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S rOiATED. no
saee of rica, State of Louis- de
S t Orleans. e5t it known, n
ps" th iourteenth day of March. in as
e rd one thou-and, nine n
a r Lord one before m. Francis at
os public in and for the
tate of L~ouisiana. duly a
oand qualitied. andin thbeprey- in
the sadegs ed witnesses. person- he
I d lared the several lersons he
.S s tre hereinafter suiscribed.
fal ASo of mlajority, who declared at
aent vai theflvcei's of the laws f
ate relativP e to the orga:nizatiton p
Ioratonsta and more eSrlah taly to Act fe
d . page 521, of the legilattive acts s
sa .. they have cvcnanled anslid
for th1atlves and their suc
i S r asigns to forml theell'veS rt.
a __oration an odly politic for the ul
Sa O prposes and under the stipu- ,h
after set forth, to-wit: as
-flr Thee* nate iandt title of thi slci
A~. shall be IEAlt'l: FII.M8. IN
a s nd uinder sa'h title it at
pa l e njoy - .u,.,.sion for a of
of intynine yt r frtout date litre- i
shall have power ad autlhority xl
yner5ct. af nd bte stied. totakit -tidt|I UI
orprtel. theo snd tO Ibreak a d lii
t eo hold. sell. a-c mort- t
pa _toe or plelct l. rolprty real
nP?- ixtei, nee.,sary, i,-ideutlal o
~ the carrvit ,ti of it. itUoi
rd Ito" a oldl t,, i in any , other f
sa om Panet that idthy a sst It
or in its obj,.'ts and tti-- T
Sat sad issuThe eolte int o ;, ain t o
be lale pn the creitay o.fN Ot
i asd i to am Laoand cand onh lir other I
aIrr tl proeesrly csndut is t to rpor- I
t deirable for the manaor mnetut snd busi- n
,lTICLE 1I.-The donictle , or this cor-t
till boh, In the Citre of Ntrw O.r
Lsuto o Loana, swhlle all citation
sther legal rocess thil be aerved t
cus a the preide fnhe t or the e
1rsat, upon the vicelpresdtent. or in the
` e of both, upon the secrettry. tt
bTICE Ill-The objects and purposes
t c rton re hrel dueclared and t
it this u 'O conduct.'m, lntain andn it
ieala a motio pictue film exchange in
g of.gata a Louisiana and Misis,.ixippi and
s ia the United States: to purchase I
ea ad hie films for nmoving picture n
gathsS and tereopthcans: to st-Il. lelse. t
b s exchange and otherwise dtl in motion
IiLre is; to supply motion picture h
itoa with motion pictture filmts andn
ia ther operate generally as a motion
ae Ilm exchange; to ipurchase, sell.
insad hire motion picture Itia,'hlnes.
a itk5. iluotrate srong lr iores: to
inaestt purchase sell lease anld hire
sa of pevery kind and character in- c
i with or appertainng to slid used
Sleeta, dramatic, operatic and musical t
lhrarhm. vdeville, moving pit.oure I
sad al aeat enterprises of every kind.
eMtatr ad description. And generally a
Mdly ay d all other acts and exercise
t attain ad further any of the t
s objects and purposes.
aTICL IV.--The capital stock of this "o
MtIa is hereby ixld at inthe sum ofo
.- hundred thOusand (200.000.00) Dollars. 1
u-lisi- ate Two thousand (2.000) shares
- the par value of One hundred (5100.00)
piars each; provided, that the amount
Swhich the capital stock of this corpora- I
Sye increased shall be One million
n mN0.0h Dollars.
iflyper cent o the capital stock of this
eup---.tl must be subscribed for before t
S the a rticles of ncorrporation. t
th beribed capital stock of this cor
a shall e payable in cash, property. C
Sor pe asl or for services performed l
No stcholdew bshall ver be hold liable i
i aespuhe for the faults, contracts orm
a o(l this corporatlon in any furthert
ai tha the unpaid balance due the cor
en the share of stock subscribed
Sam. nor shall any mere informality I
-- e emasmttion have the effect of
pj i eharter null or of exposingll
Ssha-eholde to any liability whatso
"-I esaporation shall not engage in
ia ntl One hundred thousand ($100.
I D-Ieairs ao the capital stock has
isnead ad actually paid in. either
Sqa poperty, or services as afore
l; y a the stockL of this coarpora
,a r agood will. in that event the
p -l n t Section three (3) of Act 367
Shall be strictly compiled with.
ICLU VT.--All the corporate powers
Sepeporationr shall be vested in and
b-hy a board of directors composed
lens stockholders, each of whom shall
- Mis own right, during his term
a, at least one' 11full-pad and nu
. are at the capital stock. whi-h
ha show by his written declaration.
(0 4d whk m shall constitute a quorum
a trLL aci at business, provided
Lir Usaed of directors shall have the
at time to Increase the number
to net more than five (5).
abme aof this corporation shall con
d at a pednt, vice-president, secretary
Shea br, all t whom shall be mem
ht no more. may be combined, i
iand hd by one and the same
a:med pe n rshall on
S, e t ard of directors of this
-JL h a No. 1 unleth Court,
_QI Ida.eslal e J. Hewomann,
SS. rih e New TOrlean, La.;
",t~a ms, 4S S et. Chrlesl bye
Ora  L., with 3J. r leuns
U ~Psnluont mad treasurer St. ir
1 vies-plresdent and Hilton J.
a eetmary, and these oficers
e. nad the second Monday in
yer ,oruntil their uc
n ha elected and quall
the drctors shaln be elected
_ th seosnd Monda of March
hajgbnaing with the year 19e2.
at diretors shall no ny ballot
daihhol, shall b e entlted to
Ba eah salr at stock standing
as tie bool ta the eorpora
..e t be cast in paruon or by
ftL ha reMquire a maJordty of
I nt or repseted to elect.
abet a beard o dir aeteao
hal net work a for
eharta, hut the old board
ar elected ad quallfid.
IL--Te beard of directors
meetlng at such times
Sthe bh-laws of tha cor
m seatlrs shall be held
a the orporatoion, Iat
a I all sp al metinlgs OS
a t saeh time as e
San he shali be re
specl meeting when
do a by three member
ietr. Tlhre days'
moatinla all ho
a the iretorr runless
ed by the director.
