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ouited States of America. 8tate of Louis
latn, City of New Orleans. I.e it known
that on this 19th day of the month of
Janaitiry. in the year one thousand, nine
hunldred and twenty-two, BIefore [email protected]
C'harles V. Macaluso, a notary publl,.
duly o,nvnisliotied and sworn in and for
the Parish of Orleans and ('ity of New
O(rle;oll. therein residing, and in the pres
ence of the wititesn.s h,.reinafter named
and uindersligned. persolnally appeared the
piersons w-howe lanlie are hereunto sub
asribed. who 1d. lared that. availing them
selves of the provision~ of the law of this
State. relative to the orgatllzition of cor
plorations. and particularly those relative
to the orgaizulation of homeslad associa
tions, they do by these presents covenant.
agree. al-d. form and constitute them
elves and those who may hereafter boe
come aasociated with them, into a cor
poration for the objetsa and purposes fol
lowing, to wit:
ARTICLE I--The name and title of this
corporation shall be the Italian Home
stead Association. and under the said cor
porate name it shall have power to have
and enjoy sncces~aon by the said c-or
purate name for the term of ninety-nine
i years froum the date hereof, unless sooner
dissolved. ti the manner hereinafter pro
vided; to contract, sue and be sued In its
corporate lanle: to make and use a lor
porate seal, and the same to break, alter
and anmend at pleasuse; to name and ap
point such nlanagers or officers as Its In
terest and convenience milsy require, the
same to be stlipulated in Its by-laws; to
make and establish or to anmed such by
laws for the proper management and
regulation for the affairs of this corpora
tion as may be necrosary and proper: to
hold, receive, lease. purchase and convey
under its corlporate name suc'h proplrty.
real or personal. as may be necessary for
the protection or enforcement of its se
unritles. the collection of any claims or
debhts due to it and for its oc-.oupanncy of
office or domlelle; to lend and borrow
money on securities. both real and per
sonal; to make and establish such by
laws. rules sad regulations for the pro
per conduct of the affairs of this corpora
tion as may le necessary and proper, and
the same to change and alter at pleasure;
to Issue stock to members; to seize and
collect from members, fees. dues, fines.
interest, premiums and other charges as
may be set forth and determined in the
by-laws of this corporation; to permit or
force members to withdraw all or part
of their stock; to make loans to members.
all upon such terms and conditions as
may be provided nla the by-laws; to borrow
money and to issue its evidences of indebt
edness therefor hearing such rate of in
terest as may be authorized in the by-laws.
and In accordance with the general law of
the State to lend money to stockholders
on real estate or on the shares of this
association nla such manner as may be de
termined by the by-laws; and generally to
do and perform all acts and things as are,
or may be. requslate and neceshary to
carry out the obligations and purposes
of this corporation which is that of a
bomestead associatlon. all of which acts
sad thinrs this assoratolan may do nas I
specifically nlaorporated In this charter.
ARTICLE I--The domicile of said cor
poraton shall be in the City of New Or
seas. State of Louisiana. All citations
shall be served one the presldent, or in his
abdiace, as the vice-presIdents in the
order of senlority.
ARTICLE III-The objects and pur
poees of this corporatIon are declared to
be to provide a means for the regular, safe
and profitable investment of the savings
of 4ts members by the mouthly Install
ments on account of Its capital stock,
and to provide for the accumulatleo of a
fnad from said Intallments paid on ac
count of sbecrrtptions to said capital
capital stoek or moneys derived from
rentals or from lnterest e loans, and to
lean te said funds so accumulated from
said savings, or other sorces, to these
member stoekhoders who may desire to
Galagher's Storage and
Transer Co. Inc.
(iles, 1114 Mlagade 5tn
Not, Oris4 ne s
W!o Asvemi. ieadeW ak
Daf s mistea 9:3 a a. to 11
A. ., os be.m ems; 1:30 p. a. to
3:3 p. a. r adsmts; 3:30 p. m. to
"5:0 p. a., fee eblins: 7:30 p. a.
. to 9:30 p. m., for adults. Gemeral
admimson. eoEts; skates, U eats;
bee tag wraps, 5 casts. Chlldmren's
aimlmsels 10 cests; skates, 5 cests.
eM WIN konak a #cM , s ne e Gobso
A Tv
CA L Il i
i n bau is ... I o.
..- . . . a W c w Tm WE-u , 13 1 n I5 Sega O4d Mugsia s MY O!F Se ha be mca
W~iMa HL.N~j * O~,HS
WHY WY CLU IS`rrn 1b
rou(Cn rrýr mw oLvQ me 0"P AAL Me 1rOKOUT- owatr
*~5 S..~T ·
se -·
irf r'V
t ( ~IIII~mmI~mmmmmmmmum~mmm~m~um~mpu~mIII
ID borrow any part thereof upon mortgagee
or other security In the City of New Or
Ileans, as provided for in the by-laws,
whereby the borrowing member stock
hilders will be enabled to build or pro
pfivde themselves with dwelling houses, to
Sunrchase buildlng lots, or other real pro
e lirty. or to do such other things as they
rmay desire. the said loans so made out of
fur the accumulated funds of this corpora
w tin shall be loaned to the member stock
4 holders of this association. but they may
ihe be enployel for that purpose moneys re
,b elived from other classes of stock as may
S- bie issed and hereafter designated.
his AItTICLE IV-The capitea stock of this
.r- :issmilation shall be live million ($5,000.
wli ().000) dollars. divided into and represent
a- edl by fifty thousand (50.000) shares of
nt, the par value of one hundred ($100) dol
n- lars each. Said stock shall be divided in
,,. to three classes to he known as Current
or- or Installment Stock. Full Paid With
ol- drawabile Stock. and Permanent Stock.
whi bh play be issued as may be deter
mined by the directors. The Current or
ii Installment Stock shall be issued and
pe- aid fIr in consecutive monthly install
or- mients as hereinafter provided for. All
VA shares shall be of the par value of $100)
r- each. This association shall be a going
nie , onlern and actlvely operate as soon as
,Cr lifts thousand ($O.0000) dollars shall have
) bteen actually paid into the treasury of
its this associaton in 'ash.
trr l-"Fll Paid Shares shall be paid for In
ri. mlil at the date of their issue.
