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hil,,t, t'..rry ('Irn .II 1. ~ ?r.Ii, tijrl grl ng
Devoted to the Upbuilding of the Res.t Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newsp.pr '-MANUFACTURERS REC('ORD.
Pacific To
SAsked To Re
en Newton St.
action on th' , r
gs against th, ,nthi .r l'.,- P
lroad to au ..- .N ... . .r
Sopened or traftt , ,i" 1 - t ,
wseek's Zmfting ..r:" cum 1.
council although it '"g a. {
da- t Tu:sdaY u, .'' c, it thl
rsrot5l of th1 .. lr lti., tor
cam e as a r'.' : &" ': . :I i ,til i t tI
preented by ('r,)ul5 n' h' r
This ordinlan.. w hIt h is t, C
er till the ne.xt In ,' tul . a.
tat inasnlmuh i th N. wt
Svriaduct has bell, nI ttl,:.:
i ainsafe for tr:aittl, t~. t ( t t
SOrleans must , tZ;,tl" " ." S,)r uth
I pacific to %ithldrdat r., k.
i NewtOn 5tr.,t. nw u".",! a;
t yard.
a tOding to C( tnllr., ""r ila k.
*t of repairing th,. N.aton,
vriaduct would ".x, .',", I "'."n f
, the tlty ,;1 ,rhi.till trat hi t
a in Newton .r,', tr. o th * .
a d as well a 's s e. 'r, .l il ipr .t ,'
s for Iess than h. ,t! t.? fl r"t .
lb Newton stre.t Vl .th , t'u I
,,aer Black pointetd outc. was
0tctd by the. , So thttn l'a, t, ral
,i several year.s a,o iol.r a {
[email protected] teat NNwt ,n ,rt,'r. ZfrIl
ert to Thayer stlr-,t.e and ltriin
aira to Whitney .tr,.,.. . till i t. Ie
ug as part ot th,' .yards.
Th South 'New 'trl, a.. Tri, ti nl
p Light Cotmpany a-"rts. it-. iI
ates do not permt rl,.pair of rh,
induct and th' c.ity 1 in the.. a:ln
tape. Commtnission,'r !tla k .aid.
It is planned to rate thl, viaduct
toS Newton stree''t i. , .11 fr trat
. he said.
.& it resolved that t , th - tom
Is of the V'itory Social ('lub. i,.
I n In purity. la tllnlt*.-, anil
0Ilty do hereby ri,, in protest
ini t indecent, in lil, dst. itllmr ral.
lar dances. We itlnd that thes. '
psent dances have gnlr. tihc limit
an that if not stopped will dnoral- t
ritheyouth of our nation. It is our t
picy to war against the(o" vices that I
mg hart our growing boys anad girls
l it further resolved that in the
iotAumerita, humanity. d-ecency.
pty and above all. in the aname of.
GL we call upon the wonmanhood
l manhood who , horish the nat;iies
u memories of thl ir mottlhers to
eme forward and help sav. our girls
mi boys from destruction.
Therefore, be it further resolved
It we believe the future of every
aifa depends upon theh proper
liadr and development of its
pt. We believe our girls andl boys
AsiM have the best moral training
I coantry can provide. if America
I M live as a great nation. Amer
is rise up and stamp it out. Re
lhmbr if you have no little sister or
btoer ust think and know its somte
his darling boy or girl that is
I  degraded by those indecent.
Yaltled dances.
Ssteamers and a sailing ves
m are being repaired and over
si at the plant of the Johnson
S Works Dry Dock and Ship
Company in Algiers. The
klPnit tanker Camden is un
minor repairs. The Amer
S8gar Reflinery's molasses
Dalcino is also being refit
STwo Cuban ships. the Ramon
and the Edwardo Sola
" a rrlved in port Friday to
It . Page. are undergoing re
Stfor hlis account. The sailing
•- Is the Irages. which arrived
hiNet daring the week from Pana
Ihe is handled by John A.
h, *W
The Human Bug" Hard To Upset
. da champion Japanese Catch-as-Catch-Can
.e er bees cdefeated He is going cito action aga'" st
Ae c o siddleweight champion.. is the Los
- .C1
Body Unknown White
Man Found In River
Th"b body of an unid,.ntifitd, white
mitan found in tit.' river Thursdav
il.trnoon) at Nini. Milt. Point was
r. "ioved to th*" lmorgue. The body
S:ti disiv ,.red by Adolph Schwalb.
