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ORLEANS--Be It known, that on this fif
teenth day of July, in the year one thou- I
uad nine hundred and twenty-one, before I
me, John Wagner, a notary public, duly
cemmissioned and sworn. In and for the
Parish of Orleans and City of New Or
leans, therein residing, and in the pres
ence of the witnesses hereinafter named
and undersigned, personally appeared J.
Hi. Bodheinmer, of age and a resident of
this city, and Linden F. Braud, also of
age and a resident of this city, president u
and secretary respectively, of the New I
Orleans Insurance Exchange, a corpora
tion organised under thie laws of the i
State of Louisana by act before Join C.
)avey, Jr., notary publi,. , n August llthe
i915, recorded in Mortgage Office Book
1157, folio 461, which said ajppearers areu
herein acting under and by virtue of the
authority vested in them by a r,.solution
pass.ed at a meeting of the stockholders
of this corporaticn terminating July 7tb.
1921. a copy of which resolutiol andi t
minutes of said meeting is hereto at
tached and made part hereof; and which
said appearers d,.larc.d that at a special t
meeting of the htoc-klolders of the New
Orlean Insurance Exchange, held at the
domicile of said corporation in the City
of New Orleans, termlinatitg on the 7th
day of July, A. 1). 1921. at eight o'clockW
p. m., which said meeting of stocnkhold
era had been specially called for that pur- t
pose, according to law, after due written
and printed notices, the following anmend
meats to the charter of saidl corporation
were adopted, as appears from a certifiedn
copy of said minutes by a vote of the
stockholders of more than two-thirds of
all the'stock in said company theretofore
issued. and which resolution adopted
provided that certain amendments should
be made to the charter of the corpora
tion, and authorized and directed the
preident and the secretary to appear be
fore a duly qualified notary public to put t
said changes and amendments on record
in autbhentic form, a certified copy ex
tract from said minutes containing the
said resolution. being hereto annexed and
made part hereof; and the said appear
era, in their respective capacities, de
lared that in conformity with the said
reaolution, and in furtherance of said in
-tructioss. Articles Six. Seven and Eight t
ef the charter of the New Orleans Insur
ance Exchange, executed before John C.
Davey, Jr., notary public, on August 19th. t
.I1, duly recorded in Mortgage Office
lS.m folio 461. be and the same are here
- ameded so as to read as follows, to
ARTICLE VI--"The officers and direc
tors of this corporation shall be and con
iat of a president, vice-president. a secre
tary, a treasurer, and an executive coin
mittee, all of whom, except the secretary
(who may or may not be a member), shall
he active members of this exchange. They
shall be elected by ballot at the annual
metiag, or any adjournment thereof. The
executive committee shab consist of six
members. In addition to the vice-president,
who, by virtue of his position, shall be
chairman of said committee. Said officers
shall serve for the term of one year. or
until their successors have been duly
lsted and quallfied. At the next annual
election three members of the executive
committee shall be elected for the term of h
Oem year, and three for the term of two
-ears, and annually thereafter three mem- ,
ben of the executive committee shall be t
elected to serve fir the term of two years, t
o until their successors have been dulyR
elected and qualified.
n the event of a vactancy among the
diiemrs or members of the executive com-i
:mstte, the exchange shall elect a sues- t
80V for the unexpired term of the position
ARTICLE VII--"AII of the corporate
er of this corporation shall be vested t
Sad exercised by the members of the
ochnge,. who for that purpose shall old i
meetings at such times and after such no-o
ti as may be precribed in the by-laws
W this erprtion.
The erecutive committee hall be vested
-1li fuU power to conduct the business of
lf eorperation and exercise all corporate a
s in the interim between meetings of I
''i.ETl CiVtp-'¶t"ndlviduals. firms ant 8
= 1 m nay become members in this
a~ ubt no individual, firm or cor
sa-- shalt be entitled to more than one a
m--ership. And no individul shall be
a member who is an executivel officer t
-sptia that is a member, or who t
- r Smi of a patnership that is a t
At all eting of the ehas.ge,
abser shall be entitled to oe vote. J
be mt In person, and no member shall
4ntitle to be represnted_ by proxy ex
a hereinafteru provided.
edeer of a corporation or partner
*S which in a member, may rpo
aid member at y regular or special
of the nchange, but only one
fo a geeveaties r one pýa r rt In
shal o eigibl to held ofIre Any
me- mber, whether an tndividual, rm
mat be repreuented at any
er ecial meeting by the manager
r !re departmeat; provide a
Is t duly autiherisd to ceuntersign
; t said madr shall not he
to held efim. No amssciate mem
Si be permitted to represnt a
me esmi at any meting .
- nL aesrda with said reslutlon
mneee the msa da mr crtinl
otmnidm eapo dtid do hemby
... ue trd of the W sad rend
aid do bhreby adept Artile sit, Ar
- aenkd Arie Emt, abe writ
the sed adlt B ee Irr de patee
.._ ll of John C Nollwl e ortb
0 o, ee two c p t wit
De Ahe. m ir LIn. raut
_ . John C.o Hen gaweth John 1
athn w th I
Dy. Rouer fMotg aoe,
il 5i I -L hd and
rt ,f 3ub t dohae Ire
he.' co l
am ·ll~r
cr r rw r wrear ***4 wrsu - r weagg e p me e wm* rwae apoowr~ wia grwe~ grwa cru r cru W ;ppe
TUt US IAIW . Ott I Wum me MPU . err me IO You was-t4
16 <ae-f seaur! wp w! vo sO ah so1
/U ý. .
