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The Herald will pay 50 cents in
rash or mail the paper every week
for six months to any address given
for each childish saying printed. lne
story told moust never have been
printed before. Do not expect pay
for your story until it I, printed in
The Herald. Address Bright Sayings
to The Herald. 500 Verret Street.
At breakfast the other morning I
said: "Bobble, why don't you drinif
your milk?"
"'Cause I don't like it." he replied.
"Yes, but a nice man told me it
would make you a fine big boy if
you'd drink milk every day."
He hesitated a moment, then said:
"I'll bet it was the milkman that
told you that."
L. W.. Delaronde St.
Conway was on a visit to his grand
"Telegraphc,,e" May Be .'sed n, tl.e
Future to Prevtu.t Fc'.ab;. .ty of
Urnhappy Matr ;ag
One of the il.;::.a.auhle t:..-4 to
which the "tell gr: ;,l.,'le." ,iu inven
tkmn nniunce by the S~eie:y of Elec
trical Lh'velaipmenlt, aiiy he plated is
that of iprevenlting uilhul,[py unurria.ges.
Thle ii.%cvatir hiamlself. laulte uot dt.
cloml, believes tl.it If it caln be ad
Justed over the healrt of the girl, her
doubt-torn swain will be able to tell
whether shie is telling the truth or not.
He had not invented a way of making
the girl put this lie detector on.
The "telegraplhone" records the
breathing and lieart beats. It mngni
flea irregularities caused by emtotions
mind Is regarded by criminologists as a
sure method of catching lying wit
aeness. The lover suggestion Is put
forward by the inventor merely as an
example of what scilence could do if
"When John grows doubtful of the
reality of Joan's love for him," he
says In his day, academic way, "he
can satisfy himself by having her
heart flutters measured."
If the girl puts up a strggl at a
suggestion that she wear this har
aes during an evening of courtship
John may be sure that he is going to
get several hours of lies. In that case
there is nothing to do but doubt every.
thing she says Thus will unhappy
marriages be prevented.
New United States eHopitals
Before the year ended the. United
States public health service had added
three more hospitals to the fourtees it
had opened slce January 1 last. It is
also preparing nine other hospitals,
four of which will probably be opened
by May I gond the others a little later.
Al of these hospitals have either been
leased free private owners or taken
ever fom the army or the navy, the
eoestruetlie authorled by ern
rrs at the etra session not yet
bes wel uander war.
ea Hipitals planed to be opened for
1M Incurde the tubereuloess bhspl
isis at beautiful Dawson Springs. Ky.;
MBeler Springs Mo. and Rutland.
Mass., with a total of U20 beds; the
meral hospitals at Fort Walla Wal
ln, Wash and at Norfolk, Va, with
a seual of 1240 beds. and the neure
psychiatrie hospital In the Bronx, New
Trtk ch.. with 100 beds.
The lowest point in Europe is the
sptan sea-elghty-z feet below sea
SYhe deepept eve nl the wead is
Mears hsederlkshall Norway--1 001
btde deep
SRoA aT.o ao
ei. hIrmrm r* Lest betweem
"Leat v e leeek ear~sa1 t the
jj r~a laval etrs. return to
Meese stat. aeware.
W~.L * the ro. posi.sor of this beautiful and wonder
We want to lerane der busines, heaes this remarkable offer
s laesse t prld on aeeoum l of this offer.
Orders will be delivered
anywhere In Algiers eme on
a cash offer.
Watch for my weekly 1,
and $2.40 sales to be 1h
annned an every yeeks
Heald_ and yOU wl moea
that thee keys may be
easily sIleved. 
With each and every pur
ehae at tils stsre ramout
tag to  blloUan we wll
hive the Cestomer a Key.
Oe of these Keys thus gives
away will be the Key that
will unlock the Leek of the
amattl Mle uMaster now
a display It ear sture.
