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Holmes Serves Algiers
as It Does New Orleans.
A fast delivery service (trucks leave the store every day
at 2 o'clock) puts the Holmes store next door to every per
son living across the river from New Orleans.
Goods may be bought by mail or telephone. Orders re
ceived in the morning are sent out the same afternoon.
Shoppers from over the river, when they come to Holmes
are shown that splendid courtesy which has been the prime
factor in building this institution.
Whether you buy by mail, over the telephone or in per
son, Holmes welcomes you, and will serve.you well.
D. H. Holmes Co.
'~WMN,, LIMITED .. ''
-'4 15
. . ...... . . . .... ..
Donald Foster and Helen Menken In "THREE WISE FOOL" at
Tulame next week
Bearing the Broadway stamp of
emphatic, approval, "Three Wise
Iools," Austin Strong's delectable
Iamedy, comes to the Tulane thea
tie for the week starting Sunday
nlght. There will be matinees
Wednesday and Saturday.
Not only is it a play with a record
883 performances in New York, as
well as long engagements in Chica
o;, Philadelphia, Boston and other
U eaenters, but it comes here with
te original cast.
The title refers to three staid old
baehelors, prosperous and distin
gmlshed-a Judge, a physician and a
~aseer, who share one residence,
- old-fashioned home in Washing
Square, the stronghold once of
York's ultra-conservatives, and
vio. like the "Three Guardsmen" of
are "one for all and all for
SThese three old codgers have
diowed the procession of progress
by; they live in the old con
I rat of the preceding gea
each of the three having
love to the same girl and lost.
three live with her memory ever
as the one great event ot Helr
At her death, a daughter Is be.
for adoption to these old
and her advent into their
revelatloalsed their lives. To
more of the plot would be
detroat from many pleasant sur
In store.
"lhree Wise Pools' has three Im
elements to indorse it to
It was written by Aus
Streos, who already has a sum
et meritorious plays to his
It was produced by John
who Is also credited with
o" win i ts third year
roeadway, "Taru to the Right,"
Me,' and' other suesases;
will be seem here with the
eempany, which Include
tingkwater. Barry Da ve
NBward Gould. Helen MeNakes,
oster., Wallae ertune,
Vmeent, Miaaln*iealaley,
Gearry. arry Iigshton, sEar
lmeman, Herbert Saunders am
SW. i. .c . a ss-al
t a S giSt se -a d rsm.le
M P·pir - "th
The eight acts coming next Mon
day to inaugurate the new policy
are fortunate examples of what is
meant by a balanced diet of vaude
To begin with-there's two differ
ent kinds of headliners.
Bert Clark and Flavia Arcaro,
two of the most celebrated comico
musical entertainers in America.
Their act is a poem-gem in a setting
of fun. And Nobody other than
Corinne Tilton, you know, "The Chat
terbox Girl," in a ,colorful, musical,
beautiful fantasy, "A Chameleon
Revue." A bevy of sweet accom
plices will assist Miss Tilton.
The revue is just a little of "this"
and a bit of "that," with that well
adorned team, Benny and Weston, as
"This" and "That."
There's no argument about it
anyone who seeks this show and
doesn't fall in love with Elsie White
ought to see a love doctor and get
No bill would be complete without
a couple of nuts, and that's exactly
what Babcock & Dolly are. They're
the quintessence of nutness, and
their exhibition of their talents in
that direction is called "On the
"Merrymaking to the American
Theatre-Goers" is the trade of Blge
low & Clinton, another instance of
next week's variety.
Ed and Mack Williams are
brothers in talent. In their work
they have attained an almost unbe
lievable degree of perfection.
Paul Levan & Miller have a nov
elty act which would be spoiled if
too much were said about it.
For the new bill on Thursday
there comes something new in musi
cal revues. i is "The Shamrock
and Thistle Revue", which com
blhee the prettiness p Irish musc
with the gaiety of a Keltie Pine
Band. Rose Mara us eomedsne,
provides a wealth of huamo and
s-g and eighhttads and lassies keep
up the merriment to the satirrang
music of the bend. thet is mesh
special senery and the act, Is a
big oe.
Mllt Collns In "The Patriot", pro
ides as amusing mesmdl ge Mr.
