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I'lnited States of America, State of
lI..iana, Parish of Orleans, City of New
Orleans. Ile it known, that on this OfI.
t.es:tl day of February. in the year of
our I.,rd one thousand, nline hundred and
twenty-two, anld of the ldepenlldencel o
the U'nited States of Anlerica, !he one
hundred and forty-sixth: Itefore me,
Ilenr) P. Iart. Jr.. a notary public, duly
conmitnisnionetd and qualified in and for the
l arish oft U)r;.i;in-. ht:lte of I.ouisiana,
therein residing., land ill the prensece of
the witneises i reinlafter named and on
d.rigned: I,"r),o ;ll1y antI e and appieared
W. L. t la i;,.lI. 1.. T Turker. It. E. (lark.
wheo ePe-r:ally did dehlared: That. availing
Ithemiel'.- of the pro isions of the C('on
stittltion and laws ,f :le State of louis
iana. relative to the organisation of cor
porlltios. theys have contracted and
afire, i and do iby these presents onltrait
andt :agree and ind and obligate them
elihem. as well as smuch persons as may
hlerea:fter be. i,nie a Issiated with them.
to form and iiontitute a iorlration and
body politic in Ilaw for the objects and
lpurpo".es and undier the agreement. and
0 nditionS. , N it :
AlTICl.E I- The lnamne of this cirlorpo
tion shall be "United States Bonded
~insrel..use Co., Inc.", and under this nane
it -.hll have power and authority of a
hody 'nrplorate and shalil continue for a
lperi.d of tilnety-nine years fromi the date
lhereof, and shall have rland exercise, for
the purpolses of the buslneass to Ibe a :arried
on Iby it all the powers cuonferre dby the
laws of the State of Louisiana, and es
pecially by Act No. 167 of the IGent-ral
Airsetmbly of tihe State of ollouisann of 1914
and am endmlents thleretoi. uponll 1im1ll1ar
corporatlions, iniludinmg the plower ti maike
and use a corporate seal if it mIlay dliwnli
lit to du so. and the sallme to break or al
ter at pIleasure.
AItTI'LE II -The domicile of this cor
porallion shall lie in the I'ity of New Or
leans. State of Iouisiana, anid citation and
all legal Ilproess shalll be served upon `he
prealdent of the rirpolratilon and in his
tqbsence or inability to act. upon the vice
president. iand in Isla absence or inability
to act, upon the secretary of the corpora
ARTICLE Ill -The oljects and pur
poses for which this corporation is or
ganized and the general nature of the
business to be cinducted by It are hereby
declared to be to qualify as and to carry
on the business of a public warehouseman,
and bonded warehouasemlan, and to conduct
a general warehouse, storage, receiving.
forwarding. t"eonslgnlng business. and
generally to do any and all things that
may be necessary and proper for the ar
complishment of any and all of the pur
poses and objects set forth herein or in
eldental thereto.
ARTICLE IV-The authorized capital
stock of thif corporation is hereby fixed
at the sum of fifty thousand ($50,000.00)
dollars, divided '-nto and represented by
five hundred (5001 shares of the par value
of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each, and
shall be paid for in cash or may be issued
at par, In payment for property actually
purchased by or serviea rendered to this
corporation at such times and in such in
stallments as the board of directors may
The amPant to which the capital stock
of this corporatIon may be increased is
hereby tixed at the sum of one hundred
thousand ($100,000.00) dollars, divided
Into and represented by one thousand
(1000) ahares of the par value of one
hundred ($100.00) dollars each, and sid
stock, or any part thereof, may be aissed
on complying with the requisites of the
law, and said stock so lesued shall be paid
for In cash, or may be issued at par. In
pyment for property actually purchased
, or tor services rendered to this cor
poration, at suech times and in such in
atallment as the board of directors may
This corporation shall be authorized to
commence business and be a going con
cern a s*oon as one-half of its capital
Lk, towit: twenty-l.W thousand
( 00WN) dohars, is aSubcribed.
ARTICLE V-All' the powers of this
corporation shall be vested In and exer
elsed by a board of directors, to be elected
annually oa the pfat Menday of February
to each year, and a majority of whom
shall emoetitute a quorum for the trans
action of business, and a majority of
votes east shall decide all questions; all
such leets shall be conducted at the
*ties of this corparatis under the fs
prviss of thr ee mmissoner to be
apoat by the president. Notice at
uch election and of all other meetings of
akbeldwre whatgoevea, unless wulved
In tig shall be given personally or
Sepo ito -the United 8tates Poset
O lein New Orls, at least fifteen
da ors such meeting, a notice of the
n thereot. eclosed In a postpaid
wrapper, addressed to each stoekholder
a stte Nst address ftraleod to this cer
pornate by aid steekholders, and is the
Seveat that no addess be furnished then
mddemsOrsual Delivery" New Orleans.
At 2 m* daye before sid meein a
.smplAe Let of the stoekhlder enttled
t vet shall e open to speetie by the
staeMer at the plee of said meeting.
S lseths, ad at all ther meetings
sleebldees, the voting shall be by
titled to sen vote for each share of stock
andlag111 Mo-ms am the beeks 4 the,
esempy, to be case an person or by
Pt per as m of th eoateandl
c steel eof thla eorpoation eul
aomelstate a qnme at any nId aN meet- I
legs fo th transetion ao any ad a11
bless, exept s therwle provided byI
. Th majority of steek vete4 sham
q ueestios, except as etherwiae
pro e by law or this charter.
Vmemnlee ·arria a th beard ot l
baseH ot death, resgatlon or
,shal he 4Ie by the remalning
mmb of thle Wbeard by selectilo fre
bh other sl ck
The liae to held an ammul eleetion
a to hetl diectore as above provIded
shall set dlaelve the erpelatIn, bt the
elltenm and ollr30 thea o15 ad I
uass a electo to he bld a seen as
l the ater, notice ot which shall a
e given as abo pro e fo the hold
m ibe aual smestinj stock. a
'mtll th er useereN bave been duly oelect- c
e aend shal have quatIied.
he hea at darecto shalL withi n
thty day each aeb mul eletto, elect t
hem their own nume a paelMt san d
s a ad shall as deeta aee
reshwp qseean~ d hl ave p e te
ShM tehe oe a esmatator and I
BrRr m pEAD
pWe i he tennti o the lne ,
*iaa W~p SA and the b a
ugsi or eeperr th cnuct
111 ell I~d1 at
• ,dor
ID- :he business of this corporation, and such
.fficers. managers, clerks, agents and em
of loyes shall bold office only at the pleas
ire of the board.
hf. Any and all directors shall hold office
of it the pleasure of the stockholders. who
Jnay at any general meeting held for that
,f uirpoose. on notice as above provided for
ose he holding of the annual meeting of stock
me olders, declare such dircetorships vacant
oh and elect their successors, and it shall be
the the duty of the president or secretary to
us, call a meeting for that purplse at the re
ef quest In writing of ten per isntum of the
n- i:lpital stock of thlis corporatlon then out
red standing.
rk. 'The hoard of direc-tors shall have power
ing to adopt by-laws for the goverunment ot
on- this corpration and alter. :.mend and
al- abolish the isamle at its pleasure at any
'or- general or spe.lal meeting of the bhord
and and ao pirevious notitce of any intention to
act alter. anmend or abolish the byI -laws hall
-m- lie requJired.
lay The nirst hiord of dlireitors shall e umni
en. pseid iof W. I.. ili'anieil, L. T. Tucker and
and it. E. ('lark. of New Orleans. La.. who
ind shall hold their iffiels an exer.ise their
and funllllns until the annuall hloction tio lie
held on the first Monday of February.
