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io paveent Trod by Warboumd
y" in Franoe is About to
Undergo Repairs.
Th cebblestone roadways of the
ys Brest, France, are being re
Veteran cobblestones that felt
.e of armies from a new land
*r bese upon them the weight of pris.
free the country beyond the
31 as they worked and watched
same new armies dlsembark are
pig ItO the discard. Long and
geI they have served their time, givr
Splace to new and younger ones
Vl are being laid by men as old as
I service of those others.
Nt athe sentiment about cobble
ass, think the old men of Brest as
m dig them up and toss them con
easrmly aside for the newer and
Sworn ones, yet back in America
go coblestones of Brest will linger
g is the memory of almost 2,000,000
Toe eebblestones of Brest offered
r eseast men of the new American
ale their first march on the soil
4 rsraee. What doughboy will ever
rt them as descending from the
gamr with heavy pack and rifle, he
gl ied and clattered across them?
V thy were the first of French soil
i be aeneath his feet, so were they
Slast, as with victory in his kit.
pth the mad of the Argonne still on
s ohes, he slipped gleefully over
Spto the waiting transport and
was Isseth by army trucks and
M btamplag of men, the old stones
ve deme their bit. The only echo
f thes ether days that has come to
bae her been in the trucks of the
judme Red Cross, which continue
gir to rle from cargo boat to ware
61. carrying supplies that the peo
eod ·rspe might live.
eihmed by Spider Bite.
wae te true tarantula is scarcely
g reaemous than the spider, of
hie Dr. T. T. Turpin of Esmeralda,
OmaLs Mexico, surgeon of the Sier
a Mis damlaes, writes to the Journal
d d s American Medical association:
1!e spider that I have known
a p8sNiesus one is found in maly
1giees a southwest Texas and north
tn Mades. It is small and black,
wi a -white cross on the back. The
S i Mletly painful and produces
se e4-g . The spot bitten is generally
1 os mI that it is hardly noticeable
s.- ar est day. After the frst hour
a. is s spticeable local symptoms,
th wih a short time after the bite
" meS i Intsnse pealu n the chesat, pal
ft the heart ad difculty In
I. w ths vct~m of such a bits
t I dm idom had mere severe
g-., I lave sever thught myself
gume aager death than I did
irhei t days when I was i,
is ac I felt it necessary to take
I a grat i of morphine with stre
+f a m e Ctbw ae s seemed
-e s was my owa, but several
p itin ice er two dys."
se- traveling the hgh
Sare5 of sanold carring
- up.
a sent he Arts l easue of
ac of th omects et which
r(t , ewy tm to wtn
*1ases Nb. The players trao
~ glges .t ahet tern miles a
a t hasy and me local hai
leamm but sometise play In
ir Isu le's aestylem
tr fd, asme , exelent
Sat Vry varied laMesJ"
C yrt td a reparter. OQae
ese us tas gwuets of the Im
s m t. perhape, we are
-e of et thre dSut
wtt esn and dances.
i eiming taom he Ies
__ e - AUte ladustry.
Wrve of t am si
ir the calendr year
be empleted by the
bere of statistics. Thre
user satemeabes
di rparr, reapectively.
invested in the industry
lsats of whi Owntri
test of west o the 1*5
the Deminlem. Wh
wee S r teeangs -
l a gregte values o
iver Powe Me.
d rahar iaml i eknbeats
e the Delaware river,
idw sm-end- at 20 mU
eppearm in a russt 3m
Uidv5S bees th federal we
of femr ems, wth
OMtf bhet. Asams
$1 ine* flew Sueas S
algtim ism he ortoigte
a whin tser pareate
5 wmida't de."-Deratr
f *ew resa bes
at ee ems
cacar a or mas nowat on, oo,
INC. fa
o ii
United States of Americal 8tate of Louis- at
ans Parish of Orleans. Be it known, that s
on this 10th day of the month of June, in ti
the year of our Lord, ono thousaad. nine ox
hundred and twenty-one, (1921), Before ti
me, Watts K. Leverich, a notary public, vi
in and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Louisiana, duly commissioned and quail- ei
fled, and in the presence of the wltnespee c
hereinafter named and undersigned, per- at
senally came and appeared, the several di
persons whose names are hereunto sub- n,
scribed, all of the age of majority, who de- It
clared that, availing themselves of the pro- .c
visions of the laws of this State relative to h4
the organization of corporations, they di
hereby form themselves into and consti
tute a corporation, for the objects and
purposes, and under the stipulations here- 8
inafter set forth.
ARTICLE I.-The name and title of this hi
corporation shall be MOUNT OIL CO.. es
INC., and under its corporate name it
shall enjoy succession for the term and
period of ninety-nine years from and af- tl
ter the date hereof, and shall have power
and authority to contract, sue and be sued.
to accept and receive mortgages. pledges. 11
or other hypothecations; to make use au
corporate seal, and the same to break and "
alter at pleasure; to purchase, receive, r.
lease, hold or otherwise acquire and con
vey. as well as mortgage and hypothecate. II
under its corporate name, property, both
real, personal and mixed; to borrow mon
ey and make and issue bonds and other
evidences of debt, and to secure tile sanme g;
by mortgage or otherwise; to name and S
appoint such managers and directors, of- it
ficers and agents as the interest and con- ti
venience of said corporation may require. tl
and to make and establish, as well as 1:
alter and amend at pleasure, such by-laws
rules and regulations for the management
and regulation of the affairs of the cor- ft
poration as may be necessary, proper, or is
convenient. i
ARTICLE II.--The domicile of this cor- *
poration shall be the City of New Orleans. C
and all citations or other legal process
shall be served upon the president of the
corporation, or, In his absence, upon the
vice-president, or in his absence, upon the
ARTICLE III.-The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is es
tablished, and the nature of the business
to be carried on by it, are declared and
specified to be: To mine, dig and drill
for, or otherwise obtain from the earth, Ia
oil, gas, sulphur, salt and other minerals; 1l
to n anufacture. refine, prepare for market,
buy and sell and transport the same in o
the crude or refined condition; to acquire a
for those purposes oil. gas, sulphur, salt, o
coal and other mineral lands and lease- h
holds and other interests or rights in real
estate or minerals; to construct and main
tain conduits and lines of tubing and pip
ing for the transportation of natural gas w
and or oil; to buy, sell, hold. lease, mort- e
gage, alienate and deal in real estate of t
all sorts: to drain, reclaim, colonise, de
velop and improve lands; to erect build- t
ings and other structures, and to operate, ti
lease, or otherwise handle them and deal h
therein; to construct, acquire, maintain .
