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sad C. J. Donner
p IuaY Dght for Wash
L'C, to attend the Rivers
Cous5i. They will
portnLr and eastern
S& G.
busy people
11 to 2
} 65c
aii dl & Gros
'-"m- -m-  ma
tgei asit
.ihnrs Co.
Young man, if
you want to be-.
:` co e a Ic deer in
sar save a pat
salryyou now earn,
qya time bitune and gtdy
Man who mke good
* .di-at hal with
mr bhave funds on hand to
oppaflity when it
.m way.
MAmuWr To ML M{` 1Jls{Q il$ WrIe u*'
~~~~wu osnain 'ouau..s.s
coiaa SO WOS YOU?
adlrrs ba gad-eo
wi asI ddo ,i..' no I s'r
wo e ,de clrr w~ W
ti. ...a""1 ji W.aa. t.
Orw estain a de 1 L
Thuresgn akn
-N t~ Yfittmm. kOe4.
- oaw oumft auouwt
*~~~~ Iu&53 ?EA~E~.Na bees
hlbs liS sad inut l ess. nit's
w~I)·. vs us cam be, it 1· L
is vaw taum sisw - Via
`tNw *bpm La s
Mrs. U. J. Lewis entertained the
Thursday Afternoon Euchre Club.
The successful players ers were Mrs. A.
Graf. Mrs. J. A. Garland and Mrs. J
W. Adams. Mrs. C. V. Kraft received
the consolation. The next meeting
will be at the home of Mrs. F. 8kelly.
Mrs. M. Autln and daughter are
visiting relatives in Lafourche, La
Mrs. Janie Legendre of New Yor"
is visiting Mrs. C. J. Worrell.
We are still securing
odr all our competent graduates In
ecountancy, Stenographic- and Sec
tnrlal courses.
Also English studies, Mechanical
rawing and Telegraphy at the
613 Canal Street
Sell Cheaper Today than
20 years ago
No. 1
Royal and Bienville Sts, 2 blocks
from Canal.
No. 2
Tulane Ave. Corner Lopez St.
No. 3
Quary Makt Brman
8111 Jeanette, near Carrollton Ave.
. L kayat Prop.
1Mr. and Mrs. .. B. Barrett have
returned from Marshall. Texas. and
are home in Behrman avenue.
Mrs. J. Wengling of New York is
the guest of Mrs. C. J. Worrell.
Mrs. James Talbot of Slidell ave
nue has returned home after a trip
to New York.
All returns for tickets sold for the
dance given Wednesday night for
the Child's Welfare station are ex
pected to be in Saturday. The ladies
thank all who helped or donated.
The many friends of Mrs. Thomp
son of Bouny Street will be glad to
hear she is doing nicely.
The many friends of little Richard
Dixon will be sorry to hear that he
was bittep by a doag Saturday. Dr.
Babin is in attendance.
"While You Wait."
"Repairs while you wait" may be
explained In more ways than one, ac
Cording to a Jeffersnville business
man, who had discovered a meaning
he had not thought of at first. He
took a pair of shoes to a shop that
advertised "something different in re
pairing." and promised the job "'while
you wait." The business man said he
did not wish to wait but would call
later. It was not until the third visit
that he got the shoes. He was in
clined to become sarcastic but checked
himself, looked thoughtfully at the
sign and remarked to himself, as the
light broke: "Well, I waited."--Iu
I dianapolis News.
Has a Right to Bite.
What shall be the penalty for a sto
len kiss? Froude tells of a celebrated
case three-quarters of a century ago,
to-wit: "In 1837 Mr. Thomas Savar
land brought an action against Miss
Caroline Williams. who had bitten a
piece out of his nose for his having
tried to kiss her by way of a joke. The
defendant was acquitted and the judge
laid it down that 'When a man kisses
a woman against her will she is fully
eatitled to bite his nose if she so
pleases.' "-Milwaukee Sentinel.
She Remembered.
Rosemary was four years old and
was always inquisitive. One day her
mother was sweeping and a curious
looking In.lect ran from beneath the
rug. Her mother told her it was a
"thousand-legged worm."
