
FULL OF "Satiety ." FOR HE'S nobody's dummy.
AND THE other contanalin. AND NOWADAYS be not oaly.
JUST ONE cilarette. CARRIES THE cigarettes.
AND THAT lone cigarett THAT SATISFY.
WAS ALWAYS bfered. BUT FORCES 'em ao peolm
TO SMOKELESS friends GIVES AWAY packs do 'ea
AND REFUSED to take It HENRY COULD run r Mayr.
AND SOMEHOW Heuar. AND OGT away wnith I ow.
WAS NOT popular.
TILL ONE day by mistake,. IG E l 'indU t mdi tealat
*rfbr .r .nJ IG Introduce them tocbsss,6uI5
20 for 20 3et ,HE PULLED the fll pack. odd uae hyl
fo**d tn thi waodsrful TUrl Ll,
an tait-light package.. AND EVERYONE tell on It. mastic blend-a- smoke that by ear
Ai& eM.alas&Is in ed ** * parion seems way out of its pies
ulseatMwinmebd WITH LOUD cries of see. dima-and is. "Tey Satsfy?
The whole as will more fully appear by
the annexed certified copy of the minutes
of said stockholders meeting.
And the said appearers having re
quested me, Notary Public, to put said
amnendment in authentic form. I do by
these presents, receive said amendment in
form of this Public Act, to the end that
said amendment may be recorded and
promolgated. and thus be read, into the
aforesaid original charter.
Thus done and passed in my office, in
the City of New Orleans. on the day and
in the month and yeair tirst above written.
In the presence of Robert B. Andcrson and
Reuben A. Tansey, competent witneses,
I who hereunto sign their names with the
said appearers and me Notary, after due
reading of the whole.
J. BIOIlENGER. President.
It. J. STENIIHOUSE, Secretary.
Witnesses: Rtobt. B. Anderson, It. A.
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned, Recorder of Mort
gages, in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana. do hereby certitiy that
the Act of Amendment of the J. liodenger
Incorporated, was this day duly recorded
in mity office. in IBook 1253. folio -, New
Orleanls, January 1],th. 1_921.
A true copy.
New Orleans, La., Jan. 13th, 1921.
Notary Public.
Jan. 27-Mch. 3.
United States of America. State of Lou
islana. Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
leans; lie it known, That on this fourth
l:day of the mnonth of January. in the year
of our Lord, one thousand. nine hun
dred and twenty-one. and of the Independ
ence of the United States of America, the
one hundred and forty-fifth, before me,
Itenjanin Y. Wolf, a notary public, duly
commissioned and qualified in and for the
Parish of Orleans, and in the presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and un
dersignud, personally calrre and appeared,
the parties, whose names are hereunto sub
s ribed, all of full age, who declared that.
availing themselves of the provisions of
the laws of this State relative to corpora
tions. they have covenanted and agreed.
and by these presents covenant and agree
and bind themselves, as well as such other
persons, as may he-reafter become asso
ciated with them, to form and constitute
a corporation and body politic in law, for
the purposes and objects and under the
stipulations and artitlles following, to
ARTICLE I.-The name of this corpora
tion shall be Fraser Baking Co., Inc.
ARTICLE II.-The objects and purposes
of this corporation and the nature of the
business to be carried on by it, are de
clared to be:
(1) To carry on business as bakers,
confectioners and manufacturers of and
dealers in bread, flour, biscuits and
farinaceous compounds and materials of
every description.
(2) To manufacture, buy and sell, both
at retail and wholesale, bread, cakes,
pies, crackers, biscuits, pastry, ice cream
and other food products and all kinds of
pastry, breadstufas and other similar ar
ticles, Including the raw materials, in
gredients, conserves and preserves used in
connection with such manufacture and
And generally to do and engage in any
other business or enterprises connected
with and wrowing out of, germane or in
cidental to any of the purposes herein
above set out or contemplated by this
ARTICLE III.-The capital stock of the
said corporation shall be five thousand
dollars, divided into and represented by
fifty shares of the sum of one hundred
dollars each, payable in cash, property or
for services rendered. The capital stock
may be increased to twenty thousand dol
The corporation shall commence doing
business as soon as twenty-five hundred
dollars of the capital stock shall have
been subscribed and twenty-three hun
dred dollars of said amoant so saubsribed,
shall have been paid for.