A 1U5
47 e
""ýý"p,,* , tý' ý,ý o
ýs 7'rý i,ýý , ýµ":ýiýr ýsýý " ý Y w, 4 ý'ý'?ý ý7ýt . '1 'iýý "y
that, acting under and pursuant to a prO
v ious resolution passed by the Boatrd of
Dilrectors of said corporation,. authorizing
and directing and convening of a meeting
of stockholders, a meeting of the stock
holders of John M. Parker Co: waa regu
lrly held and convened at the donmicile of
thie company in the City o New Orleans,
on June 30. 1921. at which meeting there
were present, either in person or by proxy.
each and every holder of the common
stock issued by the corporation.
thaid appearers further declared that at
the meeting of stockholders of said Jno.
MI. Parker Co., held as aforesaid. such pro
ceedings were had that, upon motion duly
made. sewonded and unanimously adopted.
.trticle IV of the charter of said corpora
tion. relating to its capital stock, was
changed and amended, but only to the ex
tent of autholizing and directing the re
tirenlent or redemtion of the issued and
utsttanditg preferred stock, as evidenced
by the following preamble and resolutions
adoplted at said stockholders' meeting:
"Whereas, under the provisions of Ar
ti.le IV of the charter as presently .onsti
tuted, the capital stock of the corporation
Sted at $5W)00.f0.00. divided into 5.000
shares of the par value of $100.00 each,
whereoIf $2.000..00 *s preferr.d, and $-0.
IMtI.el is ,onamou stock, all of which has
heen,. issued and paid for;
Whereas. under the provisions of Article
IV of the charter, the preferred stock, in
hle or lit part. mnay be retired or re
ileened at any tilllme by vote of three-quar
t,.rs of all of the outstanding common
.lotk. lon the payment to the holders the
part value thereof, with all accrued divi
ientds. and when thus retired the same
may she held ih suspense in the treasury.
subject to re-issuance, if it be so desired,
by the Itoard of Directors:
AnMd whereas, it is deemed to be to the
best interest of the corporation and to the
evident advantage of the holders of the
common stock. to retire the preferred
ito.k in its entirety. the cornorate indebt
edness permitting it to be done; now,
Be it resolved, by the holders of all of
the common stock, exercising the right
and prerogative conferred upon them un
der the provisions of Article IV of the
charter aforesaid, that all of the preferred
stock heretofore isaned and outstanding.
aggregating $250.000.00 in amount, be re
tired or redeemed; and. for that purpose,
that the holders of such preferred stock
he paid the par value thereof, with all
dividends to date: that when thus retired.
the preferred stock be held in suspense in
the treasury. subject to its re-issuance, at
,t lessa than par, if it be so desired by the
I:onrd of Directors.
ie it further resolved, that except for
the retirement or redemptions of the pre
ferred stock herein and hereby authorised.
the provisions of Article IV of the charter
in all other respects shall remain un
changed and continue in full force and
laid apnearers further declared that the
proceedings had and conclusions reached,
as evidenced by the vote taken at such
stockholders' meeting. are correctly shown
by the minutes of said meeting, a copy
whereofet. duly certifled, is attached to and
made part hereof.
taid appearers further declared that. as
will appear from the aforesaid minutes of
the meeting of stockholders of said cor
tioratlon. they were severallwauthorised to
appear before a notary public for the pur
pose of execurating in authentic form the
amendment to Article IV aforesaid. and
they do now appear before me, said no
tary. for the purpose of carrying out and
giving effect to the proceedings had and
resolutions adopted at said meeting in the
particulars herelnbefore mentioned and set
forth, and to cause said amendment to
the charter to be recorded and published
as required by law. to serve and avail as
the future may or shall require.
Thus done and passed, at my office, in
the City of New Orleans. on the day,
month and year first hereinbefore written,
In the presence of Philip A. Bodet. Jr., and
of Andrew F. Buhler. competent witnesses.
who hereunto sign their names, together
with said appearers. and me. the notary.
after due reading of the whole.
'(Original signed): Jos. A. Airey, Chair
man: Thos. A. Parker. Secretary.
Witnesses: P. A. Bodet, Jr., Andrew F.
Not Pub.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort
rages, in and for the Parish of Orleans.
Rtate of Louisiana. hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Act of Amendment
to the charter of Jno. M. Parker Co., was
this day duly recorded in y office in
Rook 13. foll6i - . New (Orleans, La..
luly 13, 1921.
(Signed) ROBT. SCOTT, Dy. R.
A true eopy.
Notary Public.
July t--Aug. 2.
United States of America, State of Loels
laua. Pariah of Orlesas. City of New Or
leaa. Be it known, that on thin fi Mrst day
of the month of July; in the year of our
Lord One thousand, nine hudred and
twenty-one and of the Independence of
the Ualted States of America thU one hun
dred and forty-fifth, before me Arthur A.
