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Eatablished May 17. 183.
Mntered at the Postofflce at New Orleans as Second-Class Mail Matter.
When Paid in Advance.
1 Tear ...................................................................*
SMeaths .......................................................................... 1.00
8 Months ............................................................................ 50 1
1 Moeath .............. ................................................ ...........
a le Copy ...................................................... .................
DR. C. V. ERAT ................................................Editeor and Proprietor for
Addas. all commuuieations to DR. C. V. KRAFT. No. 500 Verret Street, New Or- the
kams, La. Phone, Algiers 503,
Subserlbers falling to get THE HERALD regularly, will please notify the business E
managser, No. s5 Verret gest. by
Please seand communalcations for publieation as early as possible, and not later than san
nesday night.
All eommunlcations, such as letters from the people and news notes of balls, lawn
partes, dances and personal mention, will be Inserted in THE HERALD free of charge. cat
oWe commsaletlesn will be received unless signed by the sender. We do not publish bee
er same in connection with the communication unless you so state, but we must ab
le upon having youear nsame as a guarantee of good faith.
m r
THE HERALD may be found at the tonllowing places: to
THE HERALD (Algiers Office), 500 Verret Street. tak
WALLACE NEWS STAND, Corner Canal and Royal Streets
VOL. XXX JUNE 29, 1922 No. 8 in
Historians who study newspapers to learn the habits and customs ofill
peoples say they gain more information from advertisements than from
news accounts, and that the information imparted in advertisements is
more accurate. Advertisements tell their stories without the intrusion of
On 1
Hiatorians who study newspapers to learn the habits and customs of
peoples say they gain more information from advertisements than from
news accounts, and that the information imparted in advertisements is
more accurate. Advertisements tell their stories without the intrusion of
the editorial blue pencil. They show the development in transit, they dis
close the changing conditions of the home, they announce the birth of
scientific discovery and invention, they prove the worth of that which is Si
true and lasting, and unmercifully expose the sham and the fraud. They wide
tell of our varying taste in dress, they show our belief in sanitation, they A. I
disclose our lov6 of sport, describe our work, they mark the change in the mar
status of womanhood and youth, they visualize the moulding of our morals and
and our methods, and present to us humanity from the financier to the Schi
finale hopper. S
The newspaper subscriber who fails to read advertisements misses fami
more than half the value of his favorite publication. Advertising is news
of the highest importance and the most reliable news presented to the TI
people. During the war, when Michael Friedsam, the great New York sei
merchant, was appointed to serve as Fair Price Commissioner by the gov- Tel
ernment, he was asked how the public could be best kept informed as to $220
honesty of prices. His reply was terse and true: "Let them read the A
newspaper advertisements." Mini
Once a barber asked his customer if he wanted a close shave or not. -
Then he set to work and said: "How's the soap?" "Finest I ever tasted,"
spluttered the man in the chair, and the fight was on. Come to think of it,
we can all have the best barber in the world if we want. We can pick the Fl
fellow who won't tweak our noses, a careful chap that won't stick his Mr
thumb in our eyes, who will use just the amount of bayrum we like, powder lean
us off to a nicety, an' turn us out without a kick in the world. We can you
shave ourselves. Good old self is a wonderful bird when you want things erte
.dose right. day
Since the truth is best, we had rather inquire than argue. There is so f
nothing pined in argauing to prove a point after the manner of the district of A
attorneys. Argue to ascertasin the truth. When we present our views it all
should be to draw the other fellow's fire in opposition and from the out- by
come to reach the conclusion of common sense. We gain more when we brot
lose an argument than when we win one, because when we lose we learn Hi
something, while when we win we only add to our vanity, which is always eves
more than sufficient for our own good. Entering into an argument with her
our wits is like going to the grain field with a scythe-a waste of time it tern
we don't gather the grain we seek and need. eter
SPoem Mes
Undle John ye
rve read the old-time fable of the tortoise an' the hare, along with M
other lessons that impressed me; and I have often wondered if the tale Swil
was really on the square, when fast-trottin' fellers tried to best me. -. . lean
I aever craved to linger like the turtle, in the mud .-.. I never tried
to learn the leisure habit-for, a little squirt of ginger, circulatln" through wide
my blood, has made me want to travel with the rabbit ...- The leather
belied turtle makes a nightmare of my dreams . .. I never could admire w
his blasted snappin'. - . - I don't remember cassin' when I yanked him o'clc
from the streams, but sech a thing could very easy happen! I wouldn't wide
give a nickel fer a tub of turtle soup-I wouldn't shin a reptile for a D. •
dollar! In fadt, if I was starvin', I wouldn't give a whoop fer all the two
creepln' varmints in the holler! I never race with nothin' in the gptta- Orle
perchy class, as they did when I was Alled with yeothfal readin'. - - - I've le
got a reputation as a little hard to peas. though I never yet have paid a e
ine for speedin'.