I by the board. elthr
-l ll mr tdg aftie
of thi ea rn oati eo
at this crrtio n,
amended o chan ged
I eboo t kn s-
am trurralr mthe
Dollahrs, whih i
emrpay or net, pr.
gUW a 1-wl aP V fl T 6W A "M l AP A 6mw 'mio A 1 C9K STTER IS SW4E1nQ W
rIMT lam. 1pT 1p OOL MAIM Rftp ~pV S
ý-I .. ý r IKT'f ý ý, QE WKc DRIES
Sam rr
5 4.
posing to transfer the same, hereinafter cas
railed the "retiring shareholder." shan give ser
notice in writing to the company that he I
desires to transfer the same, and such or
notice shall constitute the company his dei
agent for the sale of the share or other sun
interest to any shareholder of the company put
at the prescribed price. That if the com- for
pany shall, within the space of thirty days in
after such notice find a shareholder desir- ren
ing to purchase such share or interest. and
hereinafter called the "purchasing share- eve
holder.' and shall give notice thereof to 7
the retiring shareholder, he shall be bound but
at such time within fifteen days there- 000
after as the company shall appoint upon bet
payment of the prescribed price, to trans- rat
fer such share or interest to the purchasing if
shareholder. That if in any case the ext
retiring shareholder after becoming bound or
as aforesaid, makes default in transferring of
such share or interest, the company may be
receive the purchase money and shall there
upon cIuse the name of the purchasing I
shareholder to be entered upon the register of
as the holder of such share or interest, and exe
shall hold the purchase money in trust of
for the retiring shareholder, his executors. ow
administrators, or asigns. and the receipt oft
of the- compllany for the purchase money sh:
hall be a good discharge to the purchasing shi
sha:treholder, and he shall not be bound to of
se to the allpplication thereof. and after tra
the name of the purchasing shareholder h:as o:
teeltn entered in the register in purlported ant
exercise of the aforesaid power, tihe validity ret
of the proceedlings shall not be questioned
by any person. and the purchasing share- ,eoI
holder shall be deemed and taken to be ret
the owner of the said share or interest t o
That the prescribed price shall mean the tw
amount paid in on such share or interest. if
plus the proportionate part of undivided I.e
profits, provided that if instead of there
Ieeing undivided profits there exists an im
pairment of capital of the s:id conmplany. st
then the proportionate part of such imptair- 1o1
ment shall be deducted from the amount
I,;dth in upon such shares or interest int
asce-rtaining such prescr ed price. That
the company shall in all Pses on receiving
notice of desire to sell stock as aforesaid. ur
allow the other shareholders the oppor- u
tunity to take same in prolportion to their i
reslpective holdings of stock in the comr- fi
pany. making all necessary adjustments th
to avoid fractions of shares, and for that
purpose giving the preference in all cases l
to shareholders who have the largest hold
ings. an
ARTICLE VIII.-This charter may be in
modified, altered, the capital stock thereof al
increased or decreased, or the corporation an
may be dissolved with the assent of two
thirds of the capital stock present or
re-presented at any meeting of the stock
holders held for that purpose, after prior p
notice in writing to each stockholder, or
mailed to him at his last known post office
address, all in accordance with the terms o
of Act 267 of 1914. a:
AItTICLE IX.-At the expiration of this of
charter, or the earlier dissolution of this th
corporation for any cause, its affairs shall
be liquidlated by two or more liquidators sl
to be elected by the stockholders, all of as
whom shall hold stock in said company pc
and said commissioners are hereby vested it
with full power and authority to liquidate pt
the affairs of said company, with full I,
power to act. In
ARTICLE X.-In order that this charter eli
may serve as a subscription list, the under- er
signed incorlorptor s of this corporation of
have subscribed for the number of shares nle
set opposite their respective names. The si
subscriptfon to said capital stock by J. w
Eugene Pearce shall be wholly paid for in A
property and good will to be exchanged fr
and transferred to this corporation by him. se
In connection with said subscription of J. re
Eugene Pearce, and the exchange of said ot
property for stock in this corporation, fit
there is annexed to this act of incorpora- st
tion and to be read in connection there- f(
with, an accurate, detailed and itemized
description of such property as to amount. aI
location, extent, character and state of
improvement, together with a statement of
its value as appraised by the directors, as
well as a statement of the value placed b
upon the good will included in said capital b
Thus done and passed, in my office, t
in the City of New Orleans, on the day. a
month and year first above written in the
presence of J. N. Swing and Arthur Con- h
doure, competent witnesses, and me,
notary, after due reading of the whole.
Original Signed. J. Eugene Pearce,
nineteen hundred ninety-eight (1998) shares;
H. J. Hermann, one share; St. Clair Adams
one share.
Witnesses. J. N. Swing, Arthur Con
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort- a
gages, in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Act of Incorpora
tion of Pearce Films. Incorporated, was this
day duly recorded in my office, in Book
1253, folio, -.
New Orleans, La., March 15. 1921.
ROBT. SCOTT, Dy. Recorder.
A true copy.
N otary Public.
March 17 to April 21.
United States of America, State of Louis
ana., Parish of Orleans. Be it known,
That on this fourteenth day of March, in
the year of our Lord, one thousand, nine
hundred and twenty-one, before me,
Francis P. Burns, a aotary public in and
for the Parish of Orleans. State of Louis
Iana, duly commissloned and qualified, and
li the presence of the undersigned witness
es, personally came and appeared the
several persons whose names are herein
after subscribed, of the full age of majority
who declared to me that availing them
I selves of the laws of this state relative to
Sthe organilation of corporations, and more
especially of Act 267 of 1914, page 521, of
Sthe legislative acts of this state, they have
I covenanted and agreed, and by these pres
eats do covenant aad agree for themselves I
- and their successors sad assigns to form
themselves into a corporation and body
I politic for the objects and purposes and
under the stipulations hereinafter set forth,
SABTICLW 1.-The same ana title of this
corporation shall be JOSIAH PEARCI
- ATED, and under such title it shall have
Snd enjoy succession for a period of ninety
f nine years from date hereof, and shall have
power and authority to contract, sue and
hbe sued, make and use a corporate seal.
- the same to break and alter at pleasure;
to bhold, sell, lease, mortgage, hypothecate
I or pledge property, real, personal or mixed,
Sanecessary, incidental or property for the
carrying on of its busiess; to buy and to
hold stock in any other company or com
psales that may assist this company In
its objects and purposes; to make and issue
certlcates of indebtedness; to name, elect
Sand appoint managers, directors and
t clerks or other employees to properly con
I dsct its eorporato business and to make
* such by-laws, rules and regulations as may
- be found necessary or desirable for the
- management sad business afairs of this
I' &ITICLE I.-The demclte of this cor
*rton shall be in the City of New Or
o, State of Louisiana, where all citation
- and other .legal process shall hbe served
'upon the president, or nla the absence of
Sthe preadent, upon the vilc-prident, or
I in the absence of both, uaon tae secretary.
