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5ig Applt aMrs T. S.
oeeae. 301 Del
1 Uýg room, two
U kthen and bath.
S ppolatment phone
Shouses $15
Esba lot of ground.
500 Verret Street.
............HING and Picot
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a& R3 S. TEAL
s ed, with cooal
PoHono M. 324-L
RING and Picot
t; superior device:
sewing machine; at
; easily adjusted.
delivered, with com
and samples of
Orders filled promptly.
Hemstitching Attach
Sg9 Starr St., Corpus
Aah. practically noew.
ilortllo street, or phone
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Applty S. Car
Aug. 31
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New Os.m.
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AW, WHAT'S THE USE w, *r The Old Sandman Will Get You Sooner or Later
moeP 1 1Th a oef, 'y U You to 4 OLD SkIf .ou V " SVar a aOuf ou Cvi ScGCALcO HOLD You Wv A HALF DoZEN MOR BUt
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1 2LM
I desire to express my slncere thanks to
all my friends for their kindness mad sarm
pathy during the llness and at the dream
of my mother, the late Mrs. A. E. Mills.
Special thanks are extended to Dr. A. t'.
King and Judge Fred Middleton for settl
ing the affairs so satisfactorily.
State of Louisiana. Civil District
Court for the Parish of Orleans. I
hereby certify that on the 7th day
of July, 1922, Judgment was rendered
in this court in the following entitled
suit, in the words and figures follow
Ing. to-wit:
No. 142.806. Division "C." Docket 5.
In re Paul Albert Boenning praying for
change of name. This cause came on
this day to be heard, upon petitioner's
application for change of name. Pres
ent: L. A. Ducros, attorney for peti
tioner: R. H. Marr. district attorney
i for the parish of Orleans. represent
SIng the state of Louisoana. When.
after hearing the pletSings, evidence
and counsel, the court being of opinion.
for reasons this day orally assigned.
that the petitioner is entitled to the
relief prayed for. it is ordered, adjudged
and decreed that there be judgment
herein authorizing Paul Albert Boen
ning, the petitioner, to change his
name to that of Paul Albert Benning,
which shall be the true and lawful
name of the said petitioner after the
publication of this judgment in the
manner required by law.
It is further ordered, adjudged and
decreed that petitioneF pay all costs
of these proceedings.
Judgment read and rendered In open
court. July 7. 1922.
Judgment read and signed In open
court July 12. 1922.
(Signed) PERCY SAINT. Judge.
In testimony whereof. I have here
unto set my hand and affixed the seal
of the said court, at the city of New
Orleans, this fourteenth day of July.
in the year of our Lord, one thousand
nine hundred and twenty-two.
(Seal) Deputy Clerk.
Aug. 10
Notice is hereby given that the stock
holders of the Imperial Cotton Com
pany of Louisiana. Inc., at a meeting
held July 13, 1922, adopted a resolution
to liquidate an4 dissolve the corpor
ation, and T. Yamada and A. Wada
were elected liquidators thereof.
Aug. 10 Liquidators.
Mrsl Thos. Srott bas recently opened a
shop for dry goods. notions, ad varieties.
Good values and bargains can be found
here. Will appreciate a call sad save you
money. 714 811dell Ave.
The Hatter
Veieor, VF mal Famems aes. ClMased.
9yed and Reshaped.
tai N. Rampart St. Mala 4177
$.50; SIDEBOARD. $5: DRESSERS, t$7.0;
J .. R. lEr.
SVasets 36.
Phone Algiers 46
Bids given on all Jobs free
Seel!at A w a
ee end Tsp w lTee Use iaew Oliseas.
The Frame Shop; miatrrors also resver
ed. Satisfaction guarsateed. 4 Bourbon.
"A Btle 1 traesy it herbnrae
Del. Save i es' . n er a rflnlag sm
ye may have all srts eat BLroke Dea
v. A. iunWW
rene WEpeiring Dens.
PMe asad Pliosa Ae
WneTeD to peesW aAOeay
sad e d furnitme. Wi- FW li
err Reys. Maim al.
censtra Makel, Phose iAlses e eense
Ant and Bermauda treets. Chi*e sd
ah t d t. . CAL TAN Prep.
Doterny I Aise ***r **t***i.
Brnace Seed & Posltry Co.
IweneToUs, anoosms, vms
a10eE4M A3 Ir.OWU. AUS ANU
vaerEaraL. same
732 hydree t. NEW ORLEANS. LL
woro AND casm
JOHN KAPPLUR. u3salr I Coal. bO
wed sndtee. Expe to Mrs. 6r lmir
Aveue. Phe Ater Mu-U.