and operate all railroads, tramways, tele
graph and telephone lines, canals. water- a
ways, boats and other means of trans
portation necessary or convenient in pro- t
secuting the business of the Company; D
to construct an, operate hotels, ware- i
houses and generat stores; to issue bonds,
mortgagee and hypothecations to the ex
tent necessary or proper for its business;
to acquire, and hold, sell, encumber or
dispose of stocks and bonds of other P
companies to the extent permitted by law;
to exchange its entire capital stock, or d
any part thereof, for property which it e
is authorized to acquire. or to exchange a
its entire assets and business, or any part a
thereof, for property, stocks, bonds or t
other obligations of other companies; to a
hold stock in other corporations; to per- I
feet and acquire patent rights, improve
ments or processes; and to do and trans- a
act all business properly connected with, b
incidental or convenient to any of the said I
obligations and purposes.
ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this
corporation is hereby fixed at Five Han
dred Thousand Dollars ($00.000.00), to be
divided lnto and represented by five thous
and shares (5,000) shares of a par value of
One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each, which
shall be paid for Ia cash, or may be is
sued for property actually received by the
corporation, or for services rendered. This
capital stock may be increased up to the
sum of Pive MIllie Dollars (M,0.000.00)
AUTICL, V.AIl pwes of this ear
poration sha be vested s and exercsed
by a beard of five. The Board shall elect a
from their numbe a Presdnt, a Vie
President, a Seeretary and a Treasurer, t
sad such ther officers as they may think a
proper or convenalent for the earryia on
of the company's business, and shall have
power to unit two or more offlces, and the s
same to eeer upon aone person, or to die- a
pands with any offie La it diretion,
ad to fix the salaries of all ofleers,
agents and employees. After 19 the
Board of Directoers ta be elected - a
suaMy on the second Monday of June of 1
each year, the first elsetm to be baeld to in
the lyear 1.· All euch electioens shall be I
by ballt at the .mle eo the cerpoeatWs
Notice ef annual meet·ngs, as well as of
special meetings ot stekholders shall be
by written Stine spled fiftees (15)
ys In advance of the date f such meeta
Ilag to eae stekhelder appeang a such I
on the books of the company, at his last
Wdesignted addres or at the Oereal DIe
ivery at Nev Oresans, La., ift has 1*
delpat sa naaddesui. ach older
a nttlt to e vote for each
share of teck shandinag i bin name o I
the beok of the company, sai vote to be o
eatnt in a e o by pruop/ ato a na,, Ir
ity of the vote cst shln ..l __I
Beard of Directors shll haveaw the pwe I
to fm al vacanees wicb may occur, or a
Say manner ario or be reated on tlhe
tmema at tohn tmuue the va i
a to be lwlc iluea to elect drec tos
en the daao sp u.d ed shall.ba not die
cso tbs cr panto, buoist wthe dlrtms
thin o s e halle to ai in oefce unatil
ther esors atr seteade 'The Bsar
a aet the ep e wer to make
anlndtase , na well au Ch and As ,
aD Dy-laws, rols and reglatioso noes
eary and prper for the sapport an marn- I
agema ta the atfir sdibusines o the
rporatio. and not ienastea with Itr
nhe airmutve t of two thirds o te
entir dIirectr, to borrow my, e.xecute
as , a nhut and
be Ivndataase and prnsllr tode ao x
Sly' aesassary o cvenient
arty acuired h saidn cootr at- n, an'
espci,lly osr the whl or uny part of
t"e ek a ow bidan by Ch Larles Pe"_
mat my h po0l A aorit of the
dreOe t sil al O7a, h· a
dators shall remain in office until the af
fairs of said corporation shall have been
fully settled and liquidated, and they shall
have full power and authority to transfer
and give title to all the property and as
sets of the corporation, and to distribute
the proceeds. In case of death, disability
or resignation of one or more liquidators.
the vacancy shall be filled by the sur
rivor or survivora.
ARTICLE VIII.-No stockholder shall
ever be held liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults of said corporation in
any further sum than the unpaid balance
due on the shares of stock owned by him.
nor shall any mere informality in organ
iration have the effect of rendering this
charter null. or of exposing any stock
holder to any liability beyond the amount
due on his stock.
And. in order that this charter may
serve as the original subscription list,
the subscribers hereto have indicated op
posite their respective signatures the num
her of shares of stock subscribed for by
each of them.
Thus done and passed, in my office, at
the City of New Orleans. on the day.
month and year first above written. In
the presence of Annie L. Mercier and Geo.
Huff. competent witnesses, who have here
unto subscribed their names. together with
me. notary, and said appearers, after du.
reading of the whole.
WITNESSES: Annie L. Mercier, George
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned. Recorder of lMort
gag-es. in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing act of incorpora
tion of the MOI'NT OIL CO.. INC.. was
this day recorded in my office in Book
12t, folio. -
New Orleans. La., June -. 1921.
1. the unde.rsigned Notary Public. in and
for the Parish of Orleans. State of Louil
iana, do hereby certify that the foregoing
is a true and correct copy of the original
act of incorporation of the MOUt)NT OIL
CO.. INC., of record in my notarial office.
New Orleans, I.a.. June 15tth. 1921.
Notary Public.
June 23-July 28.
