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Pof Algiers is a person who wants what
you have no use for at home. A nmafl
where you live
eMe I tN Uis QolNei tie Wst 81. e the aBWr. "A m.r th ed crnudmale weekly ewepeper." -MANIJFACTUWRBE' RBOORD.
,- ir pjpositto Of Alg ers
My'- ,git5 lAnd Company
e, NMakig Sales.
llam the past week several
made by the Algiers Land
ilc., of building lots on
angd Nelson streets, show
there is a revival in the
SrtLate )narket, and that people
ý,..djnK to this kind of invest
set only safe, but as an in
sr t that improves in value as
Ssses. Mr. E. B. Palanque,
l-o , charge of the sales depart
- the Algiers Land Company,
is very much encouraged on
Sf the increased demand for
fe yse building lots, which are '
seWlNi from $150 to $200 and
- Astber important feature con
with the sale of these lots is
it they can be paid for on the
or monthly installment plan,
hijck is equivalent to a savings ac
in the bank. with the added 1
siustale that the increase in price
Sr is excess of any amount of
gstst paid by banks.
?o Algiers Land Company is giv- I
rg a inducement to purchasers
yqlsg two or more lots. This in- a
Wegenst is along the line that the I
mae lots they buy. the smaller will e
b tb weeskly or monthly payments
Se lot. In other words, whey l
a ass desires to buy three or four I
Sthe burden would not be so I
gsat u to prohibit him from buy
8 as the payments are to be I
sgagrd to suit the purchaser. I
edasl inducements in monthly
pm ts wil also be made to those
ies estsmplate building on three
K gae lots.
Arsalemeats for purchase of
tass lots on the installment plan 1
Ay be made at the office of the
Alsers Land Company, 500 Verret 1
gist, or through phone, Algiers
IS, or by addressing a communica
tha sier to $e company or to Mr.
1i lahianne, sales manager, eare
s tie company.
If ye desire descriptive literature
lig all about these lots, send in
par ameo and address at once.
tare will be no obligation on your
101 - woU n
oar an as amDED we
& c. 5s m o,.
s IteY a 1 the ýaighta of Col
ga m sad that of the park
magageat in Thursday's- gaine at
Amusement Park went to the
M aas tree fend of the Knights
atd Cslmb of Algers, and that
-gu " a uwas -et beety sd
a Nmlt. The Knights of Col
Mad played poplar arts
the afterneen and added
is the ealertainmest afforded
eano om owwc,,d .
Algies Division No. 383, Order of
Coaductors, elected the fol
E-cers for the year 1922:
twarsenbach, chief conductor;
C. Gilder, assitant chief condue
; Pak Johnson, senior conduc
L B. . Mier, Junior conductor;
andry, I. 8. Trustees: H. D.
B. C. 4Older, J. E. Dunshie.
p CosaoItee: J. B. Mil
B. D. ench, F. Jodson. J. J..
secretary amd treas
I . D. French, delegate to con
to be held at Cleveland, O~.
,thwarsbaclh, alternate dele
Tkhe division meets every first
Md Frday at K. P. Hall 10
,,1*pbl th, a spent
afternood when h prup of
gad ghls went tiedarla down
Among these pitending
MhS u . Lad II. LPa.
N. Bruney, S. HMdet
n8 d b e cht; Messrs.
0. .aileta,. w.
3. gaeor and 1.
5~ ri
M!nm 1 M i 1'a1 M
The vote in the Fifteenth Ward on
Tuesday by precincts was as tol
1 1 19 34 20 36
2 2 48 120 52 117
3 2 26 64 28 64
4 2 35 78 38 83
5 0 60 69 62 73
6 2 47 73 4S 80
7 0 15 52 17 55
8 0 37 54 36 58
9 0 7 8 6 9
10 0 1 4 0
11 0 6 3 7 4
12 2 20 13 24 13
13 0 22 24 23 24
Total 11 343 596 361 621
St. Paul majority over Rosen, 253.
Ryan majority over Gill, 260.
Beginning January 1, all school
children will be carried absolutely
free on the ferries crossing any
streams in the state of Louisiana.
This law has been in effect for
some time, having passed the legis
lature at a previous session, but it
was not applicable to the Canal
street ferries, for the fact that
they were operating under a fran
ehise that had been acquired prior to
the legislative act. The franchise,
expiring on the last day of this year,
will compel whatever company that
is operating at Canal street to carry
all school children tree of cost. The
parents should remember this, as the
saving will amount to a great deal
during the year.