M omr sw.s mu 9 a ai es -watch f the
M tom you  ew lum srm el
a* youtis W a os senssor of
-We I
r.i, ;~~
parents for the first time sinee he
became old enough to remember peo
ple. Hence he found the words
"grandma," "grandpa" and "grand
children" novel and interesting.
He was especially interested in
the family pet, a large cat about 10
or 11 years old, and said to his
grandmother: "Grandma, is, this
your grandcat?'
During the cold spell of last week
Maurine was carried several blocks
by her granddaddy, also called "pop."
Besides her winter outfit, she was
wrapped h ?ad and feet in an auto
robe. Arriving home she was laid
on the couch while pops removed his
Soon came a low vciy e calling:
"Pops, come unpack me."
English Clergyman Likely Will Have
to Stand Trial on the Charge
of Heresy.
Charges of heresy-with the posil
bility that England will have an ec
desiastical trial such as it has not
known since the Middle ages-have
been filed against the Rev. H. D. A.
Major, principal of l(ipon hall. a theo
logical institute in Oxford, by the Rev.
C. E. Douglas. Further action rests
with the bishop of )xford, with whom
the charges have been dplced.
The action grew out of an article
by the Rev. Mr. Major, in which he
said that the resurrection of Christ
was a spiritual but not a physical
happening. The Rev. Mr. Douglas
charges him with "publishing doctrine
contrary to the teachings of creeds
and of holy scripture," and also "of
importing into the Christian religion
the teachings of the eastern mystic.
The Rev. Mr. Major holds no ben
efice, so the case can not, be tried
through the bishops' court. The pro
cedure which must be followed is the
old "procedure by inquisition." Under
this the bishop having received the
Information appoints "an inquisition
of priests" to hear testimony.
The Rev. Mr. Major, since the filing
& the charges, has announced he will
defend his position.
He Was tie "Goat".
One day last spring I attended a
circus, and while looking for my seat
prior to the start of the show, I
chanced to walk through the arena.
A young "blonde" lady came to me
and asked me where the animals were
on exhibition. As I pointed the cor
rect directions she fell in a faint,
right into my arms. I was badly con
fused and started to carry her to one
of the platforms In the center of the
immense coliseum. Then I heard roars
of loud laughter. I dropped her and
started to fan her with my hat, when,
with all eyes on me, I realised that
the young "lady" was a clown who
had been amusing the audience before
the, start of the regular show and I
was the "goat."-Exchange.
Cold Reeeption.
"I have some lines addressed to
D'Annunaio," said the timorous visitor.
"Well, he isn't here." snapped the
hard-hearted editor. "The last time I
heard of '(abe' he was getting his
mail at Flume, but I understand he
is going to leave and I don't know
where he wants, it forwarded."-Btw
lnghbam Age-Herald.
New York Turn to Cenerete.
A reinforced concrete building sil
teen stories high is to be built in the
leather district of New York city, Juae
below the Brooklyn bridge. This s a
record beight for such a structure ao
)lanhattan island, where concrete has
been uned sparingly and only for lrter
and fuctories.
Attitude of the V ngstrs o by He
Means Nlaosearlly a Mark
of Diereupeet.
When we find the children slippnlag
he away. excluding us from their pleas
urea, it's time to let them understand
s that we're far from being ready for
d- the scrap heap.
The fact that children don't run to
In bring father's slippers as they used to.
10 doesn't mean any lack of conslderation
is for the parent who has worked hard
is all day to support his family. I prefer
to think the passing of this custom in
dicates a hope in the young mind that
father hasn't yet reached the slippered
age. but still has a stomach not wholly
satisfied with warmed-over calbage.