Ira- 1123. oir until their smnicessi.sors are dulily
ded ilttteaid nii ganlf lsublject to tIle cnl
ne dilitons hereiina:ilove lprovided.
1a *itTII'I. : VI--This act of inorprat lion
r mlay li ilimodified. added to or changed.
iate r .aild icorlporation may lie dissolved i
for the matnner provide by law of the stat., of
led i .lliii~ia na at the time such ai oiin is t;ikenl.
the iid i helever this corlporation is dis
es- solved. either hy limitation ior oitherwl,.e.
rial its affairs shall lie IIluidatei by throwc
!14 Illquidating unalmnissioners to be elected
nir at general lmeleting of the stockholders.
'tke called for the lpurlpose of voting on theI
enm questlln of liquidation. or thereafter, anl
al- in case of the death or resIgnation of any
of the said iillnmilssioners. the surviving
or- or renlalling commnlinloner or mmnli
i)r- sliners shall co.llntinue to not, and in iise
iin of death or resignation of all of them.
She three or more coiminilsiners shall lie
is elited iby the stockholders to complete
-ep- the liquidation.
Ity All meetings of the stockholders and di
ra- rectors shall ble heldl in New (Orleans. at
the oiffice of tihe company, r if it has no
ur- office. at snme other aicessible place of
r- business. alnd any and all notices provided
the lay law or this charter to be given to
by stolkholders or to directors may he
wry waived by the uananimous consent of the
an. stickholders or the directora respectively.
at eIx'eplt as otherwise provided by the laws
ag. of the ntate of Louisiana.
ad ARTICLE VII-No stockholder shall
sat ever lie held liable or responsible for the
%c- 'ontracts or faults of this corporation in
ur- any further sum than the unpaid balance
in- due the company on the shares of stock
subscribed for by him. nor shall any in
tal formality in the organization of this cor
ed poratlh n have the effect of rendering this
i0) charter null. or of exposing any stock
by holders to any inability beyond such un
lue paid balance due on said stock.
ad In order that. this charter emay also
led serve as the original subscription list re
Ily quired by law. the suascribers to this art
his of incorporation have also written oppo
in- site to their respective names their re
ay spective addresses and the amount of capi
tal stock of this corporation subscribed
for by each of them.
is Thus done and passed in my notarial
ed office in the City of New Orleans, Parish
and State aforesaid. on the day and in
ad the month and year first above written.
Ine In the presence of H. G. Price and Louis
lid C. luidr), competent witnesses, who here
ed unto sign their names with the said ap
he earers and me, notary, after due reading
d of the whole.
S Witnesses: H. G. Price. Louis C.
i Guidry.
a- W. L. ODaniel'. New Orleans, La.. 248
ashares; R. E. Clark. New Orleans, La., (1)
share; L. T. Tucker, New Orleans, La.. (1)
n.Notary Public.
al (Seal):
ad I. Henry P. Dart.. Jr.. do hereby certify
that the above and foregoing is a true and
is correct copy of the Act of Incorporation
.a- of United States Bonded Warehouse Co.,
ed Inc., passed before me.
am Notary Public.
he Before me. the undersigned authority.
u- personally came and appeared: W. L.
be O'Dskiel. and L. T. Tcker., who being
of duly aswrn depose and say: That they
of are two of the origitpl iacorporators of
Id the United States Bossed Warehouse Co..
or In.. na set forth in the foregoing articles
et of laeorporation, and that tity per cent
In eo the capital st·ck of the said corporattio
be has been sbscrlbed according to law.
hi " L. T. TUCKER.
I Sworn to and sabscribed before me. no
'tary this 15th day of February. 192.
a HFeb. 2-et. 0. Notary Public.
yi CO., INC.
n5. tate of LotaaL, ParIsh of Oresans.
k City of New Orisaeas Be it knowa, that
Sna the ith day of Pebruary. anIteen hun
I7 dred and twenty-two (1M). before me.
Geore Montgomery, a notary public i
mI and for the Parll of Orleas tate of
'i fesisahu, duly emmlsslied nsd quall
t- led, actlng, uader nathorBiy of thi Gover
ail nr, for and ln the place eof James .
my ZIst,. another mntary pblic in and for
l mid Parih of Orlenas, State of Loeolsina,
-s new absent the Stats on leave as
will be shown by cnrtilete of lave of
Sabsece granted said James . LZants, ne
Stary publie, attaced hereto and ando part
Sherent; and in the prsence of the wit
nrses herater named nd uader- I
slged. personally ears and appeared the
several persn s whoe ames are hereunto
Ssaberrlbed, who severalnly declared that, I
i availing themselves of the provialeas of
a th u ri laws w of the 8tats of Loslaa
I p a_ ifor the orgalisatioen o corpora"
" os, und espeeally Act U eo the Acts I
Ioet 3_14, ther hve ceveeanted and agreed, a
I- and do by the esen, cenant, re I
I- and bind thlomsrvsea u well as all (ent
a prena s may hereafter become asoet
Sated withl them, to erm and cstlitte
- erornation nd body polltle in law,
to that ed theyn do state the el
t thae articles 1et oeratieu, o
t iswit: n
. ARTICLE I-The ame of slaid corpora.
r te shall be "C-asIiated uel Co.,
as follows:
_To carry eo a genral feld blasess, tI
both retail nd whelsee to hby, sell. a
store, deal in. sip and hplll eo, l
o buld, equalp, pu eor otherwlse tI
acnr . e i.o, elles, metggs or h
bena anMd a il watereraft "g-
atny kind ndescip and to maia- 4i
tal,. pwate snd ntavigae the sa . m oe, s
ly. how .ever, the use and elt s ald p
cperain a d net eir hire; u
To hed, equip, purchase. r Otherwrle
ac-quir, and own bUildin. piers, deksn,
whrves, warehos, a n a tlloer th-ing o
cesary or proper to carry e the bua
ae of asaid corporstise and to sell, lease, a
mort e, or otherwi hypothecat the l
* 4* eneral reealaje buni- a
wee haeadln the wIwn el rmlan t.
