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YOU STEAM COAL AT R o5.75T O II 4 FT. PINE ;OOD It 1.o s t. ' TCOE
-.; WHATN'S THE USE L uav Be Patient-Give Him a Chance CIARTER.
h western New Hsar union T U ___
3LIWE If Ix o CM'TErS YA-A-VA-YA Th3--I -1 - O-C'
CEI ~rb cR INA HURQ `ý, ? I/
/S -
a 'I 1/
3f Rent-2
-_.c . comfortal, and modern all
apartments at 238 Vallette St.
SdHave all modern convenience.
wlieanlsing maclae,. model
a"-3 1-2"-4" tires; also all
tubes; almost new. Make me
gg Pacific avenue. feb i6
'aasLt ymaaslum equipment at a
;- $150 buys It. Harry I)eOnso
a'k, Algiers, La.
hald furniture for sale. Apply
aa~ ii d DeiUverd per Rank
s!i $1.d 5 Hard Wood, $1.40
amereal Delivered We a sack
lns Wood; " Cord, $5.50
rhl Wood; % Cord, $4.50 .
a- wagons to hire for moving
s and hauling.
59, ID BlROTH]=
S levrille St.. near Slidell
Sper rank ...............S..lI
L. , per riak ................$1.40
- l per to ..................$ .0
a, Wedn .sad coal
Street Phone Alg. 325-L
bER Irompt delivery at. very
 arusmable prices.
1 5. M. TRE
_higl Ave., Phone Ale. 638-W
at Your Home for
=:q am P" Cord.
" tani aSrCEET
,dYt et s400.W.
Ridsse For SsI-4
"ýosat of leaving town to
= position at Shreveport,
my residence, located
Wmoes or Verret St.
was completed two
, go, contains four rooms
electric lights, stnitary
clothes closet. Lots
pkaso ft. Price, $3,33o
ah actual cost of build
Sold on easy monthly
of about $23. For
.r apply 0oo
d Jackets re
0) OBCvier ses.
S te chary. a
Agmsy, L.te, ass
Am s a Wsho Ds ,
It u.l e. Wouls ,
S em a sIe
thes a
Special Notices-6
Thanks to our Mother of S.rrows for
favor, agranted. Mr1 .l.
-Rooms and Board-7
First class rooms and board.
114 Dehlronde St. Phone Aig. 406W.
i 4.3a
Wanted to Purchase-9
o WANTID to purchase old mahogany
and rosewood furniture. Wm. Feldman.
437 Royal. Malm 4343.
3a1033" PlICE PAID 101
osW. - swiss 1. mn m
Business Personals-10
" 'A little girl's tragdy is her broken
SDoll Save her tears. For a trifling sum
p you may have all sorts of Broken Dolls
Srepaired at the
M soUmrON ST ru."
L P. A. 3BmxUW
ILEstadlll id
Fine Repatriag Done.
M Cmhea a Phaase. U asa L C momC.
Ba-alod Ts S w1wa ML aewlul
Pacific and Pelican Ave
Phacy and Stape OGreerise. Choice Belied
Ham and ISanges. Bay er eeash atnd save
moe. 1-21
Hoespital. 233 Magmde St. raels 44tJ.
Cmtral Market. Photo AlIers e3. eorer
Alt and Bermuda streets. Chelee et.
prk l mtt. reih Mist iar
tie e day. CATAMINE Prop.
D _e)1 A!D COAL
.OrN KAPPLEEIL lSal In Cent. live
owod nd he. Expre to ere. ? Umra
D W I The Hatter
S vr, -w and . aa.e. co0nsi
* Dyed a Reshaped.
a!3 N. Rampart St. Main WT
OslOdIr sI Alsiers iYnY 1r1349".
SBrUce Seed & Poultry Co.
a) sBom Imoosan, Imme
11.0ws3. 301 1s a
epair Shop.
• We MOar aSthlt •
1l;VtaX U flb.n. t.. i
Interos ase
Ia.- m mo.m
-1 -1 4 , WUs as.TRIm.
-IIas s eas. 1e sa, r . 1. y
-A _t.' Vra- a. P>AII
F aet nAlbas Al s..
aI aumem a n s
A' IosI M AI DEA s
asmie ses n esb
I. WL OTI lsml, VIshees
A IM s hwa.r b
CUs PIumply Atteeesi to SI
3 a
Automobiles, Etc.-- I
Truck Bodies and Trailers
Also Lumber Trailers
Built to Specificatioas
Formerly O'CONNOR & CO.