About a week later Rosemary was
drawing some pictures. Her mother
asked what the drawing was supposed
to be. Rosemary said: "Why. m'oth
or. don't you know. It's a pictuve of
the several-legged worm we saw the
other day."
Way to Sueesd.
M you'd be happy.
Take ths advic
wad put it an lee:
"Make your work mwppy,.
Buitly Stated.
"How did you comn to decide eon a
poltical careert
"1 needed a job," replied Seasta?
orghum. "I couldn't induce any in
tviddal to give me one, so I had to
apply to the general public."
A Cold Leek.
'Ma. Pompleltgh Is a digtniied ol
"SB b Is."
"I weoder what would happen If I
wore to adedes him as 'oli top'f"
"It a lek from the houmn we
would ceansa bleed yeou'd feer to
Your ter Reoesmands ereles.
Skatting afords most delightful
pastime. Avemue Academy Rink Is
now opes. All ars will take you to
the Avenue Skattal Rink. adv
Om Wa. mao ree wY eveer -lIe
lhs a3dm s18 New o0dms, I,
3.n,3u? anr PItntedyetigsd
Aeats tOr
Tuans.e Crews and Packard BDcytces
iAn Woerk Called r and
Is Mia Ave, assrs sAW
Let an Algllers Man take Care
ol your Lsandry.
a- aslem , Ik.w Al. sed
Beginnin to-dayr will be pro
pared to receive applieations for
the m ouiLst of oincome ta re
turns~for t year 9r21. Applica
tions for this sernie will 'e tled
in order they are received ad will
reive promt attd Cou
forasee may be had with ne s
evemag betwos 7 and 90 o'o
p, m, .t , Cawrs's ra _or.
. _ d ,, i i - +. .. ,.
sti's VuNte ouR
6o4 wtIAS Sms shots OUT
64 w#4UAr~t4b ¶1 . 3A14e MAM
C, [email protected] l S R OTr45 LAST TWO
" ,
Citizen of Pig City Secretly Proud ef Chloroformed Bird, Minus Feathers
What Visitors Universally Denom. Very Much Alive When the An
Inate a Nuisance. esthetic Had Worn Off.
The "London particular.," the blind
Ing, choking, solid, yellow fo, the
Londoner's pride and the visitor's de
spair, has come back into its own.
London's fog Is not the soft, moist,
gray mist that hangs over an American
city in wet weather. It may be abso
lutely dry or as wet as rain itself. It
may envelop all of London, a blanket
that recedes unwillingly, step by step,
as a pedestrian advances.
It may envelop one or a dozen see
tions, when It may be seen in the dis
tance, and is stepped into as definitely
as one steps into a doorway.
Whatever the real "London particu
lar's" character, It Is a real tog; and
when it comes trains stop or slow to
a nervous crawl and street trafic is all
but halted.
The London tog comes with the
autumn and early wainter, when fires
are lighted in 2,000,000 fireplaces and
the smoke is unable to penetrate the
clouds. For several years there had
not been much fog; last year there
was almost none. This year it is back,
and the Londoner, curaaing it when it
makes him an hour late for work, us
eretly hugs it to his breast-he
couldn't help It it he wanted to-and
gloats over t as part of his his eritage
No one knows where It passed its va
Fathers, lethers and Unles, All Tee
Fend of Trifling With the Chil.
drenm Playthings
Fathers and uncles have always
made It a practise to play with little
Willie's mechanical toys it Christmas
time until they were broken, frequently
permittnlg Willie to look on merely,
while a group at adults manipulated
the tos all Christmas day.
But what happened to little Willis
was as nothing to the wrongs prac
deed by mothers who have purchased
walkinl dolls r their little.girls.
A little girl whos family had been
making entirely unsuccessful efforts
to conceal the ante-Yuletide preseone
In the home of a walking doll cams
out with the whole history of the case
ens evenlng
"Ar you going to shbow her the
walking dol' she asked wistfully,
Indicating a dinner guest as the "her"
I- question.