' ARTICLE IIl.-The objecta d purposes
Sof this corporation are hereby declared
Ssad stated to be: To own, lease, establish,
maintain, operate, mana sad control a
Stheatre or theatre, a place or places eof
d amuement, and produce, exhiblt, preserve
o and exploit thereain attretionas ot varlous
- kinds and naturs, intecludtng drtSmatle,
SopeUtle and muaical perrmanes, udes
vl moving pictures, latelleetual and in
5 atrctivo entertanlaments and o eater to
s publle diverasion by and thrkdh theatrkcl
U and motion pleture ex h en or other
a musement device.
ARTICLe IV.-T-e esapha steek of this
..... o tion iU s hsrb izo at the sam of
r, divihd latoe W hnsd(,000
Sshares o the per value of Oe uadree
I ($I00M) Dllars each, preovided that the
y meant to whih the capital stock of this
Ssos sti om y h e 1 1 be One
SNmr per act of the eapltal ete. of
- /this ermtom rut be enbeerbd for
T efore ft Il e the artles e laeor-e
ur peratien. The subscrlbed capital stoCt
c. 51 this cerpemntIen saln he poysh in
cash. property, real or personal, or for a
services performed or rendered. the
No stockholder shall ever be held liable pli
or responsible for the faults, contracts or sald
debts of this corporation in any further T
sum than the unpaid balance due the cor- ,,
poration on the shares of stock snublcribed ind
for by him, nor shall any mere infrmll:llity I
in the organization have the effect of dol
rendering this charter null or of exposing tar
any shareholder to any liability whatso
This corporation shall not engage in i
business until One hundred thousand ($100t.- nin
000.00) Dollars of the capital stock has in
been issued and actually paid in, either in ha
cash, property, or services as aferes:aid:
if any of the stock of this corporation is dot
exchanged in whole or in part for property
or good will. in that event the provisions
of Section three (31 of Act 267 of 1914 shall
be strictly complied with.
ARTICLE V.-All the corporate powers thll
of this corloration shall be vestedi inlll an ti
exercised by ita oard of directors compollllsed l
of three stocKholders. each of whom shiiII inl
own,. in his own righlt, during his termn of erl
office. at leas-t one. full-.paid and uplt.ld.',l I
shalre of the capital stock, which shall be
Thown by his written declaraution. two aUI
of whonlla shall cot-titte a quorul tfor the
transa. tion of hull il.s's. lrovided that till
board of director.s shall havIe the right at -
aly time to ilrcla-e the Inumllber of di- Cl
rectors to not mtore th::n live (51.
The officers of this corporation shall
conlsist of a pres-iden t. vi e-p resident. se
reItary anllld treasurer, all of wholllm shall It
ellmblers of thel board of directors. A.ny li
two offices. but no more., ay lte coh. on, Till h 1i
if desired, and held by one and the satlue Aa
The following nIamed pierson shall cn- ti
stitut*. the first board of directors of this Al
corporation, to-wit: J. Eugene Pearce No. foa
1 lnhleith Court, New Orleans, La.; Hilton li
J. Herrmann. 3319 State Street Drive. New all
Orleans. La.; and St. Clair Adams, 44,2t the
St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, L.a.. with thi
J. Eugene Pearce as president aind treas- de
urer. St. C'lair Adams as vice-plresident the
and Hilton J. Hlerrmann as seretary., andi 5,
these officers shall serve until the se ondl in
Monday in March in the year 1922, or until Ian
their successors have been duly elected za
and qualified. tra
Thereafter the directors shall be elected t 'll
annually on the second Monday of 3larch oh
in each year, beginning with the year 1922; P"
all elections of directors shall be by ballot tit
and each stockholder shall be entitled to sti
one vote for each share of stock st;nding la
in his name on the books of the corpora
tion. this vote to be iast in person or by At
proxy, and it shall require a majority of
the stock present or represented to elect. 1.
Failure to elect a board of directors on It
on the second Mlonday itn March 1922. or hI
annually thereafter, slytll not work a for- l
feiture of this charter. but tile old bo:ard i
of directors shall remain itn oftice until dl
their suc.cessors are elected and qualifil. to
A TICI.E VI.-The hoa:rd of directors gr
shall hold regullr tleetings at su(ch tiles th
as shall be fixed in the by-laws of this cor
poration. These meetings shall Ie hldt Il
alt the domicdile of the corlorationt. tit th or
presidlent nay call splecill meetincs of the lla
board of directors at such times ash lie
Ilay deem advisablle,. and he shall be rie- p
quired to call such speclial me-ttings whenn- sa
ever requested to do so by three nmembetrs
of the board of directors. Three daiys"' s
notice of such special meetings shall be al
given in writing to the directors unless at
waiver of notice is signed by the direrctors. lI
Any va;cancy occurring on the board. either if
from death, resignation, or inability to |a
serve, shall be filled by the board- of di
rectors at its next regular meeting after
such vacancy shall have occurred. TIhei
first board of directors of this corporation .lf
shall be required to draft suitable Iy-law. ti
for the government of this corporation. ul
which may be altered. amended or changed ial
as the exigencies of the case miay require. d'
ARTICLE VII.--The stock of this cor- ti
poration may be transferred provided
such transfer shall be recorded lupon the
books of the corporation before it slhall f(
be reqluired to recognize the trantsfer or ti
the new holder of said stock. The total il
amount of the subscribed stock, 1as herein P
set forth. is the sum of Two Iundred it
thousand ($20t0.(10.00) IDollars. which is n
hereby authorized to be issued fully palit it
and non-assessable, for cash, or in ex II
change for property or services, ac-cording I
to law. That. save as hereinafter pro- n
vided, no share or interest in the comnpanly
shall at any time be transferred to an.iy
person not already a sharaeholder, so long ti
a;s any shareholder is willing to ipurclhalse
said share or Interest at the preiscribied
price. That in order to ascertain whether dt
any shareholder is willing to ,urclhasl t
any such share or interest, the person. r
whether a shareholder of the compalliny or
not. proposing to transfer the same, herein- d
after called the "retiring shaireholder." f
shall give notice in writing to the colpany
that he desires to transfer the same. and
such notice shall constitute the company
his agent for the sale of the share or other
interest to any shareholder of the company n
at the prescribed price. That if the corn
piany shall, within the space of thirty days t
after such notice fand a shareholder desir
ing to purchase such share or luterest.