Wages Mfy. and Repairs
Geeral Black Smith Work
518-534 Julia St. Ph..s. M.3557-3602
General blackmilthing, auto ro
pairs. spriao work and rubber
tiring a specialty.
Successor to Babst & aflt
16s.143 OtGitd t. ala am
Dr. W. J. Perktis. Chiropodist.
Room 34 Cusach's Building. Make
appointments by phone, M t118.
Prices reasonable.
Practical Nurse
228 lidell Ave. Phone Alg. 301
Oraduse Midwife and Nurse
Phone Alg. eMW Res. 3S Bermuda St.
Typewriting, Etc.-14
Typewriter Exchange
Rebuilt ty wrtar always in stock, any
mate besg sold, ezuc ; allr
work sad rualt typeriters guarnteed.
0 Chartres. Ma s. 11-6t-21
There is a member of the Getman
rechstag who has sat continuously
for forty-four years and has never yet
made a speech. There are some good
points about that country, after all.
Bee keeperi report that during the
hot spell many bees lost their lives by
sticking fast in melted honey. Thus
egempllfy'ng the Shakespearean
phrase. "when honey stings the bee."
The story about the frog that is
claimed to have smoked a cigar will
recall to many a man the time ht
smoked his frst one, when he thought
he was going to croak.
It is of course impossible to devise
tax legislation that is satisfactory to
everytody. But it does seem queer
that nothing can be devised that is
satisfactory to anybody.,
vena a statesman Is more 6" less
handicapped when he has a mental
horizon so narrow that it threatens to
tighten around his neck.
Taxes wouldn't seem so high if the
taxpayer felt be was getting some
thing for his money.
E,en mwney cann4ot make Indlluene
Iw' xvrtb'.'aee rewwsetahl"
CaAesU Or aAL, W INxvsEISumt
Orsas. Be it How, that e this 2rd
dasy eft eember. ia.the year ot Our
Lord. ainetee hundrea d and tmt-em,
and the lnadepeedee eo the United W
of Ameria, the em hnded and forty
sixtrh, betere me. Melscy C. Iemlat, N1
ta Publi. duly e€mmeed sad qual.
led in and for tho City, and ar
thenla ___lh, ud _a t_ iean et
the wmtasmse smed and a
derslgead. perweally came and appeared
the several peresea, whose mines are
eter, tIhat, ava hemslvs o the
Laws this lae~ lat to the form
atcs ee r ~is, they hate ee
anted1 , senea aand by thme pe,---t
salrse.rm m a ec e h ad pus .h
mey laer hereme - with them,
to em a eerpeaie a body potic
in aw, r tlhe ber nd pur esnd
uder the send ssueeets m
ARTICLa I-ha ae the name e taes
adl of tahs capontea sheal ho
ealt lavmst t & s heusits Csm*
uses ba ny eminst w larelaw o
ho h sa d tao mlb bd m a e
i-ha a that a st a- 'it
as--- -
< -,: Iha o .
!"ll rt thleir .ompenstoll.. Ill; t. p Ircha te or
otherwise atllI-rle id to e11 dll tl. It r- I
wt.I.i :Ileenate anl y or a ll the, prop.lrt. If
itd nhrpo11r1tion. real . per sonl l. o r lllcil. i .
Io wx.rs a1nd rlights usally eer.is.Id Ill
.'.orporatll lllon,at. such other rights aI
i1may e presclr .ribed I lil tie iard f lI t Ilji
rI, tlor theret.f.
.1T11T'I.F 11 Thle obj.ect and llurpose
for hii thills llorlllrtion lls formed. anlld
the nature of tite. uI FitnHs to be carried
on by it. ;are. hlerelb deslu.1red 4to be:
Tr .to . Ir .ll l: d del in all kindi ol
real. 3 rson:l t-l o r mixed property. within
the State oef I.Luisillna. llted States ofI
.I el ri. a. or el l n, he.ren : tilo urcha .. lat, .