Father and mother looked at each
ether aghast. Theoretically the little
girl was not Ispposed to know there
was a walking doll in the hoom until
Santa Claus introduced them. Tact
fully they Inore the question.
"Bedtime, dear," suggeted mother
But the little girl had reached them
and ofe her endurance. Desperately
turned to the guest:
They play with it every night after
I go to bed," sh walled.
Lloyrd George's Jokes on Himself.
What has saved Ioyd George is his
sense of humor. He knows how to
laugh at himself. His avorite story
now a chestnut-was at the man who
saved a drownalg person Ina the
Thaies and explained, "Tee-I
jumped In after him-get him by the
neck-tuaned him over and tod he
wasn't Lloyd George-end thena I
pulled him ouat." His anet favorite is
of the old Welsh rmer who walked
many miles to Oiecleth, where Lloyd
Geore lives. "I'm goin to have a
look at David," said this admirer.
"David's now a great man." "Why
yes, he gets £00 a year " answered
his friend The farmer looked
thoughtfully and replied-t's not the
£,000 a year that matters Our Da
vid lives near the pile."-P. W. Wilson
is Werld's Work.
emumby Jaree was a pee mea.
a - story epe he apgreacd
a beem waith apssIn et
SwI x met him thn doer.
DN1 you ped tha erder SWr th
110, I teak ei en ree n.
r she ILmended m r
One of New Jersey's most con
servative towns is consumed with
mirth, and the objects of said mirth
are a young, kind-hearted bride and
bridegroom. The bridegroom, it ap
pears, took a chance on a turkey that
was being raffled off in his New York
office and a few days later was notified
that he had won the pompous bird.
Highly delighted, he gave his address
and ordered the prize sent out to his
New Jersey home.
In the course of time the bird as
rived at its destination, and arrived,
much to the surprise of the bride and
bridegroom. in a wire crate very much
alive, remarks the New York Sun. As
their experience in executing birds was
nil and the bride "couldn't bear to
have its pretty head chopped off,"
they decided to chloroform it. Con
sequently, the next night, when thq
bridegroom got home from the office,
the anesthetic was administered on a
lovely lace handkerchief and then the
bird was plucked and put into the
ice box. About 9 o'clock that night
the peace and quiet around the library
lamp were disturbed by strange noises
in the kitchen.
Hand in hand the newlyweds bravely
descended upon the kitchen expecting
to find the ever-looked-for burglar.
But no burglar was to be seen. Lo.
catlng the doise in the direction of the
lee box the brave young bridegroom
swung open the doors and out stepped
a very naked turkey. After a few
rounds of the kitchen with consider
able flapping of wings he begun pick.
lag up the crumbs on the floor. The
bride and bridegroom looked at each
other in horror and fled from the
kitchen. An hour or so Jater the
services of a neighbor were called
upon and this time the turkey was an
estbetised with an ax.
Laber Newspaper of Rio de Janelse
S-ueeed in Going the " Jeauty
Centest" One Better.
The "beauty contest" Is gone one
better by the Intransigente, a labor pa
per of Rio de Jaseiro, which has start
ed a conatest to ascertain the best
"manual or iqtellectual labores eof
Smultaneous with the openlns of
a beauty contest by another journal of
Rio, the Inlransiente announced it
would give a valuable prise to a wore
an or gill securing the largest num
ber of votes for being the most skilled
woman in any line of work.
The Ilsts published by the Intrani.l
geste of the contestants and their
standing nclude the names of stem
egrapbers, actresses seamstresses
women in all branches of government
work, laundry workers, telephone ep
orators, shop girls and meors oth
Contrary to expectations actresses
do net bead the lisot of contestants,
the top place being occupied by Seka
berinba Baley, a seamstress, who has
a total of aore than 1,000 votes to
her credit, says the New York SBn.
Show AMrs Develpment.
A remarkable collection of pictures,
which will be more highly prised as
years go by, is the series of American
aeronautical photographs which es.
