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Established May 17, 1893.
Entered at the Postolmce at New Orleans as Second-Class Mail Matts
When Paid in Advance/
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JR. C. V. KRAFT ...... .................................Editor and Proprietor
P. CRAN ................ .. .................................Advertising Manag.
Address all communications to DR. C. V. KRAFT, No. 600 Verret Street, New tO.
Jans, La. Phone. Algiers 503.
Subscribers falling to get THE HERALD regularly, will please notify the business
Manager, No. 500 Verret Street.
Please send communications for publication as early as possible, and not later than
tuesday night.
All communications, such as letters from the people and news notes of balls, lawn
attles. dances and personal mention, will be inserted in THE HERALI) tree of charge'.
No communication will be received unless signed by the sender. We do not publik"
"our name in connection with the conmulication unless you so state, but we must insire
"ipo having your name as a guarantee of good faith.
THE HERALD may be found at the following places:
THE HERALD (Algiers Ofce). 500 Verret Street.
THE HERALD (City Once), 624-626 Carondelet Street.
HBill's Book Store, 108 St. Charles Street.
VOL. XXIX JUNE 16, 1921 No. 6
Human nature being human nature, the city man falls for the faker
as often as the country man-indeed, much oftener, because the vast
majority of fakers operate in the cities.
Now, there is John Muller. of Philadelphia-population sixteen or
seventeen hundred thousand. John answered one of those correspondence
school detective ads that give you lessons in plain and fancy detecting, and
in a month or two he acquired a diploma, badge, pair of handcuffs, with
instructions, and for the pre-war price of $7.50.
Thus equipped, "Detective" Muller went out in "disguise" one day,
and found a bunch of amateur baseball fellows in a park quarreling with
the empire. Muller took the field and attempted to settle the trouble ac
cording to Lesson 21, but was invited by one of the ball players to kindly
beat it.
Then he produced his badge, as advised in Lesson 9. when another
ball player slammed him on the nose. Other members of the team followed
suit. The amateur detective reached for his handcuffs, but there was no
one who would wear them.
When a policeman reached the scene it was plain that something had
gone wrong tith correspondence school detecting. Finally the officer res
cued Muller from underneath the pile, and took him to a cooler for safe
keeping and renovation.
Anybody with brains can learn to be a good detective, but nobody did
it in three months and very few in three years.
The new gas rate whic makes an increase in our prices, is going to
rest heavily on some of those who can ill afford the increase in rate at the
present time, and even those who can afford to pay for their gas do not
relish the idea of having to pay the increase. But, are we not to blame
for this increase? Don't you think, my dear reader, that if the gas com
pany should increase their rate one hundred per gent, that it would stiqu
late us sufficiently to bring natural gas to New Orleans from the Houma
gas field, only forty-five miles away, where millions of cubic feet of gas
arq going to waste daily? Natural gas brought to New Orleans would
mean gas at thirty or forty cents per one thousand cubic feet. It would
be so cheap that we would be able to do away with coal for fuel. An ordi
Iary household would be able to light, heat and cook with this natural
elemeat at about two dollars per month. .Artificial gas at the present
wpless would cost on em average of fifteen or eighteen dollars monthly.
Pttl all, isn't it our fault that we are paying this high rate for artificial
as wha natural gas is just at our back door? Other cities have piped
itasal gas for two hundred miles and are getting the benefit of this cheap
price. Why can't New Orleans pipe this natural gas for forty-five miles?
A good friend of ours dropped in to chat with us a fgw days ago. We
talked on various subjects and of course ended by getting on to the high
seat of livirg.,
Our friaend is a fellow who holds a responsible position which pays a
salary tar above the average. Yet, although he has held the posiltion a
Saumber of years, he does not own his own home-he is a renter. And he
sold that try as he may be simply can not get ahead. Whenever he gets a
bw dollars ahead his wife informs hin of some bill about to fall due, of a
new dress, a new pair of shoes, or a hat. The wife is not extravagant, and
whoe shte buys any wearing apparel it generally is necessary.
And we asked him, with as much tact as posslble, if he managed the
- bagdal affairs of the household. The question seemed to surprise him
.eod ie answered, "Why, of course I do." It was suggested that it might
Sbe a good idea to let the wife try her skill as controller of the treasury.
