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CO., INC. to
Louisiana. Parish of Orleans, Miss
SOrleans. Be it known, that on
o ay of september. 1921. before Lo
ll A. W uck. notary public, in Igro
Mfrt Parish of Orleans. State of meut
f doly commissi.oned and quall. and
'd n the presence of the witnesses d
a 1 named and undersigned, per- .
sc cme and appeared the everal rt
whose name: are hereunto sub- mn;
who c.'verlly declared that. I oh.
th eives of the provis-ions of lta
l t ws oVf the State of Louisiana int
Se a tlton of ororpuration, and feet
the oranct o the A. ta of !b l4, they nPara
Ft 5e ated aud aslgre.'. and by these }n'"d
maC .oveuatl. agreO. and bind $11G.
IOts ado well ale Muc h Ir sona as may I
i tome aIss..iSatd with them, to ,
te ont tut corporatiou and ofg
apdlt law. and to that end. they a
".the ,f-oi l,, nmtters and thing.s I ay
tecute and adopt these article of In- and
Cotion. a" follow. . to1wit: Late
ATLE I -The in.l of raid oLrpora- N,.w
SI L, ".ritlhtard ItRalty c'u.. In." tanl:
I ThE Th' bj t' and purposes in
jibThI°LEld I.orptratitin is est-blishedin
a the nat5ure of the l,ustllesi to be car- t:
Ia by iet rc lIrThb) d.hlitred to be twl
Tiso and hold, to buy. and otherwise t
i alind hold. to 11. Imortgage hypo- tie
ge' lmeL or rent land.,. or any interest tI
'tsi in the s tate of L.touisiana or etlse- rId
erhether Lnimproved or unilupruoved inl
t irne.whthe or tian.- to lie tonstructedtier
S orother buildini., and to hold,
sOld* hylptineti I Ilease or rent %lo
l *ortgia in anrial to carry il it
Id' sae rn l lstat buslltr.s. and to do ;ll 1
d rform and tary on ant and all
l n in anL y w ay olnlllltedl with. ger- verv
se or lantldital to any one or all of ther
aO fore lgoC object, and purpoes,. the ou
te ad foregoing enunmerated Ipower leanu
et helag lntended as ex'lusive. ('oli
ARTI('LE ll--The sanout of capital dlvi
oi of said torportion halll bIe tifty skel
e and ($,0OO.OO) dtlaira. all of whbih ills
-ell b ,to'k a(nlid anon if which dt
jblle e preferd stoLk. Said vto'k to be ures
ed for )ither in t cah or Its equivalent. said
ARTICtE IV-The alnount to which the and
ubssl lstck nDiiy lie in.rated bliali be TIl
"ld i thousand ($100.O0.41)) dollars. (
ARTICLE V The nunmber of shares of siH
aid cpital stock of fifty thousand I($,.- I-cha
aIM) dollars of satd corporatiou. shall did
b ree hundred (T'0) aihares of the liar er
al o one hundrd $100.00) dollars per
ae the shares of said corporation to re
Ila t one hundred ($100.O0) dollars in
e orat of the increase of the clapital
of said corporation beyond the all
entt of one hundred thousand ($1io. on
N) dollars. above ttated. vitt
ATICLE VI-The location of the domi- the
_a of said corporation shall be in the te
t, of New Orleans in the Parish of Or- teal
aa. SBtate of Louisiana. de
ATICLE ViI-The period of duration dre
of iid corporrtion shall be fifty IO) .
ARTICLE t nuber o dlrec- lat
*rsfs i corporart.ion shall be three. The lc
jstotV shall elect from their nunber a lot
aeddt, and may elect one or more vice- fro
_dts; they shall also elect a secre- Inc
yar aa treasurer, and may tombine for
ie two offkcs In one person; they may the
laploiJt such other officers. aglent, for
.akoyeeT as may be provided for by on
is bylaws- The names and post office str
Jds of the directors of said corpora- Tol
de who are selected to serve for the first sir
ye or until their successors are elected
ad- slihd. shall be as follows, to-wit:
Mary Pritchard, New Orleans, Loulis- Pa
SMrs. Alice Moore Blakemor. New by
jsaas, IAlsiana; James . Zunts. New P.
saws Louisiana, with Missa Mary Pritch- pr
aUd as presideat James E. ZUnts as vicec
as secretary and treasurer. at
ARTICLE IX--The names and post of
fIs addrssesl of the subscribers to these tlo
sdls of i ncrporatlon and a statement t
Sthe mbea r of shares of stock which of
e subscriber is to take is said corpora- ty
d e sa follows: Miss Mary Pritch- d
aj NE Orleans. Louisiaa, 2l shar .,s
r- I-- e isar*e Mr. James . Zunts an,
Ii Ohrleans Losia5n. 1 share.
RTICL o-The subscriptions of Mrs.
Moore Blakemore, and Jamea .
