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Section 10 of Act 120 of 1916 Vs
hibits Ferry Companies from chagU
But why are
Deted aS te th l et thl e gi t Sido et tbe Rver. "A vey live and credltabe weekly newspmepr."-MiANUPAClURMR RECORD.
Is Not CariedI
's Poket
gfu y Election Shows
S Are sbegllning
p 3' 71heir Own Thiqking.
" nuot unusaal results of sny
" ev held in Algiers were
an last Tuesday the 12th
wwbhen the Old Regular candl
n- ed- by the Choctaw Club t
Sb Miarti Behrman received l
Sh barwS are majorities.
- S------------------238 1
s--- g-r------------------27 r
S . I eso--.........--. 2
.  oves ..------------4--- 5
S gebe- --....----24--.. .15 t
. orris ------------------50
yucss Hlies the unusual features,
i dGsmo since the beginning of Mr.
5I5M5s23 control of the Old Regu
SiL TOr past, Algiers majorities
always large and sure, and it
Sfreely stated on the streets
ldes jto last Tuesday that Algiers
mM So for the Old Regular candi
gsy majorities of from 800 to
ra but the actual results proved
" laci e, san amounts to a practical
.lut for Mr. Behrman.
It i regrettable that the unsports
sr e tactics of some of the Behr
following at the New Regular c
"inl on Opelousas Avenue, last I
a hy, just in front of the home I
4to1 president of the morality league
a be recorded and disapproved.
Sjs lgaular to note that no such
* srmcirn took place when the Old
ALrsM held any of their meetings.
wii of this kind tends only to
ah leiads for those at whom such 1
gid are directed.
fo goese was a disgraceful one
w~ l s men and women speakers c
yes were invited to address the
dIne citisery of Algiers were I
atted much to the ember- 1
of the leaders of the New c
who had invited them. We I
sarry we cannot say something
of soe of the po
Sesm-nsestlo with this disrace. I
_ ir, but their Inaction at and 1
5g the msene permits or no such I
knpuity on our part.
h: aews of the death of Mr. A.
-s- er em Monday morning was
a gret shock to our town
w ss *at the best knew 1
>r. Basird was a ptste
Smau stood higher in the com
$= thea he. He was a devout
. t of the church of the Holy
of Mary and was prominent in
the ueelatlons connected with the 1
pia Mr. Hascr's health had not
the best for several years, his
death was a great shock. He
1 vfalue/ mploye of Vacearro
sand had only returned last week
a a important business trip to
Sor the firm.
Mr. aier was born In New Or
s temsber 4, 1882, and was
fla the local public and
shools. Later he attended
C ollage. He started out Ina
hahis a clerical positien, but
i tse was toward machinery sand
es startied to learn the machinist
By clos study and reading
1tb.elal papers sad books, he
tas e te t rade a it was
' it hg bae he was made foreman
K.4 Mhme shop at the Southern
Rallrad shop here. In Novem
1,1, he tok a competitive eam
mnd passed the highet for
igbh . sad R at the local Naval
to which poeltion he was
h December 1s0t
. Lserr wasu not only proficIent
S mMailt and engineer, but was
ielistl draftsman and a thorough
* I san mechanical esginer.
BlUmeds was married to Miss
pelrnem, whe surylves him. The
teek place Tuesday meaus
M:U ececk froam his late rS
5i1 Olvler Street. Intermenut
it St. EaY Cemetery.
liesll No. 174, nights of
; Ilsvle oeneral Assembly
I. e of C.; Cathetc KIihts
il banch  o. iS: Holy
Selsie, St. Vlacent De Paul
SCeathol ranihts Mutudal
klnM sso en; Lautsian
L d s~ta ahs tbdwo
Sthem da stepped them.
* rk c w etalaid an Idea
- * the ire on
I Weddipgs of New
Orleans Folks
ay The marriage of Miss Marguerite
SMussachia and Mr. John Cerniglia
was celebrated Tuesday evening at
ab the Church of the Holy Name of
id Mary, Rev. S. M. Cotter officiating.
The bride was becomingly dressed
in white georgette crepe, with hat to
match. She was attended by her sis
ter, Miss Rose Mussachia, who wore
a dress of flesh-colored canton crepe,
trimmed with heavy lace. She wore
a hat to match.
m, The groom's only attendant was Mr.
ir. Joseph Mussachla.
