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TH D ad . the UVpb lg u. th 'We "t lde of the River. "A hey re and cresditable weekly uew par."-MANUFACTURERB ' RECORD.
seall M¥ention I
Mad General News
sad M'. E Robeau returned
aJgr a sx months' stay in Eu-.
isf ses Clare Cassidy, Francis ni
Christine Giblin, Martha b
spent the week end at Bay oB
s e ay friends of Mrs. Sidney Os- le
ghi glad to hear she is doing s
Sy r undergoing an operation b
VOL of
SMinslue Price is spending the o
A s at Bay St. Loulis, the guest A
de oether. a
SjyNeeley and daughter re
ei to their home in Abita Springs, 1t
Mer dtng awhile in Algiers. N
. sad Mrs. Sidney LeBeau, Vic- tl
eno, Marion Kramme, spent h
Week and at Bay St. Louis, at d
s~ home. u
j s Ada Hoffman and Lena Di. a
,av returned after a pleasant tl
rMCaliforlso . p
 e V nica McCloskey will leave g
for St. Louis, Mo., and Ill b
M vLat her uncle Lawyer Frank ci
 - . Bergeron and daughter Nel- i
gat Sunday in Algiers, guest of a
a Mrs. H. J. Robeau. s
. Adagss is spending a while at C
Park with his parents. g
l-argaret and Master John
are spending awhile at Abita
ths guest of Mr. and Mrs. g
sad Mrs. Morrison returned r
gngdlsg a week with her sister- b
Ie. John R. Allen.
s. Jehn R. Allen and daughter
nave returned after spending ae
Bay st. Luis.
. Ri dreaux returned from
a. atlar wending awhile, 
Ms las Maud Allsn.
AnDs Valette hap returned at
two mnhs with his
Mrs. Jno. Allen.
s te uatlieh returned
Ten., Sunday night,
spet two weeks.
7. . Mitebll Is doaeg alce
e, after being badly In
a matereyela
Dptuse spent the week
ab- la, the gest od Miss
Tatt tr returned ster
the gest of hoer arul
plses at Raeelsad.
pladl aftis Uncle
as Whter. It tells of
his elements.
rees a twod mothns'
eaeend srt shes cit.es.
rntals ao osuhatna, Is..
hea brther. Mr. B. B. Brit
Vss B. CUferd is home again
S~ ent ay ln Dallas, Tex.
..rert Ward has returned from
fluid at Mrs. Philip
o gsl to bher she is t
her h e ems.
1L a itner ha returnoe dro 1
Ak., where he spent a
=A. m er bspet the past
ar her -arets, Mr. and Mrs.
It Waveaga, Mies.
has returned
Srsn. W. a. Warren have
bee a teip to Galsteoa.
fith mad Aides Maguire, of
ram viitlng their aunt.
U1es and Valera, Mrs. 0.
Is ntoe Heln Mares, awe
-s Mrs. Mae Rmers
a vt
OF O. D. A.
One of the warmest meeting, (in
fact it was a hot one), was held a few
nights ago in the Pythioa Hall, called
by the O. D. A.'s for the purpose of
ousting Mr. Louis Munsterman as
president of the organization and as
leader of the Orleans Democratic As
sociation. The meeting was opened
by vice president Burmaster, after
which Mr. Charles Donner gave some
of the reasons for calling the meeting
as follows: He stated that the O. D.
A's did not want a Rip Van Winkle
at the head of the organization. We
presume he had reference to Mr. Mun
sterman. Mr. Donner stated that Mr.
Munsterman had done nothing for
the ward since he took his office, that
he did not go out of his way to accomo
date his constituents. Mr. Donne
urged that a new leader be elected
and that he was not an applicant for
the position. Mr. John E. Collins also
pointed out during the meeting the
great number of positions that had
been lost in Algiers, mentioning the
city electrician and bis assistant, coun
cil clerk, and fifteen or twenty other
jobs that had bees refilled by city
men. Mr. Wm. Smith was also very
severe on Mr. Munsterman, and in
common political parlence Mr. Smith
gave Mr. Munsterman a good rolling.
During the heat of the arguments,
pro and con, mostly pro, John Mathews t
gave vent to his feelings in the follow- 1
ing statement: "Well gentlemen, the
ring was bad, but not as bad as the
bunch you have now." This expres
sion received some applause.
Mr. W. R. Hafkesbring, who defend- ]
ed Mr. Munsterman read some ex
cerpts from the Herald. He stated that I
he did not know anything about the
meeting being called, and the first In
formation he had received was when I
he found a postal with his own name
printed on it calling a meeting. Mr.'