Slippers are the symbol, the outward
is and visible sign of approaching senil
to Ity. Father would he a lot better off
Id if he forsook the old armchair and took
is the family to a vaudeville show or a
movie. When my fifteen-year-old son
: l(,ks in on me wlienl I'm sh:aving and
asks, clheerfully. "Hlow's the hero feel
- ing this morning?" I am fhattered. lie
(oesn't imean to be Ilalpultent; lie is
merely grtect;ng me as though I were
a comrade of his own age.
e I should certainly forfeit his confl
denee in mIy sense of humnor If I put
down the razor to tell him that IIn nly
youth children showed their pa:eets
M more respect. I tri"d that for a year
or two and it didn't work. My jpast
I is nothing to him; he finds the world
* as it is sufficilent for all purlposes, and
. if he can have the car this afternoon
r he'll he very much obliged!"-Mere
F. dith Nicholson in Harper's Magazine.
American Archeologists Have Con.
s vinced Themselves of Facts Con
eorning Ancient Sardis.
Doctor Hogarth, keeper of the Ash
molean museum in Oxford, recently
, gave a series of lectures on the exca
vations conducted by American arche
ologists at Sardis. About fifty Latin
inscriptions sere <:scovered in the
temple ruins by the Americana. Most
of the inscriptions were found, how
ever, on the lower slopes of thb moun
tain at the rear of the temple.
r The object of the undertaking was
to settle the qu:stion as to whether
the temple columns stood on the site
of the ancient Sardis or whether it
had disappeared with the col!apse of
I the acropolis. The archeologists sat
isfied themselves that the ancient
town did stand on the temple site.
The theory is that the temple was
built originally in the Fourth century;
t Indeed, one of the inscriptions discov
ered dates back to the time of An
tigonous, or about 300 B. C. Traces
have also been found of an earlier
sandstone temple under the other
fragments. Originally the temple had
eight columns in each of the two
facades; not many architects today
a would design a building to support
E such great weight on such supports.
I The work of excavation was great
I ly facilitated by the importation of a
whole railrrad from the United States.
32,000 Grains From One.
SAn experiment to show the fecundity
I of a grain of wheat has just been con
eluded at the omcial school of agricul
tare, Vallodolid, Spain, with the result
that one grain produced in a year 322,
000 grals.
* At the end of July 100 grains were
r. sown separately. At the end of Sep.
Stlmber the grains had developed an
average of.12 shoots each. These were
cut and transplanted and by the end
of October each cutting furnished an
F average of eight shoots, which pro
dued 0 ears each, and each ear gave
a average of 80 grains. A simple
multiplicatioa um shows that each of
the original grats planted reproduced
Itself Ih2E8xlO, making a total tof
Stars Daylight.
It' has beean recently found that
photographs of stars down to the
Ssixth magnitude (degre of bright
mes) on- be taken nla broad daylight,
so that uastronomical photography
need no longer be, cooIied to the
olght The discovery follows Lord
Rayletgh's Alnling that the color of the
sky is caursed by the diffdsion of as
light by the atamospher, and that the.
quantity of light dispersed i dliaerent
in the cae o diferent colr.
If the stellar phtographs are takes
througah a veri dep ed sereen the
starl appear with distinctanas. Eper
iments these movl lines ar belg
carried out at several obervatredes
Broeklyn Eslie.
18 lbs. Grnulated 8agr...$S1e
13 Caus Delmoeto -c-e..-.$1
1Large* ais Oetagon borsp.Sl.
8 Large Cans Blae Ridge
Carn .................gla1 0
Plaiters Elegant Print Butter
per lb. ................. .
Good Luck Oleo, per lb. . ....e
e t Irish Potatoes C Ite for Se
Ballards Self Raising Flour
per package . "---- - .1kr
Chamois Bet Timaue Tolet
Paper, per roll ........ ose
Kellogsg Corn Plakes, pkg. le
Petival Bread Jame, ea.. oe
Big R Brand Tomatoes, mall
sl 3 for ............ r-e
Spaghett, Spahoettl ad
Macearoeal per lb......... 10e
The above prles are for cash
Wn. w. Eef ,s', Ps·p_
e Rmomem L hasme l.am
Fhen w.ge asS qmat  .
