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Methodist Church Notes ,
Rev. C .C. Wier, Pastor, Residence Belli
286 Olivier, Phone AIg, 188. a pl
Last Sunday was one full of activity ha
in our ranks. Besides the usual ser
vices, the Epworth Leaguers went to seve
the Bonner home and held an inter- ang
esting service in the afternoon. don
At the morning hour the pastor read retu
and commented on the general rules. M
At both services the attendance was tor
good, but the night congregation was Segi
larger than usual to hear the pastor
speak on Holy Trinity. This is the TI
very first of the Articles of Religion. o
To the average man, who thinks, he G
sees all around that which speaks of
the fact that there is a God. who made T
heaven and earth and all things therein unit
contained. He can feel what tne wor
Psalmist felt when he said, in Psalm N
19: "The heavens declare the glory is t
of God; and the firmament showeth Kin
his handy work. Day unto day ut- l
tereth speech, and night unto night dre
showeth knowledge. There is nogue
speech nor language, when their voice nig'
is not heard." The language of the
stars may speak of a Creator of the p
universe, but only in revealed religion sur
do we find the doctrine of the Holy ma
Trinity as believed and taught by latt
the Christian Church. There is a first
intimation in Genesis 1:26: "And God
said, Let us make man in our own
image, after our own likeness." on
Genesis 3:22"And the Lord God said, all
"Behold the man is become as one of 7:3
us, to know good and evil."
The first public service held by the anc
Savior on his return to Nazareth, after I
the Temptation, he referred to the God- ser
head when he gefers to his having
been sent by God and annointed by the B
Spirit as recorded Luke 4:18: "The
Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, be
cause he hath annointed me to preach
the gospel to poor; he hath sent me to
heal the broken hearted, to preach y
the deliverance to the captives, and the
recovering of sight to the blind to set
at liberty them that are bruised, to
preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
The only time we have a record of
the appearance of the Trinity to the i
human senses was the baptism of 7:
Jesups, when the God head honored Co
the occasion by appearing to the sen- 9:
sea as follows: God the Father ap- evi
peared to sense of hearing as the voice
from heaven spoke and said: "This is
my beloved Son, in whom I am well of
pleased". The Son was present in the b
flesh and the Holy Spirit was seen de- (a
scending upon him: and lo the Lo
heavens were opened unto him and sa
he saw the Spirit of God descending
like a dove and lighting upon him."
Jesus often spoke of the two other
persons of the Trinity. We might
mention a few: John 14:26. But the
Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost,
whom the Father will send in my
name, he shall teach you all things,
and bring all things to your remem- C(
brance, whatsoever I have said unto
you." John 16:131-5. "How be it 45
when he the Spirit of truth, is come,
he will guide you into all truth; for
he shall not speak of himself; but nt
whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he sp
speak; and he will show you things to A,
come. All things that the Father bath at
are mine; therefore said I, that he in
shall take of mine, and shall show it la
unto you". When he gava the great to
Commission it was: "Go ye therefore, (s
and teach all nations, baptizing them Si
in the name of the Father, and of the
Son and of the Holy Ghost". Of
The Apostolic benediction, 2 Cor- pi
[inthians 13:14. "The grace of the si
Lord Jesus Chrit, and the love of he
God, and the communion of the Holy al
Ohost be with you all". H
The doctrine is preeminently the
doctrine of the New Testameunt and n
wi believe it, but we have no expla- hi
I nation to oer as to how it is that is
a better thaf the one that is told of tr
St. Patrick when his Irish parishoaer 1
asked how three could be one an
swead by pulling the Shamrock with d
its three leaves and yet it was only si
Sone leaf after all". It is not denablie tl
but is believable to a redeemed am d
or woman, the classule statemaent of Ar- 0
ticlo No. 1 is well fouaded: "There
is but one living and true God, ever-I
lastaing, without body or parts; of *
inanltp power, wisdomn and goodnem;
the Maker and Preserver of all things re
both visble and invisibhl And in the tl
unity of this Godhead there are three a
persous of one substanee power and r
eterantty; the IFther, Son and Holy p
Ghost'. It is a great and ble jad J
doctrine we should appreciate as hav- e
ing been revealed frem God to mea. t
Last Wednasday, July 6, Mrs. M
Marry ad her little daughtes, Hasel,
left for Quidtman, La., to neeuompany
the remains et· her hasbnd, Mr.
BEmne MeMarray, who was aeel
dental drowned on the rst ist t.by
faing from the T. & P. tferry best.
