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Devoted to the Upballding of the V.st Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newfpaper.''-- ANUFACTU1t'iIs ItE(tI).
Citizens, Take Notice !
Oe Truth, and Facts About the Present
Railroad Strike
lgSTThe strike, a unanimous one for all practical pur
as called primarily because of discrimintations and be
ecaracy in industries has been attacked.
pOND One of our reasons, overtime for Sunday and
or, was taken from us nearly a year ago--a condition
labor for more than a generation-then abolished at the
outocratic capital over the advice and protest of ministers
age presidents, and over the most earnest protest of labor,
S ditions possible under which labor can be worked cn
at pro rata rate, allowing labor no protection for
Sor recreation.
iZRD.-.Another reason: Many of the railroads have ar
se aside decisions of the United States Railroad Labor
which were not ALL favorable to the companies, and defied
lbo Board on many decisions more favorable to the em
yet they have not been called in account for such viola
We ask for justice to both sides.
We have always obeyed the mandates of the Labor Board
at last their decisions of wage reductions and some
- working conditions have become unreasonable, and
To submit to them would be submitting to slow
and peonage in the shops. Now that we have resented
_rages against us. we have been branded by certain mem
the Labor Board as outlaws. We ask you, good citizens.
o. the railroad executives not "outlawed" when they have
flouted and defied the Board for the past several
p0RTH--Democracy in industry, a doctrine endorsed by
-ational political party. by the Federated Church Councils
ca. and by every public man and loyal woman of America,
riaL. It deserves to stand and we are for it. And there are
of other good reasons wh.y we are on strike, too numerous
soa here and unknown to the public.
S citizens of New Orleans, this is your home; it is our
* well. It is our desire to keep our home town one among
wt in America. We desire to raise our children to be good
but we could not do this if we were to submit to the out
,onditions the Labor Board is trying to impose upon us.
a God-fearing, law-abiding citizens, trying to better our
and conditions of our community. We are not of
*it type or class of men that have no respect for their
or country as the railroad is now trying to force
yea citizenship under armed guards to take our places in
tes. We are men that stand for Godliness and manliness
fame town, and we feel that you are for the same,-to keep
oa clean of abject and immoral characters.
A Will Initiate Class Into
rday, N ght
o the Dramatic Order of
d Khorassan Saturday
eeaduct a large class of
the order, the ceremonial
i' at the Pythian Hall in
beand of Loolo Tern
hr the direction of Harry
sad the drill team of the
wE bead a parade of knights
Bt street of New Orleans.
oeeaert has been pre
IF ah bead.
Chares Strike Officers
Threatened Him
elecers Harris and Livau
gIsed by the Southern Pa
eld to guard the shops in
Wie dismissed from duty last
 hea Sergeant Herman S.
I charge of the police strike
Ik Algers, reported the two
e vlled shotguns at a ba
t1Uat peddler, the police said,
ti sell bmnanas to the offti
ilht man in the world poses for this
special picture at 83
... .....
RQ efeller attVded church at Tarrytown, N. Y. on Sunday
aid birthday. July 8. He made it the occasion to do his
Seven though it caused him to break a rule of long
. sot posing for pictures. He bargained with newspaper
to pose for this special picture if they would attend
it is health, not wealth, that now interests the retired,
Commissioner Murphy's program for
funds to complete the city's paving
project received a setback when
Henry M. Umbach, president of the[
parish board of assessors, declared it
would be "foolish" to inaugurate the
lot and block plan of assessment at
this time. It was through this plan
that Commissioner Murphy hoped to
obtain funds to complete the 192.3
Commissioner Murphy previously
had stated that unless some new plans
were adopted the city would be able
to complete only one-third of the
projects being considered.
Mr. Umbach added that he believes
the lot and block plan unfair to tax
payers because it taxes equally prop
erty of greater and less value. Com
missioner Murphy and Mr. Umbach
will confer next week with the hope
of finding some way of financing the
paving work.
Four candidates have qualified for
member of the First Congressional
District, to represent the Fifteenth
Ward. H. N. Umbach and John
F Moynagh. of the Regulars, and
enry Acker and John E. Collins, of
the New Regulars, filed their papers
at Baton Rouge.
