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Established May 17, 1653.
Entered at the Postoffice.at New Orleans as Second.Class Mail Matter.
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THE HERALD (Algiers Office), 500 Verret Street.
WALIA(CE NEIWS .TANI'. ornr ('anal and Ity . rya , t'
VOL. XXIX MARCH 2, 1922 No. 43
If we'd all had a chance to buy a ticket to be present at the beginning of
the world there'd have been such a rush some of us would have had to take
back seats on the ocean. Just figure how you'd look on in wonder, the
thrill you'd feel, the desire to pluinge into the greatness of a land and explore
its possibilities. Imagine the compelling wish you'd feel to do something.
to be a part of the plan. Why. not realize that a new world opens every
day at sunrise, that its opportunities are there just as virgin as they ever
were, just as filled with the possibility of doing something worth while?
What do yJu say if we all get up bright and early next Jlonday morning,
watch the sun come up an' think hard; and then break away and go to work
-harder? Boy, the world will be worth millions more if we all do it.
The suggestion of unemployment insurance has to recommend it little
more than an appeal to emotion. Men need work rather than insurance, work
at a living wage-honest reward for honest industry. Human nature is very
weak at best and the moment the worker finds a prop to lean upon he is
likely soon to lean so heavily the support will break. Platform orators and
those who cash in on flag waving and spurious patriotic mouthings may
paint lurid pictures of the suffering of "the great unwashed" in the heated
tenements of the cities; they may find occasion once more to drag into the
Ssunlight the thousand and one economic fallacles that have kept the world
at war for years, but the plain truth is that nature has destined man shall
live only by his labor and anything calculated to dull the ambition cannot
be regarded with favor, particularly in this land of plenty. It will be a
happy day when "charity" is abolished entirely in the scheme'of things and
"justice" takes its place. The idea of handing "allowances" To idle workers
is repugnant to the American mind. It would tend to sap men of their initia
tive, to eliminate their self-reliance, and worse it would put a damper on
their incentive to think. The problem of steady work is not an impossible
problem, bet it is one that must be solved by the ingenuity of man. The
,eomforts of our h~mes with all their labor saving devices come. to us as the
result of suffering from the element and the natural desire to make life more
comfortable. Out of the spur of suffering comes a better world. Without the,
spur the world gets flabby. Unemployment ipsurance is the last word in
Let the farmer keep his weather eye open when he considers taking ad
vantage of legislation aimed at greatly enlarging his borrowing capacity.
The adage "Beware the Greeks Bearing Gifts" may not ft the situation with
a ,n but it may be well to remember that borrowed money is easily
sq srd while that earned by the sweat of the brow usually is carefully
conserved. Relief must be afforded of course, and it will be afforded, betause
if the nation's prosperity is not to hb dangerously checked the expalnlon of
farmer credit Is inevitable. However, washing all the confusing technical
ly specks ao the picture and Idbking at it through plain horse sense glasses
the farmer never will have a cent of money lent to him except it be on se
curity that is unqeulonable, legislation or no legislation, and when money
Is borrowed there s established a lies on the farmer's production and cor
respod4dlgly a eartain domination of distribution and the fundamentals of
bsaness management. Care must be taken that the financial interests do
not sat too streag a grij on the agricultural group of our Amerlican life. It
is ohbvious that srmears, particularly stock raisers, canat operate on short
ti leans but they shoald be cautious it opportunity is presented to them to
t mesey with such ease that its value will be lost to sight. It is easy to
drit dowt the stream, but there must be a day of reckonlng- -lways a day
o aecountin and settltng up. The role of domlna.ion must be played by
the trser, &t ly the fi.na e.
' Poem b7
SUncle John
I view the Lead of Discontent with shudder ad alarm. .. I realse
the vast estant 51 this old moeaster's @irm. No walk of life may be immune
isma3J t d sIeatentI-n barrea wastes 1 sandy dune, to Doric bat
It spreads among the favored few, where fortune left her smile, and
gsuretr seeds 5 trb anew, ame~ n the rank ad file. . . It strikes the
atsler, lat rstursed from viete's bloody field, and where the patriot fres
Mae urat, tl arm stande revad.
The temnets writ In sight of God, to guide our glorious land, must feol the
3 dl, blepbemous rod, In diseoteatment's hand. . Mid blessitngs, counlt
less as the strs, where heav'n and home are blent, the foe of manakind
kins his bua,-the curse of dtseonatest!
