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.e. ph   Ia m . the a t Iet 8ie the River. "A very lve and w edtable weekly newspaper." -MAN-FACT ERS' RECORD.
-, . ,,, A .. . . .. . . . ,, . . . .. . . . . . . . .._.._. .. . .._ _..._.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .._ _. .
g1014NOB No. S. ol
s . spent the d with A/
-" Oake was here on Tues- o1
the height mn' '.ure of
Ma He was asited by
(-" fOfth and V. Ferguson. m
A Van Den Berg ha- been Ic
jisdr our new .Music super- o0
ofirst visit was made '
oLld y and she expressed e
IMR 1 every well pleased with at
ishe found in progress. The
wr u asUed over the orches- t,
M I b forming. We hope Miss fE
S erg will enjoy her work tt
.)srt1 Begue, a pupil of the si
ik gaie 3, presented the school ci
- -house made by himself. tl
S-ef sartlistic work displays ii
Tc Ilwtt of development and tl
62u oldom found in one sollc
3NOGfoO No. 5. je
iJs stic meeting of the tl
adb was held at the school
y afternoon. Plans for 1,
"y pTstival were discussed and
is med.
SMth is the date selected for
SpsdYal which will be held on
sLgrounds. An entertain-ý
l be gives by the children ai
aeslog will follow. Music
eI tlralshed by a well known b
sd the committees in chargea
a dolightful evening to those n
list of the committees w
gi lp the Herald next di
*o30P EIR. tr
.Lans 'is of the Depart- te
e AtteiMse5 paid us- two B
- g b past week.
Nan 'irlith and Vera
e( the Department of
Trallng, spent part of the e .
.with as last Tuesday. T
Os0Stive Club, through n
!r5. John Lusk, has
N rM tligs to all members, S
C-" fids of the school, to n
rUas eos "The Needs of
ýWM will be given at L
- FriMay afternoon,
R- 111. at t o'cloek, by asc
Sal PFederation of
Wis We hope that all I,
uS oSall themselves of
to .hear the ad
ledL that muck val
gloUs these lines 1
iy tests spell- E
whisk byve /u
416h ek daue the e- C
Sthe school, have
al to all pupils.
wre perteet durin t
Mis., Ruth eriague,
! Sutlvn, oGr
la M A r
Dkg C~atchw a bbt~ '
Paul Mainty
Visits Algiers
Paul H Maloney, Commissioner
of Public Utilities, was a visitor to
Algiers, Monday, spending an inter
esting hour and a half in the com
pany of Peter S. Lawton, chairman
of the Citizens Committee of Twenty
One en Ferry Matters. affecting Al
giers, and John R. Norman, also a
member of the committee. Mr. Ma
loney looked over the ferry landings
on both sides of the river at the Ca
nal street intersection and it was
explained to him by Messrs. Lawton
and Norman that the Algiehs people,
through the committee, are seeking
to have the company operating the
ferries restore the ferryhouse and
the two passenger gangways at the
head of Morgan street, along lines
similar to those existing before the
cave-in, with certain Changes that
the committee believes will be an
improvement over the conditions
that formerly existed. Mr. 'Ma
loney seemed to be impressed by
the information he obtained from
the Algiers comtnitteemen and it is
expected that his visit will be follow
ed by a visit by the city engineer for
the purpose of taking actual steps
towards the restoration of the ferry
Lawrence Doaks, negro, who shot
and killed another negro named
James Levin at Diana and Teche
streets on March 4, was arrested
by Serggant Oripps at Carondelet
and Common streets, Monday after
noon, where the Algiers police com
mander encountered the murderer,
'who had been at large since the
date of the crime. The killing was
due to jealousy over a woman.
trude Bommer, John Brechtel, Hor
tensia Beiber, Vera Lusk, Christine
Beiber, Alice Serpas, Grady Scott.
7 A-Marion Edgecombe, Charles
7 B-Iley Bergeron..
6 A-r-Arthemine Umbach, Irma
Vallette, Eleanor Steele, George
Tierney, Thelma Sutherland, Elea
nor Grundmeyer, Robert Williams.