Your Own,
SO C..v.i.t a cpe NOW?
SethNew Orleas ILisk & Tracties Co. i*
MBMilg Aves AI~amnm, 5.& PhemeAgs es t & sAB m
!° W YOUS PSeORve-lasYeoe PWetD e W th.
•I'R TOtl IM C-at : Immuroes Sales lrtit one
1'Og Cae uth &i heekaps NOs.PWee mee
,m ~k mm ,,*1., N.- p mu q mud
ST -  t
p like
0 Friday-This is the last day of I thi
A skool for witch I am Dooly great- I ren
. full. We have got wunder full plans .Mo
or for are ball team this season unless noose
to much Garden wirk interfears with has I
r" the a fishency of are men and etc. U. SI
Enny how I maniged to Pass and he ri
by it Saved myself a lot of Unples- wood
is santness in my Home life. 6 per
Saturday-Jake & me found a ded Tue
p, cat witch had been hit by a ottomo- tipes
beel and we went in and told his ma kind
about it and she sed she gees it was the k
mrs Donavans ole cat. She told Jake We
to make sure it was ded and then ing t
take and berry him. So Jake hit her sent
on the hed with the shuvvel to make father
sure it was ded and we berried her ack t
8 in the shade of a weeping whippoor Tht
willow tree. has c
I Sunday-Jane has been very down
frendly towards me here of lately. ought
Only today she sed she had a ideel she t
and I sed what is it. She sed she him
liked a man witch was brave and
strong and good looking and has
Civil District Court.
Is Succession of Elizabeth -Burgess. I
ey widow by first marriage of Gustave I
By A. Lorschaen, and widow by second
be marriage of Geo. Adolph Lorschaen, I
Lis and wife by third marriage of Edward
he Schmitt; will-W. J. Hennessey. !
Succession of Mrs. Charles Homer I
Herbert; petition to homologate
es family meeting.
is Writs.
be Thos. J. Rooney v. David Coleman,
rk seizure of used Ford car, and lot, I
,vf Teche, Nunes, Socrates and Ptolemy, 1
to $220-Sheriff.
e Anthony Catanase, owner; John I
Mineo, contractor; 2-story apartment I
building. 615 and 617 Dauphine.
$8860; (contractor own surety)-Drey- I
e FIGAROLA-The many friends of
s Mr. and Mrs. J. Figarola regret to
er learn of the death of their beautiful
im young daughter Antoinette, age sev
6s erteen years. She passed away Tues
day evening, June 16.
Her death was a severe shock to
her poor mother, who has been fli
for a long time and whom she nursed
is so faithfully. Deceased was a native
ct of Algiers, she was of a quiet and
it loving disposition, and was loved by
all who knew her. She is survived
by her father and mother, two
re brothers and three sisters.
rn. Her funeral took place Sunday
Is evening at 3 p. in., from the home of
th her parents, 404 Diana street. In
It terment being St. Bartholomew Cem
etery. Rev. Father, Cotter officiated.
