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ease the four and one-half per cent contract t
.0 %n Telephone and Telegraph Com- $
,, h ge ae of Detroit vs. Railroad Commission
te p Teephone Company, decided April 10, U
th Su.m.e Court of the State of Michigan
- a~nroval the opinion of the Railroad
wsi~onth 0Michigan, concerning a similar con
tas follows:
.1b Lerican Telephone and Telegraph Com- t
i a large corporation, financed by the
of its own securities, and occupying the i
--,atve position to telephone companies of 1
,;it ewr states, is able with practicability to
esmrntan extensive laboratories and offices
a>r nul experiments are constantly bein
W jgnd to produce improvements and
--ik In the service. It employs engineers,
- - auditors and others whose services are
h dadI to telephone companies whose em
would be impossible to any of these
companies individually.
q ceot to any individual company of maintain
-s- staff of skilled assistants of like character
-rJMiqty would be prohibitive; yet under this
-g- t the Michigan State Telephone Com
. 4has the benefit of all these men do
SlrF in the way of improvements, refine
- ecoenomies in telephone facilities, service
a of operation. True, the results of the
uis and experiments of these men, once
e sachieved, may be given to many associated
, i55 as readily as to one, but that does not
Sthe value of them to any one of the associated
ieihigan State Telephone Company's securi
age taken and handled by the American
and Telegraph Company at uniformly low
S rates and without large discounts. This
is one the value and importance of which
kis bpossible to calculate.
'j effect of this arrangement is that the
CmP is given the benefit of the services
s most efficient engineers, accountants, traffic
m,  tLst lawyers, and others possible to secure.
are furnished with certain standard parts of
:It6- sets, which are kept in repair for
are aided in their financial matters
O 'se are services which the Company needs
Sms useful to it, insuring to the benefit of its
which if they could otherwise be had at
would not be obtained at any less cost
ader their contract with the American Tele
 Telr ph Company. It is apparent that
us-- ret receive the approval of the
*_ * * It follows, in the opinion of
that unless the contracts, between
M state Telephone Company and the
elsphone and Telegraph Company, under
emta facilities are furnished and certain
accounting and other services are ren
to Michigan State Telephone Company,
.bwt uI the Michigan State Telephone Company
+ j WeIlern Electric Company, under which
* agseant company purchases certain of its sup
aed masterials, amount to a fraud upon the
by eason of the price paid by the Michigan
l-,Ih e Company being excessive, then the
of the Michigan State Telephone
Sp. rsuance of these contracts, must
iel itimate and proper charges upon
- susM. It' was made to appear upon the
buoeee the Commission by Mr. Burch that
and terms at which the Western Electric
furnished property and facilities to the
State Telephone Company were very fav
that the facilities furnished by the Western
Cmpamny were a good standard, the world
g furnished an excellent basis for fixing
ease that has so far been decided by
aad courts, in all sections dt the
SINs, the four and a half per cent con
mists between the so-called "Bell Com
as well as many independent telephone com
al the American Telephone and Telegraph
hem been approved, either wholly or with
stess was laid in the argument on the
paid by the American Telephone and
Campany to the Cumberland Company
S.UfNgs handled partly over the lines of
igmman Telephone and Telegraph Company.
paid are in addition to a pro rate
. thM Cumberland Company of two mills
pm minute for the mileage used by the
Company's lines. These commissions
pat f making the connection on calls
at stations of the Cumberland Company.
Company owned the entire line
'ulsve only the rate for the toll message
i.sgmes handled, which would be approxi
mils per mile per minute. Inasmuch
smsethinl in addition to its usual
_ meU t be said that the payment of the
m in any way detrimental to the Cum
Louisiana business or the users
te revenues are greater by use of
Telephone and Telegraph Company's
At j the distanu than if i nt usdIt
eth entire distance. This entire sub
dmessed in the testimony of Aecount
us well as in the testimony of Mr.
he o the company. The Amercan
STelegrTaph Company operates only
-1  of toll linQe in Louisiana. We
in our former conclusion that the
"he American Telephone and Tele
is, under the present circumstances
bemeficial to the Cumberland Tele
ph Company ad of advantage
at b services in the State of lIoislana.
S sintract with the Western Electric
is ao contradiction in any ao the
entatanding fact, that by reason of
h Caberiland Telephone and Tee
i able to make great savings on the
State o nLouiana. True, the ae
ibut there is no dispute of the
s eontract enable the Ce
sad Telegraph Company t actnall
an mateial eeape thIe
in the competitive markets.
evidence that the Cuaberisa
d ph Cempany is at liberty
nl the open mariet whia
ae lower than those for which
m be obtained from the WVeStng
for Rate Makring
the property used and useful in the telephone
service in the State of Louisiana was $12188,947.7.
The present value of the property, that is, the cost
to reproduce the existing telephone system as a
whole, was shown to be something over $17,200,
We, therefore, used a figure far below the
reproduction cost of the property. We have like
wise used a valuation figure which is much less
than the present value of the property, less the
total reserve for deferred maintenance which
would be apportioned to the State of Louisiana,
inasmuch as the total reserve for deferred main
tenance for the entire system as of date October
31, 1920, was $7,820,205.00, only a portion of which
accrued within the state of Louisiana.
In addition, we have allowed nothing for fran
chise value, "going value", or other intangible as
sets, which frequently have been recognized by the
courts as property to be considered in establishing
fair values of public service properties.
In an endeavor to deal fairly with the publio
and the telephone company we have therefore dis.
counted, in the fullest measure, the telephone com
pany's figures, and accepted for rate making pur
poses at this time, the original cost of the actual
physical property, used by the public of Louislana,
disregarding its present value, or its reproduction
There are three theories of value for rte
making: (1) the investment theory which is the
original cost plus subsequent expenditures; (2) the
present value theory; (3) the cost of reproduction
In adopting the investment theory, we have
secured the lowest possible fair value of the prop
erty used and useful for the public, for it is un
disputed that properties built years ago could only
be reproduced today at a greatly advanced cost.
The cost of reproduction, new, less accrued
depreciation, of the telephone system in use and
useful to the public in the State of Louisiana, would
produce a much higher value than the actual average
investment value which we have used, and neces
sarily higher rates than we have authorized.
While no fixed rule has been laid down by the
courts to govern the decision of what amount shall
be allowed annually as an operating expense for
depreciation of any particular property, we are
constrained to accept the rate of 6.07 per cent, as
charged in this State as reasonable at the present
thne. A deduction from income for depreciation
must be provided from year to year out of the
annual earnings, and cannot be ignored for a long
priod and then capitalized. The annual allowance
or depreciation of telephone properties varies from
five per cent to ten per cent.