Moreno, a metary publie, duly comml
soned and quald, in and for this city
and the Parish of Orleans, therein retinag,
and in the presence te witnesses here
inlftotr named and uadoreignaeC Persoauy
came and appeared: Lon IrWin., who de
elarl that a gseral meetinag of thie stoek
hdders of the SotherMm laveIstment Com
pany, Ineorpnrated, a corporation organ
s by act pused beor me, the uder
aignod notary on tho th d of January.
153, rserd in ta t be Oie of,
this Parish In Book I1228 foio ad
amended on the 3rd of August, 110. by
at beore me, recorded in the Motge
Ofce of this Parish in Book 14, Vlo
SM and again amended eo the th of OC
tober. 13, by uet befotere me, rscorded in
the Mortgage Office of thin Pariah ia Book
126. VPole 511, hel at the office of the
said company o the 6th day of acem
her, 3. he was. elected secretary of the
said steekhlders' meeating, as wl more
fully appear b~ a certmed copy of the
ainute of the meetin uanned hereto for
a' rs muunl, wu asMh and am
wen~_ t ao before me for the per
Sueof the said charter of the
mid Sothern nve•tment Company, In
Andthe said appeaenr, as seretary of
mid otockhoMers' men a acting in
sm erprlt 1 and omC r( oid c rpo
tmn b virtue the athor coety te
upa him at the d meetlL oef the
aid stockholders, leelwn that the char.
ter of the SLouther lnvestment Compay,
eorp ted, pa ed bfore me, the uader~
i eg notary, on t th day f Jarn
mear, 12 has beesn alte, haa
ameded that Artiece IV eo id ognl
charts, dall read as fellows:
eesw oI hud rd an t
-M-) dol-la per Ire she f I
omme- stok shll he etitd to * ve
rhon een pid r ea e any
amended as hereinabove set forth and
written. and he does hereby direct and re
quire that the above stated changes and
amendments of the charter of the said
Southern Investment Company, Incorpor
ated, be recorded and published in the
manner prescribed by law, to the end that
the said chan(res and amendments here
after and at all times be as hereinabove
set forth, as regards all persons that are
now or may hereafter become stockholders
of the aforesaid company.
Thus done and passed, at my office in
the City of New Oleans, on the day. month
and year herein first written, in the pres
ence of Ruth M. Seller and Gladys E.
Rider, competent witnesses, who hereunto
sign their names with the said appearer
and me, notary, after a reading of the
Witnesses: Ruth M. Seller, Gladys E.
Notary Public.
A tthe and correct copy of the original.
Notary Public.
July 21--Aug. 25.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans.
_ie it known, that on this sixteenth day of
June, 1921. before me, Thos. E. Furlow. a
duly commissioned, qualified and acting
notary public in and for the Parish of Or
leans., State of Louisiana, and in the pres
ence of the hereinafter named and under
signed witnesses, personally came and ap
peared the several persons whose names
are hereunto subscribed, and severally de
clared that, availing themselves of the
general laws of the State of Louisiana in
such cases made and provided, they have
formed and organized, and do by these
presents form themselves and such others
as may hereafter become associated with
them into, a corporation and body politic
in law for the objects and purposes in the
following articles set forth and expressed,
which they adopt as their charter.
I. The name and title of this corpora
tion shall be Island Realty, Incorporated,
and it shall exist and enjoy succession by
its corporate name for a period of ninety
nine years from date hereof, with all the
rights and powers now or hereafter con
ferred by law upon similar corporations.
Its domicile shall be in the City of New
Orleans, Louisiana, and all citations and
other legal process shall be served upon
the president, and in the event of his ab
sence upon the vice-president, or secretary
in the order named.
II. The capital stock of this corporation
is hereby fixed at Five Thousand (59,000)
Iollars, and said stock shall be divided
into and represented by fifty shares of the
par value of one hundred ($100.00) Dol
lars each.
III. The purposes of this corporation
are, to engage, as principal or mandatary,
in: Buying, selling, leasing, improving,
developing and cultivating lands, construct
ing buildings, bridges, roads and other
structures and improvements of all kinds,
purchasing, leasing, developing and ex
porting mineral rights and leases; and
buying and selling property of every na
ture and description; and it shall have au
thority to do all things necessary or in
cident to the proper conduct of its bust
ness; whether speqitlcally enumerated
herein or not.
IV. The corporate powers of this cor
poration shall be vested in a board of di
rectors of not less than three or more than
seven, a majority of whom shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of business:
and the officers of this corporation shall
be a president, a vice-president, a secre
tary and a treasurer, with the option of
one person for secretary-treasurer.
The first board of directors shall be com
posed of William P. Langworthy, Mrs.
Marjorie Collie Langworthy. William lbs.
all residents of the Pariash of Orleans, and
Wallace A. Nunes, a resident of the Parish
of St. Bernard, with William P. Lang
worthy as president, William Ibs. as vice
president, and Mrs. Marjorie Collie Lang
worthy as secretary-treasurer; and all of
said directors and officers shall serve until
their successors are elected and qualified.
Meetlngs of the stockholders for the elec
tion of directors shall be held on the
second Tuesday in January in 1922, and in
each year thereafter.
Thusa done and signed in the presene
of Levi A. Himes and Elizabeth M. Gard
ner, competent witnesses, who have signed
their names hereto, together with said ap
pearers and me, notary, on the date first
above wgitten.
