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of America, 8tate of
W tr °dt of torleats'. Ite it
* ths ZIrd day of the
is the year of our Lord.
else hundred and twenty
be independence of the
of America the one hun
.sith, before me, W.
a Notary Public, in and
S of OrleanS. state of Lou
the pres'rae of the wit
- er named and under
, came and appeared
rsoes w hose names are
, and all of age. who
that, availing them
a sind s of tha laws of
the isana, in such cases
rided, and more partico
0 t of the G;enerat Assembly
S f Louislana, for the year
ave covenanted. agreed, con
bed themselves, and do
t ets cotenant. contract.
S l themselves as well as all
as may here.after become
th them, to form them
ad conatitute a corporation
t s law, for the objects
ad under the stipulations
I'tot, which they adopt as
L The name of this corpor
be White Bear Patch Con
slea ted which may be abbre
Wite Bear Patch, Co., Inc.
rI The business and pur
which this orporation is
h nature of the business
en by it are hereby de
To carry on the general
repailring automobile tires.
bndies, including polishing,
gerhrmming the said bodies;
ad bold real estate; to buy
iimau tUre or compiound all
s terials, machinery, devices
Serty connected with such a
la general to do all things
f ncidental thereto, that are
asth state of Louisiana.
S II. The amount of the
of this corporation ts here
Ssum of Five Thousand
gI0), all common stock,
I el stock may be increased to
t Twenty Thousand Dollars
S Said capital stock shall be
d t (5) shares rof the par
anudred Dollars ($100.00)
stock shall be paid when
~ o r may be issued in whole
at sot less than par for prop
p;rehased and received by
gsa. No fractional shares
ier be issued.
S. iv. The location of the
h this corporation shall be in
, of New Orleans, state of Louis
p1 smervice of citation or of all
 3es shall be made upon the
P .1. f the corporation, or in case
S sam or inability to act. on the
.i dmst, Secretary-Treasurer, in the
. Said corporation shall
p Ms oey succession by its cor
- oe for a period of ninety-nine
d W date of this act.
"tli 'V. The business and affairs
g selsotlsOa shall be conaucted
Si. the corporate powers vested
esui. d by a Board of Direc
ag a g - of three (3) stockholders,
us.ally by ballot, on the fourth
St moath of August of each
a in the year 1923,. or any
date announced by the Board
Is case no election shall
Sgits s said date, after fifteen
ids, which shall be given to
gstbelder by .written notice.
d asch stockholder at his last
ps(Ico address, and said elee
he he ld at the officee of the
sl a under the supervision of two
e sappointed by the Board
"u s.at said election eacn stock
hal be eutitled to cast his vote
S / Is uSectioa 11 of Act 267 of
Aseably of the state of
fdtr the year 1914. or amend
heist.. The stockholders receiv
khul of the votes cast shall
U e ldcted. The Board of Direc- -
ým dguegl shall Immediately there- 1
gme to elect one of its mem
S Presidet. one to be Vice- °
es to be Secretary-Treasurer r
pEPspoatiso, sad they shall serve d
i seears are elected and
R. The first Board of ,
he e omposed of the fol
latIhtoMers: Paul Hogan, 314
-tg New Orleans, La.: James
h I, Desire street, New Or- d
,actIlmes O. Barr, 7306 Val- f
Ol e Orleans. La.. of whom ,
doll be President, James h
shall Ii Vle-President. and
, er shall be Secretary-Tress
Vd they shall serve until the y
liisy of August. 1923. or until f,
agena ers are elected and qualified. *
hmey da the officers or Board of
SLm hall e illed by the remaning a
VII. Stockholders' meetings
Smatigs for the election of a
maybe he as prescribed by a
3 Act of of the General
tof the osoe of Loutisiana for a
YM or say smendments thereto. c
III!. This corporation and D
sad directors thereof shall Is
w rights and powers, and this di
may be amended or dis- o0
Sbe afsairs liquidated, as pro- ha
t ipewisloas of Act 287 of the en
huembly of the state of Louis- cc
Se yar 2614. or any amend- th
II. No stockholder shall a
hell h"ble or responsible for a
W faults of this corpor- m
i A Airther sum than the un
Os the stock for which he ah
nor shall any mere In- ne
is he orgamisation have the an
Uadsoig this charter null or pa
--.. et0er to any liability jet
a heds provided. No stock- Ft
4i l3 esepontion shall sell all se
- Mi his eek without first ti
--5' asotice to tie cor- th
---- desire to sell. This cor- an
n seelviag notice shall m
stockholders, after notice
br to each last tnows ad- thi
Usbse ch stock Is pro- thi
"Sii tipaltve holdings of fe
.-eporau . and such other al
SWl*tts notice is re
hewessitee. to purchase said w
O them hook value of same,. l
I- The subseribers here
SU /tflly written opposite h
th mount of stock In thispl
sheriho for by each of ou
this act of iecorporation of
Sea the original subserip- d
_.eo d at my office a
*l_w Or-as, on the day. sa
--W Oust sbove written, in lbs
o Gus 1. Rlea and Melba j
n t witeses residiag
~ Wh have signed these
with said appearers of
v. ofsr daue reading of the ton
SI ?d Pal Hogan. 14 t
be lsi hi is proprt this the
M : James . Morgan, tn
- ei. for in property this L,
-. hesulesu; JTame 0. Dart, 1Or
 - -'-duia__ . ThofOien
t O e sas.
i  ----m t aet of tm
__W~teBenPatch C2o,.e
U. A ln JONES. fora
t •OTT. Dy. Ree. P
?_. can: son..