D hereinafter called the "purchasing share- I
holder." and shall give notice thereof to a
the retiring shareholder, he shall be bound v
at such time within fifteen days thereafter
as the company shall appoint upon pay- c
ment of the prescribed price, to transfer a
such share or interest to the purchasing
shareholder. That if in any case the re
I tiring shareholder after becoming bound I
as aforesaid, makes default in transferring
such share or interest, the company may I
d receive the purchase money and shall there- 1
upon cause the name of the purchasing 1
p shareholder to be entered upon the reg
. Ister as the holder of such share or Inter
eat. and shall hold the purchase money in
Strust for the retiring shareholder. his ex
ecutors. administrators, or assigns, and
, the receipt of the company for the pur
chase money shall be a good dis- 1
e charge to the purchasing shareholder, and
. he shall not be bound to see to the ap
Splication thereof, and after the name of
m the purchasing shareholder has been en
y tered in the register in purported exercise
id of the aforesaid power, the validity of the I
h, proceedings shall not be questioned by any
person, and the purchasing shareholder
is shall be deemed and taken to be the owner
g of the said share or Interest. That the I
. prescribed price shall mean the amount
paid in on such share or interest, plus the,
. propertionate part of undivided profits,
re provided that if instead of there being un
td divided profits there exists an impairment
i. of capital of the said company, then the
e proportionate part of such impairment
te shall be deducted from the amount paid
d, in upon such shares or interest in ascer
be taning such prescribed price. That the
to company shall in all cases on receiving
notice Of desire to sell stock as aforesaid,
allow the other shareholders the oppor
Stunity to take same in proportion to their
Srespective holdings of stock In the com
ad pany, making all necessary adjustments to
Savoid fractions of shares, and for that
e purpose giving the preference In all cases
to shareholders who have the largest hold
is ARTICLE VIII.-ThisL charter may be
modified, altered, the capital stock there
Sof increased, or deereased, or the corpora
r tion may be dissolved with the sssent of
n two-thirds of the capital stock present or
e represented at any meeting of the stock
Sholders held for that purpose, after prior
notice in writing to each stockholder, or
mailed to him at his last known postofice
address, all in accordance with the terms
of Act 267 of 1914.
ARTICLE IX.-At the expiration of this
charter, or the earlier dissolution of this
Scorporation for any cause, its afairs shall
be liquldated by two or more liquidators
to be elected b the stockholders, all of
whom shall hol stock in said company
ae- d said commidosers are hereby rested
Lna with full power sad authority to liq idate
to the affairs eo said company, with fall pow
eal r to act.
e ARTICL X--Ia order that this charter
may serve as a subscription list, the un
dersigned ineorporatora of thip oeeroratien
hi have sbseribed for the nBmoor Of thars
of set oppteite their respective ames. The
sbsercptieu to said capital stock by .T
Eugene Peare shall be whlny paid for
good will to he exchanged
ihe aj traanerted to this corporation by h in'
hi en connectin with aid sbscription of 3.
)URgene Pearce, and the excesango e said
property for stock there is aeed to this
ot act of Inrp~t-es, nd to h read in
fbr connection therewith, an aecarate, detailed
*r. and itemnsed descriptios of such property
ith a to amount, leatio, extn, ecaraer
I and state Of timpro eat, together with
a statement of its value as appraised by th.
the directors, and a statemenllt of the, valae othi
placed upon the good will Included in tirn
said capital stock. out
Thus done and pawsd, in my off ce. in er
the city of New tErle:an.. on the day. imonth of
and ye:ar first ahove written, in the pr..s- ue,
r.ue of J. N. Swing and Arthur Con- dirn
donure. conjlt.Iet witnessll . aid l mIII. no- t
tary. after diie reading of the  hobl. Iir
J. Eugene Pearce. nineteen hundred and siit
ninety-eight shares (lttº!E : 11. J. 1Herr- 4:30.
mann. one share i1); St. Clair Adams. one t;u,
..hare (il. tr
Wltne-ss.s: J. N. Swing. Arthur Con- tiht
doure. fill
Notary P'uiblh. Il
I. the undersigned. Recorder of Mort- tpr'
c:ges. ill and for the 'Pari-h of (Irlean:i. ;,n
State of Louisiianai. do hereby -rtify that
thI albove iand foreloinl Act of in, orpora
tion of .toia:ih Yarne & S,- of Louij-ionti. ll"a
I,.rportorled. was thi. day duly rucorde.l thi
iln iiy oth ,e. in Ito ,k 12"o . folio - . N, w :
trl-aiun. March 15. 1i'21. til
(SI;.NEIE) R'OBT. St'. TT. ito
A true copy. fFr
March 17 to April 21. Notary I'ublic. '
United Sta:teu of Ameria., State of I.nu
i-iana. Parish of t Arl, ia s. Bt. it known. lll l
That on this- 11th day of the month of
March. in the uyear of our l.ord, onel thou-
anil. nine- hundred and twenty-one and l tof
the Inlipendeie of the Untiired Stit.es of !i
.itmeric:. the one hundred fitrty-fifth. h,.
fore ue, Watts K. L.v,.-rich. a nottry pub- h
lii'. duly conljniilisohioned and qll litied in ,a
and for the aforesaid Parish a tnd State..
therein residing 1ind In thie pre-.ene of pr
the witne-ss0es hereinafter nani-ed anld in- to
dersUigtiid, peirsonally camie andi appeatired I,
the ;partis whose names are hereunto sub- r r
I .scribed, who severally declared that asil- di
lng themselves of the provisions, of thL. li
I laws of Louisiana, relative to the organi- th
zatiln of corporations, they ihave c. l
traeted anmd agreed and do by these Ires
tcuts contract and agree iiand hind and eit
oblliate themnislves as well as all suchl t
persons as Imay lbeuome assiatedi with an
them*i to form theIIlves into anld tinl- li
.tlitute a ctorlporatlon Iand toily politic in no
lasw for the oblje-ts ind puro.uses and un- za
dter the conditions and stipulations of the ch
Articles following, to-wit: he
AlRTICLE I.-The name and title of this ti1
corporation shall be loauegan Lumber io..