1IV Alix Stre..t. a de..khand on the
tug Itutter-tp.
Th.- d'ead man w."ighed about 16')
,Ipounds. wa' about fiv.' f'eet eight
in, h.s tall .ib ab.out In y'ears of age.,
has gray pants. white shirt. tan
,,eIt andi black sho. s with rubber
h .. I-s If, has bla, k hair and sandy
In!.~ - all sigz  fall :a ri. oIr,
rowi w ill bl " pr'snt o, n Fridav
,1'.;a11 Ave+' nue.
T"h .evenings " lnt.rtain ,.mnt is itn
tour parts: a monollgue. two .hurt
.k..tche-. includimng sotin. g l, 1.t.g
ill a it; , closing \iltstrl InoIob Fer
l .Iorty 1.m,1 it.-s in Ihxi,' ill Ila, k
'itdl \V'hit.."
'hiis iua -making program mtarki
he tirst *'nttrta:iniient lby tt.i s." y loung
1.n . llbut thb. re h.barsals.. wlarrant the
prteli tion that the. progranm of fuiin
ant tnI orritlli, nt will prtovok. Illmany
hea, rty lauh.tt - ,and |i.. r)undly ap-v t
Th.. lnt.Ortal))ln lit will b. cive.n in
the hia.t in.tit of tih ('huln r t. .,dmi-
sion is fr. lDuring thl. .v. niing the,
plat .- w ill ,.- pa .- .l fo r tit ,,ff. rih1
C'andy. :ik.". t. cr./in:I atIl pitl h
will bh. oin sIal. (ca'k,.s and , ni dy will
h." availat le inl q :antti.t s to plur
c lt.ha art i take i l,ii,. as wtl.
Time and Place:
Friday evening. tJun 1. a:' '. l]os k
In th"e I)ht-. I II oftt 1he .m,.-thdist
(h'It h t {opu I ,);.elol .lsa Aveiin"'.
F.r thl, first tian . in m any ye. ars of
th. .' :.ew tIrleans. public s. hoo, l sys
-l I hid pirincipals w,-r, a)p oiint.'d
to .inmentary schools at a tti,.tilng
of thl.' . h eo l board last night. Iln.rt
hold C(. lwas. has . Ii iatlipp int.di t'
M1-l)ongh No. 4
A.c.rding to ISup.rinltlend.nt .I M
(lwinn. who recomllnmoended the ape point
nent of Ithe men principals. he was
a.tatlE.:(d by lth. fact that th. numbier
of heys is so large in tlb. so hools in
i.Iestionl that 1nuI ar:e* betteir suitied
to have .control of thli than women.
A numbier of other principals wv.ri.
appointedI on th i suip.rint,.ndtlnt's r'c"
oim.Indlat ion.
Mrs. M1argaret lHopper was ap
pointed principal of lM l)mtgh No.
.. vice. Miss )i'ick who goes to
Dihert School. Miss |'oni.et was
tratnsferred to Mic'oniogh No al:
Miss Ali-". ( 'Connor to Rog.ers. and
Ml iss L.illy Kenny from L.awton
*whitei to lauding.
Friday. June 9. the Ne.w Orleans
('hurch Choral ('lutb gave a picinic at
Oak Lawn. Shrewsbury. the home of
Mr. A. H. Ahten.
The members of the Club motord.!
out and enjoyed supper under th
They were initiated by Mr. Jas R.
Meyers after which gamnes wfr
played. The chief feature being an
automobile race. The participants
were divided into thre.' sections. Cadli
la.. Lincoln. Moon. and the race was
in six parts, the Moons coming out
Several songs were sung, led by
Mr. E. O. Sellers. closing thi. fun for
the evening.
Those from Algiers who attended
were Misses Orrie Summers. Ida
Harvey. Thelma Cayard. Messrs.
