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1~0 Section 10 of A't 12U of 1916 pro
hblhits Ferry Companies from charging
school children fare during swchool hours.
SBut why are we still paying the fare?
Die.d to Upb fl of the IRet BRde of the Rive. "A very lie ud creditable weekly newqper.'."-MANU4PA(TRERS RECORD.
ard May Appeal
$125,000 Verdict
to the United States'
¢esrt may be taken by the
p ltLevee Board in the
,lJs H. Ward, wherein
J as given judgment for
h the state court for prop
Ssjoiers expropriated for
ljSaa. Thursday the state
Ct refused a rehearing
s board, the decision be
isd by the three justices
3lyision A. Three other
d previously upheld the
in returning the verdict
Ward originally sued
hard attorneys indicated
take the case to the
S/atU Supreme Court.
L I gdy next, July 4, Santa
g cil 1724, Knights of Colum
atsrate with a patriotic
re seception at their beautiful
aad Olivier streets.
is committee in charge
w Miehael E. Donner as
a ve left nothing undone
at the comfort and en
d those who are fort
Mp h to be present. The
d will be furnished by the
+jd *do Orchestra, and all
d ti terpsichorean art will
saisfed in this direc
b samdance of palatable re
 will be served throughout
We will be tastefully dec
b eslors of Old Glory and
_emlsedi will be awarded
of the day we cele
have been issued to the
t district for this recep
tbs camittee desires to
who has not received
 s kindly notify them
br etherwise of the fact.
ae not required to have
Ultmeegn were enter
' at the Naval
m hers re atthe
incued siging and'
iresl talet, and mes I
gil employes of the
F1eh nrailroad served re
wa shoved in the lake
te were arrested and
mt and battery as
Sa eie In the Dixie
M elloe reports, Patrol
Mtempted to arrest
32 Dveilma street, on I
with Louis Beh
Crtes street, when
the ofCieer into the
aPetrlman Bernard,1
ate arrested Loeal
ilght, about eleven
tatIlly destroyed a- one
Tihml em the Lower1
idle which is owned
was formerly occupled
Sthat h time was aun .
SW valued at $2St500.
m Mravl of the city fire 1
'he eagiee from the
ssmeded and ghve
R ataOKEN.
ai, at the play-,
sh IUnls, aged 17
MI Se 8uita street. ,
swimlg rL a and I
da m moeeos toern
s tag that bhe neck'
~ th , house eo sat.
nteem of ten covers
grttily decorated'
Stas, Games 1.
Sgood time was
r a& ate
burn ats aeen
isba. s (s rthe
(I··C -·
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
A pretty social event of the past
week was the marriage of Miss
Caroline Henrietta Brauninger. charm
ing daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.
Brauninger and Samuel T. McGarry,
which was solemnised at the Trinity
Evangelical Lutheran church Wednes
day evening, June 21. Rev. W. H. Hal
ner officiated.
The church was beautifully deco-.
rated with palms, ferns, flowers andi
large bows of tulle. As the bridal
party entered the march from Lo
hengrin was played, while soft music
was rendered by Mrs. McCauley.
During the signing Miss Irma Rea
gan sang "A Perfect Day." The
mar, h from Tannhauser was given
as strecessional.
t'l bride's attendants were: Miss
Thelmna Clasen and Miss Velma
BIr . The bride was dressed in a
goat of white satin and lace with -
pearl trimmings. Her veil of illusion
was arranged in cap effect and
caught to the hair with pearls. She
carried a shower bouquet of bride's
roses and lillies of the valiey. She
wore a pair of diamond earrings set
in platinum a gift of the groom
Miss Clasen ,as maid of honor, wore
a beautiful gown of orchid crepe de
chine. She wore a wreath of silver C
leaves in her hair and carried a bou- h
quet of sun-burst roses. ar
Miss Borne, as bride's-maid, wore Ia
a gown of orchid crepe de chine and ar
gold spanish lace. In her hair she qt
wore a band of pearls and carried a b
shower bouquet of sun-burst roses.