-ai s PomuP im llr
Doughsues and Bead. S&
Pbeelbusy ayst this bahery.
urn -m ai mgagmav
e Spaed Rerds of Celestial dlies Are
All Broken When They Turn
Around the Sun.
g One of the most remarkable things
I about conmets is the presence of a
d tall. Not that all have them. Many
r po.sess such appendages, and some
make marvelous displays. However,
o the tall appears to be a transient af
4 fair somehow dye to the comet's
n proximity to the sun. A periodlic comet
d which displays a magnificent tall at
c one apparltion may show little or noth
I- ing of this character upon another oc.
it caslon.
d As a typical comet swings swiftly
y round the sun, the tall seems to swing
around as well. Always it stretches
d from the comet in a direction away
I- from the sun. As the tall may be
if many millions of mfles in length, an
k explanation is needed to cover the
a question as to how it is possible In
n a few days to swing the tail through
d an arc of 180 degrees. Some comets
I- are extraordinarily rnpld movers as
e they round the sun. Thus, the peridlec
5 comet of 1843 reached, in its swing
e round, the wonderful velocity of 300
miles tier second. However, it is more
1- particularly the rapid angular swing
t of the tall that needs explanation. If
y the tall is precisely the same object
r throughout, a 72-hour swing of a hun
r dred million miles of tall through two
t right angles would mean that the
I terminal particles covered an are con
I siderably over 150.000.000 miles long
I at the rate of some 000 miles per see
ond.-Scientlfic American.
Turkish Methuselah, at 146, Refuses
to Consider Himself as Too Old
to Travel.
A modern Methuselah. reputed to be
the oldest man on earth, has started
out to see the world before he gets
"too old to travel." Zora Mehmed,
one hundred and forty-six years old,
of Constantinople has arrived in Paris.
Zora, who has been working pretty
t consistently for 140 years, is in ex
cellent health and boasts of being
able to carry a 200-pound weight.
Zora produces identification pa
pers to prove he was born in 1775,
and he refers to his closest competi
tor for longevity honors, a Sioux In
dian In the United States, aged one
hundred and thirty-seven years, as
"a mere boy." Zora has a son ninety
five years old, and he has so many
descendants that he long ago lost
The aged Turk is a skeptic on the
subject of matrimony. Having tried
the experience four times, he says
he speaks with a certain amount of
"Women," said Zora, shaking his
head bitterly, "women, they may seem
as sweet as the rosy dawn, but, verily,
they are more often like thorns, hidden
only by a rosy exterior."
Noes-Tip Vaeeinstien.
The aged Japanese statesman had
a little, saucer-shaped scar on the tip
of his nose.
"All we Japanese of the older gem
eration have this scar",' he said. "It's
our vaccination mark."
"Mercy i"
"Yes, it's our vaccination mark. In
the old days, when compulsory vac
cinatlon first came in, we vaccinated
everybody on the tip of the nose.
Why? Well, because It was a good
place-no movement there, you see, to
rub off the scab. Also because a vac
eination mark on the nose tip was ess.
fly Identified by the medical officer-
no need to take og half your clothes
in order to prove that you'd been va
"Yes, nosetlp vaetcatlon had Its
good points, but before the modern
Ihankering after beauty it had to go,
just as knee vaenation is going, here
in the westera world, betre the one-m
piece bathing drel and the stocklnag
rolled down to the top of the calf."
Hersermhe roem the Prinae.
Before embarking for India the
prince of Wales visidted the castle of
Oakham in Rutland, says an Eangldlh
And following an old tradition he
had to pay the tithe.
This tradition, over 800 years old, is
one of the mast curmtas. It Imposes
upon the visitor of note-for whom
alone the gates are opened-tha obli
pgation to oter a horseshoe.
The prlince of Wales did not ignore
this custom. His horsesoe was
placed above the first that Iured in
thb collection, and which was received
ftrom tha bhands of Queen Elisabeth.
Preven1n Meter Skidding.