Hir ntimely death i a shoek to his
may friens In the oeomautty, ad
to -a akmun has soim a persiel
ee, as his en UttLe daas r, Hass,
Thie onrl, are .ebs of ear sun.
der sisel. We estend to the beravet
r eppathl y and eass and pray
that er may he the pem el Goed
that the wrM smaint siwo and serst
taks amy. MSr. bDern rleprentI
the ~ethirheed of Firemen and was
a * eagt to t old hes where he:
wasisM to inrs
Mrs. 3e Kabtt Mati-Meas
asers ha been tU pint t feleads:
at M trip he tek to Gahlast,
oma the eresis eaL The a
P. ers wed ver i a eal dleeper
ae S ae meanF we ee inst aPl
1Er DR u E ans, sn1, where Me
fse as urn son. a0.3
. m s.
was accompanied by a friend, John 
Franz, of St. Martinsville, La.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Redmon, 311
Belleville, returned home Monday after
a pleasant visit to the home of Mr.
Redman's family. in Monroe, La. "
Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Melancon have
had quite a nice party of children for "
several weeks, composed of the follow- I
ing nieces and nephews: Misses Edith
and Alder McGuire. Edwin and Gor- "
don London. all of Baton Rouge. They
returned home today. "
Mrs. R. C. Greigg was a recent vist
tor at the home of Mrs. Joel Lilly, 214I
The third Quarterly Conference met
Monday night at the church, Rev. . .i d
G. Snelling, Presiding Elder of the 0 t
district, in the chair. /
The Epworth Leaguers went to the *
union meeting Tuesday night'at Ep- 9
worth Church.
Miss Jennie Munholland. of Monroe.
is the guest of her auntie. Mrs. A. C. 0
King. ]
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Lomax and chil
dren, of Longview, Texas, were the 9
guests of Mrs. Joel Lilly last Monday n
Prayer meeting tonight at 7:45. Be
sure and carry your Bible that we 9
may study together the Book of Reve
Mr. E. L. Bordelon, who is again 0
stationed at the local Naval Station,
on a receiving ship, will be glad to
see all of the boys of Troop 18, and
all of the old boys of the troop at
7:30 Friday.
Services next Sunday at 11 a. m. "
and 7:45 p. m.
You are invited to all of these 0
Rub-My-Tism cures sores.
Mount Olivet Church
Cor. Pelican and Olivier, New Or
t leas, IA, Rev. Thomas Ben
Snett Clifford, Rector. 9
Telephone Al. 813.
e Services for next Sunday as follows: /
1 7:30 a. m., celebration of the Holy /
i Communion (full choral) and sermon;
i- 9:30 a. m., Sunday School; 7:30 p. m., 9
r evening prayer and sermon. 9
William Edgar Miflin Eastwood son -
of William Edgar Miflin Eastwood and I
Mary Ellen Flathmann Eastwood; to
s (adult) Hugh Edward Lasabe son of the
Louis Lasabe and Anna Gangloff La
Rub-My-Tism kills infection.
e Trinity Evangelical m
t Lutheran Church
S- - thi
-. Corner Olvier and EUs Streets, W. in
to R. LHater, Pastor.
t 43s Ourvier St. Phone Algiers, s0.
r Rev. Hafner and family left Wed
at nesday for Mandeville, where they will
se spend two weeks as the guests of Rev.
to A. O. Friedrich. The pastor's friends
t are pleased to learn that he is recover-i T
10 ing rapidly from injuries sustained th
it last week. Members in need of pas- is
at torial aid during Rev. Hatner's ab- ye
" sence are requested to call Rev. TB
m Schmid of Gretna at Algiers 342. to
he The Fortieth anniversary festival
of Bethelem Orphan Asylum has been
I- postponed to September 4th, due to
he sickness at the asylum. Members who di
of hold anniversary collection envelopes
y are requested to make returns to Rev.
Hatiner before that date.
* The Junior Society will hold its
ad regular monthly social metting at the
. home of Mis Alice Brunansenn, Tue.
A day, July 19th. All members and
t triends of the Juniors are cordially rc
ir nvited. s
.- Regular mid-week services Thurs if
h day niglht. Dring Rev. Hainers' ab- (t
y sence Rev. Schaid of Gretna will ill
le the pulpit on Thursday nlghts. BSun
day services will be in charge of one
L.of the cit putort.