CI tothe umber of sham of the capt - e
Article 1. aure to be paid for in M
L ghIPtlOti of Miss Mary Pritch- au
hr > saes of the capital atock ofc
as a bove seat orth i do
aI lXt herso, is to be paid for by vs
is ad to ruas l br bher to this cr
9 iseof certain psces or portions of
toeeter witoih alil the buIldings
, oea tO te resonfat aed all the
I privileges, servitOdes and of
sagth eteato belonginlg or in any an
-. as eaala situated is the City of ln
3W o ne Stats of Loatelona. a
AMLd ebsete seosd hereto and made ta
- a t oarticlest of( incorpOration, an C
eW sntletd ptrop t ry together with _
Ia Ulmad of the value thereof as ap
by Mary Pritchard. Mrs. Alieo vI
UyloWO. ad Mr. James d . Zata,
ATIl iZ-Each shadrre of tock shall
he ld to oe vote. There shall be no al
stee v etia pDg. titts
A TICEi s lU-Tshe board of directors
s esepesation shall be and are here
p- wf wIth al tLhe corporate powers of
ee rtkioa. iscludta aongr ohor So
9r5, d ihUll iDEin vis TLh Iower to -
a tir a and ruabl by-lawl C
"lOls L eeu ot aid orpo er tion
Sph to brepato money. e _ente mot
sL m e. and gnal y to do al wt
art to or c saer y for the ob- h.
e ntsOs of aid corporaton, ra
o sI gatm d to, ett, the board
eams en oaxcls me oitentio
a t tho and oI dtr etor withn
ar d u rther "poern a may Itl
be mw :to sompib the obAect andre
• said crportio. A i K
sadc erporl to n shall be hlt d *
in the on cd SatUrda M AOu a_
btd to receiv rvice of all xRe
* Aa D of Ne Orla teof O. IN-,
W aH. s i. cPoaI etor.t wst-.
b of this eiy, who *ave her- *
- -ed their s a I awi th e staid
S me. noary on te daot and
St_ helbe d g to y t fo tho i
o n are Ito aopodete tair ser e
giNAL SIGttNE fead et t*e
PR OILTCHARD . et als.t
0. W. A.W RE•C.
• undersNgnd Reorder otf Pbli
oe d feeoia n t oT iepor
D Iritrhar4R~sLt? Co.._ jnt'. was
fa dul ord I· mr oIs ce, in
Mth eTrotiOn r of and stateet
- lo the property ive i pay
dmheurlpti o htck ofs aidOcr.
a sa ut Is sid carter, as -
by the directrs. aleld to soa i
of iLcroratio, In bob te. foio
'n Deputy Rieorder MortisE"- a
- - ,t,~SOWTIONl
do hereby appraise the property proposed Th
to be transferred to this corporation by of tl
Miss Mary Pritchard as follows: first
Lot No. 1. A certain lot or portion of I
ground, with all buildings and improve- sucb
ments thereon, and all the rights, ways 193.
and privileges, serltudes. prescriptions quai
and advantages thereunto belonging, situ
ated in the Fourth District of the tilty of At
NIew Orleans, in the square bounded by res t.
Prytanis. Pleasant. Coliseum and liar- anot
moany treets, measuring ninety feet four Inre
Inches. four lines. (90' 4" 4"') front on Pry- t1
tania Street by one hundred twenty-live ele t
feet (i25') in depth between equal and on I
parallel line`, and front on Pleasant stre,'t. fning
and forming the corner of P'rytunla and of ii
Pleasant streets. Above lot appraised at with
$11r.00.U0. Ing.
L ot No. 2. . certain pice or po.rtlon ,un
of ground with all the buildings and im- tion
provements thereon and all the rights.
ways. irivileges. servitudes. presriptluons th'
and adsantages thereunto elounging. Situ tfi
ated in the Fourth iListrict of the ('Ity of fort
New Itrlerans. in square ioualded b3 Pry- th
ta:ha. 'oliseumn. P'lensant and Ilitrnltolny b,
str'ets. lleansuring ninety-three feet t.n ' TI
inches three lines (93' li" :" 'I front on r;.f,
;)LP'Lsa;lllt strewt by a depth i f tone illhullredi ur
twenty feet three iat'h's- (12o'" 0" ') be or I
twe'en equal atndi parallel lilne. th,- '.id,- the
linle of -aid poIlrtion of grolund aidjlloining thill
tile portion of ground first aibov*e des.- itty
ricriled on the slte t.wairdl i'rytlania street e't
an1d beingl one hulndred twenty -livce feet no nait
ini'hie i lin e ,, (12'.5' 0" " ') frot i thle '-.r- T
nar of Prytauia andi l'e:asatt streets. be
a.\bove, lot appllraised at $10,000.00. , ado,
.ot Nil. 3 A certain lot of ground with a
,ill tih, buildings and imaaproveunat:i there- -hal
tun. and all the rights. way s, privilege-. true
servitudtles, prescription's alid adrvantage.s al
thereunto bielunging, . ituatit.d in tile
Fourth Ilistrit ,,f the titv of New Irr- 'et`
leans. in square bounded by i'rytania. ag
t'olise-tul. l'.lsallnt and Tol'ldano streets. ter,
designated by the letter "lI" on a certain jS"v
sketch of survey drawn by Albert G. gat'
Itlan,'hard. deputy -ity surveyor, under is a
date of 22nd of April, 1873; said lot Imels- " '
urea forty-tive feit (45' 0" O)"') front ion tihe
said Pleasant street. forty-five feet A
and one in-h (45' 1" 0"*') front on llorr
Toledano street, forty-four feet two inches l deb
(44' 2" 0" ') on the side line toward Pry- p;li
tani streut, dividing it fronm lot "A" oII a1111
said sketch,l. and forty six feet eleven il- thei
chties (44' 11" 0" ') on the opposite side, line a
dividing it from lot "'". Above lot ll- telr.