S eothing doing," emphatically. "I earn the money by hard work. Why
soeld I leave it for other hands to spendt?"
S Of corse, it wean't, and isn't, any of our particular business, but we
' ssadered, sad still we wonder, if the fellow is playing fair.
use he ears all the money? Doesn't the little woman at home earn
mm of It when she cooks and washes dishes, and sweepa end mends the
 s.ede , and earns for baby? In't she interested in their afairs? Didn't
th- esa a partnership on the wedding day?
is another young fellow here in town who receives a salary much
oar Srst friend, and right now be's getting ready to build a
ow for his wife, his bay and hlinself. We asked him how he
,I didn't do it," he answered. "I dodged all such responsibility when
_g- eeher said the Eagie word. When I get my envelope, I make out
tidt sad approprinte tme money necessary and toss the rest to my
, and then it's up to her. And, believe me, that woman has the
-''her lfe steerlng the dimes into the savings bank. We don't starve,
ar nagal we waondered. Which is the happier man, the one who dubs
f lord of thoe home and hands out the dollars reluctantly, or the fellow
la the wii and trusts her to menage the household and the
-S Opugum Ate., Ow. O vier. Al E JISRB, LA.
MOM sv. D e'u ead. Fomaim a. Uhr-amint
A8 Work Oumzatgde 10 Years
y : Vol5w
. - - lei . Mbas i9
NJ CIl PI I ·r r 1.00
OkaPrthrH~~SSu 3. l~Pr; · · 00
e A msi.) U S
ti K .c; r . wo o m 6" a.by pme
* w.
General Manager New Orleans Railway and Light Complmny.
The man to whom the entire electrical profession in New Orleans looks
for "energy" from the big power station on Market street Mr. Kemp
ster is now sitting up nights trying to figure out how to serve the fastest
city in the South with that vitally necessary product, electricity. His task
is an Herculean one, but there is comfort in the thought that he has met
equally as difficult problems with marked success, Mr. Kempster has
associated with him in the electrical department some of the nation's fore
most electrical engineers His general superintndent of Rower, Mr. Frank
G. Frost, is recognized as one of the most efficient power men in the
0 ' I
Civil District. Court.
Mrs. Rhea Raymond Pettigrove v.
Edwin Pettigrove; divorce-Van Bu
ren Harris.
Widow Jos. Matranga, owner, E.
A. Pollock & Co., contractors, 1-story
bungalow, etc., Pacific, Atlantic,
Opelousas and Evelina, $3,500; Ju
lius Bodenger surety-Hennessey.
Acceptance of Contract.
Acme Hmstd. Assn., owner, from
Liberty Realty & Security Co., con
tractors, property, Lamarque, Behr
man avenue, Numa and Socrates.
Real Estate Traasftea.
Philip A. Steckler to Hy. Philip
Senner, 2 lots, LeBouef, Lawrence.
LY S-W--- -
Friday-pa has got a lot of ole
tires up in the loft over the garage
& he had me go up & sort & lug
them down the stares whilst he went
to the junk byer & ast him what was
he pain for ole tires & he sed 17 8
a ton. pa sed gee do you think I rase
fords in a incubater. So I had to put
them all back up in the loft if they
call this a vacation I gees I like skool
well after all. very hot & stinky in
the loft.
Saturday--ra wants to take a
camping trip so we are. I herd her
telling mr. Smith that when she cum
back home she xpected to be as bars
as a Browny he laffed ftto kill. I
gems she ment brown as a Berry.
Sunday-we 'mist chirch today as
we was helping ma get reddy for
the trip. I met Jake & he sed he
was going to get sum Ice cream & I
siggested lets split 50. 50 & he sed
he wood only he dident have that
much. so I let him go on.
Monday-The trip is all off. pa
wanted to go to the lake & fish but
me sed she was going sum wheres
where they was tennis & golf and
etc. pa sed he wood see who was
Thayer and Bringier, $2,250 terms
Olivier Land & Impt. Co., to Lib
erty Realty and Securities Co., lot,
Numa, DeArmas, Behrman and
Diana, $425 cash-Puig.
Building Permits.
