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5' -
- p.O 0. Cafiero entertained
oTr tbsay Afternoon Five Hun
SClub. The successful players
·pe >. J. Walter Adams, Mrs.
i an Mrs. L. F. Gisch, Mrs.
I s' (playing for Mrs. F.
-.., received the booby. The
S . eting will be at the home of
1 LF. OlsCh.
Sbe Ierl e LeBlane returned
S Loe in Port Arthur. Texas,.
Sinading awhile with her
Srs. J. B. Miller, of Pelican
Milton Salvo has returned to
me in Morgan City. La.
(r. sad Mrs. F. A. Johnson of
.erbvlille, have the sympathy
Stir many friends in the loss of
Dr baby girl, Muriel, aged thirteen
wlhose death occurred
3 iLesosa Cross has returned from
- Frances Haggerty. Mary
Iu , May Hauffe and Claire Cas
g opgat the week-end at Frank
), a.,with Sister Xavier.
it i with regret that the friends
- sl Frank Tingstrom of 909
Ave., will learn that he fell
Rake his arm last week while
qa , strength, Quality
w Free Copy of Recipes
D" emrlbin Scores of
ay . s to Serve
J. J. Gary Co.
j1 w Odeaas, La.
t 15as wa ie... a high
es eildng.
iS . n ej sad Hlia
e ý iPis. birthday and
," asetal eceal ea.
IS.1 lb i . UL
Phone Main
Tulmee Ave.,
at Breod St.
in Algires
You Do Your Spring
Q:-snSe YoA Our Prio-It Will Pay You
ast.s Harware-Dearer Board-Oi Cook stoves
armies, Ete.
im wM a '1pa Remieemees of the Past~
ITS! Eatabiiehed iIs
Mid behe Ib se Restaurant
C esar Bourbon and Bienville
Table D'Hote
11 to 1-1c Dinner 6 t5 0-4k
1h Mer fe 1d4s PrivatOe Dimn oeem
Dinumr 75c-12 M. to 9 P. M.
G ood Old French Cooking
ALNR, Prop. Phem Maim ,.
Chet St. Charles Hotel nad Elks Club
bet the best. bheeaa me ha New OI ls.
Lma" bs,- - aer the L.
aa or vmwe
-'a-' Co ",c ~
L a. . I I..e Isedi s I I I
Mantd e
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Petersen, of
709 Slidell Ave., have the sympathy
of their many friends in the'loss of
their infant son, Charles Theodore,
ae four months, whose death oc
curred Tuesday afternoon .
Sts. John Social Club will give a
dance on the Steamer Capitol April
Mrs. H. M. Vallette entertained
Capt. Burgis of the Allegheny last
evening at dinner.
Mr.and Mrs. Jos. Brooks return
ed to their home in Philadelphia,
Pa., after spending some time with
their daughter-im-law, Mrs. Lester
Mrs. J. P. Murphy and daughter,
Patricia, were guests of Mrs., J. E.
Huckins Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gregor of Dun
kirk, N. Y., have returned home
after spending awhile with Mr. and
Mrs. L. Waters of Lavergne street.'
Mrs. Hy. Acker entertained the
Thursday Night Club. Mrs. Cur
ren (playing for Miss Clairia Rich-I
ards) and * Miss Salome Kappler
were the successful players., Mrs.
Acker received the consolation prize.
Mrs. Yuratich will entertain next for
Mrs. Cognevich.
On Monday nigfit, Mr. and Mrs.
J. E. Huckins entertained at % sup-'
per in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jos.
Brooks of Philadelphia, Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, Mrs.
E. Galvin and Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Huckins and daughter Zelda.
Mr. B. Dugan of Slidell avenue,
left Saturday for Whitecastle to
spend a few months with his daugh
Mrs. J. Kinkaid spent a few days
in San Antonio, Tex., this week.
The style in Engraving changes like the
winds, and one must keep an ear close to
the ground to know Just the correct
thing in
Were posted as to the changes and as
sure perfect execution of work. prompt
ness and absolute correctness. Our repre.
sentative will call and submit samples.
- aes Qee
atp esoP
Mrs. Whalen and daughter, Mar
garet of St. Louis, Mo., who were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Felix An
corn of Opelousas avenue, have re
turned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Shm W4k4ns of
Berwick, La., are visiting relatives
Mrs. Alex Chotan of Baton Rouge
has taken up her residence at 316
Eliza street.
The Matrons Card Club will
meet next Tuesday at the home of
Mrs. A. Spencer of Alix street, on
Thursday, at the home of Mrs. C.
Abbott on Seguin street, and on Sat
urady at the home of Mn. E. Man
Miss Josle Cambre of Lakeview
will be the guest of Mrs. C. W.
The many friends of Mr. Ray
mond Nelson will regret to learn
that he was compelled to undergo
a second operation Tuesday at the
Hotel Dieu. They hope for a speedy
Mr. and' Mrs. Riordan and son
Jdhn of San Antonio, R'ex., were
called here last week by the death
of Miss Jennie McCauley.