UInited States of America. State of Louis
iana. Parish of Orleans. City of New Or
leans; Be it known, that on this 24th
(tMy of the, month of May. In tile year of
our Lord. one thousand nine hundred
and twenty-one, and of the Independence
of the United States of AmerLa. the one
hundred and forty-fifth, before me, Ben
.it.niu Y. Wolf, a notary public. duly com
missio:ed and qualified in and for the pa:
ish of Orleans, and in the presence of the
witnesses hereinafter named and undersign
ed, personally came and appeared, thepar
ties, whose names are hereunto subscribed,
all of full age, who ceclare 'hat, availing
themselves of the laws of this State rela
tive to the formation of corporations, they
have covenanted and agreed, and by these
presents, covenant and agree and bind
themselves, as well as such other persons.
as may hereafter become associated with
them, to form and constitute a corpora
tion and body politic in law for the pur
poses and objects and under the stipu
lations and articles following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I.--Te -lame or this corpor
ation shall be COMMERCIAL GARAGE
ARTICLE II.-The objects and pur
poses of this corporation and the nature
of the business to be carried on by it are
declared to be: To manufacture, buy sell.
exchange, lease, deal in. store and repair
automobiles, motor trucks, motor boats
and vehicles of every kind and descrip
tion propelled by electricity, gasoline, gas.
steam, compressed air or other motor
power, and ail tops, bodies, supplies.
accessories an d appurtenances for
automobiles, motor vehicles and motor
boats. incidental thereto or used in con
nection therewith; to co duct gasoline
supply stations, to buy and sell gasoline
and oil of any nature and kind whatso
ever. to conduct garages for the storage,
repair and maintenance of automobiles,
motor trucks and motor vehicles of every
kind; to apply for, obtain, purchase, lease
or otherwise acquire and to register, hold
own and use bay and all trade-marks,
trade secrets, processes, formulas, inven
tions and improvements, capable of being
used i .econnection with the work of the
Company, whether secared under letters
patent in these United States. or else
whe e otherw ; and to se, operate
I and manufaeture under the same, and to
l sell, assiga. grant icenes in respect of
or otherwise dispose of and turn the ame
to the account and prefit of the company;
and generally to do and engage in any
k other business or enterprise connected
with or growinag out of. germane or in
lcidental to any of the purposes herela
- above set, put or contemplated by this
ARTICLW III.--The capitar stoek of
the said corporation, shall be Ten Thou
sand Dollars, divided into sand represented
by ne hundred shares of the sum of one
undred Dollars each, payable in cash,
property or for services rendered. The
capital stock may be increased to fifty
thonsand dollars.
The corporation shall eommenoe doiag
Sbusaine as s a s Five Thesanad' Dol
las of the capital stock shall have bees
Ssubcribod ad Twenty-five Hundred Dol
lm of said amount as saubsraed, shall
Shave be pa for.
r Ay stoekholder may sell, assign ar
Strasfer his stock in this corporation,
provided thirty days' stace of each in
r tetlon to nel, assigat or trshtoer the
sam e b 1the company, and the other
s haek ishalll have the first prlivl
rtee ot prhuig the same, at boek value
r aftre whlih ty days' netlee, the said
Sstaclk may be sold in the open market.
ARTICLE IV.--The domicile of the said
a corpomration shall be in the City of New
SOrleans, State of aisna.
The pleddent, or in his absence, the
Theeprsideet, shall be the proper per
1 see.o upon whom el*atia or other legal
4 a rees shall be erved.
This eorportien ae omer dissolved
shall exist and eantinue for the period et
Sninety-nine years frm mad aftedr the date
All eemrporate pewers shall be vested In
a besrd of direetrs eemposed eof four
stckholders. The beard of directors may
Sfill vac ces ln their number, however
esaused, by eectio firom ameng the stock
r holders.
SThe first board d directors shall eoa
salet of Fred N. Mills, who shall b pres
a 14P BmDrem Stet, New Orkleas; Dr.
I . H. Prage, whe peaoet-oie addrmes is
1I4 Camp Street, and who shall be rvice
Spreldent; IIMe Bledwia, who shall bhe se
9 tary a~mn , ad who paest
.efics address I aso barracks, New
* Orleans, La., and Walter L Glbson, who
t shall be treasurer, and whoa peat-oIce
Saddesa is I 1 Daroamn Street New Or
Said beard shall cotisnue in office until
tJanuary 3, lu whei date and there
rifter, ana.llly, a beard of dietors shall
IIat ch rr uanss thea me shall ha
l ywh the oleataln shall ho
After each election the ofr et dirne
t to a elect rem sJi number the
ofoeef lsenof the
The sad ard is farther authekLs
to trmle sad adept sech by-Iaws, rolse
sad relatisas am th aars and the
ea T tLe V -tis chater may s t e,
e0.n-e a sn p naatal etac oft
b ameo ese the dst er t tosd,
**r the all eatm mse ae IM e fr
eetae or Mal ot l et e imeta in
sany ferther nhe the unpl hatsaco
nof n atb wfoe u h h a snere,
0 aa w more lt
, Ot he -Sam thereon -shaD ha
ioai  h r torhIen to h
*o Ine wn natE the rs the corpoa
* aDegats Das h onsee death o
soe of fhe tgath~esn or his roaal r
a n*d aba by t hem, ad
sail parties and me. notary, after due
reading of the whole.
Fred. M. Afils 13 shares; Walter I. Gib
son. 15 shares: Ellis Baldwin. 15 shares;
J. H Page, 15 shares. Hubert M. Ans- Be
cley, Henry Hart. in
Notary Public. pe
I. the undersigned. Recorder of Mort- the
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans. ne
State of Louisiana. do hereby certify that du
the above and foregoing act of incorpora- foi
INC.. was this day duly recorded in my ne.