e. .hange oiI i ll or o hrwise acilqIWire any andi
a ll property., molll e or in vable. andtll
the s1ni12 to selol. lia. iiortgage., hype
theltke. donate.1 rent., ew\hange or other
win. alienate or 1nrllinber: to explit. re-,
cialim., improve real estate and to lay the
zone out in townstes. towns. cities, vil
lai. unli.ipaorlitlies. or otlher .politian l sub
drltll andl Illl iln in.lnlltin therewith to
sill the said real nltate us town' It,.
l-isuburban sites or ftarms: to imake andIr
construct all necessary ... cnvluilent im
Iprovements ,in incidental thereto. Irhluding
ditches. ,-nlnotl. streets. roads. bt Inlqluetttro.
sidewalks and alleys: to build and erec.
hy itself. or through others. residences.
dlwellings ori other llstructulres.ll and in in
n1 iant therewith, to opierate anyo or all
mills lor flItories. for the purpose iof man-r
halturiing l llding material. o t... to tily
and sell an11ld dei in perIl sasni property
steaks. bond,. mortgages or other sew. r
ities. to buy. sell andlll deal 1in, as well
as vote in any mannr or prcet ding. tlh
stoclk ih other corporetions and the In
terest in any partnership or .trm : to at
as agent, either through itself or through
its subh-aents. for any other llwrson, trmi
ir elrport. rlt toil do or nirftrm anyL
of tIhe llobject and purposes ab thive men
tioned. and generally to do each and
very tart and thing. and to e ngage inr
any or all ul-ttine incid.ental, conneated
with -or growing out of the aolle ex
pressed objec.t and purposes. the sauce
as If the slle were slt forIh at length
ART'I.CLE III-- The dCapital sotallk of
this corporttio n in herev fixed ait one
hundred thoVuiand dollars (oolnl to.IM) i
divided into ind replr.ent4#l by one
tholllusand (1000) share of the plar vo oaoil.
said anpital stock may be paid for to
molney. ral estate.l steks. ornds. or ote r
ewrsonal or mixed propf nrty. All share
of sto'k shall noIt lea binding on the
corporation untlh recorded on its books.
ARTICLE IV--The domr ile of this cor
poratioln shall in the eCity of NePw
rherians, Parish of Orleans. State of Louis
iana. and it shall enjoy. corporate su.
hresion for a period of ninety-nine (Ii0)
years from this date.
.ARTIt'LE V--All legal process shall be
orved on the President. or in his ah
henl.e, on the V 3e-President. or any other
oflher of the crporation, or as may he
prescribed by law.
ARTICLE VI-All corporate powers of
this corporation shall be vested in and
exercised by a Board of not less than
three (3) nor more than nine (9) direc
torn. I'ntil otherwlae provided by the
Board of Directors the said Board shall
consist of three (3) members, a majority
of whom shall constitute a quorum for
the traation of all bus thiness.
Said Board shall be elected annually
on the first legal Monday in January.
The first election under the charter shall
following shall entitut theth first Board
of Directors. to-wit:
James Rakker. Otto Kats. anrd Andre
. Cheneto who shall bold their ofletr un
til their successors have been elected and
The said Board of Directors shall elect
from their number a President. a Vice
Preasidet and a Secretary-Treasurer. The
andt of the veoretary need not be a mnec
ber of the Board of deide tors. Suchti
election shall be held at the firt meeting
of teid Board following their own eled -
ti n. metil their boo successors have beno,
so elected n 1924. the said James Ricker
shby all be Pr asident the aid Adreon .
('heetd Boshall be Vice-President. anll prd Otto
Kats shall be Secretary-Tresauter.
b elections shaforll bthe b ballot and
majority of the votes east shall be nec
ssary to elnotice or to decide any question
ea.. stockholder shall be edertled to hne
vote for each share of stock standin In
bhi name, on the books of the company,
and suchry vote may be parred it person.
ey proxy or as Drovdeed in Section II
of Act 2T of 1914.
Said Board of Directors shall provide.
by resoluton Itfor the manner and form
of giving mothoee of eleetion, meering,
etc.he both of other tockholderson and the
Board t prt nd elf.rm
alid Board shall alse make such By
laws, rples and rpoelat los as may oe
necessary to properly carry out and ex
ercise the duteard powers atond privilnder the
eo th Corporatia. brs provided for.
inclueding the ss regleration and cer
tby deation of tsll capital or ot the man
ner and method ofe revoti oe exerrdng
the stk other rporations and the
nlaterest is partnerships sad Arms, and
shll tgenera end ve or cangd ulon crm
prtvil orpoerti .d power aoy nwe or ureu-y
exercis brBeard of Directors under the
laws Iti alrs sL e l de.ted by
Aythree cvri r the B·e eleted by the
bito deathol, Irese oorodd by oherweo, -
Te Ied by I-eo Iam bllt BrhDttc.