In- Payments on Current or Installment
he Stocmk and interest on loans shall be due
to 'tF ll :ayable at the office of the assoa i:
y. tion: the said installment stock being pa:id
nd for at the rate of twenty-five (s') cents
Iper week, and stockholders refusing or ne
to elrting to pay the installments of dues.
,. r Interest. by the last of the month shall
lY. iaJudged in default and shall lay in adl
or ditlon to the re,:ular installment and in
e- terest, a fine and premium as may be
or provided for in the by-laws. Installment
of Shares may be converted into Full Plaidl
SWlthdrawable Shares by the holder pay
r-. Inc the difference between the present
y. value and the face value of such shares. or
. when such shares reach their face value.
a-. Installments on stock shall be non-for
ad feltable. but should any stockholder (not
having pledged his share for a loan or adl
ad vanme) refuse or neglect to pay his month. i
es. ly installments for a period of five
as nmonths. the secretary shall notify him in
hewriting, at his last given address, and
or request that he call and pay up his dues c
in and fines within thirty days of the notice.
and should the defaulting stockholder fall t
to make such settlement, the secretary
F shall notify him to call and receive the
at- amount of Installments actually paid in
i without any allowance for Interest or
profit of any nature, and without deduct
of Ine for fines or expenses, and after the
rs expiration of said thirty days notice shall
erase to be a member of this association. a
le- The amount of installments paid by such
to defaulting shareholder shall then be held
re, to his Indivldlal credit and be payable on
to demand and surrender of his certificate of
t stock, provided that the stock may be re
Instated if done within three months, on
-ts the payment of one dollar ($1) per share I
II and double the amount due at the time t
of such reinstatement. But, should the
r-. defaulting stockholder be a borrower from I
or. thin association, then the right of fore
as closure and executory process under his t
ds mortgage shall forthwith inure to this t
he assomiatlon.
Every loan on real estate shall be se
ir. cured by vendor's lien and first mortgage
to on nencumbered real estate accompanied
*s by a pledge to this. association of the
ie shares borrowed upon and a declaration
II- of such pledge in an authentic act which
k. shall create a full, valid and complete
a ledge. and the fact of such pledge shall i
c-. De stipulated on the face of the certific
al cate so pledged whenever such certificate t
t Itself is not delivered to and held by this a
toassociation, and such vendor's lien so re
m corded shall remalan In full force and effect e
m until the obligation Is paid and extin- .
to gulabed. provided that this association
may make loans on real estate situated in c
- the Parishes of St. Bernard and Jefferson
in accordance with the laws of the State. h
and may establish, conduct and operate I
such branch offices as may be designated d
in the by-laws of this associaton. I
It shall be lawful for this association
to purchase from any stockholder or other
persoa say real estate, improved or nsim- a
proved, sand to sell or dispose of the same n
In the ame condition, or after improving, e
repairld or building upon the same, to e
say msei stockholder, provided that t
this asselk n may make soles of pro- a
*rty. relt persnaa, either for cash or
on terns of credit, sad shall have the
power to loan and advance mosey to its O
stoekholders for the purpose of enablin l
them to purchase, Improve, repair and
build upon real estate, and to remove en
cambranees and mortgages therefrom, and i
for any other purpose; and shall have
the further power to make all contracts a
and do all things necessary and proper In h
esOsectlon therewith.
Members not Indebted to the association to
may withdraw all, or any part, of the cash hI
value of their uapledged shares by giving ns
1 ntie In writig, whicbkh notice shall be re
D duly filed In a book kept for that par- re
pose by the secretary of this aseociatiom, pa
and the liability to pay dues, and the
L right to participate in the preits shall
cease with the notice of the withdrawal. T
i The member shall receive al lastalIments b
ai and. If twelve moathly Installments th
"ave been _pid upon the stieck, all dvi- Pt
_de crditedhtheo les any unpaid a
L charge. and a pre rat share of the h , to
if any, in ee ao thea amount In the
atI withdrawas shall forlfet all n bare i
i* the wrenage sae the lasut divided of
Sth mouant so withdrawn. HNoUe
withdrnwal shall be retgitered and sum- e
bered i the order of ter Sig and shall De
he Iquindated i rotte registered p1
upe te rUturn of theicerticate of oteek p
and purs book, f the withdrawal be to- pa
a, and upon the ivrlin of propr e- p
cept if the withdrawal be partal, out of
the rt uneappropdated mey lai the i
treesu, pvided that not more thua e
oned f tr lthe l t withdrawn or vs
nt ed stak, sales the sheuld e an U.
amulato aof famis that canet be s
ull aId Vtldarnwl Shre and ma. n
ured Iatallet bhars may be wtth- e
drwn in the same mans. but no free D
Hel parts of shares a be withdramn
n as aof the deth of uan non-b. r. a
l member, the ae of ai dceaktl walla
L _•te nodes of withrawa and s
S eau wll e tiled tol a useattieo- h
o the shares. may h contonsit by thi no
lawfel rdere a o th emr ma sa j s hae
n ewd o odvale ott f their iteor- -Iu
the ti_ wealm o to trnde shall bec.
give nwithin si moths after the dasth am
t ouc I eeud membe. A nd, n ecase of u
the dath o any brr member, his
ers or rmeresntave shlual he eutitlted e
to sueed to ll his rights and obliga- lv
Usas, proied It he dper within six sh
entha mrte the det of uch member. t
iteuld ther he an ove acumunlatie ut
ag t cfns bilmgtin leo th isasiu thpr
a e dta urse th beard ahen ll have
re nad to feed t Saen Wa shre a
dlry rempriou b the tof the AU
pMid sares sall e alled in first in the
rvrse order of ther is and heall be p
redesmed for fee vahlu plus intwo t fw yes
the time Intervenr since the last dl i
ded ard t the rso m a te as te lst t
At thoe ae o e sml-auul perid,
to-wrt: Deeomber 31st. and Juno 8tk,
the greos earnings of thls. uaesition
hal be asertaiLned from which shall first
be deducted the eesa 8 of this aeeIa- cit
tom and from the banchme theo hail be the
et sde at leat three per cut (h%) a sah
the et arnings a a fun for the py-c tioi
mst o coatinget looses until id fund pro
rwehe two an .tes-half par ent (2%) sie
f the oeatUa lOes- the ameeiation ha
shall then siatad sad aut three pr see
serve l~nd, this fund to inrea at wea urt
divdnd period by the addition of the
,id three per cent. The baabnce of the slo
peldis or that part thereofw h may he uo
ows, sall be declared u a dividen ud
distrinuted among the dIdwret iansee of la
stoc as the bord of detor may de. so
dividend shall be paybl to uy ems clas ri
ostoc in prereuce to te ethrs All Tl
eapne aof thia solatln shll be paid Ne
o o the ernings only, ut chres in- y
ges eldent to a loan paid by the borrower
pr- shall not be deemed a part of the current
ws, expenses. In the calculation of the gross I
ek. earnings of this association previous to a
ro- dividend. interest due and unpaid for a
to period longer than six months on debts
ro- owing or credits outstanding, shall not be
hey included. All losses may be paid out of
of this contingent loss fund from time to
ra. time as they accrue, and when the said
ek- fund falls below the two and one-half
aay per cent of the loans in force, by reason
re- of loans. or otherwise. It shall be re
asy plenished by regular appropriations out
of the net earnings until it again reaches
his said amount. The dixldends declared by
D).. the board of directors shall not exceed
it- the portion of the profits earned and with
of drawable by the shares of this associa
l01- tlon.
