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PACES THE HERALD. ut why ar w til paing
Devoted to the Upballdlng of the WUst Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS RECORD.
the past weeks there have il
conferences between the b
S err Committee and the
sb Council regarding the
Sperations of the Canal Street fn
Third District Ferries. P
aL night the Algiers Ferry a
O et with the Commission
t which time a general dis- :
was had relative to a fran- C
also the matter of going C
the legislature to ask for ani E
PeSt to the constitution that a
tive the city right to issue P
o that the ferries could be -
_i b owned.
g ti conference there were at n
 hundred Algiers people a
aesented both factions, namely. t
ally owned and franchiseable ii
pr McShane stated that he was
to vote for and to assist the
1 people in what the majorityl
He stated that if the Al
people wanted municipally
furrie he was for municipally o
g ferries, and he would given
duistanlce to the committee in
Sirection. Commissioner Ray
&Moissuoner Maloney also stated r
y were in favor of municipal f
provided a way could be a
to either legally accept the l
e tih was offered by two of 3
g-l banks or that the city
, fagily appoint a commission
g1aJ bine bonds for that pur
Ii d meeting it was decided that
g* di eaineer would prepare a
l sad that this franchise
So M merely tentative, and would
$ussew to the council only after n
ig loag d that the relief desired
a t be secured through legis- t
w asetment.
hls were several subsequent
Iu-g with Commissioner Maloney
M t ery committee for going
f lt tsitative franchise so as to
it it erler should it be necessary
* 1 r Isale such a contract.
as peage of Algiers are united
*ir esademnation of the present
g  t now operating at the
sjl est and the Third District
Sq have now gotten to a point
sla want relief,--and relief at
ah. possible moment.
sicred that you will not
us in securing the de
ot a , we herewith enclose a
wsrtter that is this day being
i the Commission Coun
_ i City in our behalf.
yes for attention which
ime its object merits.
"1Ns remain.
iIs lsas, La., May 29, 1922.
h Usorable Mayor and Com
et NOw Orleans, La.,
heslmest of those citisens of
Io preseated your honor
- th a petition, in which it
agpatly requested, that an
hry Landing and Service
at Opelosas avenue, on
a i ot the river, we wish
bing this matter to your
a that our reqest may
eerlooked and our welfare
be maled that our petition
7DrI by a much larger
han is representell by any
msets for similar purposes.
bt that this petition cannot
at his time, regardless
te Frary Systems are to
bfrachise or MunicipaS
What is wanted by thoseu,
Weae we seek to further.
- " a this is supported
- (Oaued on Pae 8)
ar Pak in Their Victory
*2 Itur -o tt Gibid 1hr hr g uaha
of Pess plasis d · most cossse lilw Me
gi ly USI mie mu ºUMIdS/ dIt S
'!ýpae W.as mPi sobWVSVE
Levee at Head Canal
Street to Be Raised Foot
inning. The score in favor of the Stars
being 2-1 when Jupiter Pluvius decided
The raising of the levee at the
United States engineers, will be the
first work done in the contemplated
plan raising the levee at all points
along the New Orleans port front.
This fact was communicated to the
Commission Council Tuesday by Frank
C. Hymel. president of the Board of
Commissioners of the Orleans Levee
Board. Mr. Hymel states that he so
advises the council in order that
proper arrangements may be made
with the New Orleans Railway and
Light Company for the re-arrange
ment of their tracks at that point
and to enable the city to plan for
the removal of stones in street pav
KEENAN-On Monday at 6:45
o'clock p. m., Mrs. William Keenan.
nee Dora L. Sutherland, died at the
age of sixty years. Deceased was
born in McDonoghville, La., but had D
resided here for many years. The P
funeral took place Tuesday at 3:30
o'clock from her late residence 627
Elmira avenue. Interment was in
McDonoghville Cemetery.