The pall bearers were as follows,
the Misses Nellie Newman, Anna
Newman, Alma Lucas, Irma Hotard,
Pearl Palisl, Hildreth Hotard,
Messrs. Louis Bourgeois, James Fink,
Joseph Rodgues. Madin Bourgeois,
Joseph Ballotta, Milton Lingoni.
KUMPFERT-John F. Kumpfert, 58
years old, former deputy collector of
internal revenue, of 4300 South Tonti
street, was buried Friday afternoon
in the Masonic Cemetery. The
funeral services were held at the
Scottish Rite Cathedral.
th Mr. Kumpfert was born in Zurich,
le Switzerland and came to New Or
. leans twenty-eight years ago.
Mr. Kumpfert is survived by his
widow and two daughters. He was
a member of Sts. John Lodge No. 153,
PC F. & A. M.
r WALSH-On Tuesday at 5:40
m o'clock a. m, Marie Louise Lambon,
I't widow of Daniel Bals and Richard
a D. Walsh, died at the age of sixty
ie two years. She was a native of New
a- Orleans. The funeral took place Wed
nesday at 10 o'clock a. m., from the
late residence of the deceased, 1420
Pelican avenue. Interment was in
St. Vincent de Paul Cemetery.
Those who view Douglas Falr.
banks' latest United Artists Produc
tion, "The Three Musketeers," will
_ be given a film tour of Paris as it
was in the early Seventeenth Century;
of the palace of King Lous XIH; of
Buckingham Palace and several an
cient and picturesque continental
To meet the requirements of this
story, three acres of exterior sets and
one acre of interiors were built, all
duplicated from ancient engravings of
historical buildings of that time.
"All told," said Robert Fairbanks,
production manager and brother of
the famous Doug, "we built 3T in.
teriors and 40 exteriors, every one of
them costig at least three times as
much as any other set ever construct
ed on the Farbanks' lot."
It Is believed by the management of
- the PFolly Theatre, where this
stapendous film spectacle will be
shown July 14 and 15, that "The
Three Musketeers" will not oly rep
resent a overwhelmtna photoraphic
drama, but that it will also aSord a
eld. opportun aty to review the early
hbitary of Franee.
No more vid tmpresi coud
posibl beg lvi o the ate ao Pai,
or af the t asIt streets and plateo
s beIlI or th elt them tat
seegrapel s t smensa wherein Va..
r as- e tianes mtem eus slh
ie a semis mbs i t ams
, got lots of character and ambishun
like Wallis Reed or gen. Pershing.
of I I think she was hinting at me. but
eat- I remaned quiet. T
ans .Monday-Pa was reading in the Ju
ess noosepaper that John R. Rockfelow
'ith has got 7 $ for evry Person in the
*tc. U. States. So I sugested to Pa that
nd he rite to him for are share witch
les- wood amt. to 21$ with interest at
6 per cts.
ed Tuesday-Ma says they ar e 2
no- tipes of girls now days. 1 is the
ma kind you can look up to and 1 is
ras the kind you look around at.
Lke Wednesday-we all went a swim
en ing this evning. Pa says he dus
ter sent beleave in that old saying Like
ke father like Son. since he seen me
mer ack the fool in the water tonite.
or Thursday-a nother new baby
has come to town and ma tuk me C
try down to see it. She sed we shud ins
ly. ought to take her sum thing. So ser
tel she tuk sum Beauty pins and I tuk dei
he him a hunk of Lickerish.
nd Yours truly,
Real Estate Transfers.
Calogero Raviotto to Rosario Tal
luto, lot, Seguin, Eliza, Alix and
Bouny; and 2 lots. Touro, Galves,
Bourbon and Johnson, $4000 cash
Frank W. Lahusen to Union Home
stead Association. 6 lots, Webster,
Newton, Wagner and Diana, $7000
Purchaser to vendor same prop
erty. $7000 terms---Gurley.