Colliue is very tfnal at this sort of
thing and in his ofaet In aoms the
table he mere then a kes se*d.
!e uha aw"ri "we eS a int
as Ep Imothe M 4ee o
Two Ordinances Introduced Provide
For Commission , Form of Rule
Delegates Meeting Clear the
Decks Fur Action.
Baton Rouge, La.-Wlth organizra
ton perfected and a set of rules put
into effect, the Constitutional Conven.
tion has cleared its decks for the se
rious business for which it is called
into existence-that of writing a new
fundamental law for Louisiana.
Some of the big issues that con.
bront the delegates have begun to
show themselves. One of these is
parish goprnment reform. Two or8ai
nances on that subeJct were introduo
ed recently, one by Mr. Clinton of
Tensas and one by Mr. Hardtner of
LaSalle. Both ordinances provide for
commission government for parishes
and abolish police juries and school
boards. Mr. CUnton's ordinance fol
"All of the business affairs of the
seven parishes, including public
schools, shall be governed by a com
mission composed of three commis.
sloners, who shall be elected by the
duly qualiled electors of the partsh.
"The commissioners shall be known
as the commissioner of finance, the
ommissioser of public work and prop.
rt'y, andtae commslsioner of educa.
"They shall hold office for a term I
of four years sad shall receive for
their services such salary as may be
fixed by the General Assembly which
salary shall not be Increased or dimin
Ished durlng their term of office.
"The General Assembly shall, by p
propriate legislatisoo the quallfcar
tons, dutiee and compensation of the
commssiokems, wbkhi compensation
may be graded as between the various
perishes, sand shall apportion the cost
of maintaining the, commission be.
tween the perish and school board."
Mr. Hardtwer's ordinance provides:
"T'hat the management and conduct
of all parish affairs shall be aelegated
to three ommissioners, elected at
large from each parish, such as par
Ish, taxation, schools. roads, bridges,
drainage and assessments."
Introduction of these two ord
nances has preeipttated a ight at the
threshold of the convention. Mr.
Clinton and Mr. Hardtner have re
celved assrances of strong support
among the delegates and are tortyina
themselves for the attAck.
Prominent citisens of the countrq
were invited to address the Constito
tional Convention in rnsolutions intro
duooed by Mr. mBrke of Iberia, Mr. Bar
roe of IberviUl and Mrs. Wilkinson of
Caddo and adopted by the colnes
Those speified are aesoveros
Lwdea at nlDloIs, en the %ersiWn ol
state depaytments; Walker B. Bpean
ar of New Orleans ea reform of the
judiciary Thomas M. Millng sad; L 1
E. Thomas of Shreveport on taxation
and assesmsemts; idolpk Heoht and
IrE.Paul . Saunderm a nw Orleans
on bonds, taxation and Saules; P. M.
Mlner and arry amble 5 Now Oe
uas ad Senator Dnowng * DeSoto
on good roads, W. . Hart en constf
tutos making end Miss Martha Pl.
coner on the care of delinqent gtrls
Preeidet Bounehaud was given u
tbority to invite any others.
Adoitao at tn~e Brk resontesls
#bA eed a lsnai Gesb Mr. ames
dl be eveemas woulad have Ile,
1e tUbe at fts dsposal whise qwa
s the apOintment a eemm.sl s
onened - out tha km s hith.m
peedded tat th abesmes should be
detvemd durin the rees puedrs
numul wedens the stale are tbe
eg had Dorm i eppoete tho e
-a to ahbelk jusrnees e te peasm
end warm .stab.s t Member 51
the Comsuttonal c Cmvemi re"ei
ead a smemoal berm 1,300 JustIe of
he peae a ed costables protedt g
aJnst the pa et a ay ordianes
that would hae v e eoet O abollsbh a
la tese dsens. Msa·r o the 4sa1
sto the reatim noferla souerts md
M abtot eio 5 stireo e5-the lme
Wemwl1be requireid e y poll
so 1. uander en ordinancrse i n
onv eton r ecel by elewat - '
Arras oe math wrd, New oh
leans. IT would be a reqorr nen
kg hem to rote lm.eema iiional ies I
nles in a3s. After tat year the
me oa as rrer s seas -. as :
hemnt a an pa sea a a seculgle
i wah s wll nt s nesesser under'
Sa ureules 51 at erediansee lar.'