in- All installment shares shall be duly
eat registered in a book kept for that pur
th- pose by the secretary of this association.
c-k, and a pass book shall be issued to the
n member stockholder setting forth the
or numb -r of shares subscribed to by the
id said member, and the dates and amount
Ill- of payment on the said shares. and when
All ever the sharer on any hook by reason of
10) the paymenrut of the installments on a
zig stock and the accumulation of dividends
as thereon shall be worth the par value of
ve one hundred (1100) dollars each. such
of share shall thereby mature and shall be
payable as speedily as may be found con
sistent with the best Interest of the stock
In holders and of the association.
Ant The permanent stock Issued by this as
lue so'iatiion shall lie represented by certili
i ,l- ;ites issued to this class of stockholders
id tand shall not be withdrawable; they shall
Its recelve the same amount of dividend as
ae- the stt'k of the other two classes, but they
es. cannot be called in by this association.
all The dividends declared at each dividend
,1.- e-,riod shall be then entered on the pass
in- books of the members holding installment
be -ti'k. but dividends on full paid with
rnt drawable stock, or pernmanent stock, shall
ld ie paid for in cash in the manner and at
ty-i he time to be designated by the by-laws.
nnt The dividends shall not be greater than
o, fiour per cent (4",) semi-annually.
le. No loan on real estate shall be made
r- exielipt after having been approved and
ot re-iomllended in writing bly two competent
ad- and disinterested real estate experts who
ths shall forml part of the appraisement com-n
ive ntlitee and shall have been further au
In thorized by the majority of the board of
nd dinr-trrs at any regular called meeting
es of the said board, and shall only be made.
re. iuplon furnishing and tiling of a report by
all the attorney that the property upon which
ry the loan Is desired has a clear, valid and
he unencumbnered title. And no loan shall
in he made on real estate for more than
or seventy-live per cent (75%) of its actual
"t- current ciash market value. Loans on
he Ihares of stock of this association may
all be mnade to members up to the amount I
an. actually paid by them on said shares, and
ch no other loan shall be made by this as
RId sociation except after full report and in
on vestigation. and on a basis of seventy
of five per cent (75%) of the actual cash
e- c-urrent market value thereof, and a pledge
on of the security to the said association.
re provided that this association may at any
as time have the right to call for additional
he security on any loan made to any of its
m nenmber stockholders.
e- All other rules and regulations affecting
cis the operation of this homestead associa
is tion or of the loans to its members, shall
he enacted in the by-laws to be provided
for and adopted.
g, Every officer and employee of this as
ed sociation who shall handle any of the
be moneys thereof shall be bonded with a
Do surety company to an amount which shall I
be equal to the estimated amount of 1
de moneys belonging to this assoelation and t
Scoming into his hands d ring a three
.- months period, provided that this associa
tion shall have a review of its books made
is every three months by some competent
public accountant and the result of the 1
examination submitted to the board of di- I
ia ARTIC(LE V-All the powers of this
In corporatiep shall b exercised by a board I
on of directors composed of twenty stock- s
e holders owning each at least twenty (20) I
Sshares of stock of the association; said s
d directors to be elected at a general meet- I
aIng convened for that purpose on the I
Ssecond Monday of January, 1923, and each
succeeding year. Notice of suach meeting I
"r shall be published in one of the daily a
newspapers of this city for the space of
e ten days immediately preceding saed
I. election. Said election shall be by ballot t'
t at the domicile of this corporation under d
t the supervision of three aommisdsoner
I stockholders appointed by the board of di- a
r rectors at the last precedag meeting. d
s Each share of stock shall be entitled to a
one vbte and the stockholders receiving
the majorlt of the votes shall be electe~ tl
Fallure to sold an election on the date t
ified all not dissolve this corpora- b
ton, but th directors is ofce shall hold p
e power until their successors are elected a
: and qualified. The directors shall elect P
a from their cumber a president, three
vice-presidents and a treasurer, an at. -
a torney and a aotary; ave directors shall a
b be a quorum for the transaction of bals- a
g es. All vaanles shall be filled by the b
e remalalang members of aid beard of dl- a
rectors. The directors shall eleet and ap- at
. point a secretary, and such other em- cc
ployese as may he mcse•, aad shall
U _are the rligt to stipulae their salaries.
i. The directors shall have power to make It
s by-laws, to select t place for and make h
s the ease or ret ofices for the business B
Surposes of this association, suspend say I
I and all officer and have general authority ti
, to carry out the eligatioas ad business w
eo thrs assciati,. r
g AJfTICL VI--AII applications for mers
e beahip hall be sbjct to the appoal
I of the heard of directors.
SARTICLI VII--Utfl the election as
- eplaied in Artilel V, the *Iocersa oths P
I corporation shaB he: eMli P. Vaccaro,
I prsdet; .5e1 Vec, tvce
Prsdet; b8nor D'ntoni," third vice
SU. Marneonl, attorney, Charles V. Mas- ti
a P. Vaceas, Jeisph Vacaer Lena Vac s.
ror, Salvador I' toeal Charles Letwich.
