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hibits Ferry Companies from chrging
b&'hool children (are during school houru.
to the Up m of the Wat SMde et the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUPAC'TIRRS RECORD. But why a
City Hall, July 27, 1922.
- Better Ferry Service Assn.
Tro communication addressed to
0 ayor and members of the Com
Council under date of July
S-, was transmitted by the Mayor
* Commission Council in his
Sgof July 11th, 1922, and re
to me by the Commission
well at its session held that date.!
some of the matters referred to,
,elved a legal question. I referred
ie communication to the City %L
S.With reference to the ar
fts advanced as to the policy
o the ferry system in
you should certainly by
Stiame be familiar with the policy
the Council. as the points have
discussed and re-discussed in
several conferences that took
ain answer to your specific
gleoss, I will answer as follows:
Questions and Answers
sI questions and answers are as
SQ.-How much do the city's books
as having been paid by the Union
Fad company for this third district
ops from the 1st of January,
UI, to the date of your honorable
I havinag taken charge of the
d affairs?
--The figures furnished me by
so partllent of public finances, s
uagd division, show that the
mad $10,818.91 was paid to the
hV of New Orleans.
Q.-How much has the Bisso Tow
sti sad Ferry Company paid to the
diy inee the date of its succeeding
ts former company as operators of
ll third district service,
1---hl receiving warrants show
rit the monies were paid by the
am Ferry company.
-.-By what authority is the Bisso
saises conducting said service.
"A.-There is nothing in the offl-t
ed rseord to show that this ferry is
tg operated by the Bisso company.
"--Why were the boats and para.
8temlla of the Canal street ferry
qtsm not appraised before the e:
hm of its lease on December 31,
L--There is no such requirement
eranchise, and the city attorney
amuc is the Southern
0irrr eonmeaw -
to w the city fethe prtvtege
u- tlga the present Canal street
a hew much has the asaid cor
3Op~al the city since January 1
,L--The Southern Improvement
l arry empsany are continuing the
Spids tof this terry under its tran
s g nlements with all of Its con
which mesan that this corn
I l pay to the city of New
se a pro at m .. bais of its
e,9 " ther questions as you asked
Salmrs of opinion."
uIle aaay conerenes, we have
1A sal wth al that has been said
Stnhe ybct, It seems to me that
-.:JLr t by this time understand
Sadtml which I have stated to
Ssam eroues occasions, as well
 a pstioml of the council public
imesii at various conferences.
S this: That the majority
Ns Ceaseil does not look with
esea mmtelpal ownership and
stmeuted me to go ahead with
IgImasa of a franchise ordi
I had a number of confer
hi mrsidents of Algiers, and
1ishr,. ar City isleer
S made by youar con
hnl proeosed rachni e was
kr 14 days and is now be
* Omnell subJect to esuch
sad amesdments aS would
,e het interests of the city.
ih amendingu it can be
i the Commdission Council
L eummRttee that I woueld
hilf itwould preparse a
iSlance which It would
t* the city to advertse.
ermmeat I have not re
m it tfranchie ordinance, so
1 m l ·ry that if your com
A_ l sad me amendmeats,
s at* , and wil recom.
Srquest their adoption by
to-the proposed fran
I-o h has just been
It Will be my pleasure to
to the Counni for Its
I wish to add that tI
di of your committee
S i the preparation
S wil do the very beet
- bw seth a frnchise in,.
1uar obodj a Ucompletely
od. is
mit a
" t i.
as I know how, those provisions which
I believe will be both serviceable
and salable.
to Yours truly,
ily Com. of Pub. Utilities.
isor e following is taken from the
re T.-P. of Sunday, the last paragraph
of which will make interesting read
te. Ing in connection with the above re
to, ply from Commissioner Maloney.
cy Commissioner Maloney in a letter
in yesterday to the Algiers Association
by for Better Ferry Service declared that
cy he and all other members of the
we commission council are opposed to
in municipal ownership of the ferries
3k and that contracts will be let within
ic sixty days to the lowest bidding
firms of franchises offered by the
city. Commissioner Maloney recent
ly introduced an ordinance providing
as for letting ferry contracts to the
most successful bidder.
5s Commissioner Maloney's letter to
fn the Algiers association followed a com
ct munication ,and protest from that
7, body which desired that the city take
Is control of the ferries. Commissioner
le Maloney said he did not believe the
city could operate an efficient sys
ºy tem on a paying basis.
