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i'ertiln g as altentli -ly as y ou d o s elryth in g
d to w Upbdldi of the West Side of the River. "A ver live and creditable weekly news~uep ."-MANi FACTURBRS. RBCORD. RC- rRDl, wrk. _ d li .
Mal Mention
general News
_..,.r so Provam
r is. August Hohnan and
SIiell Avenue left last
S lats n the West. They
*51V sister, Mrs. Maurice
peth Worth, Texas.
r/alng of the Jetter
ob at, the following
foms our town were
w-hers appointed to the
.erson High School.
Barrett, Agnes Baer
evemlng a shower was
mlen3 Daley in honor
. ort and children are
-,'o summer at Ocean
Dorvin of Seguin, Srexas,
g~- ast of Algiers was the I
w- k of Miss C. Hymel.
my to visit her brother 1
now living at Rock- i
fepi Island. Miss Dor
about the middle of i
-Mh Southern Pacific
geeW sand sister, Miss
Va., to spend a few !
.est of their sister, Mrs.
friMeds of Mr. Jno. C.
Opelosaes Avenue will
`tss that he was compel
urwg an operation at Touro
it rweek.
S'Mrs. T. U. Buchhols and t
SFlva, and Mrs. B.
ehildren are spending
hM, Carl Olsen and fam- 1
to spend the week t
and we Perhing
seager left Monday
teth >i a t.ea- Iu
sit a ss Mo- t
attema I
tree - I"
et m, fora te
, sending tw
- efd In.
a ht s. Gao 1
rlle dAi. The
tae b ea- 6
lsamnt all iJ
w.e Das *
8 m 'wt1
ai r
t _! c
Mibt. O'Cunor Is
Candidate For Judge
Primary on Prlay, Aaugst 1th.
Three candidates for Judge of our
Second City Court have qualified before
the 8tate Central Committee and their
names will be placed on the ballot for
your choice at the primary election to
be held Friday. August 12th.
It was thought for a time that only
two candidates would be in the field,
but friends of Robert O'Conmor have
finally succeeded in having him place
his name before the voters.
The contestants in the coming pri
mary are all men of prominence.
Judge Mahoney, the present incum
bent, has held the position of Judge
of the Second City Court for about
five years, having succeeded Judge
Maher in office. Geo. Platt is an at
torney and has successfully practiced
his profession in the city for some
time. He has never held a political
Robert O'Connor is also a very able
lawyer. He represented the 15th, 16th
and 17th wards of our city in the
State Senate, and it was his vote
against race-track gambling that
brought him prominently before the
people a few years ago. He became
a candidate for Attorney General at
a time when political odds were much
against him, and the vote he received
at this election was the subject of
much favorable comment Mr. O'Con
nor is an able lawyer, a forceful
speaker, and the handling of many im
portant legal cases fits him well for
the office which he seeks.
The voters of the 15th ward will be
glad to know that the primary to be
held on Aug. 12th will not be a fac
tional fight, and will be conducted
much along the line as the contest for
Judge of the Supreme Court. There
will, we understand, be no division of
the Democratic party irlth O. D. A.'s
or regulars, and that voters will not
be asked to east their vote because
this or that eandidate is a regular or
an O. D. A. Every voter should ex
erise his right to vote for the best
man for the place.
Joe Orlish Just raturmed home after
M- ssveal parts la Both Amelr
.b Je is a the to betig same and
-Er. sad Mrs. P. O. Calben epeet
to leave Sunday for Iong Beach to
spend two weeks.
Mr. A. B. Saunders of the 8auer
balstS , S Mishmend, V., was
Srecent vistior to our town, the guest
tf his sistewIatw, Mrs. Chas. Higgins
at Vallette street.
Mim Ruth Gordoa of 60 Opelemase
avenue, is spding the week at BI
li, the guest of Mrs. Barrels and
Mrs. C. v. E!rn eatdtained the
katron's Club. Ths sumasrul playie
ore Mrsr. L ~. oseh, Mrs. S. Boylan,
( ft~L ~b~S~iY oraf MrcS.
es v the lm.os moia. The6
(bEla wlH be at the home of Mrs.
. Nelsoa.
SThnse will be a ,shirt-waist damce
given at Pythima Oln on Wedsesisy,
IJuly eth. nue foi duacina will be
furdlshed by tbS Wag Waha Six
Jags Band. jdn n will be 40
beats ple 4 eats war tax.