In our previous report and order we allowed a
depreciation charge to operating expense of $238,
620.96, which is based on the annual rate of depreci
ation ascertained in 1920, of 6.07 per cent. We have
given this subject further careful consideration and
we find nothing in the record to cause us to change
our opinion.
In so finding, we do not fix an arbitrary rate
as the amount to be allowed for depreciation; and
should future developments show the rates allowed
now to be too high, as new and more lasting prop
erties are installed, these figures will be subject to
revision, and rates may be affected by such revi
In again reviewing the evidence before us in
greater detail, we do -o in order that there may
be a definite and clear understanding of the issue as
presented, the consideration we have given to each
point of importance in the case and the conclusions
we reached on the record now before us.
All that we have said, however, is without
prejudice to any future proceedings in this or othe
cases now before us, or which may hereafter be
Our February 26, 1921, order, No. 2397, was
made after careful consideration, upon the basis of
a voluminous record. It is our opinion that the
order should stand pending further proceedings
now contemplated. Should subsequent developments
cause us to revise our findings, this will be done,
and if error is found we will require a prompt re
fund by the telephone company to all of its patrons
of any amount over and above what may be found
to be reasonable and just rates if a change in rates
is necessary after we have heard the additional
evidence which protestants have sought opportunity
to introduce.
The desirability of co.operation and the utmost
frankness between and from all parties is obvious.
We expect the case to proceed with mutual effort
on the part of all to bringm before the Commission
all facts that will aid in determining the compli
cated issues.'
Under the circumstances recited above, we are
a of the opinion and conclude that these proceedings
Sshould be re-opened for further hearing, our order
b of February 26, 1921, to remain in full force and
t effect pending such hearing, and decision thereon.
r. It is, therefore,
S ORDERED, That these proceedings are hereby
re re-opened for a period of not exceeding four months,
Sfor the taking of further tetimony. It is further,
ORDER ED, That the Cum ad Tlephe and
- Terah Com y be ad iti hiby, dirced and
ge dtoso k Its records, books ad asuents
that should our or o. .7, of data Feb t,ye,
1921, be modified or aNellof, proper rtis may
ti be promptly made to all users of teephone e
se-- ri of the differ~ee betwesn th rates
.... t efe_.ry28 0su rates a may
k be made effective after and inual delson
he ein. It is ftrther,
26, 1921, shall arean ull aond adf wt prd
S tete rvilems af this srde. t i ,
Te am aTae ,Ladn'  1W 'ft,
61 '~ ESU- rcrI·4' ApU1, W
CO., INC. ronne I
a1ge on
United States of Amerlica., State of :a11d -j
Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, City of New ly I,.in
I rleans. Be it knoiwn. that on this Thir- lure ki
tieth day of the lUoutti of March. in the hernia
year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and in part
twenty-one: before lie. tRudolph J. Wen- , nt. a
manin. a Notary Publici. culy oiiiiitilSiotil- ;iaIe
edl and qualifid in and for the Pari-h of contrat
O'rlIeans. State of Loui-sliana. therein r.il- ing to
perIll ir whtosU e tialtes are hereunll to sit tll of , al,
scribedl, who t.hl tred that availingii theia- ouit t
s-lves of the pirovisions of the laws of in prt
Louisiana, relatlive to the orgaTization of go J
corlporatiins and easpeially A-.t No. -h tliing
of the I;enerail Assetlllbly of the taite of l riall
Louislana. for the year 1914. tand laws ,r : r
ailtendlatory therlteof. they ihave foritieii F iiernt
aInd constituted a i.c-,rprtion. ior boily hri-n
politic in law. under the name and styli. ART
for the objeitsa atndl Ipurposes., and nudir this,
the stiplultions and conltditions following, M illion
to-wit: i; n
ARTICLE I.-The name am style of lllllndlr
this tcorporation shall Ib." *The iridge
Site Realty Co.. tnc.." and under its cor- Sal
i-rate naime it shaill ihavei existiie iiand nail 1
si.uri'e-sion for inety-tllllle year from sil iiti
dalte hereof. unlei- solioner dissolved-l : andt fix ed
shall stIe and be sued, adopi t and iu eni llll
by- law, adoptat seail, andi the anllle to pir mfe
ailter at its pleasllre. lnd have all ipowerns rie-ei-i
ionferre.d ly laiw upon iorplorations. Tlii
AltTITl.LE II.-The domicile of this cor- i'in-ler
porationt slhall be in the city of New Or- - ,
lean-. l.ouil niin. Citatiiion and other leg- ialpital
Ii pro-ess shall ie served on the P're--i wid ,
dent, or in his absencel+ on the Vice-Presi.- tal St
dent. oir in the alsentce of both on the i-re.lisi
Secretary-Treasurer. -ýri.seI
AItTIt'I.E IIl.-The capital stock of tllisir kill
cor llportion h:hall e Forty Thoul and ($4l.- liT
t00) Dollars, divided into and reiresent- of hi
ed by four hundred share's of the par of t
value of one Hlundred ($100.(i) IDollars cxzari i.
per share. which shalil be paid for in "iiitlio
iah. The stink imay Ie increased to e" ht".l
nte Hundred Thousand ($1(K.(t0.00i) 10l1- of sto
lars. the par value to he the saue as now Tiisib
fixed and sulh iltncreased capital shiall jurity
also Ibe paid for in lilshi. No stockholder titt il
shliall sell his sharesa without offering the atdiiie
samie. at the.ir book value. to the liBiard .All
of Itirit'tors fur a period of thirty days 4it, :t
by written notice.
