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Pacific and
i, ky People Ti
__ c. Ba
_e, !c Railway officials en
` es of the South New
a d Traction Com- rln
e nvited to a conference he
+rt to solve the problem de
gdA maintaining the ca
Svisdact over the South- re
u ees according to Com- Cl
In in a dangerous con-in
to Commissioner
It mat be repaired or ed
6. West New Orleans t
the Commission hIl
s11e from the heavy b
the viaduct
,e00 would be re
it. The company
It manstain its tracks
1p sas annual rental )
i et the viaduct and an
from the burden- Ul
10MSchle he
as Comalsion Coun- he
the situation ex-be
ý,S that substitution Il
,iNagin. for the viaduct at
WeaMeas in the South- bi
Pw.g sad anthorized r
fo as to mset with g5
- evmpae. - in
inier, aset to all the 11
of New Or- to
thaw on sat- H
senad matter of Vi
Is Catholic R
,nw assle when El
for these Il
-aew the ban by
'igg, i abandoned. M
.*rstes the pas
leami e that in
ewmgemets have Ci
id-time Sormal
b serezsaw nt
be ha e-u H
r a ie s as
t1, ae runle
,f. Ir
Cmlmb& will
osew arnst
usa me tin u
-upds that C
at oh Emae p
-I this din- 0
l .
L ainO at
laea Jo--l
thee Ptars SI
jin UWF r
-- Y
:. F
A` Z
Engineer Dies Aboard
Ferry Of Apoplexy
While crossing the river on the
ferry Thomas Pickles at 10 o'clock
Thursday night, and when the ferry
neared the Algiers side, Michael
,Baker. 40 years old, a stationery
engineer of Perrier and Monroe
streets McDonoghville, collapsed on
the deck of the boat. Upon the ar
rival of physicians from Charity
hospital Baker was pronounced
dead. Apoplexy was given as the
cause. His body was turned over to
Baker was returning home from
Charity Hospital, where he had been
visiting his brother-in-law, a patient
in that Institution, when he was seiz
ed with a heart attack and succumb
ed. Mr. Baker is survived by his
wife, who was Miss Emma Bealer.
itwo daughters and a grandchild, be
sides other relatives. Mr. Beck was
best known to friends as Mike.
On Thursday, March 23;d, 1922,
Miss Camille Prados, daughter of yr.
and Mrs. A. C. Prados, celebrated her
eleventh anniversary at the home of
her parents. 906 Verret street. The
home was prettily decorated with
bunting, flags, palms, moss and small
electric lights which were strung
across the dining room. A beautelul
birthday cake and American boauty
roses decorated the table. Mr.Erwin
Salathe showed several reels of mov.
Ing pictures which amused the guests.
Several games were enjoyed and dance
ing was Induigd in. An abundance
of refreshments were served. Miss
Camille was rcmembered ly her guests,
and received many beautiful and cost
ly presents: Those present were as
fellows: Shirley Bond, Aline Le
Blanc, Ethel Leathem, Muriel Al
brecht Ruby Webert, Dorothy Webert,
Velma Webert, Edna Purcell, Rosa
Rando, Elenore Rooney, Alice Hibben,
Elvera Sutherland, Leonore Smith,
Imelda Ernst. Alice Hubert, Abble
Smith, Audry OGerard, Eliabeth Galt.
Muriel Sc r, Pay Addingtoa. Anna
Hantel. Grace Rhnaer. May Pradoes
Louise Magge .Laurel Mauio, TillI
Crawford, Dorethy Barochivich, .Ber
niee Claem . Mary Oustaino, Fradei
Ousutns, Bernice lands Wiiam CL
sea, France Walters, Percy Jones. Cin
tea Aubert, Irwin Dallam, Charles
Hughes, John AhysU , Carman Ca
tero dpw " Jtfirrtr ·Sier f,
O'Brien, Andry Lands, Edward lib.
ben, Calvin Addlgton. Lloyd Salaths,
Irwin Salath. Cornelus Kesteas,
Olivier sad Melvin Borm, August and
Jnseps Bloom.