Miss Salome Hildebrand, cousin
of the bride, was flower-girl and M
ring bearer. She wore a pretty frock ai
of white lace and ribbon. She car- M
ried a basket of pink and white car
nations and the wedding rings hung by
from the handle of the basket. mi
Miss Irma Brauninger, a sister of
the bride, and Miss Edith Hilde- fi
brand, a cousin, acted as train-bearers. wI
Both wore dresses of white lace NE
over pink satin, with pink rose-bud M
trimmings. Ra
C. Dunbar acted as best man to
the groom and Alvin Berthaut as fri
groom's-man. The ushers were ta
Messrs. J. Forrestiere, K. Sancton, H.
Albrisse and N. Towner. All wore si
white suits. in
-m oa was held at. the home
tne tb Mr. and Mrs. Meiarry. 4
who the recipients of many beauti
tld presents will spend their honey- he
moon ia Chicago and New York.
The wedding of Miss Claire Marie !
Fortier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ar
Frank J. Fortier, to Mr. Robert Mer
via Umbach, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Umbach, was solemnised Wed- Cl
nesday, Jane 21, at 8 o'clock at a Ti
high nuptshl mass at 8t. Anthony's
Church, Canal and Olympia streets. atI
Mr. Umbach had as his best man Cc
his brother, Mr. Willie Umbach. The co
groomsmen were Messrs. Walter
Ryan, Harry Lecourt and Gus Barret.
The ushers were Messrs. Mike Don
nor and Aubrey Galiennle. The
bride was given away. by her father.
Her attendants were her sister, Miss
Marie Fortier as maid of honor, and of
her bridesmaids were Misses Grace
Cox, Helen Oldham and Agnes Skeen. an
Little Cecil McCullum was flower
Durlag the registration the Ave
Maria was beautifully rendered by sa
Mr. Aubrey Galennue. After the cere- th
mony a breakfut was served. The
young couple left after the breakfaut e
for an extended honeymoon trip, and
will be home after October, with the o
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank do
1. Fortier, 2422 Octavia strbet.
A quilet but pretty wedding of the sy
week was that of Miss Mae Theresa i
Lowe, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. V.
Lowe, to Mr. Albert Shorey, which was pE
celebrated Thurday, June 22 at a,
nuptal mass at the Church of the y
Holy Name of MarYl, evr. hth
Cotter, 8. M., emulati ng.
The bride woe a Owa w white M
crepe-de-chine with hat of the smei
and carried a beuet of brM's reosa
Miss Mude Ale, mai ot bencr,
wore a gown of the same wth hat to he
match and carried a boqaet of white
The groom had uas his best man.
Mr. James Lorwe
After the ceresmny, a breakat
was served at the home of the bride.
Tbhe tyag ceeple, who received many an
beautifful presents, left the same
moranig er Bmy St. Leols te end Wle
heir heespetn-s ThIO wvI he at
home to their many friends at 4
Opemnas Awe.
Mis ert. L Smith, dY t daugh- i
r ot Mr. and Us. Chos. m. Smith
of Agisms r au marrenad r Judge rI
Matt en Uaturda Jn 34, 1122, at wa
:U p. u., to Ma. W am Male oel ~
w Odes. The M ar khwe ure
eesoh cometanoc. Relda at the
re ~ geem wom gr, eMt to wit
am the essemery.
An aut rdatem e s ab am to -
S. home ct the bride's SMis, ha
rear ct the Naval Utatle., after whic
.n 0s nal a-Senmr m qsn. ,
Y w s l at hmett h
TMAHSwYUgn4 alttY p
Rift in The Clouci
0 h4
~· if
g T
/ A SI
-ýý ki
AV7OCA1r h~SE.vr
d Methodist Church Notes
Rev. C .C. Wier, Pastor. Residence
et Olivier, Phone Alg 188.
re Last Sunday was one of the most
le delightful days we have had in our
r Church for a long time. The choirs
n- had worked thoroughly on the music
ano it gave good results and the
e large congregations at both services
id appreciated it fully. By special re
e quest, Mrs. John Redman sang a
a beautiful solo at the morning hour.