Hospit. s MNaaie at. Jackeen 4K-J.
ui w i sawsmm 1 .. ..
-a e am ase ml
Automobiles, Etc.-11
I oeram blackmithing, nato 1s
ptas, sprin work and rubber t
I eU JULIA ST. Mala 1101
I Truck Bodies and Trailers
it- Also Lumber Trailers
Blult to Speclcfatioas
Formerly O'CONNOR & CO.
t WageN fy. ad Repairs
y General Black Smith Work
d 18-634 Julia St. Ph.es M.3557-3602
5d 1
a- Dr. W. J. Perkins. Chiropodist,
SRoop 34 Cusaek's Building. Make i
t- appointments by phone, M 1188. I
Prices reasonable.
. Typewriting, Etc.-14 1
se o ---....
Cures of Early Days.
S Some Idea of the state of the medl
cal profession ln he early colonial pe
in riod of America can be gained by read
, tlag a prescription recommended by
Sir Keaelm Digby, an eminent Eng
lish writer, to John Winthrop, Jr., in
- 1656. The medicine was for "miracu
w lous cures In all sorts of vicers, and
7 by knitting soddainly broken bones."
Here is the prescription:
"Beate to subtle pouder one ounce
of crabbes eyes, then putt upon it
in a high glass (because of the Ebulll
tion) four ounces of strong vinegar.
k- It will instantly boyle up extremely;
let it stand till all be qulett; then
n strain it through a fine linon; and of
this liquor (which will then taste like
dead beere without any sharpness)
give two spoonfuls art a time to
drink three times; and you shall see 4
a strange efect in a weeke or two."
Meaning of Word "Already."
ad The word "already" means "by this
Do or that time; previously to," or "at I
some specified time," or "the time pres
ent, thus early ; even then," or "even I
now"; as, "He has already perforimed
the task."-The Correct Word by Jo
sephine Turh Baker.
Chinese Have Leaning Buddha.
- The Leaning Buddha is a Chinese
rival of the tower of Pian. This
Twelfth century pagoda, near Nan
s, king, is 100 feet high. of thirteen
0; stories, and Inclines twelve feet from
S. the perpeandicular.
Telltale Traits.
R You cannot rightly judge people by
what others say al',Ut themn. but you i
cnss i, wl:hat they say anOtut others.-
_o __et _ _ ' _L ru ; _le _ _il:t.
A Bargain.
The Grocer-Yes'm, you'll find tbis
80cent butter would be cheap at twice
the money.
Mrs. Borden-Lodge-Yes. I know t
would. I've used It before sad MY
board,-r pt hardly may of it.
St. ate of Loulsiana. Parish of Orleans, I
City of New Orleans. Be it known. that I
on this 22nd day of tbi month of June. ino
the year 1922; before be. Martin H. Man- i
Ion. a notary public, duly sworn. ceommis
stloned sand qualified, It and for the Parish
and State aforesaid, and in the presence
of the undersirned witnessee: Personally
cane and appeared: Messrs. Luis Haul
mans, and Thad. O. Stehle. both eof tfull
age and reasidents of the City of New Or
leans, berein appearlng In their capeetile 1
of premident and secretary-treasurer, re
spectively, of The Saaving & Homestead
Assolrtatoal. a eorpemraties dly orgaselrd
under the laws of the State of Louisieana.
ad dom ciled In the Parish ot Orleans,
tbhe sid appearers hereia aetinr in their
said ecapselties and for uad In behalf
of sad corporatios, uader and by virtue
of a resolutin adopted at a general meet
a liar of the storkholders thereof, herein
o after referred to. who declared that nothce
Sthereoft had been given to the stek
sy holders more than ten days prior to the
a said meettinrk. uas per resoluton Is t 1he
Times-Plcayune ou dates January 8th to 1
- IAth IeIndlsive. 1: that pumrsant to said
notlee. a geersl meetUar of the stock
holders of sad The virtens & Home
steed Assoeiatlin was held in the ofie
Sof the said asulatio In the Parish of
E Orlnesa. on the 18th day of January.
1522. for the purpose of meanlar the
Sorlerinal ct of ineorporatfon of mld as
, ncalation: and that at said meetlar more
than two-thirds of the eapltal stock prm- .
eat sad represeated, are and vote.d
that Article IV shold be chaged, a1-I
S tored and amened in the particulars fel
lowlnlg. to-wit: 1
That Artie IV was ameed som ua to i
L "ARTICI IVT-The esapiftal stocrk of the
- sid assotiation shall be eve mlllion do
ar. divided inate fifty thousand shares of
the par value of one hundred dollars each.
hand buste, may be begaun as soon u s one
Shndred shares are subsrlbed for.
l"Said steek shal be nnued ito two
forms: 1. Installmaent stock, to be paid
Il for by monthly or other perlodical psy- (
J. menta. 2. Faun Paid stock, to be paild for
- ln eshb, in ftull, as iasued.
s "No preferesce as to dividenads bshall be
. gives any form of stoek but the dlrector
may issue certiflcates sahi a Ared
- rate of nlaterest for the purpoese ot semr
ila money at low rates.
