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Devoted to the Upbuailding of the W st Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper '-MANUFAC TIltEBS RECORD.M
i| ,,
OrldGan P'ublishers Ja
Ad Fund Drives
i New Orleans publishers As
Tton ay 9 aldpte'd the fol-1
0dtio on tht
pwt meeting of the N,"w ()rl,,ans wlý
t a meetin.
LL er" Association it .JA m ,ved ga
airously carried that in the
s tnanimously
of the trempndou enunt of thl
-ce. plus spcial r,,lp, rtrial. sw
Sspand art services ' hi, h the he
oll of ew ()rleans art c·on- al
aled upon teeo iidon to rds . ha
t ion of various pu1 li. i('
d charitable mnovem'nts0 ,.ffe,,,tiv i
,dIatelY. they must d, li, to i
ft cash contributions to suth
Me publishers point to th, fact
Soother business etllmnllrt ini p
ts coemunity is regularly call edl
.. to donate product and servic,,
Scash n addition thereto. he'
e It therefore resolv'd,. that on 1 a
Safter this day no memnlter of this 'i
aiattion will make any ctontrihu- lh
til of any nature whatsoever to th
smovements. and that the asso th
.as such. shall hereafter do
tae the amount of news space in
I embership will donate to each th
d e movements, and that eachi
m"lpper represented In this asso- t
des shall be guided by the joint t
espa as affects its own columns. a
OLSEN - On Saturday at 7:40
'dsck. Miss Marion H. Olsen died.
esed was a native of Louisiana
(' was thirty-two years of age.
e faeral took place Sunday after
- at 3 o'clock from her late
iaee., 314 Verret street. d
SUNIES--On Sunday. Mrs. Rich
iat rmle, nee Mary Lavina Hield.
gi at the age of fifty years. De
, gm was a native of Algiers. The
mii took place Sunday at 4 n
d'dek frem her late residence in
umea parish. Interment was in p
ilrsie Cemetery.
hANDLE-On Thursday at 12:55
Vdiat a m., Lois Rita, two-year-old
e sr of Camella Gertrude and
V0 MecArdle, died. The funeral
l* place Friday evening at 3
IMn the parents' residence,
-aterment was
ew Cemetery.
As tavestigation of approaches to
II Irr landings will be made and I
Si thorities asked to improve the
.i atot ones, according to at
ubls reached at a meeting of the 1
,dI ispartment of the New Orleans
PIus of Clubs in the Grune
U1 HoBtel Thursday. Mrs. J. P.
Holeus, president, presided.
e Thutrsday evening about 4:30
e'dek two autos collided at the cor
w de Mix and Seguin streets. An
Wpias touring car, the property
t L. Tallate, of Alix and Seguin
thus, was coming in Alix street
I a tuck from the Naval Station
1 Plg up Seguin street, and
mh tby met at the above corner
i elMed, causing some damage
,i th alato car.
i Ls4pe, 6 years old, 5002 Belle
S tmeet, was injured, probably
h T, Teday, when he was ran
tM AMlx and Belleville streets
I toamobUle driven by Clifton
I , t years old, 421 Vallette
SeY was attempting to cross
Itm t the time of the acci
e was injared internally and
b *31fractured at the base.
IlCmit k Gires Pari" Hems b ems Wfihl
.... . . ,
appears in the lime-' " " - "
Siven a beautiful Paris James Gordon Bennett. The ift of
o Mime. Gamma Wanska the mnssion to the wife, coupled
-. k, tw,i*,th tie septo, ha e ris
uov :"e' sh tr.o a· rI.hport tbat theomc
ree hrom e her aorer are to be earrid when di
h dain it fIu Mut thi is aden
Jazz Dance Becoming'
A Menace
(Contributed 1
Where are the games that marked i
the times of long ago. in your days
when in your youth you enjoyed :a
game of "hiding-go-seek." Those were
the days of happy childhood. when
the atmllosphere surrounding life was
sweet and pure. l)on't you relntlll
ber the times when one could walk
along our public streets and see the
happy little childrcn mnerrily engaged
ill the above lmentionedl gamel in the
days gone iby?
Time has changed since then, and
most little boys and girls are not
given the prtvilege to share in the
pleasures ot childhood that the boys
and girls of yesterday enjoyed.
What is the cause? What has hap
pjened? My dear girls and boys, it
i; the deplorable jazz dance that is
causing the change in your lives.
Iittle boys and girls are taken from
the' arms of their mothers and taught -
the lessons that will eventually lead
them to ruination and destruction.