A The commissioner informed the as
to sociation that the franchise ordinance
ie recently drawn was offered in the
council only after be had gone over
I. t with many leading citizens of Al
i giers. He said there will be no change
in the franchise, as proposed in the
t ordinance unless some worthy sugges
tlons are made.
The Algiers association's letter to
the commission council was received
early this month and referred to
Commissioner Maloney. The assocla
a tion, which for years has been asking
municipal ownership of the ferry sys- ai
tems, renewed its requests and they
were turned down by the council d;
Commissioner Maloney in a state.
ment yesterday says he cannot under y
stand why the association has objec
tions to contracting of the ferry busi
ness and added that the Algiers body
has given no reason why it should
not to be let out to individuals and if
Y neither had it offered any suggestion d
for changes in the franchise ordin- n
ance, despite the fact that it has been n
pubilshed for fourteen days. d
AUG. 1, 1922 P
Whereas: On July 8th, this Com
mittee addresed a communication to l'
the Honorable Mayor 'and Members T
of the Col(mission Council, request- b
ing certain ormation pertaining to I
the Third strict and Canal Street It
ferries, as n as to the City's future P1
policy in the matter of the operat
Ing of said municipal ferry systems: Ic
Whereas, on July 27th this Com. M
mittee received a letter from the a
Honorable Paul H. Maloney, Com
missioner of Public Utilties, to whom ls
said communication of the 6th tast.
had been referred, in which letter
said Commissioner, pretending to
answer the several specific questions
propounded in said communications
of July 8th, simply trifled with the
entire subject-matter, as seen in the T
evasions and omissions, which char
acterise this official document; and 1
hereas, as citisens, the members wi
of the Algiers Better Service Ferry tic
Committee being entitled to the def
inite information sought, Be it there. c
fore IS
Resolved, that the Honorable Conm
missioner of Public Utilities be rr.
quested to furnaish this Committee N
with the following:
What company or individual is a
operating the Third District Ferry
and by what authority, as well uas the d
p prod covered by said privilege, the
Samount agreed upon for same, to
I gether wtth the mount paid in to hc
the City, since the present admin. a
istration took charge. i
SWhat moral right or by what di
authority had the Honorable Com
missioner of Public Utilities to eox
tend from December S1lt, 1921, the t,
Sexpired franchise of the Canal Btreet
Perry, at the rate fixed for said prl- lei
lIege in 1906, which privilege, it is a
generally believed, is now worth
twice what it was at that time? What
sort of an arrangement has Mr.
Maloney with said ferry company
Sverbal or written and where can y
this document be found? Por what
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Whose Summer Picnic Is This ?
~ 4- -
'. j
- VB
s w
" %
Personal Mention
And General News
Miss Dorothy Duffy is visiting her
p. aunt, Mrs. A. H. Verret.
I Mrs. W. J. Burke, Jr., left Wedne-.
day night for Texas
Miss Katie O'Brien is the guest of
Mrs. Frank Skelly in Chicago.
Miss Claire Finley left Saturday
night to visit friends in Montana.
The Jolly Bunch will entertain at
five hundded, euchre and lotto Thurs
 day night, August 3, instead of last
night, at the home o( Mrs. Tom Rooo
ney. Games will begin at 8 o'clock.
Hostesses of the evening are: Mes
dames T. Rooney, A. Clark, L. Sierra,
IR. Wilson, G. E. Walters, V. W. Cher
bonnier, C Lyncker
Mrs. A. Oelkers and little daughter
Pauline, have returned from Texas.
. Orange Grove No. 8, will hold its
regular meeting to-night at 7 o'clock.
s The Juniors will hold their meeting
. before the older Grove. After both
meetings, there will be a social meet
t Ing. All members are urged to be
a present.
Mrs. J. E. Smith, formerly Miss
lone Lampton left Saturday mornlng
for Houston, Tex., her future home.
" Mr. Smith left on the 23rd to accept
s a position there.
Mrs. E. Magreevy sand children are
I summering at Long Beach, Miss.
Mrs. J. Foley and Miss Euphemie
LeBoeuf are guests of Mrs. E. Ma
greevy at Long Beach.
Miss Elizsabeth Guillot and nephew
Floyd, left last week for Houston,
Tex., to spend the summer.
The many friends of Miss Sydney
Olroyd will regret to learn that she
was bompelled to undergo an opera
tion Sunday for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hauffe sad
children are spending awhile in Wave
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Murtagh and
family are spending sometime in
SMr. and Mrs. LeBlanc are spending
a few weeks at Waveland, Miss.