Any stockholder may sell, assign or
transfer his stock in this corporation, pro
Caterlng to Those Who Delre
Dealing in FPacy FPrits and High Grade Comfections
Orders takes for
141 Delaroude St. Phe AlM . 511.
Next door to Y. W. C. A., between Baronne and Dryades Sts.
vided thirty days' noti~c such i ,
tion to sell, assign or transfer the ac
be given the complianI, andl other stk.
holders shall have the first privilege
pI:rchlasiun sakle. at hook value. af
which thirty das s' no,",., the said
may be, sold in the ol,.'n mnarket.
ARTICLE IV. The donliile of the -.
corloration shall b,. I. lt City o
O)rlanus, State of l.dll'. :i.!.
The P'r.sidentr. or in ht ahbsence .
ice-President. -ha'l"1 i, the r r. ,p. , tp
upon whom itation or othr legal p
shall Ibe served. Proe
This corporation unl., i - , onr dissolved
shall exijt anld .Int! io fIr lthi period of
ninety-nine )cars from and ai t ir the at.,
AIRTICLE: V.-All corprat, powers shall
hbe vested in1 a I:,:tr,i of ldire tors coi
posed of three stkl"kinhli r" . 'Tr Bo
of Iire'-tors l!I:l till n,'1 v. i. in their
nmnher, houwevyrra, br; . ,y )'l,''CtioDn ri
among the sto,kholders.
The first 1:oard of ilir.etnr- shall co.
sist of .\lexandher T. Fri- "r. who shall be
President. anl w, h1 ,ot--tLi, addres s
610 St. I'et.,r Strlt. Nw e%- rlals. Josep
Eighth Street. New lirleasr . .: , who shall
be Vi,,e-Pr,"silu, it, .t1-1 ital!h rowe Wwh e
post-office addr ess is *t;i .st PI'.tr Street,
who shuill be Secr.t:arv.yTralsirer
Said Itoard shall cn linue in otfice untal
January 2,. 1!2. oni whl.h idate,. and, there.
after. annu:llly, a loard of Iir, tors shall
I.e elected on the serlid dlay of January
of each year, unl,ss the une shall be a
legal holiday. whenii thet cltion shall e
held on the nlu.t b.."al day thereafter.
After each el.ctio;i the Board of Dire.
tors shall elc.t fron their nutmber the of.
flters of the copillayl.
The said Iloardl is further allthorized to
frame aind adopt suich b-1-laws, rules agd
reh.ulatios a ts lhe aff:irs and th le huslness
of the corporatlion ma:ly reqllire. and as it
lmay ildeIl il,*essary for the cunoductlag
ald nlnageluent the,.reof.
AITI'I.CLE VI.--This charter may bs
amended and the capital stock of this cor.
ploration may be inllreasel or de.reased,
or the corporation mlay be dissolved in the
manner and the method provided by law.
ARTI'I.E VII.--No stockholder shall
ever be held liable or respousible for the
contracts or faults of this onrlporation is
any further stunl than the unpaid balases
of the stock for which he has subscribed,
nor shall any mere informality in orgasi.
zation have the effet of rendering this
charter null or of exposing a stockholder
to any liability than as above provided.
ARTICLE VIII.-NWhenever this cor.
poration shall be dissolved, whether by
limitation or from any other cause, the
affairs thereof shall be liquidated by three
stockholders to be elected and quallled
in the manner provided by law. And they
shall continue in office until the again
of this corporation shall have been fully
settled and liquidated. In case of the
death of one of the liquldators, or his r.
fusal or inability to serve, the remainih
liluidators may themselves proceed wi
all the power and authority vested in the
full membership.
And the signers hereto declare that they
have affixed opposite their names, the
number of shares subscribed by them, ad
they declare this to be their subseripties
Thus done and passed at my notahll
office in the City of New Orleans, on the
day, month and year herein first abve
written in the presence of Hubert IL
Ansley and Henry Hart, competent wit.
nesses, of lawful age and residents MI
this city, who hereunto sign their names
with the said parties and me, Notary, afte
due reading of the whole.
Alexander T. Fraser, 17 shares; Ralph
Grose, 6 shares; Joseph Ulmer, 2 shares,
Witnesses: H. M. Ansley, Henry Hart.
Notary Public..
I, the undersigned, Recorder of Me-.
gages, in and for the Parish of Orlesal
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify the
the above and foregolong Act of lacorpo.
tlon of Fraser Baking Co., Inc., was
day duly recorded In my offce I Belk
1246, folio 770. New Orleans, January Sth,
A true copy.
Jan. 27-Mch. 3. Dy .

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