praised at: $3.300.00. Subject to lmort- be
gage of $3,000.00. net appraised value 2 -
S$3180.00. Thi
"Lot No. 4. A certain lot of ground with b
all the buildings and improvements there- tea
on and all the rights, ways, privileges, ser- lar:
vitudes. presc-riptions, and advantages
thereunto belonging, situated in the I
Fourth Distric-t of the City of New Or- dat
leans, in square bounded by Prytania. Cit
('oliseum,. Pleasant and Toledano streets. F.
designated by the letter "C" on a sketch teln
drawn by Albert G. Blanchard. deputy dui
city surveyor, under date of 22nd April. set
187~, annexed to act before A. C. Cuvilller. of
late a notary public in this city, dated 26th an
April. 1873, inccording to which sketcih said
lot measures forty-five feet (45' 0" '0"') Ne
front on Pleasant street. forty-five feet one 2Nre
Inch (45' 1" 0"') front on Toledano street. Ell
e forty-six feet eleven inches (46' 11" 0"'1 on .h
y the side line toward Prytania street, and
I. forty-ulne feet eight inches (49' 8" 0"') R.
r on the opposite side line toward Coliseum
a street. Above lot appraised at $3.300.00.
Total appraised value of the four lots de- i
sMrlbed above is $28,800.00. gi
"lie it further resolved that the vice: th,
presldent of this company be and he here- tl
by is authorized to accept fromn Miss Mary in
SPritchard a transfer or act of sale of said off
property subject to a mortgage of $3.000.00
executed by said Miass Mary Pritchard Au
gust 12. 1919, before Charles Schneidau.
notary public, recorded M. O. B. 1234 p. 21,
at the value or price of $21it00.00 In full ,o
paymvnnt and discharge of the subscrip
Stion of the said Miss Mary Pritchard to
at two hundred and eighty-six (286) shares pp
h of the capital stock of said Pritchard Real
ty ('o.. Inc., of the par value of one hun
' dred ($100) per share and of a total par
value and actual value of twenty-eight
s' thousand six hundred dollars ($28,600.00)
* and, Ia
s. "Be it further resolved that the vice- Id
. president of this company be and he is di
i. hereby authorized, upon receipt of act of yr
t sale of said property from Miss Mary d
tn Pritchard to execute and deliver to said
Miss Mary Pritchard two hundred and a
eighty-six (286) fat Ipald and non-assess- of
able shares of the capital stock of thiso
in company of the par value of one hundred di
dollars ($100) per share, and of the total t
y value and actual value of twenty-eight
r- thousand six hundred dollars ($28l0.09.) th
SNew Oreians, September 13th, 1921. ti
he I further certify that I am the custodiaS L
id of the book of minutes and other books cc
ty and records of said Pritchard Realty Co., R
if Inc.. and that the above and foregoing is as
a true and correct copy of a resolution tl
le taken from the book of minute of said a
n corporatlon, being copy of a resolution
se adopted by the board of directors of said t
th corporation on the above stated date.
ip- further certify that James E. Zunta, is P'
c vice president of said Prltchard Realty k
U' Co., Inc.
ll In testimony whereof, I have hereto a
s affixed the name and ,a-i of said corpora
tioa by myself as its secretary, this the in
r 13th day of September, 1921.
f Secretary of the Pritchard Realty Co., Inc. it
or Sept. 22-Oct. 2'. is
to -
ENT d U, blEAU, INC. T
or 'nlted States of America, State of Loluis
all Lna, Parish of Orleans, Cilty of New Or- h
b- lesa,. Be It known that on this 9th day p
*rof the month of September,. In the year .
a of our Lord, nineteen hundred and twenty- i
owe before me Warren V. Miler, a dluly ai
Scoatmtii.od. . quolifed and ating notary
oa blic, In and for the Parish of Orleans ,
it tate of Loualsana, and in the presence of
ay the hereinafter named and undersigned o
ad witneases, personally came and appeared a
the several persona whose namea are here-b
ofunto sbrlbed and everaltly declared that
r4 avalinag themselves and those they repro
becme associated with them. of the gene
te- ral laws of the State of Lonlsiana, in sucm .