Names of subscribers and amounts of
subscriptions omitteed.
Witnesses: Elisabeth M. Gardner, Levi
A. lHimes.
Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mort.
gages, is and for the Parish of Orleans,
state eof Loisiaas. do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Articles of In
corporation of the Island Realty. Ineor
porated, was this day duly recorded in
my ofice in Book 12j. Feolo 3
New Orleans, June 27th. 1921.
A* tr oy Depaty Recorder.
A true copy of the original:
(SEAL) Notary Public.
July 21-Aug. 25.
State o Lonuaisas, Pariah of Orlean
Be it knawa, That on this sixteesth day
a June, 1. boereo me, Tihe. Furlow,
a duly eemiseleaod, qualified and acting
Notary Public in and for the Pariah of
Orlsas, 8tate of Louisiana, and in the
premnme of the hereiatter named and
underwsiged witaese, pernlly came
and appeared the severai 0o whose
ame are hereunto sbseribd, and sevm.
erally declared that, avalliag themselves
o the eeral laws of the State of Loids
ias is such eases made and provided,
they have formed and erganised, and do
by these preaents form themselves and
ech others as may hereafter become as
wsated with them, into a coroporation
seeldated with them, Into a eorporation
and purposes in the tollowlag atle set
forth and expressed, whic they adopt as
their charter.
ARTICLE L The name and title qf this
corpntinon shall be TWYMAN OIL COM
PANT INCORPORATED, and it shall ex
name or a period ot niety.rts years
from data hereof, with all righta and pow
era new or hereafter coaterred by law
as mluacr eporatons. Ito domiteble
-a be li the Qty of New Orleas, Lais
ihu, and all citations and other legal
proess Ishall be se ·p upon t Preldeot
and n the event of his absenee upon the
Vk-c€Pldeat S retary, is the erder
ARTICLZ IL The capital steek eo this
rporamtis is be eb Ixed atOne Hu
id Theamad ($23A Dollars, and sMid
stock shall ho divided tat. ad repreeset
ad by Tea theasnad (MASS) shares of the
par vwaie of Ten (63) Dollaresch. Said
stock may be i d tor la eash, t services
rendere to tm eompany, e is proparty
trnaerod to 3.
ARTICLE Ill The porpoese eo this
andaltr , In ia: I syag
Sgsea nd or misers a- ad
wasse s:mi sing deiseef a
ellnrg an ter t; ein 6 ad as e
stock apd ether meanes o tr
i, aN more er e as d a e pl .op-I
erty; an it shalt hao e r genar
hr ein e net .
..riant -sd.**n****.-* **r
Board of Directors of not less than Three
nor more than Seven. a majority of whom
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of business, and the officers of
thlis corporation halal be a President. a
Vice-President. a Secretary and a Treas
urer, with the option of one person for
Sec.retary -Treasurer.
The first rBoard of Directors shall be
composed of Harding Twyman, Herbert
A. tItenson. and Fred Tanner. all resi
dents of the City of New Orleans.
wit ll:hrdlng Twyman as President. Her
bert A. Ilenson as Vice-President, and
Fred Tanner as Se.retary-Treasurer; and
all of said directors and officers shall
serve until their successors are elected
and qualified.
Meeting of lthe stockholders for the elec
tion of directors shall be held on the
second Tuesday in January in 1922, and in
ea'ch year thereafter.
Thusl dotne and signed in the presence
of Levi A. Ilitues and Elizabeth M. Gard
tier. cocampetent witnesses. who have signed
their names hereto, together with said
appearers and ne. Notary, on the date
first above written
'ames of subtscribers and emounts of
subscriptions omitted.
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana. do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Act of Incorpora
tion of the Twyman Oil Company. Incor
porated, was duly recorded in my office
in Book 1253, folio aS.
New Orleans, June 16. 1921.
A true copy of the original.
July 14-August 18.
United States of America State of
Louisiana, Parish of Orleans. Be it
known, that on this twenty-second day of
the month of June. in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
twenty-one (1921). and of the Independence
of the United States of America, the one
hundred and forty-fifth (145th); before
me, Henry Leon Sarpy a Notary Public,
duly commissioned and qualified for the
Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana, and
in the presence of the witneases hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally came
and appeared: the several personas whose
names are hereunto subscribed, who de
clared that. availing themselves of the
laws of this State relative to the organi
zation of corporations, they have cove
nanted and agreed and do by these pres
ents covenant, agree, bind, form and or
ganize themselves, as well as such other
persons who may hereafter join or be
come associated with them, into a corpora
tion or body politic in law. for the ob
jects and purposes and under the stipula
tions and agreements following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I.-The name and title of
this corporation shall be: Keaton Oil
and Drilling Company incorporated, and
under its corporate name it shall enjoy
succession for the full term of ninety
nine (99) years from and after the date
hereof; and it shall have power and au
thority to contract, sue and be sued in
its corporate name; to accept and receive
mortgages, pledges or other hypotheca
tions: to make and use a corporate seal
and the same to break and alter at pleas
ure; to purchase, receive, lease, hold or
otherwise acquire and convey, as well as
mortgage and hypothecate under its cor
porite name, property, real. personal and
mixed: to borrow money and isane bonds
and other evidences of debt, and to secure
the same by martgage and otherwise; to
subscribe to and hold stock in other cor
porations; to acquire, hold and reissue
shares of its" capital stock: to carry out
all of the objects and purposes herein
after named; to name and appoint such
managers and directors, officers and
agents, as the interest of the corporation
will require; to make and establish, as well
as amend and alter at pleasure such by
laws. rules and regulations for the proper
management and regulation of itf affairs:
and generally to do all acts permitted
trading corporations to do under the laws
of the State of Louisiana.