ee I the Cegimiena O aen n
Ues usntlyb y Mr. velearn be detI
Completel e·ruradn lag ab ethr 3
mnms, the puM er an fWs vlem
L m _tu g srLts. psonisess i
ru .i mogt hei .est14 gne
tie beleh Uh On.t.m dt . a
an extent that laughter takes the
thrill out of tihe wreodert·l tMans a
they deo. The NIppeo Due provide
some wonderl trikb s and fets a t
skill that have made them tes os
in Japan w er.m(h sits are brougt c
to perelent. *Theb M set that the
cldrei ae gels to love is thE
---e . 'lr ot i I.
-_ guest , o u tars odd
This pointed out by the convatwa
lion of the delegates lathe first week
of the convention. Everyone of them
has come to Baton Rouge with certain
fixed ideas of taxatlSda firmly lodged
in his or her mind.
Two Ideas appear paramount among
the delegates. One is that the rate
of taxation has reached Its limit. The
other is that more money is needed
for the government, both local and
state, to function properly.
The solution then lies in providlng
means for catching the t 41odgers
and also for the equalization of taxam
tion in order that each person or con
cern shall pay the fair share of taxes
due by them.
'"Uniformity and equality of taxa"
tion" is the theme uppermost in the
delegates' minds. This is taking the
form of a demandthat every anan pay
taxes in conformity with those paid by
his neighbor. Among the country
delegates there is a persistent stand
that the owner of idle cultivable land
shall be assessed the same value as
his hard working neighbor who keeps
his land in cultivation. With the city
* delegates there prevails the same
sentiment that a man who Is holding
property for speculative purposes and
not developing it in accord with
neighboring property shall be assess
ed on the same basis as his neigh'
The suggestion made by the spe
cial tax commission appointed by the
last Legislature to study tax reforms,
that an income tax be levied aroused
i wave of opposition. As the dele
gates arrived In Baton Rouge a week
ago for the opening of the constitu
tih1 they made no attempt to hide
their disapproval. The end of the
week, however, waq featured by a lee
sening of the opposition.
The tax commission's recommega
tions for an income tax received fur
ther back later when the Board of
I State Affairs in a report to Governor
Parker and the Constitutional Convena
tion urged the adoption of "an income
tax in lieu of our present tax on in
tangible and certain kinds of personal
Houma.-Recent statements of the
three banks in Hooum show those in.
stitutions to be in fluorshing coadi
Natchitoches.-J. J. Mtxon, demon
stratton agent, and Mrs. Willie Pier'
I ea, home demonstration agent, have
sent letters to all teachers in the
parish announclng that on the firat
day of the agricultural short courba
which will be, held at the Normal
Uchool in the month of August.
Natchitoches. - Instead of the
usual general clean-up day, Mayor T.
I. Poleman has issued a "clean-up
paint-up and keep-it-up" proclamation
It Is hoped Natchitoches soon will be
the cleanest town in the state.
United States of America. State of Lou
islana. Parish of Orleans. City of New
4Orleans. Be it known. That on this ninth
day of the month of March. in the year.
one thousand, nine hundred anettwenty
one, before me. John it. Upton. a -notary
public. in and for this City and the Parish
of Orleans. 8tate of Louisiana, therein re
siding, duly commissioned and qualetie1.
and In the- presence of the witnesses here
inafter named and undersigned, personally
came and appeared the several persons
whose names are hereunto subscribed, who
declared to me. Notary. that availing them
selves of the provisions of the laws of this
State relative to the organisation of Cer
iorations, and particularly to Act 2d of
1914. they have covenanted and agreed, and
by these presents do covenant and agree
for themselves, their successors and as
signs., to form themselves into a corpora
tion and body politic, for the objects and
purposes, and under the stipulations here
Inafter set forth, to-wit:
ARTICLE I.-The name sad title of this
corporation shall be J. 8. Waterman &
Company, inc., and under such title it
shall have dad enjoy succeassion and exist
ence for a period of ninety-nine years from
the date hereof, unless sooner dissolved;
it shall have power and authority to con
tract. sue and be sued; to make and use a
corporate seal, the same to alter and break
at pleasure; to have, hold, buy, sell, lease.