5 A-Hilda Pfeiffer, Irma Dean
Simon, Ben Cantin, William Bom
5 B-Clemmie Smith, Marie
Louise Cantin, Lucille Aysien.
4 A-Lydia Campbe)l, Dixie Edge
combe, Mike Evola.
4 B-Lucien Esnard, Hillery
Mailhos, William Habrlghorst, John
Goodwyne, Floyd Guillot.
3 A-Marie Ory, Oreste Gaudin.
3 B-Beatrice Gondrella, Stella
Hourecard, .Ailne Hynes, Thelma
Alonho, Luana Dumesnil, Carl
Brechtel, Ludovic Cantin, Allan
Edgecombe, Edward Sutton, Gladys
2 A-Neil Maronge, Aldea Rogers,
Florence Eddy, Laura Fablin, Ma
tilda Richarfs, Wilbert Edgeeomhe,
Arthur Bandeau.
2 B-Melba Campbell, Louise Pu
jol, Gertrude Flansta.
Arithmete. '
Eighth Grade A-Chrisine Bieber,
Alice Serpas.
Eighth Grade I--Anptole Landry.
Seventh Grade A-Marion Edge
combe, Elmo Scott, Lorema Landry.
Sixth Grade A-Dan Milan, Elisa
beth. Costello, Virginia Solomon,
Joseph Travis, Jennie Scott, Thelma
Hints, William BSullivan, Amelia
Sixth Grade B-Ella Anderson,
Onida Este, Oll0e Newberry.
PFourth Grade B--Clemmie Smith.
Fourth Grade A-Lydia Campbell,
Mike Evola.
Fourth Grade B-Henrietta Smith,
WJilliam Habighorait, Anna Deubler,
Lucien Esnard, Aaron Edgecombe,
John Goodwyne, Floyd Guillot, Hil
lery Maihloe, Albert Gillespie.
Third Graoe ,A--Oreete Gaudia,
Roland Lsamere, Marie Ory, Hardle
Cot, Lloyd Coilette, Harold Wall,
Aiesn Milan, John Hammoad, Leonce
Third Grade B-AlMeI Hymes, Bea
trime Goadrella, Murletel Gallinshouase,
Thelmas Alonso, Carl roehtoel, Ldo
vie anatla, Alien Udgoeombe, Ed
ward Suttmna, Gady CrWat .
* I
The Fifth District Civic League th
members attended the luncheon be
given at the Elks Home by the City ne
Federation of Clubs. III
Mrs. Coleman, Federation Secre- tu
tary, read a report from every ward to
and the good work of the 15th Ward
League in securing the ambulance to
cross the river, the Child Welfare
Station, the Playground, cleaner
streets, and many other good things.
The object for which the Leagues!
are working are improvements in the
garbage system, gutters, sidewalks,
lights, bridges and enforcements of
city ordinances.
Mr. Morgan Hite gave a very in
tererting talk on housing conditions
and telling how they exist today, to
;ssure more building if they would
be exempt from taxation for some
few years.
The League will hold its next
meeting the first Monday in April.
Natchitoches.- .bneft ontertain
meat given at the Amusn Theater for
the Armenian fund netted $148.
N matitce-s.- rmers are venr
busy now prepartng their corn land
preparatory to planting the acrop I
the near tfturs
gammeas.--.. Wieds arilshea'
PWr Association will gave a luncheon
hors at the Oasl Hotel, to which ap
proimately W mag prominent in al
Iane a ladust~ wo Invited from
th ,parishes ot Teaglpaho. St. Hoel
as and Lvlmtoa. -
emius-Os nt oew road that hi
bing be it aI e Second Ward of
Terreboane perish along upper Bayou
Blues the coptiremto report that
gravel hes bees hid from Belle
rove plantation to what is known u
the Ellis easeway. The work ol
gradlng has been completed a far as
Southwestern plantation and with car
loads of gravel beitg received daily,
it is not expected that any delay will
be experienced 1n completing the
Natchitches.-Beginnisg the week
SJuly 4 of the summer f 18n1, Pro.
essor Ralph I Johnson, D Sc. of 01.
