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Church Notices
Sunday Sectrc.i-Sunday 45 a m
Pr.ac.Lt-Stnday 11 rm azd 730
D. n.
S Y P. .. J.nior and Seansr-S.:
dad 'eer rg 20 at K of Y Ha'
r-ayer MeetLr.g-Wednesday 7 .5
m. at Paestore tmc. te Verret t.
Teret ad kAlt Sts.
Rev. .- A. Cotmer. Parlsh Pr;iest e.
J. Gaa. Bev. H. P. McGrath sad lee
L Barea assasanta
Phbae A aseS
WesL Days--Mase. I.,30 and m .
Wedaime -4 30.
Saday-a e 30. 7.30. satd 1
Oeiousas Ave.
.e. C. C Wier. p .t; resadesa r
Owtw St Phee Alirs tmI
assday chtoo0-br.a
Smaday-11 am a. and 7.30 p. m.
Wednesday Fraser Meetiang-7 31 p. a.
Ptcatr Ae . at: OlGrir i?
ev S L. Va.. Act.ng P'r.st . ,-Liarr
Ptcnt --'f.e Ja ~ . ;::
Reaaeet. Jalk3on -: 
bcLday. 1 Y . '. vILLLI :.L
It 4s a n LLca' ý N L
7.a p. a L%-Lag l a.' .:...
!RUaIM ll g MApaL0.aU. LlthrLAY .
Cmrar COeir aLC EL"za ta
ewv. W. H. Hafer Lem a,. ..;V;rIr at
Phone Ai-rm 246.
mbaday-- , a m
ISsdmy School-, 30 a. m
Thureday-7 .t p r.
FPLst Charth oe ChriM SuatL am brad
st the Nether Churkch I BItes. at4See
astrlle Avenue and Oerfmd srest hS
day ierriew at 11 L m.
Sunday cbRool at . 30 a. .
Wednesday e etUag mervoe t a p. .
Teche street
ev. James P. Abert 8. J. PasteR
Masser Suaday and Holy Days. 4-Q0 and
59-. Bunday boel after 9 00 mam
Daptiam. Sunday. 4 p. m. Sunday night
Der-Irc. 7 30 pm Boly Beer Thursday.
7T-S . a. Week IDay Massm. 3 a ma.
Coafeeslean Saturday. afterason sad
Methodist Church Notes
nev. C .C. Wier. Facter. Raldeace
3e Olivier, Pime Alga 1.
Last Sunday was one of much in
terest. though some of our people
are out of town. The men's choir
had their usual good music, which.
ia addition to two anthems. Mr. Roy
Nash sang a beautiful solo. One of
the special features of the morning
service was the presentation of a
set ao collection plates by the Board
Of Stewards, through the chairman.
Captain C. J. Zatarain. They were
received by the pastor. These plates
have a sentimental as well as a real
value, as they were made from some
of the material from the old pipe
organ that was wrecked when the
l church was destroyed by the
storm in 1915.
At night Mipabh choir had good
muit. consisting O two anthems
sad a pretty solo by Mrs. Jessie
- m ers. The night sermon was
preached by Dr. E. N. Evans. He
had a good meesaev that was highly
Saturday aight. July 1, 1122, at
the orne of the bride's parets. Mr.
sad Mrs Lee Moare, 226 Lavergae
street. Mr. Louis Pape of New Yor
Cyand Miss Thelma Monroe were
mited La marriage. the Rev. C. C.
Wier estdatiug. There were only
the hmerlnte faml sad a few'
theas preseat. Mr. Pap Is one of
the ea eers of the Morgan steam
A* line that pises the waters be.
teen hben ad New Trk City. who
hia bhe so fetmte to win one
See gidr. Mr. sad Mrs. Pae will'
eMe at W4 Ueae street.