The may friems a Mss Han
Ayeek will be gslad to bear that ashe
Is at hem. aftor auei g sa opera
Ha sn ea& seaeA/t at ot el  e.
Mrs August Eran. of Bermuda
Wea ua s hen -"met, le, eomman
Mis Thelmagnsm aem ot r comb
A Bicycle Free To Every Boy And Girl, Woman And Man, Is Offered In
The Herald's Wonderful Contest Which Starts Friday, July 15th.
"Come on, Billy, let's go swimming."
"Can't," said Billy, dejectedly, as
he sat on the porch steps and watched
the boys of the neighborhood spin by
on their wheels.
Billy Banning often envied his
chums, most of whom had bicycles,
for there was hardly a day when they
did not have a lot of fun riding to
some favorite spot. Of course, Billy,
not having a bicycle, was out of all
these excursions, left without play
mates, a lonesome boy indeed.
All of aus at some time or another
have known a Billie, Willie, Johunie,
Mary, Lucy or Susan who 'ad the
yearning to be the proud owner of a
bicycle. But no longer seed this
yeaaaing be ia the heart of any boy
ergtiN i 'the city of New Orleans or
the Parish of Jieferon. for THE
HeRAIJ tomrerw isasgurates a
-eet t ht wI`ri n u very ha sad
sire-to be the possessor of a bieyele.
BeMes the healthuildi g advant
ages, the eyle presents endless
pleasures which meian so much in the
lifi of the boy and girl. They will
gain in spirit sad in bodily health if
they have the beneAts of a bleyele. It
opens up the coutry to them-keeps
them out in the open. Bicycling is
.the healthiest sort of sport, aside from
being a convenient method of trans
portation, and it aales the boy to
earn money that comes from running
rrands, etc. Bicyle exercise is mild
yet stimulating to every muscle.
THE HERALD coatest will be open
to *ry hbo' and girl, man and wo
man i New Orlesa and Jeerson
Parish. All eaotest rules and sub
scrlption blanks are now ready ter
distributlk, and may be smeared at
the office of THE HERALD, 500 Ver
Mrs. T. B. Clifford will leave to
day for Teas to ppend a month.
Miss Martha Gebhle of Marshall,
Taex. s spending a while i Algiers,
guest of her sister Mrs. Sidney G0ll
let of Elsa utreet.
Ur. and Mrs. U. Himel of Abbevlle,
La., motored down and are guests of
Mrs Hemry Aycock, their neoie.
Mr. B. D. Cedlins has retorned free
Charleston, C.,on a eeunt of siek
A pem party will be given at 33
Besmnds street. Numeroes articles
will be an ap. Admiseon will be
ea enat Coe and enajoy the after
Mrs. J. Calhoun sad chldrem and
Mr. and Mrs) Ed Messiy and dauh
ter, ldwlm, are spendiag the week at
the Amelean Cmny Milsebmaw
Mr. Andrw Tr,daway and soa
spent suean at CeslOohgs, La.
Quite an enr)y e time was had
at lisbmhae at Mss. l4 es Errssm
Tuessday .vng, the *eeasei being
oe swm th lvesar of the birth
sitheir sa, Myes. The hIns was
- r -a wg- hins and
adies gadt ay reusmtoe
Mew sses were lp eL. ThIse
se~west wes Jsnae Thesea y E
USai, e a MitUe end excel
b tye , e *eaeik pinass, Rush
aeeUdl Muhes a r U
, db. AWM aS t (. Geoe) Crtem
whew. a~ r3 lsl
.u , !c '
The . bM*
ret street, Algiers, or at our city of.
fice, 315 Exchange Place. between the
hours of 12 M. and 2 p. m. All that is
necessary for anyone to do is to se
cure 50 New Subscribers to THE
HERALD at the regular rate of $2.00
per year, and an order will be given
for your bicycle from one of the four
dealers whose names are mentioned.
Subscriptions must be paid in advance.
Bicycles are on display at the dealers'
The bicycles which are to be given
away in this mammoth contest of THE
HERALD are all standard makes, ma
chines that any one will bb proud to
own. These are from reliable New
Orleans dealers, names of ,bicycles
known to all boys and girls, and every
dealer is known, and likewise enjoys
the esteem and respect of the boys and
Firms who . suppi THE
H SR A-* b*br are'
G. N. Gonzales, 1430 Canal street,
Weldig's Bargain Bike House, 601
Dauphine street, Majestic Bicycle.