Wi. Smith also stated in answer to
some of those present that the party
was badly split. "Yea, we are badly
split, but 98 per cent of those that are
split do not want Munsterman."
Veto oft o.(3af ce Not Given.
Some eme in the audience after hear
ing what Mr. Hahfeebring had to say
about sot supporting Mayor McShane
e fered a arltion that the meeting
give a vote I ceadenes to Mayor Me
Shase. The motlen was seeonded, but
sever wan pmE to vets. Mr. Nel
a-e COveil orlmtue mrelta -
Nemslamismo in Oeie.
Fully 96 per emat of the one hundred
t or more present were in favor of reor
s ganisatlio and were in favor of going
ahead with that reorganlzation at once.
Vioeehairman Burmaster then called
for nominations ,nd Mr. Louis Acker
was nominated, as was also Mr. Prsak
Killesn. Netther one of the candi
dates were present at the meeting.
It seemel that the votes were over
whelming in favor of Mr. Acker, which
the vote fallyshowed. We feel rea
Ssonamhy sure that had Mr. Killeen bees
present he would have withdrawn in
favor of Mr. Aeker. After the tallies
were counted Mr. Acker was unani
mously elected president of the, 15th
d Ward Orleans Democratic Associaton.
The foeliwig othe officers were
also seleted: Wn. Burmaster, first
Svicepresideat; Mrs. Lilly Yalets, sea
ead vesgredt; H.. It. Haesebring,
- recording secretary, and C. J. Doner,
treasurer. There ere also several
i . wa Ia a ear Acker.
Henry Akerm ia e of our substan
4 ll ltlses. He ia enatitl to be
I. president of the refrm organtritoa
i for the fet that he like Louias Mua
b, stermn has always baeen a reform.
Mr. A4e is a ig tax pye, · ad a
m buaws the needs api pretection
*/I ... wo ` * c CO rew I hnCAMT
New Masonic N
Lodge Instituted
W. D. White Lodge of Masons of
Gretna, named in honor of the late E,
W. D. White, one of the oldest and ar
most prominent Masons in Gretna at cc
the time of his death, was instituted o
last Thursday night at the lodge pl
rooms of Sts. John Lodge No. 153, F. tb
and A. M., in Algiers. The officers tt
of the new lodge are: L. J. Samuel, Cl
W. M.; 'H. P. Drumm, S. W.; A. T.
Higgins, J. W.; Joseph Oplatek, tress- to
aer; R. M. Nash, secretary; Joseph at
Fiser, S. D.; B. F. West, J. D.; Wm. tJ
H. Black, chaplain; Jacob Huber, ty- h,
ler; Joseph Daul, E. Gahn, Frank El- t,
liott, stewards. Meetings will be held
on the first and third Thursdays of
.each month.
In a letter received from San Dieo, b
Cal., Mrs. R. L. Hoyt says: "We are A
enjoying this lovely climate and this
beautiful city, but not near as much as
we do The Herald. We hail The
Herald each week as a little touch of
Editor's Note-lRemember when you
go away you may have The Herald
follow you at no additinoal expense.
of the others in his class. Mr. Acker
is a member of a family of large tax
payers and their interest in Algiers is
the genauine interest so essential to
the success of any community. For t
many years he has been a member of
the Board of Directors of the Third '
District Building and Loan Associa
tion. He was for many years master
of exchequer of Virginia Lodge, K. of
P. Mr. Acker was born in Algiers in t
1880, and received his education in our I
public schools. Early in life he en- t
tered' into business. He is married and
has an interesting family. We know I
Mr. Acker to be a public spirited elti
sea. He has always been ready to go
to the front to obtain for Algiers such I
improvements as we thought belonged
to us. He was a member of the Algers '
Improvement Associatlis and he did
i good work with that organization. The
Herald oersm Mr. Aker its assistance
in any undertaking that will be for the
betterment of our district.
i et Mmerms
Is coludiag thn article about the
change Is the heads of the local O.
D.A. we have a word to say for Louis
Masstermsa. He, too, hs. always
bees a plcplrlted f . A to
whheror a ot haq L m s c
eslalh poltelia we wi Iesvo to his
frieds and enemies. As s friends
Say, and as we all know, Mr. Manster
man is with the MMeShae minority in
the dt coMnIl, and in that dsittion
be was not able to do fr Algers as
Mr. Asker will 4e able to do behng
with the ma3lrity members of the
seenell. We mae atsled that Mr.