Er. alm Ceette. uho was so
ly r tm r t p ha to a tra wreck
- the L & N. some weeks ago. Is
l ir rsw be sad has - to
Mf. C.lals to reuamerte. Hef
aa a raad by rs Omigate W l
m M at. EM Peaul. sa by
M thw ad maether. M sad Mrs.
Misses Mmr an Catherine
m m have ustermed home
ater t weeks' vi to the Olame
m tt h m ek h Umdy ah I
lth thesde hn jl nims- .1
Mrse A. l- Is puideat a .me
se a a M la D ad o h ate
h. The tue kugea mat at
sn~l ement bem seeum Kern I
-s es me sesam a arty
m ee m week oa make
- we e a imps
amet t he- s .
u. does gave at
wn a W r asFl hth
r esme we
- gm - as e o m.-..
r AO - a the WT
* S esm - A at U a. a.
- mee -g
Sn es hoes s s ad
e ete. as 1. am dom o
ad . m as as gesteEs
r e -m
eee M eg - who hew,
s me ashe ap ma t k e
[email protected] ll
&ig alif male
" Gr:- e Egzett of Fresno, Rc
Ca':-:.a. has etr- d ::ared the fol
V: -e-,a :r.tr..ec a s$. ~ , 2r ze tu
" cr! t.: usand g.r:s ccr .;e:c-tef e Th
C t1.0 .'. e a day. :M c rai l:v
.:s. a;:d has ncrc tbe:fn In love.
sj co merdrro b sure and at:- .T.
tcrd. Do
h'be mon:hly business meeting was
Le:o Monday night after which an en- Si
_.oyable social was held and every 4Ni
one had a delightful time. )
Trinity Evangelical r
Lutheran Church a
Omner Olivier sad Eli l - et*, 1e
W. BHaer,' Pr.s I
The attendance at Sunday a ser str
vice was much improved over the Oh
attendance of the Sunday before.
It is an encouragement to every one Es:
present to see a well attended ser
vice, and especially to the pastor. Sp'
But that is not the most important Ka
thing to consider. The important
thing is that the word of God is
preached to those who are present.
and that they who are absent de- !
prive themselves of this blessing ia
which God has intended for all. Do:
you remember the empty encases
ofered by those who were tainvited H
to the great sapper? All these ex- are
cases were miserable evasloas. Thasthe
people today Invest all manner of wil
miserable evasions and poor ex- C·
cases for not coming to the Gospel ten
feast in church. The true reasn in! a
most instances is they do not care ber
enough for Christ and his saving ho
means If you are despising the
Gospel preaching. remember this:
STog can ezcase yourself Into hell
with your rain and empty excuases e
for not hearing God's word. but you I
cannot excuse yarself nto heaven."
be pastor wold cid ~r at
par-shiomer a the lard's saylg: s
S'leesed are they that hear the
word od God sad keep it."
The atteadsace at Snay school o
is stWH Ickiag the propr tpress
thia thir chldrea se regular at
tmdaats at Suday schr d 1
ThIs ce S uday the Bethl 
hae ophan asylum fettrll vll be Mr'.
bsorved Ia the .ini usmor. The
ladies are eatde as volusteers eat
ar c gas to help wait
- the tabes.. re invelepeas edu
the orphan asyal cmtru etion may -
be sataume lathe chach or at the a
testival Suamy aftermom. Do't
fail to th t anae od ya hrch 1
a- ar y nelepe Jo
Crwc of the Hal7Y
Nam ofh Mr
Damis Pary danghtor ad Raymemi s
P. Currin and mar7 bus a m a
ad 435 Paca woems. Spinners I
4 '1
Th. u&*k wW i *emhed _
b~~~- iu t,
s ..
Just as 'e xwas : ee evic:ed from
I h:sr :sra, .e New Yo k home.
A;.:red F;ge: won the Prix de
a, Rome. w:h nreaL s $r ,:,3 a year
,e for three rears. free res -.ce in the
, Aca;eyr of Arts. and_ an op;or.