mortgage and hypothecate or pledge prop
erty. real, personal or mixed, necessary.
proper or incidental for the carrying on ef
its businesa, as well as to issue bonds or
notes secured by such mortgages;: to make
and issue notes and other certificatea of in
debtedaess; to name, elect and appoint
managers, directors, clerks and other em
ployes to properly conduct its corporate
business; to make such by-laws. rules and
regulations a may be necessary or found
desirable for the management of its busi
ness and affairs; and, generally, to do
every other act, matter or thing necessary
or desirable for the complete and proper
carrying out of said business, both in the
state of Louisiana, and elsewhere.
ARTICLE II.-The domicile of this cer
oration ahall be in the City of New Or
ans, Parish of Orleans, State of Louis.
lana. where all citations or other legal
process bshall ,be served qpon the Presi
dent, or in his abseace on the Vice-Presi
dent. and in the absence of both on the
ARTICLE III.-The objects anld par
purposes for which this corporat.oa is or
gaalnaed and the nature of the business to
be carried on by it are hereby declared
and stated to be:- To-bay, sell. deal is
general merchandise of every kind and
charaeter, and to do a general merchandise
and brokerage basiness, leludinr that of
bauynl sad selaling oe a comminl basis
and for itself; to do a general importing
and exporting busines both domestle and
freigs; to build, own, lease and operate
store-rooms or warehouses for the stor
age of merchandise, r old storage pur
peas; to store goo4s of all kinads in suI
store-reoms or warehos fhr istmte sad
others, and to make resenable charges
tor seavices i Storae a bheds: to Isu
receipts In ehanse fe ods ted, and
to dispoe of said goods for account of the
owners them e poun their falure to cm
ply with me condittons of ueeh storage
contract to make loans on goods staed
either li the tore-roeoms or warehouses
of the eorpuatisa or ethers: to Isue
tes d ther seusarte in the paehase
a eeds; to rpresenat ether as agent or
otherwse n the m.mo line or tsimilar lines
of bulneae; to act as mautactre agent
and reeive and sell gods on coni
meet; to acqre asn own stoek a ote
erporatlisa; and, sumofy, to do and
permrm any and all thngi eesesary or
oeniet to cary st sid objeets and
ARnTICLE IV.-The eapitsl stoek tof this
cerporatnis bIs hetr Oed at four hun
value of oei huded m0 o doelars
eeh; prtided, that the amount to whcldh
emircresd mha he em mllflnedolalore
**5,**oW) or tan thausand (IsW)
ler theumnd (4.I6) share, e four
th es lstock of ts corportion must
esbcrb b te sling a thelirtbl
,isar o nmcerloegsn Th bthscrsbed
apesta stoc of thin eeorpotie hanl be[
enal), soed-w n o r I lbuo and sre
lees reered and uermad. ,
o sockheidrer sall -o-m he hel lable
ma -,_.
~3P~ ~-I er~arho
lirs of the capital stock shall have been
subscribed. and four thousand (4000)
shares, or four hundred thousand ($400.
000.00 dollars of the capital stock shall
have been issued and paid in. in caslh.
property and good-will. If any stock of
this corporation is exchanged. either in
whole or in part. for property or good-will.
in that event the provisions of section 3
of Act 267 of 1914. shall be complied with
ARTICLE V.-All the copoprate powers
of this corporation shall he vested in and
exercised by a Board of Directors com,
eiposed of six stockholders. each of whom
shall own in his own right. during his
ternm o ooflfice, at least one full paid share
of stock. four (4) of whom shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of
The officers of this corporation shall coln
sist of a Plresident. Vice-President and
Manager. Secretary and Treasurer, all of
whom shall be members of the Board of
-iirectors. The offices of Secretary and
Treasurer may be combined in one and
the same person.
The following named persons shall con
Stitute the first Board of Directors. to
John S. Waterman. Sr.. No. 1ti t Diuflussat
St., New Orleans. l.a.. William Waterman.,
No. 1i507 Prytania St.. New Orlemps. La.:
John S. Waterman. Jr.. No. 232-9 Robert
St.. New cIrleains. La.: Oran 1'. Barillean.