Miss Carmen Malbrough spent a few
days in the city the guest of relatives.
Miss Marjorie Blakeman entertained
a crowd of boys and girls at the
home of her aunt on Elmira avenue,
last Saturday night in honor of her
mother, Mrs. B. H. Blakeman's birth
Mr. and Mrs. H. Autin returned home1
from Lafourche. where they spent
two weeks.
Miss I. Kevlin and Mrs. A. K. Val
lette have returned from Mandeville,
after spending a pleasant week, the
guests of Mrs. R. T. Younger.
(Continued on Page 3.)
Mr. B. L. Anderson of 541 Bonny
street, has been retired from the
police force after serving for thirty
three years as a clerk. He retired
Tuesday on half-pay.
Mr. Anderson is 64 years old and
is among the oldest men in years
and in point of service in the de
partment. He joined the force as a
clerk and leaves it as a clerk of the
Eighth Precinct station. He entered
the service April 24, 1889.
Indivisible rliends Lodge No. 404,.
P. & A. M.. held a specidal communi
catli last week at the Maalek Hart
Puast amiud Mstr W asLr s
ad 3. . Deputy Grami se r.
indl were seemet eua dpe a
areads masn he t m ep ei.s
D. O. K. K. Band Gives Concert
and Livens Occasion.
Big Night in Algiers.
Last Saturday night the dramatic
Order Knights of Khorassan initiated
several candidates In the Pythian
Hall in Bermuda street.
Loolo Temple, which is the name
of the local order, brought all of
their paraphernalia inclhtding goats,
camels and other beasts so as to give
t the candidates a falr recollection of
S- what took place.
It Those who were vested with the
)- robes, insignia and other honors were
. Thomas A. Heron, Harry M. Taster,
- Louis Laufer, J. S. uasil, William J.
L. Erickson, A. C. Blasco, John Davies,
r George Jordan and Michael Singer.
The initiation ceremonies were fol
ir lowed by a banquet in the Pythlan
a The announcement of the cere
L monial was as follows:
g After several months of "watchful
h waiting" Allah granted the Knights
t. of Khorassan one happy day of
e normalcy. There were many weary
pilgrims roaming over the Desert of
Louisiana, subsisting on "onion's cray
fish, and buttermilk," and who were
desirous to become followers of the
Prophet. Lest they commit much de
predation, it is our duty to have
them corraled ,therefore it was de
When the muezzin chanted his
weird call for Saturday evening de
votings, the Knights assembled on
the 4th floor, Dr. Fllnn's Dental Par
r lors, Canal and Royal Streets, at 7:25
for the purpose of forming the car
avan, which left the villane of New
º Orleans, for the Oasis of Algiers, Lou
isiana, the big burg across the father
of waters, and there in the Pythian
Castle Hall, were conducted the
tyres over there which leads to the
abode of everlasting youth.
The Pee-rade started from Canal
and Royal promptly at 7:30 p. m., In
the following formation: D. O. K. K.,
Band. votaries, tyres, camel trainers,
tiger-trainers and attendants; aided
abetted by the R. A. C., fireworks,
fog-horns, tin-cans and 77777 cotties.
The royal beasts were gnawing
their teeth in keen anticipation of
the feast and the sands were super
* The domes of every Knight was
r decorated with a Fes and a smile
was on the face of every Brave Knight,
i for verily, Saturday Night was a sure
cure for Ingrowing toenails and warts
on the liver.
The 1922 purple prayer rug was
had by every Knight. because Sahig
is a peculiar cuss and wants to be
shown, many Kay-Pee's were cap'
tured who had to cough up 25 bones.
and who were then led to be slaught.
After several hours of Intensities
which involve all our propensities, we
stopped for "Eats" and then-home
Did these brave Knights of Khoras
sans have a good time? I say they
Well At Gretna Easily Ignited.
Heorge A. Hero, president of the
Pi-flnne, Feed Company conducted a
demonstration last Wednesday at a
test well for gas, near Gretna.
Lighting a match, an employe of Mr.
Hero applied It to gas Issuing from
the welL The gas nitted.