In addition to this there were two
In beautiful anthems. At night, the
id Mispah Choir had two pretty anthems
k and a beautiful duet by Dr. Fay and
- Mrs. Kerr. Everyone is appreciating
the efforts that are being put forth
by our singers to give us this good
of During Mr. E. E. Cayard's absence
. from the Sunday School, his place 1
. was filled by Mr. H. W. Rickey. Miss
:e Emnia George is visiting her sister,
id Mrs. Garrett Lynch, in Clear Creek,
Rapides Parish.
to Mr. Wm. Wolverton has returned
is from Boyce, greatly benefited from
re taking the hot baths at that place.
. Mrs. S. M. Cafiero, who has been
r sick for a few days is now convalesc- t
ing at her home. 345 Homer street.
S Miss Thelma tyard, President of
** -. pmarth Leasgq, ad the Cabs
Inet lneetiag of that body, meet with
y' her at her home. 241 Olivier street.
The Junior Epworth League Is
being congratulated upon being ont
the honor roll of the state. Miss
eBertha Albrisse and Mrs. L. T. Dunn
are the Supertatendents of this de
Mrs. Kerr entertained the Mispah d
Choir at her home 535 Olivier street,
Tuesday night.
Mrs. Katie Rhoades, 427 Bermuda
street, is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
n Colomb, in Shreveport. She was ac
companied by Mrs. A. L. Maruchall
r and little Rhoades MarachalL
Mr. T. J. Entwisle has returned
from making an Eastern trip for his I
firm, the Southern Cotton Oil Co. He
reports a great trip.
Mrs. M. Turner and little Margaret,
of 541 Bonny street, spent several
days last week as the guest of Capt.
and Mrs. H. J. Thompson, 1610 Car
r- rolton avaenue.
Mrs. Harry J. Thompsop, 1610 Car
rollton avenue, gaWe a Parcel Post
sale at her home last Thursday, for
the benefit of the Carrollton Sunday
School building fund. The returns were
very gratifying.
News has reached us of the death
of Mr. Julius Biro, whose unexpected
death occurred in New York City, on
June 18, after a delicate surgical
operation. Mr. Bino at one time lived
here and had many friends, who will
1e sympathise with his widow who was
mlMie Vallie Jacobs of New Iberia, a
sister of, Mrs. W. B. Warren of 607
SPelican avenue. To the mourners we
a extend our prayers and Christian t
- sympathy,
w After several weeks visit with her
sister, Mrs. M. 8. Kerr, 655 Olivier,
SMrs. A. R. Dres and her little
Sisanghter, Margaret, have returned to
their home in Red Oak, Iowa.
Miss Thelma Bankeman is visitin t
het relatives in Houma, I4.
e Miss Lyella Planders has returned
from a fine visit to friends over the
a. ervices next Su at 11 a. m.,
g and 7:45 p. m.
e This is our Communion day and
d we hope to have many eommunicants.
B *t 3tAUTIl L DOLL.
Miss Velma lakbd is the prud
psmeer of the benutifu Il that h
Swasr disposed of , esnautin with
hthe hne hI gisven f r the benefit
e the naew parochial school. Velma
: -was ee at o e eeftr and war
sneessefal In btmlang be SMae.
A Q m7 peart wU he gve at IN
e sildA the n t aM the Yhs
Isa aeheel, Saturdar, sthe ma
adeld. Thme 41 dlbs dmeg | -
uL'";, /' ;, -Z--. -. '-WA.
the lii
Ices b
re Lai
Sa - th
two Jc
the Born to Mr. and Mrs. Maxmillian h
ims Comeaux of Oakdale,-a girl.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Touhy of
ng 548 Olivier Street--a boy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. O. Marcour N
(nee Velda LeBlanc) of Opelousas aF
avenue---a girl. di
nce Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. Bullard of
ace 1010 Teche Street-a boy. to
ter, P
, ttlors From_ The Peopl0e
om 0. D. A. MAN SAYS, "NO BOOKS." F'
One day last week, a member of m
Dsc- the Morality League called at the City o
L Hall to examine the city ordinance R
prohibiting Indecent dancing. .