Gus Betat & Son, 616 N. Claiborne
street, Crown Bicycle.
Duvic Hardware Co., Morgan street,
Every contestant who secures Fifty
(60) New Yearly Buberiptleos to
THE HERALD will be given a Bicycle.
Esh sabscriptie shall be for Two
Dollars ($LOO), the regular yearly
rice of THE jBRALD.
Subscriptions must be paid in ad
Contest is open to anyone in the City
e( New Orleans and the Parish of
New subscribers are persons who
are not ~ow on our sutesription
Mr. and Mrs. H. Henley entertain
ed .a number of little folks at their
home In Seguin St,, Saturday even
inl, the occasion being the first an
niversary of the birth of their son
and their daughter, HIarry Jr., and
Libarine Thie color scheme was
carried out in red and white. The
little ones received many pretty
presents. Those 'present were,
Mary and Iris Hoffman, Brns and
George Peterson, Vincent, Stalla and
Norleta Renly, Claire, Louis and
Howard Brwn,' Lee and Loretta
Casey, Aagust and John Porls, Dick
Loeain, Harry end Libarine Renly,
Meedames A. Byraes, A. Zatarin, Geo.
Peterson, L. Brown, L. Hoffman,
Cook, Mr. and Mrs. H. HeAnl.
- !
THE HERALD will verity all sub
scriptions-whether new or present
Each and every contestant will re
ceive an order for a Bicycle from one
of the dealers mentioned herein im
mediately upon presentation, and veri
flcation by THE HERALD, of Fifty
(60) mew subscriptions, accompanied
by the cash.
City Office will be open only be
tween 12 and 2 p. m.
Immediate possession of Bicycle is
guaranteed when above rules are car
ried out. Plainly speaking-you will
not have to wait loanger than it takes
to get to the Shop of any one of the
dealers who are supplying these
Any person who enters this contest,
and for any reason falls to secure the
required number of sbseripdms, h
or the will be compeusated at the rate
of 25 per cent on all collections made
Subscriptions secured should be
turned in to THE HERALD when live
subscriptions have been received,
when proper credits will be given
and receipt Issued therefor, and sub
scription started to the Subscriber.
If further Information is required,
write a eas Ts E HEReM D, m$ Ver
ret street, Algiers, Phone Algiers 23,
or Main 6147, City O0c0 315 Exchange
TI HB AlD 'S Bieyele Contest
starts Friday, July 16th. Read the
Rules et the COtest eadLLly, and
start to work early, and remember,
boys and girls, a little huastling and
persistency will mean that soon you'
will be riding a bicycle. TEl HERALD
has the bicyle for you, and here's
wishing you nweces.
Such was the song of the Hum
mers on Thursday evenlng when Al
gters Review No. 22, Woman's Ben
efit Assoelation of the Maccabees
were hostesses at a truck ride and
all day picnic at the lake.
This Review is a benevolent asso
elation and every member earries an.
insurance policy, but in order to make
its meetings doubly interesting its
members believe in the social ele
ment. Miss Crinne C. Hughes is
the Commander and has an exnellent
corps of officers wi)o coooperate ith
her to keep their Review a continual
workshop of Hummers.
A trpek lead of these "Bess" left
Algers at .8 o'clock and It is need.
less to say that West REa was soon
aware of their presence.
Some wonderful stunts were pulled
of and the sken seaplane oat in
the lake we the readevous for the
Ameng those who esojyed the day
were: Mrs. F. Rleharde an daugh
ter, enrsett. Mee. Marta Angelo
and son, Earl, Mrs. J. Qulnlan, Mrs.
Deoees, Mrs. Ulaley, Mrs. Wl elt.
Sad deasher, Mtsl ok, Mrs Ku
cera and s+, Mrs. Klune sad un,
Mrs Tilley and lMdrsn, Mrs. Stew
art, Mrs. Vost, Mrs. Le Vest, Mrs.
GOie and daugter, Ms. Hansem
and graudehd, Misses C. ugashes,
IL Amragh . . Miker, M. Qula
In, D. eat C. Thespsen andt Mstr
tevn Morse.