Domenico Sanzone to Lena Bon
marito, half interest, lot, Elmira,
Pacific, Opelousas and Slidell (dation
en palement for $1200)-Herts.
Fortunato Russo to Jackson Build
ing Association, lot, Opelousas, Nunes,
Slidell and Teche, $1000 cash-Legler.
Wm. T. Jay to Secruity Building
and Loan Association, portion, Gal
vez, Miro, Gen. Pershing and Milan,
$3000 cash.
Purchaser to John L. Cunningham,
Jr., same property, $1500 tearms
Lionel M. Ricau to Felix J. Puig,
3 lots, Whitney, Alix, Eliza and other
property, $563 cash-Hennessey.
John P. Saddler, to Third District
Building Association, 2 lots, Nelson,
Socrates, Lawrence and other prop
erty, $2400 cash.
Purchaser to Andrew T. Bowers,
same property, $1600 terms-Weg
If you or your family are in need of good Shoes, Underwear, Dresses,
*orking Clothes or anything else don't miss this pileoo slashing op
portunity for never before or not so soon again will you be able to
get such first class merchandise as we are always known to carry
at such prices. It will pay you to walk dowry here and see for your.
self what your DOLLAR can buy at
M. BODENGERS, 301 Seguin at.
Beginning Friday, June 30, 1922, Up To and Including July 15.
Every pair must go regardless the price. Fresh, clean, never handled
before, come direct from manufacturer. They come in brown,
black, vici, patent and kid. To be had in all sizes.
Brown and Black Kid, 3-strap lip- Men's Fine Madras Top Shirts. fat
per., with military heel; regular color.,: regular price 1.50. go ut..1.A0
.00, go t ...................... Men's White Handkerchiefs. good qual
Black and Brown. one-strap flapper Ity; regular price lc. go at.......4e
shoe; regular 4.0,. go at........ga.s Men'. Red and Blue Handkerchiefs:
Same as above, In Patent leather, with regular price 1Oc. go at............
rubber heel; regular 4.50, go at. 4.e Men's good qanlity socks; regular
Patent Leather sally Pumps, rubber price lt. go at ................... .f
heel; regular 5.00, go at......... s Men's Silk Lisle Socks. in cord, black,
Brown and Black Kid strap shoes, brown, white; regular price 29c. go
swede trimmings; regular 7.00, go at ........... ..............1....li
at .............................. Mena's Higly Mererised Hose. best
Brown or Black strap slipper, military quality; all colors; regular 50c. go
heel; regular 5.00, go at........ s c at ........ .............u
Patent 3-strap. flat rubber heel, solid Three pair for one dollar.
leather; regular 5.00. go at...... s.4 Men's Fine 8ilk Socks, satin stripes,
White Canvass Flapper, with buckel; navy, black brown white; regular
regular 2.00, go at .......... 75c. go at ......................e
Old Ladles' Comfort Oxford; regular Men's Fine lisle 8ocks brown and
3.50. go at ......................s. black: regular 25e. go at.......... ie
Black and Brown strap slipper, two Men's ' alnsook Union Suits. Elastlc
buttons; regular 4.00. go at...... gW back; cheap at 1.00, go at........ ge
Cbhldren"a Patent Leether straps, two FOR LADIES.
buttons. 111-2 to 2; regular 3.50, go Ladles' Pine Vests. taped neck; regu
at .................. ....... lar 20c. o t ....................
One lot of Ladies' Louis heel, kid or Ladies' high grade Vests with shulder
patent sample shoes; regular .00, straps; regular 5c. go at........ti
go at ............................ Ladies' good Percale Bungalor aprons
One lot of children's black easy we made; regular 1.25, go at.... e
walkers; regular 1.00, go at ..... Ladies' Muslin Nigtgoawns; em
hblte ('Invas shoes, in baby Louis broidery trimmed; regular 1.56, go
or flat heel; regpulr 3.0. go at..t.e at ........................... s
'te lines shoes, one and two straps 40-inch Orgadle; il eolora ; regular
baby Louis heel; regular 6.00. go .0c. go at. per yard ............
at ... ............................. Ladles' Black tckl well fnlahed;
Ladles' Boudoir suppers, best kid with regular 1 r. go at .................fa
pompon; regular 2.00, go at ....1.4 Ladies' 8ilk Hose, black and brown.