M em sman would do anything io his
power to help our distrit, and be
a he did at saete the e«siam
ties this shbM be so iesetiss aPes
him a ss mar as a atisesa. Politeal
daerwes should go no further than
liies. We trut tat for the goed
f the etire Democratic party and
the o. A. that the two now
to the erftr a wll Jon bat fer
the god ot f Now Orsas. If the
Oty of New Orlm ear aeeded ao
epgeqties ter an ides, it is sew. We
naal m ry that, as seth
tdmal tiae eet et Mr. Muate
ma has assa ut out of eaer that
he hwI h the a D. A. to gt the
improue are n m saltd tI
Mr. estwagg laps beu To
-te 0 D. AL.Ia .the stesd atd.
seat The liames a warm statm t
Inatoe m awer to atbbks maod
an im at the uste a these he
enis his smemsO ¶e statement spid:
*' areoas to the seturn takes
at te meetl a t FPythan Hal.
-Aim, o the ua t oa Auut U.
Sjstbe to msetl I wl lb tomy
tast me s seemt- at -he s
Imn ar rm af lads as th .I
itas ath l was by dshi.
mssea I rembei p wad, ma
fie dMr gpa didSaet,55a
StU i a m tat thum  l
iiiii amias ns
Men Abandon Truck I
With Alochol hOn It
On Monday night, Supernumerary
Evans noticed a truck in the darkness t
and two men standing near by at the th
corner of Vallette and Newton streets. th
One of the men ran off on the ap- h%
proach of the policeman and his mount,
the other remained. Evans questioned
the man and learned his name was a
Charles Dubret, 739 Elmira avenue. m
Dubret explained the truck con
talned 13 five gallon jugs that smelled re
strongly of alcohol, but all were emp- in
ty. There was one ten gallon can, g
however, that Evans asserts con- m
tained a small quantity of alcohol. tr
Examination of Dubret resulted in a
the arrest of Peter Danos, 1415 Whit
ney avenue, the man who ran. Is
Further investigation revealed the re
truck is the property of Davis A. cI
Adams and was taken out of a garage tl
by Danes without the consent of Mr. a
Adams. Both men were taken to the h
Algiers Station where they are being
held pending investigation by federal ii
authorities. Daneo is also charged.
with the act relative to taking an au
tomobile without the owner's consent.
Police believe the truck was en
gage din the transfer of alcohoL
* ---L-.- I
r ARDI RAS o BACK; s 1
Carnival of former years will re- 1
r turn to New Orleans in 1922. There
f will be three great parades, and poe
s sibly a fourth-two will be in the day
-one at night. Announcement as to
r whether the Mistick Crewe of Comus
f will parade will be made about Sep. -
n tember 6. Rex, Proteus, and a new or
r ganization, the Druids, will furnish
- the pageants. As usual, the pageant '
d of the King of the Carnival will take a
r place Tuesday, February 27, 1922,
. Mardi Gras Day.
D The Druids will parade after the
Rex procession has left the streets
Stand they promise to place a glittering d
s array of floats in the line ofmarch.
i It
e BROS. S'T)RB No. . 8
e Thursday, August 18, is Dollar a
Day among many diferent merchants t
of New Orleans, but the quality mer- I
chandise being offered by Kahn Bros. I
e Store No. 3, 1018 Canal street, neat
door to Dalley's Style Shop, are ex
Scelled by no other firm. Their
large advertisement on Page 10
o quotes the offerings for Dollar Day z
Thursday, but it is well to keep ina
mind Kahn Bres. Store No. 3 every
day in the year.
Officers and men Ethe Naval SIt-I
ti a in Algiers were entertained Mon- I
day eveaing by the Red Crss, through I
the Volunteer Service, New Orleans
Chapter. Though the atertatament
was primarily for men Ln the hospital,
the inrltatie w xtended to all
d 1
iw I
a i
- |ee ieae swin wkl theslmg
U1 '4 I
Intended To Make
Husband Tatrge ,o
With the arrest of Mrs. Frances Pe- ha
trie, 28 years old, of McDonoghville, in
the police of the Algiers station said Hi
they had averted the shooting of her ed
husband, G. Petrie, 441 Seguin street. p
"Yes, I intended to kill him," Mrs. to
Petrie is reported by the police to have
said, "because-he has failed to support ri
me and my children." r g
Mrs. Petrie, who was charged with fu
carrying a concealed weapon and pa
roled by Judge Dowling, was arrested of
In front of her husband's home in Al- Ub
giers by Sergeant Hadley and Patrol- w
man Farley. In the handbag Mrs. Pe- st
trie carried, the police say they found 01
a fully loaded pistol. bi
Sergeant Hadley and Patrolman Far- PI
ley went to the home of Mr. Petrie in 5a
response to an anonymous telephone 0o
call, which said a woman was waiting h
there to kill her husband. Mrs. Petrie t(
said she has been separatei from her a
husband and that she now is living b
with her mother, Mrs. Adam Bourlet, a
in McDonoghville. h
Allied councils of the Knights of t
Columbus, Na 714, Marquette, Santa d
Marts of Algiers, and James Rbert a
Blenk, will hold their annual Mid- t
Summer Outing for the 1921 Season at o
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Sunday,
August 28.