office in Book 1253. folio 338. pe
New Orleans. May 25th. 1921. pe
(Signed) ROBT. SCOTT, 81
Dy. Re. chl
Notary Public to
June 16-July 21. tra
ORLEANS--Be it known, that on the fif
teenth (15th) day of tthe mouth of June. ,
in the year of our lord. one thousand q
nine ihundred and twenty-one (1921), be- cu
fore me. Charles J. Rivet. a Notary Public. si
duly commissioned and qualified, in and yM
for the Parish of Orleans. State of Lou- tli
isiana. and in the presence of the wit- s,
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned. al
personally came and appeared the persons ,c
whose names are hereunto subscribed, who ,,
declared, that. availing themselves of the to
provisions of the laws of the State of Lou
isiana relative to the organization of cor
porations. they hase covenanted and agreed ''
and do by these present covenant and of
agree and constitute themselves, as well of
as such other persons who may hereafter s*
join or become associated with them, into
a corporation and body politic in law for
the objects and purposes and under the
agreement and stipulations following,
to-wit: d
ARTICLE I. The name and title of this
corporation shall be THE HUB CANDY
CO., INC.. and under this name it shall p,
have and enjoy all the rights, advantages it
and privileges granted by law to corpora- on
tions. It shall exist for a period of nine- It
ty-nine years. unless sooner dissolved in I'
accordance with law or with the provisions II
of this act of incorporation; it shall have it
power to sue and be sued in Its corporate th
name; to make and use a corporate seal, Si
and the same to break or alter at pleasure; h:
to contract and obligate itself, to hold. re- ui
ceive. purchase. convey, mortgage, pledge, iL
hypothecate, alienate and otherwise ac- A
quire and dispose of property, movable si
and immovable, corporeal and incorporeal;p
to issue bonds. notes or other obligations; se
to have and employ managers, directors, ai
officers, agents and other employees, as ce
the interest and convenience of the cor- ti
poratidn may require; to make. have and c
establish such by-laws, rules and regula
tions for the management and control of ti
its affairs as its directors may deem ex
pedient or necessary; and to do all things I
whatsoever that are permitted by law to P
be done by corporations. a,
ARTICLE II. The objects and purposes a
for which this corporation is organized a
and the nature of the business to be car- in
ried on by it are hereby declared to be: c,
to manufacture and sell, at wholesale only, (t
all kinds of candies, bonbons, cakes, bis- H
cults syrups soft drinks and confections. L
To manufacture and buy and sell, at ci
wholesale only, small toys and novelties. a
To purchase and otherwise acquire the tl
good will, stock in trade and property of P
other businesses whose objects and pur- J
poses are similar or incidential to those of Q
this corporation. And, generally, to do r
any and all things incidental or germane a
to the above mentioned objects and par- w
poses. -
ARTICLE III-The capital stock of this a
corporation is hereby fixed at the sum of
1en Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00), whlch n
may be increased to Twenty-five Thousand y
Dollars ($25.000.00). A
ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of this t
corporation shall be divided into one b
thousand shares of the par value of Ten c
Dollars ($10.00) each, all of which shall t
be common steeock.
The said stock shall be full pald and f
non-assessable, and shall be represented
by certificates of seh form as the Board
of Directors may determine, signed by the
president or vice-president and the See
The stock may be paid for in labor done c
or mneyr property actually renelved by e
the cepoeratles.
No transfer of stock shall be binding
upon the corporation unless and atl
made upon its books.
ARTICLE V-The domile or this acor
poration shall be in the city of New Or
leans, In this 8tate. Citation and other
i legal process shall be served on the Prei
dent and in his absence on the Vice-Prei
ARTICLE VI-All the corporate powers
of this corporation, and the management i
sad control of its affairs aid business are
hereby vested in and are to be exercised ,
by its Board .of Directors which shall
consist of not less than three nor more
than ve stoekholders, a majority of whom
shall constitute a quorum for the tras- d
action of the corporate business. The t
number of diretors to be elected to be
determined by the stockholders at their
annual meetings.
SThe Ist Board of Drectors slrdl coo-l
sa of the three nteorporstors of ta is oem
n .nly, via: Ralph W. Hulburt, woe potI_
New Orleas, La.; Edward The , who
, address is 1731 Spain Stnsret
Stree. ow Orleans La. with Ralph w.
Halbrt as presdent. Edward Tbo as I
vice-prsident and Emlo H. Roll as sc- I
Annul meetina of the storekhelders for (
the purpoe of etin director sha h
held oa the first Mo lain Jly that is
not a holiday. The ir Board f Daine
tors shall serve untll the annual matinl
to be held in July 13. or natil their sc- Ia
esers are duly elected sad qallode. I
Immeately after their election the ad
rectors shan choese from mog toheir
Snnumber a president, a vice-president and a
ARTICLE vn-E stockholder shall
ever be hold lilble or responsible for the
cntracts, faults or obligatIonse at this
emrporation or shall man re inorm
iutr in ts orgsnimtio have the eecti
of nding this charter al r o ; a
a tokllder to any liability, b
jenrthe emot due lor stock enIerihed -
ter t espaid. I
ARTICLE VIIm--Thi t f icrpra
lion may be amendeA ad the orporatin
may be dissolved ad i aIfains nqidatedI
it th manner directed by Act NWo. I o
the General Assembly of the 8tate ofl
L ooiatnar the er 1 . - ha
orARTICLE teor trts hs n
written pposi.t their a th ir oest
oice address and a statement qf the am-I
Sber of shares of stok rhich each agres I
to take in the corprats; and ain -i
Smeat for the two hundred and ifty-fiv
sharo subserlibed for by Ralph . .
burt ad oft the two h nnJr ad ~t
fve shares subscribed for by Emilo a
SoBelle the said Ralh W. alburt ad
he E l m RBlie do hereb and by thur,
Sprse L nuL erds., o nveyo d trns
with all legal warranty all e their right,
title ad interest in ad to The Hub Cm- I
apraise b e ther ee m hd of theN1
.s Ra mitsus em aseH
isd hr dingd the good wltp mc hiney
stock I. tmr atede ed eent reeivae ble
the aid H butle, , do I
t oethe tha th saeeMont oa ok vlu an
d irectr hotfeidtea this creporm
Sta is ane hmeto bto ha ada Iort
ere. And the ai Ralph W. lbrt
and Emts ,E. Bele do bemreb declre u-
Seme of The Hub s pny a l of all of
a Its nrerty nd that the only Moiltr
I, ofebeid -rteosip e belanee due
-le the truc dea rEl a the anexd
aitessisod Eat, ame t Two__undrd,
I Ths de a mand memat Uma n
0 the aLCA of N. th da. month
I Vi a minI:n S Id R A
L t aundeigod Imnem a d m ahreby
I .pt*
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans; I
Be it known that on this 14th day of May,
in the year of our Lord. nine.teen hun- t
dred and twenty-one, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States of America,
the one hundred and forty-fifth: IBefore
me, Warren V. Miller, a Notary Public, d
duly commissioned and qualified in and t
for the Parish of Orleans, and therein t
residing, and in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned
personally came and appeared the several
persons whose names are hereinafter sub- c
serithed. all being of full age. who de
clared to me, Notary, that availing them- l
selves of the Laws of the State of Louis
iana relative to the organization of c-or
porationa. they do by these presents con
tract, agree. covenant, stipulate and bind
and form thees.lives. ea I as w su a uch other I
persons who nmay hereafter beeome as- a
sociatted with them, into a corporation i
and body politic in law, for the objects
and purlpos.s and under the stipulation:s
hereinafter set -fortlh, all of s hich they
accept as their charter, to-wit:
AItTILt'lE 1.-The name and title of this
corporation is declared to be IlRSt IN
SIIl1ANt'E AGtEN'Y. IN., and under
such title it shall have and enjoy succes
sion and existence for a period of lifty
years from date hereof; tihe domicile of
thic cororloration shall be in the City of
New lOrleans, State of Loulianna. whlere
all citeations and legal processes shall be
versed ,upon tile Presidentt. or in his ab
sence upon the ViePl'resident or Secre
ttary, in the order nacid.