S"Installmet and fun pid shares shall
be wttbhdrawable ad sl arm shal be I
n-forfeldtable., bIt acred prdtu may1
be forted fo non-paymen of lue. orn
Itbdmwn M of y I ~ oY~ th Ie I
tosdr d on tob be I of to s sul Y
when the best interest of the association
makes that course advisable."
Thus done and passed at my office in
the Parish of Orleans. State of Louisiana.
on the day and in the month and year
herein tirst above written, in the tres
ence of Marguerite G. Stein and Gladys
Jene. competent witnesses of lawful age.
residing in this city, who have signed
their names with said appearers and me.
notary, after due reading of the whole.
Witnesses: M. (G. Sten., G(ladys Jene.
A true copy: Notary Public.
A true (opy:
June -Aug. 3Notary Public.
June 2t--Aug. 3.
United States of America. State of
Louisiana, Parish of Orleans. City of
New Orleans. Be it known that on tils
28th day of the month of June. in the
year of our Lord. one thousand, nine
hundred and twenty-two, before me.
Robert R. Ramos, a Notary Public, duly
commissioned and qualified in and for
this city and the parish of Orleans,
therein residing, and in the presence of
the witnesses hereinafter named and
undersigned, personally came and ap
peared the persons whose names are
hereunto subscribed, who declared that.
availing themselves of the provisions of
the Constitution and laws of the state
of Louisiana. tii particularly of the
provisions of Act No. 267 of the Acts
of the G(eneral Assembly of the state
of Louisiana for the year 1914 and the
amendments thereto, they have cove
nanted and agreed and do by these
presents covenant, agree, bind and form
I themselves, as well as such other per
sons as may hereafter join or become
associated with them. Into a corporation
and body politic in law, for the objects
and purposes and under the agreements
and stipulations following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I. The name and style of
this corporation shall be T. J. Kelly.
Inc., and nader that name it shall have
and enjoy corporate existence for a
period of ninety-nine years from the
date hereof. It shall have power to
hold. receive, purcease. convey, transfer.
mortgage and hbypothecate property, real.
personal and mixed: and to Issue bonds,
notes and other obligations. It may con
tract, sue and be sued, plead or be im
pleaded by its corporate name in any
court of competent jurisdiction. It may
make, adopt and use a corporate sea1.
and alter or break the same at pleasure.
It may hohl stock in other corporations.
and its capital stock may be issued for
capital stock of other corporations. It
may name. appoint and employ such
managers. directors, officers, agents and
other employees as its Interests. busi
ness and convenience may require. and
may fix their conWrnsation. having due
regard to the nature, character and value
of their services. It may make and estab
tlsh by-laws, rules and regulations not
inconsistent with this charter or any
existing law, fixing or altering the man
agement of its property, the regulation
and government of its affairs, and the
manner of the certification and registra
tion of its stock. It may wind ur and
dissolve itself or be wound up and dis
solved in the manner prescribed by law.
It may conduct business in this state.
the federal districts. the territories and
possessions of the United States, and any
foreign country. It shall have power
to invest its Board of IMrectors with
all of its corporate powers, aubject to
such restrictions as may be named in
this charter. And it generally shall have
and possess all the powers, rights. priv
Ileges and immunities which corpora
tions are and may hereafter be author
ized to have and possesas nnder the Con
stitution and laws of this state. and
particularly under Act No. 267 of the
Acts of the General Assembly of the
state of Louisiana for the year 1914, and
the amendments thereto.
ARTICLE IT. The domicile of the
samid corporation shall be in the city of
New Orleansa, parish of Orleans. state
of Louisiana. but it may establish and
maintain offices and agencies throughout
the United States sT America and foreign
All citations and other legal process
shall be served on the President, and.
In his absence. on the Vice-President of
the said corporation. In the event of
the absence of the President and Vice
President of the said corporation, then
said process shall be served on the Sec
ARTICLE III. The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is or
ganized and the nature of the business
to be carried on by it are hereby de
clared to be:
To buy, sell, impos,. export, prepare.
and generally deal in, Mt wholesale,
foreign and domestic., eeese, butter.
western dairy products. eggs, sausage.
bacon, cured and uncured meats, table
delicacies, and any and all other com
modltles, foods. vegetables. supplies,
produce, goods or things, and to gener
ally conduct and operate a wholesale
grocerr and provision business.