ART Lo khldlr .Is t ohi erpmtaobe
tor an amend oe i or s e om om-Iio
oH. tlheive t* the ymaLr, e.
t CLf VIII- the uniod lo de by hm
tsrI prd eat, rsa y d nnpad h e, for
te e srs,~~ tot ae by he th
enkho· er s a the steeh ldero ter
-of to a n l et ea e hoe po
ARTICL I--No mlabity shall tothe
It tais t i cee*rn I a en, aer
n.u e ,th eme nt Mn t hie -
3a to uli t, e ep ma pm
I wI - itenma, who hveI
rlWr rk aller
I bust es %
I 1. u , s lllt il har.s. Nill w tl rl,tnus. I .l:l
LI.a. . I. II-t in. i,' .har. . . Kente llr.
ina .. I '. lr~ube i tI shares. rhant.
I... t'lhi' . Thi . .. r.. 1:, shares. New
I rhnl l. I.a . .1is. M\l-ggiore. III share-.
Net, 41rl ean. I.a. It. F. t.N... 2: P',t.-r
i.'tri, (hi. X lllmark. S11 lharer . New Iir
le*';lll a. . It. Fhi. . Not Emll|,-n I;l od
hllnux. i0 share . N,., t(rlet sn , I..l.; \1.
I'. Ialhinger . I.. :30 share.. N.w r
IlI. . I.. : .Jla . Iti,'ke*r. 111 shares,. N. w
'Irlea s. .1. ".: lttol Klatz. 10 h llar . NewT
Irls an-.. I.la.. It. F. . .No. 2: A. S.
uI th'et. 10 ' eII . .-", i)rlt its. I.;rli.
. Iohnel . I..l I l l.y Oo It. .I1hn . 1 Pre.
AgIent. 24 sharesl . New rle le.n- . LI1.a
1itnes-e.: Ibli-y I.. Itarriere. 1.. \.
M1. I. S.NNIT.
Notary ltubli'r.
I. the undllerigned Ite. orhder of lart
'lae  it andd for the i'rish of trl.au.
ltt ofll I.ur i na. dl, hereby .irtify that
the aithoe and foreging anrt of I-ntorlr
ation of the i"teiIty Ivestm.Hllt & Se,
c.urite I'.. lllo.I a this dall y du ly
remalrded in rny ofier in tlook 12nas. Foli
Deputy iteiorder.
I. the underigne'd. Notary Pulic. ,i
erneby Sertify that tohe hAor and fore
going is it true and aorret of thfe the
original int of re nord in niy oflere.
in falith whereof. I have hereunto set
nmy hand an d ixed the impress of oly
othe da seal this 3rd day of January. A.
a. 19 th2. e
Fbh. I the e . r:. a
United States of America, State of Lou
Isilana. Parih of Orleans. Be it known
that on this thirty-irtrst day of the month
of lecmber. in the year One Thousand
Nine Hundred and Twenty-One and of
the Independence of the United States of
America. the One Hundred and Forty
Sixth. Before me. Isac . eller, a re
Notary Public, duly commissioned and
qualified in and for the Parisah of Or
leans and State of Louisiana, therein re
siding. and in these presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersilgned.
personally came and appeared J. 8. Otis,
President. a resident of Lottown, County
of Hanconk. State of Missisasippi; an
isiana. both of the full age of maority,
Nwho. in the presence of me, Notary, and
of the undersigned witnesses, did declare
that at a meeting of the Stockholders of
the Union Lumber Company, Limited. of
which appesrers are President and Sec
retary respectively, held on Wednesday,
December 21. 1921, they, the said Appearers.