It has become so vulgar, undermin
ling and disgraceful that the boys
hthemselves are raising their voices
fin protest. Young men are ashamed
to bring their lady friends to dances,
while those boys who have sisters
are crying to stamp it out. Vi
Mothers and fathers-I mean the de
true, clean, honorable mothers and St
fathers-what are you going to do at
about it? Remember, the future of wi
your girls and boys is at stake. Do lit
you know the latest step In the TI
world of jazz? Well, it is termed at
a "cherry picking," which is not even
. popular in the underworld, but it is et
popular in a community where re- 54
e spectable people are supposed to tu
dwell, where civilization exists-the st
town of Algiers. a,
"i Mothers and fathers, the pros
'[perity of every country depends not r,
" on the abundance of its revenues, at
n nor on the strength of its fortifi- a
n cations, nor on the beauty of its w
n public buildings, but it consists in al
the number of its cultivated men it
5 and women, who form the foundation ki
d of every nation. ge
It is time for the organizations
al who believe in purity, cleanliness
3 and morality to rise and fight this si
e' evil that has suddenly overtaken our h
U youth.
Mothers, It is time to ,$lK your d
daughter that she shall not go to
IS dances until the atmosphere sur
rounding them becomes moral. tl
Girls are the mothers of tomor
to row. Mothers, would you have your
ad little girls go through with the things
he required of her to keep the modern p
a race? Really, would you? Do you
be know that the sweetest heritage a
ns mother can leave her child is the
ne- knowledge of that which Is sweet
P. and good?
I pity that poor child who lives
and knows its mother had lived a
dishonored life.
The sweetest force in all the world
30 is the force of a mother's Influence.
or- It works and grows stronger long t
An after she is dead. It is a force that
rty never dies, it her life was good and
rn pure. Mothers and fathers, let's
et make the next generation safe by
ion fighting this evil.
On Saturday last, Mr. and Mrs. L.
F. Arceneaux of Morgan City enter
rle tained a party of little lots in honor
bly of the sixth anniversary of the birth
ufl of Lynn, Jr. A number of games
ets were played, the most interesting
ton being the Donkey Party. Earl Mer
tte van won the first boys' prise and
Ruth O'Brien, the first girls' prizse
oss and Sister Arceneaux got the booby.
ccl- Delicious refreshments were served.
mld Master Lynn received many pretty
Old Mother Hubbard Again
C.¢ ?.
., T E " i
%R ''. ' " CUPBOARD
o 3 • -
3 o o
O 0 _ F J` O " __
ýý~~ ý1 _CiOP6WKT 4L1j
PuUO S.4,
9~1r675 "
Fate played a part in saving Mrs.
Victoria Gillich, 36 years old, from
death by asphyxiation last week.
She quarreled with her husband just
about the time the session of school,
which her daughter, Miss Irene Gil- su
lich, 16 years old, attended, was over.
The husband left home in anger in
after the quarrel. IN
Mrs. Gillich. becoming melancholy,
entered the kitchen of her home at me
540 Elmira street, locked the door. co
turned on all of the jets on the gas Tc
stove, and then lay on the floor to
await death. ha
Fifteen minutes later her daughter c
returned from school. There was
no response to her knocking and she da
became suspiciout. All the doors
were locked, as well as the gate, and su
all was silent within. To the girl
it was an ominous silence. She da
R knew her mother had no reason for re
going out. ar
Through a bath room window the 9
S girl crawled. As she gained the in- al
side a strong odor of gas nauseated
r her. The kitchen door was locked. ti
Miss Gillich became desperate. That la
r door stood between her mother and
0 salvation. Death lurked beyond. ft
r-With an almost superhuman effort n
the girl hurled herself against the
r panel and the lock gave *ay. ti
A burst of gas fumes almost over
powered her as the door swung-open.
She saw the form of her nmother
stretched on the floor. The gas al
most stifled her, but the girl did not il
falter for a moment. Into the gas
filled room the girl plunged. A
moment later she emerged, dragging h
her mother's body along. Miss Gil
lich placed her mother on the rear (I
Id porch and then called for help. Mrs. a
Gillich was unconscious when Patrol
men Harvey and Pourciau arrived a
and gave her first aid treatment. I
She had been somewhat resuscitated
when the Charity Hospital ambu- i
lance arrived. f
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Stumpf and
little grand-daughter, Doris Faye Mc
L Duff, met with quite a serious acci
r- dent last Thursday, when their auto
r skidded and overturned on the Chef
h Menteur road. Mr. Stumpf was cut
es on the head. necessitating twelve
ng stitches, and his leg was hurt, while
er- Mrs. Stumpf was painfully bruised
nd about the body.