The members of the Mystic 8oclal
Club ejoyed' an all day picnic at
Peach Ornabrd last Sunday. A most
delightful day was spent under the
large eaks. Mr. and Mrs. Nolan
c nhapee the erow.
Those pesent were Miees H. Hbtard,
9. Chauvin, B, binner, T. Jones, .
Nola, 8. Bornoshy, . Barmaster, L
S4 I 3Bs,, Messrs W,
I.veals. W.. Nolan. L aulea M.
BuI es, C. dats, and i. Owes.
tye seis club. A orwbf rs
w KD sate osr ws re emes
Ovl. u Jrams, 0 Mar ratky, L
Ahm, B Di i a, . Bermeater. I.
Nola an d a Semas MUses. L.
TYenth, ,.ladsra . D thga C.
dsa, . Owems, M. BIush, . 1'a
chimna w. Milsn amd w. Lasuld.
tlea a Ud ae alt in the i
trier emt at Gree lst . -
Sagemt (AMlie), whulm is f i
was si 3.t the Juate e.a
o ntar ss weeds s eraem ,
).esmenss 0 Ne W gmw osee bt
5age Geg P. P t uresdgmi.
Old Poly Hasn't Any Sprig Fever I"
V' vol
'4e Ha
pom tcis
ýý'ýý Fý *tr
/ý Qýº1'"'sit
oIm* *asWI us suscastraa c ths
CCPYS4 a5p awc, ~ . c tb
S COPRtW4 652 PUS AU0OCA3t1C m__ M
The Easter festival given last
Monday evening at the local Play
grounds for the benefit of the Child's
Welfare Association was a decided
success. The sum of $4) was real
Booths for handwork, novelties,
aeske and other refreshments were hI
decorated prettily in crepe paper to
and moss. Virtually everything at Jo
the basaar was contributed by mem
bers of the club.
During the evening little Norman *P
B. Brownlee, Jr., was presented E.
with the loving cup that was won
by him in the popularity contest re
recently conducted'by the'local sta
tion. The presentation was made by
Mrs. Frank Hymql. Mr. and Mrs.
McKinley Veslen donated the ilver t
cup. Little Albert Rhoades Marsehall. do
who was second In the contest re
ceived a large rubber ball which was
donated by Mr. H. Harding.
The ice cream booth was In charge ,w
of Mesdames B. C. Gilder. Rot.
ounager. Jes. Lamana, Jr., Nor~
Brownl*e, Barrett, Bargs3 , r
sad Conway. * Ti
angyr Work-Mrs. A. Short, th
ehai ey assisted by Mendamesm ord, L
Sadwieh and Bales--Mrs. Wa.
Short, chairlady assisted by Me- CY
domes Lilly, Duffy, Deldsmn 1l4nd
Skdly, A
Beauty and Health-Mrs. J. .l H
Huckins, ehairlady, Mrs. C. Abbot
and Miss G Judis. * N
Orab . Bag-Margaret Hymel, Lii- e
Hlam Koenig, leanor Lilly and Bm- J.
ma Lee Butherlead. is
Candy-Mrs. S. J. Boyles. ehair- O
lady, Mesdames Williams, Terrebon- t
ae, LeBlasc apd Blaehtd. t
Elmer oCady Booth-Mrs. MeKladey
Vesien, assisted by Mesdames Baker. hi
A. Ponti sad Miss Anna Jo d
Tale of The Future-Miss Al
Rima. LI
The ladies in charge wish to thank of
'al who assisted n any way. They -
"eciaelly thank Mrs. Schabel for the
uas of her auto, Mrs. J. P. Walter.
Mt BaEma George, the . N. O. O
BalIway and Tretion Co.. through
Mr. Bursts for lights, the ladies in
the eighborhood for the asistance
they gave Messrs. J. Owens. A. Me- l
vrnoey. A. Pujol. C. Hymel, B.
Woodwirth, L. Sebhdoer, Baler,
AIkmas J. Lask, ileut. Nilhtemgale,
the press 'of Algiers ad New Or
lesns, ?roeops S, and so and speelal
. htaks to Mr. C. A. Hughes of Trooeep p
. N 3 t for helping lean the gremadr
at midnight. I
MAMMOT VArnvmra vi
" 4§1W ANDW BDaC.