AltTIt'I.E II.--Th capital stock of this
ceorloration tI. hereby tixed act the sumi
oef Ten Thousand DIollars t$10.0)0-00). a;ll
of which shall be divided into and repre
sented by Two Hundred Sl-hares of the
par value of Fifty Dollars ($J0.00) each.
Stea'k !nay ble paid for in moneey, itn ser
cic'es rendered-l to tihe' corporation, or in
property and good will regularly trans
ferred to the corporporation, all aIs shlll be
dete'rmined by the Board of Directors.
ARTI('LE Ill.--The objects andt pur
poses of this corporation and for which
it is organized, are declared to Ibe, to carry
on a general inlsurance bllin. as as Agent,
IBroker or General Agent for Insurance
Ctompanies doing a Life. Fire. Accident.
Ilealth. Marine Compensation and Liabil
ity cer other form of insurance authorized
to be' carried on,. now or hereafter by the
State of L.ouisiana. This corporation sheall
hlave the power to do a general business
under the different forms outlined alove
in other States of the United States of
America or its foreign possessions. It
shall have the power to purchase real,
personal or mixed property, to hold and
sell same at its convenience and to d4e
any and all things needful or necessary,
connected with, incidental to, or germane
to the objects and purposes set forth or
contemplated by this charter.
ARTICLE IV.-The corporate powers of
this corporation are expressed and set
forth by Section Seven of Act 267 of the
Louisiana Legislature of 1914. and all cor
porate powers shall be duly employed by
and vested in a Board of Three Directors,
a majority of whom shall constitute a
ciquorum for the transaction of all busi
ness. The First Board of Directors shall
consist of and be James A. Ross, 7228
Gravier Street, New Orleans, la.; Winm. D.
Hunt, 728 Gravier Street, New Orleans,
La., and Harry Sellers, 4:x0 Canal-Commer
clal Bank Building, New Orleans, La.,
and from such Board there shall be elected
three officers, namely, a President, a Vice
President and a Secretary-Treasurer and
James A. Ross shall be President, Wm.
D. Hunt shall be Vice-Presalent and Har
ry Sellers shall be Secretary-Treasurer,
and the said Board and Officers shall
serve as such until the third Wednesday
in January. 1922, or until their successors
are elected and qualified. Meeting of the
f ock-bolders for election of DIltrctors
shall be held yearly, on the third Wed
I nesday in January, beginning with the
.year 1922; the Board of Directors shall
have the right to elect without reference
to a stockholders meeting, any stock
a holder to be a Director, whenever a va
cancy shall exist on the Board of Direc
I tors through death or resignation. The
duties of the several officers shall be set
1 forth In the by-laws of the corporation,
which may be adopted by the Board of
Directors and amended or altered at their
ARTICLE V.--Before any stockholder
shall sell or dispose of his stoek In the
Scorporation, he shall give thirty days writ
tea notice of his intention to do so to the
eorp.atien, during which thirty days the
corporation itself shal have the right of
purchasing the stock at its book value.
ARTICLE VI.-Ne stock-bolder of this
corporation shall ever be liable for any
debt of the corporation other than the
unpaid portion of their subscription to
stok, and no informality herein shall
subet them to such liability.
AR'T!'t.f VII.--Amenaments to this
charter and liquidation of the corporation
shall be subject to the rules laid down
in Act 2K of the Louisiana Le tslature
of 1914. The Capital Stock of this eor
I poration may be increased by amendment
of this "barter, to any sum not exceeding
Frty Thonsand Dollars (I0,000.00).
Thus done and signed on the day sad
date first hereinabove written, in my No
tarlal Office i the City of New Orleans.,
in the presence of Prentiee E. Edringtes,
Jr.. and L. R. Hoover, competent wit
nesses, and me, Notary, after a due read.
Slag of tim whole; the subserlbers setting
opposite theur names the amount they
t subscribe for, making this an original
Ssubseription 41t.
SJames A. Rous, 71 Gravler ttest, New
Orleans, La. 1398 shares. W D. Hant, r 18
Oravire Street, New Orleas La. 1 share
BHarry Sellers.' 14 Canal-Commeaal
Buldliag, New Orleans, La., 1 share.
- (sugned) WARREN V MILLER,
Notary PuhbiLe
SI, the uadersigned Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Parish of Orleas.
State of Loislan, do hereby eartIlty that
the above and foreointg Act of Incorper
Sation of the Ross Insurance Agency, Ine.,
wu ti day dly recorded in my offlce
wa Book thia Fsli d u . New Orllems,
SMay leth, *13r.
(signed) ROBT SCOTT,
hA truecopy a the erlgal a filo la
my ofe
Notary Public
Unatd States of Amerie, State of ls.s
I inn, Pariah o Orleans, Ct7 of New Or
leans; oBe it kow, that on this first
Sday of the month of Jun, in the year of
r Lard the one theusend aie hundred
and tweoty-ns, and of the Indepeaddse
5 of tbhe UDated states of Amerlc the one
hundred and forty-fifth. Before me, Ar
I thur A. Moereo, a Notary Puble, duly
eoemmirsieed and ualified, la and for
Sthis Cty sad the Parish Ortuas
L therea rsatdins, and in the preence of
the herastriar named and undersignod
witaeses, persemally ease and appeared
Sti teollwig parsos whee ames ar
,amoan t of No t*o*te
- to the capital steck of thoa eo to
Sbe formed, whbo sveraly declare that.