To chtea , purlhas, or othe ri a
wie vsel argoe, and all maritime pa
property, and to deal in. handle ad mean- o
a s, and ipe the same, sole . ii
however, or the ue ad bent elt e I
cwo tai oad not forI hire
held, rnt, leans mpr ur g eUll
and corvey and deal in L se
patclr a lnd, landsunder Indp
cse nsd al oter aterrat e( ay
kind and dseeupl e rwre, T
orthlume n orpolerfl t a-i
dmpma n e11 - o mlr phtet tol the ue
sai i d _cer peeu
-MO e! he thi le8ho t
in be m ar i
ich the City of New Orleans. in the Parish of
em- Orleans. in the State of Louisiana. .
as"- ARTICLE VII-The period of duration
of said corporation shall be fifty (50)
rice years.
rho ARTICLE VIII-The number of direc
hat 1 tors of said corporation shall be live.
for The officers of said corporation shall be
ek- those provided for by law, and such other
ant officers as may be provided for by the by
be lawn. The names and post office addresses
to of the directors of said corporation who
re- are sele.ted to serve for the first year or
the until their sua-esers are elected and
ut- qualifiti shall be as follows, to-wit:
lHary E. M.-C(orma'k. Ilirminghirn.
-er Ala.; Rtobert P. Hyams. New Orleans, La.;
.t Frederick (;illniore. Penlsacinl. FI:n.
nd Henry C'. Whiiteman, New Orleans, La.:
n Itobert J. Milling. Mobile, Ala.; with:
ard Iliardy E. M.t ornanck as president; Robert
to '. Hlyamni as Ist vice-president and
.all treasurer; Frederick Gillmore as 2nd vice
nid serretary.
•it . IRTI'I.E IX -The names and post of
iear Ii-e addresses of the subscribers to these
hie artile,.s of ino.rlioration and a statement
try. of the nuntmber of shares of stock which
ily each subscribt-r is to take in said corpora
,n- toin aure as follows. to-wit : Hlardy E. 3.-I
S'orini'k. Itlirninghiami. Ala.. fifty (ZA))
int shares; RobItert P. Ilyanis. New Orleans,.
i. l.a_.. fifty (.h shares: Frederick ;illnlmore.
in Pea-itla. Flat. tifty (IºJ shares; Henry
I V. Whitenian. New Oirleains. L.a.. fifty (.ia
;-. shares. itobert J. Milling. Mobile. Ala..
is- fifty- 1 )) shares.
Ae. AITIC'LE X-Earh share of stock shall
r, he entitled to one vote. There shall be no
ted r uintulative voting.
rs IITICI.E NI-The board of directors
rhoi.' .f sal corlporation shall lie. and are here
nd biy livested with all the corporate lpawers
nly of said corporation, *including amnong
ute other powers the following. Viz: the power
it- t make. alter anid amend suitable by
n-,'y laws for the government of said coirpora
Ini. hion: the power to borrow money, execute
lhe ml.rtgages, issue notes or bonds, to sell
ete or pledge thie same, and generally to dit
all things pertinent to, or necessary for
di. the obijects and lpurposes of said corpora
at thin, or which are or many 1. piermittedl
ino y the laws applicable to crlpaorations.
of the above reaital of powers granted to the
led board of directors not being exclusive,
to the jiptention being to invest the board of
he directors with all such other and further
the powers as may be proper to accompllish
ly the objects and purposes of said corpora
ws tion.
ARTICLE XII-Stockholders' meetings
all for the election of directors of said cor
the pIoration shall be held annually on the first
in Monday in February of each year.
We ARTI('LE XIII-The president and the
rk vice-presidents, the secretary and the
in- treasurer shall be authorized to receive
or service of all legal process.
his Thus done and passed, in my office. in
k- the City df New Orleans. in the presence
in- of P. L. Pierce and John C. Foster, com
petent witnesses, both of legal age. who
lso have hereunto signed their names with
re- the said appearers and me. notary, on the
set date and day hereinabove first written,
Io- and the said subscribers do hereby sub
re- scribe for and agree to pay for the number
Sof shares set opposite their several names.
i H. E. McCORIACK. et als.
-h Witnesses: P. L. Pierce. John C. Fos
in ter.
Notary Public. acting for and represent.
S lug James E. Zunts. notary public now
absent on leave.
n , the undersigned. Recorded of Mort
Cgages, in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana. do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing act of Iacorp6ra
tion, of the Coasolidated Fuel Co., Inc.,
[I) was this day duly recorded in my office
1) n Book 1268. Folio 90.
New Orleans, Feb, 8, 1922.
ic (Seal): Deputy Recorder Mortgages.
I, the undersigned notary public, do
fy hereby certify that the above and forego
ad lang is a true and correct copy of the
on original act of incorporation of Consoli
dated Fuel Co.. Inc., passed before George
Montgomery, notary public, acting for me
and in my behalf as per designation
Ic shown in certificate of leave of absence
granted me by the Governor attached to
said act, on February 8. 1922, said act
being on file-and of record In my office.
New Orleans, La., February 14th. 1922.
y. JAB. E. ZUNT8.
L. Notary Public.
of To all to Whom these Presents Shall
Come Greeting:
SIn pursuance of the provisions of an
a ct of the General Assembly of this 8tate.
Sentitled "An Act to authorise the Gover
nor of the 8tate of Louisiana teo grant
leave of absence to State and Parochital I
Officers, approve4 March 30th, 1871.
I, John M. Parler. Governor of the State
i- of Louisiana, do hereby grant leave of
absence $o
C. Notary Publie, ia and for the Parish of
Orleans, for a period tof thirty (30) days 1
- beginning January 30th, 1922, and- desig. t
L nating Mr. George Montgomery. Notary
Public, to act a his place and teard.
Witness my silgnature and the Sel of t
Sthe State of Louisiana at the City *t Ba
t ton Reage, this 30th day tof January, A.
S . )JEO. M. PARKER. a
By the Governor.