No. 6 Stone St., New York. N. Y.; Albert
Tr.lugnler. No. 1141 Prytania St . New
(rl-an-. l.a.; William E. Mele. No. 371: N.
Itamlpart St.. New ((rl.ans. La.. all resi
denlt, of the C'ity of New t(rlelans. l.a.. ex
ce'pt n9t n C. ltarilleanu ls herelnablove
stated. adl dolniril.ed at the address-es
abose stated, with John S. Waterman. Sr..
Ias Plresid.nt: Williamn Wat.erman,. as Vice
Pr.side-nt and Maniager; Jlohn S. Water
nan. Jr.. a; Secretary. and Albert Tre
pIagulier. as Treasurer. and these officers
and dirtctors shall hold oflice until the
first Monday of January. 1922. or until
their succerssors are duly elected and quail
Thereafter the directors shall be elected
Annually oil the first .Monday oif January
of each year. and they shall elect their own
officers: all elections of directors shall be
by. ballot. and each s.tockholder shall be
entitled to one vote for each share of stock
standing in hils name on the books of this
corporation. this vote to be cast in person
or by written proxy. and it shall require
a majority of the stock present or repre
sented to elect. The directors shall have
the right to increase their number to nine.
Failure ta hold an election for direc
tors on the first Monday of January. 1922,
or annually thereafter, shall not work a
forfeiture of this charter, but the old
Roard of Directors shall remain in offce
until their successors are duly elected and
AItTII'LE TI.-The Board of Directors
shall hold regular meetings at such times
-as shall be fixed in the by-laws of this
corporation. but the President may call
:slecial meetings of the Board of Direc
tors at such times as he may deem advis
able. and be shall be required to call such
special meetings at the request of a mem
ber of the Board of IDirectors: Three days
written notice of such special meeting
:hall bie given to the directors, unless a
waiver of such notice is signed by the
Directors. Any vacancy occurring in the
Board of Directors. either from death,
resignation or inability to serve, shall be
filled by the remaining directors at its next
regular meeting after such vacancy shall
have otccurred. The first Board of Direc
tors of this corporation shall be required
io draft suitable by-laws for the govern.
ment of the corporation, which may be
altered. amended or changed as the exig
encies of the case may require.
ARTI(CLE VIL-The stock of this cor
poration may be transferred, provided.
-uich transfers shall be recorded on the
books of this corporation before it shall
be required to recognize the transfer, or
the new holder of the stock.
ARTICLE VIII.-The appearers hereby
declare that they have subscribed to the
following number of shares of the capital
:tock of this corporation, to-wit:
John 8. Waterman, Sr., Ng. 1666 Dufosaat
St.. New Orleans. La., nineteen hundred
and ninety-six (1996) shares; William Wa
termann. 1907 Prytania St.. New Orleans.
La.. Nineteen hundred and ninety-eight
(:1iS) shares; John Waterman, Jr., No.
2329 Robert St., New Orleans, La.. one (1)
:share; Oran C. Barlilleau. No. 6 Stone St..
New York. N. Y.. one (1) share; Albert
Trepagnler. No. 1141 Prytania St., New Or
leans. La.. one (1) share; William E. Mele,
No. 3715 N. Rampart St.. New Orleans, La.,
one (1) share; H. Cheotard Eustis. No. 1800
G;eneral Pershing St.. New Orleans, La..
one (1) share; Richard A. Tonry, No. 2430
Cleveland Ave., New Orleans, La., ohe
(1) share.
And the said subscriptions of John 8.