TYour own,
Your Ow.
*uma~ .&aw
LatM T. Aud L e0
P*z- « ! km.
U . D&V O
t, mS Vtp3 . see
. .., iis 4
*w~jl ~ v~; ~ WiCL ·Y--r4
..!· .,
rwe. -i o, att..-ak an
W. ?mnk Ia Owt V. ow. Pub.
Cs.. some" lrtls to a. hm
Usrn Nwa Is ats b D. L~s
Jr.. l SWIsar, .. Lavatim.,
Dlssis= . P.n~ A. E.. Vatretb
in mkJr.. 2Sk" hu USm. 3
- 1ft 'a a 4. l a
o Friday--Pa says a person cal
0 mose genrelly all ways do any thin
; he has Got to do xcept borryini
money when yure hard up. We are
r a getting reddy to take up Algebra
in skool. Slim Jenkins says it ii
harddern arlthmetick if witch is the
Case I of us'is got to Get out. I:
all I got to say.
Saturday-Jake was took to the
Drs. offise and had his tonsil!
operated out of him and when ha
1st woke up they was a big Bonfire
acrost the St. and when he 1st seer
it he thot for a minit the operatior
had been Dissuccessful. Jake ant
me has ben very Thick here oi
lately. Ma says its hard to disside
witch Is the Thickest.
Sunday-Pa was lade up today
with a sore throat. Mrs. Gullen
was at aret house and she ast mi
Wassent she afrade pa wood give
it to her. Ma replyed by answer.
ing that he never Gives her noth
ing. If she wants anything she
has got to Take it away from him
Monday-The teecher red us a
peace on Cleanliness and all about
, keeping our pours open for tha
e Sweat and prespiration to come onu
.of and etc. Then she ast how man,
L, m
T l1A1 oyousnes whilchls the gen
clothes is wideaning Its sphere of
Influence to Include almost everything
made for outdoor wear. It fnds an ex
pr-esion in ridnlag togs and a survey
t- those made for southern tourists
tapresses one with their crisp jaunt.
as. "Make it snappy"-but not bi
sarre, appears to be the rule for all
sorts of sports elethes In the new
sowlng. As these are presented at
this season for the benefit of those for
timate and discriminating people who
apticipate spring by going to meet it,
it may be naferred that these styles
are correct and to be worn with asur
sae anywhere: -
There is sufelent variety in habits
to give them Interest and not enough
to be confusing. No deviation from
Prrectaess In every detail of riding
habits is ncmsaed-from head to foot
they must conform to fashion's edlcts.
But there is a dlfference In styles.
One may chooseskirted suits for side.
The first Dutch church In Amerlca
was built in 1606 In Breuckelen, now
Oil is euomatlcally sprayed on a
grindstone a It revolves, by a new at
Fuench Interests are planning an air
plane service between Constantinople
and Parls.
Already the largest port In France,
the capacity of Marselles for shipping
will be doubled.
A human figure, readily moved about
a lear, has been nvented to aid In
beahing deadn g.
Edward KImlea to Clay A. Pinner,
aIterest ete.. lot, Delareade, Vallette,
Olvr and Patterson, $11 terms
August Gaspar to Frank Celestas
Jr., 2 lets, Dias, De Armes, OMeon
and Ori 4W emaa-Hemsrmy.
Mrs. Jmmes W. Ulsardl to Mrs.
Chs. O. Mera, S los, General
Myer. Pafs Ls que and Musos.
sN cash-1em.w.y.
J.,beise Realt Co. to Suburana
Ais Iim a., let, lmlra, ieds
ileN, eil aad Opeoas Ave.,
LPrhaser~ slarie Coruhhb, smn
pw+ert, =m aeram-Lea
Mse. 3srard W. Remlr to t is
100 Abaftls, e 1 - nseuns
ofesDi MIS IL chaiin P5
of the class was reddy and willing
to Chip in a nickel to by soap to
,wash are self with. I refused to
do so. It wassent on acct. of the
money but it was the Principal of
1the thing witch I looked at.
Tuesday-Pa hired a fellow to
clean up are Premises this morn.
ing and about 10 o'clock ma mist
him and pa sed he cum down to the
shop and sed he had looked all a
round for them but cuddent find
the blame things so he got tired a
looking and quit.