ARTICLE II.-The domicile of this cor
poration shall be the City of New Orleans,
Parish of Orleans. State of Louisiana;
and all citations or other legal process
shall be served UpeO said corporation
through Its President.'or, in his absence,
upon the Vice-Prefident. and in the ab
Usene of both, upon the Secretary-Tres
ARTICLE I11.-The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is orga
nised and the nature of the business to be
carried on by it, are declared to be: To
carry on and conduct a general oil well
drilling and development business; to ex
plore by geological surveys and drilling
operations any lands within or without
the State of Loaisiana; to buy sell and
hold oil concessions. royalties and leases:
to own and operate drilling machinery
and equipment, in whole or in part, with
or without drilling machinery and equip
ment at any time or place, within or with
out the State of Louisilana; to refine, ship,
transport and market petroleum or its
by-products; to lay pipes for oil transpor
tation purposes; to eleet distribating sta
tions ad act as purhasing agents for
oils of all kinds derived from reductions
of crude oil; to receive and market the
same: to erect and operate or sell teah
distributing plants to others for distri
buting oils by sale; to operate task
wagons and to pack oils in eontabters and
all manner of receptaeles for distributing
oils by marketling them; to retfle, alter
and sell petroleum and its by-predcts. To
acquire gas and all leands and other inter
ests in real estate and gas, oil and other
rights; to own and operate tanks and
tank ears to handle, transport and dis
pose of oil or gas for the se ofe the
public in gemeral as well as its own uase;
to transport such ol and gas by means
of nsuch pipes, tank ears, or otherwise and
to sell and supply the same to others;
and. generally, to do and tranNrct all
such businees as is properly coanncted
with or related to a y or all of the ob
jects and purposes ft which this corpora
tion is formed.
ARTICLE IV.-The Capital Steck t
this corporatin isl fix at Twenty 'Two
Thousand Dollars (faA). divided into
and represted by Two Hundred (MS)
shresa of Prrred or Guaranteed stee
ot the par value of One Hundred Dellars
(S10U) each, and two hundred (US)
shares o rdninary or C·ommon Stoek of
the per value of Ten Dollars ($0.) rech.
The amoent of said Crapitl 8toek may
be Lnereamd to One RH dnded Thosand
at present, and at ot less than the pres
eat valh. No trasfer of steak shall
be adr ea t rporatimn unls made
and recorda on ti boeks.
No stokholder shall traofor orenv
his steaek to th e tSio unless d
until has first itn S writin.l
ti the other thon stoakhsers and ti the
orporation tsel at the book value ther
rate and Rilthfl valuatiE of thbe easts
and Ihaultis aof th eperatle etere
upoen Itn hoks. Iek writtemo eaer ahaD
be addressd to aid ,toekhemer and the
cerporaton tite and it shall h deltvered
to the saes . the eipatis witin ton
fuN dais a the timw ie th appaenen
fer the treanser a the a is seae. The
eorporatiMon al t hmemi the aer t
the stsekhdeare 1 s, d ac stoek
a Mfred shalml p rd rabi
among the stoekhoers who ma doiro
in purchs n rron, to aestock
uwrchse s les than that deer. them
mr ner aUtahen mse he pr archase by
atItMal t ek See se a putt of
*n the aseary it acaR at al these .alu
petsi m ay res i trunoar steak
nre hao_ oepeei e ae
by any stockholder of this corporation it- afte
self, the stockholder desirous of selling cane
may sell and transfer his stock to any nan
one and for any price bhe see fit. The eral
provisions of this article aball be placed of t
in print on the face of the certificates of rela
stock issued by tbls corporation, to be tion
binding upon each and every person. now and
or hereafter becoming a stockholder herein. ago
All pledges, hypothecations or other in- as
cumbrances of said stock or dealings with ass
reference thereto shall be subject to said into
provision. 10
The holders of the preferred stock of and
this corporation shall be entitled to re- tlon
ca-'iv' from the surplus or net profits of A
the corporation such yearly cumulative said
dividends as the Board of Directors may TOl
detrmine upon, provided it shall not be porr
less than eight per cent (8%). No divi- thom
de.nd at alt shall be paid to the holders tern
of the Common Stock of this corporation and
until the preferred stock shall have re- sue
caived dividends equalling. in the aggre- well
gate, the sum total of the par value of gt;A
said stock. Thereafter the net profits use
shall be divided equally between the pre- ind
faerred and common stock, in amounts to less
be fixed by the Board of Directors, to be vey,
paid at periods to be also determined by cute
the Board. botl
ARTICLE V.-All the powers of this naur
corporation shall be vested in a Board of rect
Dlirectors to be made up of not less than est
three nor more than seven Directors, all mai
of whom shall be shareholders in this cor- well
corporation. The exact number of Di- by-1
rectors within said limits shall be fixed proi
from time to time by vote of the stock- corj
holders at the annual meetings or at any prol
special meeting called for that purpose: A
provided, that in the interval between port
stockholders' meetings the Board may of
elect additional Directors within the lim- cita
Its mentioned, if the stockholders shall ser
not have elected them. A majority of atlo
the Board shall make up a quorum. The Vicn
Board shall be elected annually at a of
stockbholders' meeting, which shall be held the
each year at the office of the corporation A
on the last Wednesday in June of each A
year (or, if that be a legal holiday, then po
the next legal day), after notice to each
stockholder sent by mail at least fifteen and
(15) days prior to the date fixed for the of I
meeting, addressed to his last designated sB
post-office address; and if be has desig
nated no such address. it shall be mailed or
to him in care of General Delivery at to
New Orleans. Special meetings of stock- cult
holders may be called by the Board at cott
any time. provilded the same kind of do
notice shall precede the holding of such can
meetings; at all times notices may be ,m
waived by unanimous consent of all stock- crol
holders. Each stockholder shall be oe- adv
titled to one vote for each share of stock te.