SThe seoond annual convenutn of the
r- Disio District, Waither Iagne, heldd
o at 8t. Pal's Chrch, July 8th to 10th,
.; was a sueese it every aect. All
1 reports gave clear evidene of the a
ke thusasm of our local soetes.U Budi
ee nes was conducted a a masterly
d manner and very much was aecom
1l pushed. The social features were en
ed Joyed by all delegates. These Inelud
v- ed a msng fiesMtval, two sight-seg
a. tripe and a bIanuet given at St. Psaul's
School House. Many interestian
toasts and talks were made by visiting
and loa delegates. The convention
was honored by the presence of Prof.
Raseaht of Rver Foart, IIlinoirs,
Saeneral Sead secretary of the Walther
d lag DelegasM of Trl ty Boelety
Swill report oe the  eaveatio at the
by seeety's aest regular eetiag.
mel , r . t. n o )
ht Wseetls temrr r aftersnee ao the
We Church lvwn of the Rely AJe ls I 4
t 'elerk, ad tho at. Joseph ib s at I
a J teek. We had with a darta the
ras week, the wry aes-. J.Caonle who ew
he ler ny years preleemor at Jdersuen
Calluse He ta w preslear At
rsd MWarl CoellsU Atia n Gs.
hther Bayes sass he Is galg to eels.
rt brats to W gesb oet 56 fra ee 35U
ia, fpr his s a the a. 0. c. Frlial
aS a nlgbe.
hap s T. .. Pa r an 34 a P ard ltr the
care tey taa e owr nys whlk i
Fi. cmp at Onlegean.
are tIb Jy, iark &ar the lies.
.3. a w...air.f a hepslal tastis
:The Story of
Our States j:
I , I:
lIE discov- et
SLery of f
dates back to *
the beginning 0
of the Six- 0
teenth cen
tury, when "
the Spanish explorers, Alvarez
de Pineda and De Soto sailed up "
the Mississippi. In 16S2 La 0
Salle descended the Mississippi "
" and took possession of the en
tire valley in the name of the " A
French king, Louis XIV. In his iter.
honor this region was named o Addres
Louisiana. French colonies soon ,
sprang up, including New Or- 0I ad
" leans, which was founded in " at Pyt
1718. cU
An interesting chapter of
Louisiana was the formation of 9
the Company of the West by 0 Rev.
a financial schemer named John J. Gul
Law. This company ostensibly I
was to exploit the new colony $
and held out to speculators an We
alluring get-rich-quick scheme. Wed
In 1763 France ceded Louisi- s
ana east of the Mississippi to
SEngland, and, by secret treaty, 0
9 New Orleans and the western
* territory went to Spain. Spanish o
9 inhabitants and the restrictions sea,
0 ovhr the navigation of the Mis- Thu
" sissippi led to hostilities be- "
tween the northern American T
9 settlements and Spain. This
situation, however, was brought Rev
" to a peaceful termination by 0
Spain relinquishing her rights
to this territory to France and sun
the purchase in 1803 by the Uni- " r
ted States from France of the ,
entire Loulslana territory. * prays
The southern portion of this 0 TRan
" acquisition was organized as the "
territory of Orleans and in 1812
" was admitted as the eighteenth o Rev.
state of the Union, with an area
" of 48,506 square miles. As the s
Louisiana coat-of-arms has a Su
pelican in its center, the state T
is often called the Pelican State.
(@bYMcClure Newspaper Syndicate.) Mi
It is said in Vienna the people go
to theaters and eat lunches between
the acts. From what we hear of Aus
tria, people would disturb religious
services to get something to eat, re
marks Houston Post, if a hot-dog
vender were to venture near the
church and offer to sell a link for a
million Sorlns.
A feature writer mentions the fact
that Nero never had any Jan bands
in his entourage and it is safe to pWe
sume that if he had possessed these
things the casualty rate in his admin
istration would have been even
heavier than It was.
Archaelogists have unearthed In
STheusaly a Greek temple "as large as
I the temple of Jupiter at 6lympl." It
is not less than 2,500 years old, and
yet it had been completely forgotten.
Truly, there is no remembrance at
former things.
The government plan to make gas
out of lower-priced coal, and thas re
duoe the Terating expenses of gas
oempnies, Is lnterestng to the gas con
smers, however the gas manutaetam
ers may feel about it.
If the expert who says theme is a
great deal of petrem ins Phililppe
Srock Is correct, hebr leog would the
Islands remain free and independent
- if the United States were to abaden
c- them?
SIn ibllowlg that health cemmnades
e*s advice to puane the nsew ot tle
mn who e**he tim hy en, it will,
Sof course, be advisable to pgauge thei
1 nse by the e ot the a t oder.