1Wednesday-Went to a enter
tainment for a Mishunary Sociaty
tonite witch was farely good. They
had a play but the hero forgot her
Part witch kinda balled it up and
then a girl who never cud sing got
up and did. Ma was sore because
they was a yung lady there witch
was drest up so swell only her
Stockings paused to soon.
Thursday-The boss has hired a
new printer down where pa wirks
and I gess he is a Speedy article.
Pa says he is so fast and quick he
can turn out the Electrick lite and
jump into bed before the Room
gets dark on him.
Yours truly.
saddle ridlng, with the tkirts buttone
up at one side, but the choice nearly
always flsi upqn the paddock suit,
made for cross-saddle riding. The i
model pictured here is of this variety Or
and the vogue for black and white i R1
cleverly expressed In It. It has is
breeches and vest In sparkling black P
and white cheek sad coat of black di
Responsibility does not and with
the selection of the suit and the hat.
Shoes, gloves and neck dress give op
portunity for a nice discrlmnatlon.
With the paddock suit, a felt hat, more
or less soft, is worn and either riding
boots or puttees with shoes. A tah
lored waist with turnover collar, weem
with a snappy tie, or a high stock,
takes care of the neck dress sand heavy
street gloves provide for the hands
Traditional Melodles still In Use,
Though They Have Net Been
Committe to Paper.
Traditional Welsh music has found
a place in the services of the Roman
Catholle cathedral at Westminster.
The attention of Dr. R. D. Terry, the
organist of the cathedral, was drawn
to the tunes some years ago by David
Lloyd George. At service of benedle
tion recently the "0 Salutartuls hets"
and the "Tantum ergo" were both
-sung to ancient Welsh melodes. The
tune used for the latter is one of the
prime minister's favorites.
"These old tauns have been wender
fully preserved," Doctor Terry told a
London Daly Mall reporter. ""May
of them date from the pre-Reform
tion period. For centuries they were
not written down. bet they were saved
by the Welsh genius for unaccom
panled singing. They were handed
down from one generation to another.
"Many of them have beenm ecovered
and pubishhed tn Welsh hmmnals, but
unhappily in too mea cases their
harmonies and even their melodles
were revised in accordance with the
musical Ideals of the last eeatary.
It is still npsab. hewever, to
hear them mses in all the beauty at
their oerglhal resm I remote Welsh
villages, and istiUmt Welsh mu
ide of today are reallag how
very mame mere beautiful tese old
veskem are. Dr. Walerd Davies, a
W~semi who amew prieear ao
mmel at te Ua tig at Wales,
mar be u to amc at t eed me
Is tbes* o thers ."
Why do so many marriages go
wrong? What are the underlying
e.auscs of I .Iply ma:lrriages?' Are there
ainy happy lllarriael.'? What Is the
teatterr. if anything, with miarriage
the' institutien?
W. I.. e .orce. the English novelist,
nvoe-ticated 154) marriages. E*te hun
dlrtrl andl sixteen caseS he climtina:ted
Is nsutee"'t.ifutl in five ltses. the hlai
band wats uinfaitlhful; In ten it was:
the w ife: the hutl.balld disliked the
wife lit tlhree a'les. alnd in seve*n it
iwat the wife who didl the disliking.
(Onlty nine marriages. Mr. ;tnorge says
were "apparently i uc..tes"ful." "Ma:r
ria;te." he aidds. "is on its trial before
a heositating jury."
Look over the marriages you know
voetrself. Ilow maniy are .suteesses?
ilow ttanny are failures? And wh y?
Thei IIerald will pay 50 cents in c:t.h
or ta.il the paper to any address gireun
for si\ monthse e for ea.eh letter sullbmlllit
ted anid published on this qlltestion.
Atddress Marriaget Editor, The Heratld.
54.1 V.rret Strtet.
The ability to succeed in marriage
depends largely on the abilty to
laugh, to ignore and to admit. Learn
to see how funny you are. Enjoy
all jokes on yourself. Ignore little
things and acquire a sense of per
spective. Above all things don't ex.
pect perfection. Admit it when
you're wrong and sometimes when
you aren't.