BREAUX-On Monday at 7:15
o'clock p. m., Felix J. Breaux, hus
band of Louise Aycock died. De
ceased was born in Terrebonne par
ish fifty-four years ago, and had re
sided here for the past seventeen he
years. The funeral took place Wed- we
nesday morning at 10 o'clock from her Gi
late residence, 631 Slidell avenue. In
terment was in St. Mary's Cemetery. Hi
Besides his widow who was Miss At
Louise Aycock he leaves four sons,
Rene, Ralph, Aaron and Louis, and
one daughter, Mrs. Joseph Broderick. H,
" ne
YOKUM-On Friday at 5 o'clock we
p. m., Louisa Kline, wife of Fred
erick Yokum, died at the age of a
sixty-one years. Deceased was a ull
native of Algiers. The funeral took N,
place Sunday at 3 o'clock from her at
late residened, 328 Bouny street. In
terment was in St. Mary's Cemetery. to
KEENAN-On Monday, May 29, e_
1922, at 6:45 p. m., Dora Sutherland
Keenan. Burial Tuesday at 3:30 p.
m. Interment in McDomag Cm-s R
tery. to
Morton-On Tuesday, May 30, 1922,
at 5 a. m., Mathilda Morton. Burial S
Wednesday at 9:30 a. m. Interment of
in McDonogh Cemetery.
CONKLIN-On Tuesday, May 0, t'
at 2 o'clock a. m., Virginia Camus,
wife of William Conklin aged thirty- S
three years and a native of Algiers, h
died. The funeral took place Wed- 3
nesday at 3:30 o'clock from the late ti
residence of the deceased 1505 Pat- S
Bartholomew Cemetery.
Patrick O'Hara, 35-year-old sea
man aboard the steaminip Tulsagas, h
moored at the Lavergne street docks,
is said to have been overcome by a
heat at noon Friday. O'Hara had
been at work on the decks of the
vessel for some time when he col
r The seaman was taken to Charity
SHospital and his oondition is said to
p be not serlous. O'Hara, the police
say, is the first heat vlctom this g
I season.
SAt the 11 o'clock service Sunday t
at the Algiers M. E. Church two ;
silver vases were presented to the C
'church in memory ot the late Mrs. 1
SMary Bevan by her daughters, Mines.
Kinkald, Mohr and McEckron. A2
I marble stand for the vases was do
nated by Miss Mary Harvey. C
Everybody Likes the Circus
EtEe ewe EveR
ov! "THIs
%/ - - coPoveU*MV q *us*rS ,or ss
Personal Mention
And General News'
Mrs. Mary Smith has returned to t
her home in Cuba, Ala., after a six tl
weeks' visit to her sister, Mrs. B. C. E
Gilder. b
Mrs. A. Schlumbrecht and Miss a
Hildreth Hotard were visitors to e
Abita Springs Sunday. f
Mrs. J. C. Labit returned from c
Houma Friday an account of the ill- b
ness of her son Justus, who under
went an operation for a)pendicitis. p
Miss Marian Morse was tendered b
a miscellaneous shower by the fac- t
ulty and Mothers' Club of McDonogh f
No. 4 School. The shower was given
at the home of Mrs. L. Acker.
Mr. Martin Behrman was a visitor t
to Baton Rouge this week.
Miss Hafkesbring spent the week. I
end at Pass Christian.
Mrs. E. Nelson will leave today for
Raceland to visit her son sad daugh
ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Horace
Little Rhoades Marschall fell last
Sunday and sustained painful cuts
on the forehead.
Mr. Edgar E. Cayard was a visitor
to Slidell this week.
There will be a lawn party given
Saturday evening at 4 o'clock at the
home of Miss Blanche Vanderlinden,
349 Belleville street for the benefit of
the Esplanade Avenue High School
Swimming Tank fund. A good time
is assured all.
Mr. C. Herbert and daughters, Mae
and Nellie, have returned from Cali
fornia, where they spent several
Mr. E. T. Clark left Saturday for
his home in Preston, Cuba. His wife
and children will remain here some
time longer with her mother, Mrs. J.
R. Richards ptf Bermuda street.
Mr. and Mrs. M. b. Glancey left
for Chicago, Niagara Falls and To
ronto, Canada. They will return by
way of New York, where they will be
Joined by Miss Owendolyn Glancey
who is spending some time there.
They expect to be gone until late in
the summer.