After the ceremony the bridal party
it left for Spanish Fort, where a supper
its was enjoyed. They received many
handsome and costly presents, and
di-are at home to their friends at 615
to Alix street.
sd -
Of very special interest in the
ts- fashionable world here is news of the
ir- wedding of Miss Rosebud, daughter
ar of Mr. and Mrs. Parfait Eclais Del
Lst icatessen to Mr. Archibald Hercules
me Headlight, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.
ae Archibald Hercules Headlight form
erly of Paris, now of New Orleans,
ch which is to be celebrated Friday, Sep
Id tember 15, at eight o'clock at the
. Algiers Methodist Church.
to Both families are prominently
ch known and connected in the smart
world of New Orleans and Miss Del
, icatessen and Mr. Headlight are de
, cided favorites in the younger circle.
he Miss Delicatessen is one of three
ire lovely sisters and has been a belle
ir. here and elsewhere ever since her
w coming out several years ago. She
Ve will be attended by her sisters Misses
ag Orange Blossom and Peach Bloom
po Delicatessen and by her cousin Miss
a. Heliotrope Caterer and Misses Evre
ad ning Glory. Marigold Chandler and
ch Buttercup White, her closest friends.
Mr. Percival Headlight will be his
brothers best man, Messrs. Hector
Headlight, Ulyses Footlight, Adonis l
Searchlight, Leander Moonlight, and .
A. Agge Flashlight, will also be part
_ of the bridal party.
ra Several younger members of the
wr brides family will complete the party.
l. As th friends of the family are so
'limdeo as emds have been Issued
,. and the public is Invited through this
mt means.
sly After the ceremony a formal re
in ception will be held in the church
the parlors where refreshments will be
sold and silver offering .will be
sot taken to help defray the expenses
his of the wedding.
to A delightful birthday party was
that given in honor of Miss Lena
- Macaluso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
r Vincent Macaluso, of 300 Diana
Lad street in honor of her tenth birth
d day. She was the recipient of many
pretty presents. Dancing and games
t were enjoyed and refreshments
d served. Those in attendance were:
lt Misses Leas and Josephine Maca
Sluso, Mary and Mildred McQunlling,
he Mary, Lena and Esther Manale,
g Veronica and Jolephine Catanese,
Melba Burgone, Mary and Camille
Palts. IMargaret Trapunl, Theresa
SMangell, Laura and Dorla labin,
C. Amedeo, Philomene Amedeo, El-.
orla Braney, Jennie and Olivia Maca
Slusa, Miss Nora Fabia, Masters
1 Edwin Drane, Frank Trapani, Em
- mett and Howard Delontinger, Roy
Dollinger, Ephan Macaluas, Frank
at Pradehl, Messrs. C. Drane, Nick
'- Macaluso, Ben Amedeo, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Kilnk, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Pradella, Mr. and Mrs. B. Amedeo,
IMr. and Mrs. S. Catanese, Mr. and
'e Mrs. V. Macaluso.
ms Mrs. Aug. CalMerare entertained
of last 8sturday aftermoes at her home
My In honor of Miss Marlon Heusel, a
jats former classmate, who wBI leave
tely shortly for New Tmrt to reside. The
ll guests were Itmlted to members of
tual the 1919 class of Esplanade Avenue
as High School. A most enjoyable aft
ternoo was speaL
Predact 1 ..............-- -- 159 5 832 155 148 10 88 85 146 89 146 72 142
Pledt --------------------1. 2 79 71 1M I1 11 70 69 14 N M 92
Preact ---------------75 2 5 43 79 84 7 35 35 33 43 61 23 74
Srseiat 4 -------------------1- 1 116 95 181 112 22 98 7 122 1 N 1 15
Pr 5 ..- ......-------------- 95 2 71 68 102 97 14 53 U in 72 N 54 N
Preclat 8 ------ ------ N 11 14 9 3 168 1 9 N N 95
PreI«t I. O------------------- 1 6 11 104 11 112 9 11t 169 I1 11i 1i l 16 84
c -- -~..--------------- 114 2 46 4 117 116 3 45 43 11? 3 112 42 197
Pre ' ! »-- .-------. 118 5 4 1 12 19 56 8 13 4 121 N 114
Preelast -- . 8 W $1 94 6 1 22 1 U U N 2t 82
ghPled -- .------------------ N tt Nt 7 $7 SA 7
. U_ 1t 7 6---- 5 --- W ---1 1 7---- 05 7 51t
N14S; r = - - . . - - -*
"He who would a courtin' go" I
ý/ / / er
Negro Held For Assault 1
Two negroes were turned over by
police authorities of Jefferson Par
ish, where they are wanted in con
nection with the assault several days ei
ago in which a negro youth, Herman 14
Jones, was slashed about the throat.