S Notary Pblile. h
ecIorde of Mot he
etOrleans, ect
C1e iti~ aerstifyt hel
ni j •ofneroge.ag ct"fin
we D ee P atho
Ismeay se22 132. 15
DO it nw hthl
db fth ot
and provisions contained in the follow I
g articles, to-wit:
f ARTICLE . The name of this cor- v
poration shall be Calamla & O'Reardo, a
it Inc., and under its said corporate name
the It shall have and enjoy a corporate x- a
.ord. istence and succession for ninety-nine a
uty- () years from and after date hereof, a
the unless sooner dissolved by or according
un- to law; and by and wader that name
Sit shall have, enjoy and exercise all
rights, powers and obligations now
- granted or that may be granted here- o
after by law to corporations of this
der- character, including the right especially a
red to hold, receive, purchase, alienate, con- L
are vey, sell. mortgage, pledge, hypothecate,
who rent or lease property, real. personal and
em- ixed; in fact, to have all such rihs 0
of and powers as permitted under the lw,
as as are necessary, incidental or con- n
lcu- venient for carrying out the objects and
Ibly purposes of said corporation as herein
Fear established. It
con- dmcl
do ARTICLE II. The domicile of this
corporation shall be in the city of New
Orleans, state of Louisiana, where all
ttion or other legal process shall
em- served in the manner as is now or may
Sbe hereafter prescribed by law.
cts ARTICLE III. The objects and pur
is poses and the nature of the business to a
as be carried on by this corporation w
hereby declared to be: To carry on.
or- onduct and operate a wholesale produce r
o- usness. and to deal in poultry, live
bre- stck, game, poultry products, meats.
groceries, syrups, molasses, canned goods,
and all other products of whatsoever ,.
ur- kind and nature related 4 kindred to
i the above, or not so related, including
less their by-products, and offsprings, and
de- o'positin.no thereof; and to do any an
ral all business incident thereto or connect
res ed therewith, as well as a general co
ing, mission business.
lea; In fact, said corporation is authorized
buy to do any and all other acts and things,
all and to exercise any and all other powers
ices which any corporation or a natural ii
Sperson could do. and could exercise, and at
g which now or hereafter may be author
are ized by law. di
ITTICLiE IV. The capital stock of this d
corporation is hereby fixed at the sum at
Sof Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50.000.00). ca
which shall be divided into and consist
ick, of two (2) separate and distinct classes (
to with the rights, privileges and subject P
ar o the limitations hereinatfer set forth. d
be Thre shall be a common stock and
first preferred stock. The common th
stock of the corporation is hereby fixed
en at the sum of Thirty-five Thousand Dol
ole lar (1,00000). and the first preferred
P- stock of the corporation is hereby fixed ga
by the sunm of Fifteen Thousand Dollars s
res (15.000.00); each class of stock to be of th
the par value of One Hundred Dollars a
the (100.00) per share; the common stock th
in to consist of Three Hundred and Fifty
Is- (50) shares and the first preferred stock
all to consist of One Hundred and Fifty (150)
the shares: the said stock to be issued in
se the manner and for the consideration
the prescribed by law.
the All the shares of stock shall be fll
all paid and non-assessable. The capital
r- stock of the corporation may be in
e creased to One Hundred and Fifty of
Thousand Dollars ($150.000.00). this be
Ira ing the maximum amount of increase o
d In the capital steok authorized by this
ed t of incorporation. The common stock a
. and the first preferred stock may be i
Screased according to law, and may be lea
Issued in such amounts and proportions
ch as shall be determined by the Board of
y Directors and as may be permitted by si
Each stockholder shall be entitled at
en all stockholders' meetings to one vote or
to for each share of common stock held by g
Shim on the date of such meeting. The a
Spreferred stockholders shall not have
Sthe right of voting on their preferrei of
e stock. The preferred stock herein cr- to
Sated and authorized shall not carry with ha
rd It the right to vote. pre
k- The holders of said preferred stock wh
Sshall be entitled to receive during each
of fiscal year out of the net earnings of for
of the company, preferential cumulative the
d diidends at the rate of eight per cen- ft
Stm (8%) per annum, payable yearly on
the first day of April. or in half yearly
or quarterly installments, as the by A
elaws may from time to time provide, o the
in the absence of by-laws, as the Board cl
of Directors may so order. After the it
er payment of said preferential cumulative O
dividends of eight per centum (8%) fr
d any fiscal year. or part thereof, to the
holders of the preferred stock, any fro
further amonnt declared in dividend co
of for said fiscal year. or part thereof, shall t
aid to the holders of the commo
14 stock: provided, however, that the Bor cr
Sof Directors of the company may in their pur
isetlon declare dividends during any to
year. or part thereof, on the com- to
mn stock, but no such dividend shall ad
Se declared on the common stock unless othi
d all cumulative dividends for previous the
years and all accrued installments. ab
Sany. for the uenrrent year. on the pre- can
Sferre stock, shall have been set apart Vi
or paid. A
From and after the date of incorpor Ps
ation the dividends on said preferred ed
shall be cumulative, so that If i
any year subsequent thereto dividends to I
f amounting to eight per centum (8%) per in
y annum shall not be paid on said pre- bon
ferred stock. the deficiency shall be age
a charge upon the net earnings of the Al
Scompany until paid: but the Board of this
SDirectors may provide at the time of sum
SIssue of any preferred stock that the dv
a dividends thereon shall be cumulative (50)
only from the time of such Issue. The Hun
holders of the preferred stock shall, In be
of liquidation or dissolution of th
my, be entitled to be paid in ful
ar value of their preferred share
o sk and the dividends aceumulate
an paid thereon, before any amoun
abe paid to the holders of the corn
i tock.