Sava temlng thm ves a the prilevasm o
the njrnl laws aof the state o ILuisias
)th a rganisaltlem of erpese
.t Uss. ty have ooveante and naeed,
, and do by them pre tso eovenm t and
is agree ad bin and obligat themlved .
a. e well t suhb ether prsesw e rmay
Sor their sueesers, tor and esnet
a- tub themselves into a carprties and
bo pie mo i law, ad r tho rbrate
toand p 1eeo and unader thm asIem
fad iamles fomewia ttg,
(b) years tem tbhe da heurt: to e
tmret. e and be se; to brrow monre:
km altk and Iat a eetab. p
IMCo mertag and demtcsa o erty
11 t m ake o atya m aw an
* en - n ~s n O W .
*06 b mewd u rmhepi
AltTlt'I.E Ill.--The objects and pur- lic
poses for which this corporation is es- r
tablished and the nature of the business ,
to be carried on by it are declared to Tl
be to engage In the buying and selling of tit
altomnobiles. tractors. automobile and traei- t.
tor parts and accessories and to replre- act
sent as agent the manufacturers of auto
molbiles, tractors, automobile and tractor
parts and accessories, and gt'lneraI. to e
do each and every thing in connectiou with Son
the business of buying and selling auto ,at
mobiles, tractors. automobile and tractor for
tarts and accessories. up
ARTIC'LE IV.--The capital stock of thisil
rporation shall be Ten T'houslnld ($10 l.
1(0I1.51) dollars, diided into onei hundredt
(140)1 shares of ithe. par value of One lun t1
dretd $1t500.00 dollars each and Ilay) be i
itntrel:ts.ed to the bull of Fifty Thousand
$5).141.i00) dollars. dlivided into five lhun -
dred (.l50) shares of the par value of 4lnt tle
Illndred ($100 40) dollars eacth, anlld this h
corlporation is to bie a goingt -onitern whoi.i
on- haif of tilt- capital stock hots bt-ei lit
subscribed and oute-half of which sub
sceription hais Iitui paid for.
iach .harer of s:lid .st ik shall I4e 4t- i
titllis t oile (1 sote. either ti perston or
Iby proxy. at all geterail electionll or ilett, - -
inis of the sto1 khode rs
A.tITIC('l.E V.- No stockholder shall ever
1it h-li liiabletl or resonsible, for tie iln
debtednes. faults or dfan.ts of thi- ,t-r
pIor;tionI nor shall ally nItere inforinit v
int the orta':lnia t of the corporal1t~-.
have the etffi.t of reitering the charth r
null,. or of e\-posing the stotikhlltohters to ,
any liability beyond the unpaid ba'aulll ,
if any . itn theitr subscriptions.
ArtTI'iL.E VI.-Thlis aorporation shaU l
haIv nl t ilt' powt.rs granted to such ctotr -
piorations by law and shall havte the lpout*r
to conttttra , sie anlld be sued il I its (icor
oraiter namieIt. ald tO own. hoid. re'eine.
loan. biase.. purhtase stIl and ctonvey or r
itortac.'e alny and all of its effects. or
to hypoithcate. its property and to ido
any land all iets and things of iany othler
klnd. nature or description ais imay be ,
nt-erssary to carry out the objects alndt
purposes of said butlsiness. its Its intcrelstIa
Iand conveniences ayll rt quire.
AItTI'I.E VII.-TI', tustinsts of this
corporation shall be directed lby anti ve.t
ed inO a board of direcitors of four (4) h
trnetiers,- three of whoi st.all constitute %t
a quorun for the tralsaction of busitless.
and the said board of directors ias first a
constituted shall be coiposiid of (.. P I
Russ, 11. P1'. Nathan, G. Owen Vincent and of
Arthur A. Moreno. and they shatll hold f
office until tile first Wednesday in June th
1923, and on that day and on the same at
day thereafter each year, elections shall th
be held for directors at the principal of- .o
fice of the corporation and :he election ti
shall tie held at the hour of twltve hootn. i
O. P. Russ shall be first president. at
H. P. Nathan shall he first secretary andi t
0. Owen Vincent shall be first treasurer. st
and they shall hold office until the first th
Wednesday in June, 1923. in
Failure to hold an election on the day th
specified shall not dissolve the corpor- .t
ation. but the directors shall hold their at
respective offices until an election shall at
he held after thirty days notice of the of
time and place thereof given to each stock- ti
holder. Ia
Directors may act, either in person or re
by proxy. it
ARTICLE VIII.-Whenever this corpor- ti
ation is dissolved, either by limitation, or p
for any other cause, its affairs shall be tl
liquidated by the board of directors, who el
are hereby vested with full power to sell ht
any or all assets of the corporation, either th
separately or in a mass. and to convey hi
full and complete title thereto, and shall cr
have full power to do and perform all dl
acts necessary and proper to fully and n,
completely liquidate the affairs and dis
tribute the proceeds, It any, among the i
stockholders of this corporation to the r
amount of stock held by each. t
Thus done and passed, in my notarial a
office, in the City of New Orleans, on t
the day, month and year first above writ- d
ten, in the presence of A. C. Stechmann a
and Gladys E. Rider, competent witnesses. I
who hereunto sign their names, together t
with the parties thereto and me, Notary, p
after a reading of the whole. s
0. Owen Vincent, 733 Union Street. New a
Orleans, La., Twenty shares: Harold P. a
Nathan, 736 Union Street. New Orleans, t
La., Twelve shares; Ruth M. Seler. New a
Orleans, La.. Thirteen shares; .i. P. Rus, t
Woodville, Miss.. Thirty-five shares5. A.
C. 8teebmann, Gladys R. Rider.
Recorded in Orleans Parish In M. O.
B. 1253, folio 578.
Notary Public I
A true and eorrect copy eof the original a
now on file and of record In my office,
re .orded la MN. O. B.