Inc.. and under its corporate nance it shall
have lower itand authority and enjoy llto l
ret.ssion for the full t.-rin anid petriod of l
niinety-nine (~1tl) years from and aft.-r thi t
ILdate hEreof: to cuntra .t.t . 1' Imnlld ,l' stul,'.
to a-Ie-lpt and retceiv,. as well as give anlN
granlt tiortgags. !,ledges or other hypo
thetiatious. to nimake and i se a corIporate
s..eal and thIteile ito break and alter at
Ipleasure: to plurchase, receive. lease. hohll.
or i itirwise aEquire anld onvey as w.-41I
is lmortage and hypoth,csate under its
crlporate naie. property lotlh real and
personal and mixed, to name and applloiint
such rima nage.rs and direictors, officers :iandi
agents, is the interest and convenience of
saI d corporation iiay require; to Imake
l and establish, as well as alter and aimend
lat pleasure, stuchi by-laws. rules and reni
llt ions foir the proper management olf theil
r affairs of said corppoation as imay be nets- I
.-ary and proper.
Ar TItLE II.-The. domicile of said cor- in
,Ioration shall be In New itrleans. Parish M
n of Orleans, State of Loutslana. and all vita
tLions or other legal procesus shall be served
upon the P'reident of said corporation, or
I in case of his ablince. upon the Vice- Presi
d.ent. or in the nac -nee of both of these
officers. upon the Sec-retary of the corpora
- tion.
e ARTICLE IlI.-The olJects and purpoes C
11 for which this corporation Is fortned and
r the nathre of the business to be carried
l on by it are herebly dec.lared to be: to
i, purchase, own or otherwise na.quire, hold.
II improve, develop. nmantufaiture, operate, a
Is aintain. repair. Install and generally deal E
; in and with and to sell. miortgage, pledge. 41
l.a se. hypothecate or otherwise alienate o
Sandl, handle for export or import or do
. titic tuse or connsulmption. for its own I'
-a'€olent or for aecount of others, rntl and 0
i personal property of every kind or descrip
Stion. Including particularly but not re- a
. strictlvely timbler lands, timber lumtber of It
all kinds. prlnclpally ship fittings and
r ldulnage for ships; to do a general roile
se traitlig business and particularly but not 41
. restrictvely to contracnet with reference to
ar the furnithing andd plaicing of
. dunnage upon Phlps and flltting up ships 1
for cargoes.
S To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold. I
d own, sell. pledge and otherwise dispose of
stoiks, bonds and other evide-qes of In- t
.r deltedness of any other corporation, do
nlestie or foreign, and issue in exclhange I
- therefor its stocks, bonds or other obliga
it. To engage in any other business similar
e- in character to the foregoing and to do
to anything necessary, suitable or proper e
td which the Company may deem convenient
r or advantageous in connection with or in- I
- cidental to any of the foregoing purpose t
-r and powers.
ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this
d corporation Is hereby fixed at twenty-five
thousand ($25.000.00) dollars represented hby
A par value of one hundred ($100.00) dollars
per share. The amount of said stock may
he increased to one Iundred thousand
($100.000.00) dollars.
n ARTICLE V.-All the powers of this cor-l
Sporatlon shall be vested in and exerched
d by a Board of four Directors. each of
in- whom shall hold in his own name on the
i books of the company at least one un
d pledged share of stock. The Board shall
P elest from their number a Puresident, a
of Vihe-President, a Secretary snd a Treas
a- urer, and such other officers as they may
Se think proper or convenient for the carry
he la on of the company's business, and shall
l have power to unite two or more offices
ir and the same to confer upon one person,
er or to dispense with. any office in their dis
lee cretion, and to fix the salaries of all of
at icers, agents and employees. The Board
be of, Dlirectors shall be elected annually on
5, the first Monday in January. of each year.
i- the first election to be held in the year
t 1921. All such elections shall be by ballot.
he at the office of the corporration. Notice of
t annual meetings, as well as special meet
14 ings of stockholders, shall be given by
r- written notice mailed at least fifteen days
ihe In advance of the date of such meeting to
ag each stockholder appearing as such on the
Id. books of the company, at his last desig
or- nated address, or at the General Delivery
air at New Orleans. if he has not designated
i- an address. Each shareholder shall be
to entitled to one vote for each share of
at stock standing in his name on the books
sof the company, said vote to be cast In
id person or by proxy, and a majority of the
votes cast shall elect. The Board of Di
be rectors shall have power to fill all vacan
re- les which may occur or inl any manner
raearise or be created by the Board of Di
of rectors, even though no quorum remain
or at the time such vacancy or vacancies are
k- to be filled. Fllre to elect directors
r on the day above specified shall not dis
or solve the corporation, but the directors
e then in ofee shall remain in of*ice until
m their successors are elected. The Board
of Directors shall have power to make and
his establish, as well as alter and amend, all
his by-laws, ruoles and regulations necessary
all and proper for the support and manage
ors ment of the affairs and business of the
of corporation and not inconsistent with its
m eharter. The Board shall have power,
Swithout referring to the stockholders, to
ae borrow money, execute mortgages, lIsue
w- notes, pledges, bonds or other obligations.
in such amonts amtnd on such terms as in
Sgenerall , to do a thin reasonably nee
a essary for the proper carri on of the
bssimseea of the corporation, and they
teare speclaluy iuthorisd to deliver full
. paid shares of stock and bonds or other
for oblIgations of the compay lIa payment of
property acquired by said eorporation at
* , s valuation as In their Juament
torM coastitute a quorum for the
i transactIo of badness. The Board of
Directors shall have the power, by a vote,
ety tors, to sell all or any part of the property,
wihcorportio•, -rto receive in exchange
the.refr money or stocks or bonds or I d,.t
other obligations of another individual. -urn
iriri or .orlpor:iltion. of any chilara ter. f ith- por:,
out r.-fe.rring to the sharehold.er- for l,-.w- I, 1
rt tr do so. At any meeting of the I,-ard i ri :
of JIirta tor-. any dir. tor Lb nt't from ti i. l hl
ne't|ing laty ie repre.- ealtd i ty :ti y l thr , ,l1i
dire.-tor w.ho may cast ti- t. f aid TI
a tb w alr dire to tr ce, 'rd i n )Z to the >:-" gener:.l 1hul-i
or -p. 'ial written inst tru t'iont of s:idI or f"
absent dire-tr. Until the snutl al mie."ting tars
of 113l,: tlhe Itiard of Ii-r,'-trors shall ".m-  h
sit of W. S. Smith, w'ho-v addre-.. is shar
4:tr+ I'olti.eun St.. Nitw Orleans. I.:L : ('. t A 0 l
alineringe'r. who,-. address i" 23.:09 St Philip hat.