AAsistant Secetary of State. I
Feb. 2--Mch. 36. a
a United 8tates of Americs, State of Louis. t
atf na. Parish of Orlena, City ot New Or- :
- loans. Be it known, that on this four- I
r teeuth day of the moath ot February, in a
t- the year of our lord. one thousand, nine t
r- hundred and twenty-two, and ot the In. 5
no dependence of th United States t Amn t
ca, the one hundred and forty-sixth, be- a
4, fore me, John Marshall Quaiter a No- a
Stry Pubile, duly commissoned and qunali
a lona and for this city and the Parish a
o- rleans, theria residing, and in the U
aPresence eof the witnesses heriaafter named a
h are heruato suberlbed, who severally de- v
previnione o the laws ot this State rola- r
to the trmation of corporations, a
y have contracted and agreed, and do, a
the p esita, cntrat a d agre and a
bind themelves, as well as ech other
Ier*i ae may beome aseeliated with P
S to form themslves into and con- H
n under the con*oditios ad atipulations of P
! the asticles followla, to-wit: P
s b . r & Ce., ,, m d
under its soid ewprte name, it shall
hav powe ad authority to eotrect, sue
sad be ade: to aeept and recee mort
gages, pledges or other hypothecatio;t*
-to mae. uad use a cr oateeal, and the
same to brpek and idter at nlsauer to
.ore reiv l hl or e -
wise aequr and tonvey, swnell s met-d
gg ad y ta, under tits cp te d
a,. prpty, btra ersl
oarmed ; to_ name an appoint such mn-i
ieand rlaton o the pper man
peration s he at New O Pais
orfte torporatio.
a all ot esn p1
-l ti
~I--~ ~orW oi oid y
-Jaoiorl t · lsr ul
of increased up to the amount of five hun
dred thousand dollars (5000.000.00).
ion No stockholder in this corporation shall
50) dispose of his holdings, or any part there
of. without first offerlpg the same to the
ec- corporation at its book value. And the
re. corporation shall have ten (10) days with
be in which to accept or reject the said of
her fer. Upon the death of any stocckholder.
by- his stock shall forthwith, at the option of
des the .oerporation, be taken over by it at
ii, Its book value. The surviving widow of
or anl stockholder shall have the right to
ad purchase thils stock in preference to any
and "all heirs after the samel has been of
im. fred to anld refused by the corporation.
a.; NO stockholder shall be held liable or
Ia. responsible for the contracts or faults of
,;a salid corporation in any further sum than
lh: the unllaid balance due On the shares of
ert stck owned by hin. nor shall ally mlere
cnd informality in organization have the effect
ice- of rendering this charter null or of cx
3rd posing the stockholders to ally liability
as leyond the unpaid amount due on their
of- .\I:TI('LE V-All the corporate powers
ee of this corlporation shall be rested in and
eat its businlless and affairs managed by a
iei board of directors consisting of five (5)
ra- Ilen.bers. three of whom shall constitute
i- a queruI for tile transaction of busilcness.
)) Any vaccanlcy or vacancles in the board of
us. dirctlrs shall be filled bybhe remaining
ore. directors.
Iry The stockholders of this cerporation
p, shall,. within ten days froml the signing
la.. hereof. proceed to the electieon of a board
of dtire-turs to consist of five members.
a :l well elas the election of a president, a
vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
which last two officers may he held by
one person. Annually thereafter, the
r satlid crloreration shall elect fromn among
re- its stockhliders on the seccend Mopdaly ,of
r Ma-lrch. eof each year. a board of directors.
K iconsistling of five mnembers, as well- as a
et presidenl, a vice-president. and secretary
y.- and treasurer. which last two offices may
ra- be held by onel personl.
lie The first board of direetors and officers
ill t lie elec'ted under this charter shall hold
do cffie until the second ]Mtonday in March.
for 19tc:;. or until their successors are elected
a- and qualified..
edl Failure to elect directors on the day
Is. above specilled shall not dissolve this cor
be poration but the directors then in officee
Ce. shall remain in office until their succes
of sers are elected and qualified.
er Any mnlember of the board of directors
sh may vote by written (roxy.
a- No contract shall be made or entered
into by this corporation unless the same is
gs signed by three of its directors, except
,r. contracts for the immediate sale or pur.
St chase of commodities dealt in by this
corporation, which can be executed by the
he president or vice-president of the corpora
he tion. as they deem fit and proper, and
ye such contracts for immediate delivery shall
be binding on this corporation.
in ARTICLE VI-All notices of stock
ce holders' or board of directors' meetings.
n- Including the annual meeting herein pro
ho vided for, shall be held after twenty-four
th hours written notice shall have Seen
he mailed by the secretary to each stock
n, holder at his last known place of real
b- dence. and at all stockholders' meeting a
er majority of the stock represented by
proxy or otherwise shball control.
ARTICLE VII-This charter may be
amended, or the corporation may be dis
solved and liquidated, by a fifty-one per
cent. (51%) vote of the capital stock ap
pearing on the books of the company.
and in case of liquidation, the board of
- directors then in office shall liquidate the
Thus done and passed, in my office. at
the city of New Orleans.. on the day,
month and year herein first above written,
s' In the presence of August H. Ritter and
at Miss Amelia Babin, competent witnesses,
a- who hereunto sign their names, together
[-' with- said appearers and me. notary, after
ce reading of the whole, the said appearers
likewise subscribing for the number of
shares set opposite their respective names.
(Names of subscribers, together with
their addresses and No. of shares).
Wlo itnesses: A. H. Ritter, A. Babin.
o J. M. QUINTE 1O.
Notary Public.
!- I. the undersigned, Recorder of Mort
1e gages, in and for the Parish of Orleans,
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that
i the above and foregoing act of incorpora
e tion of L. Frank a Co., Inc., was this
to day duly recorded in my office, in Book
et 1258, folio -.
New Orleans, La.. February 15, 1922.
2. (Signed): ROBT. SCOTT,
Deputy Recorder Mortgages.
C. A true copy:
. (Seal): Notary Public.
11 Feb. 23-Mch. 30.
it United States of America, State of Louis
i lans, Parish of Orleans. City of New Or
leans, Be it known, that on this tenth day
:e of the moath of February, in the year one
if thousand, nine hundred sad twenty-two
before me, Henry P. Dart, J., a notary I
public, duly commissioned and sworn in t
i and for the Pariash of Orlesas and City of I
s New Orleans, therein residing; personally
I- appeared the persons whose names are
7 hereunto subscribed, who dclared that, I
availing themselves of the provisions of
of the laws of this State relative to the or
- ganisation of corporations, they have
L co :enated and agreed, and do. by these
presents, covenant and agree, bind, form I
and constitute themselves, as well as such I
other persoas who may hereafter join or
become associated with them, ainto a cor
poration and body politic in law for the 1
objeets and purpoes, ad under the agree
- meats and stipulation followinSg, to-wit:
ARTICLI I--The name and style of this
.corporation shall be "Masman and Com
- peny, Inc., and under that name it shall
. have sad enjoy all the rights, advantages
t and prikle granted b law -to corpora
Stlonas; it all exist for a period of ninety
- nine years; it shall have power to con- I
- tract, sue and be sued in its corporate
name; to make and uase a corporate eaml
and the name to break or alter at pleas
Sare: to held, receive, purchase, convey,
Smortgalge, hypothecat or pledge property,
i both real and personal; to issue bonds,
g notes and other obligatlos; to have and em
ploy manages, directors. oicers, agents
a ad other empleys as the intereets ad eon
- vealeees of said corporation may reqaquire;
• ad to make and establish such bylaws,
Sruaes and regulations for the corporate
m, naemet eand control of the aarias of
mid coaorato a may be deemed neee
r ARTICL lI-The domlelle of said car
pe~ t shall be in the City of rNew Or.