June 1-d-July £1.
State of Loulsiana. Parisah of Orleans,
City of New Orleans; Be it knoewn and
remembered, that on this 7th day of June e
ia the year of our Lord, One thousand
ane hundred d d twenty-one and of the
Independence of the United States of A
merica the one hundred and forty-fifth.
Before me, JOHN C. O'CONNOR. a No
tary Public duly sworn, commissioned
an quaslfod, I and tfor the Parish of
esi dire g , mand t the preo- a
ce of the witneases heeinafte named
sad sadetrmIad; Pmersoally ease and
appearedl the persns whom ames are
hereunato subrlbed, who declared, that b
avaling themelvee ofnt aL and sianglar
the laws of the State oi tlsa redlative
to the orgeadsatles of Corporations, the 0
have covenapted and agreed, and do by vi
these p1reests covemant ad atroee and
bind themselves, as well as all pernOas
who may heraf tr become associated with
thanem, to form a orporatin for the ob- a
jects and parpOese and under the articles 4
and stipulations following, to-wit: a
ARTICLE I.-The same of this corrl- a
tion shall be the "Desporta Packinl Com
rpany," and by that name it shaUll have o
power and aathority to eislt and enjoy t
successidon for the full term and period
of ninety-nine years, commeneng oea, and a
to he computed from and after, the date a
hereot. 0
ARTICL I.-The domicile of this cor-e
ration shanl be in the City of New Or
ns, State of Loauhana. All eitatis
and other legal process shall be served a
upeo the President of this corporation.
or la case of his abseme or inability, or
abeace of both the Presldent and the
Vle-President, upon tihe Treasurr of tkhis tl
corporatson. t
ARTICL( III.-The objects and par- 4
pose for which this eorpeatio is or
gaaland, sad the nature of the bausness
to be carretd ea by it, are herby do
elarm to be: To engage ln the State of
Loultaana and within any other State or
Territory or paeiaesn of the _Uited
States, or foreign esantry that wil
mit the same, the bunesal of can g, 2
vegetables and fruits of all kids, and
such other foods and like artilee as this
eorporation may desre to can, pack or I
preserve; to gaOe i nd carry on thee
buasieas of dhl for, bouyinr, elig
and dealg in shrlmp, oyter nd fish
and such other sea-fds, either raw or I
eanned or preserved; to pluat and grow
oysters sad to operato beds therefor; to
engage in and carry on the busneass of
I buyg, orllg and dealiag toin vegetables
i fruifts and other foods, either raw, ened
or preserved; to eapg in and carry *t
all such busineas, wh thr otel therto
or t, whliche this ecorpratio may deem
neesesa and proper for the purpsof
I n nto effect the obecta of this
.rpme ow; , to i r, hes and pwe
ate suek tactory or fcetoris boats, red
I ges, railoads, plats, eanas, telephones
telegraphs and trnsportateio line nd
Oach other appurtename san appliance
and to own ah other property, sead 4o
such other acts a thla corporation may
I deem nadvisable to carr into eect the
Sobject efor whihek this cporates is or-.
Sgeansd. sad thls coporatio shall have
all other rights, privoges and powOar
seesury for tho purpos hro set forth,
S not repugntt to the Laws of the
State of Lousiana or such other States
Territaoes or peaeissies of the United
States o r Pris eestries whLdeh ther
.-It s-l have all the
- to ih d privileoge rartd b law toi
sNch .erpoationa; erll bohe the powr
Sto cotrase ad be ea in t aic er
ate nam to ahe sad asoe a corporate
m seal, sand the mOe to break and alter at
pleaseo; to boy, own, held. lease roe
convoy, mortgago hypothecato or pledg
property boil sel, persol and mixe
to sue bends, ates od ther oblgateos,
to haMe, sw Nd empley sek ofiders.
maaer ud employee t bs th u sine
Slateorts sad eeanvestOmee of the orper
atls may require; to make, adopt or e
tabibh sNc by-laws, res and regdai
tlens ha the corporate ame, t rp
Nant to the laws ad the State of
o ether ta Nardteelse r
~tl ~rr wt· Y
r~~tHoirs mag· t
:lars t1(IIO~O 10)), repr.,sttedui I,. four hu ,
'r.id -iari.. of stock of the par valu I,
tino, llundred ltollars ($10IM) )) per shar
The s.toc.k shall het paid for in ash who
siuii.aribed for. or it 1n11 h.' i istll at n .
tIss than par in pa>inte:;t for propert
actulally r*,.eived,.
.i:TTI('I.F VI - This orporlation ahar
tbe.-in hutin,.ss iand t. a ga.int c.n onern i
soon as Twen'ty Thousat:lnd liotar (S'
iNi in)) of stoRk shall hae b een sabseribe
for. $.id capital stock mns he inrenas,
up. othe sum of Forty Thosanltd Dloll:lt
inl any tn:inner pros il.le for by the laws t
this .Stit'. and whe.illes.r ani increase t
.iid c;tpil:tl stock sh1 ll hai've i hsn at
thorited fifti en days tn rist.tn notil ioe sha
,e -he l to a.ich so ,khioll.br within lhin whl
rint the. pre'-nit s.tr khol't,,r in the i, i
p rat:ll on l l lh.ll hal, ' th, r'ight It, subsirit
to Slid iil,'r, ".a. of -I,.. k in .prntpI rtIoln t
the ntitb.hr of shfar. of -toi k held b).
thi i d fa it h sih.,r -. i.. hJI . paid ft
S -,h' l c , in. I u , n l ll. nI i nl.r as ill
hoard if lbiris htori .i~ i dir1. After It
\t ll;l h i'll t Ill, s:,i i- - riptioll anl
i.et h l thle tl,h l:r11: t i I, . tir, tr- alllay di.