Rev. and Mrs. Nicholas Rightor
returned to Jonesboro, Ark., Monday
Mrs. McKinley Vesien entertained
the Matrons' Club. The suecessful
players were Mrs. P. O. Caflero, Miss
Clairla Richards and Mrs. T. U. Buch
hols. Mrs. G. W. Pollock received the
consolation. The next meeting will
be at the home of Mrs. R. J. Williams.
The many riends of little Faye
Clark will regret to learn of her ill
Mrs. Jolly has returned to her home
in Plaquemine after spending two
weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Heuner.
Capt. Paul G. Kopp of the S. S.
Cudahy spent the week-end in New
York and has now left for Mexico.
Mr. Thos. Cavanaugh of 334 Belle
ville street, left for Constantinople,
Turkey and Batum, Russia. He ex
pects to be gone about six months.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fourtnet spelt
the week-end in Algiers with relativesi
Misses Irene and Florence Dorsey
entertained a few of their Mrlends
last weekI
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malone and
baby spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. LH. T. Malone.
There will be a euchre, lotto and
five hundred party given to-night
(Thursday) at the home of Mrs. G.
W. McDI)uff, 145 Alx street, for the
benefit of the new parochial school.
There will be twenty handsome prises
The graduation exercises of the
Bellevflle School will take place net
Thursday at onethirty at the Polly
Miss Martha Adams entertained a
large namber ot bher triends at the
Pythian Hall last Friay eveaning, the
occ.asion be the annesary a her
(OldigAA GI M $
Doubtful If It Can Be Held Hundreds
Of Men At Work.
At the time of going to press, it was
very doubtful whether the levee at
Stanton Plantation could be held
againdt the rapidly caving banks and
the strong current at that point of
the river. The President of the Levee
Board, Mr. Frank Hymel, who has
been on the scene of the disaster day
and night since the new cave, stated 1
early Wednesday morning that if they
could be given thirty-six hours, they
felt reasonably sure that the levee
could be held with the cribbing that is
being put up in this section.
The first cribbing put up was a fine
piece of work, and would have held
back the water, but an additional cave
took place about one hundred and
fifty feet down the river, making it
necessary to put up a new earthwork
in that direction.
Some three hundred men with
teams and wagons are working day
and night in hopes of saving a loss
that would run into the millions
should the cave occur now. The dif
ference between the level of the river
and the level of the land behind the
levee is abou sIx fteet, which would
mean that this section would be
flooded to a depth of about six feet.
There have been a good many ru
mors that Algiers would get a con
siderable amount of this back water,
but such is not the case for the fact
that Algiers has a back levee, the
lower boundary of which is the track
of the Southern Pacific near Hendee
street. All that section, however, on
the other side of Hendee street, in
cluding the Naval Station, would get
some of this water.
The degree team of Santa Maria
Council No. 1724, Knights of Colum
bus, has returned from Plaquemine,
La., where Sunday it performed the
'exemplification work in the initiation
of seventy-two candidates for the
first three Knights of Columbus de
grees. Peter E. Munts, grand knight
of the council had charge of the first
and second degree work.
F. W. Gros, retired railroad man, is probably one of the best known
Homestead and Building and Loan Association men in the South, one of
the organizers and President of the "Dixie," Greatest Homestead South,
which has the distinction of being the only Homestead in Louisiana that
lends money at less than 7 per cent to Its borrowers and no bonus or
premium. The "Dixie's" resworces are larger than many Building and Loan
Asonestlams operating in New Orleans for thirty years or logser, sad Its
membership is larger than many operating I the city for thirty-Ife years.
Mr. Ores is also Presidet dt the Loisiana soldiers' Home and a .irector
at the La t iSre Amumne COem1ar, m t mie In dvi abirs.
Members of Algiers
Council to Visit
Gramercy, La,
On Sunday next the members of i
Algiers Council of the Knights of
Columbus led by their Grand Knight a
Peter E. Muntz. will visit the Coun
cils at Gramercy and Reserve, La.,
where important ceremonials will
take place. The party will assemble o
at the K. C. Home, Algiers, from t
where the automobile parade will I
leave promptly at 6:30 a. m. Every
member of the local council owning
an automobile will have his car in
the parade, in addition to which will l
be several cars from Gretna and the e
city. A number of Knights will be I
accompanied by their ladies. Advice I
has been received from Gramercy, I
that great preparation has been made i
for the entertainment of the party
including a ball Sunday night. The
well known K. C. Band of the Al
giers Council will be with the party.