es thin s 8tate, and citation ad other
lecgal prmes shall be served ea the presl
I dent, and la his abeence, oa the vice
Spreldent. In ease of the death o1 the
president of this eorporatio, or he the
event of Ma inability to act uas such, hsla
dutiaes and factiess shall devolve upen,
ARTICLl m-ho obrta and put
pm of this corporation a e eange in
trade aM emmeree in all its forms.
s hspl and plhes; to import nd apert;
to deal and epwate at whlsalo and -
tail, as p felp ageat, en commalsen
or otherw in ce oo test oel,
lmmbr, ti-ber, beo and barrei heks,
aM speral merhaie; to mausEacure
and sell the same and thoe fished pro
ductsa a to; to ow. operate and con
duet milll, maeiMery, toolb and appl- I
aneae the uses an d uros o the
bslase and the ame to alter t
sbstitute, ll a hypetheeate at will
and in brtf, n rd acqire, handle, o
trad in, d s, an gds ,war e nd
mercyhande of ery deeertption; to have,
ad transer trad marks and ptent, ndl
pateut rhts, privilege and itntvetasu t
to bulI. ,own and operate ralreds and
tramways ineMehletnl to its bsineaes t·
Scontrol and e quitr by prchs. ase
ighter v ls and water crat of all
kInd, r intetres. tlarein, and o oper
ate th sam; to puhse, ow
leas, ctentrel, censtruc ad opor-1
decs- _ and dc kmhe , a anUe
and appurtunnacg o _all ids; tol · a
atock in ether crpeatie ad benda of d
the eak end of the United State and
state f os ; and gerlly to doe*
and peror all ta n ce
r, por and us ltfe the aeem- t.
lie the hole idn thettate of Leulsi e,
St a te-- ad in foreein Stadt
e eitanise wI the rgl h to hav f
eeepenghna te h---h Se at e
.£3 sllr iiiq as o u a
hoW npuw ~arr w
in- contract and agreement in the nature of
vested rights that all such stock is so
all held and possessed subject to the rules
re- and provisions for the transfer of same
the hereinafter set out, to-wit:
the F'IRST: No sale or other transfer of
th- shares of stock in this corporation shall
of- be valid until and unless the opportunity
Cr. has been first afforded the shareholders
of of record at the date of such transfer.
at sale or other alienation to pIurichase such
of stoc.k at hook value, the value to be as
to '.rtained Irn the manner herein prescrilbed.
fly The right to acquire said stock hereby
of- irst vested in the other stoc.kholders of
record shall follow the stock inllto any
or hands to which it imany plss and may be
f exeri'sed against the hold,lrs thereof
an within ninely days fronm the time any :sale
of or transfer thereof has been offered to be
ere entered on the hooks of the corlporation.
Pet It shall Ibe the duty of anly holder of
x. stmk inl thiis corporation who intends or
ty desires to sell, transfer. alienatie. or hy
eir iptlheate. or otherwise dispose of the
sa:lle to give ten days. written notice of
sumch intenition or desire to tile hilard of
ers directors of tilhe corporation. who are
il hereby mnrnstitutmed agents of the other
a stoikholder. for the Ipurpose of suich no
tire, and salid hboard of dirretors shall give
ite itnledilate infornmation thereof, in writing,
. to all the other stoiikholders of re-mmrd.
of lIefore thei expiratiohn of the ten days from
u the rem.ellt of said nlltite' by the bioard of
directors any slhareholder o)f riord Inmay
on toffer to purchlase. and may acqullire the,
right to purchase. said stock hvy notifying
tithe hoard of directors in writing and
rs thereafter shall deposit tile price of said
a stock inl eash with the corporation on or
er. before thei expiration of eighty days fromll
the last mentioned date.
rag l'pon the reeilpt of tile first mnlntioned
of notice, the board of directors shall advmiisgt
r,. tile person owning salid stoc·k, his agent
a or representative. to join with said board
ry in fixing the value of said stock, which
ay value shall bie esta:lltshed on the basis of
the last annual or semnl-annual statenment
rs or report of the corporation and tile last
Id monthly trial balance preceding the date
.b. of such notice. and the sum thus found
ed and established shall constitute the value
and price of said stock.
ay If within forty-eight hours after releipt
r- of such notlce the owner, his agent or re
me presentative does not join with the board
'a in establishing the price or value of the
stock, the board may proceed without
rs further delay to fix the said value, using
the report and trial balance aforesaid for
ed that purpose, which writings are declared
is to be conclusive evidence for and against
pt all parties in Interest in the premises.
.r- whether the value is establishd by the
is joint art of the owner, his agent, widow.
he heir or representatives or by the board of
a- directors acting in default of the co-opera
td tion of said person or persons.
ll I pon receipt of the offer or acceptance
of any shareholder to purchase said stock
k- and upon obtaining guarantee satisfactory
s. to said board for the price thereof, the
0- hoard of directors shall thereupon give
ir notice thereof to the owner of the stock.
sf his agent or representative. and before
k- the expiration of the period of eighty days
ti- aforesaid shall call in the certificate or
a certificates representing such stock ond
cy pay the price or value thereof and cause
the same to be transferred on the books
de to the purchaser.
- SECOND: In the event of the death of
any stockholder, his widow, heir, or legal
representative shall have the right and
u option to compel the corporation to buy i
the share holdings of said deceased stock.
Ie holder. and in the event of the refusal or s
it inability of the corporation to purchase i
same, shall have the right and option to r
* compel the liquidation of the corporation I
as hereafter provided In Article & Should I
the widow, heir or legal representative of 1
i the deceased stockholder exercise their op
tion to sell the formalities and course of
r procedure, the terms and conditions, stipu- t
lations and delays hereinabove established
In Paragraph One of this Article shall t
h apply in all respects. Immediately upon t
receipt of notice from the widow, heir, or
legal representative of the deceased stock- f
holder, it shall be the duty of the boasd I
of directorsa to cause the necessary steps
to be taken to purchase the stock from the I
said widow, heir, or representative of said
deceased stockholder.
i. THIRD: The preference, option and I
right of purchase hereinabove established I
k shall run in favor of each stockholder of a
record for his virile share In proportiona
to his existing holdings in the stock, but I
should any shareholder fail to exercise I
L his right in this regard his rights shall I
pass to and be absorbed by, the other l
shareholders, provided that the owner, his t
widow, helrs or legal representatives, as c
the case may be. shall not benobliged to a
- deliver said stock unless the offers to por- I
chase the same shall include and cover
the entirety of the offeringa nader Para
graph First or all of the holdings unader
Paragraph Second.