Swere authorized to appear before any
Notary Public for the purpose of amend
ang the Ch rter of the said Corporation.
the said m iharter being by Act before
Jeferson Charles Wenck, a Notary Puab
lie In this City, of date August 10, 180,
Recorded Mortgage Oe ce of this Par
ish in Book 646, folio 4i3. a certif ed
copy of the mioanutes of which tokholders
Meeting is attached hereto. And the
said appearers, acting in their capacities
aforesaid, on behalf of th esaid corpora
tion by virtue of the authority In them
vested at the said meeting, did declare
to me. Notary, ina the presence of the
undersigned competent witnesses, that
Articlel III of the Charter of the seld
lUnion Lumber Company Limited, has
been changed, altered and amended to
read as followst to.wit:
ARTICLE III.-The capital stock of this
Corporaton is hereby fixed at ,the sum
of Seven Haundred Thoumad and ao/100
($700,000.00) Dollars to be divided into
Seven Thousand (7000) shares of the par
value of One Hundred Dollars ($100.0)
each, which shall be paid for In caskh,
or in property real or personal asctally
received by this Corpostion, n nsuch ma
neeas and l such amount sad at such
times as the Board of Directors may de
terminhe and the said paBoards la did
authorined to isse fall aid stock for
property or right so acquired. t .
This corporation shaen commence buo
lesl sad become a going comnner as soor
as Three Hundred Fifty Theouand av d
no/1h Dollars ($60,000.0) of Itse capital
atock shall have been subscrlbed ter.
And the said Appearer morever did
declare that In consequame and by virtue
at the foreglongr, and earest to the
authority in them rested by tIhe 8teek.
holders of the said Coersotl theyan o
formally announce and lmake known
Subltecly and in the manner prescribed
y law anr d atre iabl tor tohe pretusleh
of the Charter of thse sid C orpwatl
that the said Charter has beeas changed.
altered and amended as herea mbove se
forth, and the, the sd appearer, Sae
ist their epeeltie a eside, dao treat
and require that the above stated a
and amedmea t be reorded .ad u
hsed in the maner presseribe by i.
There is attached aerae a flnasncal
statement certified to by th Psde·t
and Secretary of this Corportleo In which
it appears that there is more thiab engh
in the rpelues Aocont eof this Cerara
ties to provide for th tesnease th wth
Capital Account This flnanell state
meat will serve as an apprlalment as re
qalred by the Laws of the State of
did delpare to me , Ntary, tmht a e ter
a nitan stogk of the whole . er ot e -
en bsterlo d and paid for Sa In
cordanme with the laws ot tie isLte e
Tbhu dones ad prosed Ito my etle a
me th and year i Lr Ntarlyove wetrte
ete ifM aptthe aovand me, Neoarsgagei
a readinas of the whole.
(Orlt al reed) m . w . Ots, Prelsdedt
WIth e geg: L A. dO e f ok r ao ari
4 the w un sdpe xeis , do hbuss
eUtery S tatt tbe a mes se. Sih
ea true ans eDoet ee n o th e thi
5tet da Ameadmn t i the le ma
l Aet ot atmeat wa dal seeese t.
I Pub]tard ePlb;_-e
I fore a Notary Iublic inl A.\uust :1. 1!,_21
and recorded in thie .1hrtgzcg.' iLok for
the. Parish of Orleans. in book No. -
folio -, and said appearers declare that
at a specHil nreetllg of tlie" stockholders
of the REI'PUBIIC ICE t'ilP'ANY. INC'.
held oil the 12th day of .lacluatry. 192", at
which all of the stockholder.s ol said cor
,poration were present. a ,e.rtitiecd copy
of the mninutes of laid lee.'tillg being
he-retet aineelll' .,. Article. IV of lthe cJhartier
of said orlorartion w ;as Iy uullallillous
lte lrllendeed so as 1t read as follows.
"Article IV. Capital stock of this cor
Iporatincj is hereby tixed at the blin
of ilne lluidlrd Tl'houtsan. d lilares ($10)I.
UUO.UUI, alld mIllay )be inllcrea;se.d to lFive
liundreLd Thousand )Dollars (t500,0000o);
said stuck is divided into andl replresented
by one tlhousaned shares oft the par value
of Olne Hundred liollars (h$14.00i) eaclh;
said sa pial stock shall Ice fully paid alnd
null assessable whien issued, shall be
represented bye certilicates, and shall be
personal pr ,perly; no transfer of said
capital stock shall ibe binding upon this
corporation unless Iade in accordance
with the charter and bIy-laws, and re
corded in the books thereof.