_ ra. lbert . I uart, Dellorto, 0.
rtrhe St Oshyaet a ib ad berd
dia c tes a lt and appoint e
shall be nmcesary, a d t the al rg
late the elery to e pad ymea t ofd e ty a
raet may an ayeed etr lesc asrshatel a e
aae. made a may be poavided f th -la
the ,y-laws. do stekholder stcho ever iS
enhelhd liable or mon the a aspaid a
rinale * is te , r. or o har saL mets- ip
ferord n steM er the psay metbf t enty- taf
ov Mentos ( thc eth tal ees for ea .op
hareILas t --The. Dp lia be ac - so
at. y hissed fa o l eVet ctcatbwtoe ic
such mne ts may hk p eroied fr ia d
t a aerl o stocholde shall ever fa
he.elpital for mrel tan his unpald of
*ate a e h stockh nom prsat, or by al p
proxyr smallty eit tor ti htald hae the m palt
o rederig tm i cMatekirMnu w o o - coh
poslaig a stohod to any liabiity b. th
R TICLe by I--Tw caartr o a dhae I- Do
Ian oelm a tho daily wrsapst of thas me
city. If t tat ch ei mme thr fortas thi
shall s ew l aec to ds thio orpor- ptsh
tion. then O he teckhOldr presetI by alo
proxy, shall eect the lIldatoh firm pal
hae fol charge o th iqidtLts oa ths cop
year herein St above ltten in thelbe
rer presence of Miss T. Hahn and Ines Bar
rut rols, competent witnesses, who hereunto
ass I slagn their names with the said appearers.
oa and me, notary, after reading of the
a whole.
be Felix P. Vaccaro, Pres., 4930 St. Charles
of' e.. 12 M0 paid up.
to Jos. Vaccaro, St. Charles and Robert.
aid 1250 paid up.
alf i.Lca Vn'acaro. 1415 Exposition Boule
ion vnard. 12.'d) paid up.
re- S. It.Atitoni. 7929 Elm St., 1250 paid up.
rut ('hI:as. I.eftwich. 2331 Franklin Ave.. _3
es i,:pid up
by C'. 1i'Antoni. 31' Fontainbleau Drive. 54)
red paid up.
th- I'. .lMarinonl, Jr.. 2719 Coliseum St., 50
ia- Inst.
J. A. Ibanna, 31. .. 1110 Maison Blanche.
Iy ·A) inst.
jr- Angelo Glorloso, 531 St. Ann St., 100
an. paid up.
the John Ilonura, i04o Industry St., 20 Inst.
he Jos. ('halona, 19 Newcomb Boulevard, 50
he paull up.
Int Arturo IlellOrto, 129 Decatur St., 50
n-' In.st.
of G. Rtossl. 129 Decatur St., 20 Inst.
a N. J. ('lestl. 312 BIaronne St., 50 Inst.
ds A. Shliro. 935 Esplanade Ave.. 20 Inst.
of Charles Roth. 1634 Robert St., 10 paid
ch up land 40 Inst.
be It. Graffagnlia, 221 S. Claiborne Ave.. 20
n- pald up.
k- Al. J. lluja. 1024 Whitney Bank Bldg..
(will pay in full .March 1. 1922_.
is. Phil Foto, 1501 N. Broad St., 20 paid
i- tlla.
rs '. V. Macaluso. 2906 Ursuline Ave., 20
al Inst.
an Witnesses: Miss T. Hahn, Inez liar
y rois.
nd . Notary Public'.
sr, I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort
ut :lages. Irn and for the Parish of Or
h- l,ans. State of Louisaana, do hereby
all 'ertify that the above and foregoing A't
at of Incorpouration of the Italian Home
s. stead Anssolation. was this day duly re
in corded in my office in Book 1263. folio
l(igned) : ROBT. SCOTT.
i IDeputy Recorder.
n 1I hereby certify that tne above and fore
It goina is Ia true and correct copy of the
- original charter on file in my notarial of
u- ii
f (eal. Notary Public.
g. Feb. 9--Mch. 16.
III United States of America. State of Louis
In Iatala. Parish of Orleans. City of New Or
al leans, lie it known, that on this first day
in of the month of Pebruary, in the year
Iy one thousand. nine hundred and twenty
at I two. Before me. Charles Rosen. a notary
ad public. duly commissioned and quallfled.
s- in and for the above parish, therein re
I- sthlng. and in the presence of the wit
y- nesses hereinafter named and under
sh sigaed: Personally came and appeared,
Be Iernard Meyer. chairman, and Eugene A.
a. Garila. secretary, who declared that at a
ay meeting of the stockholders. held on the
at thirty-first of January, 1922, of J. N.
ts Woody Box Co., Inc., a corporation or
ganized before me. notary, on October
in 19th. 191, at which meeting all of the
a- stockholders owning the entire capital
II stock of said corporation were present.
d that Article IV of the charter of said cor
poration was amended by unanimous vote
a- of said stockholders, so as to read as fol
le lows, to-wit:
a "ARTICLE IV-The amount of the capi
11 tal stock is hereby declared to be twenty
it thousand dollars ($20,000.00), consisting of
d two hundred (200) shares of the par value
e of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per share.
- ITen thousand dollars ($10.000.00) thereof
Is I shall represent the original authorized 1
at capital stock, and ten thousand dollars
It ($10,000.00) the increase authorized here
l. by.
"Five thousand dollars ($5.000.00) of theI
Is capital stock shall be subscrlbed before
d the filing of the articles of Incorporation,
d and shall be paid in cash before the Com- I
I) pany commences basless. The remainder
d of the stock shall be paid at such time.
in l accordance with law, as the Board of
e Directors shall prescribe.
h Said Increase of capital stock authorised
a hereby may be issued In whole or in part
y at any time by the board of directors to
f such parties as the board may deem pro- t
j per. at not less than par, and upon such
t terms and conditions as said board may
r deem ft.
"The amount to which the capital stock
may be increased shall be fifty thousand
dollars (800.000.00). No stockholder shall
sell or otherwlae dispose of his stock a
without first offering it in writing for
thirty days through the board of direc
a tors to the other stockholders for Its
book value, and every sale or other dis
position, pledge or other encumbrance of I
said stock shall be made subject to this C
t provision of the charter."
All as set forth in certified copy of the 0
mlanutes of said meeting, hereto annexed. t
Said appearers declared that in accord- t
sace with said resolution they appeared h
before me, notary, to make this authentic s
act of said amendment to said charter. e
and to have the same published and re
corded in accordance with law.