Stre-.t. New Orleans. La.: It. J. Itit"a,. 41:. Prot
4 -tai ia St.. Netv 4trlean-. La.: M. E hiis
Itonetian. whos, address is 2at4S Banks St.. fiiho
N ,iv I rl:.ans. L.:1. i t
I f the for,"ointi. W, . S. Smith shatll h1e of
l,r,.si'h n:. (. A. (;l*.'ringl r, t.ia-lprv aid. nt stria
:lnd .i . E. I oI.n gan. secretairy-tr-:.a ur.,r. Al
of t
AltTllEl. VI.-Thits at of ino..rporation ,Ir ,
Itay be nloditi"d, c+'hall'd. or ailtered. or .
tith a nrti ratinn 11l.y he di-. ed in the' g- a
f .rnnr pr. v id.rd by law. ft y a voatr oi f to.- tlrn
third,l of th,' entire ou lltlta'ding ' ital i o
r T.,k. Ir.I-.lt or rfprtl n-, tedm at :ir iti , 'i l til
ir:tal i i ,tin r. of ithi, - --to .khlhii ,r-- c"ntali 'd b
for stl, h purgileh,'. aftr prelii  ull inotir, ha- .
.,n -ll i .n iln I , f lI :1,1 r a. o .e proVid.,d i-t
t, er rit n of the tanrtual li',etilt la f tha " il 1
,oti ralr ti tat. Th te , pital to'k of thi. ",,r- ttlt
I t-ration mnay hIe io'r ha-ed or d.1.r - .",l aa l lf ,r
ar,, ,, tih-t ain i a rdancet. with th 1.i f ti of Tr.
th l itate of Lot nitiana. T t .
the TI'rI: VII -If thris corporation all
I di- solted. al ther 1' limittion or fo r t tir.
:nt fiothe r rnsi,', its affaiir -hall ie iitt|i-. [it
dated by l'thr.- t.oaranmstionerta h ii ;t,-. .
o,-inteld at :1 rn., rttin of i to0 khol l r . ort r - sti
zti.ned flor ti.e purposel of lilquidation and.hi i
to I elected or of rteltoc all the .to, k- ll
hiolhtrs. Said lian l idatlty rs ho ll r.thitn n in la.
ofie. luntil it- aff:irs of said I.rp ration.
Shall have t.nat tful ly tter and lio al i i- Tr.
lated. and they hall have full power atnId+rl
autlority to transfe.r and it tite tile to nll i
property and assets of thel i orpornation ofldt
to d istrib ute the lp ro ,+eedd : "is -. to settl ,.
by ct- ilromlit e or oitherIitt . all .ali. io for i r,
otI againl it the company. In ease. of deti'l al
disability or re-lention of one or mlor., ;';r
liquidators, the vaernry shall be tilaed 1iy f1r
tihe .urvivor or surv-sors. 1
ARTI'.Li: VI.-No stockholder shall au.
evetr e held liall or responsible for the fir
o'ntra,'ts or faults of said corporation it, th.
iny further sutrl than the un aistd haln,'c-' tli,,
due on the shares of sto-k owned by hin. I
nor shall any mnl re informality in orf nirt- ill
zation hael for the effect of rendering thit i .
I.ha'rter nulll or of exposin fl alty stork- illi
holder to any liability beyond the am ount il by
due onil his stock. at
In. order that this charter may also serive satr
as t,he orok inal - bscription list thel. sh.- i
s.rib,.rs hereto have indicated oplp,,sit, or
their respective siInatuIrIes the nullbl r of a t
shares of stock subscribed for by iacth of set'
Strhm thep
rhus dn, and passed in oty off'uice .t
N.'w HOrliE. OF Lisi. L. on WATE dy, iConth tol
andl yetr first 'hove written. In the pr- or
.n ita of lorge Petrez and Shirley hof ff- fI
Slrnll on. co pett' it ltowitse. who l.:tli hieret I
llt. l sulbscribed their l lndram s, t logethr t\ ith l
Sli .' Notary. antd said alultearcrs after Shll, qui
readloing of thate whole.
Witnesses: George Perez, Shirley 1loff- T hl
aiinIa. do ly c,1tai.iated t tl al t iiti a .
No e. ry, that ili li (1
o . the und r-i gned, tIr coroer of .Miort- th
Sagetisa. In ated for the Parish atf Orleanscor
S.tate of .ouis iana. do herebl y to rtify that7 of
th . above and foregoing Act of In a corora- I"
tion of the Doegan the stipulatbr ons here- .
In,'.. was this day recorded in noy office
in hftook 12.set foli to- , New Orleans. La.,
MarT'h - . 1921. name and tt of th (1
(SrINED) ll OBT. SCOTT.erna I
Itr .iI . Inc., and under h title it
r A true copy. ued: to mae and e a
leare; to are, hNotary Pub leasie.
ar curd by uch 17 to April 21. to
IPANY, INo. en
Sand ited Slaue notes and of Ather era, State of ion- e
sid dabtdneParish oto nrleans. ity of Newpont
rlan gerse it knorw, That on this nalth
day of the pronlh ondu March in the yearrte
Susone thousand, nine shundrd and rules al t
of rone befgulre mes . John I. Upon. cessary notry s
he dblesirn and for this ity and th of its busi- e
Sof 4rleans. State of Louisiana, therein re- t
. iding duly .-The disomiciled and qualitid. cr
ll prtlhen shall rene of the witnesy ofses her
s infter narshmed and undersigned personallyouis
n, ane and. herppeared the several perso legal
p. hoces shall bare hered pon the P rusribed hi
Sde d to orme ary, thats absence vailing them- Pr i
rd dentes of the rovisions of the labothws of thise
r. State relative to the organization f cor
ar prtpons, nd paricula thisrly to rporat 267 ofr
19t. an14. they hand thve nanted -of agre businessd, and to
by thgeneral preents do covenant and andgree
. for themselves, their sudo a gesnersl merchand is
to asigns to form theminselvess, into luding corpora of
Sli an and body politic, for the objmets and ;
be purto-rooms and under the stipulations here- o
of age of met orth, to-wit:r cold storage pur
the othersLE I.and -Tho ae name and title of his (1
cor- fporation shall trage J. . Watermano
tr Company, Inc., and under such title it 1
o shall have and enjoy succession and exist- w
aer to dfor a period of ninety-nine year fromaccount ofthe
D-tthe date hereof, unless sooner dissolved com
sint shall have power and authority to con-rage
tract sue and bto mae loans on gooand use a
corporate seal, the same to alter and break
at pleasure; to have, hold, buy, sell, lease. n
s mortgage and hypothecate or pledge prop-chas n
reerty, real, pgoods; tersonal or mixed, necessary.ent or
d ot bsiness to as wellt as to issue bonrs agent
all and recive notes and other certigoods onicates of in
a debtedneat; to cquname eet and on stappointher
managers, directora, clerks and other e n
hnnes and affair; and, generally, to do a
Seve eror act, matter or thing necessary or
its conenient to carrying out of said business objects and the
tARTICLE II.-The pdomitl te of this cor
u orporntion shall bereb the City of New Or
s. drleans, Pariandh of Orleans, 8ta000.00)e of Louid-d
in into or thoana, where all cttionshares of ther legal
e- process shall be served upon the mont tPres hich
ther purpothe cpital toh ofwhich this corporation may r
heyt. ganied and the natura e on the busllon dollarst
of Forbe catrried on by it are here.by declared for
at- ahnd rtated to be: To by sell,. deal inof
eat he capiter and to do a corpogeneral mercmandise
t-o and brokerage buerines the, includling of that of
ofe buyingtal andel of thisn corpotmminson basis e
eg- and forb itself; to do a general mportg
r- and exporting busuess, both domestic and
--d foreign; to build, own, lease and operate
o s age of merchandise, or cold .torage pur
tke poses; to store goods of all kinds in able
a. ownera thereof ieon their falure to com-ntrat
tb-hiti of thi- corlIorationt i any further. the
-.iurtt than ti. unlaid laln.i " du,- the d .r 1t.