There will be a special meeting of
St. Margaret's Daughters held
Thursday to make arrangements for
tag day. All members will please
Mr. Fred Luft of 527 Seguin St.,
announces the engagement and ap
proaching marriage ot- his daughter,
Alma, to Mr. Irvin Sutherland, the
wedding to take place Wednesday,
April 6th.
Mrs. J. W. Lennox is the guest
of her dqughter, Mrs. E. R. Turner,
of Houston, Texas.,
Dr. A. C. King has returned from
a visit to his brother in Tylertown,
Mrs. C. J. Worrell and baby ar
rived from. West Hoboken, N. J., to
spend several months with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Schroder.
Sts. John Social Club will give a
mabquenrade subscription dance it
Masoic Hall on Saturday, March
19th. Music will be furnished by
Jazs-A-Jass Orchestra.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred * John and
Master Fred John and Inez Hotard
returned Sunday froA. San Antonio,
Tex., where they were visiting Mrs.
P. P. Arnold, an aunt of Mrs. John.
Mrs. S. J. Boylan entertained the
MAtrons Club on Tuesday after
noon. The successful players were
Mrs. L. Brooks. Mrs. R. J. Williams
and Mrs. J. A. Garland (playing for
Mrs. E. Corbett). Mrs. Card (play
ing for Mrs. E. J. Mothe), received
the consolation. The next meeting
will be at the home of Mrs. L.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brooks en
tertaiBed at a farewell reception on
Sunday in hoqpr of Mr. and Mrs.
Jos. Brooks of Philadelphia, who
have been their guests for several
The house was prettily decorated
in pink and white.. Pictures of the
family were taken individually and
in groups. Refreshments were
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Jos. Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Tal
bot and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. De
Laup and family, Mr. and Mrs. S.
J. Boylan and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Jas. Talbot and family, Mrs. obt.
Talbot, Jr., and son, Mrs. H. Talbot,
Mr. and Mrs. eLster Brooks and
daughter, and Meers Seldon and
Wm. Talbot.
Pan-American Life Ilurnce Co.
FM 133 TB" URDWG 3UaD3MU 01. 1o90.
- r. DII_9.~~
ftr mlmd r
."i For v 65.000 0
UIM-;i .. ...... :::: iii 1 0.7".7! i .i
F or i Fm io- m.lt .
rl r- !SSIU r Y~O
lswn aid inin*Mm rar- YeWM Pad cm- 1
r( rlb".477."7 rot
l[ J· sti ! .ý b n oct· iat t in ; ar as t
·r1.67) ~o LMSA1SASi'
MiM LYa1... 368. T6 W di bms
i tr............. 01 40""175 lit tw 14A4.6
... pUJS7ANAY essw. .
minka .. 1.816.806.18 .t as Oak= 1 v
3m4Yu *t . " %0"e
13.786*0i ý to .. t~~ 186,4758.0
1114767. 4N.47.1361.
3.'.pl iiM r A3L ýAN 3"
Awmq UImhw ht Ia#
..&L LA w
w ·bo91' Nw ···t·· ~inm
United States Has Many That Are In.
expreesibly Dear to the Hearts
of the People
This old Plymouth church belongs
to the noble dead, to the living only
as trustees, but by way of preemi
nence it belongs to the generations
that are as yet unborn. Civilization
journeys forwalrd partly on books,
partly upon the memorial days of great
men, who are builders of the state,
upon organized laws and finally upon
historic buildings.
No one can fully value the Influence
of the Temple in Jerusalem upon the
Hebrew state. In, like manner the
Parthenon was like an Invisible teach
er, whose strong hands shaped the
plastic soul of the Greek race. There
are half a dozen buildings In Great
Britain, including Westminster abbey
and St. Paul's, and to take those
buildings out of England's life would
be like taking the intellect out of
man's body.
The people of the United States have
but a brief history, only three cen
turies, but they have Independence
hall, Mount Vernon, that shaft at Get
tysburg, Faneuil hall, Old South
church, Lincoln's house and shrine at
Springfield, and old Plymouth church,
I priceless shrines for the American peo
ple.-Newell Dwight Hillis.
Mexicans Are Great Walkers
There is a saying irr Europe that
the Spaniards are the champion walk
ers of the world, and certainly their
descendants In America, the Mexicans,
are the champions of the new world.
Three nights every week there is a
concierto in the main downtown plaza
in Monterey and nearly all the Amer
icans in town, including many big,
husky transients on the way to or
from Tampico. sit on- the park benches
and watch in wonder while the Mexi
i cans walk.