Thus done sad passed at my office ia
the City of New Orleans, State of Louis. a
la a, on the day, motth, and year frst w
herelnabove written, In the presence of ti
B. E. Whitehead and Ruasell Pool com- It
. potent witnesses of lawful age, residing In o
this city, who hereunto slgn their names to
with said apperer and me, notary, after a
readlnag of the whole. .
BERNARD MIEYRi, Chairman, .
WEUGEN A. GARCIA, Seeretary. tl
Itaeesse: B. E. Whitehead, Russell w
Notary Publi. G
I. the udemlrMied. Recorder of Mort- ci
aes, In and for th Parish of Orens. a
8tate of Loleans, do hereby eertIfy that e
th above and tfregoling Act of Amend- t
meat of the J. N. Wedy Boex Ca., Inc.* d
was this day danly .recorded in my office,
in Book No. 133 Folo--.
New Orleans, February let. 132. d
(1Sined): ROBT. lSCOTT.
A tree copy: corder of Mortgage. *
Notary Publlc. p
Feb. S-Meh. 18
United States of America. State of Louias
alena, Pariah of Orleans, Bo it known that a
ea this alsetesath day of the month of br
January, In the year of our Lord, onoaas
thoeusand, nine hundred and twenty-two. b
and of th Independeace eo the United w
8tates of Amerlea, the one hnndred nad ti
forty.exth Before me, Georlrge Janver, m
a enotary publle. duly commllonled nnd
qualified in and for the State and Parih
aforesaid, therin esidina, and in the as
preence of the witneses whaose names r
are herente siagned as sech; persm ally to
ame and append Vnent LOUge, prea.- sa
deat: a.nd Vtto P. Longro., secretary, both c
of the fll iage of majority and residents as
of this Parils nnd State, aetlg ia the ca. t
peclties forosaid, for and eo behall of ta
the Lono Stevederiag Company, Inc., a s
corporatlon orlaniald ander the Laws of a
the 8tate of Loueliant by Aet before me, d
Georae Janvler, notary public of date or
December lth, 1.13, recorded in MorainI
Ofica of the Parish of Orleans in ok
1233. foio 15.
And the said appears, actlng lan their o
apacutlee arEald did dectare unto me. I1
notary publie, that at a stockholders' (4
meetln of the said eorporatia held at r
this oce in the City of New Orleans a o sh
Thursday, Ian.ary 1 1S 4hsyo, as . a
president and secretary, speeUtively, were an
anthorle to appear beore me, notary di
publi, for the puarpe of amendlng the
charter of sid cdporation, a ertifed
cpy of the mlnutes of the steekholders' f
meetlnl is attached hereto to tform a part ms
And the saeld appearersm did then - up
clara tq me, notary, in the preace o the the
underaiged ompetet witneese that Ar- ca
ticl ev o the chrter of the aid Loa pr
tevedorin Cempanyr, ae., has been th
follows to-wit: add o read as l
"ARTICLE IV-All tranfers of shares a
of the capital steok e this ncorporation wr
shall be made and atred el the steek ot
shall be any manner bhdinlg a the di
corporation ness ro ateaad tha
hook of the corporatito and no trans a
a"- Stock in this corporation Is issued. ac
Ito quired and held by the stockholders under
.rs. the following conditions which are the
the essence of their rights as stockholders
and which conditions shall be referred to
in the ,certitlcates of stock.
"leg 'No stockholder shall sell, alienate, hy
pothecatte or otherwise dispose of or en
,rt. cumbe, r his stock until he shall have at
first offered the same to the other stock
1h- holders of the company, which offer shall
Ih made in writing to the board of di
Up. rectors, whose duty it shall be to trans
n" mit the same to the stockholders, immedi
ately, and said stockholders shall have
:5) seven days from the receipt of said no
ti'e within which they may purchase at
50 the value thereof.
"The value of the stock for the purpose
he. Iaforesaid shall be the same as is shown
hy the books of the corporation-estab
100 i ishd on the basis of the last semi-an
nual statement of the corporation in con
t. i nection with the monthly trial balance
50 and the semi-annual inventory.
"It shall be the duty of the corporation
50 to make up and preserve the foregoing
I trial balances and. semi-annual and annual
Istatements for the purpose aforesaid, and
which shall at all times be open to the
view of the stockholders.
id "Should more than one stockholder offer
to buy said stock, the same shall be dis
20 tributed among those wishiflg to pur
chase according to their holdings in the
g.. corporation.
"In case of the acceptance of the offer
id undeir the provisions hereinabove set
forth the price therefor shall be paid in
20 iash within twenty-four hours after such
.r- And the said appearers moreover did de
ilared that in co,umseluence and by virtue
,of the foregoing, and pursuant to the au
Ic. 1 thority in them vested by the stockholders
rt- of the said corporation, they do forjtally
or- announce and make known publicly and
by I in the manner prescribed by law and
e't ater'enble to the provisions of the charter
i- of the said corporation that the said c-har
e- ter has been ichanged. altered and amenid
lio ed as hereinahove set forth, and they. the
,aidd appearers. acting in their capacities
iaforesaid. do direct and require that the
r. above stated change and amendmenolt be
'- recorded and published in the manner
he prescribed by law.
'' There is attached hereto, a statement of
appraisement of the physical property
lI turned over to the corporation in payment
Sfor stock in the sunm of two thousand
2.0000.00) dollars. subscribed for by Vin
- cent Longo, which statement has been ap
. I proved and appraised by the entire board
of directors of this corporation. The said
s. V VIncent Longo does subscribe to twenty
r- (20) shares of stock in payment for which
v lie does hereby transfer over to the cor
sr poration the property listed on the at
y- tached statement which, I. notary, have
ry paraphed for identification herewith.
d. In addition thereto, fire (5) shares of
e- stock have been subscribed and paid for
t- in cash, as follows., to-wit: By Vincent
r- Longo. (three) 3 shares $300.00; by Vito
d. P. Longo. (one) 1 share. $100.00 by Domi
A. nick Longe (one) 1 share, $100.00.
a This financial statement of the subscrip
'f tlon above set forth will serve in satis.
faction of the laws of the State of Louis
r- iana with regard to the subscription of
or the capital stock of corporations, and par
tlcularly Act 267 of 1914.
it. Thus done and passed in my office in
r- the City of New Orleans, Ia.., on the day.
to month and year first hereinabove written
I- In the presence of Isaac S. Heller and G.