LIe They were conveyed to the hos
)y. pital in the ambulance.
ad. The auto was damaged to the ex
,ty tent of $100.
On Sunday, May 7, an enjoyable
evening was spent at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Baker, when the
children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren of Mr. H. Munsterman
gathered and tendered him a sur
prise in honor of the eightieth an
niversary of his birth. A large birth
day cake with eighty candles adorned
the center of the table, and when
lit it was a beautiful sight. Deli
cious refreshments were served
throughout the evening. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. L Munster
man and family, Mr. and Mrs. B. G.
Baker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Munsterman and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Munsterman and baby,
Mrs. Robert Vicknalr and baby. Mr.
and Mrs. Tom Munsterman and fam
ily; Misses Ruth Matulich, Helen
and Vera and Olga Estopinal, Helen
Huckins; Messrs. Bill Gouenholtz,
Jack Strickland and Marion Short.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dill
(nee Florence Helder) of 820 Homer
St.-a girl.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hebert
(nee Julia Twickler) of Pelican Ave.
-a boy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarene
Robichaux ot Peacle ansM, a hoy.
Personal Mention Al
And General News
Mrs. McCormack entertained at A
cards and at lotto at the home of bert
Mrs. Entwisle in Olivier street. The rea(
successful players were: Mrs. M. Os- tive
wald and Miss Anna Mae Gould; and mroa
in lotto Elba Oswald and Myrtle Lee Iigl
McCloskey. rep.
The many friends of Mrs. Geo. Pal- the
mer will regret to learn that she was prol
compelled to undergo an operation at to
Touro last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. King and met
little daughter Alfreda, of Tylertown, thai
have been guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. ope
C. King. ing
Mrs. Florence Chapman left Mon- con
day for Illinois. to spend the summer. due
Mrs. J. G. Hicks is spending the to
summer in Bay St. Louis.
A penny party will be given Satur
day evening at 6 o'clock, at 200 Ver
ret Street, by little Camille Toledano
and Faye Clark. The little ones have
quite a few little fancy articles that
will be sold. A good time is assured A
Mr. and Mrs. J. Attenhofer have
taken possession of their new bunga
t low in Olivier street.
Miss Carroll McNeil entertained a wh
few of her friends last Wednesday out
night at her home in Belleville street. hel
Mrs. Sam Boylan and children re- su<
turned Sunday from McComb, where pe<
they spent a few weeks. of
Mrs. B. Nelson entertained the wil
rMatrons Club. The successful play- sei
ers were Mrs. E. J. Mothe, Mrs. L. F. ha;
I Gisch (playing for Mrs. J. A. Gar- th(
land) and Mrs. Mc K. Vezien. Mrs. Is
R. A. Tansey received the consolation. lar
The next meeting will be at the wa
home of Mrs. Vezien. for
Mrs. L. Williams and little grand sit
dr (aughter, Ruth Aycock, are spending on
. awhile in Abita Springs.
Mrs. L. Brooks and little daughter, ouc
d Anna Rita are guests of Mrs. L. De bx
t. Laup at McComb City. flo
d Mr. A. J. Haaser spent a few days to
il'in Memphis and in Vicksburg this wx
week. wi
Ed Laskey has returned from a ex
N stay in Denver, Colo. th
Rev. J. Guinan left Monday for a Sa
visit to his home in Ireland. br
A children's lawn party will be wl
C. given on Saturday, May 20, from 3 th
to 7 o'clock. on the lawn adjoining pa
the residence of Mrs. H. Meyers, 321 th
a Pelican avenue, for the benefit of a TI
It very worthy cause. Home-made e=
cakes, candy and ice cream will be h
le sold. There will be special games
and amusements for the children. St
Mrs. J. S. Dellucky has returned th
from a three weeks' visit to her se
daughter, Mrs. L. F. Aceneaux, of cc
Morgan City.
Mrs. A. J. Amuedo and Mr. and th
Mrs. E. C. Dellucky spent the week- ti
end in Morgan City, the guests of at
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Arceneaux. in
The Jolly Crowd will entertain at ,
le cards and lotto at the home of Mrs. ol
Alex Clark, 909 Pelican avenue, on al
ie Friday evening.
in (Continued on Page 3.) of
Weddings of New 5
Orleans Folksg
ed n
Ir. The marriage of Miss Christine
Rauschkolb to Mr. Vincent Matranga C
Swas quietly celebrated last week in
enSt. Bernard parish. Judge Gowland
tzofciated. t
Algiers was represented in the In
111 terclass debate held Wednesday at
ae the Esplanade Avenue High School.