a case made nd provided, they have formed C
Sand oranised, wad by the preenrts formei
thmAlvr , as well T as those they reprent
in and such others as may hereafter become
I asasciated with them, iote a corporatlion
s1 ·and body politic in law, for the objects and
nt' prpo in the follong w artlles set forthr
Sand txpreed, whieh they adopt their
aid charter.
d ARTICLg I-The name and title of this s
do corporation i and shall be "Industrial
DI Adjnsrtent Burau, Inc. tred it shall
l. exst and enjoy soeuion by i.trt orporate
name afor a period of ninety-naine (9 years
from the date hereof, with all the rigbta, L
I privilegre and powers now or hereafter
Sco-nferred by law upon trading corpora
t iOs. Itsie dmile shall he in the City
of  ew Orleansand all cltations and legal
isermlvco shall be made upon the prmedent_,
pt' and in the eveet of his inability to act,
s etc.. upon the vicptes idet or treasunrer,
hat in the order named.
aARTICL3 Ie-The capital atoktw of thsl
__ twenty thounnd dollars ($,00.0w0) n of
which shall be dlvided into and repre
m- sewad by eight hundred (601 shares of I
property regularly transferrd to the cr-. .
_rptloao. all as shall be determined by the
botard of dlrectors,
". ARTICLE ll--The objects and .pu.roses
I"- of this corporatlon and for which it i
d organised. are hereby declared to be, to
are-prc the entlre bsnles,. astls, ,-ame
the and gsod will of the ndnstrlal Adjout
the ment BuraU. a Delaware Corporatlon, and
al thereafter to conduct sid bus s so
the tUon: to operate andmmamm a m-
d collection and eclm adjustment bnurea;
mid to operate nd malitaln e general redit
'r rationg and reporti bnreau; to b.y. ell,
mortgages claims, nots, atios-,
bi.,s, a.s wlrl as to hay and ll ad als
osmotletk. arties or things which the
• ¢ mayl' aI cqire as eollatea t
"y-.' mor-tgges.. actios or rights
th- eeithe r threlgh frecleeont? thereon
DI--- *-wltr adlumenthtef ad in
Ul odosy---l  ml y al1l ts pertainin
or Irman to the aboe and freoingm
. I rpoom.
ae ARTICLEI IV-The co rte powrs o
this crmertion shall be veted ina
boardnef dri-- m. 'oa majlorty of whom
Cw e shall onstitut a uorm for te trns
of sidl beard may th erea he aned
The first board of directors and officers STF
of this corporation shall be elected at the
first meeting of the stockholders, held after
the passing of this charter, and the direc- Peoo
tors and officers so elected shall serve as
such until the third Monday in January.
1923. or until their successors are duly
qualified and electea.
Absent directors may vote at any di
ro tors meeting by a written proxy to
another dirts-tr given for that particular ftif
Imteeting. 4
Meetings of the toc.kholders for the
elI'titot of dircstour shall be held ye-arly I Pe
ont the third Monday in January, begin- 300,
uilng with the year 19Z3. and the board and
of dirtector-a shall have the right to elei t.
without refere.nce to a sto.khoulder nrtet- batt
Ing. anu. stockhulder to be a director. apes
whenever a vatcanty may exrLt on the
o,,nrd of directors. through death, resignl- nall
tlon or inability to serve. rart
A\RTICI.E V-The torporate pow-.rs of qUn
this ,corporation are erpresed and ,et
forth Ib) -s.tion seven (t) of .Act 2~67 of Ig.
the. )ear 1914. and shall be duily employed Ihe
tb and through the board of direc- turH.
The Ihard of dire.-tors nia. a, without foc
t reference to the sto-kh6lders, buy.. s-1 and &SO1
,aurtealle real estatel buy. ell. ImortgaHge bee
or h~y oth.-llte anly part or the entirety of
thIe ansets. business, rights or good will of
ithi orporration. all upon such terms. con- . h
di tits, atndl for tuch price, sumtls or al
set s as the board of dire.tors shall de.ter- at
minte. ifew
The- duties of the several officers shall mot
be set forth itl the by-lan ; which will Ib
adopted by tile board of directors and Th
ittaended or altered at their will; and they IUs
haull have the right to empilluiy, under cuIotn n
tract oir otherwise, a getneral imanagelr, who
mally or may not be a meIlmtbcr of thel board l a.
,.f directors. als said board of dirnetaior maly tril
det.rlmin, land whtic. said general malin.
.g, r shall have such duties as shall ,e de- mID
teirlnilted by the board of directors ayd tihe bay
several officers of this compansuc'y may dele
gate to stuch general manauger siuth duties Ot
as atre pIresrililsi to their respeytive offliee. fan
its they may nieslre, subject, however. to
the approval of the board of directtors.