standing in his name on the books of the eral
corporation, to be cast in person or by to
proxy, and a majority of the votes cast moe
shall elect. Fallure to elect Directors on real
the day fixed shall not dissolve the cor- city
poration but the Directors then in office do ý
shall continue to serve until their succes- obl
sors are elected. The Board shall have nles
power to fill all vacancies which may me
occur in any manner, even though no gerl
quorum remain at the time such vacan- this
cles are to be filled. The Board shall her
elect from among their number a Presi- A
dent, a Vice-President. and a SBeretary- corn
Treasurer. The Board may dispense The
with any of said officers; may combine to C
or separate any of them, and it may elect shai
such other officers as they may think ($1f
proper or convenient for the carrying on stoc
of the Company's business; and it may or ,
provide that such officers may not be port
members of the Board of Stockholders: pris
and they shall fix all salaries of its of- or a
ficers. agents and employees. At any by
meeting of the Board of Directors, any pay
be represented by any other Director who cost
may cast the vote of absent Director ac- mis
cording to such instructions as he may in i
receive in writing from such absent Di- cor
rector. The Board of Directors shall have men
authority to make and establish, and alter Dir
and amend, all by-laws, rules and regu- chat
lations necessary and proper for the sup- rem
port and management of the business and Dirt
affairs, of this 'corporation; and they anti
shall have power to authorise the borrow- pua
lang of money and to issue notes and the poe
execution of pledges and mortgages, and may
generally to do all things necessary or A
convenient to properly carry on the busi- cer
ness of the corporation. cle
Until a general meeting of the stock- of s
holders for election of Directors shall be the
hrld in the year 1922, as herein provided, nap
or until their duly qualified successors shal
are elected and installed, the Board of a V
Directors of this corporation shall consist ma
of Ralph A. Keatona, of ElDorado, Arkan- )the
ass; Addlomn O. Darden, No. IM 8Seiat ma
Street, New Orleans. La.: and Harry W. can
Bechtell, No. lld0 Fern Street. New Or- and
leans. La.. of whom Ralph A. Keaton shall em
be President; Addison G. Darden shall
be Secretary-Treasurer, sad Harry W. thet
B~ehtell shall be Vice-President. The fa
Board so named, or any sAceaeding Board, B
may select additional Directors, within ally
the limit prescribed above, if such total
limit shall not have been filled by the O
ARTICLE. VI.-This at of meaerpora- Net
tin may be amended or changed, or the spem
corporation may be dissolved, by a vote be
of two-thirds of the entire capital stock lees
present or represented at a general meet- of 1
ain called for that purpose ;previous no- pea
tice of such meeting having been given c
as hereinabove required for annul meet- a
lags. it b
ARTICLE VII.--If this corporatio shball a.
be dissolved, whether by Itatiton ora r for
any othe eanss, its affahirs shall be U- a
quidated by three commisslioners appeint- oe
ead at a merting et stoekhlders covened ad
for the purpose tof liquidation and 6t- ele
ed by the vote of all the stockholders p
voting. 8aid iquidators shall stay l ect
ofllce until the ae e e o rato by
shall have been settled ad lquldai, and no
they shall have full poer and aas ant
to transer and give title to all the P~rep.- a
erty and assets of the corporatle sad
to distribute the preceeds. In ease of
death, tsigae or otherwiemeof a It
the survivor or srvvor. h
ARTICLE VIII.-No steekholder shall
be hel liable or respoaibloe for the aa
contracts a os sni earporatotee la the
any turthof sum thau the unpaid balanee
due by him on the sarem stock owned t
b hi: ad a mere intermality i e- ga
n st ha ell ha the eieet of rend rng
this charter llH or of expcl an Sy stk
holde to any Iablity beyond the slnaid
part due by him ean s steek:
That this ceharter may serve as the el
al bsriptio, list the sbser s ,
t have ndicatd oppoite their rpc
thve nas, the number of share of stock
subeerlhs for by each.
TrD DON mAND PAlSD,, in the City
1 Brow Orleans, the day, month ad year
irt atve written,l it the paea e of
·assell Poeol end Ethel theri, emar
ho hae hoat signdtheir na
with appeer and me, Notary, aftr dne
eadigof the whole.