No Joy Riding on his Side of the Fence
cqTIKE! K. a ý S QOs "
. -Jr
1 (3/
-p 7y O ~ o l - 't V C
SFrank Wilkinson. :1n years o!r . of
New York. a sailor on the 'tatushin
Hurlinigton. mIoored at the .l-ffersoli
dry tdotks on the Algiers side oef the Nt.
ri r". was foulndl last night uncon-ll
,,ions in the railroad yards at Mt- :'\
I)onoghville. iHe was sent to Charity ti,
H ospital by l'olice Captain James .
Dinliitry and Acting Corporal Timothy (I'
Valuntin.t. DIoctors said lie was suf- liit
f-ring frant a slight fracture of tlie a
skull, cuts about the body and a
Inashed finger. dat
Wilkinson told the police he left for
his vessel for a stroll and. taking the :
wrong turning, went up toward Mc- ITh
I)onoghville instead of back to the wet.
ship. Then he found himself in a fir
railroad yard. ti I
That's all he relntntembers. says Wil-.
kinson. beyond a faint recollection of thi
a sudden blow from behind. At his wi
side. when hte was discovered by the .1i
Ipolice. lay a brick.
Wilkinson returned to his vessel
rafter his injuries had been attended
to at the hospital. He had not bet frt
drinking, according to the police.
I tsi
ps ! Ic
- 6
le Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emile Zat- ft
arain of 328 Pelican Avenue-a boy. vi
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Perez
(nee Mary Tingstrom) of 927.Atlantic S
mr Avenue-a girl.
al Born to Mr. and Mrs. Barrosse of a
h 1914 Nelson Street-a boy.
ad Born to Mr .and Mrs. J. ,ala of f
of 927 Opelousas Avenue-a boy.
rs Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dosher
of Belleville street-a girl. e
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gallinghouse
of Lower Coast-a boy. I
--- :t
The following was clipped from]
the El Paso Herald:
Mrs. A. J. Gerard and daughter.
Miss Audrey Gerard. of New Orleans
who have been visiting Mrs. Ger
ard's nephew, E. M. Brinckman andl
family, will leave for an extended
trip through the north and northwest
during the latteg part of this month
and in honor of Miss Audrey. Miss
Lana Brinkman gave a fan tan party.
Prizes were awarded to Miss June
Pfleger and John Eular. The Brink
man residence was transformed for
the occasion into an Oriental setting
and profusely decorated. During tha
evening the guests were Initiated in
to mysteries of ancient China. This
was the first of a series of social
affairs which will be given for Mrs.
Gerard and her daughter, prl r to
their departure.
Algiers shopmen on strike gave a
series of dances on Saturday and
Sunday nights in the Druids' Palm
Garden, for the benefit of their law
fund. The money is to be used in
defraying court cases and expenses
incidental to the trial of the thirteen
men held in connection with the
shooting near the Southern Pacifle
shops last week, as well as other
court cases. Music was furnished
by Boehler's Band. J. Singer headed
the committee In charge as chairman,
with J. J. Parr sad C. E. Linchks.
vicechairma; P. J. Euel. eaP-d
Flido; sad L. L. LeBlae, sert.
Personal Mention MI
And General News
-- indt
Mis ( Inue 1)i"ru leaves to-day for hay
N-w York to visit her sister. MCi
Mr.. It. I. BIlake-man and children I.f
1:i .e return-ed fromt a visit to rela- Ie
ti in (Crowley. Str
\lisss Framncs IlaKggerty and ('lair. It
('assidy returnedlll af(qer spending :1t o
Imonthl in (;.orgia. \'i
Mrs. ii. 1). French and son Be.hrr- il
lian. Itlft last week for California. ir
Mr. and Mrs. Ge;o Hlerbe-rt and
cdaughter .Miss Euge-nia left Sunday is
for biloxi. to spetlnd two weeks. tal
Mrs. -. .1. Lewis entertained the
Tl'hursday Afternccoon Etuchre Club last ha
wee-k. The- stuccess'flll players wer " .
Mrs. F'. Gheel. Mrs. G;. W. Pollock -chi
(playing for Mrs. A. Graf) and Mrs. I11e
I'. J Lewis. Mrs.. . Atmuedo received list
th lie conlsolation. The next mleeting "i
will be- at the hotne of Mrs. E. J.
Misses Fannie Goff and Ethel An- SE
d.lrson left last Saturday for a two,
weeks stay at Bay St Louis.