1 tun:ty to rae' wu::: cxpense.
e The great a ;.as .- a -'_ to
at- Jo n V C:eme,: and Mrs. C. J.
as Samue: Nikhoas Edward. son of
-n- Sam Tranchina and Legia Butler of
ry 41. Seguin street. Sponsors. Louis
I)Deonce and Ethel Seira.
Doris Rita Mary. daughter of Har
ry Gui lot and Etmily Daigle of 72
Diana street. Sponsors. Gaston
Daigle and Flavia Guilot.
Dorothy Rita. daughter of Thos.
rVergona and Seraphine Williams of
424 Eliza Street. Sponsors Alfred
and Alma Williams.
Harold Edward. son of Harold E
Brown and Emily Fink of 2. Homer
r street Sponsors Delle and May
be Ohlmeyer.
e- Wayne Damon Matthew son of
ne Earl Matthew Sutherland and Leah
tr-R. Boudreaux of 233 Slidell arenue.
r- Sponsors. Frank J. DeMont and Mary
nt Knobloch.
Snuset Lodge 10S. Ladies Auxil
lary to the Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen, will hold its regular
e imeeting Thursday. Jaly . at Pythias
eeiHall. at 2:30 p. m. All members
* are asked to be present. As it is
the rest meeting of the month. 1t
of will be a social meeting. Visiting
-;sisters are cordially Iavited to at
el tend. Beautiful prizes will be
awarded the winners. So all mem
Ib hers come to the meeting and take
home a prize with you. and also
enjoy a pleasant evening.
All members who attend these
meetings are not only helping the
ledge to be a saocess. but are hel
.ta tbemselves by spenditn a pleas.
at revemtlg. instead of sitting
'at a he. So come to the meeting
gad hare a good time.
Come one! Come all! I's all
go where we will have a good time.
The a live Club ve a water
meloe iarty las Satuay a t .
hMr. aeby's lot at the orner of
Su and  lra av e. The lot
was Eaumistde with electric a .k
fsr the ocemsiem. Dueaug was Ia
dualg·td a. and the watarmel.
at mad served to tlhme p lse l A
Ie d time was had by a who at
a Thos pmret were: Mie A..
o. Lu Umac . Lamu.. A. Feller. 1
a sbasby. V. Casers . . am .
leeb. l R a"s Co B'ak. Erk
s. A. Mai. e . Jobism, C. Iags.
D. Permms. Kl, . ergers wMt
dames a . ma. U . JakuaIse
mj and Mr. s Mrs. S. L Saleby ad
mt may arthera
Ssahe w m. at the ,m ,
iri. . ba e a Patteras stat by
EMis Velms br ad Theim
C0 . a homor oa Wmh Caurse
bo- lager who wedia to Mr
bSam T. Ucua rrr was eslebratu
Wedmashy at the Dvaugubal lamth
ea Church at 7:3 o'elok.
The hddr elet was tadmed supro isd
whem. a ab asce s the ataht, she
esiasm atele S received with
delight may besmstel mad amolf
Mfromr her may tr·ems R
beebmomes wer served san d anig
iadalgs tl a lte hir. b
Theme prgest were: Whom Vdm
aerr. Thesme 0me., Il am d
xum webr. CabrIe bau uger.
laos wan mWlhs and ama
*Wd. mariatta Spre Ida Tel
I** Resman . O
DbhoM namm . rYass and Ul aw
eme h Mexahema and laWS
Uurn wm n Umim Nemman,
mamma hule h. 3. WSme . L
Pbummaho A. Imhesm. K. atm rd.
a a man
M. F. Kerr. of t-5 Oivrier street.
carman for the Southern Pacific. em
ployed at the Harahan shops. is the
man in Touro Infrmary. He is said
to have been struck on the head u;tt
a scantling and rendered un:-ons'::us
lust as he stepprd of sn yrie."s
Ktnter car at Hagh a : E £ e
La}- eening to g": thi acork. HF.