What do you suppose the gentle.
rih so told him? -Why w have no
at. books in which the city ordinances
are printed, because we would have
alto have a book as large as the city
as The League members replied, you H
de- mean to tell me you have'nt a book 2'
where the city ordinances are rec- H
pah orded as they are passed? The sup
et, posed to be public servant "Yeplied,
"No Sir."
Wda We should certainly feel proud of
Ir. our present administration, our mem
ae- ber remarked, as he walked from the
hall O. D. A. palace.
Mrs. H. M. Vallette, president of the
J. H. Blenk Memorial, volunteered
her services for the summer, to take
the various groups of mothers and
children to the home. She will be
for assisted with the first group, lear
ing Monday, by a committee consist- la
ing of Mrs. M. Kuadert, Miss Alfreda
ere Voegtlin and Mrs. L. Yalets.
ath a
Miss Evelyn Peterson was one of'
the graduates from St. Mary of the tin
Pine Coarent at Chatawa, Miss., last
week. Miss Peterson finished the
college preparatory course. She took
607 a prominent part at the commence
ment exercises, having played In
an three piano duets and four solos. She
also danced in several aesthetic
her sketches.
fer, at
l to M
The regular business meetling of e
lag the Exclusive Club was held on
Tuesday nlght at the home of Miss ai
aed Mrgaret Sarbeck of Dermuda street. pc
the The Club is going to give a water- ff
melon party oe Saturday night, July p1
1, 1938, at the corner at Elmira p
m., avenue and Homer streets. In
The naet big event of the Club will
a da a tackle party whlah will be hell PI
.ts. n July 8, at the home o MiW Martha ha
There will be a special meetting osf
the Club on Thtedsy night to dli.
_ herther pans ar mr water-l
Smelon party. The meeting will be ch
hebd at the home a Miss Aldean wI
ith oaeo., on aira savenare. All s
m embu are rqsted to be present -
"" The Club Is rmealvin more ap ,t
ram w.e Ar the meeting dancing vt
ewas Inded i sad raeeshmentas
erre served ia mhemsse. pa
These who meat a siam~ble eve. g
al ware: M es A. lear, . be
I3s LeBZ A. abhmos Y.ui. a . a
.m , Q. LeMme, L Maet, D. l
. Assre, adfau
at W. Peas. Wae E. aas, . Klng,i
K . as s, 3. aIm ls, P. alsery,. h
aw. , t , e. aLr, . I
slo~ a Jeaa; ases 4 w r.
Church of the Holy I'
Name of Mary
Very Rev. H. de La Chapelle, S. M..
is at Holy Cross College, preaching
the annual retreat for the priests of
the diocese of New Orleans. He will
leave July 1. for San Francisco.
Rev. Joseph Guibert, S. M., of Pau
lina, La., spent a few days with us
before leaving for Washington, D. C. I
Last week Father Guibert celebrated t
the 25th anniversary of his ordination. 1
The celebration took place at St.
Joseph's Church, Paulina, at which 1
number of clergy were present.
of Rev. Wm. A. Folse, S. M., is spend
ing the summer with his relatives in
New Orleans. He will receive his i
appointment for duty in August.
Father Folse's first mass last Sun
oday was an impressive ceremony.
Father de La Chapelle In his sermon,
touched the hearts of the young
priest's family, and brought forth
tears of sorrow and of joy to the eyes
S of many, when he spoke of the sac
rifices and of the dignity of the
priesthood . After the Mass Father
t." Folse imparted his blessing to the
of members of the congregation. The
ty officers of the Mass were as follows:
Rev. J. Roman, S. M., Arch-priest;
Rev. J. Duane, S. M., Deacon; Rev.
L P. MeOath. S. M , ater t
Ceremonles At the ditser given in
Father Poise's honor there were
twelve priests preset I
June Marie, daughter of Hugh E. I
ou Humphrey and Frederica Stansbury of -
ok 297 Pelican Avenue. Sponsors, Alton
s9* Humphrey and Miss Gertrude Finley.