Widow M. Belala. owner and
builder, single cottage, Odeon,
Homer, Newton and Hines planta
tion, $900.
F. Mondel, owner and builder,
shop, Belleville, La Marque, De Ar
mas and Socrates, $200.
R. Payne, owner and builder; sin
gle cottage, Odeon, Ptolemy, Law
rence and Hines, $400.
Louis Achee, owner and builder,
single bungalow, Whitney, Newton,
Diana and Le Bouet, $1200.
boss & we wood go to the lake. So I
we stay home pa has got a awful -
strong Will but ma has a awful strong
Tuesday-we all went to the city
to shop. that is ma went a shop
ping. pa parked her in a Dept store
& him & me went to a pitcher show.
afterwards ma told me I shud ought
to of stayed with her for she seen a
slight a hand man take rabbits out
of a hat. I sed me & pa seen a yung
Iadle take money out of a stocking.
Sorry I sed it pa aint been hisself
ever since.
Wednesday---Ole mrs Peck she
feels very bad. she told ma this
evening that the docter sed her hus
band witch is mr Peck shud ought
to be isolated but they was So poor
they cuddent by enay fee.
Thursday-walked a past Janes
house & she was setting in the lawn
swing a reading I slips up behind
her & says Make a wish & it shall be
granted un to the. Just like Juliet
Seizer or Nero says in Ko Vadis. she
sed I wish You wood go on ahead
& get out of the lite. Believe me I
went to.
Yars truly
Gilky Swipes.
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Marken Is Low
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Low-cost Life Insurance Policy
You will benest in three distinct
(1) Yo will `et your issurance at
a much lower rate than it you wait.
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hceme is case e permanent and
total dlability-a aisertune whieh
may happena t say time.
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sum ea moaey Wr year ewn use later
M. the e h use your family.
whkh y s hee wi wld set savnm
Pt*et yourself and your faily;
Ms mnesy--by your Ulfe nouer
I sa im £'iAL
Washington.--One of the most
popular and efficient appointments
vet made by the new administra
tion, is that ofScott C. Bone. who
has just been nominated by Presi- i
dent Harding as governor of
Alaska. Mr. Bone, who is one of
the best known of American news
paper editors, was publicity man
ager of the Republican national
committee last year. Previously, as
editor of the Seattle Post-Intelli
gencer, he gave careful attention
tnd study to Alaskan matters and
it is expected that he will make a
strong governor from the very
Mr. Bone has large experience
with the problems of news print
paper, and inasmuch as Alaska is a
future great field for paper pulp.
there is no doubt that he goes to
Alaska with this matter very iiiuth
i: mind. \Vhich is a cast of ' x
Inr+ efficiency in the right -·:',e.
.tr. l:one will leave vcry s; or:tly
fo. tile grtat tetritory h1 ib to
gov\c;; .
Sun Engine Does Good Work.
The most remarkable sun engine
built up to date is operated at Mead.
near Cairo, in Egypt. It consists of
fve 205-foot boilers placed on edge and
in the focus of five channel-shaped
mirrors. Its best run for an hour
yielded 1,442 pounds of steam at a
pressure of nearly 16 pounds to the
square Inch-equivalent to 63 horse
power an acre of land occupied by the
Sharp Reminder.
When poison of any kind Is brought
into the house It is a good plan to im
mediately run two common pins
through the cork, opposite each other,
with the pin points extending about
an eighth of an inch past the heads on
each side. The prick of the pin gives
warning by day or night the Instant
the cork is touched and proves an eft
fcient safeguard against mishaps.
Opals Found in Few Places.
There are known only five gem-opal
regions In the entire world. For 500
or 600 years, a deposit in a remote
section of northern Hungary has been
mined by local peasants. The removal
of opals from this region ceased about
20 years ago. For the most part,
stones from northern Hungary are
milky white.
Court of Mary No. 391, Daughters
of Isabella made a splendid showing
at the fair given this month for the
benefit of the Church of the Holy
Name of Mary, the handsome sum of
$1800 being realized. Their booth
lead in the amodhts raised by the
different societies.
Among those assisting the mem
bers at this booth were Mesdames J.
Higgins, A. Clark, R. Staples, D.