ARtTICLE IV.-The objects ant plur- Irltnl
liposs. for which this ,orlorrltion 1s or
ganized. antd lnow deilaredl to Ie: Ti Not
ibuy, sell. lease, developt. improve. moirt- tick,
tainge. transfer, assign. Isse morrtgag tle flite i
Ibollnds on. re'eliv and liold real e'tate. anlid tal t "
other property. whetht r real. Itrsonal or t'1iti
mixed. and the implrovemenints theireon: to fifte
euinstr c('t, acquire, and contract to hlu ilat Ilt
IIhoulses, liildligs, canals, roads. streets-. of Ni
ditchles. sildewalks in antid on real est;tre 'i-i '
owned. Ieased, or rented; andt ginerally. rn.il
to deal in all kinds of real estate. both .It
imllprovd nd unilnprovd. andti to do all ptrat
things requisite or llt.cssa-ary and:l inciden- be aun
tal to suich objects aind purlioses. Morck
AIITICLE V -All the corpoirate powers if tith,
of thl.s irlporation shall ie vetted in aindI, tpr
exrlltedl Itv a hboard of directors ctupnlo'el tia.ijol
of three (3) stocikhulders to he elected at Any
a general nietling of stockholders to be tars
held ton theIi seond Ttuesday in March of shail
ea:Ich year. bieginnilng in 1!22. The boardi lirned
so elected shall at the same tinte. after A I
their el-4-tion, select from their numbnlter a allore
President. Vice-President and a Secretary- iprat
rreasur.-r. whose term of office shalll run eni-e
concurrently with that of the board. The then
following nalned persons shall constltutt their
the first board of directors, who shall elette
serve until the second Tuesday in March. The
112"2. or until their successors shall have first
been elected mnd qualified and who shall ter
also serve as oflficers until said election and Tltey
qualification, viz: iH. Preston Vinet. 819 Treas
Perdido St.. New Orleans. La.; Henry L. Se-re
Zander. 821 No. Rampart St.. New Or. may
leans. La.; James F. Turnbull. 340 Ba- Th
ronne St., New Orleans. l.a.; with said to til
H. Preston Vinet. as President; Henry L. office
Zender as Vice-President. James F. Turn- them
bull as Secretary-Treasurer. A ma- I ue
jority of said board shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business. tomar
The Board of Directors shall conduct the eomp
affairs of the corporation, and have all evre
powers generally conferred by law. All e
vacancies on the board of directors shall Th
he filled by the remaining directors, who well
shall also have power to dismiss any di- laws
rector. or officer at any time without no- and
tice except as herein provided. unt
AR ICLE VI.--Notice of all meetings bos
shall be given by mailing notice to the the
last address of the stockholder. or director r
to be notified, which address shall be poee
taken from the records of the corporation to ii
at least fifteen days prior to the date of tion
such meetings. pld
ARTICLE VII.-The dissolution of this tl
corporation shall be in accordance with any
Act 2517 of 1914. Ing
ARTICLE VIII.--This charter may be
amended, or altered by a vote of two- corp
thirds of the capital stock at any gen- tor
eral meeting of stockholders. t
Thus done and passed at my office, on Ippo
the day, month and year herein first proa
above written. In the presence of Anna for
Sentilles and A. Giffen Levy.. the under
signed competent witnesses, who hereunto or r
sign their names with the said appearers pora
and me, Notary. after reading of the
whole: said appearers signing and stating one
their addresses and number of shares sb-the
scribed for In conformity with the pro- Iall
visions of law. I the
Witnesses: Anna Sentilles, A. Gffen oa
(Original Signed) Henry L. Z ander. Al
821 North Rampart St., 84 shares; Jas. F. may
Iurnbull, 340 Baronne St.. .2 shares; H. am
P. Vlnet. 819 Perdldo St., 34 ahares. To- sole
tal 200 shares. crea
(Seal) law,
Notary Public. hay
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort. lire
gages. in and for the Parish of Orleans. him
State of Louisiana. do hereby certify that bt
the above and foregoihr ..ct of Incorpora. day
tion of the Bridge Site Realty Company. less
Inc.. was this day duly recorded in my in
office, in Book 1253. Folio 349. con]
New Orleans. March 31st, 1921. A
A true copy. tiot
ROBT. SCOTT, Dy. Ree. tit
Apr. 7-May 12. sha
United States of America, State of ms
Looiiana, Parish of Orleans, City of New and
Orleans. Be it known, that on this 1sth
day of the month of April, in the year at
of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred ,l
and twenty one and of the Independence ma
of the United States of America, the one c.,
hundred and forty-fifth; before me, Al- dat
fred Charles Rlammer, a Notary Public, in tio
and for the Parish of Orleans, State of e,
Louisiana. aforesaid, therein residing, fill
duly commisaloned, sworn and qualified, the
and in the presence of the witnesses here- cot
inafter named and undersigned; person- jo
ally came and appeared, the several per- cot
sons whose names are hereunto sub- fa
scribed, who to me severally declared that, hol
availing themselves of the laws of the tee
State of Louialana in such cases made and
provided, and particularly of the provia- A
ions of Act No. 267 of the Acts of the
General Assembly of the State of Loulis- c
lana, for the year 1014, as amended, they
have covenanted and agreed and do by pa
these presennts covenant and agree and b
baind themselves, as well as all such per
sons as may hereafter loin or become as- h
soedated with them, to constitute and un
form a corporation and body politic in H
law, for the objects and purposes and mu
under the articles and stlpulations herein
after set forth and expressed, which they sti
hereby adopt as the chartir oi this cor- tb
poration, to-wit: le
ARTICLE I.-The name and myle of this lI
corporation shall be "Hibornia Safe De- A
posdt Company, Iae.,"- and under it salid
corporate name it shall have and enjoy
corpornte existence and succesado for the m
all term and period of ainety-alne (96) b
ears for and after the date hereof; it e
shall have power and authority to con- b
traet, se and be seed, to make ad use a
corporate asaL and the same to alter and
break at pleasure; to hld, reeve, lease, 19
prchase and conavey, as well as mortgage
and hypothLcte, property, real, permal
and mixed, corpre a incorporeel; to
own and hold stolk sand bonds other ca
eorpotations; to name and appeoint suhr
maagers, agets, dinetors sad ofiers
as itsa busees, interest and convenene
may regu, and to make and establish P
as well asalteor and amend frem time to *
time, suchl by-ws, rise and relations t
for the proer govement el the aiffirl
eS sid copenrlatsn am be nseess.r
I IL-The demile l t this er
,.i , shallbe in the City o New Or-. tl
Sae at oLlsiana, and all elta
tsr ohr r e l process shall be served b
pon the Presiat emid crporntisn or, i
in the event of his ne, upon tho Vies I
Preibat th seel Pd In the asass et
both ed 5e upen the geesetary '
ARTICL lIL-The objoets st 0r*
p fr which this eepartie is stb
she the natre of the bokees to
he earrid on by Stiae hereby setered 9o
ed by ('arondclet. Grarier. Union and Itsa- lage
ronn+u Streets and having the entire front- St:ate
a:et. on C(ari.ndtclet Str,-et between Gracder the .1
and ij ion Streets. iupon whil.h is Ipresent safe
Iy It in er r. ted the ste.el and stone strtnl- duly
tare knlown or to b." known as the ill- Folio
hernia Think l'iildinii and to lie oci.pied \,
in part Iby Hibiernia Ihank & Trii-t 'oiin
n . of New i- rl.:In- . Loui-i:aiai. aind t,
i-ll tht"- ihlin tif . of aul id b. ildih e I
iontr oi:ni t and nill tother ntr;ts l-rti- .r
ins: to alid enn. tt-ir tion work: a nd. lin , ii
otii t -iii t rin h-r-it- , to a,'i li irei . ,i(i t fr
ArthIL I I. lim;ilitill :t and o erate Safety I ' it
tblpo-it 'ainltt uand i narlt for tihe .tor:i.i in Ir
if Itlia lri" :trir ot- th.r propeirty, to 1.a"." of II
out hund operatlr -aid hnilding in whole or tihers
ro do tind perform any and -all Hfi r".\.
things and to .'xerIise and enjoy any or i ,"_lI
all ribght. or -poserirr a nmay he pertinent
or i ritanlie toi the oijeti's and purpo A1 i
AlRTICIE IV--The Capital Stock of I.HA
thi corpioratlion is h.reby fir-ed at Thre -
Million mt,(.Na .tuNt.osto liollars, divided in
to and repr. "" (nted by thirty thousand
urO.rnust sharei of the ir avalue of otne i 1N
hundrtdl (IltOi) hdollars each. l..