(oRtIN.AL SIGNEiD). 0. . Dream,
i shares preerred stok. N. A. Ksatsn,
Sshaem prsesed stek. H. W. Deeb
tll. S hares prefered stc ek, aen
scheant, shares pdrefered stek.
Pakar, 3 shares pe red stc C. Jul
ton by A,. G.Ddo 5 arespsoerrd
setok 0.C.aC, ren by A. 0. rd
Ssnuaes prersd tockr. . K euner
o. shn. reer stnci .  . . U, Do re.
by A, G Damd i 51-3 osre s
stxoR. Robe. r b A. G, Borden,
Russel Pee ea Neaesip, ase
- n1A ow iu
in the u ss ofr be wo Inesue ken
a it- after named and undersigned. personal:y ser
llng came and appeared the parties whose ,Iu
any names are hereunto nbsubacrrbed, who sr
The erally declared that, availing themselves ~
aced of the provisions of the laws of Louisiana
a of relative to the organization of corpora- pro
be Lions, they have contracted and agreed.
now and do by these presents contract and
rein. agree and bind and obligate themselves. t.r
in- as well as all such persons as may bet-omet.
with associated with them, to form themsne.lve"
said into and constitute a corporation atnd body f ,
politic in law for the objects and purpos.es .
k of and under the conditions and stipula
re- tlions of the articles following, to-wit: or
a of ARTICLE I.-The name and style of t),
stive said corporation shall be LOWItEY (1'I'- t
may TON CO.. INC., and under its said cor- tr
t be porate name it shall have power and "iut- I
divi- thority and enjoy succession for the full n,
Iders term and period of ninety-nine ye:tr' fromrn ftr
ition and after the date hereof; to 'otntrl. r
sue and he sued; to accept and rt-,.ive. as dtre
rgre- well as give and grant, inortg'ges. pl, d ii
e of ges or other hypothecations; to ilake and ,r
ofits use a corporate seal and the same to br.:eak b
pre- and alter at pleasure: to purchate,. re.eis',.. o.f
a to lease, hold or otherwise acquire and t oil- -t
Sbe vey. as well as mortgage and hypoth.- tr
i by eate under its corporate name. property r* y
both real and personal andi mixed; to Je
this name and appoint such managers and di- I crl
d of rectors, officers and agents. as the intter 1
than eat and convenience of said corporation 1
all may require; to make and establishl. a .,fPr
cor- well as alter and amend at pleahsure. sth .l
Di- by-laws, rules and regulations for thie , e
'ixed proper management of the affairs of said er
oek- corporation as may be necessary and tt,.
any proper. of
lose; ARTICLE I1.-The domicile of said cor- :,f
ween poration shall be in New Orleans, Parish
may of Orleans, State of Louisiana. and all ".n
lim- citations or other legal process shall be not
shall served upon the President of said corpor- Iro
of ation. or in case of his absence upon the inc
The Vice-President, or in the absence of both of I
t a of these officers, upon the Secretary of ere,
held the corporation. the
sbah ARTICLE III.-The objects and pur- A
then poses of this corporation and the nature he
each of the business to be carried on by it are any
and hereby are declared to be: in the State dat
the of Louisiana and elsewhere In the United poll
ted tes and In foreign countries to pur- Ven
s hase or otherwise acquire, and to sell to
tiled or otherwise alienate and dispose of, and hole
y at to mortgage. pledge and hypothecate, agri- offi
tock. cultural products of all kinds, particularly tint
I at cotton, and any and all merchandise; to quit
If do a general commission, factorage, mer- aut
sch cantile, warehouse and manufacturing busi- all
bs ness in connection with any of the staple and
:ock- crops of the United States, including the sett
e. advancing of money and supplies to plan- clal
tock terna. farmers and merchants, and a gen- cas
the eral mercantile business, and to those ends, one
by to purchase, use, lease, cultivate, sell. be
east mortgage, pledge, or otherwise dispose of. .
a on real or personal property, plantations, or evel
cor- city or town property, and generally to con
tffice do all acts and enter into all contracts or any
mee obligations that may be necessary, conve- due
have nient, or appropriate for the accomplish- nor
may meat of said purposes or any of them or zatl
g no germane thereto; and to do all and every- cthi
Man- thing incidental to the general purposes hole
shall herelinabove stated and declared. mot
resi- ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of said A
tary- corporation is hereby fixed at One Hundred ter
ease Thousand ($100.000.00) Dollars, divided in. list,
,blue to or represented by One Thousand (1000) opp
elect shares of the par value of One Hundred nui
hink ($100.00) Dollars each. The whole of said by
r on stock, or any part thereof, may be issued T
may or delivered to any person, firm or cor- flee
be poration for the acquirement of the rights, day
lers: privileges, franchises, property, servitudes. in .