And generally se sold sad exercise all
s ch incidental powers sad privileges as
relate to the objects and purposes here
I Inabve et forth, or as may be nees
sary, useful or convenient for effecting
said objects and purposes, or any of
ARTICT.E IV. The authorised capital
steck of this corporation is heleby ixed
st and declared to be the sum of
I 1-0n.cO.. whbih capital stock may be
increased in the mander iprovided by
law to the sum of 8100,000.0.
The preae .ty athoesed capital stock
of gthi corporation shall constat of 300
shares of tbe par value of $100.00 each.
It shall be represented by certificeates.
shall be fll paid and nan-amssessable
when issued. shall be isanued only for
tlabor done, or for property actually re
celvred. or for bonuses to be paid its
employees, or in lieu of cash divideds,
when and as said divideads shall have
become accrned, or for casb to be paid
at snuch times and i snecb amounats and
after such notice as may be determined
by the Board of Directors, and shallb be
personal property. No transfer of said
capital stoce shal be binding upon this
corperation unless made in accordance
with Its charter and by-laws and re
corded on the books thereof.
ARTICLE V. No stockholder may
sell. assagn or transter his stock tn this
Icorporation without rgiving to the other
-stoekholder.s through the Secretary
;Treasurer of this corporation, notle ina
wrlthlg of sach intention, and the other
stockblders bshall have the right for a
period of 0O days from the delivery of
such notice to the Ueretary-Treasurer
to purchase all or any part of the stock
aof seuch srtoekholdr for casb at the book
value thereof, after which 90 days the
said stock may be mid without testric
Whenever the employment of any
stockholder by this corporation is termi
nated by death, resnation. dismissal.
lapse of time or otherwie1. the other
steoekholdera shall have the ribght for to
days trom the date of such termination
to purchase all or any part of the stork
of heb sttockholder fotr cash at the booe
value thereof, after which 90 days the
said stock may be siod without restric
Other stoekheldersm derlrm to pur
chase stock under this article mus in
due time give notice o such notice to
the, Secretary-Tresaaver aof this teorpor
atios. In the euvent that the other stck
holders offer to hey mere stech than
s oefred. steekhlders oerer to bnr
aba he entitile to hey the ofeed ateek
- in the r8* of their then steekhotlas
in this .srnrtsn Ims the pespose of
No sale or other transfer of assign
ment of stock in this corporation shall
be valid until and unless opportunity
t, purchase su(ch stock has first been
given in the manner hereinabove pro
vided to the other stockholders of this
corporation; and this right so vested in
the other stockholders shall follow into
any hands into which it may pass any
stock sold, transferred or assigned with
out such opportunity being given, and
may he exercised acainst the holder or
holders thereof within 90 days after such
stork is tendered for transfer on the
books of this corporation. and no trans
fer of any such stock shall be made on
the books of this forporation during
the pendcncy of said 90-day period.
AIRTICLE VI. All of the corporate
powers of this corporation and the man
Sagement of its affairs shall be vested
in and controlled by the Board of Direc
tors, to be composed of not less than
three nor more than seven stockholders.
except that the officers of this corpor
ation shall have and ,xerrise the power
granted to corporate officers by Section
16 of Act 267 of 1914.
A majority of the Board of Directors
shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of any sand all business, and a
m[ajority vote of tihe quorum present at
any meeting shall be valid and corporate
seacts within the scope, authority and
lpower of the Board of Directors.
Said director shall be elected anna
ally on the first Monday in July of each
year. commencing with the first Monday
in July. 1923. and such directors so
elected shall hold office for one year. or
uanil their successors shall rbe duly
elected. qualified and installed. Failure
to elect directors at any annual meeting
shall not dissolve the corporation, but
the directors then In orce shall hold
overd until their successors are duly
elected, qualified and Installed.
|Each stockholder of re4wrd on the
books of said corporation shall be enti
tied to east at such meeting, either in
person or by proxy. one vote of each
share of stock held by him, and a ma
jority of the votes cast at such meeting
shall elect or decide any other question
before It.
All meetings of said stockholders or
directors shall be held at the domicile
of the crorportion. except with the writ
ten consent of all directors. valid meet
ings of directors may be held outside of
the state, or in the state. elsewhere than
at its domicile.
Any vacancy occurring. for any cause.
In the Beard of Directors, between the
dates of the annual meeting herein pro
vided for. shall he filled by the remain
ing members of the Board e Directors.