The negroes are William Davis, 27 b
years old, 524 Bringier street, and c,
Joseph Thibodaux, 56, 924 Hancock q
Jones, according to parish authori
ties, had been driven Into a negro a
Ichurch in Jefferson by a crowd of v
white men. He was ejected by the
I negroes and given to the mob, mem
Ihbers of which drew knives and cut
the youth's throat, Inflicting dancer
ous wounds.
Sseven white men alleged to have c
been members of the mob have been
! arrested sand released on bond. There I
I was no gprent motive for the as t
Ssault. Jones having arrived in Dretna
that morning. r
Sunset Lodge No. 108, Ladies
I Auxiliary to the B. of R. T. held its
regular meeting at the Pythian Hall
on last Thursday afternoon.
The lodge was pleased to have with t
them the following sisters of Lodge $
No. 8 of McDonoghville, Mmes. An
geline Harris, Agnes Baratina, Mary a
Haley, and Delia Armitage.
As this was the first meeting in E
the month the following pnembeft c
entertained: Miss Esther Cabanoil, a
Mmes. Maggie Morton, and Mae
The following won the prises in
lotto: Mr" Enola Burmadter, first
prize, Mrs. Delia Armitage, and Mrs.
Alice Wiegman the booby.
Others who enjoyed the meetint
besides those mentioned were: Misses
Martha Pontl, Margery Blakeman,
Mmes. Kitle Fernandes, Lizzie Healey, r
Bertha Scheibe, Florence Heindel, I
Alice Gould, Lotte McCloskey, Norlta 1
Boyer, Maire Wiegman. Mary E.
Cabanoll, Enola Burmaster, Palmire
Hebert, Alice Wiegman, Barbara
Hauffe, Clara Delboss, Maggie Mor.
ton, Kate Renecky .Amy Blakeman,
Katie Wiegman, A. Owens and many
others. _
Captain James Disitry upon his re
turn to command of the Algiers po
lice station after haviln been elected
senior vice-commander of the pan-.
d ish-American War Veterans at their
a convention at Los Angeles, was pre
a seanted with a gold police badge, the a
e gift of policemen attached to his 1
Sstatlon. If
f The presentation was made at roll t
a call by Patrolman Charles Gervals.1I
t. Captain Dimitry showed his emotion j
in a brief response. II
J. L. Higgins Appointed
Port Appraiser
James L. Higgins, who has been an a
employe of the Southern Pacific rail- a
road for more than thirty years, was
nominated by President Harding to e
be an appraiser of merchandise for
i collection district No. 20, with head
t quarters in New Orleans. t
In 1892, Mr. Higgins started to C
Swork for the Southern Pacific rail
I way as a messenger boy in the gen
e eral offices In this city. He was
Spromoted to various responsible p I
sitions, and at the present time is
general foreman of the Southern Pa
Scific docks in Algiers.
a Mr. Histns has been active in Re
e publican politics in the state for
. twenty-Eve years, but never has
a sought or held public office. He was
recommended by the Louisiana Re
publican executive committee, Emile
Kunts collector of customs, and a
number of other prominent Repub
licans of the state. He is a life
" long resident of the state, having been
born in Algiers, August 26, 1876.
The office of appraiser of this dis
b trict carries with it a salary of
e $3000 a year.
i. The new nominee for appraiser is
a a member of the Brotherhood of Rail
way Clerks, Station Employes and
n Expressmen, and is active in labor
Scircles. He is also a member of varl
I, ous fraternal orders.
m. Y. P. U.
Miss Zoe Gay of Bermuda Street 1
entertained the Intermediate class of i
the B. Y. P. U., of the Baptist Church ]
on last Friday nilht.