All the youngpeople In town, it ap
pears. Valk around and around and
around that plaza, the boys in. one
direction and the girls in the opposite
direction, while their parents and
chaperons and a few aged people
share the benches with the husky
Writer Insists No Man May Stand lN
the Light of His Wifes Demes
tie Ambitions
"Puzzled husband" writes us that
he is sorely tried by his wife's ambi
tion to bake the family bread, and
other things. His domestic affection
and spirit of chivalry will not permit
him to tell his wife the truth-that
the bread is almost as heavy as a pav
ing stone and quite as indigestible. So
he goes to work every morning with
a heavy heart and an even heavier
stomach, and is bedeviled with gripes
and abdominal pains all day, Greene
M. FarTey writes in the Seattle Post
Not only that, but his wife Is a con
stant reader of domestic sdcience de
partments and she uses him as an ex
periment station. This last week, he
says, he had biscauits that would do for
sinkers on a fish line and an angel
cake that could not be differentiated
from old putty. The heartrending fea
tare is that she asks him with a
bright smile how he likes It all, and be
cannot find It in his breast to tell the
truth about it; so he lies frankly and
All this is getting on his nerves and
on his stomach and on his conscience.
In the course of a little time he
feels his life Insurance is going to be
Should he tell her the truth, or
should be suffer in silence and let her
go ahead and collect the life inau
If life Is worth anything to him he
might conclude to tenl her the truth
and let her go ahead and procaure her
divorce. She might find a second hus
band with a cast4in digestive appa
ratus and the present husband ought
not to stand in them way of his wibs
areer a a domestle slntist. i
Dos as He's Told.
"herrde's ohe thing I'll say for him"
"What's that?"
*He has the courage ot his convitc
ties once his wifeta has made up his
mintd for him."
Although embroidered salts have
many rivals with less decoratlon, they
are well represented in spring dis
plays. Embroideries are in the color of
the sult, usually, with metal threads
introduced am-uuong tlhem.
The styles in spring coats may be
summed up broadly in the words
"soft fabrics" and "ample lines." Even
in utility coats there is a suggestion
ef the cape and mantle, and pile fab
rics, light in weight, but thick and
aft are used.
(. _
I o .* 0
I I I -4o ý
Who said rud was
eran*e rhhanfibtion?
"YOU'RE FIRED," said the editor. AND AFTER a briet
"UNLESS YOU can dig up. BUT TERRIFIC struggled
A LIVE story today." MADE THE pinch.
,o THE cub reporter. AND WHEN nterviewed.
DISAPPEARED FOR hours. BY OUR star reporter.
BUT WHEN he recovered. GAVE OUT this stamtelaa
FROM HIS trance, he had. "HE'S A loony. all right.
A STORY-here it is. THE ASYLUM says, by Reek.
OUR DEPUTY eoastabl. THE WORST they ever had
WAS WAKENED by the 'phime WHY THE poor uat.
AND A shrill voies cried. CLAIMS HE can nego,
"FOR THE love of Mike. THE SECRET blend.
BEAT IT here quick. OF THE cigarettes
IN THE cigar store." -t e ead can't be epied. t'
20 20 i THE LONG arm of the -both •arob tnd o-that
Stheother fellowcan'thtna Thatl
in Air-tight paeekaes. PUT ON his pants. why Chesterields satisfy " and
la ea*se bena S * tbha s why only Chesteroi.ds s e
i* 540. sru seaO SPED T0 the sm. "*satisfy.
o " M. To o O ,,
Lovely Furbelows of Ribbon
. ,s . .. f
E VERY year we are exhorted to be
gin our Christmas shopping early
and every year we make ourselves a
solemn promise to follow this nerve
sparing advice. And now along comes
a flock of lovely accessories made of
ribbons in anticipation of the holidays.
It is evident that ribbons, which have
always contributed gayety and other
delightful flavors to apparel, are about
to do more than ever before. The
new things made of them include fa
miliar articles in new Interpretations
and a few luxuries that are novelties.
The accessories shown here are select
ed because they are practical as well
as pretty and every dainty woman
takes such satisfaction in their own
ership that they make perfect gifts,
especially as they represent the work
of their donors.
Lingerie bows of narrow and of wid
er satin ribbon made in light tints are
provided with little gilt safety pins.
sewed to the back of the bow. so that
It can be easily taken off and put on.
or changed from one garment to anoth
er. Two of these bows appear at the
top of the group pictured, one of very
narrow ribbon and one of ribbon about
three inches wile. Wide and narrow
rIbbons are used on the breakfast cap
of silk lace and for making the cam
isoles. For these very wide and soft
satin ribbons are used, with narrow
widths and lace furnishing the trim
ming. On the lace-edged camisole
three tiny sachet bags appear suspend
ed from bows of narrow ribbons. Two
rosettes and an elastic girdle finish up
this small collection of furbelows. Flat
elastic has satin ribbon shirred to form
a frill at each side and sewed over it,
with a rosette made of the ribbon,.
blossoming out at each side. It is a
delight to work on these easily made
and lovely gifts.
(C. 1920. Westers NSewsepapr UsimabJ

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