Tholders of the preferred stock
s are no voting powers whatsoever
hall they be entitled to notice eo
seeting of stockholders of the cor
Bald preferred stock shall be sub
o redemption at One Hundred andt
Dollars ($105.00) per share, and
ac lated dividends thereon, at any
after three years from the lseo
f, at such time or times and In
manner as the Board of Direetos
Iad shall determine.
ARICLE V. No transfer of stock or
orpororation shall be binding upon
pm:any unless and uatil the treas
actually made on the books of
orporation in the manner requiree
b l. Prior to such transfer this cor
ot shall be authorised to deal only
he person in whose name the stock
on the books of such company.
stoekholder of this corporation shall
he right to sell his said stock ora
or hvpothecate the same with
o t having offered it to the Board
rectors of this corporation, and
said Board of Directors thirty (a0)
d ithin which to purchase said stock
market value. or to recelve the
in pledge, as may be desired by
lder of said stock.
the corporate powers of this er-t
a shall be vested in and exerised
Board of Directors to be composed
o ess than three (3) nor more thane
t ) holders of the common stoek oa
t rporation.
following named stockholders, with
tte iresaes here given. shall cons s
te t irst Board of Directors: Roy
L Caia, 77 Morgin boulevard, New
O , La.; 8hields O'Reardoa, 85 Mor
bolevard. New Orleans, La.. and
.Drby, 2311 Prytania street, New
r La., being three stockholders.
members shall constitute a quorum
sathoulsed to traasset busines
corporation, as long as the am
h odietors remains three la num
Sut if slid Board of Directors is
edto more than three members.
simple majority shall coastitute
a u m. and be authorised and em.
d to transact busiaess for the
directors herein named, and the
herelen named, constituted and
id as such, shall serve Ia their
r v caacities until the thirtd
T Ia March, 183, at which time
anally thereafter, on the third
Tueday t March. naless that day be
holiday, and If so, on the frst
day followlig, a new Board of
ra and new ofecera shall hee
by the Board. The present Board t
oD re sand appelated oefiers shall
h ffe until theirlp maeseors shail
- -' -ýý w ... c.-ac vc Ii uzl 113 Ui I giucr s-pwuy" m ga IU xrs sueI ~ Sa.o 0 II r" -w ." ". - a
the ýýý.
ow- have been elected and qualified.
The Board of Directors shall be con
Or- vend on verbal or written notle, and
ion, any director who may be prevented rom
ie attending any meeting of said Board
ex- may give his written proxy to any other
In. member of said Board, whether aid
so meeting be general or speciaL
n ARTICLE VII. The names and offi
me cs to serve and act in their respective
Scapacitles from the date of incorporation
ow until the first annual meeting to be held
he third Tuesday in March, 192are
s as follows: Roy L. Calamia. President;
a Shields O'Reardon Vice-President; . F.
SDarby, Secretary-Treasurer.
n ARTICLE VIII. The names and post
hts office addresses of the subscribers to
Sthee articles of Incorporation and the
on number of shares of stock subscrbed
nd for by each are as follows: Roy L.
e Calamia, 77 Morgan boulevard, New Or
leans, La., 100 shares common, 25 shares
his preferred; Shields O'Reardon, 85 Morgan
boulevard. New Orleans, La.. 100 shares
tcomon 25 shares preferred; E. F. arby,
all 2911 Prytania street, New Orleans, La.
e shares common, no preferred.
Thus done and passed at my office i
the city of New Orleans. state of Louis
r- Da, in the presence of Harry Gable
to and L. E. Ernst, competent witnesses,
re who have signed these presents with
on. said appearers and me, Notary, after due
reading of the whole.
Original signed: ltoy L. Calamis, 1
its shares common stock. 25 shares pref
•stk; Shields O'Reardon, 100 shares
er comor'n stock, 25 shares preferred stock;
to E. F. Iarby, 5 shares common stock.
ng Witnesses:
t L. E. ERNST.
t- A true copy :
Notary Public.
ed stato of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans.
. efore me. the un:dersigned authority in
r ad for the parish of Orleans, duly qu
ral ified and commissioned, personally cae
nl and appeared Roy L. Calamia and Shields
r- Oeardon. who being by me duly sworn,
did depose and say: That they are both
I dirctors of Calimia & O'Reardon, Inc.,
m an that fifty per centum (50%) of the
) capital authorized has been subscribed.
st ad that mnore than fifty per centum
s (5 ) of the amount subscribed has been
t paid n. Roy L. Calamia, Shields ORear
th. ducn.
nd Sworn to and subscribed before me
on this 19th day of May, 1922.
Notary Public.
S I the undersigned Recorder of Mort
ed gages in and for the parish of Orleans.
r state of Louisiana. do hereby certify that
of the above and foregoing act of Incorpor
r ation of Calamia & O'Reardon. Inc., was
k this day duly reerded in my office In
tv Book 12R, Folio 349.
S New Orleans, La.. May 20. 1922.
in June 1. 8, 15, 22, 29, July 7.
United States of America. State of
ousiana, City of New Orleans, Parish
y Orleans. lie it known that on this
12th day of April, In the year of our
Lord ,one thousand, nine hundred and
Stwenty-two, before mne, John L. Fellu.
a Notary Public, duly commissioned and
I ulified in and for the Parish of Or
e leansCity of New Orleans, State of
s Lousiana, and In the presence of the
f witnesses hereinafter named and under
signed, personally came and appeared
the persons whose names are hereunto
susribed. all of the full age of a
e jority, who severally declare that, avail
y g themselves of the provisions of the
Slaws of this state, and particularly Act
267 of the General Assembly of the state
of Louisiana, for the year 1914. relate
o the organization of corporations, they
have formed and organized, and by these
presents do form themselves and of those
whom they represent into and constitute 4
a corporation and body politic in law
Sfor the objects and purposes and under
Sthe stipulations and agreement herein
after set forth and expressed which they
Shereby adopt as their charter.