Games were played and delicious
refreshments were served and all
present spent an enjoyable evening.
Those present were: Misses Ellen
n Stephens, Madge Trotter, Mildred Mc
e Intosh, Lola Pleaswlrth, Lucille
.Rhoades, Lillian Plaswirth, Grace
SPontd, Muriel Heithamp, Rosland
Crowley, Marie Abadle, Jeanne Aba
die, Miss Halliday, Zoe Gay, Masters
Emile Abadie, Alvin Reed, Albert
Cook, Eugene Abadle, Ausley Lea
Plaswlrth, Mr. and Mrs. Heithamp,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Plaiswirth, Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Gay and Mr William
-I Gay
Ir -
a- Miss Irma Brass, the bright daughter
ie of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Braat of New.
is ton Street, was one of the graduates
from Spencer Business College last
l aturday eveninal. We congratulate
Is. Miss Brana on the successful com
a pletion of her studies and prophesy
s .successful business career for her.
Money Disappears
Attracted by the blast of trombones
and the rattle of drums in an adver- I
tising parade, a cashier in Thomp- I
son's restaurant, 133 St. Charles I
street temporarily lifted her gaze from a
the money in her desk, Monday aft
ernoon and $80 disappeared. a
The cashier Miss Elizsabeth Thomp
son, 457 South Galves Street, had a
the money piled before her at the
time while she was paying offt some
of the employes.
Later, the police arrested George
Burns, 22 years old, 533 Seguin Street,
who is employed in the restaurant as
a cook. Miss Thompson said Burns
called her attention to the passing
parade just before the disappearance
of the money.
When arrested by Patrolman Lea
mane no money was found in his
Miss Martha Ponti, entertained the
Exclusive Club at her home on Ber
muda Street last Friday night.
The meeting was well attended by
both old and new members. Dancing
was indulged in until a late hour and
refreshments were served in abund
The music for dancing was furnished
by Messrs: Bertrand Peck, Piano;
William Redmond, Saxophone; A. Ab
bott, Banjo;, and Anthony Hodgers,
Sliding Trombone.
Those who spent an enjoyable eve
nlng were Misses Ura Dubret, Hazel
Saleeby, Sarah Bauman, Marguerite
Sarbeck. Virgil Cafilero, Alma Fellers,
Elizabeth Barton, Emily Choate, Ollie
LeBlanc, Martha Ponti, Margery
Blakeman, Alden Johnson, Messrs
Marion Ryan, Joseph Roche, Sam
King, Henry Kern, Mitchell Hurst,
Clarence Dillman, Karl and Philip
1 Saleeby, Frank Burlet, Jordan Davis,
. George Gall, Johnnie DIllman, James
Johnson, William Redmond, Leo Hin
. yub, Max Bergers, Anthony Hodgers,
A. Abbott, Bertrand Peck, Robert
Schurb, Clement Balk, Mr. and Mrs.
0. Ponti and daughter Grace, and
many others.
* The next meeting will be at the
t home of Miss Emily Choate, 316
m Pacific Avenue on Friday, September
tl 5th.
Among the placements aboard ves
sel of the United States Shipping
Board as announced Tuesday by Cap
r tan C. C. Cagle, local sea service
agent were: R. L. Barosse of Algiers,
* late third assistant engineer on the
t steamship Cardonia, as third assist.
s ant on the Minnequa, C. C. McEckorn
- of Algiers late chief engineer on the
STulsags, as first assistant on the
Personal Mention Wi
And General Hews (
Miss Elizabeth Guillot has returned
after spending several months in to
Texas. ow'
Mrs. Florence Amuedo attended a Jo
barbecue given by the Eastern Star
Chapter of Ocean Springs, Miss.
Misses Edna Karr and Mabel Suth
erland have returned from a trip to
North Carolina and Tennessee.
Mr. and AMrs. George L. Cunning- six
ham and children have returned from prc
Bay St. Louis. an
Mrs. J. A. Garland and daughter
Margaret and little granddaughter
Charlotte Hoffstetter returned Tues
day from Chicago.