Ladle' flats, brow, all leather; r - three seam bck; regular Ic go at e
hr 3.00, go at ................L Lad es' Pure Thread Silk Hrse. semi.
Children's Patent Leother Slippers, fashioned regl re ., go at...se,
isie 4 tog; regular 2.0, go at .... 5 Ladiesa Handkerchiefs, po-inch hem;
SPECIAL regular , go t .............
Dark and light colored oil cloth, best Ladies' Knintted Union Suits, regular
quality, regular 4e. go Uat, per sad large aes; regu lar ic, go at.So
peard .......... ..........if Fine Imported Dinmity, in mll and
Shelf Oil Cloth, pretty patterns; regu- large checs Mnd stripes; regular
ar 1.. go at. per yard ........... b Per yard, go at..............
Men's FPine Umbrella's, good quality; Fine lercerised Madras. stripes and
regular price $2.10, go at .......e small fAures, regular 50c. go at,
J. P. Coats Thread, per desea ......e .................
Ton III .Big assortment of OGinrham, o"
Beetquality pia-e MkeN quality; stripes, .........
Bnest q wueaty pn-checked pasta, good regular price Mc. go at .. . e
tor ot weather; regular 1.75, go Our best 2-ineh Gingham, In pretty
at ......................... c plaids; guaranteed fast
Best U. S. Khaki pasts, fast colors; colors; regular price c, go at per
regular 1.75, goat ............ yard ..............e
Best 2-20 white beck denum Ovenralls,' Imperial Chambrays, silk nish, fast
tripple stitching regular Lt5, go color i pretty check and stripes;
at .......................... 1.U e' . 4 t ..1........
Best Denim Pants; regular 1.50. go .nch B oed att...; .......
at ..... fn .......................l soft Iiush; rnlnlar , a at t, per
Men's flee Athletic Underhirts; Ir yard........ goatper
quality;e regular c, go at. lch. Blachy.d Cotten; heavy qual
Men's high grade piested jumper, three ity; regular t. go at, per yard...leo
pocLet; regoulr .2 po at...... ,e h·C Unbleache Cotton. goodqual
Blue Wrking 81krt, well made; rrestgu - Et ; rsLu br go t. y
r 1.0, o at ....................e _; rc r 1 a. at per red..
Best Chatmbray working shirts; p 0- o n . . ..14
.-o. goat ...i.................... Perile fat eolovrs; light and dark
Men's Naae Shirts ad Drawers, patterns; regular e. go at per
well nmade; lreIar 0c. at... .s yar ............. ...........
Men's fie BaIbrlia Shirts and Mattres Ticking, heavy uanlity. -
drawe, bog and sheet sseee; lar e. go at, p er r.........
ale length; regu me. go at..e Guaramnteed feather pro Ticking; ht
Men's Fne Grade Top Shirts silnk quality; regular 4e. go at, per
stripes; regular 0, go ut...... 1 ,yard ........ ................Me
On asesont of shert pe iand time to dislpse of thie steek, we
have sahd the p es lt an righ. Sreok wnls of Men's.
W-omi s and Chlirenee WeMi ApWML eeh Shirt Waists,
Skirts PeleMs Hosle, Undewemsr, st.; all kinds of piee geds
mues a/ Oingams, Pepins, Dmity, Madras, es.; Mes Dres Shirts,
Cellars, Notles, oesery, Jumwe r Und m wer.
als I~1S )U4 'OOU1
The Kell-O-Sweets of Gretna de
feated the Algiers Stars at Gretna
Amusement Park, Sunday morning,
the score being 6 to 0. J. and L.