Misse. thel Holton and Lillian
Knowle entertained their friends on
Thanksgiting night, with a Bunco
party. The prizes for first place were
captured by Mr. and Mrs. Earl Val
lette, while the booby pries went to
Miss Carmen Vanderladen and Mr.
Joe Werrel. Reftgshments were
served and a most enjoyable time was
had by all.
Those present were: Miseps Irma
and Blolse Schreeder, Klieee Lecourt,
Kola Mitchell, Claire Keenan, Carmen
VamderMlide, Mamie, Josephla and
Lillian Knowles and Ethel Holton.
Messrs. August and Albert John
son, A. Chevette, ld. Ford, Ray Das
tugue. George Beiler, Joe Worrel,
Bruce . Barretl .T. Holton, and aou
Knowles. Mr. and Mrs. H. Alexan
der, Mr. and Mrs. B. Valletta. and
Mr. and Mrs. Knowles.
i i3 hmer of the eleventh nie
mary of her birth, little Sophia Miller
eatertanaed a Jolly crowd of little
I folks. Ret1eshlents were served
Sthrbagbout the evening. Everyone
enjgred themselves tmmenseli~
Those present were Sophia Miller,
Edna Miller, Lorena Peski, Edith
Gerrets, Madge Trotter, Tillle Craw
ford, Hazel Sons, Myrtle Sons, Mary
Woolverton. Elva Richardson, F.
Miller, Irving Dellam, Harold Roddy,
Leslie 8ons, Van Sons, Edward Mil
ler, little Joseph Sons, and Mr. ad
Mrs. E. Miller and Mrs. Grancham.
A very enjoyable evening was spent
at 8tst. John Chapter, O. E. 8., lon
day night, November 28. Everyone
was invited to come and bring a box
of good eats. Atter the business was
dlmpoed of the helapter adJourned to
th lba nquet hall and proceeded to
unpack deielolh food. Hot chocolate
and. cofa Vere aserved. ,Each
member waslhd to buag a picture
of himself w  l elbd. U l is caused
a great del e a grment.
There wa a 1 attendane of
Sboth membeur s rtatrs em city
SOn December 10th, at the Feily
Theatre, there will be, in alttil to
the regnlar pleturo prepma, a dog
and pony show, me of tM beet in the
eoantry. There will be a spelhLs-tio
nm glven, the time ao which will be
puMblished in our next issue.
c- ", ~. ýLý
1 ao r." a ru~wnairw MW
Methodist Church Notes
Rev. 0 .C. Wier, Pastor, Residence
M86 Olivier, Phone Alg, 188.
Last Sunday we had everything fot
up to the standard of excellence in Cr
music. Mipah Choir had prepared tol
for both morning and evening ser- ha
vices. The pastor entered his first na
protest about Prayer Meeting attend- be
ance. This is usually a meeting of
splendid attendance, but for some the
reason the last time we met it was CI
not up to the standard. We have th
the best attended Prayer Meeting in
the city. Let us keep it up. Thank
you. as
Friday evening, Dec. 2, from 6 to
10. Mrs. J. C. Labit will serve a sup
per at her home, 821 Evellna street,
at 50 cents, for the benefit of the
carpet fund. Everyone is invited.
Mrs. Willam Kennedy. after a
short visit to the home of her daugh- TI
ter, 'Mrs. Morrisy, returned to her
home in Baton Rouge last week. E
Mrs. R. D. Meyers, after enjoying gi
the family reunion at the home of BI
her mother, Mrs. R. Hafkesbring.
has returned to her home in Tulsa,
Hugh Lilly returned to school in ,,
Gallman, Miss.
Last Thuresday ight Mr. and Mrs.
J.. U. Melacon entertained the Ep d
worth League at a Pilgrim Party, at
the Bonner home. Everyone pro
nounced it a delightful occasilou
Miss Melancon was also a guest of
'her brother and sister for the holt- of
Mrs. B. H. Blakelman has returned
from a visit to relatives in Morgan
Mrs. Walter Barnes and her two W
children, Wilder and Virginia Esther, or
of Birmingham, Ala., are the guests at
of their aunt, Mrs. J. C. Labit, 821 or
Evelina. th
Miss Bertha Albrizze, 532 Belle- m
ville, made a pleasant visit to Patter- TI
son last week. to
Tonight at the Baptist Bible Insti- is
tute the Choral Club will give their
fall concert at 8 o'clock. Our crowd k
will catch the 7:20 boat. e
Tomorrow at 3:30 catechism meets
at the church.
The Board of Stewards hope to
have a full meeting at 8 o'clock at
the parsonage. They expect to elect
officers and make the finanelal fad
get for the year.