Said appearers further declare that
they were fully authorized by the stock
holders. as per copy of resolution hereto
attached. to certify to the said prcee-.edl
ings. and authorized and dlrected to
make an authentic notarial act of said
amendmlent to the charter. and to tile
record and pulblish the samle -acording
to law; said appearers eccordingly ap
pear before me. Notary. aind do hereby
declare that said churter has becu
amended as above set forth. land they
do hereby make this authentic ntarial
act of said amendment to Paid charter.
and do hereby request and authorize me
to record and publish the same according
to law.
Thus done and passed in my office In
the city of New Orleans. oin the day,
month and year herein first above writ
ten, In the presence of Walter Maestri
and Vincent Le Roechl. competent wit
nesses. who hereunto sign their nanmes
with the said appearers and me, Notary.
after reading of the whole.
(Signed) N. MAESTItI,
Witnesse :
Notary Public.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Pariash of Orleans.
State of Louisuana. do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing act of incorpor
INC., was this day duly recorded In my
office in book No. 1263, folio -.
New Orleans. La.. Jan. 19. 1922.
Deputy Recorder.
A true copy of the original on file In
my office.
my oice. JOSIAH GROSS.
Jan. 25Meb. 2 Notary PublIc.
United States of America. State of Louols
anas. Parish of Orleans. City of New Or
leans. lie it known, that on thin 31st day
of January in the year 1922. before me.
Edward S. Spiro. a notary public, duly
commislioned and qualified, personally
came and appeared. Henry C. Dreyfus.
prteidait, of the Dlreyfus Company, In
corporated, a corporation organised by
Act before ('. Ellis Ott. a notary public
gage Book for the Pariash of Washington.
state of Louisilana. on the 14th day of
September. 1900, and recorded in the Mort
gage Book for hte Parish of Washington.
Book No. 7,. Folio pages 1. 2 and 3. on
September 15th. 1909. and the amendment
to the original charter passed by act be
fore Eduard S. Spiro, notary public. In
and for the Pariash of Orleans. on the 15th
day of October. in the year 1921, and re
corded in the office of the Recorder of
Mortgages for the Parish of Orleans. In
Book No. 11.3, Folio No. 257. on October
17th. 1921, and that said appearer de
clares that at a special meeting of the
stockholders of Dreyfus 'Company, Inc.,
held on the 27th day of January, 1922, at
which all of the stockholders of he cor
poration were preseat or represented by
written proxy, a certlfied copy of the
minutes of the said meeting being hereto
annexed, the following Article of said
original charter was amended as herein
after set forth:
"ARTICLE III-The capital stock of
said corporation shall be ten thousand
dollars ($10,000.00) and may be incrased
to one hundred thousand dollars ($100.
000.009; said capital stock is divided into
and represented by one hunadred (10)
shares of the pa value o o ne hundred
dollars ($100.00) each, all of which said
stock has been ptid for in fll."
Said appeaser further declares that he
was authorlaed by the stockholders as per
copy of the resolution hereto attached, to
emrtify the said proceedings and was au
thorized and directed to make an authen
tic Notarial act to the amendment of the
original charter of Dreyfus Company, In
corporated, to file, record and ipuaish the
same according to law. Said appearer ac
cordingly appears before me, notary, and
does hereby declare that msd charter has
been amended as above set forth, and he
goes hereby make this authentic notarial
Sact of said amendment to their original
charter and do hereby request and an
thoriaee me to record and publish same
airdg to law.
Thus one and passed in my oeice li
the City of New Orleakms a the day and
month and year hereoin flrt abeo writ
ten i the presene of Nathan H. eltel
and . Barnett, eompetmest witneses, who
hereto saIg their names with the ad ap
peerer and me. notary, alter rewting of
the whole.
Witneses: Nathan H. etel D. Iar
Notary Public.
New Orlens. L, Feb. am
I, the undersigned Ronerder of Mrt
m inand i Parl of Orlens
 satoI oe do heeru etffy that
the above and foreoing Act of I per
lie of the Dryfes Company. w asm
this day dly ecrded in my oRne i
Beek No. 1 Volile 41.
Deputy aecoder o Mortgesa.
A tre espy: DWARD L. SPIRO.