Murtagh, O. Borne, C. Moseley, J.
Culver, and J. Hourcas; Misses
Claire and MadeHline Cherbonnier, E.
Higgins O. Bowers, H. Barrett, L.
Yoam Hems-30c
per -Womd
Spring tcHckls., 11A
to 3 posm.-43c
Eggs, per dro., 25c
You en buy good
poultry from ms at
thile price.
org.sh.e 1et
lss erJs. reomess
Not $1.00 owing to bemk
We are and have ben thie onl.
homestead in Lousiu a that lends
money les tha T% and no bonUs,
no premium.
Conservatively, effleetly sad
*ooaomietly umed.
oe M.tugsg Lam.
Your .embrarp Int the "Dize"
surm you of baing inaoeed when
you are reedy to bur your own
3M.IL6 6 5/160%
SO Convenient & Cheap NOW?
South New Orleans Light & Tractionj
2 Elmira Avenue AIA iEIIS, I.A. Phone Ald gies Ial
..------- -*
I.laska. M Bernard. C. Arnold. M.
Trist. M. Maher, A. Sete: r, andl M
Barras and the K. of ('; l ."ss'
. 0. Cafier,. A. McGirn, V'. C hor o't
bonnier Lynn Walter.s, J Ga.yaI:.
Gus and Kirby Barrett, F. : nil (;
Lyncker. (harles and Raymond O
Rousselot J. Escouss , P. Catfiero. E
Mahon. J. Tripolino and others. E
Miss Leonore Daunhauer. of 32t
Bermud:L St.. recei'ed the beautiful Don't read in a paor &
cedar chest and lingerie pieces an l Don't read facing the
Mliss Bernard of Atlantic Ave. re- Don't read when year
ceived the electric floor lamp. Don't read without ltisu
inag strains your eyew
NJOYABLE OTING. Our laaes ape
Mrs. J. Hartne't chaperoned a inao/i eL
crowd of girls out to Spanish Fort
Saturday. The girls went swimming DR. DAVID C.
and had an enjoyable day. Those
who went with Mrs. Hartnott were: OPTOMETRI
Misses Martha Ponti. Elmer Chico, Room 402 3m.
Dollie Kessler, Albertha Lospetich. i .19 Barmane St., 
Cleo and Claire and Eunice Hartnett. I
and Mrs. J. Hartnett.
I r
Get Our Estimate Fir
Don't have your car painted %nMl
you see us.
We feel sure we can tell you
things about automobile
which you ought to know
placing your order.
Painting automobiles is not
paintiun houses-no more than
Ing automobtles ito Ihe building
Automlbile painttng is a trade a
own. It takes a specially
workthan to make a car lom
new and stay that way.
We are now in a position to
through a few Jobs of irst-claus
mobile painting in wery short
But we would advise you to we
* onco if you want prompt actaon.
EFoto's Folly Th
SUNDATY, UNI L--Madge Kenanedy Ln "The Highest Bidd.,
"Tile Hayseed." Fox News.
MONDAY, JUNE SL.-Olive Tell in "Clothes." Ruth Roland ln "fI
Ford Weekly.
TUEDAY. UNEZ .-All-Star Cast in "Eartbbound." DUU -,
WEDNESDAY, JUNE SL-All-Star Cast In "Earthbohed." U 
Paramoaunt Magasine.
TIUIEDAY, lJUNE IL--Alice Lake in "Body and Soul." UeA -
FRIDAY. JUNE S.-Marl Plckford in "The Love Light."
mount Magpdine.
SATUIDAY. JUNE L-Mary PicLkford In "The Love Llt.
Paramount Magazine.
Admirssion 1Te and Ue. Doors open Sunday 5 p. m.-Show 5*
week days :30 p. i.--show ' p9 m.
New Ie
To the Taupaqprs m thb City . MeW
Real Estaite Taxes for the
are DoW aw demd will be1om* deliuquaet mat
tea rate for the yoar s l 1 35% millr. Pol
st the mae time. 1e Treasary Diwlalon,
Flaewa oom S, city Hal, will be opened  ,.
t tea- srom o'clock . a t
whes it wil cloas at 12 *'
uith yea te avokd elay.

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