Major Ernest Jones, army air service,
has gathered during his ifteen years
la this work. They cover the develop
ment of aeronauties, particularly avia
tilo, from 1868 to 1917. The 1,800
photographs visualise the successve
steps, made by the Wright brothers,
Curtie,, Thomas. Wittemana and other
piomesta is tbis country.' Sme of these
are the only pictures in existence of
ertain 'machines and events. "It is
probable," says United States Air Sr
viee, "that this is tihe most complete
collectio of air pheotqraphs ia Ames
" uDo t p hink to pbbe t a
Soane year seeches men nme
astulse sbjeet"
"I adl't make 'ema" deesd Sli'
ater Ssrpham. "w the epsieein
tIt tbOW be gesesd. I msnrl
wantd to sbow that I wm.'t nsagls
pet msee hoe eve Md ats laesem
at res-oasb** wate _heasag."
At a promotion court held last
Saturday, the following boys passed
these tests: William I LeBlanc;
tracking, compass. Guy Ponti:
tracking, cooking. Joseph Koening:
cooking, compass. Christie Babin:
compass, cooking. Osborn Hunter:
tracking, cooking.
First ('las. Tests.
Hart Schwarzenhach: first aid.
Jack Calvin: carpentry, first aid.
Earl Angelo: heights, weights and
distances, carpentry, cooking.
Richard Stenhause: heights, weights
and distances, nature study. Ross
Stenhouse: heights, weights and dis
Another Hike.
Another hike is contemplated for
Saturday, February 25th. This time
we will hike to Kenner, where we are
informed location is very good. We
want a large crowd and every body
should try and go. We expect to
leave on Saturday morning of the
25th and remain until Sunday aft
ernoon of the 26th. We will be
camped just a few block from a
church and all boys will be able to
attend mass there.
Troop 32'sT Mardi Gras Parade
Say fellows, did' you hear about
Troop 32's Mardi Gras parade? Yes.
they are going to have a yellow frock
tail coat parade, all decorated, red
vests with yellow buttons and white
trousers. It's going to be grand. Our
friends, Harry Isreal and Charles
Hughes are going to ride at the head
of the parade on mules. Schrodfr,
the originator of the idea will prob
ably lead the whole thing swinging
a mean baton resembling somewhat
the march leader in Sousa's band.
Not For a Long Time
We are sorry to learn that scouts
Malcolm Schwarsenbach and Nor
man Whitney are quite seriously ill
at their homes. Scouts being cheer
ful, we believe that these two scouts
will be well and cheerful in a few
days. especially so they will be able
to doi the yellow frock tail coats
and red vests on Mardi Gras Day.
Friends to Take Part.
All our friends are Invited to takL
part in our Mardi Gras parade and
are requested to get in touch with
our headquarters either by mail of
in person not later than Friday
February 24th.
Headquarters. 606 Opelousas' ave
Our regular meeting was held
last Wednesday and the regulas
business was transacted. A promo
tion Court was hbeld in Algiers lasi
Saturday by Friend Hoyt, 8coul
executive. and a very large numbes
of boys were present. The followini
named Scoats passed tests: FP. Ar
sago, L. Bollinger, B. Cantin, R Do
Riocha, A. Gillispie, C. Hurtin. The
following boys have passed the Sec
end Chlass tests, James Gillls and
lawrence 8ttinger. We are very glad
to have Arthur Kulp for Assistanl
Seribe,~Troop No. S3
Lmars b ir, Wasiiqrus hiir I U in a $l 0i.1
With a little care and patiene almost anyone can make a good
copy of the above pieture of the "FPather ft His Contry."
On a piece of drawling paper, make a retaagleI 8 inches wide sadt
10 inches high. Along e of the four saides place dots one lash
spart. Connect the dots with light lies to form squares. Copy in
each pquare the lines showsn on the eorrespondig square in the
picture. When you have finished the penail drawing, g over it
with ink. When completed and thoroughly dried, erase all pencill
liHes with a soft eraser sad your picture is finished.
For the bbst copy of this plctam mast to The Herald we will give
a one pound box of the famous A. Q. Williams Home Made Candy,
and to the second best, one-hal pound be.
All pictures must be received not 4ater than Tuesday, Feb. 28.