ARTICLE I. The name and title of
the corporation hereby formed is de
ared to be The Gem Bottling Co., Inc.;
e it domicile shall tbe in the City of New
e Orleans, State of Louisiana., and it shall
r have and enjoy successions by its cor
porate name for a period of fifty years.
Sfrom and after the date hereof. This
Scorporation shall have power and au
Sthoty to contract, sue and be sued in
its corporate name: to make and use a
corporate seal; to hold, receive, hire an I
Spurchase real and personal property, and
to sell. mortgage or pledge the same;
to borrow money to issue bonds. notes
ad other obligations: all citations or r
other legal process shall De served upon
the President, and in the event of his '
absence or inability to act from any
cause, the same shall be served upon the
Vice-President or Secretary-Treasurer.
ARTICLE II. The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is organ- r
ized and the nature of the business to
te carried on by it are hereby declared
to be: To manufacture, buy and sell all
kinds of syrups, aseltzer, mineraL car
bonated waters and non-alcoholic bever
ages of all kinds.
ARTICLE III. The capital stock of g
this corporation is hereby fixed at the a
sum of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), u
divided Into and represented by Fifty
(50) shares of the par value of One
Hundred Dollars ($100.00). which shall b
be paid for in cash, at the time of sub- a
scription. This corporation shall com- p
mence business as soon as Fifty Per Cet
capital stock shall have been pa
A ICLE IV. All corporate power
orporation shall be vested and -
i by the board of three directs.
composed of the stockholders, an
om two shall constitute a quoru
f transaction of all business. T
of Directors shall be vested wi
f wer and authority to make all co
purchases and sell,. and adopt a
- s, rules and regulations for t
g rment of the business and affai
o corporation: to alter, amend an
c the same at pleasure: to appoi
and dischargd all officers, agens
mployees, fix all salaries, and g
to do and perform all thingse e
in the transaction of the busine
ffairs of the corporation. Any
c ocurrin in said board shall
by the stockholders in the mannr
a vided for in the election of dire
first Board of Directors of th
c tion shall consist of the follow
ign ed, via: Chas. J. Haner an
ace A. Haner, with the said Cha
aer as President. Albert H. Haue
a -President. and Lawrence A. Haeu
a retary-tresurer, who shall hol
t trices until the first Monday i
1923. or until their auecessors
elcted and quali8ed.
the first Monday in April, 192
anually thereafter, an election fo
r s shall be held at the office o
mpany, under the supervision o
e mmiasioners, to be appointed b
resldent. and the directors the
e hall take their seat immediatel
tall hold office until their suee-t
duly elected and qualified. Eac
rshall elect its own officers, whi t
onslst of a President. Vice-Prelo
tad Pecretary-Treasurer. All co
elections shall be by ballot, an
a ty of the votes eca shall ek h
a h share of stock shall be entitle
vote. either in person or by proxy
ICLE V. Tbhi Act of Ineorpora
t y be changed, altered or modified
capital stock be lncreased, or th
tios dissolved, with the assent o
t rths (3-4) of the stockholder
or represented at any genera
m t the stockholders held for tha
p o after ten days' prior notice o
s eeting shall have been given by
u aio i one of the daily paper
ed In the City of New Orleas
publdctions during said priod
a chaanges as may be made ib
to the capital stock shall re
qr additional ten days' notice n
to each of the stockholders.
CLE VI. Whenever this corpor
dissolved either by limitation of
t rter or from any cause, its affati
e liquidated by three commissio c
e t be appointed from among th c
tsera at a meeting of the stck
econvened for that purpose, after
sray' advertisement in any of th
daily papers and ten days' written notice
coa* as set forth in Article V shall have been
and given by the Secretary to each stock
from holder. Said commissioners shall remain
oard in office until the affairs of said corpor
other ation shall have been fully liquidated.
said In case of death of any of the commis
sioners, the surviving ones shall select
offi- one from among the stockholders to fill
etive the said vacancy.
itlon ARTICLE VII. No stockholder of this
held corporation shall be held liable or re
are sponsible for the contracts or faults t
lent; thereof in any further sum than the un- i
i. paid balance due to the corporation on
the shares owned by him. nor shall any!c
host- mere formality in organization have the
to effect of rendering this charter null, nor
the of exposing the stockholders to any .lia
ibed bility beyond the amount of his stock.
L. The subscribers hereto have each written
Or- opposite their names and addresses the
ares number of shares subscribed for, so that
this act may also serve as the original
resubscription list.
rhy, Thus done and passed in my notarial e
La., office, No. 320 Godchaux building, in the
City of New Orleans, in the presence of I
in Frank J. Grunewald and Carl A. Conrad.
uis- competent witnesses, and of the full age. i
able and residing in this city, who hereunto a
les subscribed their names, together with I
with the said witnesses and me. Notary, on
due the day. mouth and year first above men- I
tioned. after due reading of the whole. L
(Original signed: (Names of subscribers
rred omitted.)
Witnesses: I:
A true copy.
JOHiN .. FEI.If.