Edgar Cayard. Win. Stenger. Leslie
Kerr. Mesdames Blakeman. Summers.
Breese. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Kerr
and Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Fay.
The Railroad Invalid
\ 1I
* \, \ " li
\ \ . cc'-CAVo0o~rTE E&'VICtC
Letters From The People
1 'r..'. V \ ' ratt.
,It r .i .I l 2 Iir " rl i.
]\ .t i . . 1 ..I.
\'._ t" rm I1." l m e:. ..1 tutue ' rh. I '*
'\: lr x, ut riin *. .' 1 ,li c.h' out t,
I THE 'Il\ 4l''i( KLANe.
" '. . ,. ,in w~ r t.- an, r t 1, n ;- )Lt'
.111n1e th. l:' "
I{t namttbl Au r.A.a ti-h to i
,triu t a.'t, i . ,t .tl. h'.tr .te i vide
\"e h t'il ju -,t receit,'t throul.th or
11 "l. ti t l t i ela' h aor letter dated
ay T in answrer t. our RESUL
TI ,INI.. : K[p . Nf ,hi .lh as s.l t yo.
we have lt otf lt m\n I;y law violations
wcuring in the .ariSh i.f Jefferson , t
if '""u atil refer a ti our RESielt
.Whry t. turnt-h the e rnd .fury with
th. we have. hut tid agreetto
turni-h (iojernor Parker with it and
\will ht t -he proper time. together ,it"
Tha patil a thee peor n frts y s that
m t\ are dfrthlly getting. a nothi or t
i hay i-t i necessary tf, iu.r th a-k
s te get ieand a.l n get trse beforeI
tre Srand Jury. when you and thel
p uritt:n forth. to say nothinge of the
" Tlli -H that ial all took to D m) Yi ri
lmat Ty as Lawof erstion l
we as lITIZETNS can g et this EVI
VEN1 ('t most a hssuredly those en-r
trusted with Law enforcement shour
b lepose to do so.
S irely it does not require men with
the abil ity of t Sherlock HolmeI s nor,
ine wit. the reputation of a Scotland
Yard TlIan to unearth some of the
(rur RESOLtiTIe was not intend:
d creat e any hard feelindegs nor do
we wish t o be antagonistic. howeveri.
we propose to make to every effort t
SENE of THEIR IT as we SEE it and
ment with you or any other official.
but feel that we are entitled to some
small degree of protection at the
with the enforcement of our laws.
('an you const ientioutsly dleny that
a;AMBLING In most hideous forms in
the only means of support iVISIBLEI
of quitr a large portion of the so
called residents of the Parish, ever
ready to take the earnings by fair or
foul means from our wage .earncrs
and tempt OIR YOI'TH?
('an you conscinetiously deny that
men charged with raRI)thER or its
equivalent are allowed to roam the
streets of Gretna in the shape of
Do you know that hard working
men who love their families and want
to give them respectable surroundings
in which to live, have had to leave
their bed in the middle of the night
and wfth a shot gun go to a corner
BLIN)y TIGER that has a sign in
front of it RESTAh RANT and try to
cursing and holding the most vulgar
conversations anyone ever heardt only
to be met by a DEPUTY SHERIFF
and by him threatened with jail for
carrying the gun?
Let us suggest that you use your
persuasive powers to get the men
under you as Offices of the Law to
port what they SEE, then do your;
DUTYi we are sure that the result
will not warrant OUR going before
As 100 per cent AMERICANS. CITI
ZENS. and KLANSMEN. every one
of whom is REGISTERED and has
ample POLL TAX RECEIPTS, we pro-u
porn to make J thaERSON what It
Director Of I
Dixie Homestead
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
; It110tNY I)rRING WEEK.
ThWedd wings of News Ali e Part
lan to Mr. Walter Iavis waF quiotlk
oEl.Tniz.d on Saturday. June iI). at
iTE cEloi k THE. IS. Father McGrath
N DffiiatinNG WEEK.
The attendants were Miss Frances
('hivetrs and Mr. Clinton Graff.
The bride w;ias prettily gowned in
w\hit. cr,.'p. satin and wore a picture
hat. lHer bridesmaid wore a dross
of New liluie cr.rpe do chine.