This Je nMs has the lake lever
to bed that a swimming party has
bn -LNo fr ndM n aight. AU
Algiers Maseees asn Inied s to ss
Messe L. ae V. Eaberts enter
taiaed at a weekrd UIshg qarty at
DLigE Isho - The prty was
-wy ,,.d,eos-eL s da sise Las ai
Inulgg m r d fni.t sk, e phea
The mn, ~ M r. and i Mr,
*., -a -q.&& lma
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
The wedding of Miss Pearl Dufour
to Mr. George Oser was celebrated
Wednesday, July 6th, at 5:30 o'clock,
at St. Anthony's presbytery.
The bride was attired in crepe me
teor with real French lace and crystal
beads. She wore a wreath and veil
and carried a shower bouquet of lilies
of the valley. Her attendants were
Miss Emma Oser, a sister of the groom,
and Miss Bertha Brue. Each wore a
gown of flesh organdy and had bows
Iof tulle in their hair. They carried
Ishower bouquets of pink carnations.
The groom was attended by Messrs.
Roy Bensel and Leonard Morals.
After the ceremony a reception was
held at the home of the bride's mother.
The young couple, who were the re
cipients of many handsome and costly
presents, are at home to their friends
at 822 Jefferson street, McDonoghville.
A most delightful shower was given
last week at the home of Mrs. J. Culver
in honor of Miss Lota Bordelon.
The rooms were prettily decorated
and the honoree received many hand
some gifts from her friends. Dainty
refreshments were served. Among
those present were Mr. and Mrs. Theo.
J. Lala, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Lala, Mr.
and Mrs. Phillipe, Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Gomez, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Du
four, Mr. and Mrs. L. Dobel, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Cinquemani, Mr. and Mrs.
P. Caflero, Mr. and Mrs. F. Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. W. Salles, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Foto, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hicks, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Culver, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Kiernan,
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bloom, Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Culver, Mesdames H. Heuer,
Ellen Bloom, Sutherland and E. Bes
toso, Misses Jennie Clioquemani, Jo
sephine and Rosalie Lala, Lota Bor
delon,E. Sthreley, C. Bestoso, Messrs.
Blanchard, Bestoso and A. Heuer.
Sergeant James Cripps, comman
der of the Eighth Precinct Station,
Algiers, was promoted to the rank
of captain B8aturdy afternoon by
Superintendent Molony. le will con
tiHm in eLhS ,1 t .- oeelel eie
Corporal Charles Hyde, now detail
ed in the Tenth Precinct was pro
moted to the grade of sergeant and
remains in the same station.
Patrolmen John Becker was trans
ferred here vice Patrolman Cronfn
who was transferred to the third
A most enjoyable watermelon par
ty was given by Misses Doris Baker
and .M Hildebrand at the house of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Spellman in Pacific
Dancing was indulged in during
the latter part of the evening, music
being furnished by Kelly's Jas
The watermelons were cut at 11:30
o'clock and were greatly enjoyed.
The Jolly crowd then left, tired but
happy. The event is one that will
be long remembered by the young
Thosee present were: Misses
C. Hildebrand, E. Choate, B.
Wagner, L. Maybeno, V. Mc
Closkey, E. Grass. M. McDon
nell, E. Ellis, B. Robieheaux, R.
Walls, H. Cayard, L. Caradie, 3.
Lartes, O. Schroder, H. Thates, M.
Collins, B. 8pooner, T. Atkins, R.
Hadelang, B. Semner, R. BHindelang,
N. Bailey, J. Legreaddr, R. Rhlner,
M. Munstermean, M. 8pellman, B.
MuCloake, O. Sunmmers~ A. Bar
master, J. Courtney, O. Nolan, W.
Waller, R. ildebrand, D. Baker, L.
Hildebrand and A. Madkee.
Messrs. 0. Isaes, A. Thoumas, C.
TIngstrom. A. Sener., H. Sprler,
O. Legendre, B. Leendre, A. Pietre,
R. Kern, V. Shields, D. MeCard, E.
Cayard, B. Hunly , T J; and P.
Spellman, T. Dujbit, L. Bond, T.
Heron, D. Trueat A. Krebs, U. Clou
et, T. KEen, 3. Staer, L. Beres,
N. Nolan, A. Dupuls C. Brown, J.
Orleh, J. Jes, W. HUdebrand, H.