Waterman. Sr.. and William Waterman,
which together total,the sum of three hun
dred add nuiety--nine thousand, four hun
dred5 ($S40.400.00) dollars. or one hundred
and ninety-nine thousand six hundred
1990,600.00) dollars, or nineteen hundred
and ninety-six shares to John 8. Water
man. Sr.. and one hundred and ninety
nine thousAnd, eight hundred ($193,800.00)
dollars. or nineteen hon red and ninety
eight (1996) shares to William Watera, I
w:hich shall be fully paid for and settled
by them by the transfer of all the prop
erty and effects now owned and belonging
to the commercial co-partnership known
as J. 8. Waterman & Co., composed of
John 8. Waterman. 8r.. and Willhm Wa
terman an accurate detailed and Itemised,
statement and description of said prop
erty being hereto annexed to be read in
connection herewith, and the said property
was duly appraised by the Board of D3
rectors of this corporateion at the sum of
three hundred and ninety-nine thousand.
four hundred (309.400.00) dollars. The re
mainder of small subscriptions shall be
paid for in cash.
In the event that any stockholder de
sires to sell his stock, oj any part or por
tion thereof, he shall Brst offer same to
the remaining stockholders, In proportion
to their respective holdings at Its book
value. This offer ia to be made toappear
by letter addressed ti each stockholer at
his last known address, giving thirty days
option. At the expiration of which time,
the stockholder desiring to dinpee of his
stock, shall be at liberty to sell at what
ever price and to whom he may please.
ARTICLE IX.--This ehbarfr may be
mnodiled or altered,'the capital stock there
of increased or decreased, or the cor
poration may be dissolved with the assent
of two-thirds of the capital stock present
or repreanpted at any speilal meeting tof
the stockheolders held for that purpose,
arter prior notice in writing to each stock.
holder mailed to him at his last known
postoice address, all In accordance with
the terms of Act 267 of 3114.
RTICLE X.-At the expiration ·f this
charter. or the earlier dissolution of this
orporation for any ceause, its aairs shall
Sliquidated by one or more liqldatpra
to be elected by the stoekholders all of
whom sball hold stock in this eorporatioa,
w ay Bo .A
 rou ed by
Mt Doliar
Bill that'it is
o matter of ayinl
dollars ud
to do buulae
nwitwh us. Wo will
tell you how [email protected]
ean prolongl the wear of your
tires and ihen yo do have a
blow-out we will vuletani it 8as
vuleantinl should be dose. Our
texpertne only costs you the
actual time and material used
on the Job.
ipqrs hbteg udc
Eselao - rh
*iLAmes- 5 -eI
and said liquidators are hereby vested with
full power and authority to liquidate the
affairs of said corporation, with full pow
er to act under the terms of Section 30 of
Act 267 of 1914.
Thus done and passed at my aSflhe in
this City. of New Orleans, Louisiana. on
the day, month and year hereinabove first
written. in the pr.,ence of Nirma Kesntian
and Edme Fortier, competent witn.sse..
who hereunto signl their names, togeither
with the said appearers and me. Notary.
and the said appearers have also set op'
pIosite their nal.mes the nullner of share
subsleribed by them, all after due read
ing of the whole.
J. S. Waterman. nineteen hundred and
ninety-six t(ltti9) shares: Wm. Waterman.
nineteen hundred and ninety-right (191i)
shares: J. S. Waterman. Jr.. by Wm. Wa
terman. one (1) share; O. C. ltarilleau. by
Wm. Waterman. one (1) share; fly. '.
Eustis. one (i) share; Albert Trepagnier.
one (1) share; W. E. Mole. one (1) share;
I. A. Toary, one (1) share.
Witnesses: Nirma Keenan, Edmtee.For
Notary Public.
I. the undersignedl, Rteord-er of Moust
gages. in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisina. do hereby certify that
the salve and foregoing Act of lneorj,,ra
tilon of the J. S. Waterman & 'omlpany.
Int... was this day duly recorded in my
oflMie in ltook 125i. folio - , New Orleans,
Marcth 10, 1921.
IDy. Recorder.
A true copy.
Notary Public.
Mairch 17 to April 21.