Said -to.'k -hall Ih paid for in cash at stls.
"il'h time, in nlrh :llount+ mud afti r Ise t
. 'ch noti, e to the u),--rihers as nal y h." filar.
fietl by the ;,nard of ire.tors,. or th". rent:.
.;tots nitty he issued at not l"-s. thtiln ;IIo\,
par for lahor dtn1e or property acttuatlly mi-i
re.'i--,i- d by the corpoiration. ,.-i,..
Tisi crloriporation -hall Ieom a u giiin. :tidl
ioniierni a1nd bi.. :uitliorized to do Iusine-i - .tipl,
a- ,,own ai- lthe full auni lt of iti. u lthoriz ,-i Tlh
capital hall bhaye beenl s),. rih-d iand illre
paid for. Thi :;,tiouh t to whhi h the ('apti- al ili
ta Stocik of this ui.r porationt mniy l inl- tit.
cr:aledl -hall he the sum o.f Flive Mitli,, tie
S.. itA(INN .(MI i tltill r-. whicih said iln ..,t.,
crieased i lpitiil fnafy bie of one or more ;,i.,,,
kinds or . .ass.. of sI )1li. t hi-tl
r.\TILE V.-AiI tiIhe corporate power- .uors
of thi- i rporatlionl -hhall ii. vesNted in and Til:
exri i-ed by al ho:rd of lirnctors to t.. hr.l
-.onilposeld of .even i7) stockholiers to iet - p.or
eli't-i"d n.inualy at a renteraIi l tiin" u ii A\l
of .stockhoiler to lie hliiii on the se :.oil this
T"riesitiy in M'u-hii of ,'na'-f year. . iiii- T t
- jnirity of dir.-.tirs s-hall at all timet s ,to - iii
-itute a quoruml for thie ralustiol of ti il.
iii,l itt essi. dal
A% he s h el.tntiion .hall hii e held by l h1- siti
Il: -nl d co itll d :it the office o f thi, of
,orpoiration undir the ~uiervislon of tlhri"i pro
u'oinuni-ioier-. to lib aIpponted by the dlent
lIlrd of Ilirin tors. Ltry
Nlltie' of stl( h meetingr and of i all other .\I
.t.ockhoihl.rs" u ,i tings .hall be giis in ii for
the ifimannfer pre- cribeld by law, and is whlml i e
not o pirsc-ribed, thin written notice of it I
silih Inl i-u hall I " depos.ited t ,- ,lea t
fifte..n 1.i i day.s prior to the date of said: ' fri
m(eetinff int the I',st olffice in the 4 'i a
of No-.W trieais. oL-i te prplaid. iaddre-- ne is
edi ti eiah -stokhoilder at his last known ln
residenite or place of bhuins. IIand
At all snu'h elections and at all eor c:s I
parat. rill ..tin. every stockhollder shall Ipar
lie entited tlo one vote fir :each sharie of il r
-toi'k st:adinl in hi namle on the hliooks i
of the orporaation, to fe en iiby him in ni
pe -r.on oir iby hi written proxy. alid a i
majority of lsuh oties i ant shatll ielet hlre
Any ve 'iany oi urring among the dirn."- ',or
rsi iv death, ii resigtnation or otherwise. - liil
shall heip fill.d liy wttiun for the inesx- 
iired term by tlhe reimarn?ng dir,--tors. liO
.1 failure to i,-ti-t directors on the day vfor;
:la've Sapeified ishall not iissolve the r- to r I
-iiration, nor intgeir its corporate exist- I reet
i-nce and tlanageni.n0t, lnlt the direr-tor- gi-sts
then in offi-e shall remaain in office until ti o t
Stheir sut-essora shall have Ibeen dily j tll,
telrted and qualifiedi. affa
The Board of Dinrectors shall at theirI i
first meeting ilei't from their own num-i all
her a President and Vice-President. ,
They shall also elect a Secretary and a sar:
Treasurer or one person to act as both IPs
SSe.retary and Treasurer. either of whom :i
may or may not li members of the Board. Act
The Board of Directors may from time t
to time name and appoint all such other Tr
officers. agents or employees as may hi hi
deemed necessary for the purposes and sh'
n usiness of this corporation. The satThl hia
Board shall have the power to fix the sIh
- compensation and define the duties of the
every officer and employee and all offi- the
cers and etployees shall hold office and tho
employment at the pleasure of the Board. A
The Board may may make and establish. as poi
well as alter and amend any and all by- an
laws. rules and regulations necessary rot
and proper in its judgment for the con- mt
duct, support and management of the fotr
business and affairs of this corporation. le
rhe Board of Directors shall have full crs
1r power and authority to borrow money. to stn
execute mortgages and to create liens: Th
in to issue bonds notes and other obliga
lions, and to secure same by mortgage. 110
s pledge or otherwise: and generally. to do thi
h any and all things reasonable, convent- yes
ent and necessary for the proper carry- Fe
Sing on of the business and affairs of this
- corporation. i
At alt meetings of the Board of Diree- in
torr each director shall have the right to ll
appoint from amongst from amongst the directors a no
at proxy to t in his place and stead. The to
Board ma issue full paid shares of stock ho
for cash or in payment for labor done to
or property actually received by said cor- on
r poration.
be The Board may In its discretion create p
Sone or more committees to be composed p
of its own members, to which committees
the Board of Directors may grant any or
I all of its powers to be exercised during
the laterim between meetings of the r
eI ARTICLE VI.-This act of incorporatton
p. may be modified, changed. altered or m
. amended, or this corporation may be di- 0
. solved .or the capital stock may be in
creased or decreapsed in accordance with 1
law. at a meeting of stockholders called
for the purpose. after written notice shall
have been given to each atockholder. de- th
Slivered to him personally or mailed to el
Is him at the Post Offrei aedresa designated
at by him in writing, at least, fifteen (5) a
-. days prior to the day of the meeting un- m
less other notiek be preserlbed by law. p
tin which event notice shall be given in cc
conformity to law.