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans. o
State of Loulsiana, do hereby certify
that the above and foregoing Act of In- a
- corporation of the Gem Bottling Co., Inc.. ,
uI was this day duly recorded In my office
In Hook 126.$. Folio 2790.
eInd New Orleans, April 26. 1922. a
orn. Deputy lt'-order.
loth May 25-June 29.
seen United States of America. State of P
ear- .ouisiana. Parish of Orleans. City of P
New Orleans. Ile it known that on this n
me 27th day of the month of May. in the tl
year of our Lord, one thousand nine hun
dred and twenty-two. and of the inde- a
c. pendence of the United States of America.
art- the one hundred and forty-sixth, before e
tns. e. Hlenry P. thart. Jr.. a Notary Public. ti
hat duly commissioned and qualified in and a
nor- for this city and the parish of Orleans, p
was therein residing, and itn the presence of sI
in the witnesses hereinafter named and t
undersigned, personally camen and ap- tl
peared the several persons whose nanes of
t. are hereunto subscribed, who declared i
that. availing them-elves of the provi
sions of the laws of this state relative
to the formation of corporations, they s
have covenanted and agreed, and by these et
of presents do covenant and bind them- a,
dh selves, as well as such other persons t
h as may hereafter become associated with b
them, to form and constitute a corpor- .
d ation and body politic In law under the a
Iu stilpulations and agreements following. tb
mnd which they adopt as their charter: m
Ur- ARTICLE I. The name and title of or
of this corporation shall be Producers Sales at
the Company, Inc., and under its said cor- m
ur- porate name It shall have full power and at
red authority to have and enjoy existence
,to and succession for a period of ninety- of
ha- nine years from and after the date of
,il- hereof: to contract, sue and be sued; th
the to make and use a corporate seal, and (
Let the same to break and alter at pleasure; ha
ate to hold, receive, lease, purchase and con- th
lve vey. as well as mostgage, pledge and th
iey hypothecate property, both teal and per- he
Ps, sonal; to name and appoint such officers. re
)e directors, managers, agents, clerks and
Ste other employees as the interest of the sh
aw corporation may require, and to make by
ler and establish such by-laws and regula- I,
in- tions for the proper management, con- Ii
duct and regulation of the affairs of the NI
corporation that may be requisite and 51
proper, and the same to change, alter A.
of and amend at pleasure.
e ARTICLE II. The domicile of this cor
poration shall be in the city of New
all Orleans, parish of Orleans, state of I.ou
Ir- Isiana, and all citations and other legal
r- process shall be served upon the Presi
is dent. or, In his absence, upon the Vice- co
u-President or Secretary. of
in ARTICLE III. The objects and pur- be
poses for which this corporation is estab- th
nd lished are hereby declared to be: To no
ad buy and sell, for the purpose of export
e; and otherwise, and generally to deal in
es naval stores, spirits turpentine, rosin,
or rosin oil, crude gum, tar, batting dross. Cil
an and all other naval stores products, and un
i lubricating, lighting, fuel and food oils, an
av and for this purpose to own. lease. S,
he operate and maintain stores, storehouses. me
yards and warehouses; and, in aid of its
business operations. may own. lease, co
a- operate and maintain tank cars, rail- pco
to roads, wharves, tramways, landings. Th
steamboats and other watercraft; and. ate
11 when necessary or incidental in the
course of its business, may acquire, own.
lease, sell and dispose of all kinds of l
r real estate: and may loan and borrow
money and secure the same by mort
of gage, pledge or other security: and do for
e a general factorage business, and man- to
I), ufacture turpentine and rosin and all dal
ty other products that may be extracted
c from pine timber; to buy and sell lum
II ber and timber of all kinds for export for
s and otherwise; to operate saw mills. to
- planing mills, etc., for the purpose of dat
t manufacturing lumber and other prod
Id ucts from pine or hardwood timber; to
appoint manageer, ofilers, agents and
f employees in the state of Louisiana and
r- other states and foreagn countries. as Its lea
a. Interests may require; to do and per
d form all other things requisite, neces
Ssary and convenient to enable it to carry lea
Sout the objects and purposes above set pa
ARTICLE IV. The capital stock of p
1I this corporation is hereby fixed at the fo
sum of Twenty-five Thousand Dollars an
($25.0000.0). divided into and represented T
d by two hundred and fifty shares of the
stock, of the par value of One Hundred 0
Dollars ($100.00) each. Said stock may t
be issued full paid and non-assessable.
for cash or property, real or personal. ,
or for services rendered. Any increase 8
of capital stock hereafter made may be Not
Iissued for cash or the acquisition of
r property, similar businesses or other
rights to be acquired by the corporation, A
or for services rendered and labor per.
a formed.
Transfers of the capital stock of this Jun
corporation shall be made only on the -
books of the corporation, by the regis
r tered owner thergof, in person or through
r his agent.
ARTICLE V. All of' the corporate it
powers vested by law or this charter
in corporations shall be exercised by the on
Board of Directors of this corporation, yesa
Including the right to manage, control twe
and direct the affairs of the corporation. LEI
the corporate policy, and to sell the cor- for
poration or merge the same into another lana
corporation, and to take in payments of and
any such sale or merger, Sash. bonds, here
notes or stock of the purchasing or sons
merging corporation, or of a new cor- peru
poration. created for the pur-pose, without scril
the necessity of referring either or any jor
of said acts to the stockholders. aval
The Board of Directors of this cor- Stat
poration shall be composed of five stock- of
bolders, who shall be elected annually, corp
on the first day of April of each year. agg
The arst Board of Directors of this cor- such
poration shall be composed of Danlel J.