The subject was, "Should Womer
art Serve on a Jury?" Miss Blanche
e. Vanderlinden of the senior class had
the affirmative side and Miss Mar- 1
ma garet Flaley of the latermediate 4
. dass had the muaihve. 1
Algiers Viaduct May ":
Be Abandoned,
City May Force Opening of Newton an(
Street As Result Thi:
At s a result of the inability of mem- his
bf bers of the Commission Council to 231
e reach an agreement with representa- in
tives of the Southern Pacific Rail
d road and of the South New Orleans DR
e Light and Traction Company, on the
repair of the Newton street viaduct,
the abandonment of this viaduct is fes
i probable. Failure of the conference h
to agree resulted in the announce- the
d ment of Commissioner Wilbert Black bet
that he would introduce an ordinance Fu
opening up Newton street and mak- 1m
ing it necessary for the street car art
n- company to replace the present via- wil
r. duct with a smaller one if cars are i3
ie to cross the S. I- tracks. at
td Algiers Must Accept Service As It
Is Given. Another Forced Ex
re cursion On The Ferries.
The unsatisfactory ferry service
a which is the result of operating with
sy out a franchise and without the city
at. helping Algiers in its protest against
e- such service, compels the Algiers
re people to submit to whatever kind
of transportation the ferry company
he will condescend to give them. For
Ly- several weeks, one of the large boats
F. has been laid up and in its stead
ir- the small Josie is being operatedi It
rs. is not an uncommon thing to have
tn. large numbers of trucks, and autos
he waiting on either side of the river
for an opportunity to cross, neces
nd sitating a delay of from one-half to
ng one hour.
On Sunday night another accident
er, occurred to the big boat when she
De broke her steering apparatus and
floated down with the swift stream
ys to a point near Chalmette. The boat
his was crowded with passengers and
with vehicles of all kinds, and the
a excursion down the river lasted more
than an hour. The Dock Board tug,
a Samson, was pressed into service to
bring the boat to the Algiers landing
be where the autos were reimbursed for
3 the amount tfley had paid for their
Ing passage. On the trip down the river
321 the boat ran into a large steamship.
a The ferry boat was injured to some
de extent by the Samson who had tied
be her lines to the railing, and in towing
they gave way.
This was only a part of the delay
Sunday night. About an hour later
her the boat broke down again, and for
of several hours transportation was
compelled to stop between Algiers
and the city notwitstanding the fact
md that another boat was available. As
the ferry company has no franchise
of and the city does not interest itself
in the welfare of the Algiers people,
at we must necessarily expect this kind
Irs. of service which is being handed out
on almost daily.
Hundreds of people fear boarding
- the little ferry boat. Josie on account
of the large loads that are being put
on her when the traffic is congested,
and these people are compelled to
accept a twenty minute schedule in
stead of a 10-minute schedule. Many
S of the passengers were compelled to
go to Jackson Avenue on Sunday
night in order to cross, making a de
LI lay of more than three hours.
Hospital day was celebrated by
ne the hospital committees of the New
nga Orleans Red Cross Chapter by gifts
in to the ex-service men in the hos
and pitals here. Ice cream for those in
the U. S. Veterans' Hospital in
Algiers was supplied through Mrs.
George Thoele's committee.
met Edward C. Brodtman was appoint
ache ed law clerk in the office of the Reg
had istrar of Conveyances by Registrar
Kar IPltspatrlck, Thursday. He succeeds
late C. W. Puneky, who served nader the
te Williamn J. Oberle.
Anthony Bommer, Run Organize Oakdale Im
Down By Auto, Dies provement Association
i'olil.e who Iniiv.stigat.;l, th.' at~ i- Lo
dental killing, ,1 Anthony lotmm.ir. F
36 y.,ars old. of I.6 J.os,.phin, st're.t.
anntol nc',U I d thI that -'r. li. Slllith. a
inegroi .m'tltp ." if the louisianta pr
(Oxygen ('oatp:tni, ul b. h arrst..1 iz
ant thiarrd w1ith mtns:i lauttghter a; a it
result of I' lhIIItnt r, " b.at ;l . Il llolltt *r "
an tlpl)lo%." of thI. Thomt-, \V. l,1oo,.y
Metal Work,. .wa. tr.pairing :tin aIto
mobile radiator in frout of tOlt- plt t
at 1)2 T.houpitoulah st" ."-t. at, I.1.1
9 o'.lotk \V.dt.- ;day mtrnttung who it
he is said to hat,- b.I nt k 'nok-!t
down and run t,.% r 1, a Loui-ianal
S)xygin ('ttopatny truck driven by.