rard Colleg, Pennasylvani, will give
lectures, bold round tables, and co
dut clinics hers at the Normal Sea
amr School for Teachers
Natchitohe- Chamber ci
Commerce received a number ofd I
-oes reeatly from parism wishls
to purchase lad neer this oty or lots
withi the oiltr as, buildings nutt
Mer have been reamed here sad thes
as now in the course o eteoeructloa
r sO eettags to sUon pret
i-. ws-i and.ubtl has
ueseae he mildees winter in .
t er of yea Mederae touwsr
eare hq e v a-r n d darting e
Ili hieat of 1tbm . ata* i us
- emidered a meet severe d
I so r, as paerontiMe weather
spo.. d heAs a resmt all
1- - l of s heeiss are in a
IAA - br em es thana a
i, . swo flw W. a s aft r of v ss
rwer: M 54 T ardS
gAloe Tags snd. Meors, 3.
r u ah salh
The drive for the Eye, Ear, Nose ,
and Threat Hospital is meeting with I
success in our district.
Mrs. J. E .Huckins is captain for
this district and anyone who has not :
been personally solicited, but who
nevertheless feels that they would
like to help this most worthy insti- 1
tution, can send their contribution'
to Mrs. Huckins.
There is no more worthy insti
From all the accepted fashion centers they come to
.Mayer Israel's for your selection." Smart, chic suits vieing
with elaborate and, colorful frocks for your attention; tailored
and semi-tailored chapeaux; sweaters of brilliant hue and
sport's-wear galore: in 4hort any apparel that is new and be-
coming and that will add charm to the joyous Eastertide.
i An opportunity that permits
one of discriminating taste to ob
tain, at a most reasonable price,
" ta frock that will indeed grace the
occasion. Bouffant, straightline,
overskirt and bodice styles in
materials both beau
tiful and serviceable $35.UV
The Mayer Israel assort
ments from the quality houses
of Dunlap, Phipps, Gage, offer
models for your selection that
will be seen nowhere else in
town, both strictly and
AND NOW- tailored..$600 upward
Our original offering of these SPRING SWEATERS
splendid coats produced such as for ter
pat le thst oare N ew -Suits for eaaster Most attractive and comfort
out completely after the first two able for the cool mornings and
or three days. A subsequent ship- evenings of Spring. Fiber Silk
meat suffered the me fate and
from the calls that ave been com- 3 Sweaters, tuxedo models, in all
lng in, we feel sure that the new the new Spring col- 127 "
assortment to 12 pl7e5 on sate
Monday will be sold ut 10.50 Women and misses who insist upon apparel of superlative ors and fancy weaves.
almost immeiately ......... v... quality will and these suits peculiarly desirable. From the stand
sha l plate on display a compre- point of style, wor)manship and value, thby leave nothing to be Girls' Hats for Easter Wear
heasive showing of the famous added. Other splendid suits priced upward to 125.00.
A remarkable collection of
BRILLIANT BASHES them in the newest colors,
r -Theelcd- ~ Suits for Sport Wear of them are exclusive with
of the new spri focks has mtd S or S o t ear Mayer-Israel & Co. Prices
a demand for thes attractive girdles.
A wonderful variety of them--o
-n rpes, cotch Si 16.75 25.00 35.00 45.00 2.75 ad p ta o 12.75
colors that. are as bright and as
cheerfal as sprinl ttsf5.
Every suit reflects the style and cut so desirable for sport and
EXQUISITE! out-of-door wear. The materials are Jerseys, Knit Wool, Tweed ORIGINAL!