j--rat. n i the -(taiIres of -to-k -ul,- ri,, i li
1 ,n h ai n . n ,r - h a l l a n y m h ,r , . i n f ,r " . . . i t t l l , o t h
organi.ltion have the .fl., t of r" l-rtin: ,1.t
lih- , hlirt. r null. or of expoii- it, ily ,i:.ir
l ,i r to :my Iablility w i I: t- r, iter.
1'Ihe. ." ,rpnr:tion -hall not ."e;n^ .." in
or fiou lr huiidrl thousand:lllll .4(ItiMil.(ltl dol
l.ar of the. capital it.h k -hall li.vte Ib."e
-bli- . . ri . ii. and 'four t housandI I 44Mli4
shllare-. or foullr hunIdrd tholusand i.4I00. -
(t(0T ..t, iliar- of the capital stok shall
hlaoe ,1e.n- in,ued and pa,.id ih in . a-h.
prope-rlty :inld ood-will. If any .tc,,k of
this .,orl,,raltin is exchanged. either is
hol," or in part. for property or good-l- ill
in that ....lit th.' provi-ion- .t 5.tO11. .
of Ait 21 7 f 11.14. s.hall be otn0lidIli with
AltTt'lI.. V.-All the orpor:tte powr
of thii- .rlorali. n i shall e ~- t \,.ld in li i
x,.vr. i.ed Iyv a Iln:ord Iof Ilre.tor . ii:
bu ini
Th- ,. l i, ,f : r. of this ch .r -.r *, ion tBa % \1ll -
i-t ,f a . r. -idt, , i. V, i hPr, hI d , .t It I
\li ll rt ll5.I. tar and 'T r.la- lnr. ll .it
luire" tors. Th. attic" - oC f ., r t aw
':1.r1i; o.i. - . r.l.. . , , r..... , si . I, i .... I
til- ,t sate eron.t Jt r
1h'0l t allt i i. iN. r1 ,i ll ,' n laill cr n
dtil fit " le t i tirt l Na.rd if ir, , t .-, t
torlhn i. W tl. rol n. Sr.. No. 1: t,"; i t , i <-:tt
.St . \. 1 I. tr lti-. I.;I.. \W illi.lu \V.it, r nrl.i.
N lo. 1 -it 7 f'r itani. S it. l tw ltrb:- . I..t..
Jln . t V trla . Jr.. No. "::. l:t lrt
tr.. \w I lrle of . la.: alr.t i 1 '. lari l i.all
NI. l s.tor Slint., hiey- York. N. Y.il a.\llbrt
'T"r*.p., i r b. \.,. 1141 lr -t: iia St . N,- %
i rlo nS. I.i .; 'ilh - i t :I-E. M, l .1. No. : 1,71- N.
Ir piIrt St.. Nr w . rl.: lt. itLa. l all r.-l d
d I.ints ofi tlhe ity of Nr ew i rl nit -. I.rt-.. -i
r el't fir :mn c'. l '.irill,;au :, her. iall.l ovt
-It.- d, and doli-nia il. d at the, :do ret s-. -
: ' S i rt. ted.. ilh i h . ti ll . t.rlln:fir . d r..
i ro al'r.-il, it: \\'illiat W al trlit an, ai  \'i.*,
o'r, -iu at itt lli laf-. r: Juhll n . \w. ar
! 1 .cl r . Ir.. :. Se r rt;t . . llal d Albert Tr'e.
poiulir, a.s 'raf t surer. iali lh."t the 1 .ic..r
aind t liretllrs -h ll hold t i- . unltitil the
'h rA ft the ltdirectors .ishall h.of ort.l,
tl iro tla-lly oil o th f Mondi t y of T.i:reInuary
lof each year. ind they hall elth ect their oln
oi-li r-: iall ei lcti . of diret tors. shall h te
iy lallut. rand e.cTh tirtkhollIer shall ibe
Stitlld ,to oe votel for each hare of '.rc
standing in ii hi. uIiie or the ,o,,ks of thi
, orploratin,,ll. lhi llte to 1 e" a- t II le. r
or 1iy writt-0 proxy. and it -Ihall r llquir,
:a mlljority of the stock pre-,.nt or rcpr,"
:sentld to .l,.ct. The dir,.,-trs -hall hol e,
the rio:ht to inc -re their nullimbr to nine.