Mrs. J. W. Morrison and daughter
Mamie are home after a visit to
Chicago. be
Misses Helen J. Hield and Lavinia
Hoffman have just returned from a fit
delightful trip through Los Angeles, th
San Francisco and Denver. re
The Jolly Bunch will entertain at a,
cards and lotto tonight (Thursday) er
at 8 o'clock, at the home of Mrs. J rd
L. Higgins, 529 Bermuda street.
Mr. Lloyd Hawkins has returned
from Little Rock, Ark., where he spent b
his vacation. al
Mrs. S. J. Hogan and family have ls
returned from Gulfport. to
Mrs. A. J. Gerard and daughter er
Audrey are home again after an en- ti
joyable trip through the West. st
The Catholic Daughters of America,
Court of Mary 391, will entertain at tl
500, euchre and lotto on Wednesday, b:
s Sept. 20, at the presbytery. The tb
ar- games will start promptly at 8 o'clock. to
p. Refreshments will be served. All al
as friends and patrons of the new school
m are invited to attend.
tt- Mr. Bidgood of Greenfield, Ind., is
spending a while here, the gaest of
p. Mr. and Mrs. G. Ponti. He is en
ad route to Los Angeles. a
he Mrs. P. Sunseri and children and c'
ae Mrs. S. Sunseri and children are home
again from Seabrook, after spending
ge four weeks at the summer cottage of
et, Mr. and Mrs. John Gerac.
as There will be a benefit euchre on
ns1 Monday evening at the home of Mrs.
ng C. L. Stumpf, 301 Delaronde street
ice Beautiful prizes will be given.
Mrs. A. E. Hotard came in from
ea Heartease Park, where she has been
his spending a few days.
The many friends of Mrs. C. E.
Dickey will regret to learn that she
was compelled to undergo an ope ra
tion for appaendicitis Tuesday at Hotel
The Friday Night Euchre Club met
er- at the home of Miss Lena Krogh. The
successful players ers were Mrs. J.
by Owens, Miss M. Neff, and Mrs. Fallo.
ug Mrs. B. Gould received the consola
d tion. The next meeting will be at
id- the home of Mrs. J. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. John McNeely of
red Abita Springs, La., announce the
o; approaching marriage of their daugh
Lb. ter Olga to Mr. John Brewster of
r, Covington, La., the wedding to take
place on Sept. 28.
Miss Olga McNeely of Abita
iel Springs is spending awhile with her
ite aunt, Mrs. W. P. Salathe.
(Coatlased es Page 3.)
m Il
New Orleans, La., Sept. 12, 1822. C
up To the Editor of the Algiers Herald: c
a Last Saturday night, duraing the a
final Political Rally, held by the Newt
Un- Regular Democratic Organisation of a
r this district, many were shocked at
erthe disgraceaful conduct of some, who
are supposed to uphold the prnlaciples
ad of the "Would-Be-Great Choctaw
th Abusive epithets and vile language
t were hurled at the prominent speak
ers, while gun play, fislt-fights, and
"booing" prevailed in many sections
of the large crowd, who were In at
tendance. Women, as well as men,
indulged in this coarse sport. The
timely arrival of extra police and doe
re- tectives helped to restrain the actions
lag of these Algiers hoodlams.
p This seemed to be a plan of certain
Se members of the opposlng faction to
ar break up the meeting, but it had the
the opposite effect. The Intelligent speak
era were constantly on the alert to1
m offset any rude remark from anyone
thelin the crowd, by a brillian and ap
the propriate retort.
There were a number of ladles
present on this occasion, but woman
- hood did not seem to be respected at
all by this set of rough-naecks, who
behaved so outrageously.
The honest, clean-minded, right
thinking people of both political fac
tionn of the PlFtth District certalnly
disapprove gf such dirty methods of
gaining political power and will not
- stand for same.
Thanking youea, for giving this article I
space in your lateresting paper, I
I am,
Very traly yeaors,
With the epema ot the schools
Monday, there will be some changes
in the prlnelpals of the local schools:
Miss Adelia Lebra wi be prei
cipal of McDomgh No. 4, Mrs. Mar
gaet rHepper, ot McDmogh Ne. 5,
and Mr. 3. W. Miy df lawte.
MKi IHrte wllf eutame as wpe,
e- pal et ensnle am Kme Vaughem
-il tlnu cst at Adiph Meyer.