A breakfast w'as served at the
bride's htme for the bridal paity. The
dliing rolmIn was prettily decoratod,
the color s hemet behing pink and white
with a profusi,"e of pink and white
.arnations and Shasta daisies.
The cioupile nlotor .d to tle home of
thei grooml's moithr in Aixandria.
On Thursday evening th e Jolly
Crowd was entertain.el at the homen
'f 5Miss Ethel Richards in Bermuda
Street. Dancing was indulged in and
refreshmeinnts were served in abund
Those who enjoyed the pleasant
evening were Misses Elma and Erna
Chico. D)ionese Vittur. Alice Buras.
EEtrher Lecourt. Ethel Richards and
Florence Richards. Messrs. Jos.
Trauth. Louis Fernandez. George
Ran. Austin Spahr. Mesdames Rich
ards and Clark. and two sons.
The next meeting will be at the
hotie of Miss Dionese Vitter, 137
Belleville Street. All members please
atj nd as it is very important.
For the first time In almost fif
teen years New Orleans saw her fire
fighters and full equipment on parade
when more than 500 fire laddies and
fifty fire fighting apparatus paraded
the downtown section Saturday aft
ernoon. It was the first parade In
which all motorized equipment par
ticipated aml was marked by the
presence of not a single horse. The
demonstration was held for the pur
pose of familiarizing citizens of New
Orleans with the modern equipmena
and extent of its fire department.
i to live in, and not a PERFECT HA
Personal Mention
And General News
.\ d "t'h will o., str. n by Trr, ,. ,'1 N..
I'tt l,1, niig!,r 11 -.t a il h*. turniL."d,
:1, Irow'!v "- t.tInt A hid 'rprts* Io n
41A 1
.\Ir- Il ' 1 !fla.rd at ltutki, t- th, D
_u, -" , t , .r -i-t".t. M r< (' l" WVi,,r.
)lil - . . -,;l .t , .\ A l.t "a .1 (;Guir.
,5 lc r,)t,,r l (:, , ";., :i . g! • ),t" , I'i th, it
, 't:. f r- .l i MA t l \
\;;' ;, ,r S ,. . " n 1. I. tt for his
. *,,) l. l l " 't l!!)( , i 1 tlt. ,. .p-| ll ln g
11r t;. )rc, 'I )n I-. p.-.,, : ,ling h ; d
, t.lt at hi. h lnti. In fIloutIna. La.
VIr \'A P'. M;rtlinr. z 1.fI t tFr itaton
iton , .-n a hI-tme... trip for rile
statn l.itrd I )II I',..
\ -- \l, tr ry .M1 ili ,r rli '(.-\.- t a|
',,ll, i;. dal for hiclth.--t honors andl
x,, ,' fi , y at .t A-,ni"r A.d, .l,!ul y. Shi
ls, r... ivd an .1. utioln n.-d, al.
Emli tr tt Mahonyll r .t-.ive.d his B
A.\ dogr at J4.fforson College at th' pl
. mttltzn-n .nll' nt ,xrc-ise.s y.s,.rerday. i
Mr . Mak Turnor lf-ft Sunday for ht
a l;onth Al vi.-;it to his fathior Mr. J. k
1'. 'Irn.r,- f N.w" (;ah tle. 'Tex. N
T'h" latrotn hlub mIh t Tutssday at .
th. hlomn,. of Mrs it .1. Williams.. The ri
-'u . '.stul players were Mrs. it. .1. '
Williams. MIrs E. (Curren splaying tfor .1
IiMrs E .1 Moth.- and Mrs. . ().
('afi.ro Mrs A. (;raf r.-c .iv.,I the j
,lnsulationl Tiht. next mIl.ting will b
he at the honi. of .1Irs. J. W. Atlamns.. l
Mrs. . . J. Moth. has been spending ti
ionio tin,' in Covington. Y
.1 .1. lInn. .stotmhou.s -l.-rk in w
th. of fit,' of Ross and Hl.-yn. local t:
st.anshi p ag-ntS. a,..ccompanied by f"
his wife,. formerly Miss .Myrtle it
Suth4-rland of our towns, will sail .'