o-if the . r-,s j l ' i- l lor the bet
'*oi , thi,, pnritl r. :it not --' than p it
11:Tl i it' VII Al1 tr.iin f,-r- of stool
-h.:tl I r, t, lt o t th o booki- , f ithe ,orpoi
? i,,, i - t luorr i.till ior li .- . " rtllila thi -eri
,t to,, th pir-i in: -lftlfi r, to -ifhfll writ'
, . .1t s *tl tll, prow" it .c it IV n*ro
1 , t. rof andl ,ri,- th' fto ' esilrdetit
in-f t i -r,-froiii -t-ore ishuon; a noeI
*rilfi ih-M
I:'1tic 'Te . VIll At all elcllioni by. i
" t'll'e o the sto.kholdf .r-. ,ath .sh
. i ,n !it'.d ti o* . so,'f, to be C l n.
h,,r htor tllh pt.rsn in tho..e name 1tl1
1t-k lfupp inrs .t l l. 'i hooksi of this Co
art on f -tr : fi.t time ral 'otin , or I
li :itforn,.y holditn: .aid t,e'kholder
1'1TIC'l.t IX.- Thi businesi s and co
• ior:tt' affajir, if this , ,rtoration shr
Str:l . -:i,'h i d b i It oirr of Itire'tors
i le - than, tl hree dir. ourn4 inor lmo
h:ian five liret or. to h.e comn posed
-tckholde.rs th.ref. :nai they, and -at:
if ft,em. shall the itotid it a meeting .
, heit for that piurl...e. .A.iy vacanid.
", t"o" thord ofat Iir·cftor-s s.. .ted shat
.e tilleit hy the said Itoird of Director
Fl-iers. t. t sport'-. J r.. T .1. Desport.
1-tar ale, whose Ipo.toffleo naddre
-sl.:t he t(OCi utoditiunt iuihtin. New O't
tI ':.it, La . shall ,oe u titute the first Boat,
of lirectors, alnd iitl hold office unt
first M.ntiitay in .Ianti:lr . 19L!. or unn ,
th.ir successors are lh i tl ait t qualifit
alnd tieach sbeil"lenif t hoard shall ha'
theiir sats i tinediately following the 4,
le-t ion, or as sool thereafter as pract
iablet, and hall hold ithir office unl1i
' ir snucessors shall have been eiecte
and qualified. The lirertors hereinahbos
nameit shall elrst their ow fficers. Till
stockhlolders niy at any time appol(i
the two additional dir-ectorn provided fq
In this charter to serve ,oncurrently Wit
the other direb ,trs herein named. 0.
tanuary 2nd. 11922, and annually then
after. an eletionl for directors by tI|
stockholder" shltil he held at the offki,.
of the i rporation, after fifteen days no
tice thereof shall have been given by nq
tie nialied to each stockholder at bhiU
last known address. Every Board of D#
rectors shall. at its first meeting aftq
its eli-on, or its soon thereafter as p
ticabl.', elect from their own number
PreiIdent. Vie President. and a Tr
rer. The Board of Directors shaball at
elect a Secretary who may. or may n
hi a member of the Board. The office
the Secrtetary and Treasurer may be fit
by one and the same person. at the di
cr'tion of the Board. A failure to lt
directors on the date above specified she
not dissolve the corporation, but the th
existing Board of Directors shall coatit
in office until their succesaors are el
Fifteen days prior notice shall be gli
in the manner herelnabove provided, w
Inotice shall e full and complete set
to all ntockholders of such meeting.
director shll ha ve the right to be
seated at any meeting of the
,lirectors of this corporation, by an a
torney holding the Director's wrt
proxy. The majority of the membeos
said Board of Directors shall conetd
ra quorum for the transactlon and a
agement of all business of said
tion. They may make such by-laws, re
Sand regulations as they think preper
the transaction of the business and
of said corporation.
ARTICL X.-This act of tcerpers
b may be changed, modified or altered.
said corporation may be diselved
the assent of three-fourths of the am
n of stock present or represented at
d general meeting of the stockbeldss
it said corporation, convened for that
oTae, after previous notce ives In
mannerar hereinabove sel forth in
IV. But any and all meetings et
holders, whether for purpose of I
Sion or for any other purpose, may
held at any time without notice, by
Imous consent of all stehhidel filed
, vriting by the Seeretary.
SARTICLE XI.-The President or
s resadeut. may. in his discretid .
Shall upon written request of ne_
Solder, call a special meeting et te
folders of this corporation.
S ARTICLE XIL-No stoekhbele
Sver be liable for the contracts oe
I if this corporation In any further
t has the unpaid balauee dem the
- on the shares owned by or e -
I y him ; snor shall any informality In
i rganlsatloa have the effect it
a this charter null or of exposing the
I holders to any liability.
rARTICLE ZII.-Whemever thin
Sfrom nay other causse, ists Jm
liquidated under the sperlt
these steheldes, to be cheess
purpose by three-toarth. la mrut
the stockolders preseat or represenlgI
a reneral meetlag ot the stockholderS
Swhich the election i. heldt lai
misioners shallrem.lah in lefICe I
- affairs of said corporatlom shall have
fully liquidated. In case e the death
> one of .the commissioners, or relsesi
nlanbility to act, the remanlalg
I sloners shall continue to act, Sad
I select another stockholder I tlhe
Sand stead of the commtsiobae who
eeased to act.
The said charter shall move as
orlginal ubseripton Ulst, the so
hereto having set opposite their
names the number of sharee 5t ltee
which they have saibscribed.
SThus doe and paseed la myr elm
the City of New Orilesas, aerest,
the day, mouth and year firt hove,
ten in the presence of Louis GoMiba
I. Walter Ceckeled competent
reslding il thin paar'ih, wheo hernsto
their names with the sId appesra -
me. Notary, ofter due rendlnger the
WITNMESIE: Louis Oeldma, L.
r te Cockfield.
( SIGND) 3. Depeprte,, ior. U
1No. 'C. O'Co3 -,
gaes i ad ter the Parish ot
ia8tatnoa. Loulmas do hereby certify
the above and foregolng Act eo
* thio day du reeorded in my
rBolk 1 lel.e0. LNew Orlens,
Seolety Mae Cheap Rest.
•. The London Zoologic soiety
euples ground In Regent's park
S lng 34 acres, for which It pays
s little more than $1,500 a yes."
Sestimated value of the lhnd
0 dally Is more than $500,000 a year.
Lie is a burden when the
is rack, d with pain. 3
ass £ 3 a drs e o.a..
k*?": raa&**

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