William H,. Ward Gets
Court Order To Bar
Damage To Property
Alleging the dock board is about
to grant certain rights over property
owned by him in Algiers to the
Johnson Iron Works, William H.
Ward, obtained a temporary restrain
ing order in civil district court against
action in the matter by the board. (
Mr. Ward charged the dock board
is advertising for bids for driving t
six clusters of piling in front of his
property lying along Patterson street
and the river, injuring his property
for future use, to be used by the
r Johnson Iron Works for drydock
r purposes.
A sawmill was conducted by Mr.
Ward at this point until a levee was
erected about two years ago by the
Orleans levee board. He sued the
board for damages and obtained
judgment for $125,000 which was con
a firmed by the supreme court. Under
the decision Mr. Ward alleged he
retained ownership of the property
tt and action by the dock board is an
) encroachment upon his property
I rights.
In his petition for a permanent in
d junction Mr. Ward scores the levee
It board for nonpayment of this dam
age award and threatens to bring
re suit against the individual members
to compel them to restore his prop
tr erty in Algiers to its former condi
n- tion and to pay him for the damages
a, A temporary order restraining so
Lt tion by the dock board was signed
Y. by Judge E. K. Skinner. It directs
he the dock board to show cause Sep
k. tember 13, 1922, why the injunction
ll should not be issued.
aa On last Saturday afternoon quite
a serious accident occurred at the
corner of Pelican Avenue and Verret
me street, when a motorcycle and an a.
tomobile collided.
of Jas. Vinson 18 years of age of 419
Bermuda street, and employed by W.
on S. Barrett of Olivier street as an an
tomobile mechanic was driving a HaIp
et mobile touring car, the property of
Alfred Tufts of Vallette street, which
had been left at the Barrett shop for
em repairs. Just about twenty feet from
ten the crossing at Pelican Avenue, he
was ran into by an Indian motorcyle
owned by Clovis Bordeloe, 641 Doun
street, and atven by Jacob Barrlos et
731 Whitney Avenue, which was df'
ing out Pelican and turned' into V.P'
ret street in the same direction as
the auto driven by Vinson. The
motorcycle struck the auto in the
front fender, throwing Barrios on the
radiator, striking his head on the
motor meter. He was picked up by
Vinson and placed in an auto and
taken to the residence of Dr. J. 3.
Pollock. The doctor not being home,
the ambulance was telephoned for
and the injured man placed in an
auto and taken over the river, where
e at the head of Canal street, he was
met by the ambulance and taken to
the hospital.
Mrs. J. E. Huckins who is at the
head of the ant extermination cam
paign in our district requests that all
of our citizens who have not as yet
Id: contributed to the fund will please d
he so at once as the work of plaetg
ew the poison will be begun neat week,
of and Alglers Is far behind its quota.
at In order that the work be sueesse.
rho ful, it is essential that every square
lea be covered. Surely you are willitng
aw to do your share. Send your ce*
tribution to Mrs. Huckina, 324 AMhz
ige Street this week Many squares
k- have delinquents and you certainly
ad will not let your neighbors pay fr
a your share of this work.
ns Last Thursday, Mrs. Emma Heb.
kamp entertained in honor o( the
ala Gleaneri' Social Club.
to Her home was beautitfully decorated
the with roses and maiden-hair fern; caw
t- rying out the Club's colors of gold and
to reen.
me The hoetess had planned varloog
ap means of entertainment; after which,
dainty refreshments were served.
lea The neat meeting of the Club wll
a be held at the home of Mrs. Poati
at n Bermuda Street, where preparations
rho will be started for a Hallowe'e dance.
o Messrs. A. E. Zwlct and H. 3.
Bot Brodtman ask that the Herald corret
the statement that they were seen i
cle the automobile that drove up to the
er, house that was burned on Augusrt 3 .
They claim that they can frdih
proof that they were not tn the
RJ machie or anywhere in that vitnity-
We are pleased to make this corro
tion and we trust that (he Dally Ir
will accord these gentlemea the ram.
conaideratlon as the same article aep.
peared tn that newspaper also.
5, The public schols will open ah +
Monday mordnin for the 1923S4 ss.
re. slea.
w- The nlght schesa w awi s oen
nalght o October L

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