Gay. Robert R. Long, Henry 8. Turner, cons
Benjamin W. Dart and ,dward C. Gay, and
who shall hold office until the next an
nual election on the first day of April, stips
1923, or until their successors have been Al
elected, with Daniel J. Gay as President, title
Robert I. Long as Vice-President, Henry RAN
8. Turner as Secretary-Treasurer. The that
election of the Board of Directors shall the
be preceded by three days' notice to the gra
stockholders, delivered in person or sent shall
by mail to the address given in the car- of a
rent city directory, unless the address shall
of such stockholder shall have been reg
Istered with the Secretary, and is de
fault of either, care of General Delivery. ad
New Orleans, La. The election shall be pleas
held at the office of the corporation at sl
such hour as may be fixed by the in- hype
cumbent Board of Directors and under per
the supervision of three (3) commis- corpt
sioners appointed by the same. At such mank
eI~leto meah MatkholdM. shall h. .inastat ash.,
ice to one vote for each share of the capital
Sstock held by him, and the persons re
k- elg the highest number of votes at
I at said election shall be declared electd.
r- and the Board of Directors thus elected
d. shall meet and organize as saon after
is- sad election as possible. r A majority
t of the whole Board shall constitute a
ill quorum, and directors absent or unable
to attend may authorize directors present
Sto represent them by written proxy, tiled
with the Secretary, and with all the
Spowers such absentees could exercis i
Spresent in person.
SAll routine business matters shall be
Sdecided by the majority vote of the
he I qorum present at such meeting. not
Swithstanding anything in this charter or
the law to the contrary; but any mattr
k. or thing affecting the general policy.
' property or corporate rights of the cur
e poration shall be adopted only by the
t vote of the majority of stock held by
al i the ndividual members of the whole
oard of Directors, and proper nllrtc
al entries shall be made to show these facts.
e The Board of Directors may establish
f by-laws. rules and regulationsa for the
d government of the corporation, and It
e y also create comnmittees for the nan
t ageent of the several departments of
h its iness. Including an Executive Con
S ittee of not less than three (:1 me
Sers of the iHoard, which committee shall
e. e empowered to exercise all the fune
r tis of the Board of IDirectors during
the reess of this Board, save those
ierei reserved for the full IBoard. The
ord of lirreitors shall fill vacancie
occurring in this body during the term
thereof. Meetings of the Board of ire
tr nay be held at such times as shall
e st by the Board itself, or at the
t all of the President and at the request
P of any two stockholders.
I A LtTILE VI. This charter may be
t- aended and the capital stock increased
ad decreased with the consent of two
e thirds of all of its stock expressed at
a meeting called for that purpose, or n
any other way permitted by law.
AtTICLE VII. This charter may be
dissolved with the consent of two-thirds
of the Issued and outstanding capital
stok expressed at a meeting called for
that purpose, or in any way permitted
y law. U'pon the dissolution of the cor
f poration by limitation or otherwise the S
f stokholders shall elect fromnt among their
Snumber one or more liquidators. and fix r
e the terms, conditions and other pr
Son regarding the liquidation as well ti
as the compensation of the liquidators.
. ATICLE VIII. No stockholder hall I
e evr be held liable or responsible for
the contracts or faults of this corpor- ti
d a in any further sum than the n
Spaid balance due this corporation on the a
f shares owned by him, nor shall ay
d ere Informnality in the organization hae t
the efft of rendering this charter null It
Sor of exposing the stockholdiers to any
Sliaility beyond the unpaid balance. h
ATI('LE IX. Wherever notice is re- ci
Squired by law or by this charter, the
same may be given in writing, deliv
e ered in person or sent to the last known n
address, as is prescribed in Article V of s
this charter, and twenty-four hours will di
be sufficient for all purposes, except s
where otherwise prescribed 'by law. Any
and all notices required by law or by
this charter may be waived by unani
mou consent of the Board of Director
or the stockholders, as the case may be n
and such waiver shall be entered on the
Sminutes of the meeting to which they t
I apply. el.
Thus done and passed in my notaral
office in the city of New Orleans. at
of Louisliana, on the date aforesaid, in at
the presence of John Dart and Henry
rady Price, competent witnesses, who a
have hereunto signed their names with a
the said parties, and they have set out se
their addresses and the number of shares i
held by them, and me, Notary, after h
readig of the whole. bt
Original signed: Daniel 3. Gay, In
shares, Biloxi, Miss.; Robert R. Long, an
by D. J. Gay. 83 shares, Atmore, Ala.;
Edward C. Gay, by D. J. Gay, 3 shares
ilox, Miss.; Henry 8. Turner, 1 share
New Orleans, La.; Benjamin W. Dart. m
51 shares. New Orleans, La.; Willoughby co
A. Cox, 33 shares, New Orleans. La.
Witnesses: of
Notary Public.
I hereby certify that this is a true and Is
correct copy of the act of incorporation
of Producers Sales Company, Inc.. pased st
before me on the 27th day of May, 122 co
the original of which Is on file in my pe
ntarial office.
Notary Public. a
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, ev
City of New Orleans. Before me, the fat
undersigned authority, personally, came th
and appeared Daniel J. Gay and Henry o
. Turner. who, being duly sworn by ot
me depose and say: of
That they are two of the original i d
corporators of the Producers Bales Con- a
pan, Inc. That the entire Twenty-five re
Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) capital
stock of said corporation has been asub
scribed for and paid bJ the Incorpor ct
stor of said company as follow: in
Daniel J. Gay, postoffice Biloxi, Miss., l
80 shares, of which he has paid in cash th
for shares. $5.000.00, and has agreed
to pay the balance within one year from
date hereof.
Robert R. Long postoffice rAtmore, Ala the
83 shares, of which he has paid in cash et
for 0 shares, or 1,000.00, and has agreed h
to pay the balance within one year from bo
date hereof.