Margaret Claire, daughter of James
ýd Brown and Clara Ritt of 925 Homer
Street. Sponsors, Nolan LeBlanc and
of Viola Bonvillian.
he Mount Olivet Church
E. Pellean Ave. at Olivier St.
Rev. 8 L. Vail, Aeting Priest,
in Charge. t
Phone: Office Jackson 1215;
Residence, 2W.
he The order of services on next Sun- I
ed day, July 2. will be as follows: f
te 9 a. m., Holy Communion (Choral). I
9:45 a. m., Church School. I
be 7:30 p. m., Evening Prayer and t
.v- Sermon. Sermon Topic, "The Ever- c
lt- lastin Arms." Deut 33-27..
Ia An appropriate patriotic service I
will be held on the Sunday evening s
before the Fourth of July. Suitable a
familiar hymns such as "America," t
"Lord, God, we worship Thee" etc. ,
of will be sung in order that the people I
he I In the Pews may take their due part j
at in the Church worship. I
he t
l- Christine Alford, aged 3 years, 920 i
Ie BellevlHe street, died shortly after 5
:c p. m., in the office of Dr. J. E. Pol.
lock, Olivier street and Opelousas
avenue, from injuries suffered when
she was run down by an automobile
driven, according to the police, by
Mrs. Catherine Simmons, aged 20.
of reaiding at 143 Alex street.
sa The accident occurred at Opelousas
s avenue and Verret street. It is re
st. ported that the child suddenly ran t
r- fflm the sldewalk, where she was l
SI playing into the street, directly in the
ra path of the automobile. Police are (
Investigating the accident
ll An examination conducted by Dr. c
d Pellek. showed that the baby's skull y
ia had been fractured.
i Mr. Leils Munsterman, the mayor's a
s chief clerk, has demostrated recentFly. I
n withoet a doubt, that yes must not a
!i(rmile the police. It doesna't make
t any diference what position yaou hold, -
p whether state or city, yu must not g
i ersile the pollee. Not even the new _
to alrers subded the passion of the i
patroman who told Ldea he mwst -
Sgo with him. So Mr. Mastermaa b
L became a full fledged citisen the other
. edy when hoe Inded behld the bars
. fur  lob~ tg the trume ue sad Ie
id fi ols Iidelda by wMissM. l Ih
a myr iiemis syapathims wiS him lsa
rs M eeat ecs Euse eaa me t
L amanain eml to Seeg b, gimes i
rl fur ,SA ises be Wto Iattb
'r 1bthea bler ,
Personal Mention KepperNot ToTestifyln
And General News U.S. Lumber Graft Probe
Mrs. H. L. Wallace and children, te
left for Lockport to Join her husband cc
after spending awhile in Algiers with 1c1
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Van
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Worrell have
taken up their residence on Adams
and Sycamore streetsb where they ""
will be pleased to see their many tr
friends on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Miss Carmen Malbrough and Mrs.
Jno. Morvant are spending awhile at C
Bay St. Louis.
Miss Florence Parr spent the week
end in the city with friends.
The Once a Month Euchre Club al
met at the home of Mrs. F. Yuratich. c'r
The successful players were: Mrs. R. tli
Staples. Mrs. F. Yuratich, Mrs. E. J. n,
Mothe and Miss C. Richards. Thei
consolation was won by Mrs. Wat- I
kins. The next meeting will be at s
the home of Mrs. Watkins. jw
Mrs. C. V. Kraft entertained the Pr
Thursday Afternoon Euchre Club at si
I its annual meeting last week. I
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Green left
Sunday for a week's vacation on the dt
Gulf Coast. td
Messrs. Eldred and Streuby Drumm bt
)land Francis Sadler have returned ca
11 from a week's stay in Biloxi. Miss. co
Miss Marion Thompson left last lei
. week for Camp Nakanawa, Tenn.
is Capt. and Mrs. C. H. Hoke and pa
Mrs. Chas. Voght are spending fift- co
d teen days in Hansboro, Miss., the tut
n. guests of Mr. and Mrs. DeMayer. to
t. Mrs. T. J. Entwistle and little tic
h daughter Helen, have returned from hi
:e Glyn, La. th
Mrs. McK. Vezien and daughter T
Clarence and Miss Geo. Baker left N
n yesterday for Alexandria, to visit
Mrs. Fred Pefferkorn. hi
Mrs. L. W. Broussard entertained
n' a number of friends at her home, 42 m
Slidell Avenue, in honor of Miss Mae fr
BLowe. a bride of the past week.