Sisung formed the Sweet's battery,
while Leonard, Fasullo and Rhodes
were on the points for the Stars.
n -
The first Basilarchia party ever
given in Algiers, will be held Friday,
June 30, at 324 Bermuda street. Ad
mission will be 5 cents.
Suecessful for 1 Tyears
2est d Remedies for Worms gad
Idlltgetleo for Dogs
B Manufasturers and Proprietors
1lts Careadelet Street
Pheae Mats 14s8
Tops Made New By Using
inside and outside system. Pre
serves and stops leaks. Call for
demonstrations and see samples.
Appointments by request.
Factory Office and Salesroom
1109 Lafayette Phone Main 3219
Hortman Sells
Good Lumber
and Protects It.
Lumber stacked in the open has
already taken twice the amount
of depreciation than it would had
it been the same length of time in
a building already constructed.
It blues, checks and warps and tl
does not give good service. That
is the reason Hortman has the
largest storage sheds for lumber
every thought of in New Orleans 2
before Hortman built them. Hort
man sells only GOOD Long Leaf
Lumber; takes care of his stock
and prices as low as good material
can be sold.
Get our catalog and price list.
Company, Inc.
3800 Tl..e Ave.
oLVU 5s1 GALVa isms
708 CoanU Street
auM MAIN 2362R
E , I WLE tE 111$ IO n ersit p s-Y
Foto's Folly Theatr
St'I Y, JI'LY tad.--Wallne Rid in Th rhII . ioam
"Stra ht Fr.om the Farm" Fx N,.n I. o
M ?I .) i ", JI L i 3Sed- Pete Mu orris,.u in " 'r .. i rn T r;, b'"
TI't Dl)AI'. JILY 4th-.$in cial 4'i.t in "Th1 r l.i 4., ;ho+t." Plt C ,
WEDNE DIIAY, JCI.Y L h -b-Franklyn F Iurr. tji "nWh,.n East Ce. .
Rtland in "Whit.. Eagi'." I 'ro. Co"VI.
THI'R D)Ai. JtLY Sth-- peci.l ':i.t if I I. . " Fll x Ny e.
l 'IIA1 AN) SATUrRI)A. JLLY It and Nth--': ll:,. Reid sK 14
il "Forver.," l'athe Ieview.
Deers Open Suadays. 5:30 p. ... Pictures Begrin *:0I p.
Delner Open Week l)ays. 6:30 p. m.. PatI
Patrens cming Inas as 8:45 p. m. will see  a 
This is clearance month. All used Pianos. Player
Grands must go. See our bargains in
Before you buy anywhere, look at these famoUl
pianos: Mason & Hamlin, Conover, Cable, Kllle
Reproducing Pianos. A. B. Chase, Hi
Kohler & Campbell, Euphonia Inner mm
Beautiful Furs sold on our select club plan. Nine amotaly y
to pay. We are expert Furriers and our prices are at whobleg tb
Furs remodelled, lined and cleaned. Raw furs tarsei al ao
into ready-to-wear.
200 DECATUR ST. New lens. Le Ia
To anr the Vale of a .1gW.
A SavIngs acoeeut wal l emo se hIm • the d o I
Let us talk with him persoagy.
Algiers Trust and Savings B ,
where Iced Dainties are servle 1
are in the larger city foumnm
'~.' R t able chairs and tables. OW fit
to none. We ae c sterlng to bhe
with the best goods.
The Home Driug li
Verret and Ali Str. Pbha i
-na us as-wI .
Ie Manufactured from Pure Distilled WJ.r
216-16-20-22 Homer St. Phin
blWe dtles 6 i
prosidet r a
wtIs the w the e bsdl t6
-r i .m..e,
--T R Y --- s"
absPseRTe R Is as edmU atI "..
.Ifw lrf R, lr
Soutiher, jg
W1. L. GQA
' mdi.3ng Go wsm $r l r.17
1114 I'nfirrmalt. ks

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