The Fourth Degsee Knights of 0o
I lamlus will give a mammoth vaude- U
vile shohw and danee em Tsesd y.
r April 5th, 192t at K. C. hmse in
New Oreeass to defray pemes, et
I c estreting the Moes Hall and Ca
aiseary for the 3y Seousts of Ames 0
len an their Summer Cnamping i s
thre ead a haitf miles ut tree
Mr. Jess L. Iosea. larmer
t Tessp o c Algiders,
is member ot this Coeaitee.
Th Cebawe is aetirety at wok
en the Maoas . the Wpgs d u
l as. ad K is et d that k wi ll
be reedy time ar the opeseg of
the Camp e isa 184t. 192i.
Iem far Trme xa e. imnr, the
gune h rs PS. n¶ aou. wa-: N.
..w nerA- & oatsem aI
2 . wS ia -r w a
6ns ata es
see a *soe we -,mss
Personal Mention SC
And General News
l aT
d BlORT 1SMB 0ONailRI last
I- WT SIDE Pcno cs
1, The Lutheran Sunday School will 3rd
e have their anneal Master hunt Oe as enat
r ter Sunday afternoon on the lawn ad- suc
t journing the church.
- Miss Hilda Coyne has returned from
Lafayette, La., where she has bees
* spending awhile with her sister, Mrs.
d E. C. Sperler.
The many friends of Mrs. M. J. Bar. tend
Srett of Bermuda street, will regret to on 1
learn that she fell sad broke her right tire
ar. me
Mr. and Mrs. P. Ory of Lucy, La., wor
motored here to spend the day with gral
r their daughter, irs. A. Borne, of Sli1. Va
, dell avenue wor
C The many friends of Mrs. 3. Mills I
will regret to learn ot her illnes. and
The many trlends of Mrs. l Tufts Bra
will be sorryn to hear rsh i ill.
L Walter A. Dilsell left Tuesday for last
P Asheville, N. C., on a business trip.
1, The members and rieads of
Track Co. lo. S, sae glad to see t
1, the smiling face' of OliUer uather- val
. land bet eo duty after aemaal H
*raeasmt saies dapes.
. A juvenile grove of the Woodmen's
Circle will be instituted at a reglar
4 meeting of Orange Grove No. !, of
Algiers, Thurday nilght at Pythian ope
a Hail. o
Mrs. C. V. Kraft entertained the hi
Matrons Club. The suceessatl play- Sub
ers were Mrs. T. U. Buchhols, Mrs. mo
SJ. Gerrets and Mrs. Ed Martin (play- whi
inl for Mrs. J. A. Galsand). Mrs. etit
"' 0. W. Pollock received the cooselr use
Stion. The next meeting will be at
the home of Miss Claris Riheards. d
9 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Worre and the
r  baby aeeanem ed by Mrs. T. Schreo the
der, Miss B. Wileo sand Mr. and her
U Mrs. John Schroder motored to
Little Woods on riday last 'and
Sspeoat a most enjoyable afternoo.
(Osatlunue a Page 3.)
] i MAI l SO 'ITAL' l uauO
An A exective eder provldnag hor
Sthe transer ef 57 pue health ar de
vice heaptals to the Vuemrams' smaa es
is Ithe u ands of Prement Hardlns "
and is expectd to be Issed no it
was amneaened today bp Directer Po~ W
besof the Veterans' aureau.
The transfer, ,whlch lavelves be
pitals tlnaU pertles of the Meatry, I
wil ,iset appexmasty Sls hne -*
m ser svlee men nemw patles I the are
lnstithees se abset lsee pUe se Ir
vIes physticlanss
L r annex to the Nw Ohemas Ma d
rIne Hospital, whiet is leese at the 8
Sle n ast MW lit.h n ta n M alt
s- thanirr. l.. .