AItTIt('lE VI--No stockholder of thiL- e
corporation shall *er bi- Ihlble for ian by
SdebIt of the corporlltion ther than tihe unl - bt
pnid portion of their subscription to stock,
aland nIo inlforlmallty herein .hall sntlje-.t reli
them to suc.h liability. 1
A ltTIC(I.E VII-AtIltendment of this c:ar- I alk
ter. or liquidation of the corporation shall
be subject to the rules laid down in Act by
2ti7 of thie louisiana Legislature of 1914.
The capital stock of this corporatlon aluay
be increased by amlendment of this char
ter to any amount not exceetling the sumit
^f on.- hundrted thousand ($1000O00.tO ) dol
Thus donle and signed on the day andi lll
date first hereinabove mentioned, in the TIM
City of New Orleans, in the presence of
F. It. Hardon and I. I. Ho. over, comnpe- aS
Steno-tt witnlesses. and me, nlotary, after a ter
due reading of the whole; the subscribers
setting oppisite their nantes the anount to
of stock they subscribe for. making this f01
h an original subscription list.
d (Signed): E. C. Upton, 2419 Milan St..
New Orleans, 1 share; G. A. Iteyuefitte. h
e r21 Pine St., New Orleans, 1 share; L. It.
t, Elliott. 120 8. Cortez St., New Orleans, 1
o share.
d Witnesses: (Signed): F. R. Ilardon. i. .
) R. Hoover.
u (Signed): WARREN V. MILLER. 1
). Notary Public. ele
I. the undersigned Recorder Qf Mort
gages. in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana. do hereby tertify that gk
the above and foregoing A't of Incirpora- be
tion. of the Industrial Adjustment Itureu.
y Inc., was this day duly recorded ln tIy 201
d office. in Book 1263. folio 113. le
New Orleans, September 12th, 1921.
t (Signed) : ROBT, SCOTT. f
" Deputy Recorder of Mortgages. lei
1" A true copy of the original on tile in my 10
II office.
.o Notary PIublic.
Sept. 22--Oct. 27.
) United States of America. State of Louis
iana. Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
Ie-sans. le it known, that on this fourteenth
day of the month of September. in the OC
of year of our Lord one thousand, ning hun
dred and twenty-one, before me. Sol.
Weiss, a notary public, duly commissioned 31
ad and qualitfied in and for the Parish of Or
leans, thereina residing and in the presence
of the witnesses hereinafter named and un- CI
rd dersigned. personally came and appeared. D
al the persona whose names are hereunto
ht subscribed and who declared that they are tb
of full age of majority and residents of df
the City of New Orleans and that availing
themselves of the laws of the State of dn
is Louislana relative to the formation of h
ks corporations, they do constitute them
o., selves. their associates, successors and as
ia signs into a corporation under the stipula- H
on tions herein set forth which they adopt t
Id as their charter, to-wit:
on ARTICLE I-The name of this corpora
id tion shall be "Union Novelty Store, Inc." w
ARTICLE II-The domicile of this cor- l
is poration shall be in the City of New Or
sy leans, La.
ARTICLE III-The objects and purposes
of this corporation shall be: The selling,
to at wholesale and retail, of Doods, wares.
' merchandise and novelties and the conduct
ing of a store or stores for said purposes. t
ARTICLE IV-This corporation shall j
- have all the powers and authority vested
i corporations under the law of Louls
: isna.
ARTICLE V-The capital stock of this
T corporation shall be entirely commnon stock.
The capital stock shall be ten thousand
dollars ($10,000.00) divided into one hun
i- dred shares (100) of the par value of one
Ir- hundred dollars ($100.00) per share, full
ay paid and non-assessable, which capital t
ar stock may be increased to twenty-fve
7 *thousand dollars ($25,000.00) composed
7 as just herein state. I
VI ARTICLE 1I--The corporatet powers of i
a* this corporation shall be vested in and ex
of erised by a board of directors composed
d of three stockholders, who shall be elected i
annually at the annual meetlng of stock
Sholders to be held on the first Monday of
at January of each year beginlning in the
year 1923. 1
e ARTICLE VII-The said board of di
ch rectors shall within one month after its
e election annually select from among its
wi members a president. a vice-president and
cta secretary-traser who shall serve for
-me one year from date of selection or until
Ion their sueessors shall have been elected .
d and qualified. All vacan a on the board
rth shall be filled at a special meeting of I
elr stockhbolders called after 11 days notie
sent by reisitered mail to all the. stck
bolders of record. Sgsciam meetntg of
his stockholders for all purposes may be called
rial by the preeident and must be called by
tall him at the requeat of more than 25% of1
e the outstanding stock. The board shall
rs have the power to draw up and adopt by
hta. laws if same be deemed necessary or de
ter sirable.