Immediately after the annual election
of directors, they shall meet and elect
from their number a President. one or
more Vice-Presidents. a Secretary, and
a Treasurer, but whkh two latter offices
may be combined In one and the same
erson The duties of such officers shall
such as usually pertain to the posi
tion to whleh they are elected, and such
as may be provided for In the by-laws.
or as may be desitasted by the Board
of Directors at any regular or special
The present Board of Directors of this
corporation is hereby fixed at five, and
natfi the first annual meeting of the
stookholders for the election of direc
tors to be held on the first Monday ls
July, 1923. Ellis Jordy. Frank Orand
man, Charles E. Grundmann. George
Grundmann and John Chetta shall com
pose the first Board of Directors, who
shall serve until the brst election of
directors, or until their suooessors are
duly elected. qualified and installed: and
until that time Ellis Jordy shall be
President: John Chetta. Vice-President.
and Frank Grundmann, Secretary-Tress
ARTICLE VII. This charter may be
amended or this corporation may be dls
solved in the method and manner pro
vided by law.
ARTICLE VIII. No member of this
corporation shall ever be held liable or
responsible for the contracts or faults
of this corporation in any further sum
than the unpaid balance for his stock
subscription, nor shall any more infor
mality io organization have the effect
of rendering this charter null or of ex
posing a member to any liability than
as above provided.
Thus done and passed in my office at
the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. on
the day and date herelnabove written.
In the presence of B. Turegano and B.
Nunes. competent witnesses, who here
unto slgn their names with said appear
ers and me, Notary, after due reading
of the whole.
Original signed: Freak Gruadmans.
40 sharem. New Orlesas. La.: Charles E.
Grundman. 25 shares. New Orleans. IA.:
Geo. Gunadmaan, 25 dshares. New Or
leans. La.: John Cbetta. 10 shares. New
Orleanse La.: Ellis E. Jordy, 50 shares.
New Orleans. La.
Notary Publie.
A true copy.
New Orleans, Ia.. June 2R. 1922.
Notary Public..
July 6-Aug. 10
United States - of America, State of
Louisiana. Parish of Orleans. City of
New Orleans. Be it known that on this
twentieth day of June, in the year of
our Lord, one thound nine hundred
and twenty-two, before me, Clarence .ie
Laucs. a Notary Public., nto and for the
parish of Orlekas, state of Luisan.
duly commlslonead, quafed sad swoern.,
personally came and appeared the par
tlie whose names are hereeunto sub
scrlbed and who declared that, avaBlinr
themselves oft the laws ot this state, sod
particularly Act No. 25 of 1914, rela
tive to the orgranhstion of corporations
for any lawful buastess purpos or pur
poses, they have ovemarated and agreed
and do by these presents covenant and
agree and blnd themselve.s, as well as
sueh other personas may hreafter be
come associated with thm. to fterm
themseolves late a body poflitle in law
for the objects and purposes sad under
rgcles. terms and considerattlonas ol
lowing, to-wit:
ARTICYZ 1. The esame aw title of
tbhis corporatleon shall be N. Phliesi &
Co.. Inc., and under Its corporate name
It shall have power sad authority to
b have sad enjoy sccesidon for the tenrm
of nalnety-ninae (1 years from -he date
hereof. To eontract, sue and be sued:
to make and use a eorporrte seatl. and
the same to break and alter at pleasure:
to hold. receive, leas and purchase un
der its corporate name. property, both
real, personal and mixed, and the same
to sell. mortgat-. pledge. hypothecste.
lease or otherwise dispose of: to lend
any portion of its capital stoek or in
come from eother soures or mortnage or
other security: to eontract. make and
endorse h!lle" of exrehen snd pwobt
sory notes: to issue bonds: to name and
appolnt esuch offiers and areata as the
Interet of maid eorlpration may reaqutre:
to make all neressary by-laws for the
pvoee m anagement of its affatrs: to
acquire stock sad honds of other eor
perations: to iancese or dimliash its
capital stnetk. sad tgenerallty to do and
perform In this state or say other state
all sweh thlnar and exers suach rgrnts
and powers permitted by law to corpor
aT rILE TT. The objects and par
pose for whidh this corporation Is or
rnkised and the naure of thime bnolni
tn be esrried on by It are hereby de
cl-see to bet
STo buy e. in. aurt, expet and deal
i smod 'ith prodate of all knds at
ew elrsewhe. sad to carry on tim al
I hade bnta5 of dedsflgr In produee
ARTICLE IIl. The domniile of this
corporation shall be in the city of New
Orleans, parish of Orleans. state of Lou
asiana. but it may establish offices and
agencies throughout the United States.