' C :liii l, to hold an election for dire.,'
tor, o, the fir-t otrn, iay of ,lillnary. l1rl.
l-or a neually threatnfter, shall not work tn
I",:rl of irectlor -h:all ri o fot r in ftlai .
lu-il tkheir ..tae.or atra dridly #el-t-d 1 ldand
Jlutal l'. . n
AI Tl '..E VI.- The P.oard of iire.,d.tirs
-hall hnld regular ( m."i.tiln . at suci h triarln -
t. -hLa ll I.t. fixed in the iy-laws o.f this
crorporation. bhu the lresidelnt .ay Nall
pe rial Ineetir;n of the t-oard of lir.c
for at sunlh times 1s he play dellm ,dvis
hlf . alnd heo shall be requiredl to all lch
-spei. l tNeeti ni p at the. re.lest ofr e l.an l
ihr of the ioa-rd of Directors. Three days
wri- tt.n hnotie of l cllh prcial .To meet.in
shall be given to the directors. unleo a
waiver of .uh. notice it signed by ithe.
r. trector. Any vitl-t-lncy oth urring in tnhe
idoard of ltre.ct.,rs, either from death.
resignation or inability to serve. shull re
filled by the reainin h directors nt t, neaxt
regular lt.oeting taft'r such nre any shall
have o.ilrred. Thre tirst lBoard of ltire.n
forh of thia berpo ation shall be re irted
to draft suiethalle by-laws for the gove.rn
nua ot lof the corporation. which may en
altered. atnenaed or changed ias the 'a4
ientis aof the case hayi requlirxe.
I AT- et beI'cL Ver.-eThe stock of this be r
ir- pratio n maiy be transferred. provided.
lwla tradl-fers shall be re.orded on ithe.
books of this corporation before it suholl
lie reqte dudre to r ninze e the ransfer, or
the new holder of the stock.
AItTI'I.E VIfI.-The aalsarers hereby
delare hat they have sa tlcribed to the
'followit, u lle.r of shares oi f the capital
,.therk of this corporation, to-wit:
John S. Waterman, Sr., No. 1668 Dulfon-at
St.. New Orleans. L:1., nineteen hundred
and ninety-six (11l) shalres; William Wa
es trntnni, 1i07 pl'rytania St.h Neg w Orleans.
SI.l.. Nin eteen hndred anid n inety-o ght
19 lit rshares John Watermanhi. Jr., No.
".')is Hobert St., New O(rleans. i.. unet. . l
- ire; lra n ('. Itarlillesau. No. t Stone St.,
fNew" York. n. Y.. one (1) sharel Albert
Trepigtn.r, No. 1141 Pryaon of St.. New Onr
nlans. a_.. one. (1) share; William E. Mele.
No. 3715 N. rnampart St., New Orleans, La..
one (1) share; II. Chotard Eustisp. No. hiRs
d ;eneral Pershing St.. New Orleans, Li.,
onet (1o share; Riichard A. Tonry. No. 24:0
Cld eveland Ave., New Orleans, La., one
I. (1) share.
SAnd the Xaid subscriptions of John S.
It Waterman. t r., and Wlliam Watermanl ,
t- whih together total the sum of three hun
n dred anid ninety--nine thousand. four hun
; dred, o .9t.4h.00) dollars, or one hundred
Sand ninolty-nine thousand six hundred
a (19,io,00) doil atn, or nineteen hundred
lk and ninety-six shares to John S. Water
e. man. Sr.. and one hundred and ninety
a- nine thousand, eight hundred ($1499..0.00)
. dollars. or nineteen hundred and ninety
Seight (19) shares to William Waterman.
Swhlrorh shall be flly paid for and setthled
ge by them by the transfer of all the prop
Serty and effects now ownt atid belorgin.
tto the commercial to-partnership know
m an J. q. Waterman & Co. eompo sed of
ieJohn . Waterman. r.. nd oWilliam Wa-e
dterman an acurate detailed and itemized
statement and decrpption of said prop
oeronnaction herewith, and the said property
In was dulyo apprand by the a oard of ic-n
or ectors of this corporation at the sm of
withree hundred and ninety-nine thouarad.
four hundred (3pa.400.00) dollars. The re
polmainder of small subteriptionu shall be
paid s or in cdsh.
In the event that any stockholder de
S (lrr to sell his stoIk, or any part or por
tion ther.Wa he shall first oefer hnme to
the remaining ( to)kholders, in proportion
to their respnrtive aoldings at its book
value. This offer ma to be made to appear
by letter addressed to each stoBiholder at
Soption. At the expiratio) of which time,
of stock, ohaln be at liberty to Aell at what
onARTICLE IX.--Ths charleor may be
SmodiRAed or altered, the capital stok there
iof increased or decreased, or the eor
Spoation may be dissolved with ehe ar.nt
eof two-third of the capital stock present
the stockholders held for that purpose,
Sharter, or the iarlier disoblution of thia
Il . t; r- wrri. in r~y
11 tr 1 . 1 21.
A trrt *" u
J I:. I 1 " N
1 tr, h 17 to April -1.
Faraway-Yes, married life has Its
Longsuffer-Lots of 'em. My wife
has said hundreds of times she'd
Iever speak to me again.
Mrs. I. N. Quire
-I see you've
moved away from
Torporville. I
1 thought it was
such a lovely
community o
Mrs. R. E.
1 " that but it was se
dreadfully dull
our civics society
couldn't find a
thing to reform
or suppress.
"The woman I marry has got to
rcept me on the spot"
"If she didn't she would never
accept you-'twouldn't do to think it
Man wants
but little here
. That's why
Ibe make a wife. a
It -
Is V
l. "I'm troubled with a bussing nolse
u In my ears all the time."
"Have you any Ide as to the
: "Yes, my wife wants an auto."
I Miss Hoem
// Glase: Oh, I'M
ie * so glad that
/ walsts will have
a a tendency to be
ai- e ll ailali
n The Krupps have applied for Eg.
k itush patents on a number of new mil.
tary devices. The program of reco
struction has to some extent wandeod
i ways from its original objectiveo.
e Catting the word "obey" out of the
mr- arriage vow is fully as important
a as excising the "u" trom "honour."
i-nt ____________ - -
; Ia.mme.. sd by a Teasen.ee
fl Cr r lc r Trr IRem.'
hI bimgfrom Terpide
d bog Naahville, Tens.- The o.
liney of Thedford's Black.Draght, the
ad g in, herb, liver medicie, Is
vouched for by Mr. W. N. Parsons, a
proeer of this city. "It is withot
doubt the best liver medicine, and I
e don't believe I could get along without
ot. I tike it for sour stomach, hea"
rt- a torpid liver.
'I 'av known and uea It for yo
to every onre. i woa ' to tbed
oat It in the houe. It wifl de
claims to do. I ca't msy onan S
Many other m sacand women Wthre
out the country have foud Black.
Driaht jist - Mr Parsons describe
*--'aluable tin regulatig the lier to
Its aormsr tfuntions. and in eleainaU
the bowels of inmipu .
Thodford's Black-Drught liver m
al Is the oriial ad only ala .
Leosut no iaitatiems horo suBilrtlI
Always aso far TheiafadW'b er

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