at Mil
- Born to Mr and Mrs. rset Breown
r-. (mse Clara Trres) eo 412 Paels ave., a
be a rlt Co
S.era to Mr. NA Mrs. Jes. Lro o a
MISS 4.IY SAY Sit CAs" o
AN Ks60t T ' o SL " i
So LAS ii bE lAY*
te · a tISY S a . A MACItWL pm
I pM'. Me
- - gI
The meeting which was held on latt
last Thursday evening was very unc- sysi
easeful. It was decided that the laul
school lawn party be given on May tag
3rd ' All patrons, friends and par- ste,
eats promised to help, make it a for
success. is a
Mr. Hynaes, Assistant Superin- Sa
tendent, was a visitor at our School ler,
on last Thursday. He spent the en- You
tire day visiting the various depart- of
ments; commenting on the splendid -m
work found in each grade; and con- wei
gratulating the Principal, Miss PX
Vaughan, on the character of the Dr.
work accomplished. toe
Miss Mims visited us on Friday
sad conducted the weekly "Tooth for
Brush Drill." Jr.
The faculty atteaded a meeting
last Priday at the Warren Baston Min
High School. The speaker was Mr.
Bailey from Massachusetts; his sub-f
Ject was "Art in the SchooL' Many Hu
valuable suggeetiou s were gained
ftom this lecture; eves me, feoss -p
amply repaid for having sattbed.
Daring the past year som vs he
uable material has been added to our m
equipment; but recently the CO- ia
operative club purchased the Key- ,
stone 800 Set for Visual Education,
This is quite an addition to our
School and we feel assured that the
money has been Judiciously spent An
when we consider the education ben
efit to be derived from the correct
use of these views. *
A teacher's lie is a busy n, wi
and when anything can be purchased Na
that will lessen her duties and at ps
the same time help the pupils under ba
her care-the co-operative Club of coy
Meyer School believes that it is the ae
proper thing to do. Bo the President chi
ot the club, acting upon the sug- A
gestlon of our Principal, purchaed tor
the "Standard Dictionary of Facts." pis
Knowledge is gained praiclpelly and
from books, and in the book Just pre
m fton ets * tare give every
ect. Thise inftormation is eoa
deneed and so estalogued that it
can be found with the eMt peUdi
tare of time. Mr.
The following pupils have bern at I
perftet in the weekly tests of Arith- litti
metie and Spelling:
Eighth Grade A-Maron Edge
eombe, Lorents Berlager, Masdi
Eighth Orade B-sola thabseh.a
Seventh Orade A-Jemnlo eSott.
Seventh Grade B--pleaer tol.
81th Orade A--Oeorne Demat,
1 eto a evie, Deis I e
Farthe Selsater, rea Dean Simon,
hisam Sadresax DI
Sixth Grade -- Willam HyBnes,
Mildred Campbell, Ethel Marooes. N
klFifth Grade A-Thelma Arig4, A
en srietta Baer, Norm Bhngs Lep pQ
Cooper, Lydi Campbell. Ad
r lPth Gradeo -Noesetint Bober. Mr
Dixine easesmabe, Marie Msnlusse H.
Henrietta 90th. Albert qillegie,
L ere Melasen, Frank A tss Ams -
Ed/eos.be, Hleld IUawe. Lae.e
'- dS. Floyd Gullot, Herman
Fourth Grade B-Muriel Galling
house, Marguerite Robiesau, Ner
nard Leeese, Lams Dumenl Al
vi Aisom, Merln Imsith.
e Grade *-D-avnd Ges, Mel
gss, Irwn LawIim, seeade em
pee Jeanne Ianmes, T|s foees
Nsreaem Eddy.
b Gade--Psale Ges,
knia orrU Mstl Am Ad1am
amean, Mldred aunm aten, it
Hughes, Inad hiemne. .
Opade iteAs
agge *eas M-uens ae
Holmes Store Rounds N
Out 80 Years' Service
Sunday was the eightieth anni
versary of the founding of D. H. be
Holmes Company's Sto're. , te
It was in 1842 that Mr. Holmes' hi
moved to Chartres street, then near St
the center of New Orleans' gay so- cO
cial life. hi
Four years afterward, he took the
daring step of moving to Canal in
street, occupying the present store ci
site little more than the space now so
taken up by the present store's show pi
During the years which followed D. S
H. Holmes gradually purchased of
neighboring real estate, and finally al
the entire space from Canal street to ci
Iberville Street. t
The city directory of 1838 records tl
D. H. Holmes in business in Mag- IH
asine street.