- ARTICLE VIII-No share of stock in
Ity this corporation shall be sold or trlans
gl trred by a stockholder until such ahare
et, or shares shall have been tendered, in writ
act, tog, by registered mail to the corporation
r thru Its board of directors and the stock.
holders then of record shall have the op
this ion to purchbae such stock at book value
Sof thereof, each stockholder having an op
I of aton to purchase such proportion of the
pwe- tendered stock as his then holdings may
o reprseat, the rejection or fallure to ex
l ercise such option by any stockholder or
in stockholdors to enure to the bneflt of the
in remaLiing stockholders. No transfer of
or- stock shall ibe valid or blnading upon this
the corporatioa unless the provisions of this
article shall have been compiled with and
a notatloa to that effect shall be stamped
eas upon all stock certlcates. If such ten
i 15 dewrd stock be anot purchased aa here
tO providd, the said stochhalder so tender
am "sal have the right to dispwos same
st- in other dirCctions. The exitiUg stoc
ad holders shall have 30 days from the date
Sof receipt of sad notce of tendet within
ora- which to exerelse the option hereta pro
oral vled.
e ARTICLE IX.--Until the annual elec
tiaa of Directors in the year 3023, the
afl :ollowing rshl oastltute the Directors
sand oPhei r o this corporatlon:
t Levy, Secretar DTea. asurer; Mrs. Dora
ARTICLE X-The suberOers to this Act
of Iaeorporatlr have sgwed theor names
and addresses hegeuo and the number
etn oi shares or whbeh tihe harve subaeribed
and they do hereby delare that all such
stock subscriptlios have been" pai i all
aad that nerordliglt more thaa fity pew r
Siegat io the capital stock of tis corora
fl has been subreibed for sad paid for.
ARTICLE IL-ThiLs ceoration shall
a exist and have sueeeadea for a period ofi
Sninety-nin years
SARTICLE I.--This corporation shall
h5- be lquidated and diasolved purnuant to
sall tie oismio of existin y relative
· - theret or Acts ameadator thre.
a ARTILE A n--The Dot o Drbee
tors shaD Ix alariess hall enagge msa
Idhehal e o all h eeks. nome
dub at esteoa to oEfthe
People of Russian Village Commit
Suloide In a Body, and in Pecu
Ilarly Horrible Form. Supe
A case of mass suicide Is reported
from the village of Opatovo, Russia,
in the Tamboff province, where the Obse:
peasants to the numnber of more than Thi
300, assembled together. men, women
and children. In a spacious wooden
bathhouse. Doors, windows and other
apertures were hermetically sealed and Ar
nailed up. In the cellar tirewood sat- walk
urated with petroleum was n great r
quantities. Fire was set to the build- With,
SIng. Everybody in the building per- your
Ished in the conflagration, if not suf
focated previously by tile fumes. All
around the building armned guards had
been left, so that the dreadful sacri- eragt
fI fce should be carried out undisturbed. are
When the awful thing was consum- not d
mated the guards shot each other. A (Alne
few men lost their nerve at the last
I. moment and survived to teU the tale. Bulg
This sc(Ercely believable incident takes ered
Sus back a long way. Mass suicide
is not unknown in the history of Rus- bous
sia. Brought to despair by adminis- sped
trative persecution or to escape fa- drvt
mine and epidemic, entire villages
have committed wholesale suicide.:
Often this was the result of religious ter I
f'. anaticism. Peter I, who was some- must
what Bolshevist in the enforcing of his grou
reforms, was met in northern Russia pall
by numerous conflagrations involving turn
hundreds of deaths. As late as the has
reign of Alexander III a case occurred isn't
in the south when a crowd of fanatics abod
allowed themselves to be buried alive tr
by their religious "eachers. drinl
r- Bulgaria Has Queer Taxes. bres
The peasants are now firmnl estab- out
lished in power in Bulgaria and leg- sat
id lslative bodies, both state and pro
k vincial, in which their representatives mus
- are in the majority, are engaged in the
" transferring the burden of taxation he I
t to the shoulders of the despised city give
is folk.
The district council of Roustchouk do s
Shas evolved the following taxes which do
SIt styles "American": inl,
For carrying a parasol 50 levas,
. (nominally worth 19 cents each), year- whi
ly; for wearing skirts more than sect
ir.eleven inches above the ground or silk unit
stockings, 500 levas; for wearing yeai
at gloves between April 15 and Septem- was
bher 15 without a doctor's certificate, out.
n. 200 levas; for wearing jewelry, 900 a 11a
levas; for keeping pet dogs, 500 levas;e.
for use of walking canes by persons
less than fifty years old in good health, prol
100 levas; for wearing shoes with tope
exceeding eleven Inches in height. 200 any
levas; for wearing fur tippets or muffs, B
- 500 levas, and for using a baby ear B
riage in cities, 200 levas. to
s- Child's Call Reached Mother. dist
it Although she has no knowledge of the
the occult or thought transference a
: mother heard the cry of her child, it
d nine miles away. The woman together wh
r with her husband was sent to jail In
Chicago, because they were unable to
*- produce a note for $700, necessary to
the settlement of an estate. A month
or dragged by and there was no one to
of care for the three children. six, four and
of two years old. Social serviee workers
finally took them to an orphan asylum.