The road to Gramercy is in first
clas condition a nd weather teo
ditions will not interfere, the distance
forty miles over gravel road should
not take over two hours?
The Morality League, organized
for the sole purpose of fighting the
indecent, modern dance, is growing i
rapidly and today there are several
hundred members in Algiers alone. No
members are allowed to ask a per
son to join this league, as you must
join of your own free will. Before
joining one must first fill out an ap
plication upon which there are fifty
questions that must be answered In
telligently. Upon becoming a mem
ber of the Morality League one must
take this oath:
"On my honor I will do my best
to do my duty to God, my mother
and sister: to help other fellows'
sistaters at all times; to fight with all
my might the evils that are raining
our boys and girls."
Our motto: "Virtue, sweetness,
modesty, and parity."
Ferry Committee's 0
Last Resort For Pub
licly Owned Ferries
The following letter which is sent inl
to all of our papers will form the ch
basis of the last fight to he made by foi
the Algiers people for better Ferry he
Service. let
New Orleans. La.. May 29, 1922. in
Editor. The Herald. If(
New Orleans. La..
Dear Sir: an
The Executive Committee of the Al- in
glers Better Ferry Service Associa- it(
tion." would earnestly request your an
generous support of a bill to be pre- in
sented to the present Legislature, ex- sli
tending to this city, through a pro- m
posed constitutional amendment to be
voted upon at the November elec-tion, f
the operation of paragraph M. of Sec
tion 14 of Article 14 of our present
Constitution. which paragraph reads <i
as follows, viz:
"For the purpose of constructing.
acquiring, extending or improving any o
revenue-producing public ultility, the
Legislature may authorize Municipal b
Corporations to issue bonds secured
exclusively. principal and interest, by nE
mortgage on the lands, buildings, si
machinery and equipment, and by r(
pledge of the income and revenues of
such public utility. Such bonds shall
not be a charge upon the other In- to
.ome and revenues of the Municipality. w
Sand shall not be included in comput- fui
Ing the indebtedness of the Munic- cc
ipality for the purpose of any lim- 11
Itatlon herein." ca
Our reasons for asking your assist
ance in this matter, are these: st
The people of the Fifth Municipal pl
District, owing to their situation, are p'
compelled to pay, in addition to the
city and State taxes paid by the
other Districts of the City, a ferry
tax of over $200,000 a year.
This ferry tax can be cut in two.
if the Legislature will permit New tt
Orleans to enjoy the advantages of'
the law cited, which may be en
joyed by the rest of the state. The a
local Canal Street Ferry is a "rev- ol
enue producing public utility" of the
first rank, as is shown by a report
made by City Engineer Klorer, for C
the month of June last, which report
gives practically $600, as the average I h
Sdaily receipts of this principal ferry,
a which service could easily be given,
I- under public ownership, for $300 a
r. day-perhaps for much less.
ýt The fifteen year lease under which
Sthis Canual s tet Ferry has been
e operating, expired on December 31,
d last, and since it is generally recog
nized that something like a million
dollars is now necessary in anticipa
tion of the District's needs for larger
and heavier boats and pontoons, more
negotiable approaches and more mod
d ern ferry houses, something should
be done without further delay, to
ameliorate this ferry situation.
al In its year-and-a-half-fight against
ro the continuance of the pernicious
r contract system which has so- sorely
tried the patience of the people
e obliged to use these ferries, this com
mittee has encountered many ob
stacles, resulting in a delay under
which many are now becoming restive
in view of the utter inactivity of the
Commission Council as a body, in
backing up our efforts to substitute
said system.
it As a matter of fact, many citizens
r are already beginning to cry out:
"Give us service, service, and never
11 mind about the ownership," with the 1
g result that a little more pressure in
this direction will find the fastly ex- I
I asperated people ready to sign any I
sort of a contract which maybe roach- -
sated by a benevolent lessee to a
seemingly helpless Commission Coun
We will therefore appeal to the
sense of justice and fairness of the
members of oar Legislature, to place
New Orleans upon a parity, in this
respect, with the other cities and
towns of our State, and we will also
appeal to the good people of the
other Districts of this city, to assist
themselves by assisting their sister
District, in thus bringing about this
Important economic change.