June 17. on the Illu-fields Fruit liner'
libtueras, for Ilue.fields. Nicaragua. ri
The couple will spend t heir vacation tl
sight seeing, in and around the his-c
tori- town and will return sotme titme
in July. .1
The I )akdlale Imlprov'tttemnt Associ
at ion will give their first grand pic- I"
irt Saturday at the Druids Palmi
(.;":"u n. The proceet'ds will go to- 0
, irds itimproving the str,.,ts in Oak-,
dale. A fine and of music will be ('
in attndlatnc.. The price of admission C
will h) thirty cents. l"
.Miss Imtelda ('unninghamn is spelnd- F
ing awhile in A\!gier;. t he guest of hr
irantparents. Mr. and Mrs. W. m.
Gitpert. Sr.. of 523 lIouny Street.
Leonarl Nash left Monday night
for Mansfield.
Mrs. IL. Tufts has returned from
Raceland. La.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hloffsttt.er
and baby Junior, and Mr. and Mrs.
A. E. Ernst. will motor to Pass ('hris
tian to spend awhile.
The election of officers of the
Italian Progressive Association will
be held on June 25.
- ________________ - I
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With a record of grammar school
completion at the age of eleven
years. leading her class in every
grade. Miss Rena Faecher has
been graduated from the two-year
commercial course at the Esplanade
gir!s high school with an average of
97. the highest grade ,f ,he class.
and with the added distinction of
being its youngest graduate. She Is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
1 Faecher and the granddaughter of
I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henning.
As the honor graduate. Miss Faecher
was given the -hoice of three
positions, accepting one with the In
terstate Teachers' Agency. She ex
, pects to take courses in music, voice
culture and art at Gulf Park college.
- Fred D. Berthelot. of 535 Seguln
street, reported Tuesday that his
Monroe automobile, worth $700 and
bearing license No. 35125, was stolen
from DNuphine and Iberville streets
. during the nlght.
June 24 Will Be
Tag Day For Foes
Of White Plague
i. acu** wI l; I" !. 'I in I.; " _ T:. or
"'1:.' a I. r ,!.,. .shii4 '· "l'rti p. y r :, - r
i l;, a ,.: t" 1.. , rn.. Trr .
t; *.rk to ni. r.
. itl k .I ,:1I, :. !. I * ,.- . : .. . . ! f o r
lhk a d ., i 1 -;:1.:, ar. I, ' . i :tlry t r, .
Sh."" w,!. , : ,'I . :.. ::, ! I . ') p.y I Jr
4(, t; 1.1 ri.t !. "I 1h4 - 1, . lh. " , n t I "1
T, h, t in 1 Tl , ". u ' p .) h." !l ,r
,, ,;l "ir.'ii S-.l ...1 Aaul'l t I ' t sr': -..fl
"T .' ,'"n. , 'i , C ,nity l, ., a , . .u tIa
a p' n- ,'ph s t i , 'l.'tri r, par: fa
'.t" It '1:, W h* n the tJ.0." I .:L,1s
at'" It. atn t -{,". Ltil:r w ,:, , . I:n
t:lli ,arl.',- ' t l. . linlh
la lt. ,.i o £' N r a" t 1r a ..i (.Mr -
lingi, I ', . t.. 11 cl asi i h':,in'att
r llIl -'" i ti, 'I ii'r g. · I .an ,lmy ii',
TN ," , I.f"r .I l ll. ,. I r I' l. : hýr w ir
iatt 'l , i. ,tIr' "r h l l"'1 ,1 d.tl ltalr.tl ,r wai. ' o
.1 a :. 'loi sa' 1,c 1or '45 So 44 l'r ay Sh ut
Sr a'. tl " 'sl ay lta-' t it1. w hil. ' a
111. :hin * ;r .t , lli i '' nlth t , rlass ,f
lt o a " l tti. 1:t i't" 114i,,i "T1is
"i*ta'ls.' a  , i.l ,r , tra l4 . i lnli.' dI
t " t t II 11. rI.h a'- 4,It . t" !: l  Sl ,tI
l " (1'r nI. r n a larv e b i,' tH i st.n11iol"
, tin atgrh.s,*'t n' t. 't'", tive' last M (1II
N..a i Fr J m That .la t.' 1r tsl! Se"l It" "in
h""r :4. th*- nr ail sTi'to s µ4l1l 10' 11, al
SaI It l. alnth l. ,n,, a p. In.