"This test well," said Mr. Hero,
"has has been sunk to a depth at
00 feet and will be deepened to
AW000 et in sa attempt to f1nd nat
srtl a o eeinm e lal qelmaYu s" I
Thetetwuf is am a bm e wn I
y- the Ie. meai n memue. f rI
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
a On Wednesday, July 26, 1922, at
11:00 a. m., Miss Olivia Theresa Hoft.I
1e man, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm i
)f Hoffman and Mr. Emile Muts, were
5, joined in the holy bonds of matrimony
re at the Church of Holy Name of Mary
of at a high nuptial Mass,, Rev. Mc
Oscar officiating.
to The bride was led to the alter by
r Master Oscar Philip Hoffman dressed
r as cupid. The two flowers girls were
Grace Weber dressed in pink msalne
* over silver cloth, and Gladys Crom-!
r. ble dressed in blue maline over silver
cloth. Both dresses were trimmed in
m rosebuds. Mrs. S. Sordelet, the bride's
sister was matron of honor, she was
dressed in lavender organdy over sll
ver cloth and wore a picture hat to
at match.
ts Miss Anna Bly was first bridesmaid.
of She was dressed in blue organdy over
S( silver cloth. Miss Lavina Hoff
man was second bridesmaid and wore
pink organdy over silver cloth. Miss
Helen Estopinal was third brides
16 maid. She wore yellow organdy over
silver cloth. All wore picture hats
-e to match dresses, and carried shower
boquets of pink columbia roses with I
tulle to match dresses. The groom's
s best man was Philip Hoffman. The a
other male attendants were John
SITranchina and Alden Baker. The r
ushers were Sidney Sordelet, Joseph c
Spurway and Oscar Hofttman. They p
were all dressed in white linen suits.
The bride was given away by her
r father. She was beautifully gowned
in brocaded crepe covered with Span
ish lace with pearl trimmings. She
carried a bouquet of bridal roses and
lillies of the valley. S
I The wedding was followed by a B
n breakfast and reception at the home o
of the bride's parlnts, 1456 Del d
The young couple will be at home
to their many friends after August
1, at their home, 1135 Numa street.
Algiers. The happy couple received
i many costly presents.
The groom's gift to his bride was
a handsome diamond necklace.
e Commissioner Black announced that
a he has requested the Southern Pacific
Railroad Company to abandon two
s of its tracks beneath the %ewton
g Street viaduct in Algiers, that two
e massive steel supports may be put
sunder the structure and make It
I, available for use for at least another
t year.
The commissioner holds that the
s South New Orleans Street Railway
a Company should repair the viaduct
e but the company claims it has not
the funds.
! The Southern Pacific, which con
/ tributed a portion of the original
cost of the viaduct, has refused to
help pay for its upkeep. City En
gineer Klorer estimated that repairs
needed on the viaduct will cost
l Men and women who desire to vote
in the Democratic primary September
12and who have not registered have
a only nine days in which to register,
a the registration office will close
and remain closed until after the
SThe reistratfoia alee is ae the
first floor, OSMdeIet Mant mtraae
or the air anaL ames. a is open
from si a m.,-ames m
must ~.
She Balked On
Honoring Grave
Of Wife No. 1.
However, 70-Year-Old Groom is Win
ner in Divorce Case
When her 70-year-old bridegroom
insisted she lay flowers on the grave
of his first wife, Mrs. Dora Lee
Koester. 49, balked, she testified in
Judge Percy Saint's court, in an
action for divorce which was institut
ed March 24. 1920. and which the
court dismissed after hearing the
Koester, who lives in Bouny street,
denied with vigor, the charge of non
support. 'She left me seven weeks
after we were married and took $53~
of my cash." he said.
The couple were wed December 8,
1919. Koester told the court his sec
ond dip into the sea of matrimony
would be his last.
"But she was persistent." he said.
"She kept running after .me."
Mrs. Koester said the honeymoon
had scarcely begun when her spouse
requested her to honor the memory
of the first Mrs. Koester. "I told him
then that affections should be for the
living and not for the dead, who.
couldn't appreciate them anyway,".
she said.
Another rift in the domestic peace
of the Koester household occurredl
when Koester told his wife she must!
- wear a pair of antique earrings which
had once been the property of his
first mate.
Judge Saint twice threatened to'
send the couple to jail for contempt
of court because they persisted in
coaching their witnesses.
N- When Mrs. Koester left her love
nest. Koester sent ministers to urge
her to return to his fireside, accord
ing to the testimony.