ARTICLE VII.-Whenever this corpora- ia
tion may be dissolved, either by limita- pl
tion or from any other cause, its affairs di
I shall be liquidated by three commissioners ,
- to be appointed from amongst the stock
Sholders at a general srrng of the stock
holdera convened for such purpose, of d
which meeting notice shall be given in the at
manner and time provided for satockhold
oer ar' mteetings by Artilee V of this charter.
and a majority of the rcapital stock of o
this corporation present and represented at
ar at anch meeting ahall be requisite to I
d elect. The said commissioners shall re- d
e main in office ntil the atfairs of this a
e corporation shall have been fully P11111
A- dated. In case of the death or resigns- o
i tion of one or more of said commlsasion- t
of era. the vacancy or vacancles shall be
Sfilled by the survivor or saurvLivors. In c
the event of any disagreement among sald
- commissioners, the action of the ma- r
n Jority shall control and prevail. said
commissioners shall hold all powers con- a
b ferred upon them by law or by the stock-.
at, holders at such meetlng, if not inconsi,- p
he tent with law. F
ad ARTIC LE VIT.-No atockhqller shall a
l ever be held liable or responsible for the I
ae contracts, faults or defaults of said cor
s poration In any further sum than the un
y paid bal ace due the corporatlion on
shares of stock owned by him, nor shalt
per any mere informality in organization
have the effect of rendering this charter
null or of exposing a steockholder to any
ltability beyond the unpaid amount re
ad mainting due on his stol a
sn ARTICLE IX.-The fotrowing shall con
hey stitute the first Board of Directora of
orthis corporation: C. P. ills, New Or
leans, La.; . W. Kllwo0rth. New Or
lens, La.; R. t Heeht, New Orleans, La.;
Alvin P. Howard. New Orleans, La.:
Adolph Kats. New Orleans, La.: Hugh
Mcloakey, New Orleas. La. R. W. Wil
mat. New Orlens. la.t and R. . Ikreeht
h shall be Presideat, Ha h MeCloskey shall
be Vice-President. P. . Ellsworth shalll
be Speretary, and Alvin P. Howard shall
be Tresursr.
The said Board of Directors shalt hold
ad ofice until the seesmi Tesday in March.
19W. or until their successors shall have
been daly elected sad quallJed.
go ARTICLE 1.-The subseribers to the
hen capital staek 1t this corporatleo and their
r (Name oSubsiberd Omitted.)
one The subserlbers hereto have written op
Sposit their respective nsames the lumber
a to et shares at capital stack in thin corpora
ios tion subscrIbe4 for by each of them, and
airs this Acitf Ineorpot ln d also nerve
Sas the orig ls erlil list of this
O. the City at New Orleans, e the da.
ea- month and year belein irst above writ
tied la the preseace t Win. P. Tutt and
or. Jacob F. BUes. esmpetent wttesesu, of
lawful age, both at tbla eity, who have
Sa t hereunto sigaed their names. together
with sant appanyoa l and e, m Netary, after
due reed eto the whole.
S155. AL C. KAMMhR.
gages, in and for the Paris-h of (Orle:n-. ,'":Tita:
Stlate of l.ouisiana. ,do h.-rely ..rtif.v thatt forte
the Act of Incorporatiuon of the 1li.erlnl
Safe Ilepl,,,it 'ollllr :ny. In... w\.t. thtis d|u 1. 11
duly r.e.orded' I i nlly offlt'-. in Ilook 1" to
F'oli. - . I r
New tOrleani. April 2'nd. 1P21 tI
Ilr:T. St' TT'. I . It,,'.
1 . I t ,, tu ni l. 1r -i. l. . N ,i t tr y l'. b li. . ,r l, r.'
her1. . ,rtit' twit tih, ,v, :ll f.,:, 'lt
i": L i r: t .e nd. -... - t " ..p) .f th. for "t,
\ , o f i t , o r l , -r a t i o n " " f I l i lb r i ia S .: ft . l I ,. "I +
p o A -i t ', ,.- y . I n1 . o n ti l . ; ln o f r ,r - r , -. r ! ,
it, tat (u -'li,' " . tog h ,rt t i'!l ' I , 'ti^' :.t. ` .,'h
itf th*" l.lputt. .. l,,,rd*'r o: 1.1,rtg., .l.~"' 8i
i'tert :R O t : )' (l L' tEO T Nd.
\W 'itu ." '- m y h in d :111.1 1. l o f ,i i.s e it .era l I
N Iw 4rlk . s. La., this 4th day of April. f,. Ill
1t-21. ,po,
(S.al) AT. C. . K.\\IlElt. a,. a
!ol;:ry Pluh' ,'. , hart,
Apr. 7- l:ty 12. .,1. :
tPORT (CO.. INC. i .
UNITED T.rT."1s ellF .A1I:1i4A.,
Sf.T'. 4 F LI4UIMI.AN.\A. PA l.1SIl Il
hiltl-:.\AN.s. ('ITY ll'.' 'I :W l: ( ltl.1:.\1N s. - ha
I.' it ktnown. that on thi4 -:".th ,t.v ..t
Mar hI . 1921. h. -for t . I l,,. I' 4dol t'hh J. in i.
1mann11 . i Noltary Public'. in anll l for hl,. \, ,
:h o\e ualh red l,.tri .h a ld -t.it.. ih ly .n ir
tii"sio ned 41and ti4:4iliti'ed. 4and41 inl l h' ' ,.r. ,
.I . i" .f llt ' w it1.4 . -' " h ri4,r in: f *-r uia' :ttill,. I
.: d -ud r.in d. peri nally r-ne ,n i, i4 i
'Thl*- .r , viral persons wVilo.e n il..44 aIr." I'r.l t
h.:Ireunto ull i ll4 bed1 .. l . t IIde.' ired th.i t - art'i
aiil~in tht.rm- '.li- 4of t4h4 tans. a: nd ,,rto- I .h.
•tituihnn of the Stat, t of l.oui-ian:l . r!,hl- 1 -h:
Cite to, lthe fur n:11 ions of corporation. and I 1 1:
. j.ellp :I1y o..f ."'t i 2i. of 1 rl144i4. nd tlil -4 St
4n4-lnd4It44e4lts ther.-of, thy id. heril,4yi frn.r t'.: o
thei'- el4. e \ . thei.r '- .4 i.4 t'. and w..- ''.
.ors. il4nto ,y orpo4rlIti"o 4 l44e.r the fo, low- Nl i
irk, t,.rlii' :44l4d .o4t lillo44 . whi. h t ,e." "'! I
he-rby :adopt 'as tli,ir :aril '4 s of ij,'or I,
.por:in,. or chartr I, to wit.: I. .