a;lýanls a:. ;.c areTC leaving irr
-i- s.b.e : n. :i rud He. was rushed
: E. :t T ri " L .T:.. . -.-. l: is tb .le t e 
-e a..":L. L .:i: i.-: H. Eddr:, :
:t - ..t: l.e .n P a -.. t, .l .:; r .,a d re ,.rt
- ". ]i - rr _ r. ,eý r .- e
;lz arT...v 'Aar v.--::-v r..-- our
T- L.:. e -C... ..: : r-cgu.ar
..I,:g a d: :a . of M.ss E;:th
I . : 1 7'r .Mart . R-yan. was
Z:Z- c. las: Fday night.
.J a V. a :ht. t ,.r of Mitss E .A;tt
.T~b~e: k t b r P:;. S :ss Le- ;:y
T- h ": nants "o :" , br.t- w r-.
M:ss .Varyrie Blak,-man. =aid of
h-no r..;ss-s (,:'.J L.oBlan and Mar
ta Paul: as bndesr.aIds. Max Ber
g-rs as r:ng bea-rer. Miss-s Ama Fel
wc-rs and Ed:th Daig: as !iower girls.
Mr. Ber: Holman as bes: man Mr
Wiille Erickson. and Mr C:ement
I:a as grx msman.
The br:de was prettily gowned in
a white Le: dress and wore a wreath
of ,range blossoms in her hair with
a I,,ng trailing veil The bridal bou
quet consisted of spring flowers and
asparagus fern which was prettily 1
arranged Miss Majorie Blakeman
. as gwned in a shrimp colored org
at die and wore a wreath of flowers
in hcr hair. Miss Ollie LeBlanc wore
a white organdie with a wreath of
fowers in her hair Miss Martha
Ponti was gowned in a pink net dress
and wore a picture hat which matched
her dress The maid of honor. and
the two bridesmaids each carried bon
quets of spring flowers arranged
with asparagus fern.
Miss Alma Fellers one of the
flower girls wore a pink net dress.
Miss Edith Daigle the other flower
girl wore a blue net dress. They
both carried a basket of daisies.
The ring bearer. Little Max Ber
gers carried a satin pillow which
held the two rings of happiness.,
After the marriage ceremony the
bride and groom was showered with
Inter on in the evening the bride
and groom and her bridal party slyly
s: ale away and had a ride around Al
tiers in the automobile of one of the
m.mbers. Upon the return of the
bridal party. dancing was indulged
In. refreshments were served in
abundance and a good time was had
by al who attended.
Those who helped to make the
"Mock Weddng" sucmh a bulge se
cess were Misses O. LeBlanc. Blake
man. Ponti. Johnson. Daigle. Fellers.
K. Choate. V. Caflero. M. Sarbeck. I.
Andree. a. Lanaux. F.Foret. L Chau
in. L Lauland. . Iauland. a HIMh
brand. Messrs. M. Ryan. B. HoEman
C. Balk. J. Johnaon. C. lange W.
Ericka A. Marvni . J. Mayes. S.
Kig. C. GtL P. Saleeby. W. Johd
son. K. Saloeby. A. Baker. L. Pern
andes. S. Boaws. C. BRrreis. B. I
Bla. Masam Joae Disge sadL
mar others.
The ne't thais to be stged by
the Clab whkh we hope wll prove
to be a secess aure a wateirua oo
-at sadl a tie !tr.t
On luM Frihday aldt Mr. ad Mrs.
j. L. Saletby estertajaed a crowd
so Ir, ag las at ther home Ia
Elmts avese a heaor ef their -
uPh'p's twendtl.h Irthday. The
bhourse was demated with Tae g
oors. He received man7 pretty
pre+a~ets t his idreds. eReeh
semes were srved In alm3dsaee
iwere: . i Joas. 5 sb...