P. FOURTH: In the event an employee of
y the company becomes a shareholder in the
Scompany, and for any reason leaves the
e employ of the compaany, the other share- i
y holders of record shall have the right and ý
option to acquire the share or shares of
f stock of said employee apen the terms
, and conditions hereinabove provided.
FIFTH: All certificates of stock shall
, bear upon their face a brief reference to n
f the rights herein established in favor of
the toeckholders.
* ARTICLE V--A the corporate powers t
Sof this corporation, and the management
a and control of its affairs shall be vested a
Ih n. and exercised by a board of directors s
r composed of three (3) stoekholders, a ma- *
jority of which shall eonstitute a quoram c
Sfor the treasaction of all badiess. Tie I
directors shall be elected annually by the *
satockholders at a meetnlag to be hebold on r
the Mrst Monday after the irst Bunday t
no each year in the month of February,
mid meeting to be preeded bx three P
days' written notice to the stoeeholder.
Each stockholder shall be entitled, in per. C
sea or by proxy, to a vote for every share
owned by him. and all electincas all be 0
held aunder seaek rules and regalatlIos as P
may be determined by the beard of diree
tors. At each meettn, all qnesations other
than mere routinae shall be decided by ab
majority of the shares of stok represeat
ed at said meetntg. The dlreetera, when a
elected. shall continae in orice fer oe d
year, and nati their successors have been
duly elected and have quaJifled. No fail
are to elect shall operate the forfeituae ofP
this cbartor. Any vacy eeearring onea
Sald beard shall be filled by the remla. b
Lag directors for the umepired term.
The bard et directors shall, at its arst t
meetla after Its electeio, seleet out ef
its number, a prasidet ad ems or more
vice-preaidents and a manager, and shall P
also e t cretaly, who need not, hbow- tl
ever. be a membe of the beard r atl
steekholder. The preident shall hav the
right to apponlat and dismls the clerks
and other emplyees of-aidd corporatio at a
Spleasem ad ase he laterest ad bstnea
of the same may demand. He may exercise I
this authority by proyr. Anay drertor belng ft
sck or absent, or aboet to absent him- v
sealf, shall have the right to appoint, by p
writte Instrument anothla direetor or a
stacholder to act as his prezy and La his a
stead, at any and all of the meetiLag p
said bmard o directors darlag suach ab- i
The arst board e direetrs and M rst i
aorp of oficers of the corporatioa shallU at
he 8. UMassman, Nw Orlens, La.. pel- s
deoat: A. A. Lehamana. Now Orleans
Lelsdn. secretary; and A. Masman,
Nw Orleans, L., vies-presMident and b
treasurer: and the shall hold orice until
the arst Monaday ollowingl the arst 8ua- hi
day in February, 15 ad auntil their nec- 4
cesors are daly elected aad quiLed. 01
ARTICLE 'VI--The fnads o thbi eor
poratie shall be depoatet fom time to a
timeoia a bank or bank to be selecte by h
the bard eo directors. All cheeksa, notes,
or other Lastraments drawn, executed a o
Issued in orporto's ame and behal a
whom the board of directers may deaig- at
ate. No oficer shall thus siga a ea- al
do m the ame the omporatlea, save
strictly a It esmer.
ARTICLL V---No stoekhoMer shall
be bold Nable or reponsIb for cnrts
hal ny mee tnfomalty in its organ- m
na have the offset o fhadeag this ·
charter u ll o fex any steek.
holder to atbility b the unbpi hal
smo dne oa the ar ownedby him.,
ARTICLE VII--Thin act oft oa- -
tia may be c modified a atered,
a this t may he dissolved, with
the asomnt ao the stockhsldaes ownng
thrw-f~h rthl Ua l the stock o this ar
e eao a o aI te ot asslt thlra ti
toseach stokolde at his lest known
the epre-et this charer, or ether
dtea flrm a an I ethear tw amba, tho
win up sbe i a aeh gar, a f the
aonesa ea me sgaid
in l~4ge~~sL f i
of ARTICLE IX-Any and all notices and
so delays provided for by this charter may
es be waived by the unaanifmous consent of
Ise the stoc·kholders, unless prohibitedl by
of ARTICLE X-This corporation shall he
IlU : goiing conIPcern ts soon as twIo lhunldred
ty and fifty shares shall lhalve be-,n sub
rs ,ribed. The names and addr,.-sne of the
r. incorlporators and the amo;tunt f the a':1pi
hi tnl stock .lbsirihed to by tthem are as
follows: A.. E. .MI-smanII. New o rian-.
(4 l.a.. two hIundred fifty (2TA) shares; S.
3y lMassllan. New irlhe:ans, La.. two hundred
of forty-nline (1249) shares; A. A. Leuhrnlll:In
iv New 4Orleans;. 1... ine (1) share.
Thus done anlld passed ill lmy office on
of the diay, monthl andll Icr e irsit above writ
le ten. In the iresence of Biirdie )'' onnor
:Iland louis i;llidry. oyllcompetelnt witnesses.
whlo have signal with the alpillearers and
f tme. Initary. after reading ofi tihe whole.
S Wi itnesse's: Birdie )''onnor, Louis
.f . E. M.semilllll:n, t:o t) hare-: S. M:lssman.
f 24 shiliaru.; .A. .. leiirrn:mann. I share.
reIINIY P. l.AItT. .IL..
Notary Plblic.
- I Sea1)
S l;,.orded in M. 1 . B. I 20s. folio---.
. New O)rleans. l.a.. Feb 10 1422.
i. 1. Henry PI'. Dlart. Jr.. Iotaryv pbilic.
in do 'ertify that the oiltre and foregoingl
f is a tre anlld correct copy of the ant of
Y incorporaition passed bt.-fore mle. the otrii
0 inal of which is on tile in my nItarial ar
. clives.
S Felb. 10. 1922.
i IIENRY P. All.\tT. JR..
I Notary Public.
e Before nle. the undersigned authority.
It personally came nlid aplpeared: A. E.