As a antiskid arrangement, as
rshow n the Popular Mechales Mag. I
asa, side wheels are a laceen a I
metorcycle recently displayed at a BeA
In auto show. Each ide wheel is
arranged at sach a udle from the
body as to prevent the machine from
lddaing or fallilg over when turalng
ti either dlrettlm. These wheels also I
support the motorcycle when.not In(
Lots 6th District
On fUew istret: 'Iue Ave..
, eta. _t mes lt.~ul bs t 1
pose Lee Rhodes *
enatnm 70t Pe, le 4
Mira Stella Mreadal wll pe q
a echot of dagelag Ia AlgIers,
when the reauired nuamber of hlB
drea are obtaied.
he interested wm pmage
heeoer n ea en rs.abe,.ah.L
Pase mAlsrs 8L 1
* Pearl Regay, the dancer, heads the
Orpheum's new bill starting" Monday,
February 27. The program also
contains such vaudeville celebrities
s as George Whiting and Sadie Burt;
a Jack Rose, the comedian, Joe Ben
Y nett, blackface comedian, and a dog
e act the kiddies can enjoy.
ý. Pearl Regay has danced in mus!cal
' comedy and in vaudeville. In the
e litter her last appearance was with
t Lester Sheehan. This season she
t organized a jazz band, obtained the
I services of Ward De Wolf to assist
her in singing and dancing, and
started out on a very successful vau
deville tour. Miss Regay has youth.
 good looks, and the peculiar, grace
: without which no dancer can ascend
' to headline heights. Miss Regay is
" by turns a ball room dancer, a clas
Ssical dancer and a jazz stepper. Her
e versatility is one of her charms.
Only now and then does such a
comedian as Jack Rose come this
! way. His. kind are almost as rare
as rubies. Mr. Rose is billed as "a
specialist for the blues" and that is
just what he is. He has numerous
ways of being funny. Jimmy'Steiger
is his accompanist.
George Whiting and Sadie Burt
are singers. They have the knack
of choosing just the right songs for
their style of voices. Miss Burt is
little and cute while Mr. Whiting is
. big and manly looking they please
the eye as well as the ear.
Kara, an European juggler of the
eccentric type, opens the show. An
other novelty act will be Leonard
Gautier's "Bricklayers." Who and
what they are remains to be seen.
Another act, yet to be announced,
completes the show.
Friday, February 24th.-Antonio
IMoreno in "The Secret of the Hills",
Two Faces West". Hall Room Boys'
Sunday. February 26th.-Florence
Reed in "The Black Panther's Cub".
Monte Banks in "Peaceful Alley".
Comedy. Movie Chat.
Now that the trapping season i
closed, the Coneervatkon Department
of Louasiana has issued warning to
trappers that they must take up the
r traps tn the runs and store them
against the opening of the next snew
son, beginning November 1. Thoed
who wish to observe the law can have
I so purpose in leaving traps in the ruse
I for they have no right to catch tuo
Sbeaaln animals now, and the leaving
out of traps may caue other trappers
I to believe they are flagrantly sad to'
6 Wationaily violating the law.
When the trapping law was eacted
t those engaged in the business looked
askance at its prtovlsons, and resented
any interference by the State with
what they regarded as their immeamo
rial right to take wild creatures at their
Spleasure. ut each season has brought
conversions, until now there are few
tntelligent trappers in the State who
a do not recognizels that the law is as
much in their interest as 1 is is the
tterest of the community at large.
Under the restriction of time they get
better fur and hence better prices, sad
save found that by giving the animals
a chance to breed and ram their young
they can secure more high grade sfr
I a season thanem they ormerly could
lake of low-gsade fur. Indeed, in some
sections petitions are being circlated
among 'rappers asking that the senes
begin November 15, er as late as Do.
amber 1, instead at Ihember 1.
omemrvattotts may differ as to
the advtisablity e the haage but
therea is a naimtr o pias the
die law as It stands, generafly a,
ored, wiei msre a perpetutny et the
fr supply. And the olaw ia berng mere
and more generally observed, beamao
anpg r mhave omto ma the advant
age to tbemselves O Ito enmorememt,
and rew leading as-issceN to the C
arvatLo in a checkian up volatIon.