"I wanted to show the world 1
would redeem her, but she refused to
come back." Koester said.
at Mrs. Mary Voelker, plaintiff's
.-1 niece, testified she was the innocent
m 'cause of the row that caused the mat.
ire rimonial ship to finally sink. She
ny said she had gone to a show with
.y Mrs. Koester and that, on their re
Ic- turn home, she rang the doorbell
several times.
by The Koesters had agreed that one
ring only, would be recognised as
are official. A heated quarrel followed
B-e I and the separation occurred shortly
m- afterward.-The Item.
rer Mr. Koester celebrated his victory
in by giving a reception to his friends
e's at one of his empty houses in Bouny
rev An early morning burglar is al
,t. leged to have been captured after
re several visits to the apartment house
Is at 2015 St. Charles avenue, when
es. Walter Johnson, 20 years old, 821
er Baronne street, was arrested.
its Several rooms at the house, which
'or is operated by Henry Donnenfelser,
th had been robbed recently, and a
,' watch was set for the thief. At 5
he o'clock Mr. Donnenfelser heard the
n hall door open. He slipped out of his
room and followed the prowler,
bh caught him and held him until the
?y police arrived.
id The Knights of Columbus installed
St. Anthonys Conncill No. 2035 at
a Bunkle, La., last Sunday. The degree
mo work was done by the Santa Maria
el degree team of Algiers.
old Strike at Washington, D. C.
·I·· I
'Pasaes sat a Imst tbe u hmdow of th .aphel building a1
Washium D. C. nwr beins ..se. The /lmef was .milade
the 1im . hmsdm Som~v w .Mn King .ae
seMu ibos t ge e
You are a telephone subscriber,
I and your rates were raised by the
public iservicne, c(ommission.
l;ecautse or the memoership of the
Honorable Francis Williams on the
Spublic service commission, these rates
, have been ordered reduced.
TThe telephone is no longer a luxury
a for the rich.-it is a convenient neces
sity in the home of the poor as well
e as the rich.
Mr. I!ehrinan whose administration
permitted the present street car and
gas rates to be imposed upon the cit
izens of New Orleans. and who also
was regarded as controlling the com
mission which raised your telephone
rates, will ask you through some one
of his lieutenants in the very near
future, if he has not already done
so, to vote for Mr. J. F. Bowen for
y Public Service Commissioner. Don't
make the mistake of doing so, for
therein lies the danger of which we
now warn you.
if. by any chance. Mr. Bowen should
e be elected, there can be no doubt that
Mr. Behrman will again come into
n control of the Louisiana Public Serv
 ice Commission, and taking his past
performance as your criterion, you
should for your own protection
against a possible further increase of
a rates, vote against Mr. Bowen, who
in announcing his candidacy, after
receiving the Behrman endorsement
which it is said was first denied him.
is quoted as promising nothing of a
definite nature. His announcement
does not commit him to anything.
Mr. Francis Williams the other
Candidate for the office of Public
Service Commissioner was elected
only to the unexpired term of that
s office a few months ago and has made
good. He should be kept in office
and encouraged.
1 One of Mr. Williams' first acts was
to order the Cumberland Telephone
Company to show cause why the old
e rates in effect before the raise should
not be restored. The case went on
' appeal to the United States Circuit
" Court and was tried before three
judges; by a vote of two to one the
ý court ordered the old rates restored:
t The telephone company immediately
appealed to prevent the enforcement
e tof the order. Under the above de.
-iclsion a private telephone user would
d receive about $9.00 in refunds, and
17 business phones about $20.00 in re
funds per phone, these figures are
7 approximately only and would amount
Is in the aggregate to over $500,000.00
Ly which is more than enourh to cover
the soldiers bonus in New Orleans.
In addition, Mr. Williams caused
an order to be Issued to all rallroads
L entering New Orleans to show caase
why a union passenger station should
1. not be built. Did you ever hear of
,r such an order during the many years
e in which Mr. Behrman's Commission
n functioned? The echo answers NO!
g You never will, in the future f yeou
vote Mr. Behrman's corporation cosa
b mission into control again; so, heed
our warning to you and vote for your
L friend, and the friend of the whole
people, Mr. Francis Williams, for
public service commissioner.
New Democratic Organiation.
Athletic Director Hunt conducted
a tennis tournament for playground
tennis player at the Algiers Play.
Ground on Sunday. The entry list
included players from Beauregard,
Annunelation, Clay, St. Roch and Al
giers playgrounds. The tournament
started at 3 o'clock.
Singles and donbles were played.

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