.Aueoin, competent witnesses, who have
I. signed these presents, together with the I
sy aid appearers and me, notary, after a
it reading of the whole.
oe (Signed): VINCENT LONGO,
f Witnesses: Isaac 8. Heller, G. E. An- i
Notary Public. I
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort- i
e gages, in and for the pariah of Orleans, I
e State of Louislana. do hereby certify that
t, the above and foregoing Act of Inoor- I
poration of the Longo Stevedoring Co..
r Inc., was this day duly recorded in my
office. in Book 1268, folio -. I
f New Orleans, Jan. 23rd. 1922. r
(Signed): ROBT. SCOTT.
d Deputy Recorder. t
I certify the above and foregoing to be a
o a true and correct copy of the Amendment a
to Charter of the above named corpora- a
tion, together with a Certificate of Re
c 'rdation of the Recorder of Mortgages I
for the Parish of Orleans.
t New Orleans. La.. Januarr 21st, 1922.
I (Seal) : Notary Public.
Feb. 9--1eh. 16
r -
f State of Louisiana, Parish of Orlesan.
I City of New Orlesans: Be it known, that
on this 3rd day of February, in the year
t one thousand, anine hundred and twenty
two, Before me. William A. Weaek, a no
- tary public In and for the Parish of Or
leans, State of Louisiana. duly commis
sioned and qualified, and in the pres
ence of the witnesses hereinafter named
and undersigned; personally came and
appeared, the persona whose names are
Shereto subserlbed, all above the fael age
of majority and residents of this city,
I who declared, that availinl themselves of
the provisions of the Constitution and
laws of this state relative to the formation
I of corporations,. they do by these presents
I form themselves as well as their associates A
rand successors, lato and constitute a stock
eorporation and body politle in law, for
the purposes and objects sad under the
stlpulations as hereinafter set forth, whleh
they hereby adopt as their charter, to- C
ARTICL I-The name and title of this
corporation shall be the "Swt-loraehler C
Glas Copany Ioerporated". Its do- tl
cel shall he ia the ity of New Orleanu,
State of Loulidsa, and it shall have and
enjoy suesseion by its corporate namea
ora peri of aninety-ale years frm the O
The p ideutt, or in th evest of s ab
sece, the set ry-trenmrer is hereby
densted as oe omer upn whom a el
taeons or other legal process shall be
This corporatin shall have paemr and
sathority to me and be sued in its cow
porate name. To make and usea n corn
meU seal and alter the me at pleasur.
To acquire property hI grant, git or
e , hld sad dislpo of, ad to ert- t
gage .ad pledge thse ame. To appoeaint t
muh oficer, manage and aIgents as the a
bosines of the corpontion may retuire
and to fx their eompensati. To make
by-laws and regSlatiea net ineeonsisatet
with any existting laws, and shall have all
the rlgts, powers, advatages and I*- C
munitie ranated by law to corpoeatilene -
for whleh this ce*nale is as
and the sae anta teaof to i ar- e
ried o by it are hereby deciaed to be;
to manu· tere. hadle sad sell slass
s.vlig honk and ·nJ and al eoomme.r
sad patent rights relatlv to the manhuac- a
tare of gla ware and novetiue; to mann.
factur and deal in sid maltrWl; to own as
and operte mnufcturi plants for the 
abovo purpo und to dispes o the pro- .0
ducts theneo and generaally to do aty act i
or thing mneesry to carry t the oh- ·
jects and purposes hereof .
ARTCLU III-The caln stock of ths
into atend rpreated by faour ahundred
4 ,06) share of the par ~rale of ne h.- p
.red ($10S) deillra ech. whic stoek of
shall he paid for in ecs or in property ga
rights or services at sueek times and in de
such amounts and mananer as the beard of ab
directors may determine and direct. ab
The capital stock of this corporatisn
may h.e imeasd to the um of svty
fve thouend ($15,US.L) dollars in the po
manner provided for by law. tal
No trastfer of stock shall be bindingl to
upen the crorrauna uless amade upon ca
tre books o the ompany, and all erti- l
ctaes of stoek ahall be signed by the up
president and t seretary-treasaurer of re
the orporation
No stoekholde of this eorporatioa shall i
sell or dispre of is or her stock with- pa
out first oferlig the name for sale, in
writilg. for a pired of tea days to the pri
other stkheoiders. thngh the board of a
dlreters of the company, who shall have sat
the Irt optun and rlght to puehas the sea
Asme at the atu l cas value theef, minat
ac- the event of their failure to exercise their
der right under said option as herein plrovid
the I ed. the stockholder so offering his stock
lera for sale shall have the right to dilpose
to of .aImre in the open lmarket.
ARTICL(I.E IV- Tihe corporate p. r+ of
hy- this corporation and the full mnau:einment
en- of its businiess andl affairs shall le v. -tel
at in andil exercised by a hoiard of lirectors
ck- composed of thlree stbikholllers. ,;each of
wI whoim shall own in his own right. at l".i.t
di- one full paid and unpledged share of the
na- ,'apital stock; a majority of which s.id di
di- retorn shall coinstltute a quorum for the
ave tr:rnsaction of all business.
at Election for directors by the stock
holders shall be held annually on the se'
ose ond Monday in February at the domicile
of the company. under the supervision of
ab. two commissioners to be appointed by
an- I the president, after notice thereof. to be
on- delivered personally or by depositing in
the post office, properly addressed to each
stockholder, at least fifteen days before
Ion such meeting In accordance with other
ing provisions of the law.
ual All elections shall be by ballot and a
god majority of the votes cast shall elect, and
the each share of stock shall be entitled to
one vote, either by proxy or in person.
Ter Each board of directors shall, at its first
is- meeting after its election elect from its
ur- number a president, a virc-president and
the a secretary-treasurer; who shall hold of
flice until their successors shall have been
fer duly elected and qualified. The board
set shall have power In its discretion to unite
in two or more offices, and the sane to con
i-h fi-r upon one person.
The said board shall ,also have full
ie- ipower and authority to borrow 'money.
ue iand through its president, or some other
iU- duly authorized agent of agents, to exe
"rs cute mortgages, issue bonds. notes or
liy other obligations in sunh amount and on
Id such ternms as in their judgment may be
rd advantageous. and generally to do all
ter things necessary for the proper carrying
ki- on of the business of said corporation.
ie Any vaRIni'y or-'urilg int said board of
lel directors shall be filled by the remaining
he directors for the unexpired term.
be The first board of directors shall con
ier sist of: Philip Forachler, residence No.