Arrangements have been perfected o
o take care of an attendance of 10oo. t
Boating, bathing, sahing, dancing, s
basebatfleld-games wil be the order
of the day, and prizes will be offered.
Music will be furnished 'by the
Knlghts of Columbus Jazz Orchestra
t which will be brought over with the
B James Tallon, who operates a soft i
I drink stand at Delaronde and Bouny C
streets, was ordered to appear before a
the United States commissioner after I
a visit of the enforcement officials a
earlier in the i!ternoon. Prohibition I
r officals say they found three ad 1
i threequarter gallons of whisky and a
- gallon Jug of alcohol in a room adJoino
Sing the bar. I
r --.....I
Ethel L. Sawyer, of Slidell avenue,
F near Brooklyn, domestic in the employ
5 of George W. McDuff, Jr., of 145
SAlix street, was arrested by Sergeantl
Ed. Roach and Mounted Patrolman
Robert Smith and charged with petty
larceany. She is accused of having
stolen a dress and dress goods worth
S$47, together with $3.50 In currency
i- from the McDauR resideace. Part of
h the booty was recovered.
.Jdge John Dufy, third recorder
ad presidng I the traic eourtmade
an arrest Moday night for violation
of the traic odinane. He bronght
late eaMedy a saler from the naval
staties. who was speeding an ato
ear the ferry leading at Merga
stareet. The prleesr was pareled to
asear in the traffic court as 3 o'clock
S ilsy.
Cemmisione and Mrs. W. T. Chris
ty of the igratis States ester
tald en last Tuesday evesing Dr. Jes.
IMner at New oedses an dUll-Idpt.
Governor Meotems t Labystie, ia.
The item was served a. the mmigrf
The esl derritk bat i. the seabther
Pacies. wasank cue day last week
whesa * c the Mg *Mess asing
ap rv rammed her. The aeie
deat ecaured is the vicinity o the
-Third D rIlt Perry ad the less ot
the derriCk is easieat. Ne attenpt
wi he made to laise ker. he in abest
lites years ad.M
I MIra .W. TbdIee wai epis a
iheel r a iseelogmeat ciiasa
i a s sd se as 3asber
Officer Evans W
Dodges Bullets
From out of the darkness in the
quiet river front section of Algiers,
near the United States Marine Bar- I
racks early Wednesday morning, wa
came a flash of fire. Patrolman of
Evans had just dismounted from his: H
horse and was about to enter the w}
barracks to use a telephone when ev
ambushed. pa
The flash of the pistol illuminated ed
the spot for the traction of a second
and Patrolman Evans saw an auto
mobile with several men. The shot
came from that machine as it rapidly hc
sped by. and the bullet whizzed close
to the head of Evans' horse." The
automobile sped away.
Leaping into his saddle Patrolman
Evans gave chase. Out Newton St.
to Elmira avenue the chase led. In r
Elmira avenue two more shots whis
tied dangerously close to horse and 1,
rider. Undaunted, Evans urged his
mount, and the gallant animal re
sponded with an added burst of speed.
Into Opelousas avenue the gang turn
ed, almost overturning the machine.
Evans was nearly a square away, and V
when the policeman made the turn 84
into Opelousas avenue, the machine r"
was out of sight. It is believed it h
had entered one of the many garages
in that section operated by William a
Harper. Mr. Harper willingly open- d
ed all his garages and showed the
police around. No trace of the au
tomobile could be found.
Monday, agents of the "whiskey d
ring" doubtless read of the wonder
fully keen sense of smell which
Evans' horse possesses. They read
of how Evans tried frantically and I
I unsuccessfully to urge his horse on e
when the animal came to a dead 8
stop on the Newton street viaduct;
d of how the animal snorted and
breathed heavily, and of how the I
r- policeman, awakening to a sense that
a something was wrong, caught the 4
e odor of alcohol, and of how the
g horse, unguided by his rider, turned I
is toward Vallette St.--a square away
tr and of ho* Evans came upon a man 1
al by an automobile, in which were
t. several five-gallon demijohns which
had contained alcohol, and one small
er can in which there was still a
quantity of alcohol. The man gave
his name and address as Charles Du
bret, 739 Elmira avenue. l'om him
of the police learned the name and ad
ta dress of Peter Danos, 1415 Whitney
rt avenue, who* had been with Dubret.
d- but who ran off upon the approach
at of Evans.