of America. All citations or other legal
process shall be served upon the. Pr."si
dent of said corporation, or, in the event
of his absence, upon the Vice-Preside-nt
or, in the absence of both, upon the
ARTICLE IV. The capital stock of
this corporation shall be Five Thousand
Dollars ($5,000.00). to be divided into
fifty shares of the par value of One
Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each. which
shall be paid for in cash or its equiva
lent, for property. for labor perforaned.
or services actually rendered. The
amount to which the capital stock of
this corporation may be increased shall
h.e the sum of One Hundred Thousand
This corporation shall be a going con
cern and authorized to begill bus.ineesc
as soon as fifty per cent of the capital
stock has been suescribed for and paid
in to said corporation.
The Board of Directors shal4 have
power to issue full paid stock for prop
erty transferred to said corporation or
for labor and services rendered.
ARTICLE V. All of the corporate'
,powers of this corporation shall be
vested in and exercised by a Board of
Directors composed of not less than
three stockholders, who shall te elected
by the stockholders at the annual meet
ing of the corporation, which shall be
held on the third Monday of the month
of January of each gear. A majority
of the stockholders shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business.
The officers of this corporation shall
be a President. Vice-President, and a
Secretary-Treasurer, povided the Secre
tary-Treasurer may be one officer, or
two officers. They shall be elected' an
nually by the Board of Directors from
among their number; all directors and
officers shall be elected for a term of
one year. but shall hold office until
their successors are elected and qualified.
Any vacancy in the Board of Diree
tors or offices from whatever cause shall
be filled from among the stockholders
by the remaining members of the board.
The Board of Directors shall have
power. without reference to the stock
holders of the company, to buy. sell,
lease, mortgage, hypothecate, borrow.
issue bonds. notes and pledges of all
kinds, whether on movables or itnmov
ales. and generally to exercise all pow
ers conferred on the Board of Directors
by these articles of Incorporation.
All elections shall be by ballot: each
share shall be entitled to one vote. and
the majority of the votes rast shall elect.
At all meeting each stockholder shall
be entitled to one vote. either in person
or by written proxy, for each share of
stock standlag in his rlame on the books
of the corporation; provided that no
stock shall be voted at any meeting
which has been transferred upon the
books within thirty (30) days prior to
the said meeting
ARTICLE VI. No stockholder shall
ever be held liable for the contracts.
faults or debts of this corporation. nor
shall any mere informality in its organ
luatlon have the effect of rendering thiv
charter void or .rxposing a stokholder
to any liability beyond the unpaid bal
ance due on the shares owned by him.
ARTICLE VII. The first Board of
Directors shall consist of Nick Chiaesi.
President. whose postoffice address is
n14 Gtovernor Nichols street: Joseph
Chiehesl, Vice-President. whose post
office address is 724 Governor Nichols
street. and Chariet Stewart, Secretary
Treasurer. whose poatofflce address in
1(tll North Rampart street, all in the
city of New Orleans.
ARTICLE VIII. This art of incorpor
ation may be changed. modified. altered
or amended. or this corporation may be
dissolved with the assent of stockhold
ers owning three-fourths of the stock
of the corporation present or repre
sented at a general meeting convened
for that purpose and after at least ten
daygS written notice has been given
through the mail to each stockholder at
his last known place of residence. In
case of dissolution by the expiration of
this charter or otherwise. the stockhold
hrs shall elect three liquidators from
among their number to settle the busl
seas and affairs of the corporation.
IT case of death or disability of any
of said commissionerg or llquidators,
the survivors shall elect or appoint a
successor to him: and if they fall to
agree on his appointment. then they
shell wind up the affalrs of said cor
Thnus done and passed at my office in
the presence of R. M. Ansley and E. S
iGardiner. competent witnesses. who hb..
hereunto signed their names with said
appearers and me. Notary, after reading
of the whole.
Original signed: N. Chichesi. 14 shares:
Joseph Chisaes. 1 share: C. Stewart. 10
Notary Public.
T. the undersigned Recorder of Mart
gages in and for the parish of Orleans.
state of Louisiana. do hereby certify
that the above and foregoing set of in
eorporation of N. Chisesi & Co.. Inc..
was this day duly recorded in my office
In book 1228. folio 4.14.
New Orlesus. June 22. 1022.
A true copy. LPCA.
Notary Public.