During .lily r awln .\ugust thea sturs
.,,li rv n,, llvy l::1lt . a -r,+ tl t 1,,:-.. at
1 pl i 11. S (,tlur ,ays Th. sa't, agr'Io
Slolte' l wa i n r l f1, t las.t sumrui lr.
A doll w,.,hding was stag.,d at tho
playhori. of MrN.anan .dMrs. %Prmk. (;al
lianghou" s'. thr e ott a.sioT being a
hr hanildk lr lli.f . sho'l e .r giv'ln by thn .
kind1,.rearlt, n a hildlr.n ,)i Mt1l)4no hl
No 3. r h4,5,l ifor Ith .ir taa h ,r R anis.
t Milatlari't Fitzpatrik. w her m ar
Sri~g.' t4, .1r L.ati wrn" , ,, Lasalls of
1 IMpdiusr s; is to h." t .hrat.Eld ion
r iJuly 11i r
(,)uit,. aln ,nijoyabll,' ti( ,. was had
by all pr,+s,'nt. Thu gifts for th,
I brid.' war. t arriad in a larg" basket
ll or,,,at ith frn and dais. J . byP.
g thk linatll r t hril whµ'ro µais littl '
Yvlaonn, Gallinghotse and g hi grron
who was little Eurn+t Smith. Th,
1 tall,, was deco'rat.d in daisis and
v f*rns, and a largo bridl) teak.' stood
• in th1" et'nt,.r. Re.fr.shmn nts wor'
l srv,.,. WVh,,n the t'ak.' was 'ut
r .Miss l.,ona Schtunag,. ruviv,.d th,
. ring. Miss Enugnia Johnson. r+t".+ivwd
n th+. thim)ble,, and Mrs. ('i.utat, r"
- ", iw"d th, dim++.
Among thos - pros+-lnt w'ere' Stanford
J.,h n n, (;lyn ('Ills."n. Ellswood
()'Itri,.n. Thomas Harvoy. Marie'
D+,larolud++ .'trs.+,). a girl
Keeps Farmers Posted by Radio
... .. .vacast
a This is a photographb of Herschel Jones, director of the New York
d nfrce, New York State Department of Farms and Markets, whose duty
it is to assist farmers in marketing their crops. He reports prices and
conditions every day, seding fromn the Westnaghouse stat9es i New
ark. N. J.
Morality League
Gets Recognition
In Other Towns
" ,w.I.e • , . . .:.,i by
': ii. J ,
†' , i , i .\*rl,, . I . , .
"'..x : ý if
S 1 1 r .  ' ta
I  h' .1 r.: lh " I t I ll, i ' l l .t , t, .t , l'
di' mj 1 ,11 l' ".i' " I. i, 1 1 , I'
. · j ' 1 -,'" n 1 ,., : t "L)ll "I ' .i .
1 '",, A'I,1 . A I A, i\ .l l a t, . , . It ,f
Itrh. h aut. I) i r '- . 1, lt. Il. I'
1 r  u i . I, . 1 ,l ,,M . I"11W l . l : l . . -i
1 " k. 1 L. nl ' i. il W Ii . Illi, all, .
ti 11a , . 1. r. .lta; i 1. 'l' t Ia ."
. inv r Sa 4. . S a1i.r.r It l . llteti .- ,
1lt Hn _ir . r. II. .o~ st l r. I 't . 1 a r
lei. I). Sin ir . 11 I. A lar. .1.ht acns.
1 1 I i, S h'l 1 IX , )l \r {. " ' lvn, 'l ll .l
l: Aui ,I . ain'." I r a r. s ' I A f ir I,
l ltiani AIlh adA. r-. W all. A.- n itrH.
l. lti ai ( :ll l a -l u ai i l it. huil l ntr
I"\ll ,t . A lr Ia n ll, .rtr ka - -,ll i.r
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