In the first Holmes store, there n
was a floor space of 100 square feet. a
Today 225,000 square feet are cov
ered by the various departments of
the big establishment.
Some of the more recent steps in
the development of the store have L
been: 1911, Dauphine street entrance tI
built; 1913, Canal street front re- i
built and enlarged: 1916, rotunda t
filled in, adding 25,000 square feet
of floor Iberville street built. The'
latter building houses the delivery
system ,lee eream plant, bakery,.
laundry, cold storage plant and heat
tag apparatus, space; 1919, flve. C
story warehouse in and made room E
for the new restaurant which now
is a thriving department.
Up to 1885 the store was a one-man c
Iosaniuation. Mr. Holmes in that k
year associated with his as partnes g
Samuel Goeghegan and Samuel Wal- I
ler, the latter in charge of the New I
York buying office. Upon the death I
of Mr. Holmes in 1898 Mr. Geoghe- s
gan took charge. When in 1902, he a
went to Ireland, the managemen
passed to DanIel H. Holmes, Jr., and C
Dr. C. H. Thomas, son-in-law of the
D. H. Holmes Company, Limited
formed in 1905, with D. H. Holmes,
Jr., as president. Mr. Geoghegan '
was resailed from Ireland as vice
president and manager The other
directors were John J Gaanon,
treasurer; Bernard McCloskey, Rob
oert W. Wilmot, William P. Brown,
Hugh McCloskey, Gastaf R. West
tldt, muanuel 8teinhardt Osar L.
Pntnam and )ank B. iayne.
On Mr. Geoghgan's death in 194,
he was replased by W. J. Gilbert as
manager, and Mr. Gilbert, who died
in 1911, by Pred W. waas. Mr.
Evans is manager and prItldent.
A nue ( memmasde ad Mewdral
Service, uaday Aprl 0th.
The Algiers CKnights of Columbus
will attend Communion at the Holy
Name of Mary Church at 7:2 Mass,
Palm Sunday, April 9th. The menm
bers of the Council will meet at the
Council home at 7:00 a m., and head
ed by their band will march to the 1
At 4 p. m., Commemorative Services
tor the deceased members will take
plaee at the Council Home. Members
and their umlies are requested to be ;
premt at 3:46 p. m.
On Wdnmsday evevnns March 2~kh,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Adams entertaled
at a birthday party in honor of their
Itttle daughter, Imelda, the 6esule
being the seventh anniversary of her
birth. ,
The hoase was beautifully decorat
ed se the eecaslon. Durlns the ~w
taing daeietang was indulged in and
dainty refrehmuents served In ahnd
anee. May games were played by
the ehildren. A large birthday caLke
wi saves cadls eeegpid a preml
aut p ea the table.
Theme preseat were: Myrtle Chet
t, L. Tresdtr, MM.Barmester, Gerat
mD Brtel 0. Utisi..V. sad S. Taple, 1
Jerme and Camille Cameoll, Katie
lmbacker, Evelya ,Parr, llian and
Amil Sudtherlad Vay, an Iris
Casey., sidney dam., oma May1
Adam~ s Tremelatr. Mrs. Cmrotl .
Mr. and Mrs. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. I
H. Adams sad many others
w.im cal. Whem Dier Is rady
Good-by to the well-knowm dismer
hell o American farem Wireless
calls istead. Daniet Talbot of
Floride heqied his plow with
one of the radio sets and when
oflicial Wasbintoie time is am
nounced he l es to dianwr. He also
mews of the day a he keep. busily
at hs work.
. • , /o
Mr. W. J. Gray, who is one of the
best in his profession as a health
teacher, is in Algiers and is making
his headquarters at Stumpf's Drug
Store, 901 Teche street. Mr. Gray
comes from Syracuse. N. Y.. where he
has just conducted a campaign in the
interest of health in that section. He
will be here for the next few weeks
in the interest of the Red Indian 5Medi
cino Company which is putting out
some preparation that has given peo
ple satisfaction heretofore. M.r. Gray
gives health advice to all that come to
see him and this advice is given free
of charge. Mr. Gray does not make
any calls or application of his medi
cine, but he is at Stumpf's Drug Store
for the purpose of giving advice to
those who are seeking better health.