July -Anug. 10
T'nited State of Amesrca. Mtatre of TLns
lana. Parish of Orleans. Re It known. that
on this twenty-second (22) day of .Tune
in the year of oar Lord one thousand.
nine hundrend and twenty-two (19221 and
of the Independence of the rnited States
of America. the one hundred sad forty
sixth. (144). before me. John Jroeh
Jackson. a notary public, duly commls
sloned and aualfled in and for the Parish
of Orleans. State of Loulsana. thereina re
sidint and in the psence of the wit
nesses hreinafter named and undersigned.
personally came and appeared. the several
peraons whose names are herate sub
scrhbed and all reddents of this Psrish
and State. who severally declared: That
availinr themselves of the provisionas of
the tlaws of the State of .Louisiana. in such
eases made and provided. sad mor par
tienlarly of Art No. 287 of the Ceneral
Assembly of the State of Lousliana. for
the year 1914. they have covenanted.
areed. aontracted sad bonad themslvels.
and by these prrents do covenant, agee.
contract and bind themselves as well as
all such persns as may herafter become
sear·ocieted with them. to form themselves
into and constitute a corporation and body
-nrtie In Isw for the objhete and snr
noses and under the stipulations hlerein
after set forth, which they adopt as their
charter,. to-wit:
ARTICLE --The name and style of
this corporation shal be the TIuanisna
Vntotrs Company. Ineorpoerated. which
said name may be abbreviated to read The
Louisiana MUaters Co.. Tne.
ARTICLE II-The bslness, objects and
curpoes for which this eorporatona is
formed and the natnre of the bsnmnes to
be carried on by It are hereby declared
o be:
To acqalr. owna. Bold. leas,. mortgfrg.
-',r* and disrpose of by sale or other
w sautomebiles and astomeobil drivenm
vehilels of any and mll dsecription. To
ranve. own, hold. pehase, sell auto
mobie ports tires, saesseeesa. ols.. ponts.
grreeoe ad everything prtWainir to an
twnotive dArtwven v*ete T own. oeatte
end testeol m·o mbi neos; to e,.
cag:ig in the repair and renovation of au
totnobille- and autonlotive driven vehicles
of all kinds; to own, operate and control
automobiles and automotive driven ve
hiiles for hire: to own. install. operate
and control gasoline filling stations.
1.to engage in agency relations for the
acency, distributorship of automobiles.
with the manufacturers thereof.
The sald corporaion .shall hase the right
to sue aod be sIed;tl to mii:lke. have and use
a corporate seal and the sanle to break.
chiange or alter at pleas;ure; to acquire.
own. hold. receive. purchase. ple.dge. mort
rage under its corporate name. prolperty
lot0h real and per.sonal: lend or borrow
moloney. to estatbllsh and maintain out of
its recelpts fromt any source, whatever
such special funds as may bie deemied ad
-laltle in order to create a nhinking. con
tiingcti or recwrse fluid tI, cover losses:
to nllame and appolint such officers and
abtilils aili to do anid pertormi all things
andl ats as may appe)ar and Ie in the
ihtiri,-ts :ind for the icoll,jLrniiclle of the
:said cororlortion
The said corioration shall have the
riglt also to niake and e-lablislh such
h) -I;Iaw. rules and regulations for the
pIroper manlag.emlent and regulation of the
;~af:lirn of said cortloration as may be
lnecesary and prolter, andl the samle to
chal;nlge. alter, nmodlify or break at pleas
lire The said corporation shall also have
the right to purchase and own the build
ing where in is es'abilshed their offices,
repair shop. eshibtion room or rooms
and all such property necessary and es
sential to the successful prosecution of
said business and to hold and own such
other property as may be deemed pru
dent and wise in the descretlon of the
lho,:rd of directors.
AItTIC('E IllI-- The amount of the
icapital stock of this corporation is
th rebyt tlxed at the snul of twelve
thousand ($12.,W0.00) dollars, all com
ncon stock, which said "ipital stock
imar. in the descretion of the board of
direcotrsa e incrieased to the sum of
twenty-five thousand ($25..00000) dollars.
Said capital stock shall be divided Into
one hundred and twenty (120) shares at a
par value of one hundred ($100.00) dollars
each. and the said stock shall be paid for
when subscrilltd or many be Issued in
whole or in part at not less than par for
Irloperty actually pirnthased or received
by the ciorporatlon. No fractional shares
shall ever ti issued.
AttTI'i.E IV--The location of the doml
cilte of te aid corporation shall be in the
City of iew Orleans, State of l.ouislana
and se.r ee of cltathio. and all other legal
ptrocess bhall be rmade uponl the president
iof this . orporatlon. or In case of his ab
I swnce or inability to ant upon the vice
presldent. secretary-treasurer, In the order
namned. The said corporation shall have
alnd enjoy succession, by and in its cor
porate name for a period of ninety-nine
, *) y.ears from the date of this Act.