Sof- or any part thereof, owned and controlled Rot
any by such person or corporation, also in whi
any payment, settlement and adjustment of the tog
who costs, fees, charges, expenses and com- pea
Sc- missions incurred or for services rendered N
may in the formation and organization of this
Di- corporation; also for cash or in install
have ments of such amounts as the Board of I.
alter Directors may determine; also for mer- rag
*9e- chandise received or for services actually Sta
sup- rendered to this company. The Beard of thal
and Directors hereinafter created is especially por
they authorized to dispose of the stock, or any was
row- part thereof, for any and all of the pur- in
the poses above stated as in its judgment N
and may seem fair and proper. A
or ARTICLE V.-All the powers of this
assi- corporation shall be vested in and exer
cisead by a Board of Three Directors, each
ock- of whom shall hold in his own name on
I be the books of the Company at least one
ide apleded shre of stock. The Board
shall elect from their number a President,
Sf Vice-President, and a Manager and they
asist may also elect but not necessarily from
an- their number such ether officer as they
I may think proper or convenlent for the
*. carrylg on of the Company's business,
sh and shall have power to unite two or more
shall offices and the same to confer upon one
·erson, or to dipeanse with any office in
W. their discretion, and to fix the salaries
The of all officers, agents and employees. The
Ithd Board of Directors shall be elected annu
total year, the first electi to be ha" in the
the year 1~9. All ech eke s shall be by
ballot, at the o*le of the corporation.
or- N otice of atal meetings, as well as of
the special meetings o the otethoMers shall
vote be given by wrlten etle aniled at
teck lest fifteen days in advance of the date
set- of auch meeting to each stockholder ap
no- pearia as such on the books of the
iven Company, at his last designated address,
sat-r at the Oearal Delivery at New Orleans
if he has nat designated au address. leh
shall shareolder shall be eattltked to onea vote
fr for each share Of stock standfng it his c
_ n ame ** the beeks e the Company, mid
mit- voe to he east i pers or by proxy, b
sd and a maorty o th~ voe cast shaD
et- elect. The Bau Of Dire sr shall have
d pwer to tfill all veeances which may be
i en ier or i ay maer arise or be ereated
itie by the Beard of Directrs, even thogh a
n quorum remain at the time seck va
car or vacannei are to be filled. Pall
i aran h offie untl thMr sueasor are
I by elted. Te oErd of Dirtalr shall
shall tave power to makeod establitsh, as well
as alter and amend, all by-laws, rules
t [email protected] retutlons seesarys and proper tfr
tin o t apport aad managepmenut Of the af
a fars sad bpdenes O the eporatle and
me e _Ineoustt lte tto its . e
Mat;l·l have power, withoet referring
neolMMeekhelorsa to borrow money. o
at ex• uto mr gellOs, isu. nt e Pled g
paid as o o obltion, In such a
e- memunta and o met terms as In their
JudgioM may e adatageou, ad ga
sU . b
Situated between S. P. Shops and Banb
Lots on Behrman Ave.
10o Cash, Balance Monthly in 3 Years. No
Taxes. Free Survey.
ar oadelt St.or. Union
for Men and BoyS
- -- - CFA
sary fur the
1.u-in.~- of the
,-,. ty auth
h)r.". ,f tto(k ay
ltcatol4n, of the C
prol,.Jr y acquired
l h f ir valuatie
nta iI" proper. A >"
li i., on of businelsi
lofr,. , e. havard o
if lint 1 h than twoI
t .,t1r I: or r nt
n' 'r,,r. lr;",n. or to
t , f, rl~ or
of 1twot h.i:tds of o RO
IF r:l *,r " rporatiof. o
tt r, toh.rt, the 'sat*
]d,r,,Iovred. iector
.,h-, = , dtr..t r t e r
oIr.: ' lr., l tor. ?taw
of i:.2 ti theBoard o,
t .,f. ll,'nr . h Rbe Z
-,r .trr-.r. Ne.w Omrlea
rqudt. 11t; t'hrrolltao g A L
tLo r I, I :ritton.
c"f ti, foreorlg. B
-aIIe I,. Ir"-ident, Job
lr.-i"i. ot. and J. .
oner lhi. "r1oratlon I
ih,- rmannr provided
of fto-thirds of tho
i l'it.l ' mto.k. preen~~
I .reratl meetinI g
',,nv,.n,o i for such Pmle
itio.,' ha been girea
lhro~ih.dr to be givel .a
in t of the corporation
of th.. Iorporation 111y o
,'rea=d by proceedlig i
the Ilaws of the Statoe
AitTICI.E VII-It thid
be dissolved, either hy
any other cause, tsa
datehd by three eollml.
pointed at a aeetinl oi
vened for the purpoae .
to he elected by a
holders. Said liquido l I
office until the ail d
tion shall have hefi
quidated. and they Ilhe
authority to traaler s
all property and a  .
and to distribute ths
settle, by compromis- o
claims for or again .t
case of death. diasbi-ly 
one or more liquidate% f
be filled by the Yle o
ever be held liabl or
contracts or fault, o
any further rum tin thi
due on the sare of l
nor ehall any mere
zatlon have the efct d
charter null or of *aWp
holder to amy Iabjt
mount due on hi ls
ter may serve as the
list, the euberibegg
opposite thedr roasen
nunmber of shale of jsl
by each of them.
fice in the City of 1
day. month and ym
in the preee of .
Robert 0. Poloek,
who have hereto
together with me,
pearers, after due
Names of subarsebe
I. the underigad
gages n and for the
State of Losiaaa,
that the above and
poration of LOWIUIT
was this day day
in book 1"53, Jb ___
New Orleaat , Lee,
A true copy.
and a equatai
for their
That Ii h h 5
behalf. This W
- ti.ctle .61W,
hw w I
I dmmA a

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