-ma. 0. IA mane. .. aerbeck. 3.
nx. A. Iulrs V. C rr, 8.
a m . ? m. el 3 . e . I
:J Insm. 8. pend. . Vamiseen. I
*,* -a L & te.M. Yestm. xCeers. 1
G H1r . S le Ir . . 8 a s. Cm s.l
W m.rkaa . erger A. Mantin
'Sa3M. Mceha e. McDed.
. . n e c. TrhATER
afletar cast: With Stanley
Afrlca." eors wash; whofs Ne*
Tat mSeres" Dgl Fletcher
b3 ay. Jul S---"User Crtras
lesm" 3m ·eoan; "A Delayl s
Werth." Harry Sweet; ntrarnat I
Tmeesay. Jty 1--hne Geettes
is. Oumrs u Waken;: ml stLa
rack" o.' 3miamein: Lens. Netsm
aewl sDemm aeems es rs
high amaog a lr s -e ss
gnes tm o athet thst eah a
be atm ,- every ml Am
an a~." lrn -, .
5d r11·L~ r-y
-- -a . Sl
Sonds Death Knell of the Hookworm
Dr. Maurice C.
Ha:l of the Depart
ment of Agrict::tre.
after rr.ay en;en
rne.:s has discovered
that the hookworm
can be k:::ed in the
lower anr.als iby
carbon tetrachloride
He will soon be in a
posi::on to announce
the method cf treat
ment that wirl rid
human beings of the
he a lth - destro-g
parasite which has
been so prevalent in
the cotntry. The dis
covery is regarded as
one of the highest
cians £gure that the
e!imination of the
bookworm will m
crease the prosperity
and productivity of
the South tremen
Avv C4.
The doctr.ne of forest preservation
is no oew doctr. e Th. Loianai
Legis:atire in Act No. 232. ofi -. pr
Tided tha: a landowner co id c i.ea as
da&mages from anyone se::.-g fre to
h- land. and des:roy:ng sap.::gs asd
yo.ng tree gowth. the cost: of artif.
ucsly p.a,:tig and c.:;tva::rg such
growth to the po::: o deve:o;.:er: at
the :me of fire. Ab~ut f:ve :tusa:i
years b'fore th:s eracrmet. Moses.
the Hebrew law-gver. enac:ed ,Exe
dus rx:i 4 'If a fire break out and
ca:ch In thorns. so that stcks of corn.
or the stand:ng corn, or the ftld be
corsumed th.rew:th; he t:a: k:tkded
the fire sha]t sure'y make rest::rtion"
The disastrous effect of forest fires
is gra; :ca~ly shown n Joel. chapter
L1 verses ;S. 19 and 20.
"How do the beasts roan the herds
of cattle are per-lezed. because they
have no pas::re. yea, the frocks of
sheep are made desolate
"'0 Lord. jo Thee wrll I cry for the
fire hath devoured the pastures of the
wilderness, and the flame hath burred
all the trees of the feld.
"The beasts at the field also cry
unto Thee: For the rivers of water
are dried up. and the fire hath d-vo'r
ed the pastures of the wilderness."
'The rivers are dried up." Some emo
built a tire ia the woods durig a
The vreagesee of the Lord upon a
stiff-necked and rebellious people at
times took the form at destruction of
their forests Consult hdekid az: 7.,
41. 44 and 47 verses:
And I wic ease re uto pass uads
the rod. " " .
" *" * sa ye shall loathe you
selves in your own sight for all the
ewis that ye have committed.
Son of osa. set thy face toward
the south. sand drop thy word toward
the south. and prophesy aghast the
orest of the south fiead;
"And ay to th the rest of the south.
Hear the word of the Lord; Thus
saith the laord God. Behold. I will kia
dle a fithre thee. and It shall devour
every green tree L thee sad every
ry tree: the fiamik flame shall mam
be gasoched sad all faces tram the
south to the nerth shall be burned
Another dtvste arwee:
IsaIah s:1. : 13 or wikedosmI
hrseth a the re: t shall diser
the briers sad thorn sad shall hb e
Is the thickets of the trer, and the
shall meant up like the lifting p of
brusgh the weath of the Iard of
bhots Is the adl damlasske sad the
peple shall be m the ftel oe the fie:
e masa haDr l are hiP brether."