A tTII'L.F: I.- T.he na:t'e find -tyl-. ,f .lrd
thi4- -'r,'i r:Ition 4 ha4 ll It., IlII .F .- 11 1 - r
"l'lt.IIN l':P llO " 44s. INI'. - *n, iu4 i,],hr -a d 4 rb
n:l.4 -it . shall l,44 , 1orp,:-rat,. eXi-th4,'4 f1,,r t Ir
Idate-. Ih114hs, -.uilr -r dis-.,ll d: it-, lonili ihl.- \
.haill he int the it'iy of N.w lirl ians.. i' I:; , ,
oIf Illoui4ia,4 : and . itl ti.n and : 1i 1 4all ,iti '
prl.....ess. ':,all .e . -rt'... i 4p 4n 4h44 Pr-, -i- '
denlt. r. 1i I 'II a 4I,'4t'-.. upon the Secre i4a'4 l
tary of thi- corporation.
.llTl'Il.l.: II. Tifle ij-' 4441t and purl. .--
the r ature of thi e 1 i l-l ti' e to rI," rri. l I tr.
Soll Ity i, t. are hi+rhy dhe.lIrt'd to ho- T, '
4 14 4 ilr ,- ..11 l, 1 44- 1I1i-444 4 -rl4l44 4. - .- illl -4 4 44'
,\% It Ia4d .perat. * h .-ir.t-4 l - and h dro wiI
:lr l 4il 4i4l i for e.-4 ner1i4 al prpo4r: ll4t4--,: 44 . l it
4a - i 4,,'ri:I tran- li44 r4:4ti4,4i. 'hi ht 4- .*.i-ij-"
44In 4e ll-tt.'er. :1nail . and express h4 livery : I.4
S, l'1 ." in i:wriil :.l.v a ertihin l. Pihoto .r:.44hi
;me4 l 4illa4p4it4 g: to ow4 n :Int operate a ''.i1i" I.
:t 4i nl'. flor t.l. ,he l- of Iaie o '+nes andl- th4 .ir ,1
p I -art : to etn:age in4 :l ,ri:ll :ind a*4r l.ln4 ti-l I
i1 n-rlll tion. 44
i4 4'The sa.l v-44or:4ra tion shaltl - have power. -
to ' intrntw . l.e anld be su|ed; to m ak.t andli 011.1
44use a corporate 4seal, and the sa4 e t:o4
brell: or allter I4at pl4l.asur.-: to hold ini fe.
or otlhervive' re.vi. , hyp- thee:4 t', l pled-. .',
a:ll4 II pr.llperty, re;l and personal : n toi 1." 4
isio tlojks andt ho4n4 d therefor: to I-orr,.' ,i
iimoney d1 to is.iue note's or hfo ds th44 er4.'. "4
Ifor: to 4ti\ n stook in other corpoir.ati ri. I'L_.
-to n:a44e :and appo44 l1int 4tc4h managers. oZ', il n
-I rectr. . offi-,'rs anlid agents a4 s th4 intr i r
Se'.ts of the t aid corIporaton may retiuir. ,
II to establish .isuc.h hy-Lhws, rules and r.' n 1r
la tions for the plroper mn1 gemtent of thi cit
a'ffairs of this corporation. Ih nlmay 4 e4) I
r nl.lessry and proper. the same to alter at Ihe
pleasur,. and gene.rity. to Io nand perf.orm ,
all sllc h ts as may 4 l44 proper and n4e1 s a' i
Act 267 of 1r14. or the nmenlldment hereof. irt
AltTI('LE Ill.-The capital stock of this oh),
r corporation is herelly fixe, at the lsumi of tic
Ten Thousand Dollirs ($10.000.00), ill of fort
41 whic. shall be om44mon stoe.k. Said4 sto4k tie
Sshall lhe repLresented by four hundred (4(k014
I shares of a ipar value of twenty-five dl p1r,
!trs (-$23.00) each. the 4capital s4tok of1I
the corporation may tie increased to fifty h
:d thousand dollars ($50,000.00). an
r. ARTICLE IV.- All of the corporatl to .
4s powers of this corporation shall vest in nin
. and 4 e exe4r'ised by a Board of Directors. 1ha
y composed of not less than five (5) nor sue
an more than fifteen (15) stockholders of thi4s nt
e corporatiotn. The plresent number shall re
n. be five (5). This number may be in- hy
it creased by a majority vote of the capital l
to stock at any called or special meeting. ap
s; These directors shall be elected at a meet- I,4a
- ilng of the stockholders held for that lur- ,
. pose. at the domicile of the company. on ta
do the third Monday in February of each rul
i- year, beginning with the third Monday in of
%- February. 1922. notice of which meeting Ie
1s shall be given to each stockholder at least
fifteen (15) days prior to such meeting.
in a written or printed notice, either de
to livered personally or by depositing said at
I notice in the postoffice. properly Address.edt
he to the last known address of each stock
k holder, as shown by the ".ooks of the corL
ne poration, at least fifteen (15) days before
r. such meeting, with ipostage prepaid. foi
The first Board of Directors of this cor- bt
poration is hereby declared to be tom- in
ed posed of the following stockholders: an
S Ashton Hayward. 826 Common atreet. sh
or New Orleans, La.; John Dymond. Jr.. 1007 ta
iMaison Blanche Bldg.. New Orleans, Itr.: g
Chas. T. Madison. 1103 Canal Commercial tu
Bldg., New Orleans, La.; W. 8. R. BIea. mn
0 522 Union Street. New Orleans. La.; Ray -
or mond P. Applegate, 717 Iberville St., New j.
i* Orleans, La.; and they shall hold their ,.r
n- office until the third Monday of February.
th 1922. ald until their asuecessors are eleited ,a
e anId qualified. The Board of Directors of m
all this cotrporation shall immedIately aft-er lt
-their eloection and qualifiration for offine p4
to elect from their number a President. and 1,
led a Vice-President, and they shall elect a oh
5) Secretary and Treasurer who need not be
In members .of the Board of Directors. Thie ,,
4W President shall be General Manager of the
in corporation. or
The first President of this corporation (t
ra- as hereby declared to be Raymond P. Ai. t
tl- legate; the firat Vle-President is hereby co
Ira deelared to be John lymond, Jr.; the first
rae eretary of this corporatIon i hereby de- th
ek- lared to be Francis L. White; the first .
k- rreasurer of this corporation Is hereby
of de.lared to be William H. Morgan. who 4r
he shall hold their offices until the third Mlon- or
1- day of February, 1922. and until their ant- I
r. cessors are elected and qualifed, except th. or
o office of Treasurer and Secretary. which
ted shall be removable at the pleasure of the p.