United States of America. State of Louis
iana. Parish of Orleans. City of New Or.
leans. Ite it known. that on this 28th
day of the month of February. in the year
of our Lord one thousand nine hundred
and twenty-one. before me, John J. Reilley.
a Notary Public in and for the Parish of
Orleans. State of Louisiana, duly commis
sioned and qualified, and in the presence
of the witnesses hereinafter named and
undersigned. personally came and appeared
the several persons whose names are here
unto subscribed, who declared that availing
themsnelves of the laws in such cases made
and provided, and particularly Act 267 of
1914. they do by these presents form them.
selves and their associates into a corpora
tion, for the objects and purposes and un
der the stipulations hereinafter set forth.
which they adopt as their charter, to-wit:
ARTICLE I-The name of this corpora
tion -shall be the AUTOMATIC BOILER
such name it shall have power and author
ity to contract. sue and be sued, to have a
corporate seal, to hold, receive, purchase,
alienate, sell, mortgage, pledge, lease, and
hypotheeate property. real, personal or
mixed, to make and issue bonds, to bor
row and lend money, and to give the
aecessary security therefor; to make and
establish by-laws, rules and regulations for
the managment of its affairs as may be
deemed necessary and proper, and general
ly shall have and possess all the powers
rights, p.vileges and immunities which
corporations are and may hereafter be
authorised to possess under the Constitu
tion and laws of this State, and particular
ly Act 286 of 1914; it shall have power to
vest In its Board of Directors all of its
coroprate powers, subject only to such re
atrictions as may be named in this charter.
ARTICLE II-This corporation, unleas
sooner dissolved, shall exist and continue
for a period of ninety-nine years from and
after the date hereof. Its domicile shall
be in the City of New Orleans, where all
citations or other legal process shall be
served upon the President, or in his
absence on the Secretary of the company.
ARTICLE III-The objects and purposes
for which this corporation is organised,
and the business to be carried on by it,
are hereby declared to be: To manufac
ture an automatic boiler cleaner, for which
application has been made for Letters
Patent of the United States; to lease,
hypothecate or sell said automatic boiler
cleaner in this and foreign copatries, and
to that end to employ agents in the differ
ent states and in foreign countries for the
sale of said manufactured articles, and
generally to do and engage is any other
business connected with, growing out of,
germane or incidental to any of the par
poses herelnabove set forth or contemplated
by the charter.
ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of this
corporation is hereby axed at $100,000.00
divided Into 750 shares, at the par value
of $100.00 each, of common stock, and 250
shares, at the par value of $100.00 each, of
preferred stock, all of which stock shall
be paid for in cash, or labor done, or
property satually received. This corpora
tion shall have the right to commence
business when fifty per cent of its capital
stoek has been subscribed, and the right is
reserved to incresse its capital stock up
to the sum of $P00.00.00. All trauaserq
of stock shall be made on the books of the
company on the earrmeder of the oatstand
nlag certificate and pursuant to such rules
as the Board of Directors may prescribe.
M Wnia.. weia.ain..  sm .ran, a p. t
Offars the New.Yek O(meda Iit
By Austin Strong
10 Months in New York-- Months in Chicago
With thsuSne Perf.et Cast
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ATUDAT, Ma~h -Pan! Whits in "The Tfger's -Cub." Christy
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tit she 3 Nights 153*
' ' it
corporation shall i" d."I r I a dr t, .
paid to the et,. kh .li,. Tarl N
resliective h r ,. L k f 10 l -
the followhinr:; ,rr.r .It :
The holders a r.. t.rrid stokI
he entitled It, r.. : whl alnd
clared. fro I, b.,: , .r net np
the ,corporation r1", .s'ldends o at
per enllt. ipr aill, 'I In. more,pa
annually. oIl ,i . " "e tixed by .
laws. The : !1 ,,ll the Yl
stock afore -:il -i I. ","urnla i
shall lie pay'i:l'l i - V lltiildi d
ommon ~tOl k -. .I! and Iet 5psj
so that if. it. a  ivideuds a
ing to eight i..r , .I. _rt;il not bhte
pild thereon,, ti , i" ', shall b, b
able before t i . shall be
upon or set :.t. f, .. mmon
Whenever all , ., dlidends el l
preferred stock fr " , n lous year 1
have been d'cl:e r*,t :, I' -: hl havet
payable, and a i -:r the tompany -
have paid su,],h 't' dividen  
previous y.: r, ,,r , ..,ll have set
from its  irpltus . r ." 'rolits a sm e
clent for th,"o II.tu. :" 'hereof. the
of lireltr< an d.. r" fil'idends ea ti
.orntim, , ctockl "ti,:, l - I h .n or thr t
oult Tof ally ren.. a"tin ,:lrlus or ntPI
Th prfrrt -hall be noI-vOI
stck. ut shall ' " a first lie s
the prolp.rti i,-I :, ,t- and net -in '"
of th"e coplltl. T. right is tl.ia
reserved to r*. P*, treferred a
thi f'lill:tnV ,,r: ,m 1lndeud a k-d
$1% (t I' per h;tr. , r. iidine all 1diivid b
shall ha... been , ;.,- ii:.ranteed l
In the evet ., . lluldatieo or
solution or tl," w :img up, Rld
voluntary or i,.,, i .n . r. of the eo - .