- ad balsa o Ameisa, Slate o Ieuls
r-i-it . lintl -l gitd, t - .i | I-i
1t t o.il I il l - lh .. t:; of I.t ,Itrs l t s rt . a
* n illi i i.. g i i.:gi.--Ir -- jbing gig
n \ u as 1 . ori r it on e -
it.l' ed i 1. rt I, r i r llEd , I , It ri
1'o . W oI.: 1' 1,. !..1, o, 1r. p~ubll
rt 1.;t Ih, ofi M %ii r-i"'" iri. 1 .1.d u ii-li
-I . r,rt,, - i -l, i ji" r . IL I', . r.- t it;.' ,I ,
,I lo ,I .,;,li~ .i- 11 rt e tlli. 0 h I-. l r, -, .In 1 i
:;cr . r i , lii 1- % i tr . I. ..r - . I;iE :i
r. Iier ,E-r, .. itiar li'i-n , .- t.." rI t Ef
i-. ruari 1l'!- re:In .Ia . 11 :rtga ;
.iilll . I I - !. Vh i r l., it, - I r ,, , . i EIt .,
IT!, and l" it I .f ' r ,e . , L ,i , ,n1 .ri
sular ni. ,lr.b . l i E April ,r-! I , r";. n l-or -
." s t oI t,.. M erar a;I e fitl!h i. "I 1 rlIt
Inui- ur. l ll ri n E l 1 ~' I, i . i lr'.
IF'ebrual ry 111t l!0 ::, ,1 1 .r'i, " , \l rl t 1
Las;. ('lIn es of till- 'tir . :is 1:"...I it,,
tolli tii. :10 I by ait bei-r.. I.i..an It .11lt-.
notory public. on tlie Esto. fit M\.rch. 1111;.
recorded in the" NIo rttgi."Ig 1 eio "f tI.
I'nijsh, in Ihok I19.5, fEl a ;.i.i
iW ho declaredi' . that .I, r i, .u iiof .r iu
plr.u unrl t to the pr.\ir i.u- of .rti' . .l IX
it the abt, aOect of iggOnrpir.gtirg :nd pEr
.ni'l tE it, resolution adopted ...i the • ilEi-
rihltEr, of, . u t' si.i mviilitln I t .i genei. i-r
Sletinir called for that purpte andg hi'.l
It its domiiiir le in N\-r (orl-Iau. on .liu
Ilgarny arl. lt1', . ltnh e Ihol a rei blil' ti
aidj Article IX of tlihe hart,'r, authoriglz
ing ii itire-tliug him .to carry out the i
jeut of sudt res"Igtiti which provinds fur
the irn gl irel-it to t-.-tign one. two. sus.
aild fifteen of Article IV l tr the chartri
:luEl S ti-i o s one anil tEr ..f Article A'
of the chlarter and Artici'l Vll if e chair
ter andiil Article IX of theli ciharter of sali
gls.'tlt uioi, all of which is morei fully
hiwf by a duly e-rtiited cop} of said
reioluitiog hereto us i.negled.
lie loirs. by tuhese presentsi'i in his saul
.rapaiity for find in behailf oif lth,- Sixth
Ilist rirt Building and Loan At'ssnelaio
Eilirsiiaiit to said resoiitiui declare Set
tions ioneii, two. Isix. ten and fifteen of
.ritle' IV of the charter and sections one
lid two of Article V of the charter and
Article VII of the charter and Article IX
i'of the ciharter to ibe aimended in the man
nr andil to rieadl as follows. to-w it:
Saetion 1. The capital stock of tials
corporatioln shall be live millon dollar.
I.lNillIMLOOi.h and shall hiereahfter be issued
in sihares of one hundred dollars. ($10n)0
eaclih; lprolvided that the outstanding shares
of two hundred dollars each ishall not bh
affected hereby.
Siution 2. The shares of this corpora
tin miay he of two kinds. "Running
IShaires" anid "Paid Up Shares"; "Rtun
ning Shailre" shall be paid for in month
ly or weekly installments at the rate of
at lastI one dollar per share pier manth
each. Additional payments may be made
at any time or In any amount at the
option of the shareholder "Paid Up
Shares" shall be paid for In full at the
dalte and time of issue. "Pald Up Shares"
shall not be entitled to dividends, but
shall he guaranteed not more than ix
per cent linterest per annum from its
date. In the discretion of the board of
directors. Provided, that this corpora
tion shall have the right to call in said
stock and redeem same for the face value
thereof, after not more than three months'
notlie to said stockholders, and such
stockholders shall have the right to have
their stock redeemed in a similar manner
after not more than three months notice
to the discretion of the board of directors;
suije t. however, to the provislons for
withdrawal of running shares an con
tained in Section 10 of this article.