A Nature Leesn.
Marlon is an observing child. Re
cently the family motored into the
i country and was caulght in a ranla
sam. While wanlai for tLhe rnal to
step the family, stin the seda,. was
watching brsee in a field nearby.
"Isa't it funny," Martea observed,
"when it rains the animals alwaIys turn
la the oppolite directlo." And fiends
of anlmals will agree that most e
them, at least horses, do nat fee a
storm, but tarn in the ppite dise
Artists In Jap Cabinet.,
apena cabiant members ar
artIsts and their paintinMs and wrt
lags brught good prlcd at a recent
aucetion by the Tokyo lne Arts dcub.
iThe late Premier ar panlted three
pletares wadi sold sr o00, and a
other groap of four breoght appre
! t el0 wattnse o PI~mIs, Salsa
bronugt  Mr. Mnm, naster et
communrltions, painted a dhrystnthe
mum and an orchid, dwhile Mr. Thk.
a, the horn lllter .wrot a
poe--Denrbaoa Indpednt
She et Them.
PatIence-Wender tf Peggy i sot
P'atrie-Why, yes! Bis as baen
Pattenee-No, bt e sad it
couldn't go out unti de got' her new
i'trlce-Well. I ew her limpp b
Had Figured It out.
The Lawyer-Yee're akilag pretty
taM allmony merely besee pear
h ad nglc.ted ya tsr his buaines.
Thick hec dig It aut
The (ient--4 eear he ean. Iy
*wt'nqdlag tgo Islnees he's made nicesr
ests h1rgleslt a be's cave! It.
ln rthen t *as a see hee
m* N wal im, em .e he
M Matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2 p. m.
1e By J. M. BARRIE
I. Curtain Monday Night After Parade Passes Canal and B
a Atur. o Tsrza. tt VAnd JeV.\
T ,Foto's Folly Theatre
Pet". Fox News.
MONDAY, Feb. 2th.-(Choed on n "dle ('lount of parade.
ATUESDAY, Feb. 28th.-Itettle Compson in IdaI.. s Must Lice S.nI. Com
WEDNEsDAY March ast.-tuck Jones In I "Iar Nothing. Elmo i.incoln i
tures of Tarzan". Mutt and Jeff.
THURSDAY, March 2ad.-Itetty Compson In -End of the World. Rolnl Comedy.
FRIDAY, March 3rd.-Cha,. Chaplin In "Idle Class". Douglas M1aclean in
Through". Pathe Review.
SATURDAY, March 4th.-Same as Friday..
Deers Open Suadays, 5: p. a., Pietures Aewn 5:20 p. M.
o Deers Open Weeks Days, 8:1 p. w., Pietures Bosds .e
Patreos eemlna as tee aM S: p. EL. will sN lMatut Pgrams
IAarAL ,ectOf ,
'o haew the valme of a dollar.
A Sving. accounat wll emeourma him in the dreeties ol a
Let ankt witt sh personar.
Algiers Trust and Savings Bank
where Iced Dainties are served flit ras
are in the larger city foutala s.Ci
able chairs and tables, and sreetrki
to aome. We are eateriag to the t
with the best goods.
The Home Druggloot
VWrst aid Ak Sie. Pheme Alglr
NI Amem * N. -m
The Future Home of Our 1 I Camp
Street Office Is Now at Camp
and Gravier
The new quarters are more commodious, more
convenient, more modern in every way and better
equipped to serve, not only the needs of our pres"
ent customers, but also to meet the future bebk- ,.
ing requirements of the important district in
which it is situated.
The patrons and friends of this bank should be
interested' in inspecting the newly installed
burglar-proof .nd fire-proof safety deposit vault
where protection for your valuables can be en
joyed for about one cent a day.
- 'We Have aBRANCH BANK Near Your Home"
Ut Pttersem Street
MT. Ut er Cayai Manager n
Trust amd Savings Bank

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