Services next Sunday at the ausal
hours. Come and bring a Ld.
There will be a "Gumbo Super" 1
on Friday evening fm 6 o'eleock
until 10 o'clock at the home of Mrs .
Labit 821 Evelina Street. Every
one is invited, as there will be plenty
of gumbo on hand, price per plate
50 cents.
Last Thursday night the leaguers
and Mends had a delightful tti to
Mr. and MIs. Melancon, where they
had a Pilgrim Party. Everyano.en
Joyed themselves and were gSd they
Misi"elmsm Cayard will l4'the
league next S tnay, Mr. Lester, unn
led the past *eA. < -
Trinity Evangelial
Ltheran Church
4drs tsever o. Pho Ahse. M*,
Sea~lsh Uly ommuntdo will
ses it 1:i.. r yJt ttndy t·k.
seinen of Acmvet per-to prepare
eurselvs fr a drigt eehbtr0Im c
ths puat Chinr teatfral:
membdr. take adyntase cr this op.
pertenity presented to The
ra oxchange
(tialgt) yer rLll peach.
Thanksgiving Day was celebrated
at Belleville School on the day be
fore. Misses E. M. Rees, Irene
Crane, E. Rhoades and E. Skiffing
ton composed the committee who
had been busy preparing a list of
names of persons whose needs had
been observed by the pupils. The
school assembled and put in places
the contributions of groceries.
clothes, etc. During the noon hour
these contributions were distributed
according to the special needs of the
people. Jn the afternoon the school
assembled and in the last half hour
enjoyed the following program, ad
mission for which was a potato,
apple or orange:
Recitation, '1listory of Thanks
giving," Lillian Gerrets; Thanksgiv
I'g Aerostlc, It Little Girls; "Thanks
giving," Rita Duke; "We Thank
Thee," Salome Hildebrand; "Our
Thanksgiving," Orville James and
Evangeline Kirkpatrick; ,'Thanks
giving Thoughts," M. Dennis, F.
Blakeman, G. Kraemer and A. Burke;
"The Surprise Party." tableau, the
Basket Girls; song, "Praise Ye. the
Pather," Departmental Grades; song,
"Star Spangled Banner," school.
The fruit and vegetables were
divided between the Uttle Sisters of
the Poor and St. Alphonsas Asylum
for boys, the institutions applying for
same. The money collected was sent
to the local society of St. Vincent
de Paul. The most pleasing number
of the program was the tableau
the Basket Girls ready to start on
their visit of cheer.
Twenty-three dollars for music
was cleared at the ice cream sale
on Hallowe'en. Seventeen dollars
and seventyfive cents worth of rec
ords have already been received and
the children are enjoying new
marches, dances and standard music.
There is a promise of more to fol
A short trial course In typewriting
is being given the Seventh A pupils.
This, with a short course is book
keeping, is benag given to the Sev
enth B pupils. This plan is to give
pupils in material itself worth while
exploration courses which will reveal
to the child still attetding compul
sory grades her best interest.
Miss Loretta Shook is the teacher
in charge of each of these classes,
and Belleville is fortunate in having
int her teaching corps eme equlpped
with special training and experece
to live such classes.
The following children received
buttoms is athletics, scholarship and
Gold buttons: Anna Peres, Dic
nese Vitter, Norma Baker, Thals
S8berville, Daisy 'Whitney and May
(Contined ea Page 3.)
Ilt a Postmaee, hbles cry at hle
Adolph Burgdahl, 27 years old,
1027 Whitney street, died Sunday as
the result of being accidentally shot
in the left leg by Joseph C. Hunn,
27 years old, 725 Atlantic avenue.
while the two were fighting off at
stray dog at Diamond, La., Sunday
morning. The two men were on a e
hunting trip at the time of the acci-.
A stray dog attacked the hunting
dog of Burgdahl and Hunn. and both
men rushed in to fight off the animal.
Hunn's gun was discharged and the
contents lodged in the calf of Burg
dahl's left leg. Burgdahl was brought
to the Charity Hospital, where his
death was said to have been due to
loss of blood and shock.
Deceased was born in New Orleans
and had resided in our district for
the past three years. He was mar
ried to Miss Agnes Francies. He was
a member of Quitman Lodge, F. &
A. M.
The funeral took place Tuesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock from his late
residence in Whitney street. Inter
meat was in Greenwood Cemetery.
While drilling for water recently,
a natural gas flow was tapped on the
Hero place, about four miles from
Canal street.