to toard of l)irectors. A failure to elect 0
re- directors or officers on the date herein
hIs stated shall not affect the legality of thIs :
o111- crporation or the acts of the corporate m"
a officers, and such offIleers shall continue i
h- to act until their sucessors are el,.ted
be and qualified at a meeting to be peciall
In called after notle as hereinabove provided.
ad Each stockholder shall be entitled to on-e
a- vote for each share of stock appearing in h
hld his name on the books of the corporation. u
on- and there shall be no cumulative voting. I
ek. The director of th ororrtion shall i.e
ala- permitted to execute, in writing, their ,.
proxy to any other stockholder to acrt for
hall said absent director at any meeting of the
the Board of Ibirectora of the coraoration.
or- ARTICLE V.-No stockholder shall ever h
- be held liable or responsible for the con e
0n tracts or faults of this corporation in any n
hall further sm than the unpaid portion of
i hon l submaribed stock, nor shall any mert a
rter formality nl organiation have the effe't 4
ay of rendering this charter null or exposing a
re- a stokholder to any liability other than
as above provided.
On- ARTICLE VI.-This charter may be
Samended, the capital stock increaset d or
Or decreased, or thli corporation dissolved in
Or- accordance with the provisons of Act 2T
a. of the Legislature of the lState of louisi
a: an for the year 1914, and any amendment
agh thereto.
Thus done and passed, at my notarial
all offke, at New Orleans. La.. in the pres
hall ence of A. Offen Levy acr d Gertrde P.
shall Wood, competent witnese, o the day
and date herelinabove written, after due
horeading of the whole, the subscrlbers to
rch this corporatIon hereby affixing after their
'hv nauea the amount of stock rpectively
subscribedi for by each of them, sal they
hereby declare this to coastitute their
the stock subscription list:
heir John Dqmond, Jr.. 10017 Maison Blanche
BMg., New Orlensa, La., ten (10) shares:
Wi~llim 8. R. Besue, 82 Union St., New
b Orleas, La.. eight (8) shares; W. H. Mor
gan, 841 Birch St., one (1) share; I. P.
Applegste. 717 Ibervlfle St., ten (10)
a shares; Chss. T. Madlmoa. 5114 Pitt St..
sve (5) shares; A. A. Harmeyer, 8100 St.
Charles Ave., one (1) sharen; mile Well,
iS Whitney BMd., eigt (8) shares: Robt.
H. True Co., Ltd., fiP Bleuville St.. eight
(8) usres: Rebt. H. Ruases, 421 Caron
hare A. GOIen Levy, Gertrude P. Wood.
after Notary Public.
Parish ot Orlesns.
weirth thethIer earta t th eulS detior
4 el' 0 thea I stek et mid coi -
,'* ital h,,, k of ;it 1orporr nii,, , rail
fortl be1ilLng a- follo.' , to \it.
.No e4r0 .1 i1-. 1.a . 1'21.
I. th- Uih. ri-i un ,, di, h, r,.,\ -u- % I
to . .h:r,. ,f thI h pr  ;,, t .\".r".
"Tr' r t 1-,,r f l',,.. I .. I t I 1' r 1 ..- i . .,1
trt ll - 'rT lt I st+. 1 * lI r- l" r r - r
S I.' 111 . 1 . ,. ' , I . , I l .
,I, l . .... I t: ! I ,. , h .l t. 1t v. . I
f Wr i ll If l lir ' l. ti . hi ", . (l '. r
I . l ,! ..1J. , It" ' , . - ~I 'U T I,,,w -,
h.". i , I - . :-. 1 h. .. I 1 .
+, I I. II:.L l t :.l 0 <
.h l I o | IF ," , r.l \ hat . l,- r4.; ,
i po t ll - I, .-n. t ,l fn > ,-l t .-" r"
iiL. a t . ti ,' " ' t: , II:r. n o
, :. 1r :1I4 .- ,il ill ti, r, " I r
alil I,% th .. IT, r , . Ii, . ."r I, . 1 li0 n
\V . llo r .,." \\ , Il ..:, . ""1" l xt l ;t
I. - Ita ' I tn . ilT TI r l tt
\ir t l, \..* t . T . I .." l T ri , ' , '-.il t l o n
i'h .r h i r ,.-T II l' r,11. t I . l I.. . ; .I.'u I tIf
S- - ITI.:i 5 ,. 1 rl , T I t 111 : , i e
I a ho-. 1... ::"ll P r-- I:m N. . 44rb1TI
It l' hll +, 1 r - t I. -I "" .. I. ' :II t; .L t It- .
.N.. . t I.t,, ... I, "; 1 Ir .h iar le .
II, I I. .i-.ll 4 ITl l lithcr rr 41s 11N-n I t r
I":IN \. ., 4 . :I-,lI . n 1. .I. , t . 1:,, "
+, G r.t, i r n t.. \ ,r ' 'ar t, :-t' 1"n , lt1 i
I..-. I'nlon.I. 127 Fr-, t St . NI[ w eOr: , . -
I.:I. th14r4-: .1 \ 4t.rnn"loid. 4.4h1 -,+r 4.
Tlrdnl i-t . i t, .i rl'. I o -. 1, . t .hi tr ,., I.
I-. Ihn r, baud. J.. 1t'? I l' il hi N. w
'11 -.rT," 1..: r -1 r-. F. ..4 i t, . i It:nI .
I1'(1 41 1 I'tit 4T'. Ft 41 "I\. .r4n1 It. . ni
S..Ir .; h T \1. V I. rl., , 1,1 4i l 1r'n-. 1,4 .
rnI 4th r ;, r 'I'. I. vi* 11 sh 4 f ; ter . ; .1 II
1:. l,-r. _ke "r 711. ,neu ' t. N v 'r,\x" +'r,-.l.1
i Ih n r . I, , 1 J. l . ' I .4. : 1 ':ll a .l itr '4 f.
- a I l a4 4 4-, t.I. 4-n. -h a n. ..rI ItI,.
onI,, li:- aii h n i. ; .e r. I ,, +t I . a.','d l aY r" .nr
l., r ·C. " -h.,, - I . 1,t. . l,,rtT4I '.- 1
4 I . 1,. I. r l,N .l , ]i . , l ..N.h - .N.
I. l'. r h4 i . J . I , -Ir y I 'u l 1, 1 ,
Ia rue.". ;,ah,. orlf the .w ricira ,l on M ti . th .
r .. r thit , ll.. l o ..f q 11nh.. In f irn-t .4 .. iI
It Iut,.wl ;,, -, m y i. t in: re ,t . l . ,. of .ni .