Joseplh .lart ti vi pr )i-. id- nt ol -
the ln.vly M.tta Works. too.k thIi"
injurt d mtan to ( harity hospiital I
twhere hie die d at 12".I ('oronr t
.oepih O)'llara jpronount 'I., lath as g
,eing ctaused by shot k and a fra- -
tur.' of the neck Polite 'ai'i th.y r
Ihad no deitails of Ith Itiattl"r t 'xtc.ept
those supplied ithrm bl y ('harity ilos- n
p lital, but that theyv u dll,.rstood Slllitllh
to have bIeen striving ti a rat- of t
alpproximately tw.-nty miles anl hour
when he struck mlonmiutr.
De l)ce.ased was ai native of our town t
n and was the Iusbhanld of Ida Ross. t
The funeral took placet Thursday at a
4:30 o'clock from the residence of
n. his brother-in-law. G. II. llairnsfather.
to 231 Belleville street. Interment was
a. In St. Bartholomew Cemetery. I
i-- -
. The sixty-sixth grand annual May
is festival given by the Druids under
e the auspices of the Grand Grove of
Louisiana. will take place Sunday at
ek the Fair Grounds. It will be for the 4
benefit of the Widows and Orphans
ce Fund. Quite a few members of the 1
k local grove are on the committee of
ar arrangements. The price of admission 1
la- will be 27 cents, war tax 3 cents. total
re 30 cents. The war tax will be paid l
at the gate. Children under 12 years
will be admitted free.
8I I
P ...-l--
appeared "Polyanna" by the same authoress
and it took the country by storm; now she
by has given us "Mary Marie," which is better
than either.
This wonderful child was Mary to her staid,
bookish, serious-minded father. To her viva
cious, laughter-loving mother she was Marie;
so they named her Mary Marie, and to keep
peace in the family she had to develop a dual
nature in keeping with the two names.
This Greatest of Eleanor Porter's Many
Remarkable Stories Starts
Lbe Beginning In Herald Next Week
idr fachl vrwrtete
at rprrdPl~n" ytesm ahrs
16 ttottecntr ysom o h
Lower Coast Citizens Prepare For
r. Progressive Work. Elect Officers.
S. In lotnhlay night. 'h". lakd:ale lU
t r I' ' l AprU 1 latt,11 .1 ,1,, w"a1 N;1 rgan
Ia ized for tth ultlpo-e olll : h", l ,'ling out
I n illt b. tt. ruli t' i r I .111, i lliti tion.
. l this silt' of i tih , rli urh. A a 1ilom
ht rs ili i t hii s ",\ th i k .inwti o sirl;llo ar
iull- ly r ,.iv'lts 1 1" l I, r - ilstl
 a will ank for one ll ifuin,'l.
ia td rlli f ii - tii t l- isin ats th. fio r.
I it ' first b silr ty lat the r r ;ul iza -
ten n\f thI , n lr cting of offirt rst. td
" I th. arn. .s folloh\,. A. Lac. 'r,..si
n:t ,nt. If. . ond , if ,e 'resid, nt ; ..
nut tee bad beeappointed to waito
B Ia . h,, So rts tartr atl A. - )astagl
h Troragtaitir o 'lr. ga.llsl tion was
h'" t 'rn(,. with -ixty-lfo r 1"harter Ittont
atl t irs whitch is quite a big showing
r for setion of rg lgiaHer. oand n or
a streenizatiot of th a kind supapportul aed by
ans ent lasin itiz Satur iay evening.d to get
y ar n the city and the car started
pton Thore she wal s on the grl to this
,s. n w- ()akdale Utnprov\mnlent Associa
oita lion, and will give it every encour
of ag'ltlll'nt and help ins its effort for
npa rature of the first mattors to be taken
,wn up by the association will be the, mat
ars ter of ilproving one or two streets
on thtenir side of the viaduct. A com
m ruittee had been appointed to wait on
Mayor McShane and Commissioner
wr, Black for this purpose.
gas The organization is also to give a
picnic shortly at the Druids Palm
of 1Miss Georgina Herbert. of Olivier
t street, met with a very painful acci
ans (lent last Saturday evening. Miss
the Hebert was alighting from a street
of car in the city and the car started
don before she was on the ground. She
otal was thrown down and sustained a
paid fracture of the hip. She is at the
ears Hotel Dieu. where Dr. A. C. King is
in attendance.

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