AIRTICI,E V--The business and affairs
r of this corporation shall be couducted by.
Sanmd all corporate powers vested in. and
exer"-ied by a board of directors com
ps,*ed of not less than three (3) and not
mnore than five (5) stockbholders to be
gelected by the stockholders. annually, by
r hallot on the third (3) Monday In August
of each year, commencing with the year
1525. or any subsequent date announced
r by the board of directors in case no
,l*ec'tion shall have been held or taken
place on this said date. after a fifteen (15i
days' notice, which shall have been given
to each stockholder by written notice
mailed to each stockholder at his last
known postoffice address and said election
shall be held at the office of the corpora
tion under the supervision of two com
missioners, appointed by the board of
dlrectora at Its last preceeding regular
meeting, at said election each stockholder
shall be entitled to cast his vote as specid
(fed in Section 11 of Act 267 of the Gene
ral Assembly of the State of Louislana for
the year 1914, or any amendment thereto.
The stockholders receiving a majority of
the votes cast shall be declared elected.
The board of directors so elected shall
Immediately thbrreafter proceed to elect
one of Its members to be president, one
to be vice-president and one to be sec
retary-treasurer of the corporation, and
they shall serve until their successors
shall have been dula elected and qualifed.
ARTICLE VI-The first board of direc
torn shall be composed of the following
anaed stockholders: J. Newton Ward,
Samuel Samprevive and Peter 8. Jackson,
and of the above named: J. Newton Ward.
shall be president; Peter 8. Jackson shall
be vice-president; and Samuel lampre
vive shall be secretary-treasurer, and they
shall serve until the fourth (4) Monday
In August, 1925. or until their successors
shall have been duly elected and qualified.
Any vacancies occurriag In the board of
directors or among the officers shall be
filled by the remaining directors.
ARTICLE VIi-Stockholders meetings,
or other meetings for the election of di
rectors may be held as prescribed by Sec
tion 10 of Act No. 267 of the General As
sembly of the State of Loufslana for the
year 1914. or any amendments thereto.
The corporation and the officers and di
rectors shall have all the rights and
powers, and this corporation may be
amended or dissolved, or its affairs liqui
dated as provided for by provisions of
Act 267 of the General Assembly of the
State of Louisiana for the year 1914, or
any amendments thereto.
ARTICLE VITI-No stockholder shall
ever be liable or respodsible for the con
tracts or faults of this corporation in any
further sum than the unpaid balance due
on the stock subacribed for by him. nor
shall any mere Informality In its lacer
poration or orgalnisation serve or tend to
have the eRect of rendering this charter
null or of exposingr any stockholder to
Sany liaUbility other than as herein pro
ARTICLE IX-No stockhotder shall have
the right to dispose., alienate. or other
wise encumber his holdings orr stock is
this corporation without first notifylng
the said corporation in writing fifteesn (16)
days before so doing end the stock
holders of said corporation shall have the
rirht and privilege of avilling them
slves of the holdings or stock so offered.
ARTICLE X-This corporation shall be
and become a going concern as soon as
six thouansd (5.O00.00) dollars shall have
bees subscrlbed and faour (84.000.00) tbhous
and dollars shall bhave been paid inato the
said corporation's tresamry.
The sumhbrlbers have hereunto written
oppeosat their names the amounts of stock
in this corporation subscrlbed for by
Sthem. each of them. so that this Act of
Incorporation may alnso erve as the origl
- nal subscription lIst of the corporation.
SThus done. signew and passed tn my e
flee at New Orleans. State of Loualslan.
on the day and in the month and year
bhereinabove first written in the presence
of George Danlel and John B. Furgir.
competent witnee who have signed their
names hereunto together with the s.id arn
Iperera, and me. notary. after due read
tnr of the whole.
-(Name of s'nscrihers omitted )
I. the undersmlgred Recorder of Mort
gages, In and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louialenu. do hereby certify that
the above and forngoing Act of Incorpora
tion. of The TLouisana Motnrs Co.. Inc.
wss this day duly recorded In my of..e ir
Book 1268. folio 46.
New Orleans, June 24th. 1)22.
Depnty Recorder.
* (Signed:) RORT. RCOTT.
I. the underrImged authority do hereby
certify that the habove and foregolng Art
of Incorporation of The Tl.ouieiana Motors
Co.. Inc.. together with the estieate of
- the Recorder of Mortgaltes for the Pariah
• . Orleans. State of Louislana. to be a
0 true and correct cepy of the origtnal ean
flle, In my oeffice at New Orleans La.
. New Orleans, La.. June 1th, 1955.
Notary Public.
-- .-DAm.

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