Isaih z:16. 18, 1f: er.re , ll
the lmr. the lar ed f heets, s
Ssme his t es - am mes; and Ma
dr his glory he shall aiQle a burs.
has n i the aralee et a ar
K WAg a ariam e te glrey : his
b .re t, e e al els, bath 3
sl esA body; sad they shn be es
whemn a laear4 bearer hh u eh.
"Ad the t a es owt hI $
ef shall be few. that Ua vAf s wsa
f ."r Pri d& e f1(Y " ~
hart wte n khe fees wa d
e e ise - a
£g agAAAB aptie g ea-nnl
-. -
T woIMs 6 Oh.?
- see rS two
Ors awame-dmm.w
**u**o inret**in me i
Washe see 'maeme Stre
Wile Old Persian Had Roght ldea Con.
corning Disease, Long Before
Birth of Christ
Five hundred years before .te b5rtb
of Christ a wise od IersiaL fatier
advised L.a son. Cyrus the Great.
that the thing to do is to have phy
scir.ans prevent disease; in mi:dera
lan.uage. ktee two jumps ahetz So
the idea that there should be all-time
health oficers to prevent disease 1i
not a thing to tbe looked on as an in
Iore than twenty-fve centuries ago.
a conversation like the following took
place between Cyrus and his father:
"I have heard and seen that those
states which seek for good beasth
educate their physicians, and that
commanders take with them phy
sicans for the sake of the soldiers."
said Cyrus. "L. too. therefore, as soon
as my present expeditions were In
trusted to me. gave my attention to
the subject and thought that I had
with me very competent physicians."
To which his father replied: "But
these physidiana my son, of which
thou speakest. are like menders of
torn garments, and thus, they cure
those who have fallea sick. Tly chief
anxiety should be to provide for
health, for thou oughtest to take care
to prevent the army from falling into
seknessm at alL"
Snakespese' Werks.
A dert in a hicago book store was
bated of hs feet the other day
when a war mallioarle ordered 'evry
thng tat tellow Shakespeare has
written and aaytLhig e may write ia
the futre."
Turkslah Hebby.
FIger-nall dye Is a bobby of all the
fastidious women atof the better ca
in Turkey. Not just poish or pink
peate is used, but actual reds eal
golds and blues are applied.
Elephants Keen Sense of SmelL
An lephat is poased of ach
a delicate sense of se ell that it is
said to be able to sent a human
being at a distace at 1,00 yards.
10 for 5c
Sugar T- E R
gI~ tk hi tre &hc
-~A -d ·bd~fieh
5aL'~· jlr· LIC~
Tra~:~js a M
M.ýg F ..W, ·
a". - *#oe ý
a.I t
rr l!
R -
"s"n f- " -.c : ý NltS.
th f _. "r .E^; rýD o w s
Cae!tiia Ftr.
be-L'"* - . to cocrata
8s mo~~d as 40
"er::: o: ~the ~sat
t- ~ dnried 1mm
---------------- ---- -c~
Moth-Pringj P`
At " 'ý". f powi.tt
In UAver wt t ith i
UR cl Lr. 'Lr-of. kbas
by a 1 -rm&n c~mpinm.
Earth tsam as a a
CCr';Y t.L J(rjg Ia
Pe-Kas Late aiw~aym bm af
Latile! (cf these PM fe
eitltC prclj etiea
Firm Suppiim Ta W
Tea i< stiri bdmgý awr `
Lnd"'tL ftrm to the
tbeir a stommn at * IIt
We OGearay 1
Sj ,k well of ocam Ed
hate a hit regardi i
--BcK', "n Transcr !
For kt in~tel bat r
inri a s

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