Mareoar, 0. ,ones, M. Roblebeau,
L. Legeadro, . Gorman, L Daigle,
N. Nolan. A. Duas, C. Brown, J .0.
M. Slswr, W. Drkes, C. Bodugser,
F. MeYbhs, B. Dlle IF. F. evtas,
W. Keman, H, Ray, G. iry, P. Bai
le, S. Barras, W. Stene, ,. Carub
51W0S Wa IN co(WalnOg
The bslelmg er sieBst have
ust paud a met ~lenat womb at
New Orisus OC eil's Bay Seest
Camp at Cevfoate..
Russell flega Ldea Hegsn, Jr.,
. Partland. nle s mey, eset
master Megma, UdWwrd ehbroedr,
-,Maleolm Sae dr., @ease Maclus.
key, MaurIsea Dunsa, Lake mls,
t. Seoutmaster 3tw. B. Ford,
Ce y ODas d, asydw Meffeely,
us Iaeet, Mnltesm etberled,
Seutmanter uwgene laeuseu, James
Hisns, Rnbert artlaa.
Or a YAs . E. VEBNINGt a
A m er d ph rd at ehrn_
o em .es 311 3lne.
strs~ Th
Officers and Directors Expect Large
The Algiers Trust and Savings
Bank will throw its doors open to
day as a local banking institution.
the first of its kind established here
since the old original Algiers Bank
was bought and taken over by the
Interstate Trust and Banking Com
pany many years ago.
The Algiers Trust and Savings
Bank was established in a very short
space of time, and the stock for the
the institution was eagerly sought.
There arme very few large stockhold
ers in the corporation, the stock hav
ing been distributed among many Al
gerines. The officers and directors ex
pect a large deposit today, which
they hope will mean an assured suc
cess for this new local enterprise.
Algiers Boys Employed.
Lloyd Hawkins and Eldred Drumm
both accepted positions in the new
bank, both receiving their early bank
training under Mr. Adolph Spitzfaden,
the present cashier of the bank.
Eldred Drumm was employed at the
Canal-Commercial for a few years
and then, after serving a year at
sea on one of the shipping board
ships, he entered the employ of the
Marine Bank and Tuast Co., from
which institution he resigned to go
to the Algiers Bank. Lloyd Hawkins,
has more than six years experl
ence in the banking business, hav
ing also been an employee of the
The banks advertisement which
may be found in The Herald, in this
issue, gives the names of the officers
and directors and further announce
ments as to the interest paid on their
The Canal-Commercials almost made
it a certainty that they would fly the
pennant of the 1921 Bankers' IAague,
Sunday morning, at Heinemann Park,
when in what was termed the cham
pionship 'game of the season, they
neatly trimmed the Hibernias to the
tane of 4 to 0.
It was a banner day in the Canas
Commercial, their play was far supe
rior to the Hibernias, for they outhit
the losers two to one. Henry White
faltered before the sweep of the Canal
artillery and they found him for ten
safe counts. Both sides fielded
The largest crowd that ever attended
a Bankers' League game was on hand.
It was estimated that more than 3000
witnessed the contest.
Smith, who has been the hurling ac
for the Canal-Commercials, and who
has been traling eleosely belaOHeary
White, pitcher for the Hibernias, for
the hill honors of the league, proved
that he is one of the best pitolers ever
need In a Bankers' leaue.
He outpitched White, and outside of
the first Inning, the Hiberaia players
did not hit him safely until abe eighth
inning. Up to the eighth Frank was
the only man to hit Then l the nalth
Smith gave up two safeties In all
four hbits were the total of the damage
to his delivery.
White has once defeated the Canal
Commerecals, but the Canals evened
up the score and claim to have had
all the revenge they wanted. Money
tell to the way of the Caal players
when Barrouasse wuas handed a $10 bill
for scorla the first run of the game.
Then Zaha, who hit for two bases, the
blow that brouht Barrouss around.
eame in for a eollection among the
Canal rooters that netted him SO eents
more than Barreousme. Strikig out
Kalleubrg brought a $5 bill to 8mith.
Thee Zimmrman was handed a sam
ilar note for hittin safely twice aa
scored two rOse In as may tlmes at
Just two mere games remala for the
CanalComaerelals to. pla with the
Interstates ad Ctassems. If they wia
both, the Ba belmua to them, but a
defeat meas that they must hattle
with the Hlbernias tin a champleashlp
A mew and recent pctr of o*
-ser Presg W. Hoa Taft,

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