,i nassmani. and Sol M.lassalln. who beingr
Il by mie duly sworn deplose and say: That
,f they are the inuorporators of the .Iass
it manl and (Company, Inc.; that fifty per
It cnlt of the capital stick of the corpora
e tion as lrovided in Article IV of the c-har
d ter adopted on Feby. 10. 1ti2. as per net
e ofre Hllenry P. DItrt. J.r.. notary public.
has belln suibscrltb d aei-itrdinlg to law.
Sworn to and subshribed before me this
e 10th day o(f Feb. 1922'.
Notary Public.
Feb. 23-Mebh. 30.
United States of America. State of Louis
- ina. Parish of'Orleans. City of New Or
leans. lie it known, that on this first day
e of the month of February, in the year of
t our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and
r twenty-two, and of the Independence of
e the United States of America. the one hun
e dred and forty-sixth; before me, Henry
P. Dart. Jr.. a notary public, duly com
missioned and qualified. in and for this
city and the Parish of Orleans, therein
r residing, and in the presence of the wit
I nesses herelnafter named and undersigned,
personally dame and appeared: the per
I sons whose names are hereunto subscribed.,
who declared that, availing themselves of
f the provisions of the laws of the State,
I relative to the organization of corpora
tions, they have covenanted and agreed
and do by these presents, covenant and
agree, bind, form and constitute them
selves. as well as such other persons who
may hereafter Join or become associated
º with them, into a corporation and body
politic in law, for the objects and pur
I poses, and under the agreements and sUlp
u lations following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I-The name and style of this
corporation shall be Rajah Steamship a
Company. Inc.. and under this name it
I shall have and enjoy all the rights, ad-i
vantages and privileges granted by law to I
Scorporations; it shall exist for a period I
of ninety-nine years; it shall have power i
to contract, sue and be sued into its cor
porate name: to make and use a corporate I
i seal, and the same to break or alter at I
pleasure; to hold, receive, purchase, con- i
vey, mortgage, hypothecate. or pledge i
property both real and personal; to issue I
bonds. notes and other obligations; to I
I purchase, acquire and own stocks, bonds c
and securities in other corporations; to I
have and employ managers, directors of- I
fSeers, agents and other employees, as the I
interests and conveniences of said cor- I
poration may require; and to make and I
establish such by-laws. rules and regula- I
tions for the corporate management and 4
control of the affairs of said corporation, I
as may be deemed necessary and ex- a
ARTICLE II-The domicile of the said
corporation shall be lan the city of New
Orleans, Parish of Orleans, State of
Louisatiana, and citation and other legal
process shall he served on the president
aad in blh absence on the vice-president. I
in case of the death of the president of t
this corporation or in the event of his t
inability to act as each, his duties and
functions shall devolve upon, and be tfl- I
Alled by the vice-president.
ARTICLE III-The objects and per
poses for which this corporation is or
galised and the nature of the business to
be carried on by It are hereby declared
to be: To construct, purchase, charter,
ldse, hire, or otherwise acquire, and to I
man, eqalp, maintain and operate, steam- I
shibp, steamboats, towboats. ferry bests. a
sailag vessels, bres and other water t
craft oI whatever deription for truaet
partation and towage of fteight and pas-It
seagera fir hire and to engage im a ga i
ral transportation business, upon ad be
tween plaes on rivers, lake, hays ad l
other waters ad upona the high seas, to i
ports and places i tfereilgn acoatries, and t
to carry on a general express buslies in I
conat tio wit4oh operation eo said ves±
ses; coastn parchaa lase, hire or
otherwrla aequnare warehnse, landing I
places, enals, docks, wharves sad ther
fhelties sad to improve navigation on
rivear. bayouas and other waters, as the
bsanes of the oeempany may reqiae: to
construect, hire, Ie o othorwilss aite
ad to opoate dry dekha ad iatllng d
docks, slitable for handlng and ir
ing vessels, and to bnild sad repair raes
ahls e every deseripteion; to enotret, 1
parecha, hiae basee otir ewis acitre n
and  peate o lhad, emabsses, ato. nme
bile, treks, teams ad veheles i overy c
nature and descrption r the treasport- -
tiOa et tfreight ad peaangers, to nnd l
fatm th landg plnaces o the vessels
opeated by aid aempy, and seh other
polnts as te beard et directore may f rm
time to time determin to he necessary for d
the eelees o said eemn sad eaer- h
ally to do ad p e p lm tl tn rs germane I
and leldetal to, or usseal in. the bsI
nms asnd alars heelanabove athorised. I
ARTICLE IV--The epital atet of this t
arporatio herebe y fixed at the sum eo b
forty-five thoesand (5SS0M.) dollars, di- a
vided late feur hundred fity shares ot the I
per valnhe of ono hndared (iM) dollrs J
ach, which shares shaln be paid for in la
aM or ain the pnrcha se or echanoge oIf I1
propety, and the said eapital stok may
he inereased to the sam of one hundred 0
otwentyIve thonsand dollars. All shares -
oet stock hai he fani pa sd non-assasi- J
able. No tnslbr of stoek *tall be blind- l
lag upon the corporation uless made d
upon Its boos and all eertileates a stock I t
shali be signed by sech oficers as may o
he deiasted by the beard of diretors tl
All stock la thi corporation shaRi he
held uapen a a enditio pNeoedent and a
der ftotret ad agagmeat in the natuare
et vested rglht that all such steek is so
held a d d nsbject to the raile 1
and )mU~tm the traAer of same I
herentm ft set aout, to-wit: I
(1) No sale a ther transer et sharea
of stoek i thl corporation shall be valld
anti and nalens the opportunilty has been
Iret aworded the shareholders e reed g
at the date o such transaer, sale or ether 8
alienation, to purchase sah aseks at tl
book valhe, pl tweaty-fe per cent, the ti
valme to hae ars taed the mannaer
heein presribed. The right to aeqare iia
Maid stoek heeby Art vestetd in the ether
atcekhlier o re ord hsl folow the
stck Into sany hands to which It may pass
ad may be execisad ai the holders
theeof withis nineaty das rom the time e
any ale a transfer has offered to l
be eatered ea the hooks of the crpora- F
tio. tl
It shanl be the duty oa holdeb r of cI
desies to sell, traser, aeate or other
to the heard direlmctors of the crpora Pr
ties, who are hereby oatltted agents C
eol the ether stekhlders r the opoo
of smeh notiee, andt sad hes edhree
ter shiM give imnditote tueie
thowe, A ltll to i tho othar stoek- di
h*iden r nteo. Belsm the expestlsee
et the ha day trom the reelpt et aMd o
toe f y tt o hear ex d etns u, shre
hldera reen, may *E to pedeaie
ee m ra sequir the risMt to pesebaa a
pit the p saie a stok tn cash with n
the cepoatisa on a before tho oxpira
n - f et rht daes fnr the last sere
boned tdn a~ait a te Id de.