- Henry, four, became 1i and was taken o
pt to the isolation behospital. At about the not
same hour his mother, unaware of ah
what had been done, became hysterical ma
r- In the jail and declared her child was 15
Ur- dying and calling for her. Jail au- cot
e. thoritles thought her demented and
"K. transferred her to the jail hospital. l
: Social service workers went before vs
te. the judge the next day and told him tw
tall all three children would die unles bit
their mother was restored to them, ter
sad he ordered her immediate release. 1
Water Needs of Dahlias. a
n As a geoneral rule dabllas should co
ever be wattered. With good cultlrva
tal tam, enough melsature will he found tn wi
w the soll to stimulate the roots' growth.
In seasons of protracted drought, if 4
I of they shbow any signs of wantlng water,
, give it freely; enough to penetrate a
ted eat below the msurace. Superfelal th
Swaterlng isa worse than none at all, a
the rand this apDplies to other plants as frj
well. More damage is done by smuch t
Swatering than when none is ygiven.
Read fga ee Gi uttenyl
tt An ex-alderman of New York ate,
ted aloe and unassisted, eleven pounds
fe beef-eteak and twelve lamb chops em
atie at a dinner of the Federal club. The al
c 1 e-alderman weighed 360 pounds be- at
led fore taking oa the carge. Is this a as
by record _ al
by- Net Surpellumg.
de- qr was rematly erteds ia a
wc in town as outepe eitl,
s am sgdteetrYSl tbaters o wac I tra
r W e a bet ot d sleanl a- ,
t twmmsa two memaesI a dclub, the
wk em a phidcelsa sad the ethr an
op- "Whatdoethink atasabell- 9
th* sdtlh mYhae
"s' The arehttet miled. "abteralt ,"
or o bearvek d "the lm is moder,
r e and laternally the tmesmment is some
thi what gsre, asu i W5i l a hl
hExtravagant Hope.
ae I understand robbery is on the I a
S "I hope so." replied Bill the Burg.
ithi "Maybe In the course of time It'll be
Pr- -ome so fashionable that there'll be a'
.l- use tr.vnla' to enforce the laws ein it"
sole a
lm ARTICLE XlV.-Servieea of process
shall be made apon the president of this
A corporation or is his absence upon any t
esU other oacer.
ber Thes done and passemd at the City of
Nled y Orleansa. La., on the day, month and
ich yeer rat above writtren, In the preseae
fll et Frank J. 8ttch and Henry J. Perte.
er competent witatesses, who have hereunto
de sxaed their signatures, together with
for. d appearers, after rading of the whole. u
hall Names and addresses of a obacribers
d of emitted.
Witnesses: F. J. Stich. Henlry 3. . Per
Nt to otary PuNblk. I
ative I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort
gages is sad for the Parish of Orleans.
8Ime- State ot Louoiiaoa, do hereby certify that
Id the shabove asd foresoiang Act of laIcr
pstearation of the rules Novelty Store, Ic..
was this day duly racorded into my office
t New 1rh 9 e1
• A tre esopy t
me. UCO.Lt. IL
Superstitious Bulgarians Dread
Spirits of Evil.
Observe Many Odd Custome Which
They Believe of immense Impor
! tance to Their Welfare.
Are you one of thuose who will not
walk under a ladder, raise an um
brella in the house or spill the salt
without casting a few gralni over
your shoulder? if you believe in
these or the kindred superstitions fast
dying out in this country, you will
feel a degree of kiniship with the av
erage Bulgarian peasant. For there
are so mlany things a Bulgarian may
not do, writes Temple Manning, in the
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Among the many customs of rural
Bulgaria. to neglect which is consid
ered unlucky and even sinful, are the
following: To bring flour into the
house and neglect to fumigate it with
special incense. This must he done to
drive out of the flour any demon
which may have entered the sack.
When the housewife or her daugh
ter goes to the spring for water, she
must not neglect to spill a little on the
ground before even starting with the
pall for the house. This is done to
turn but any elemental spirit which
P has been scooped into the pail. If it
isn't done the spirit may take up its
abode in the house, and may even en
ter the body of one of the family who
drinks the water.
If you are asked to sell a loaf of
bread you must not part with it with
out first having cut or torn off a
- small piece from an end. The spirit
that has helped you make the bread
must be given a chance to fly out of
n the loaf and still linger in the house
he loves.
Under no circumstances may you
give a child a spoon to play with. I
k do not know just why you may not
i do this, but it is considered exceed
ingly unlucky.