tion the holdier. '" lreferred
shall be entitle b. ,,id in ful Io
the pa'r n:11it of t:i lr shares lad l
unpaid divid,ind,:I.' -'i I thereon. hefi
an:y lamount sha:ll "' 1- I1 t to the kplij
of the commolnloI t,,. I. iInd after the -
ennt to the hold-rs of the pref.erred a
of Its par alin.. n-l- ri.- unpaid accra
dividends thereon. t he r* : ininug assets a
funds shall be .II.i.I..i :'Iid paid to t
hahlders of the ' ,.tinor, to'k accordingi
their resp. 'tir. shar, .
AltTICI.; V --Ti. l tu.ness of this e.
poratlonl shall fIoe I. ..t ell and all e( at
corporate powers v,'-r.,'- in a Bestl I
three Directors. I ), oft 'hotsm ahalla.,
ititute a quetrlull fr the transacUtle
business*. to ,.. .l,, ted from amoag l
stockholders . ata Cmeeting called for II
purpose. The Iord of DIrectsor sld
elect from nmon thieir number a Prag.
dent, one Vice-presld.-,nt. a fecretary a
a Treasurer. the right being reserved s
combine the two last naired offices. Th
Beard of Directors shall have fall peat
and complete control of the busines tg.
fairs and property of this corporantU, a
they shall manage. conduct sad sse aB
same as in their discretion they msap ds
best, with power to appoint all agsa
clerks and employees and to fix thdr es
pensation. Any vacancy occurring oa ti
Board of Directors shall be ailed by te
remaining members of the Board for II
unexpired term.
ARTICLE VI-The first Beass
Directors of this corporatioa shall be me.
posed of the followipg named of1es.a: 1
B. Rennyson. President and Gang
Manager; Dr. A. O. Hoefeld, Viesm .
dent; Peter Alphonso, $ecretary.Trsea.
This Board shall serve nanl the lug
meeting of the stockholders for the dsdgg
of Directors, or until their sate.sems
elected, on the 15th day of Jsa
and annually thereafter. ADll
shall be by ballot and each e a Ie
votlng stock shall be entitled to ae 08
whether cast in person or by pregy.
ARTICLE VII-This charter may
changed, altered or amended, and th a,
poration may be dissolved or Bqasi d h
the method and manner pointed oe i
Act 267 of 1914.
ARTICLE VIII-No stockholde t
ever be held liable or responalblLe Ia r
contracts or faults of this corpe~ma I
any further sum than the unpaid h'
due the corporation on the shares l
by him, nor shall any mere -nfems
organisation have the effect of r
this charter null or exposing any Us.
holder to any liability beyond the amuIs
of his unpaid stock.
Thus done and pasred, in my asm t
the City of New Orlean s State ot -ldt
lama, in the presence of Jeseph A. asq
and Ben Hocke, compe t wlt
sidlng In tin ts city, who berenste
names with said appearers cad an s
after a due reading of the whel eta
day, month and year first abOwe Wlb.l
Original Signed. I.. emB. eal
Caroadelet, St.. one share; Pet~r
830 8t. Maurice St., one share; A.
fold. M. D.. 730 Audubon Bldg., is
Witnesses. Joe. A. Case , Bsa. '
JNO. . U
I, the undersigned, Recorder
gages In and for the Pariah at
tate of Louisiana, do hereby t
the above and foregoing chartes
Automatic Boiler Cleaner Comprg,
wqs this day duly recorded in my
in Book 1253. folio 243.
New Orleans, La., March Srt J
A true copy.
JNO. r.It
March 10 to April 14.

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