Mr. J. Byrns Anderson has returned
fromnt a two weeks vacation spent in Ei
Baton Rouge. teg
Miss Mary Gorden show,.-d speed ill
when she won the. girls 50-yard dash Ii
in thei contest heeld Saturday after-!i
noon at Audubon Park. }t
Miss Florence Richards spent Suin
day at McC(omb City.
Mrs. J. O. Stewart and Miss BHes
asie Pyle have returned after spend-'e
ing two weeks in Shreveport. I
Rev. and Mrs. S. L. Vail left last It
week for Sewanee. Tenn.
The Young Folks Social and i
IPleasure Club will give a p.enny Ii
party Friday. July 2Sth. at 606 Op,
lousas avenue. Doors will open at'
6: 0 p. m. i
Mrs. Arthur Guepert of 210 Verret
street has returned after spending a
- few dlays in Gibson and in Napoleon
yville. A
The many friends of little Helen:
Sease will be pleased to know thatI
she- has recovered after undergoing a
an operation for the removal of I,
tonsils and adenoids. i
Miss Hyacinth Munts returned hornt
I fronm Iay St. Louis. where she spe't h
two weeks. h
Mr r. Herbert Buras spent the week
end at Bay Adams.
e The many friends of Miss Mary
L.ouise Foster will regret to learn i
that she was compelled to undergo i
tan operation for appendicitie Satur
Sday at Hotel Dieu.
Mr. Merritt Murtagh has returned,
from a two weeks visit at Shreveport,
Master Raymond Buras, Is backi
r,. after a visit to relatives at Empire,l}
r- , Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Killeen and son
Ad IJames and Mrs. M. Glancey motored
ýd to Baton Rouge Sunday. They visited
at the State House, the Knights of Co-!
th nlumbus Home, and the Penitentiary.
ssi Miss Lucille Mire, of Thibodaux, is
v. spending awhile in Algiers. the guest
ne of the Misses Furlong.
k- Misses Nellie Herbert and Anna and
or Monico Escousse spent Sunday in
ag Bay St. Louis, the guest of Mrs. H.
SB. Zeringue.
In- Miss Mae Brown spent Sunday in
Gis Gulfport, Miss.
fal Mrs. A. J. Boudreaux. and Master A.
re. J. Boudreaux. of Thibodaux, La., are
to the guests of the Misses Furlong.
Miss Gertrude Finley has returned
home after spending awhile in Laf
ayette, La.
Mrs. McKinley Vezlen and little
daughter, Clarisse are home from
Alexandria. where they spent a month.
a Mrs. Leter Brooks and little daugh
ud ter Anna, spent last week in Biloxi,
Im Miss.
aw Mrs. H. Talbot left Tuesday for
in Biloxi, to spend awhile.
les Mr. J. W. Adams expects to leave
tn Saturday for a short stay in Mobile,
the Ala.
ie Mrs. E. J. Mothe and children Emile
aer and Camille left yesterday for Coy
led Ington.
led Mrs Lester Brooks entertained the
*3, Matrons Club. The succesfual players
ks, were Mrs. J. Oerrets, Mrs. J. Owena
-- (playing for Mrs . Grai) aud Mrs
7. . Goebel. Mrs. B. Gould (playlag for
T ,'rliing thl pr 's.nt day tan.ia ah ror
tlirhr *'lit ainld unfit for gooed girls to in a
indulgie inll. two Iore girls of Algiers awa
hay\ came11 forward and joilned lth. fron
Morality l..ague. They are,: Viola
I.utft of 1I.3 I,-laronde street.l and
Ilelin lt'ickstuhl of 111 Delarond, Wig
st reetf.
In answe.ring ilu,.stion No. 4, what
do you think of the prinse dance.l 110
Viola says. Thl, dancing of to-day re- and
i:linds meu of the savages that infested bon
our land generations ago, In all of dib
its hitdeousness the dancing of today
is sending on tlhi road of d(lstrulction
llanl of our boys and girls in th,,
sai redn,-s of childhood. The tinme Lti
has t oe l lhen the Mothers and or
Ia-rhers who hopes and expect their Cit:
chihilrtn to grow to honorable woman- leg
hood and manhood lmust rise and
stamp this evil. this indecency from pre
t1our midst.