George A. Hero says the indica
tions are that this is a leak from a
gas deposit a couple of thousand feet
below the surface. The "leak" was
tapped at a depth of 80 feet, the gas
escapes at a pressure of 70 pounds,
he said, and the capacity of the
"well" is about 1.200 cubic feet a day.
Mr. Hero insists that this Is mineral
and not marsh gas.
The Algiers Tigers played the
Wampus Cats at the Naval Station
on Thsaksgiving Day and were vic
torious by the score of 6 to 0, due
mainly to the line plunging of Gil
der, Gof, and Schroeder.
The great treat was the work of
Hart Schwarsenbach at quarterback.
he directing the team like an old
head. Dupre and French also played
a good game at end.
Not satisfied with that game, *be
Tigers crossed the river to City Park
and took oa the heavy Acropolis
Gridders or Tribe 27 Lone Scouts.
They were held scoreless sad
beaten 14 to 0 by the heavier team,
but credit is due the Tigers and mrst
be given them, for, although the GriMd
. ders, the experienced teem, could do
nothing with the Algiers boys until
but five ahnutes to play and after
holding Mea ea thetr three-yard
line, they gap way to see the ball
cross their goeL Again GofR sad Gil
der showed to advantatL Thlbo 7 Boys
played a goed game, haIag worked
the ball oat ef their territory whm
ever the T-Wigs threatened
Mr. and hM,. Gas Asno1l ents
talaed a numbet of Ilttle folks In
honor of the elerinth aUrersary of
the birth of their d teri The
party was given at the biere of Mis.
W. P. Salathe. i Durlp the evenigg
may games weu playmi by the chb
dren uand dainty reflImenat wege
served. Mr. '. T. lth' ahwedl
two reels of pict~s I.' t ehrtldr
Those present wat litle P. K*/
astr, J. 8klect A. ad C. Aube.
M. G., L ad A. Wookverta, L.,.
sad W. Salathe, C. H egks, M. .
gona, T. Harrisr, E. Hassa, O.
Private Establishments Violating
Distance Law, Judge
Judge Wynne Rogers denied the a
petition of Philip Foto to cmnpel the s
city of New Orleans to revok,- the. 1
licenses of all private meat markets .
within 3200 feet of a public market r
operated by him at Teche and Hlomer c
streets, the right for which he paid c
the city $13,157, he alleges.
In ruling against Futo, Judge Rog- d
ers sustained exceptions filed by the
city of no cause of action. lie cited.
a city ordinance covering the mat
ter, to the effect that the city engi
neer is responsible for issuance of f
permits for markets, and that the
engineer is "amenable to prosecu
tion" if he has issued such permits in v
violation of law. ts
Foto alleged there are twelve mar- d
kets within 3200 feet of the site h,,
leased from the city for twenty-five r
years. It is declared there are more
than 800 other markets in New Or- I
leans that would come under the
same ruling.
No date as to beginning or expira-;
tion of the period for which he leased I
the site for his market are given.
Judge Rogers pointed out In his de.
cision. He also called plaintiff's at
tention to the point that specific of
flcials of the city were not charged
a with violating specific laws, and de
clared that Foto adopted the wrong
course of action to obtain redress.
.In citing the ordinance governing
t the case, Judge Rogers said that -
l aside from responsibility of the city
a engineer in the matter, the operators
- of private meat markets within 3200
feet of public ones operated under a
franchise from the city were violat
ing the city ordinance.
e The street carmen employed on
o the Algiers, Gretna and Marrero
lines are framing a new contract for
y presentation to the- officials of the
cr ompanies around December 1, as the
present contract expires December
31, and new demands must be proe
sented thirty days before the latter
date. The men met early Saturday
morning to consider the contract. It
y has not been determined what the
e new demands will be, it is maid.
New Orleans' police were on pa
f. rade Sunday afternoon in the first
annual review of the forces of the
,. police department by Superintendent
e Molony.
n The trim blue-coated squads made
an impressive appearance and re
' fiected the training they are receiv
a ing under a veteran military officer
t like Superintendent Molony. It was
e the first review in five years.
Some of the older members of the
force declared the parade to have
been better than any ever staged in
th city. There has been no police
parade or inspection since former
Inspector James Reyolds was assas
slnated in 1917.
The local station was represented
1e by Captain James Dimitry and Ser.
in geant Thomas Hadley and one pla
c' toon.
f Mr. and Mrs. W. P. 8alathe enter
k, tained at a farewell party Tuesday
Id evamning in hom"a of Miss Erin Hoey
,d whol left on the 8. 8. Comus, for her
home in New York. The double par
te lor were decorated for the ocesulon.
kc Dancing, music and singing were
is indulged in. Retrashmenta were
served and all had a good time.
a. IAst week *the friends of John
lo Brael helped him with a house warm
1l ing, which took place at his new
cr abode, 325 Newton street. His many
difrlends gathered in the evening to
11 wish him well, after which refresh
II. ments were servred. Muasic sad duaoe
SJ ing were indulged in,.