CHIFFON HOSIERY. Wool, in pleasing color combinations-- SPRING BLOUSE
ossamer-nfl e texture, of f - STYLES
rown fest adin the waste shades on
-a -'.r- me sa G irls Frocks for Easter tome of them are strictly or
eto correspond to the suit liaes for
to the MNster estoume. elsatoreg Sprilng while other are just as frilly
glend r afrom them and lever coneeptions of the best of Junior styles in new wash and lufy as it is possible to make
is indeed a very lew Pries fabri csor children from 2 to 16. Trimmings of ruffles, tucks, them. Styles for every taste and for
laces, ruehings, and many of them are finished with very smart every purpose and priced from-
NEW PLA SKIRTS o= st. ashes, .. rang.... ........ 3.50 upward 5.50 to 19.75
AT $10JO
Wen wMort hs ce ts
Wef s t tear d Ins mesea In
boZ te n so that as
N hnseUi fres n e t amra-w
markabg sew..
t. r _ . r19
tution in the city than the Senses
Hospital and it is the duty of our
citizens to extend all the aid pos
The following aldies are helping
Mrs. Huckins: Mrs. J. E. Koning.
Mrs. Sam Boylan, Mrs. Lester Brooks. v
Mrs. Lucelle Smith, Mrs. Armatige,
Mrs. R. Staples, Miss Anna Vander
linden, Miss Grace Ponti, Miss
Mamie Howard, Mrs. Eola Barry.,
Mrs. J. O, Hoffman, Mrs. Koetard,
Mrs. Geo. Hildebrand and others.
The Southern Pacific Lines in Lou
isiana and Texas served notice Tues
day on its unskilled employes and
i!s clerical and station frces that i
efftctive April 15 there will be a
return to the working conditions in
effect December 31. 1317.
The notice issued to the em
Louisiana and Texas Tues.ayv among
other things said:
"The existing working conditions
and rates of pay in classes of ser
\ice hereinafter described came into
effhct during a period of and imme
diately following the war solely on
account of the abnormal conditions
arising therefrom. The above named
companies hereby serve notice of
the nec-ssity and :herefore of their
A very delightful :ime was had
on last Saturday evening, March 12,
when little Grace Martinez entertain
i-d her friends at her home, the oc
casion being the ninth anniversary
of her birth. The house was beau
:ifully decorated for the occasion.
Dancing, music and games were
indulged in from 5 to 8 o'clock.
The little hostess was the recipient
of many handsome presents.
Those present were Ethel Ander
son, Catherine Siren. Laura Louise
Andry, Maragaret Brown, Irene Mc
Mlahon, Ruth Grand, Ursula Sirey,
Helen Charleville, Agnes O'Donnell,
Emily and Florence Whittenburg.
Fay Clark, Marion and Inez Stras
sel, Charlina Weber, Ruth Aycock.
Marguerite Aucoin, Helen Skelly.
Flossie May Heath, Agnes McCord,
Frances Labit, Lucille Ch-stnut, Elba
Oswald, Anita and Glenivius Casler
and Louise Krauss.
Intention to re-estalsin rulss iii
\%,,rking conditions Il)pprixi nati ng
I those in effect December 31, 1!#17,
and of their desire to negotiate aund
agre- Ilupon a revision of rat ;s 01
Spay which are just and reastonable
based on the following:
1. The scale of Wales paid 1to
similar kinds of work in other in
2. Ilelaiiin beotween wages and
- the cost of li\linc.
3. ttazards of employmni lt.
4. Training and skill required.
I 5. l)ercle e of respolnsibility.
s 6. Character and r.gul.ýrity of
I eniployiment.
f Request is therefore made fo"
r your conctlrrenoe inl the prop(sal
with respect tJ clas'iitioaialon and
rules outlined in the above effective
as of April 16. 1921, which rates
1 together with such rates a- miay be
agreed Ulpon in negotiations sh. t1I ho
- applied at various points and in vari
- ous classes of service on these lines.
In accordance with the provisiiins
- of section 401 of the transportation
act of 1920, conference to dic.uss
e the foregoing will be held at the
time and place hereinafter named:
t Maintenance of way employes or
their duly accredited representative
- at. Houston, Tex., room 808. South
e ern Pacific Building, 10 a. im., Mon
day, March 28, 1921.
Railway shop employes or their
I. duly accredited represelntutives ust
Houston, Tex., room 808, Southern
Pacific Building, 10 a. m., Wednes
, day, March 30, 1921.
Clerical and station employes or
I, their duly accredited representatives
a at Houston, Tex., room 808, South
r ern Pacific Building, 10 a m., Fri
.day, April 1. 1921.

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