Yours very trauly,
Alglers Better Ferry Service Asso
The district assembly of the fourth
degree of Loualsiana, Mississippi and
Alabama convened in the Grunewald
Hotel and nominated Louis W. Pet
erson, district master, for another
two-year term, beginning July 1, his
nomination being the first choice of
every assembly in the district. Mr.
Peterson has been master for the
last jpar years.
H. L. Hammett and Frank J. Loo
ney were nominated as second and
third choice, respectively. They an
nounced they would withdraw their
names, which virtually assures the
reappointment of Master Peterson by
the supreme assembly a few weeks
at Suialt was filed Thursday in the fed
oreral court by the owners of the
steamship Jacques Cartier against
the ferryboat Thomas Pickles, alleS
ints g that on May 14, at 8 p. m., the
SPickles rammed tho Jacques Cartier
uas she was lyig at the Inlua street
deck mad ammd sin damms.
Testifyin fg rom a cot in the court
room, anti although quite ill, hold
ing in hl.r arms the two-year-old
child whose, cuto.ly is beIing battled
for. M1rs. Curtis t; t;r.etn worsted
her husband. fi 'rm.rly of New Or
leans, in the first day's proceedings
in their divorce suit Saturday in the
Houston courts.
The hysteric-al cri-es of the wife
and mother brought tense moments
in the court room. dispatches stated.
Recently Mrs. green was injured in
an automobile accident. and has been
in the hospital for some days. Alsi..
she testified, she is to ,become a
mother again soon.
With the fury of a mother hattling
for her young, she leveled cutting
assaults at h"-r husband and his
counsel in the court, the reports stat
ed. At one tinme she cried out:
"Tlihey'll never hear anothler case
over me if they take my baby away."
There we're lighter episodes to
break the tragedy of the proceedings.
Peering over at her husband's attor
ney. who was chewing gum while
she was fighting for her boy, Mrs.
Green said:
"I hope you enjoy that gum."
Green is a traveling representative
for the Baldwin Locomotive Works.
with headquarters in Houston. He
filed the divorce suit on May 3. the
couple being wedded in September,
1919. Further proceedings in the
case will be had in September.
Curtis J. Green. New Orleans in
surance operator and owner of much
property in Algiers and in St. James
parish, is the father of the husband.
A new feature has been added to
the May Day festivities. It has been
the custom for the president of the
Holy Angels to crown the Blessed
Mother of God. Like the "grown
ups," the children elect their own
officers, who with fifteen of the
president's chums form her court.
This year, Court of Mary No. 391,
C. D. of A., entertained little Fran
cis Labit and her court, crowning
her Queen of May.
Did it rain? The May fDay pro
cession was postponed. Was the
crowning of the queen postponed?
Not with our Mrs. Walters on hand
th er ever alert, ever eager Court
of Mary and our staunch true friends
and co-workers who improvised a
throne in the rectory. Mrs. Walters
In her own sweet manner received the
president of the Holy Angels and her
court in real regal form and crowned
Frances Claire Labit, Queen of May.
d The newly made queen thanked Mrs.
Walters in a few childish words.
The members of her court present
were Lucille Chestnut. Ruth Aycock,
Elise Walters. Charlesia Webert, Lea
Casey, Floris Fox, Norman Nell Hig
gins. Grace Martinez, Helen Koler,
Rita Cummings, Mary Huff, and Ira
May Gaffney.
To-day, Frances is looking forward
r to the time when she as Grand Regent
e of the Court of Mary will crown the
e president of the Holy Angels.
* Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Favr
" alora of 909 Brooklyn Avenue-a girl
r Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Man
e alng, of 1138 Pacific avenue, a boy.
a Born to /ar. and Mr. IClay 4.
- Pinner (nee Delia Killeen) of Del
aronde street, a girl.
rtldatteioby thir Jvo"ng
-"e -tif he q_-E6 _ .' hie
. . .. - e. U n
bl ra
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