Mr. Edgar Cayard and sister Miss
h Thelma have returned from a trip to r
! Mansfield, and to Shreveport. a
-' On Tuesday evening Mrs. Kerr of at
S6535 Olivier street, entertained the at
r members of the Mispah Choir of the CC
e Methodist Church. fr
Thos. J. Entwistle is home after
an extensive business trip through P
1 the north and east. H
V. Mis Thelma Bhskeman is visiting sa
relatives Ir Heama, La. at
SAfter a iga Visit to her sislter, Mrs. cU
re M. IL Kerr of Olivier street, Mrs. A. tr
R. Breese and little daughter Mar. I
garet have returned to their home in a
1. Red Oak, Iowa.
in (Continued on page 3) H
7. tit
I Trinity Evangelical O
id Lutheran Church i
Corner Olivier and MI _ I th
W. H. Rater, Paster,
a livi t. Phou s Alges, 4. i
Due to the absence of the pastor of
the Trinity Church notes failed to Ni
appear in these columns. Jt
The pastor wishes to extend his M
hearty thanks to all who have so TI
1- kindly sympathized with him and his La
family in their recent bereavement. ye
). Especially would he thank the Help- br
Ing Hand Circle in the name of the vii
d bereaved family for the pretty floral fij
- ctfferfng. sal
The 41st Anniversary of our Beth- M,
e lehem Orphan Asylum will be ob- S
g served by special services on Sunday th
e afternoon, July 9. The Rev. M. Le- TI
C ron will deliver the sermon and the wi
, superintendent of the home the Rev. m
e M. W. H. Holls will speak on the sub. m
S*ject of Orpham Homes. Everybody is
heartily invited to attend this f- e
tival. After the conclusion of the fo
services supper will be served at if
reasonable prices. The Ladies' Auxil- to
Siary is sending out a plea for volan- In
5 teers. Ten Ladies are desired from vi
.1 Trinity. Who is willing to help along Al
'ain this work? Two ladles have al- a
a ready expressed their willingness to di
le serve. Volunteers may give their j,
7 names to Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Van
* derlinden or to the pastor. Retresh.
meuts will also be served. Fancy
5 work is also desired. Anyone who
S is able to do some fancy work for
n this booth will be helping the orphans
a by doing it. Ai
e The envelopes for the Analversry Ni
SOffering are ready for distribation.Isi
Take one aloatg the next time you at
ri. come to chubarch. Also tphe see for th
II you friend or neighbor who has not
attended clurch lately. You may w
drop the envelope in oar collection ce
plates at any time. Re
We have noticed that the atted- s
sance at Sunday Sehool is not what
r*It should be. That may be partly due a
t to vacation trips, but to a great e-. p
Steat it may ai be du to egiset. IK
i Let a ll remember eor Sunday D
t8School ad attend reulart·y. _
rI Especially the teawbers sheld be -
s faithtful If you camaet be there a r.
t self secure a substitute. - We must N
h bave a fl teachaing force or oarp
U work wfL be hampered. -
SThe attidmace at ehaeh ervises 8o
clcould aio be better. Dau't let the
,e heat keep you tram attued or
I services. OW shee is .ee at sa
iar W ab ltafse Doa't s a UIs
- -- . .Qrm 1....... 1*:
James A. Kepper. cashier of the HI
hernia bank, has beon excused from
en, testifying in the case of the Phillips
ind company and the Stepllens company,
ith charged by the United States attorney
an- general with profiteering in lumber
contracts. Kepper had been served
ue with a subpoena, but stated that
ey neither he nor his bank had had any
iny transactions with the indlvidutal in
3s. olved.