the Ms ow oligma tO - eagn _or
Id shall lp establ l e , n the. b.
ly last annual or serem :uuniual lath
of such rnlti :111 th '  te
,r and aalihd sll . itUte th
rIf within tlenty , 1 ,r hours aft,
Stfurthe.r detIa t.. til th.o ld v igh
the report atid t ri.a1 Laun, 5 ae
n that Iura .. i a' e I 1i h a li r n
• 31 il paari,., fi allt r,,, in trh
t f. t t hin t a ,. if, r..h i the
ar jaintit ta 3 f3 It ba . r.r h.i- i h'l7t
id director, of s rid -aar..rlai r - a'te
nt33'ir.. ral ar. -'-. l it,.. 3' ith the
fault if thel no oivr .ia anof aidrl f
I por l the r." eip of the a , o
,-ne of :l l i . r." ho ro hr olr
n sto.kt. ,and uion ,hunin uaraee -
factory t h ' t' a t l\,r for tihe pr d lh ,
the oasrdt of dir. tr. h:a 1 th
. n tice to the al ,Itl , rt - t ".
..ar reprient.+ rii, sl ';ll *. fre thew
tiroi o 'if th'. lariat I .t ihtl e a) 
dirl. tshall call in th.. ritiete 1
I 'tes rei pre.' t111,i - Ia . ok ,
g priae or raile irt ia rh. atd r st
1-aration. tha
f t'ito y tr..i3'i3rra la I rll tr fitllr"  thi
' 1 The preferat.an. -t Lion and
plarIlhasial. herataar,. rv.t.ted by p n
I in the , other sIadrh , t. ll shl allhI
ln full forel til.ad te,.i in their ii
l-iire thei rh ar I. f t k of al dt
stockholder aollI ,i the foralites fo
liof pro. Ledure.th . th t i,,l i nhll itea
lations :nd dher lay" hrr risth, ve es
ease of deoath. Inahadiately upon a hi O
t of information of th dath of aY
holder. t shal llr.e the tnty of the+ "
r direntores to talus thae nI tegsar
hie taiken to earry out and enfao
provisions. t
t (3) The pref bra"r aaia otio and
l ipurchase. herein:aoe estathlrhet" I
run in favor o'f eal h sha reholder a
for his virile share I lroportion l
existirng holl lding in1 the stoark butl
any sihareolder fail taa exercti e his A
a in this regard. hll, rights shall elZ
and he absorbed by the.r other
holders, provided ttaa th e owaf1r 6
i widow. heirs or legal repre - n.at
the case may ae. haltl not be obn .
deliver said stock n ilea the oe
pue ase the samte hall include st
the entirety of the offetdring der o I
glraph (1) or all of the holdingr a
paragraph (2).
S(4) All criertificates of stock sab
Sa brief referen"e to thle rights -herb
tah ished in the favor of the
nholders. et
ARTICLE V-All the corporate
Sof this corporation and the m d
and control of its affairs shall bell
in. and exercised hy a hoard *of
- composed of three stockholders, a
jority of which shall constitute a "oft
1 for the transaction of all busiaess.
directors shall be elected annuallyhrb
stockholders, at a meeting to be 0W i q
the first Monday after the first -a-h
each year in the month of Jatsary, e
meeting to be proceeded by thee
written notice to the stoekhold der.
stockholder shall be entitled. is paesage
by proxy, to a vote for every sharer
I by him. and all electons shall he
Snder such rules and regulaties las
be determined by the board of i
S The dIrectors, when elected, ap ea
tinue in office for one year. sad -
and have quealfed. No failure to d
o ter. Any vacancy occufriag e this _
shall be filled by the remnniaag dlugal
theirector shall, at its first meeting
its election, select out of its
president, and one or more viceptse
and shall also elect a secretary-tass
who need not, however, be a meala
the board. The president shall hae h
right to appoint and dismiss the lt
andoer hremployees of said cerpea
at pleasure, sad as the interest sa Il
ness of the same may demand. o1
director being sick or abseat or dsh l
poAint by written instrument, asthu
fector or stockholder to act as h e i
in 'I n ste d at any and all msthigie
said bo.rd of directors deriag l t
iset . The firt botrd of directs ad
officers shall be composed of the
election to e held oin a2I amly
E. Gunter, president. New Orasa1 Igo
448 shares; William J. Mitchell, vi
dent, New Orlesas. La.. 1 shae; La
Giraud, secretary-treasuver, New 0i
La.. 1 share.
ARTICLE VI-The efunds of thid
poratlon shall be deposited from
time tn a bank or banks to be srlla
the vice-presidento t, or the
ahrer. No offcer shall thus slg ot
dore. the name of the cotp
strictly oin its conacern. r
ARTICLE VII-No stockholder shI
held liable or responsiable for ea
faults or debts of the corp-.dtisM
shall any mere ainformality iln Ms
ti have the etret ot rendering
te nlrl, or of exposing say
on the shares owned by him
tion may be changed, o det ed, m
er this olrp ration mayt be dissetle,
the consent of the steckheidue
thr e-fourthea t all the stock
re. no oinetlrl tha th
o Reach toc o k lder latbin i
laed ofp ore bee. I cads fis
cthpe toxe pi at d i
sasell h f ath or rityl to sib
mpony. The tuowers ban d th
tal eit the tmle, fe elu
peoited by the steekhlders.
ARTICLE IX-Any and ni ilES
be valved by the unailmous
the stokholders u nless pr h aII
addtresseet the sabehr Itor n
tal stock of this corporation, sad 3
are as follows: Felix 3.
Odreas r uiainu., 4 r ss hes,
J. Mitche ll, New Ore. ns,
sare; L ouls B. OLirnd. New
Ice, at the City of iNew
aid, . the tpresencet o lW. I .
Jr., and Jo. . Klopf, i
city, wh·o hereto sbsrbe
on the day sad date set foreh in
tien h raeoa.
Witesser eo: w . . l a teA l
uells 3, Guater, New Orlial
1 share.
I. the undersIItned er Ie i
g ages, in r the forth P s_oI
the above iad foregoing of
ties, of the Steamship g
was this dar duly recorded i a_
ia Book InS, foi llo 51.
New Orleans, Feb. 2, rl0.
(isgsed): ROLT.
Feb. alm. Is ad truoe ad a id_
the oreginal on fle is U -
Febrr. y n ENRY P. D _
Before me. the uadergi -
set forth in charter pesd
P. Dart, Jr., N. ., osa
and that all of the capital
cororation, to-wit: fortY
($6.) dollars, has boon
re d id alaw..
. . dB
Sworn to and eanedR olde
ba, this deL dul r d -

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