He may be seen from 9 a. m. to 9 p.
which extends an invitation to come
m. daily at Stumpf's Drug Store,
and have a talk with Mr. Gray.
On Friday evening March 24, Mary
Louise Foster, daughter of Mr. M. Fos
ter. entertained a large number of her
little friends, the occasion being the
thirteenth anniversary of- her birth.
The house was decorated very prettily
with Easter colors and souvenirs.
Dancing was indulged In and refresh
ments were served in aboundance.
All seemed to spend an enjoyable
evening. Among those who were pres
eant were: Vera Muntz, Odette Le
Blanc, M. Adele Guillot. Louise Bour
geofs, Lula May Besson, Mary Gordon,
Ethel Lusignon, Doris Rainey, Adele
Guillot, Camille Glancey, Helen Huc
kins, Rosaline Crowley, Noelie Bour
B geols, Monica Brown, Myrle Martinez,
Elsie Oswald, Dorothy Wilson, Eliza
beth Flanders. Vivian Bourgeois, L
LFlanders. R. Talbot, Isabelle McPher
son, Ethel Anderson, Imelda Bour
p geois, Gladys Legendre. Grace Wise
acher, Elvera Huna, Patricia and Co
I cellit Muntz, Floyd Legarde, Alice
SBrunssana. Alice Kramnme, Bernice
Voegtlin, Florence Kleinakemper, Ag
naes O'Donnell, Ila Morgan, Beulin
Guillot, Augustine Abbot, M.Thomp
son, Annette LeBoeut, E. LeBoeus.
Irene McMahon, Lillian Hunn, Lillian
r Burrows, Dorothy Acker, Anna Belle
Beason, Lucille Abbot, Elleen Brown,
Edith Humphrey, Carmel Oswald.
Sarah Holicosky, C. Adams, Martha
LAdams. Alma Shields, Edwina Shields.
Anna Poster and Mary Louise Foster.
Messers. J. T. Owens. P. I. Da iel, .
Drown. J. Ctlettat. R-ClDshoe , A.
LeBlanc, 8. Shields, E. lelds, and
" L Adams. Misses L Niklans, N.
Crmberna, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Daniel,
r. Mr. and Mrs. C. hrhardt, Mr. and
Mrs. A. S. McGivney, Mr. and Mrs.
B. . Shields. Mrs. M. Abbott, Mrs. J.
Adams, Mrs. A. Shields, and Mr- M.
J. Wester.
Early Sunday meradla, l Jolly
r crowd boarded Woolverton's track and
proceeded to Bohon where they spent
a most enjoyable day.
The morning was spent a Ihiag
and then the Jolly crowd eat under the
large oak trees and ate their lunch.
The rest of the day was rtat is play
ias sames.
Those who enjoyed the d+y were:
SMisses Carrie, Ethel and Illian HMl
debrand, Mary and Augusta Weelhr
ten and I,.ie Hunn; Messrs. Albert
Franeisco, Ousese Woelvertem, Mel
ville Graham, John Huna Clarese
Hottelter, Charle sad John mdeo
brand, Irvins Rlsn, Orets GeadiS
and Willie Woolverton, Mrs. J.
Woolverton, Mr. and Mrs. C. i. H*
r debrand, Mr. and Mrs. O. Gudln
I Rev. T. B. Clifford and wit wereo
L- agreeably asurprised at their riel
F dee, 225 Olvier Street, on late.
Sday nlsht when they were presetoded
with a pore tram may Mb lds of
Mt. Olivet ongregation.
The reler and wit. psinly ehowed
ther snuprs and ea uem their
thaklnalnme n bel~e Matly
SMr.' Ctffotd espeets to mre h is
t famimy is theIr bepe Ina Nev Or0
, lesan tlhis week and to s needles
L w my that their setai dbLeui
wil be missed r their mSn friends.

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