Judge Nicholas E. Humphrey, after
lub all his experience as judge of the
Lh. criminal court, said Thursday night
R. that he had thought women could
not I-rep secrets, but the party in
'he honor of the twenty-fifth anniver
at sary of his and M.rs. Humphrey's
wedding was such a complete sur
the prise to him that he had to admit
at silver wedding parties were unlike
murder in that they will not "out."
eft Miss Rita and Alton Humphrey
he decided on a fitting celebration for
their parentf weddiig aniversaryi
Im but they knew they could never
ed carry out their plans without the
co-operation of the mother, so they
.st let her in on the secret.
It's one tiling to arrange a surprise
nd party for a man that stays in the
fif- court room all day, but it is an en
he t'rely different matter to arrange one
for a man that is home on his vaca
tIe tion. As Judge Humphrey is on
3m his vacation, he was very much in
the way of party preparations, but
ter Thursday he ventured away from
eft his home In Algiers and went to
New Orleans. Mrs. Humphrey met
him there, accompanied him to a
fed show, and by other means of amuse
42 ment contrived to keep him away
fue from home until 8:30 or later, but
she had some work doing it.
las When the "bride and groom"
to reached their home, 818 Opelousas
avenue they found electric lights
of strung from the gallery to the gate
the and a houseful of guests-old friends,
the court members, policemen and new
ter Musical numbers, echoes of the
igh Policemen's minstrels, gave Judge
Humphrey time to recover flem his
lag surprise, thean Arthur C-marbunst,
assistant district atterney for the
1, criminal omart, la behalf at maru
A. friends of the couple, made the
An speech of presentation that went with
in a large chest of silver:
There was a shower of rice, and
- with rice caught in his hair, Judge
Humphrey responded. He referred to
the long time he has known many
of the guests, for the last day of
this month he would have been in Al
glers, thirty years, and during all
those years has lived in the house
that was the scene of the silver
wedding celebration. Besides the
chest of silver, many other silver
6 gifts were received by the couple.
Miss Josephine LeBoeuf, daughter
tor of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. LeBouet, and
to Nicholas E. Humphrey were married
June 22, 1897, in Holy Name of
Is Mary Church, by Father Dempsey.
so The bride, who was born in Houma,
his La, had lived in Algiers several
at years before her marriage and the
Ip- bridegroom, who Is a native of Louias
he ville, Ky., had lived in Algiers about
al five years. Miss Bessie LeBonet,
sister at the bride, now Mrs. I.
th Martines of this city, and Edward
b Seymour, formerly of Aligers, were
Ay the attendants at this quiet wedding.
.e- The Tennessee Centennial Exposition
he was going on In Nashville the sum
iv. mer of the wedding, so the honey.
b moon trail led to Nashville.
i Seven of Judge and Mrs. Humph
srey's eight children were with them
he for the celebration of their twenty
t fifth wedding anniversary. Miss s
- telle, the second daughter, is visit
n- ing relatives of her father in Lol-uis.
rm ville. The others are Miss RIta, Hugh,
' Alton, Julian, Edith, Lawrence and
al- Lorraine. The couple has one grand
to daughter, their son Hugh's daughter,
eir June Marie, who was born June 16.
--Daily States.
as On Monday night, the Ladles
Auxailiary, Sunset Lodge 108 gave MiS
try Norita Fernandes a miscellaneoma
sn. shower at her home on Vallette
on street. The house was decorated far
lr the occasioe.
tot Miss Fernandes whose marriage
sY was held on Wednesday morusug, r.
on celived many handsome presents
Refreshments were servd in abuan
se- acme, and dancing was indulged ina,
it Those who speat a pleasant ov
no slig were : Mesdames C. Willis, V.
SPeelacins, Heandel A. Laggerd, M.
Kenner, B. Sehelb, L. Wemley, C.
SDemos, A. Wlegman, . A aIaeh,
B. Gold, J. Wlegmansa, J~o. Moet,
b d. Memosey, P. Hebut, M. Cabealol,
l. W egman, A. Owens, A. Wluegman,
at Mr. and Mru. Fermandos, Msse N.
tPeati, M. akemas, U. W bM, U.
irw. Meemm. Frnanae, W. J.
SBaew, and many others.
la Mrs OMhbe A.nzr1a,@W , ., a
I. tended the mYWIIr m. am
- ~ "..R ~ ~U .'.L

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