Nor can I account for the belief
which is common in some far farming
Ssections of Bulgaria, that it is very
Ik unlucky to give a child under seven
years of age a bath. The child may
wash itself, but that is its own look
! out. The mother may wash the child
a little also, but not give it a bath all
e. over at one time.
S, Imagination easily accounts for the
h, , prohibition against cleaning a stable,
s selling milk, fetching water or doing
0 any of the many other farm duties
after darkness has fallen.
, i But how is one to account for the
:Bulgarian belief that to permit a dog
to sleep on the roof of a house will
disturb the rest of the dead members
e of the family?
a These and countless other super
d, stitions rule the daily work and hab
ir its of old Bulgarians and the youths
in who live and work in many a shut-it
to section of that hilly land.
Bitter Joking.
to Ellnor Glyn, the novelist, was talk
nd fag to a reporter about her long visit
in Spain.
"The death rate for babies is fear
em ful in Spain," she said. "If it were -
nhe ot for that sad fact the world would
of soon contain more Spaniards than
Chinese; for the Spanish are a re
markably prolific race. Families of
15 and even 20 children are not un
common among them.
nd "But these children die off in their
. infancy because their mothers are so
e very ignorant of hygiene. I once heard
t two Spanish dortors joking-Joking
Ms bitterly, you know-about this ma
m, ternal ignorance which does so much
" 'Yes,' said the first doctor, 'Dea
ms Pilar's new baby died off, of, of
id course. At the age of two months she
Swas feeding it oan pork, cheese and
t wine.'
th. "'Pork, cheese and wnla- god
it diet, that. for a twm-months' old baby,
rsaid the second doctor. 'The rich He
Smars, though, have a better one for
al their youngster. They give it for dln
ll et every eveaninag a brace of chope,
* tried potatoes, sweet padding and a
sh stil whisky and soda, with cofe,
lqueur and a good strong Havana i
pgar to follow.'"
ite. Aviation Marvel Found.
ds An airplane capable of landing with
us eIt the need of a large avlatlon field,
he able to rise without a long ran befere,
be- able to travel more than 800 miles
Sa anI hour and, it necessary, to meander -
along at bat a few miles an hour, is
announced as the invention of an
Italian engineer, Epaminooda Ber
tuccl of Rome.
The inventor claims that he already
Stried out the machine on a small scale
Sand regards his frst experiments asu in
dicative of the success of the invem
a tion. The mew machine is primarily
intended for aerial war clhasing and Is
i14 to be armnd with a machnlae gun. It
Is a monoplane.
Iuas Remedy fer Ants.
Bere is a helpful paragraph la
SNew lork paper: "To rid the pan
shelves of red ants, wipe them with
deoatured alcohol every few weeks."
Now, how are you to catch the ant
- and give him that ulcohol bath? The
eussed little things just won't steand
s till.-Jackson News.
" The Crowning Aggravatlon
i To make matters worse, when your
- eollar is wilted; when you vacdllate
between a desire to commit suicide
and a desire to throw up the Job and
hs wander off to some cool mountaintop
any to rest, In ios the coal man to say:
Sof "BUy your winter fuel n,,w."--Lotl
and Vilhle C, * t' "*,',,,.,.:
Pen. Cl mlet imes
with Medesl writes. ..ay rub., to
hole. lap agBCoa-l" (csAetm mat
ribers t, o wbe de art). i eider t
Per. diotagor sa It freOm uemel (e
it. bees). The mane evidetlyt arOes
wort- trom the fact that it ws kbr t to
that [email protected] pIae.s by water. The ae w
or- hweveru, sed o cmal which was rt
oie ate Chter fream wlee, 6a3d
that foend in the midee o DUet*
shre. In the relgn af mlmeth eol
wa meaus iby the bars. alse I
ie- * t* tto t
No Account J No Account
Too Small 'S : Too Large
To Serve To HLandle
I thought I knew how n'e v'atry it was tto s.ie
but I never really appreci.ited imone' in the
bank until I was sick -helpless--my ealrning
power stopped. It was then. tnd not until
then that I realized what a friend--a help--a
comfort-a savings account could be.
To encourage you to start, we will furnish t,)
those opening a SAVINGS ACCOUNT with
one dollar or more, one of our attractive
home savings banks.
501 Patterson Street
Mr. Edgar Cayard, Manager
Trust and Savings Bank
Capital and Surplus-$6,0000,000.00
'A "I
7 r:
Lut.444 SALo0 N *
W Cross secfiat ,f
Pas wer carrynljy
A Now that the dirigige
r- has added one more
b. ghastly tragedy, will
the airplane be the air
vehicle of the future?
Abusove is an English
paengcr plane which
Smakes regular sched
• ults at a charge of eight
cents a mile. It carries
t eight people and 30 pounds of baggage for each. The partition between
the engine and passengers' cain is sound pIroof Copyrighted article
` by special arrangement with Popular Science Monthly.
T- ( hW < Ci
i .sa l . * i

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