d Sergeant Joseph Hadley. of the
EYt ighth preciinct police station, was D
again on duty Saturday following an I of
il illness of several months. Sergeant an
hi ladley will till the place left vacant u
iy resignation of Night C('ief of De
tectives Daniel Mounoy. it was anfo
nounInceid. He will keep his rank of
sergeant. n
t.For years Hladley was with theto
('anal stre.et traffic squad, but jtst
I ,before his illness had been assigned il
to the Algiers station. Sergeant in
Iladley was also with the First pre- lel
y cinct for a long period and figured th
in many important arrests. pr
it, re
Mrs. F. M. Webert of Vallette and F
Alix streets, has the symathy of her Ja
nt many friends in the loss of her sister, of
t Mrs. Marie Rankewitz inee Schultze)
age 65 years. whose death occurred tpa
in Germany. on June 29th. Deceased P"
died of blood-poisoning. She struck is
'a match and a piece of the sulphur pV
t hit the palm of her hand causing a e7
iblister from which blood-poison de- ii
k- veloped. Besides Mrs. Webert, she
ry is survived by a brother and by her
husband and a daughter who resides -
.mr in California.
rt, -
l)etermined to proceed with plans
ck for ample levee protection at the
re, Stanton Plantation, regardless of
whether or not federal aid is ext nd
ton ed in the work, the New Orleans Levee
red Board authorized President Frank
ted C. lymel to advertise immellately
o- for bids for a short line levee of
y. standard grade and section of ap-I
is proximately 165.000 cubic yards.
est I
and Mrs. T. U. Buchholz) received the
in consolation. Mrs. Sam Boylan will
H. entertain at the next meeting.
Miss Winnie Tillotson of McDon
In oghville is visiting in Mandeville.
Mrs. N. A. Bourgeois and daughter, i
A. Emilie, of Apricot street, will leavel
are Sunday night for Cleburne, Texas.
for a month's visit to Mr. and Mrs.
ed I Frank Knopp.
Laf- The many friends of Miss Grace
Haley of McDonoghville, La., are glad
ttle to know that she is recovering from
rom her recent operation.
1th. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Black are
nh-I visiting in Covington.
oi,' Miss Caroline Tlllotson will join
her sister In Mandeville Sunday.
for Rev. John M. Foster of Covington,
La,. was a visitor In the City this week.
ave Miss Gladys Butcher will leave Sat
ble, urday afternoon for Mandeville,
where she will meet Miss Minnie Til
mile lotson.
Co- Mrs. B. H. Blakeman and children
have returned home from Crowley,
the La.
yen Miss C. Hymel has returned home
renas from North Carolla.
fIor (Oastiua d e Pge L.)
t,: ,i .r 11;'. :, "r, '! ,.
r" b. I', .nn
m! t v ritar in t r, 4 . s thi T h ? I lr r u. wi h iI1 t' .
,,t.r \i\ , 't ,.,.1. .t any fta. ' i, . tt ] H I;! ' l, , t, . e n , ,r t: tr , 1. t .l' t y,.
aidl i.rtotrs ap' pr, It .,.;i w'.; '. r -, irt, in if sail ft :rys n. t retv'e'fln,
'Ih a t, t: ti1ir owi 11. an! In it
ei.h',,i | ,r ,arntl, y,, r ;,i .!.. l.i' Ihtr ;1 (i t.ar1 it a. Lprais"',
in l 1.t' '.: ,ai .- I i1 . r - I .r. 1t 1 ' i tI'- .t s , t' .. boats anI
ar11111ap t :rntlia t i,1 ' t. ; i ii.. Itr t f:r" l r sv't ' :r . . 'i ! ii t I" l ,,xpiration of '
1,'.tit" Ii t 'rry " 1 1 11 r fl itt" . i \ i ll ! 11- '- i"o. r' - itt. I11- 1. i l 1 r su:l1 t in1 th'
T iss Ii t ytt irt'l ;ll , t i, t t " . i 1 1 f sa1l,: t I int,! i. 'f; saiil .1 . ipit- i.' t i v' hi, 1 .'lt
'you xxtiwiit no longtr pi5s5t' s thi' 1-gal ptonr to i-if-1 IVs transf'r to a
E prlt c.ii.v. it1' . l,. th.. 111 pll .ring tlr, h c'iry, as in th,"' icas. of sai, Th'ir
l i ntrinrt Fntrryt . ici nplt' lv " in t,' i 1, ' h'nds tIt the prs-.nt ton'tray tors.