,'tli\ d t altNe I rhan h i, t.. this i th - is.
f tr-i r , h f , 1, h1 I 44n 4 1 ,-21.
i I lll . 1 .i'i ntL , . \ E' \IN11AN .
ota :lrv I'ui I " b
1 - Irl I )1, i 4ll 14 .11 44 th,, i. I t (44 Iih, .! h
i\*i -itr I1,w 4t. P l: .1t. , 4 lii. 1i.1 ,th. .s
N444-4t-4 i11'1i- l't,+
It.11T'. stit, Tl'°, 1Dy. 1:.- .
.pr. 7 mlatl 12.
Pi'44 %TED.
T'rTl 'I'I f1 11 Ii1,l1.N.\.. PA.IISHIIl 01
*11ti .l:\.\s. IT'IY 1olF' NEWV 4E1t.ltANTs.
I:-t it klno, I1, that lon this . th tdi4 . of a.1ril.
1r1,t 91 .fr..fr Int. Vic,-tr K. Kian. a Notary
I'ibli.. in -44n4 for the 4 'iiri.1h of llrl4e1i-.
pi-r-r.naliy an ind appiareid Ioth s4,ver.al
I.- r1o0- who.e moI's are-f hereuntrr4 o sth
.-ri.-,d. in the rlir4-l, ,of the tunder igol.
iltno s.es,. wh4o .evrially dela i-re that.
iv ai lint theelve . of the Iprovisions of
the law t t of the Stl' of l.ouisianai in 44uch
.t nwla4de aind p4rovided. they have 4'ov
itti.d and oigre-'ed. 1an.l do by these lres
ts e4e4lll unl at. gree an1d" ind thenumsl-·e,.
as well as all l4suchi others as may h.re-r
after e,,on4' asso. iated with tln, t, to
frln and r constitute 'orporatiOn for the
i ol.j.,'-ts iand puirpo.es and u nder the .tr.
4f tides and stlpulations hereinafter set
f forth and expre.o-e4d, which they adlopt hs
k the Icharter of this corporation, to wit:
.AlTI.-LE I.-Trhe name of this cor
Sporartion shall be the "DAVI) 1lERGEIt.
SIN ' tlll't.lPO .ATElI." and under this name
hall have aind enjoy all the rights, ad
IrIntTages and lprivileges granted by ntla
to to 4corporatlions for the full term of ninety
in nine (14) years frontm this day. It shall
's. havi the power to .contraclt. to sue and be
or suied t4o nake and use a corporate seal.
its and alter lhe sie ll at pleasure; to hold.
Sill roedlve. purchaTe, co'4nvey. mortgage land
un hypotberite pro-pery. real, personal and
tal mixed. (orporeal lind incllorporeal; to name.
It. appoint and select such officers, directors.
nt manalgers. agents and employees asa its
Ir- iuusinew may requilre to make and ea
on tablish. alter and amnenad such by-laws.
ch rules and regulations. for the government
in of the affaira of said corporation as may
hle Ie required.
S RTI('L.E I II.--The 4omnle of said cot
l poratlon shall be in the ('ity of New Or
id leans, Parlish of Orleans. State of Lou
lIsialna. where legal process shall be served
k uponl the President of the corporation, or
r in his ab.sene. us direl'ted by law.
Are .rltTIt'LF Ill.-This corporation is
formed for the purpose of engaging in the
buslness of interior and xtrior dand exterior at
ing, of manufacturing. repairing, buying
and selling paints. oills, varnishes, stains,
lacquers. wall paper. moldings, shades,
" shade fixtures, upholstering, tapestries,
nalttings. hangings and draperies, and, in
Sgeneral, buying. repllring and manufac
tl Luring any and all things pertaining to
nu. Interior and exterior aeeorating. to make
- and let contr .ts: to do all forms of in
ew terior and exterior decorating for them.
Mr selIves an agent, for import and export.
. and of engaging in the business at whole
es sal. and retail, and generally to have all
of such powers and privileges as are lnei
t.r dental to or relate to the subjects and
Ie purposes hereinbs'fore ast forth, or may
Id Ie ne-essary or eovenlent for effecting the
objects and purpose's of this corporation.
ARTIt LE IV.--The capital stock of this
the orporation is hlerelby fixed at five thoa
sand deolilrs, diviled into fifty shares of
one hundred dollars each ($10000), sald
on sto'k ol le paid for tefore ianing. and tO
14'e fully paId and non-assessable. The
e 4orporation shall begin businesan a a
Iat aning con4',rn a14 soon as fifty per cent of
de the allital stock shall have been paid for.
rat All ranfers of stock nust be made upon
l the books of he' corporation, and the
'ho oriinal certiflatea surrendered and prop.
on- rly endorsed. The corporation shall have
mr he power to increase its capital stock to
th one hundred tho4usand doliara ($100.000).
i' AITITLE V.-The affairs of this cor
the poration shall be controlled by a Board of
le irectors of not less than three directors,
~rin aid direclors to e elected annually by
1111 the stockholders. The lBoard of Directors
iate shall elect annually a Preaident. Vice-Pres
nue ilent. Secretary-Treasurer and a General
'ed Manager. rhe President. Vice-Presideat
ally or Secretary-Treasurer may also be sp
led. ointed e.neral Manage.
04 AItTWI.E VI.-This corporation shall
S10 have all the rights and power conferred
on, po corporations byth the Constitution and
i. the laws of Louisiana. whether such
I be powers are specifically set forth and
heir claimed or not. No satement of its
for pow.'rs and authority shall be cooaidered
th a Ilmilation of said power and authority.
In testImony whereof said partla have
ever h'reuno signed their names In the pree
'on ence of me. Notary. ane undersigned wit
any nesses. and set opposite their names the
of mount of stock suscertbed by each, li
ner order that this may also serve as the
ffect original subscription lists of the corpor
sing ation.
than (Original Signed)
Mrs. David tterger. 16 shares, 2225 lena
be St. Morris Berger. 17 shares. 2225 Jena
I or SI.: Max Iterger, 17 shares, 2225 Jena St.
d in Witnesses:
i J. H. Wiener, Gerald Netter.
.*pril 5th 19"1.
I, the undersigned. Recorder of Mort
aral gages, In and for the Parish of Orleans,
pre . State of Loulslana. do hereby certify that
C the above and foregoing Act of Incorpora
da tlion, of the David Berger. Inc., was this
due day-duly recorded in my office, in Book
'5 to 1263, Folio -. New Orleans, April 511,
their 121.
Ively (Seal) ROBT. SCOTT, Dy. Rec.
heir Are VI(TOR V. KIAM.
Notary Public.
nche Apr. 7-May 12.
You want a good tit
o i. when you buy real estate
obt You get a good title when
aron- you have it guaranteed by
Cir. arsen.* & Grayler Ste.
ht he-

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