Edward C. Gay, postoffiee Biloxl, Miss
3 a, for which he has paid Ia cas
He 8. Turner, poatoffice New O
ls a..1 share, for which he has pai
icah 1100.00.
amin W. Dart, postoffiee New Or
ls a.. 51 shares, for which he ha
pi15.100.00 in cash.
W ughby A. Cox, postoffteh New
s, La., 33 shares, for which he ha
pai 0fo shares, 62,000.00 in cash, an
f tebalance he has agreed to pay th
withi one year from date hereo
appearers further declare tha
t as been paid in cash more tha
r cent of the subscribed capita
O nal signed: Daniel J. Gay, Heav
S. urer.
n to and subseribed before ae
, this 27th day of May. 1922.
Notary Public.
ue and correct copy:
-July 6 Notary Public.
CMARlTas orp
tof Loultana, Parish of Orleans
New Orleans. Be it known that
o seventeeath day of April, in the
y e thousand nine hundred and
tn two, before me, WILLIAM WA
E OUNG, a Notary Public, in aad
Parish of Orleans, State of Louis
l uly commissioned and qualified
the presence of the witnesse
rter named and undersigned, per
came ass appeared the severl
whose aames are herenato ash
, all above the full age of ma
who severally declatd that
a themselves of the laws of the
S f Louislana, particularly Act 25
relative to the organisatlon of
ation, they do by these presents
ad bInd themselves, as well as
ther persaons as may hereafter be
csoelated with them, to term sad
ite a corporation for the objeets
rposes and under the artieles aad
aions following, to-wit:
CLB L The name, style and
this corporation shall be ESPE
, INCORPORATED, and ander
me It shall have and enjoy all
h ths, advantages and privilege
by law to corporations, ad
sist for the full term and period
f y-nine years from this date. It
ae power to contract, sme and be
t make and use a corporate seal,
a same to alter and break at
r; to hold, receive, lease, purchase,
convey, as well as mortgage,
t ato and pledge property, real,
s and mixed, corporeal and in
o l; to name and appoint suh
n, directors, oficers, agente and
t ployees as Its Interests and eor
ftal venaience may require, and to make and
re- I establish as $twell as alter and amend,
cast from times to time, such by-laws, rulie
It'd, and regulations a. maay tie necessary
t'd sa ll d expedient for the pro(h or ain ag_
fter n ent and gPover entY of tllye affairs of
lurhased by said corporation. oration. Th a
oh rl sto,.kt hf this i 'r~oajn tr i y b I "
4 la rs ($l.000.000 00,}
a AItTIC'I.E V. All the doicirratle of this
of this c orporat ion is h hrby sll be exn r Citys
ledby a I oard of rlrans State of Louisiating ad
te thre. stoi'khold,.rs, ma ttjorgity of whlomll
thet sall citationstitute a quoru legal for toe tranll
if on of businss.ed upon t he dires it of this
vcorte p erson or, in his abstten ceproxy it
edfavor of another dlrector. The linardl
o-of lirtedtors shall elvet annualily fretm
atamong their numlber a lPresident and
nTreasurer. and a Vi'e- Presidenlt andli
be Secretary-Treasurer. Any two offie
r aay be h,.ld by the susme party.
te ATie TiCLrst Board of obirjectrs shall opur
orsi.t of three stockhohlders, antd shtall It.
te ' omplose of W. (G. .nith. E. P. Michell
or and pos for which this crorath the sid W. es
h Smith as Preshdentt and Treasurer. and
or tal Mihell as Vithe natured of the business
i- Tho e c arried on by it are herof ayid dire
rtors lare as follows: W. G. Smitha general.
Mhihell. usiness, ainncludi all of New Oreeiv
l hleans dl.ig, siig aa.id trasorting
ol Thse dires mercctors shall ndiserve until theall
r-third Tuesday in April. 192.T. or until
t. ir sus essor have bey n duly eletewater.
cts id qualified IV. The annupital meetingock of
nysto('kholders for the ,.lection of diree.
imh thrs cshall be held on tIs herey thired Tuesda
ulin April of each year. unless said day
the sa l egal holidayi and then on the neollars
Itcurring among0) to he dirie Intors by death.
resignation or otherwise shall be filhed yb
an- rcesienteid by Two Ilundred and Fifty
of (ele_)tion fSha rthe unexpired term byf thie Inre
n- ainrelg diretollars. Each sub) eacher heresaid stok
n- setsl al bfter hiss name his postoffr ince ad
lld ress and a statement of the numberi of
S shares of stock which he aerts to take
in theby s corporation. At all elections everyca
l stoc'kholder shall be entitled to one vote
for each share of stock standing in his
Iname on tcke books of this cororatorporatiny be
rhe ib crase t in pe rson or by his written lio
es lproxy. A majorMity of the votes cast shall(
-rn AiTIltLE V. AIn the rraevent of thers
e- liquidation or dissolution of this corprorati-n hall be er-s
aall by a Htaardl of loira-taors. acouisisting of
aithe thre e stockholders shall elect thriawe
ryliquidators from among their number at
lest meetinga constitute aned fo r that purpose
actian of businiess. The dire-tars maoy
bafter fviteIn (15) dr ays' written rnotsy in
se nt to each stockholder dir by mar. to hisr
eslast known address: said liquidators
Sof r-tors shall elhave the authority to wind up the
business and affairs of this corporation.a
In ease of the death of a liquidator. ,he
su nrvivors shall appoint a stockholder as
successor to him.
ARTICLE VII. This charter may be
modIn Treasurer, hanged or alte-Presid, or said
Se-cretary -Treasurer. Anay two officer
becorporation may be hl by dissolved, with theary.