611i Montegut street, New Orleans. l.a.:
of Allen H. Sweet, residence Monroe. Lea..
dty and Philip A. Forschler. residence No. 619
nt Montegut street. New Orleans, La., with
ad th- said Philip Forachler as president.
n Allen H. Sweet as vice-president and
Philip Froa'hler as secretary-treasurer.
rd who shall hold office until the second
Id Monday In February 1923, or until their
t succe.ssors shall have been duly elected
ih and qualified.
r- AltTIC(IE V--The stock subscription of
t. Philip Forrshler for one thousand shares
ve of the capital stock and of Allen H. Sweet
for one thousand shares of the capital
of stock of this corporation is to be paid for
or by the sale and transfer by them to this
nt 'orporatlon of all their right, title and in
to terest of every nature and kind of, in and
to the following descalbed patents. to-wit:
Patent No. t..'i Issued by the United
~tates Patent Office. for a patent on a
P- coin saving bank, together with all amend
s- meats or additions to said patent or pa
l- tent rights whatsoever.
of ARTli'L.E VI--The charter of this cor
r- poration may be amended at a meeting
of the stcokholders called for that pur
in pose by a vote of two-thirds of all Its
y, stock; but a change of objects and pur
en hoses as fixed herein shall not be made
G. without a vote of all the stock theretofore
we issued, nor shall any increase in the capi
he tal stock In excess of the amount named
a be made without three-fourths vote of all
of its outstanding stock.
In the event of a dissolution of the
charter the same shall be made by the
a- method and manner as provided by law.
ARTICLE VII-No stockholder of this
corporation shall ever be held liable or
c. responsible for the contracts or faults of I
t. this corporation In any further sum than
a. the unpaid balance due on the shares of
It stock owned by him, nor shall any mere
r. Informality in orgalisatlon have the ef- I
.. fet of rendering this charter null or of 1
y exposing any stockholder to any liability I
beyond the unpaid balance due on his I
ARTICLE VIII-The subseribers here
r. to have written opposite their names the
i amount of stock in this corporation sub- I
it scribed for by each of them, so that this
I. act of incorporation shall also serve as c
e the original subscription list of said cor
s poration.
Thus done and passed in my notarial s
office Is the City of New Orleans afore
said. In the presence of Ralston 8. Cole C
and Edgar G. Gould. competent witnesses r
of lawful age and residing in this city, t
who hereunte subscribe their names to- t
gether with the said partles, and me, no
tary, on the day and date st forth In i
the caption hereof.
r Witnesses: Ralston 8. Cole, E. O. a
W. A. WENCK. t+
Notasy Public. a
I. the undersrigned Reeorder of ]ort.
gages in sad for the Parish of Orleans, a
d State of LouslaSan, do hereby certify that 0
• the above and foregoing act of incorpora
tion of the Sweet-Forsheler Glass Coa
pasy. Incorporated, was this day duly 0
r, recorded In my oice il book 12, folio i
New Orleans, La., Ianuary --, 1m22. I
(Signed) : ROBT. SCOTT, i
A true copy: Recorder of Mortgages. w
W. A. WEoNCy,
Feb. 3-ich. 1 Ntary PIblic.
State of Loulsasa, Parish eof Orleas,
SCity of New Orles, Be It known that ea
this thirty-irst daty of anuary, in the
year one thland,. nine hundle sd tland
I twenty-two, before me. Wlliam A. WAtk. p
- meta, pfbl, a nd for tde Pulh et
m Orln tstte wt Inesisaren dalf eem. n
appeamd thei person whose namew a
. herhto ubecrbed, il above the fell o
e Mo ty ad rseldents ef thl city,
woo destrt, tLt avaing themselves oi
the pmrkvtst of the Conatituttoa and
laws o ths State relative to the forma.
tion ot geupratiens; they do by these
presauts fogrm themselves as well no their
aseulates and esueors, nlate and eo
titte a stk merp ratie and body p
and un th stipulation as heroa
set forth, whle they hereby adept as
their charter, to-wit:
AETICLU I--Ti name and tite o tlis
eorporutks shall be the "Jose Land Com
pat, lacrported", and nader its said
naeirporate t aha have power and
Sauthotit to hoe and enloly sec n
for the term of niay-ni (U) yrus
and after the date hereft; to .
tract. se and hbe sd, to make uan s a
ecrporate l, and the same to break and
alter at please, to purchase, receive,.
lease, hold and convey, as well as amrt
gage and hypotheatk under Ita corporate -
aame ad appoqit subch managers ad d.
rectors, oisn and agents as the in
teret and eaveonue eof said corporation
may require, ad to make a d establish,
as well as alter and amed at pleasure,
such by-laws, rules and regulations for
the preer malgement and regulation
of the aaire of said eorporatieo as may
be amuemary and proper.
ARTICLE fl-The domrele of said cor
poratfesn aha be at New Orleans, State
of Lolasias, and all citation or other is
gal pr,ceso shall hn served upon the pres
dent o aid umporatin, or ina case of. his
abseace upon th vice-president or, in the
absenmee of bhth oft these okers, upon the
secretary of the corporation.
ARTICLE III-The objects asd pur
poses for which this corporation is es- -
tablsMhed, and the nature of the business
to be carried on by it, are bereby de
clared sand speied to be: To buy, sell,
lease, bold. relam, develop, Imprve, buld
upon, irrigate and cultivate lalds and
real property t alnl kinads; to buy, sell,
erect ok lease hese and lands for dwel
Ilans or tfor commertal or other pur
pose. To bay. sell, hold and otherwmae
acqulre and alienate steks uad boads:
provided that sid mrporation shall not
engage in the bulses ot stock lobbinga,
and shall be without th power of emcl
met domain, and t do ny nnd all such
acts and things a ma r shall he nece
rt .;ary atni l ,r,,,.r tI .' rry n irt the %
.k , ,rlTIrat.in 1.. 1hr, v rT' h i . .. .is! tsoh ck
oief .i ,l i i , arat t " *'i , f L
ut dr-.ii 1(4r t) l r ar fl r ay ton - i
ta hi ltunl fare illia doll tr •a .;r - mi e ai
ip4 I .id f,,r I l ,'a . a ,r in ,ro rty iI
.l.t i "111 llll r .h. Iat v uch fa . lI "# c t.,in ouh
at a l .a.n.ir as tha .iar of di th"
the' determine and dire. tohlk
the .r dls os - f hi. ""r h st- - io
tirot offeri, the .1,., trse "..
a k. hr, for a period of f# n dys t le hI
s. sttockholder>. thr thaa oe;ld. bo th
vile or, of t*he 'ompay\, who shall b. .
of frr lt option aand right to Iurchanhls I
by at tile anuail a,.ah vale thoere. 1n
be event of thI.ir failiur to erctrerf
in rht underr ioption as
ach vlded, the staakhlaalta.r n offerll hisk
ore for sale shall lha,, tlh right to
her of eamne in thae olpen I lrk,,t. The '
directors isi sp.a ially .aithorlied ".