. You. r ' ni sw\ r It ) atll if ' tl Iur ( . l"!1. 1 ,tt'- ,.l- \rltt l.a :t " r..tt 11i 11 lay aI (erti'ity
th, in .,, fit, to th,,ir ()%,,t; ii ,. :a.ni ,j ,.t a ""1r
ax iw re ig tin Ii.* vit. ittttlt-r a ottngw-l-Irn mnitIntoIjily. the i'lt ire AlgiE.rs water
p arax he rtl i fr f ther n 'atral ii.velopt n-nt if, iy ,.t v t.st ,tIl nk, dring suclih iteriat o l.
lIt other rits. utt ' aIfsll , t v .la l f i ,r tirt~aid. s a bn l you gave ip s a so n which
Yt It is' triue titat we' received many assurances from memlers of your
E pr .ion, iraltl', ti .y hl.i.ll t husy i lllling the, iling to favr Min nicia l of wnraid Thip
Siantr oprationr or the ferries, were it not for the inhibition of the $9r000.000
Yourbond act of 1916. which prevents the City from incirring' any new bonded
o.f libIt exciept throlugh the vote of the people oi the entire City as authorized
ay by the Legislature.
11 our a ontorale od its l y madl no e ffort, however, either In the Con'ti
-iautional Convention of which your honored City Attorney was a member,
nd or in several succeedingn sessions o the of aegslature where the present
ir City administration also had many friends. to thus secure such enabling
in- legislation.
nl in the fac of trd is intolerable sityou ation, and realizing that none b t the
t Ipresent ontractors may saely hid upon any new lease of these ferry
SIprivileges where.under such conditions as stated, there is not embodied
in the ordinance an absolute acquiescense on the part of said equipment
ownera that they will amicably and promptly transfer said paraphernalia
S. in consideration of the ferrstipulated sum, e went beore the recent $9000Le00gis
lature, with the purpose of breaking up it possible, this pernicious system.
ote We appealed to the State to install and oerate these erries authrough its
a! h Dock Board, under which system the large profits which private operators
an I of such public utilities seel they are entitled to, would go into extensiont
ant and beCity adtterments o the service, under a tario thus based upon the total cost oi
ant such installation and operation.
D in We had excehllent prospects of winning the aight, but your Honors,
an for reasons best known to yourselves, saw fit to oppose this meritorious
prmoves with the result that the ferry contractors have again "won out,"
he temporarily, at least.
privilegesst We may remark here that condit would be dle to say ts hat "the Dock
in heBoard does not want the ferries" since the members of said board being
oant ntelligentr law abiding citizens. they would, no doubt. gladly abide by the
prS.- legislature's mand oate. nder the ci rcum tances and n view o the fact
lrd thature, withis ommittee must no renort to the people ot Alers syupon the
present status of this vital transporation matter, we would respectfully
request at the hands ot your Honorable Body, these following pehrucificgh its
ormation to ard. underwhich we desire specific answer at your early coopnventence
NY. viz:
How much do the City's books show as having been paid by the Union
and Ferry Company for this Third District Ferry privilege u rom the 1st of
her We hJanuary 906. to the date of your Honorable Body's having taken charge
ze pany paid to the City since the date oyourselves, saw fits succeeding said ormer corious
sed pDany as operators of said Third District Ferry Service? By what authority
ruck- s said Bisso Company conducting said service? Why were the boats and
he temporariContnued on age least.
uhst We may remark here. that it would be Idle to say that "the Dock
ant iellgent, law abiding citizens, they would, no doubt, gladly abide by the
pre- legislature's mandate. Under the circumstances and In view of the fact
lans t this Commitee must now report to the people of Aler upon the
s of1
trequest nd- at the hands of your Honorable Body, the following s
atelyh we desire specific answer at your early
'e of.
How the
ghter,of the City's affairs? How much has the Bisso Tow Boat and
rs. pany as operator of said d e? By what authorty
:k are i
join .
ngton, ·· ..
le Tili
uildren >
-owley, )President Harding took a summer vacation trip home to Marion.
Ohio this month and here is what happened the day he arrived. Dr
home G. T. Harding, father of the president, went out behind the chicken
house, performing that well-known execution (as shown here). which
meant his boy was to have chicken for dinner-a big "yaller leg" that.
west 6ae with mashed potatoes. cream gravy and hot biscuits.

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