Ital The first okholders owning two-thirdson
of the entire capital stock at a general
mfor ting of three stockholders convened for
ted hat prposel , after Saifteen (15) days'ichel
written notice shall have been given to
or- eah stockholder, wimathled to him at hisW. .
the l ast known adds Presiet s.a Treasurer and
ai ARTI. el VIII. o a-Prsidnriber forad S
fix retary.
vi- Tco etracts, faults or debtsses of said dicr
rel tors arein any further w m Sithan, E. P
Miunpahld balance, i. any, dueall of New Orr
all leanis. I.a.
ation on the stock for whieh he has
ubfor Thse bedire: nctor shall srany stockholder
or- thever be helday Inable for such contractil
in-faults otir sdebts ssa any fbrther sum than
the unpaid bualified. The any, on the stock
iy stockhowned by him: nlders for shall any melecton of dire in
ve tors shaltyl be hela ton have thirde effetsdy
llof rende Aprilg this each yearter nless said dayn
ny lae a legal holiday, said then on the nest
derrbank day thsubserbeafter or stockholder
liable beyond the unpaid amount, if any.
re- mainrring amdue ong the dsrtok.rs by death
ohe resignation or otholder nse shall corporationd yb
vcan eletion fr rl the unestok ownred term by the me
In athis cdiretorso . Eor any psubsart thereto
of sewithout afrst offering the postme aiff writ
In dress and a sothe r st okholders, through
'pthe Boshardes of irestock which htorse agrt tees the book
value, who will have the flret option to
Spur heas the same:At andll eletions everyof
the death of a stockbntitolder, to one vote
hereby reserved to the remaining stork
rh for each spurchase of said stck atnding its theni
oname on te books of the orporativalue.
ARhe to lie cast in person corpo by hration istten
ey proxy. A majority of the votes cast shall
Lr ATICE underV. n the evenlaws of th State
de liquidation or dissolution of this corpuir
in atof Louns theana. and eoers shelally Alct No.three
ry liquidators fromthe among their number atfor
ho a meetlng conve and said for thation purposeand
th after fifteen (15) days' written notice
forut sent to eachr, directors nd stokold-ckholder by mal to his
For Women
cs last known address: said liquidatorsa
"er shall have the authoritye to wind up the
business and affaiedrs of thies corporation.s
. In case of the death of a liquidator ey he
"rle doctorutrted meforabout
tw survivors shall appoint a stockholder asget
.;successor to him.
ARTICLE VII. I had charter may he
modified, changed or altered or said
rt corporation may be dissolved, with the
assent of stockholders owning two-thirds
of the eng tire apital stock at a general
meeting of the stockholders convened for
that purpose, after fifteen (15) days'
heard of
written notice shall have been given toi
"each stockholderd tm o him at hisco
ed last known addrules s all... -
galed my stea sd luea
>n ARTICLE VIII. No snh.scriber for
d stock shall ev er b le wliable for the
2, contracts, faults or debts of said cor
ay poration in any further sum than ~he
unpaid balance, If any, due the corpor
chation on the stock for which be has
n subscribed nor shall ay stockholdert.
a, ever be held liable for such contracts.
Sfaults or debts in any further sum than
Sthe unpaid balance, if any, on the stock
' owned by him: nor shall any mere in
ry formality in organization have the effect
of rendering this charter null, or ren
t- derieg any subscriber or stockholder
a. liable beyond the unpaid amount, if any.
remaining due on his stock.
d No stockholder in this corporation
can ever Seel the stock owned by him
r-in this corporation, or any part thereof.
without first offering the same inwrt
wi-ing to the other stockholders. through
d the Board of Directors, at its then book
d value, who will have the first option to
apurchase the same: and in the event of
the death of a stockholder, the right is
Shereby reserved to the remaining stock
jholders to purchase said stock at its then
a book value.
ARTICLE IX. This corporation Is
of 1914.~ nand the. susciers her~ etofo
il ers. hereby accept, as part of this charter
d. and as conditions of this corporation,
e, all the rights, powers. privileges and
ry itomunities granted to corporations and
s granted to and conferred upon officers,
of directors and stockholders of corpora
tions by said laws and said act; such
ais ,ee etan'e being as full, complete and
,ty inding as if said rights, powers, priy
id ileges and immunities were eact forth at
il length in this Instrument.
is Thus done and passed in my notarial
i office in the ('ity of New Orleans. afore
said. in the presence of George IH. Ter
r riberry and llolger (. Kohnke, competent
l witnesses of lawful age and residing in
Sthis city. who hereunto subscribe their
Snames, together with said parties and
atni me, Notary, on the day and date set
- forth in the eaLtion thereof.
ig Namnes of subscribers omitted)
11 V'it tiesses
(;FO. II TEItltlitERRIY,
f Ilo.;Fit (;. KIlxHNK-F.
Notary Public.
1- I. the undersignedl Reorder of Mort
y gages In and for the Parish of Orleans,
- State of Louislana. do hereby certWy
k that the above and foregoing act of in
corporation of FiEtANZA.. INC.(', was
r this day duly recorded in my office in
book 1"... folio --
Ncew Orleans, t.a., April 9. 1922.
lieputy Rtecorder.
s I hereby certify the a)ove and fore
d going to be a true and correct copy of
f the original ac't of nncerporation of
t SPEitANZA. INV. together with the
certificate of the itecorder of Mortgages,
-on file and of record in my office.
n In faith whereof I hew.unto set my
hand and seal this seventeenth day of
aý April, A. 1). 19"22..
SMay 2 -Jule' Notary Public.
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