I a the whole of sail capiutill stock, L
and part thereof. in ,xhat for ý
to aof inot less than tha. reas)onable e
the stack issued thnref,,rr. l
rat The nllata3l st,. k ,of this coro
Its may b)e increalsedlt tl th sum of
and tve thosannd (0$7.,I01, dollars I t
of- ner as pirovided for fay law.
?en ARTICLE V-The corlorate pow
ard thllis collluply and the full ana111 am
aite its busineass anl affairs shall be ".
on- and exercised by a boardl of It
complosaed of five stocklholderm, e
ull wholn shall own in lhis. uon right s
ey., Iaid and u pllll.gl shareI of the ill!
her ta'ck; ia majority of aubiih said dIt
x :. shall constitutle it iiuatriu  for the
or ation o, f all luishness.
on El.htin for dliraaltr by the the
be halaer, shall beI - h, annuall aly q
all scound .Monday in Na.ipt"mfa'l ll thr at t
tug aila of the comaaIIyIV und1(r the Rehi
.i~n of two aoltllllanri nl.laeras to be app.l
ofd ly the presidenlt. aft-,r nlutle the.
tto be delivered lpar-anally or by do4
Ing in the post offi ,. l,propelrly add-n..
to eaich stockhoider, ;at laast fifteen ip
in- hefre suc nh l .ectizg in a . ordas ,'i4
o. otaher provlsions of itha- l'v
a.: 11 aelections shall he lby ballot a
ma.. najority of the votes :ast shall elst,
e11a:lach share of stock .hall be e-tld
ith one vte. either bIy proxy or tlait 1
nt. Enah board of dirtorn shall, at its If
d meetiang after its el tioln elect ItLai
Sr. nuliber a president. a vh.a-presidet 4
nd a secretary-treasurar; wlho shall hol .
sir e until their e tr suessirs shall have hn
ed duly elected. The board shall llavn
In its discretion to unite two or male
of tfes, and the same to confer upon
*e person.
et Th.. said board shall also have a
tal power and authority to borrow hae.
or and through the president. or sromew -
ias duly authorlzed agent or agentsa. to
In- a'ute mortgages, issue bonds. asol
nd other obilgatlon.s In such amount anl
It: such terms as in their Judgment eal h
ed advantageous, and generally to d a
a things necessrary for the proper car
d- on of the business of said corporatie.
,a. Any vacancy occuring In said bels
directors shall be filled by the ea
ºr. directors for the unexpired term.
ng The first board of directors shall eclds
ir- of: Mrs. Charlotte Bollo Martlmess agi
ts dence No. ISD N. ('lalborne street, I
ir. Orleans, La.. Mrs. Angellna Martlans .
de Nally, residence No. IS., N. ClIbm
re street. New Orleans, Ls, Joseph P. X3
i-. !Inez. Jr., residence No. 1612 Aaugw
ed street. New Orleans La.. William-L
a~s Wnck. residence No. 1718 First lti~
and Collin E. McNeil, residoece e. a
he Broadway street, with the said JleasIh
he Martinaz. Jr.. as president; Collfia -` .
w. Neil. as vice-president; and William L
is Week. as secretary-treasurer, who ad
or hold office until the second Monday d
of September, 1923. or until their sucmes
an shall have been duly elected and si
of led.
r ARTICLE VI--The charter of thlreU
f. poration may be amended at a mostiag o
of the stockholders called for that pesago
by a vote of two-thirds of all its stI;
is but a change of objects and purp
Sxed herein shall not be made withait
e vote of all the stock theretofore
to nor shall any increase In ti he
. stock in excess of the amount mal is
is made without three-fourths vlte Iof
s of Its outstanding stock.
r- In the event of a disauntion of the
ter of the same shall be made bY I
a1 method and manner as provided )by
& ARTICLE VII-No stockhoelder of 11
e corporation shall ever be held liable a
, reaponsible for the contrasts aor ilsl d
rthis corporation in may fartherr N
Sthe unpaid balance de on the lshas
.estock owned by him, nor shall msa
n nlaormality in organlzation have th
of rendering this eharter null or 
pasing any stockholder to any hEa
etod the unpaid balsnce doe e
, tock.
ARTICLE VIII-L sobser kbe
to hare written opposite their fir
m. amnount of stock in this corperasti
scribed for by oeach b them, a t -M
, act of nlacorporation shall also maes as
t original subalcription list of said eag
Thus done and passed he my .
y offie, in the Clty of New . 
e said. in the preserme of Andrew I.
aend Edgar Goa. competent witnesis
lawful age and residing he this Eit. tCs
hereunto suaoeribe their names tsr
. with the said parties, and al, Mastyl, w
the 4" and date set forth nl the es/M#
- Wltaeses: Andmrew H. Dnah, 3.
'a I, the urg eerd
'e, in ad te the Parish d
*tat of Louates. do 0 hereby  a
I the above and toegirg act
poration oe the Jose Lead CompIgp
Ecorporated, was this da da '
la my lRices l boek 3 -a
Al true cpy:
Seb. 9-Mek. Ith. ·.
aI - Tme New e alk s ki
Llm e II e tI P. I
14 EugllM. ftm gg &
while?0 one of enr
was asked. "Ddn't yen 5Y7
yed'd earrned that policy far
years and mever had an secddeal
"alfteen years". he 5
"and I've never made a claln. m,
what's mere. I aitesd to earry
Ifteen mere, and I hope I ** I
have to make a claim. Wy.
really en g to believe thM
policy ha kpm frei a ~
cloudy d1y. Cr St __
yen that yen we't less if yo I
see sie.amias. Ws.e a-

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