Y, Do the whisky runners fear the
keen nostrils of the "hooch horse"
of the police department? And was
U. the bullet fired Wednesday morning
aimed at the horse or its rider? Per
sr haps the murderous whisky bandits
d. have sworn to kill both. Meantime,
the eyes of the entire police depart
ment are wide open.-Daily States.
John C. Schuermann and George A.
it Rousme, former members of the New
Iy Orleans police department, convicted
re and sentenced to not less than three
or years in the penitentiary in 1919 for
Is attempted extortion of a bribe from
ma Mrs. Ola Yarbrough, were pardoned
a Wednesday last by Governor Parker.
a After asserting that former ergesant
a- Schuermann and former Corporal
Roussel were part of a vicious system
which preyed on the unfortunate mem
bers dof the underworld, Governor Par
ker declared that he believed these
men had paid their debt to society sad
y he, therefore, approved the pardon re.
5 cently recommended by the Board eo
at Pardons.
tLne Whbew shle e ta s W i r iget a dest
!eaheme is olks of alis set ee -r " O each
beat ldige s ie a !# selrter
0 i oSIId is do~ L
00 rag si
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
A quiet wedding of the past week
was that of Miss Ella liotard, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hotard, to Mr.
Harmon E. Poole of Glocester, Miss.,
which was quietly celebrated Tuesday
evening at the home of the bride's
parents. Rev. T. B. Clifford, officiat
The bride, who is well known here,
wore a tan suit with hat and gloves
to match. The young couple left for
Glocester. Miss., to spend their
honeymoon. They will reside in Des
trehan. IA.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Sabariau announce
the marriage of their daughter, Lo
retta Frances, to Mr. Arthur Francis
Westerfield, on Tuesday. August 16,
A birthday party was tendered little
j Vera Hunn, the occasion being her
n seventh birthday. The little hostess
e received many pretty presents from
her little friends. Dainty refresh
ments were served In abundance and
n many games played. Dancing was in
dulged in. Those present were Irma
eLee and Lorraine Sutherland, Clait
and Louise Essinger, Evelyn Messner,
Bertha Bourgeois, Veda Valirie and
Vivian Baker, Freda Essinger, blil
y dred Woodcock, Katherine Seewood,
Doris Woodcock. Florls Luft, Mildred
b Maronge, Remola Heider, Myrtle,
d Helen and Mildred Parker. Lelia
d Fuller, Pauline Hibben, Elnera Suth
n erland, Emelda Burmaster, Catherinae
d Sutherland. Mildred Sutherland, Alice
Hibbens, Vera Cook and Ethel Juno;
d Master W. Wright, R. Wattigney, E.
te Hibbens, J. Dubert, J. Hlbbens, 8:
at Luft, J. Cook, H. Marongue, W. Wbod.
ie cock, J. Messner, L Bethancort, I.,L.
ie N. Fuller; Misses N. O. and A. iUb
bd bens, M. and 8. Hughes; Mesdames F.
sy Luft, N. Heider, U. Wattigney, E. Hib.
mn bens, H. Alonso, G. Quilly, B. Hibbens,
re H. Farr, J. Boyle, L. Doyle, Mr. J.
ch Thomas and Mr. H. Alonzo, and many
II- others.
Im The Herald extends congratulations
id- to Judge GeO. P. Platt, who won the
ey nomination a last Friday over his
et, twV qe eet. with thelucky majority
ch of thirteen, and If a black cat doesn't
cross Mr. Platt's path between now sad
he the time he takes his office, he will
e~ be our next Judge.
,u Mr. Platt had the support of the
ng Regular Democratle Association on
,,. this side of the river, which has al
ts ways been in power here with large
and safe majorities. The only time
rit was materially cut down was at the
last election, when Mayor Behrmaa
met his defeat. Judge Platt's many
friends were Jubilant over his election
andy he has been receiving congratula
tions and best wishes, not only from
A. the regular voters, bpt from the O. D.
SA. as well.
S.The concern which purchmaed the
mr structure at 601 North Rampart street
at for the purpose of installing a moden
ml battery factory and distribution plaMt
m is composed entirely of local capital.
m The Southern Electrolyte Battery Ca~
ar pany is hbded by Whlter A. Dilasl,
e president of the Ulnion Electrle Caem
ad pany. as its president.
re. It will make extensive chanlges li
of the beldLng and ialttIte the lndlstry
ao an important ale.a

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