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The herald. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1905-1953, February 23, 1922, Magazine, Image 9

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AZINE JHE HERALD. Read the Classified
d ECTION Dev the Upoldi Un the West Sid e W. the Rive. "A very lied aid editale weekly apaper."-Mllact' en' Isord
.00 per Year in Advance ALGIERS, LOUISIANA Your Home Paper for29 Years
Novel Sport for Winter Visitors in Quebec
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Qge1 a nave beeni provided tnis yeaar wiLSi a sptori auu~n LU auUºL oil MC 111. one of the leading bo
eas at. Hudson Bay dogs and Its gts are given fine rides over the snow.
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orM~ h m~
Mo di lads De.
had nu a ·
d~ Dowle and
4-rn N ty. Thu
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be dismay
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Japan's Ancient Sacreld Pine Is Dead t
Tis is the bmom "Karsaske no Matao," or acred plne tree of Japan, ot
celebrated fe eantlrkm hI the ong and legend of Nippon, which has died th
within the pst year after, accodlg to popular belief, 1.200 years of life. Re o*i
ently there ws held formal ceremony to "transfer the spirit from Kara
sake to a o" tree only 50 years old. said to have sprung from a seed of
the eld tree.
Fire Sweeps Brooklyn Dry Dock Plant A
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geil view o tMe pleat a the Mare Dry De I Re.gtr cosmpanyl ,
baeenUR N. I. taks t sttir reem h ed galmed cstre the ar wh
we thL es aleg p1 dssag, sad s r teeely  hreelg the wer
Irsb s valut ee eted *t a mllae. dollars.
Ohio City Gets White Home Gates
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W d Everwii
Fairy Tale
"Stome of the King Penguins." said
D)tdd13. "had rmated whe. they were
a little younlger.
One Airs. King
P'etglin, who had
laid ian e_> quite
early, before the
first of the year
and dluring tihe
latter wlonth of
the old year had
her's stolen. but
she was lucky
enough to have
laid her first egg
so soon that site
could lay another
one and so not
miss the usual
yearly time about
when the King
"Yonder High Penquins h atch and
Bank." out their young.
"But the King
Penguin I'm telling you about this
time hasn't as yet picked out his mate.
He knew who he wanted though.
"He went to see Miss King Penguin
and he looked at her beautiful wings
and gazed upon her neck and admired
her plumage.
"'Will you take a walk with me?
he asked. 'I would like to take you to
walk over upon yonder high bank
which looks upon the sea.'
"Mr. King i'enguin was very beau
tiful. His plumage was fine. He was a
good swimmer and he walked In a nice
straight fashion as a bird of his kind
should do.
"'It would be nice to look out upon
the sea.' he went on. 'I'd like to show
you where we would get fine things
to eat. how we could swim together
under the blue, blue water. I would
like you to look with me at the great
and beautiful ocean out beyond.'
"And Miss King Penguin slowly
turned her head and looked at him
and gave him the most loving of looks.
"'Gladly will I walk with you,' she
"'And.' he answered, ' would like
you to walk more than once with me!
I'd like you for my mate.'
"'Gladly will I be your mate.' sde
said. And they walked away trom
where all their friends and neighbors
were, yes. they walked away and then
they talked. They didn't talk of much
of anything and while it woQldn't have
been of any importance to us. it was
of great importance to them.
"They whispered sweet speeches in
each other's ears. They told each
other how they loved and admired the
t6 other. They smiled and they waved
d their heads and they said over and
e over again:
"'Oh, how happy, happy we are!"
"They crossed their necks then,
which is something they do weno they
know that each cares for the dther and
that they are going to be loving mates.
And as they walked up on top of the
high bank which looked far over the
sea, off by themselves, away from the
eyes of curious relatives and friends
they talked maoe and more to each
other of how they loved the other and
of what a beautiful world it was.
"lThey swayed and waved thmm
selves from side to side and then Mr.
King Penguin put his head on Miss
Penguin's neck and pressed it down
until It almost reahed the Igrouond.
"And he said:
"'I love you so much and I try to
press and press my words into you
until your neck is pressed to the
ground. It is my strange way of tell
tag you how I love yoe.'
"And Miss King Penguoln aid:
"'It is the strange way you may
have, but It is the way that I love.'
"8o these two walked together and
planned together and dreamed sweet
dreams of the
baby penguin
wliche would
batebh out from
the egg which
petty Miss Pe
glin laid after
die had beemoe
the mate oe Mr.
*K ing Penguin. Fro
iehde needed him to
's help her guard It
ad look after it
.am abe needed
him to help er
bring it up to he
fine and stroan
ad pengunly, or
manly I
"And she weat- Y"Oladly WIN I."
ad him to show th
tyung peaguln that It was not the
wisest aad best thlang the world for
Sthem to go with any peIogslo a i
e a smaller species toa biad than them"
yun master ps asI ae hoap
die would ma hm Dow bhs bl the
SeI when he wa eight m th od1, a
as. he weold be wearn his aw tb-a
m with the I-w amd maps tmh
e serem ti Spper part of bl ems
me met t ~m ya And us Iemim
d-M tr - - as- wen .e
. Wh r w r -,M
Scores Killed in Washington Theater Disaster
r .ý ý/il-: ý.: ý. . ..... ýý ,,,. ..... . ....... .... ...r -
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. . .
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- ,
"L "»
. . . .'.sly
Nearly a hundred peons were killed wheni the roof of the Kni.kerhlweker movie theater In WVashitngton collapsed
mnder the weight of two feet of snow. This photograph shows soldiers searching for bodies In the wreckage.
James Monroe's Birthplace Is Saved SA
r W
, Polish Ch-dren Are Snt Back Home
.ere are a tow of the 100 Pollabechldn who were brought to this em"
l '
edet of e thte e Stats. as bor.*a It was about to be torn doh to mae
way . or modarn Improem ents, but a sect w as sormed to buy and rtore I
T wPolish Children Are Snt Back Home
-or ,ed U~ . <,:
- s -- - U*
Capt. Edwin T. Pollock, U. S. N..
wa enjoynlag a winter vacatieo In
Yosemite National park with Mrs. Psl
lock when be recelved notlfcatloe of
his appointment to be governor et
Samoa, one of the most Important of
this country's aoutlying possessions i
the Pacific. They have just miled for
Samoa from San Francisco.
ocudda u slliven of BroeskiL a
senly sight months old, but he has bed
a proressional artuts' model dnes hrs
third mothb; so now he is quite a
' zpsrlsed head. Her he s "wh m i
d e tug" for his latest pcture-t ee s '
Sr of the e I jas lllaby.
ar 3m m 4 Mul the an gnt
- Ig g g whgg a ut ag- Is I
leg W s'UY stete WMstu

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