I en s Chils and rever.
Bora to Mr. and Mrh. Ralelgh .
Williamsl (see Hattio e eols) of
Pellean Aveue, a boy.
Bora to Mr. sad MrsI C. Gordon,
-f 61 S ldMel aUeso, a girl.
e DlL oL-4n Jaun 13th Mrs.
RlcbdS, Va Deaeesae reMiet -
AlgIris many re an has myar
Mranda heor who wll learn with re
asdsr atere dath. h Is surtired b
seven euren anr a numbe a grand
MOLT.--On Tuesay, Henry Holt,
e a wel known resMdtt eo our town
he died at Wavelad, Miss. Oeesa d
1 was a atve e ouar town ad wasd
fifty years old. He was the u
beatd of Della Oesenully. was a
mes of the TYoun len' Sodal
Ss Wensmelent AsLemLStls, eo O
S- mpe No. 8, W. 0. WV, et M
rue. an de 0ame, Iv., 0e. UA. M.
5k. asi stek -m i 3a
 abU 4Wm *5i 3M
It gives Yt l" and your fanil" an o iportnitt to pr, i re' for $1::75 Pamno
that ý.,1l last yearr f $.r $ l, or a I'l:t r l'i;no for $7. that sold last ye:lr
for $75',, a direst saviun of
Call for a 540
Demon- Bfn Baron re
stration Piano CO. Street
-.4o flaronn. Street
ALGIERS BAPI'TIST t('11t ('11.
Itev. R. T. McLeod ; Rev. . . M1ss.ey.
Address 1137 6th St. Phone Ja:k.ou 378.
bunday School every Suiln:y aftternoon
P at Pythiun Hall. 3:15 o'clawk.
Verret and Alix Sts
Rev. M. A. Cotter, Parish Prlest; Rev.
J. Guinan. Rev. E. P. McGrath and Rev.
It. Hayes. abnistants.
Week Days--Masses. 6. 6:30 and 7.
tanday--6. 6:30. 7:30.9 and 11.
Laverge and Delaronde 8ts.
9 Rev. C. C. Wier. pastor; residence. 236
Olivier St. Phone Algiers 138.
Suaday School-9:30.
Sunday--ll a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Thursedy Prayer Meeting-7:30 p. m.
Pelican Ave. and Olivier St.
Rev. Thoe. B. Clifford. 235 Ollivier St.
Phone Algiers 312.
Sunday-7:0 a. in.. communion (full
/ choral) and Sermon.
/ Sunday School--:30 a. m.
Services Sunday-7:30 p..m.. evening
0prayer and sermon.
Corner Olivier and Eliza St 8.
Rev. W. H. Hafner. Res.. 438 Olivier St.
Phone Algiers 240.
8 Sunday-8:0 a. m.
Sunday ehool--9:30 a. m.
Thurday-7:30 p. m.
21-84 Canal St., "Menge Bloek" day
Now Orlems., La.. U. 8. A. Sn
S Dek Elgine and Cabin Steres.
/ I .f a el'
Uo dintiy that t3 .
tan ew.
Sdelato or filmy that the n e
01 our dry work
the them back to yosu ag.d
as or better thans evr.
ielrnias Lanp
a tn Arabas Niht.
m 13 "Aladdin Lamp" for acce
I a smissi i emq Don't i
ru - wsh-ACF Startas
"A Hibernia Bank
A m ee v...s o
and you'll buy
one, if not now ,
mrw /ousea
First Church of Christ Uiemtist, a b
of the Mother Cheoch ns BotoS.
Nashville Avenue and Garfield atrat.
day services at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
BSunday School at 9:30 a. m.
Wednesday evoalag service at 8 p. U.
We have the best bui
oaune We 3ay the ighes t
for the beat Sor. No Orri
large or toe mal.
H. Martinez
Phm.. ase91M.
W. have the spnme. -
have Pure Dee. We
Perre a Serves.. if mh
rior seoms appal to seWe
le a Ins yer
Cyrus Broussa
o. . . mehame
New Oneaas, la.
.et Paeuse Is sa 9ee
ShrImp, Okr sal Oman
as Wes Oou
Sare for a Iome
% ma Year Money
T Commea sUt.
an ear DIrector
7IT Opdeues St.
U. Mbaml & IrIl.
Phlm Ave. Oi. VYara
Lees Dihaato Pheme
AlgdEie d.
Dr. H. Macom Fat
Stumpt Pharmraey
Phone Algirms g9352
UriahJ.Vir '
p|m -- m
n M" U~ =14

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