H~L·~~~~~T-lm~::~~ _ __Y---- u
S 'L _ _ _ _ _ _.rr
I" ' -
Personal Mention
And General News
Tonight Mrs. J. C. l.abit will serve
a supper at her home,. 21 Evelina
street between the hour. of 6 and
10 o'clock. The price of the supper
will be :5 cents and the funds de
rived from this sale will go to the
carpet fund of the new M,.thodist
Miss lie. :ha .\lhrizive spent a few
days in Patterson last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Melancon had
their sister for their guest last week.
Mrs. II. It. tlnakeman has returned
from a visit to relatives in Morgan
Mrs. William Kennedy left last
week for her home in lBaton Rouge
after spending a while with her
daughter. .Mrs. I.. Morrisey.
Hugh Lilly has returne.d to Gall
man. Miss., to resume his studies.
The Thursday Afternoon Euchre
Club will meet to-day at the home
of Mrs. Goebel.
E. P. Gueymard is now legal
advisor of the prohibition depart
ment of the government.
Mrs. Ed McCloskey will leave to
nigt for Houston. and Galveston,
Tex. She will return shortly.
Mrs. P. O. Cafiero entertained the
Matrons Club. The successful play
ers were Miss Clairia Richards, Mrs.
J. Owens. (playing for Mrs B. Nel
son)) and Mrs. S. J. Boylan,. Mrs.
E. Corbett received the consolation.
Mrs. T. U. Buchholz, will entertain
at the next meeting.
Mrs. H. Acker entertained the
Once-A-Month Euchre Club. The
successful players were Mrs. L.
Brooks (playing for Mrs. E. J.
Mothe,) Mrs. Cognevich (playing
for Mrs. D. Murtagh,) and Miss Nettff
(playing for Miss Lena Krogh), Miss
Facius received the consolation. The
next meeting will be at the home of
Mrs .Doaze on December 14th.
(Continued on Page 3)
A barn dance was given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Daigle
last Saturday night in honor of the
birthday anniversary of Miss Edith
Daigle and of Mr. ;chabel Burton.
The home was beautifully deco
rated. The girls all wore ginghas
prons. Refreshments were served
and dancing was indulged in.
Those present wa e: Misses Jeoners
Albert, Hazel Saleehy, Agatha Hams
knecht, Theresa Jones, Hildreth Ho
tard, Alden Johnson. Louise Herbert,
Heloise and Ida Lauland. Irma Mer
cadal, Nesbit Haag, Lillian Pennlsan,
Emily Choate. Gladys Mercadel, Mary
Bruney. Carrie Favalaro, and Edith
Dalgle; Messrs. Scbabel Burton,
Hadley Lauland, Walter Herbert,
James Johnson. Sidney Lauland,
Chas. Saia, Bill Lauland, Marlon
Rhine, Sam Singleton. Phillip ales
by, Geo. Campo, Perry Bach, Willie
Johnson, Leo Hinyub, Earl Rous
saIre, Richard Beihler, Edmund Me
Shane. Lionel Pennison, Gaston
Dalgle, Jos. Trahan, Roger Merea
dal. Edward Wagner, Earl Campbell,
Haywood Vallette and John Curvy.
Mrs. R. Burton entertained on
Wednesday eventing in honor of her
birthday. The houae was beautifully
decorated with colored lights and
Thanksgiving decorations. Dainty
refreshments were served In abun
dance and dancing indulged in until
late. Those present were the Misses
M. and O. Allen, 8. Benoit, E. Car
Spenter, L. and O. De Roche, E. Ca
Smus, I and A. Borne, E. Geigenhimer,
E. Burst. E. Hoey. H. Mills, F. Dan
ner. M. McNeely, M. Williamson and
Y. Brechtel; Messrs. H. Lecourt, H.
McNeely, G. Connely, J. Coauelly,
L Connelly, C. Dinapole, J. Geg
helmer, J. Ogle, R. tanmsey, M.
SBeagle, E. Le Blanc, C. Frnke and
rB. De Roche; Mr. and Mrs. Torme
Sgoes, Mr. and Mrs. Coanelly, Mt.
and Mrs. Heunrtln, Mr. aed Mrs. .IL
DBrtos, Mr. and Mrs. Smlth, W. Bep.
mour and P. Camns.

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