Address them to Children's Uditor, The Herald.
vn ay Smasr iw ALL wassn of mons SaMn canny.
3a5s45 naneaex s:.
colne 5. s winsOgr P.aen
Leservwd That Deer.
Frank l'ettlngill of, Sanhornton, N.
H.. while hunting alone wounded a
big buck deer. The buck turned and
ran; I'ettinglil was out of ammunition
so he dropped his gun and gave chase,
as he saw that the deer was badly
wounded. He overtook the animal In
a mountain brook, got a strangle hold
on Its neck and the pair went to the
mat. The huck managed with its feet
to tear l'ettingill's trousers complete
ly off, but finally succumbed to Pet
tingill's blows. Then, trouserless, In
the 15 above zero air, Pettingill ran
two miles to his home, donned dry
clothes and returned for his prisz.
Boston Globe.
Bird Strictly in Fashion.
Thelma's folks had been taking her
to vaudieville quite a bit and the
youngster enjoyed the dancing acts
tone day she was out in the back
yard playing with her dolls when she
tsuddenly noticed a sparrow taking its
daily dust hath--ruffling out its feath
ers and shaking out the dust.
The.lnma caene running In, her eyes
sparkling with fun. saying, "()h, maIm
Stan. look at that little bird out there
in the yard, shimmying in the dust."
How Big Was It?
"I don't know whether to u(r'e;pt this
testimonial or not," rltcmued the hair
restorer t:lln.
"What's the mn:itter with it." de
uunli'l the :alvertising nalii':aer.
"W\'ii." .'xplininetd the IHos. "the
!mainn v.rit.: 'I Iued to haI\ tlrr"' hI:i!d
spots oi the to; of ljy he:al. !t I winre
'-inil ' te It i* t of your iha'r I ,':l er
"1 recognized yeou at once, Mr. Og
den," smiled young Doctor Jeusup
"from the pictures your Aunt Sue has
shown me."
The most nut'ltious root crop, after
the potato, is the beet root, which con
taius 12 per tent of sugar.
Athletics and writing poetry have
nothing in common.
Roosevelt said: "Work bard, play
hard; some loaf hard."
Church Notices
Bev. I. T. Meleod; Rev. 3. . Masser.
ddress 1137 th StL. Phone Jacksoa 375l
bnuday School every SIlday aftersaod
at Pythlia Hall, 3:15 o'eleock.
Verrt and laa SIt.
Rev. IL. A. Cotter Parish Priest' Iv.
J. Guelaa, RBe. 3 l. McGrath a vr.
- Hayes, asslattas.
Pb..., Algief a1.
Week Days--aae. :, 3 sad T.
Lnday 5:3, 7:3. 5 sad 1L
LIvergae san Delarsade ets.
Rev. C. . Wier. psr; radest, M
Orivier t. Phome AlgiMs li
Sunday Schlel-- :30.
Ssday1-U a. a. and 7:10 p. a.
Thursday Prayer Meag-':30 p. " i
MT. OLIVIT PsICOPAil. 03lm ll3
PeaesM Ave, nd OMvir at.
tev. Thes. B. CMalrd. I OMvier St.
Pthse Algere 81.
Sunday-? a. as.. msaunaies (SuN
heral) sad rmaee
Sunday Schbeo-:'I a. m.
eviese Sunday--T: p. a.. evaslsa
praye sad arme..
Cerer Oltlse sd UsIb ata.
Mev. . Ha Hatwr. : e.. 4 o 0~r It
Pbsem Agierm sa.
Sa. a.
1et uhreh et Cl mt elsatkt, a d
at hMher Chureb . Redse..
Nalh Ames end Osiu se. Su
day wervise at IU L a.
Sunday Seheel at ": . a.
Wedsmeady oveu s u s at 8 5 .
Tehe Stt.
Nor. fames B. Albt, . . s, Psa
ausea Seuday and 1Holy Days, sal
I Benday Schel an fteS: as
Daptiama. BSnday, 4 p . Sunday mght
service, 7:3 p. . Holy Her Thrsday.
T I m. Wek Day m :s -i a. a.

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