Section 6. Payments on "Running
Shares", installments and interest shall
he due and payable in monthly or weekly
installmeints at the office of the associa
tion, and all payments shall be imputed:
(1) To settlement of interest due, (2) for
reimbursement of moneyrs paid for ac
count of sahareholder. (3) to installnmets
on shares; provided that the order of Im
putation may be changed at the discretion
of the board of directors.
Section 10. Holders of running shares
not being in arrears may withdraw frot
this association by giving to the president
thereof one month's notice in writing o
such intention, when such withdrawing
stockholder shall, on the surrender of
his certificate, he refunded all doues paid
biy him out of the first unappropriated
moneys in the treasury; provided, each
written notice of withdrawal, given as
aforesaid, shall be registered by the sec
retary-treasurer, and nnmbered from I
up. and the withdrawing stockholders
paid in rotation as aforesaid; provided,
that not more than one-half the monthly
reelptes sball ever be need for the purpoe
of liqulditing withdrawn shares, unless
there should be an over-accumulation of
funds which cannot be loaned in the usual
manner upon real estate.
SecMtion l15. The dividends declared on
"Running Stock" shall be credited on the
pass-books of the members annually, ad
the Interest on "Paid Up Stock" shall be
paid In dividend checks ona or after the
First of January and July of each ydar.
Section 1. The corporate powers of the
association shall be exercised by a beard
of directors to consist hereafter of twenty
stockholders, each of them owning at
least five shares in his own name. who
shall be elected by the stockholders en
the fourth Monday in January, of each
and every year. Any stockholder ceasing
to own five, shares shall, ipso facto, va
cate his Peat' on the board.
Section 2. Notice of said election shall
be given ten days prior to the tan
meeting by publIcation one time in two e
the daily newspapers of the City of New
Orlents. and by wrItten or prioted o
oires stalled or delivered persntallynt
stockbolders of this association b t
secretary, said elections shall be b a
lot, and shall be held at the domicle f
this corporation, under the supervisiln
three shareholders appoited by the bea
of directors at the last preceding gue
meetig thereof who are not candida
for election. The shareholders recehit g
a majorly p of the votes cast shall be
clared elected.
Spekial mtitag of the shareholders sha
be convehed at the request is writgla
one-fourth of the shareholders, statbygthe
time and object of such meeting, or whe
ordered by the beard of directors.
This charter can he altered, amende
or modified, or this coeboratioa dissed.
by a vote of three-faorths of the captl
stock represeeted at any genegl meeting
of the stockholders called for that p
pose after due notice malled to ea
shareholder, and the pubtlcatios. tan day
prior to said alterstions. amendmens,
modifieatleas, or the dissolation fthisv
corporation, one time, it two of the ipal
newspapers of the City of New Orl e
of the aetoke for such meetln. Andi
case of dmealuties. the stpckhelders a
such meeting shall elect three cmmis
sioners, who shall he shareholders, wh
shell have entire charge f sech liual
tion, and such commissiener, shall h
utheority to fill vacaneces ocurmerlngi
moThes done san passed, City of NI
Orleans in presences of dward U'. Scan
lam sad Edmund P. loursier, competen
witnesses who have t . igae with the par
ties had - me, notary, er reading. -
e•N f dlluto•, he s0 President.
Witnessee: Ed. f . e lanele . P. o er
tler. n
Notary Pabli
L the undersigned Recorder ofM
angea, id and fr the Parih of Orlea
State of Louislana, do hereby certify tha
the abo w-ed foregolng Act ot Amend
ment of the Sixth District Building
Ltes Assad. aties, was this day tdi t -
New Orleans, Jan. .th. 12I2.
-(Signed): ROT. SCOYT
Deputy Recorde.
I do hereby certify the above and fo
gen to be a true and cret copy of t
oginal i it of amendment to the aeto
mn~eet atieof the "fSxth District Build -
-l Le Assoieeation", passed befo e
me en January 20th, 1th. together w
the earticate et the Recorder a et
I Vi obes my hand and_ sealeethis 7lth
day aot e rary.e LOUIS p. ALDA
Sea: o , Netary Pbi

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