If your husband says you said it,
and you know you didn't say it, re
ply blandly, "I may have said it
I'm so sterribly forgetful-but if I
did say it, w.hy I certainly must have
He will not contradict you., the
situation will be saved, and the dis
cussion quite definitely closed.
Be tactful, even when being tactful
consists of sitting on the tacks your
self. I believe it's well worth it.
I have been married five years and
have three children, and if I have
ever quarreled with my husband 1
have forgotten it.
MRS. T. M., Lower Coast.
In writing letters for publication under
this heading. please sign your name,
together with your addrels. Such let
ters intended for publication in the
Herald will not be inserted when anony
mnously written. If you do not want your
name published, sign your name with the
request to publish your initials only.
Thomaston, Conn.
Dr. Kraft, Algiers, La.
Dear Sir-Enclosed find money
order $900 for Herald another year.
We have been away from our old
home town nearly three years, but
the Herald still looks good to us
Yours very truly,
Probably if all the facts were
known, there is rather too much writ
ing and too little plowing going on in
the w rlid to make eating universally
For An Evening's Real Pleasure
visit the Avenue Academy Rink, now
open. The Avenue Academy Roller
Rink has a new hard maple floor and
is being rented after 9:30 p. m. for
partyskating; also dancea and wed
dnlag. adv
We all have to spend to et. But yeu
speendles sad eat better by tradiug
with us. Our prices are low sad the
qualitt is hgh
eads Ia.. or
Witul b Eug heput
"Better Than the 'C
Grade I Have Been
loketd at tbe NUMBR TUEE
ulae we have eam eertng
ot tbhe 'k. s am
lih aini fish sold
- Nc" -en ami has* premomuee e
the NUDMR mTHar we sea fi
RNo. I, be better thit tea hawe
sbeel begt "C G RADEB.
t-he ORTMAN bi iea eN
Nerteimams seww R wT •
L wias be .uol as Numer TH
ml "C" r ade. 7*. ptoe em hd
We einseetly advie res to bej
padb et Virgh i.Lsag Leaell.w
PIe. It as wheae to the lOaN
RUN. We hw that ye. 3lP
hoe a REAL bema IIf ys bai
Wall Plater eases.
LAd H OSMAN mie O00
cn~m am
p~ ·j
V To Serve You Well With Electricity
SO Convenient & Cheap NOW?
South New Orleans Light & Traction Co,
22" Elmira Avenue ALGIEFSR, LA. Phone A.lders 181
The Year Round Drink
* Delicious and Pure
Originated by E. A. Zatarain, 18S9
Manufactured and Bottled By
Queer Plight of a Big Sea Plane
--·:·. :. - . "s
This big seapluaie was mounted on an incline for launching at the
it Santa Barbara, Cal. Hilgh tide washed away the incline and left the
n the odd position In which It Is now stranded.
Our Business is Men's and Boys' Shoes, you know th
quality by reputation-you will be fitted satisfactorIy i
the best-experienced shoe men in the city.
106 ROYAL ST, Ne· Cmal
Try Us and Be Convinced
cos. Pa3Uax Alin aD A AATs.
hk Afr. P~ Waew, mpre L.Ae Mah A ervi AS lC9 Y~r Cammrm
H. A. DELAI W. D. -
sava sos--aur a mo T raessms ton ncsa
Old Mstemes flemed nl4 Mxae IAI. New
Pelt mad Uas iPrb mMa mes (Or pwel
bhese r Wilo ftr Our Paes.
Hygela Mattress FatOry
lgry u rgles 1M SeNs
P A-oe 555-W E ,51 mmm oMUI
A P nERVIC PLUS TH 00GmD . l ,
.lllAlE WEFMY, LT.
Offers a
Modern Lamundry Service
In All Its Branchles
We have bilt sa evIable repettlom for qglttj w
routine Inuadry eharaeter, through eorasletlous servlee -
who have etruted to our esr-eh thUng a one  -#
to a Iaundry--*ftr, eollr, table lines sad theo Ike.
But we have also helptful servlees whereby theo mti
washin es be done-eouveletly sad eeo0oDIelly-
Operated by eprts ad reslts m a ordee Uoam
stanards of quality sad serees.
ou Wages CusoBe Ahies es Wedeesiarq s
Teleptonee Main s625S
43i, 41a4 41 41, des N. 3in. ,.

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