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Section 10 of Act 120 of 1916 pro
hibits Ferry Companies from chargtn
0 school children fare during school hours.
But why are we still paying the taro?
Derote4 to the UVmbuflBet the Uu Bi.d of the River. "A ery ivre And creditable weekly .ewppe .-MANUPAC. R RECORD.
-.. .. . . .. ... . . . . . . [email protected]
P 'Y# Regulars Hit
SCelebration. I
Yo--ne Saturday re- than
fgatio1 from the Fit- win!
W w Regular Democratic At
eed by Henry Acker the
W. .. Crawford as sec- the
. Donner as treasurer. itar7
follows: arm
-Orieas States by its edt- long
SHlat, Instant, captioned whe
-. has placed itself acc(
of being a malicious the
Sthe good men and wom- and
who saw tit to celebrate to I
_lot of Mr. Behrman and hon
but the "victory of to
of the New Regular thet
SO a nundeserved com- 0on
-mIts. Bhrm to place him n
_I pedestal with Generals oths
sad Stonewall Jackson, celc
d e Confederacy. To the hon
- L- seems to be a de- whi
tkhe Iblime to the ridicu lare
-f the editorial in qune- S
S-ignranmt of the facts no
d b prejudiced by parti- apo
a apparently smarting to
degpite his pretensions pall
lldl In the recent con- rail
Isailned Silent con
-Mate saw fit to remain 1
concerning the die- gre
emacted on Saturday, win
4 persens known to be gre
iehrman forces, some I1
pesentdal9fftce hold- at
eiotfice olders, it cou
bad grace on their part if i
-- lader good people who ens
celebrate a victory won got
ald elm men and by good bee
--J . loci
IeSCinS in question the I
were holding a ward ces
SOpel5ass avenue when to
sad the other men and his
were openly insulted do
Lrseetul and outrageous an0
is the States has seen no,
IsaL 1
ial baIrbece in ques- ana
by the men of Al- on
Iu fought Behrman Ci1
bir was clean and rn
a$e there are, there- ec
the States thinks
h*-* the part of thoe ti
.he eantnry ls true- th
will $le A. ho
B eastret of our at- wi
ms er-Carpeatler con- pr
ea the States men- a
where Debrman act
1 th
in New Orleans by
were often staged
was won, and tokens
the leaders as will ro
by the files of the i
s those days the States o
be to order. PC
Pr Apology
oaht not to prompt i'
l anh purports to be all
al goao to drag into of
Uelueag to a lawfully di
as an almost Iade
whtn mothers, laugh to
_ by respectable men
saw fit to participate
-A the States
AMb ksolgy for its
at them, and in the
i to o~Ler the apo
.hall henceforth oc
peultion before the A
wp it ha. slurred.
to Colonel John P.
b emaldates and other
I attended the atfair, C
Ba hetited guests of the a
ClQb nad thor had h
* . uw with either ar- o
aithetlag the afrfr, and
Sabf hta target ofany a
Mial for their £tten- a
ie then should have the a
.se sndt gentlemen a
t sm e openl sadde
SMid the mass meet
--ptember l, and (
Stltes has remaied It
io mote that.a sup I
heluiap cannt fand'
h hseters ot de
Unlted States, the
ital wuas rlgt in
to eelebrate the
B r r we did cele
e t[ l ha l r oe Nrew
i Regulalr Dem
near the
br her
Below is the editorial to which ex
ception has been taken.
If the world admires anybody more
than a game loser it is a gallant
At Appomatox, where the star of
the Confederacy disappeared, forever,
the world applauded two great mil
itary men-Lee, who had led the
armies of the South, through four
long years of war, against over
whelming odds and knew how to
accept defeat, and Grant, who refused
the sword of the Southern chieftain
and sent his officers and men back
to their devastated lands with their
horses and their side-arms, the former
to aid them in the recultivation of
their soil, the latter to protect their
families and themselves from per
sonal danger.
We had a sorry contrast here the
other evening in the almost indecent
celebration staged in Algiers, the
home of former Mayor Behrman, in
which the leader of the New Regu
lars and some of his successful can
didates participated.
So far as The States is concerned,
no one will accuse it of being an
apologist for Mr. Behrman. It helped
to defeat him in the last city cam
paign and it was a large factor in
rallying the voters against his can
didates in the two public service
commissioner campaigns.
But we cannot believe that the P
great bulk of those who were on the
winning side have anything but re
gret for the Algiers incident.
If the celebration had been staged
at some central point in the city where
could have been no real objection. Or
if some of Mr. Behrman's political
enemies in his home ward had
got up the blowout it might have ref
been dismissed as a mere case of
local bad taste. gil
But for Col. Sullivan and the suc- 61
cessful New Regnlar's winners to go of
to the ex-Mayor's home to glory in ac
his humiliation was in our judgment to
close to the border-line of indecency; ca
and we rather believe they themselves m
now think so. at
When Dempsey crushed Carpentler
and the French gladiator, twitching to
on the floor of the ring at Jersey le
City, took the count of ten Dempsey fu
(Ma't gsanqe in gle over the body of
hIs down and out opponent. He a
I rushed to his aid, lifted him up and ti
Scarried him to his corner. .
Leaders of great political orgamisa
tions, presumed to class far above S
the bruisers of the prise ring, surely 0
hurt themselves in public estimation
when they fall to observe the pro- e
prieties which even pugilism recog- S
nises. h
Meantime we want to suggest this a
thought to the leaders of the new -
organization: The vote in the recent
primary indicated that the older or
ganisation, out of office, with no pat
romage, and with a candidate fatally
handicapped by his change of front
on a great public question, still is o
possessed of very much virility. E
It has as good a chance to win n
In the next go-round as its opposition, a
granted that it gets on the right side
o of issues and puts up the better can- h
s didates.
There is an old adage which runs n
to the effect that crowing until you t
Set out of the woods is dangerous 4
We submit it to those who staged and ,
participated in the petty, meafl and
x unmanly celebration in Mr. Behr
A man's baliwick.
ir Members of the Athenian Carnival
r, Club are at work again making prep
le arations for their grand dance to be
d held at the Pythian Hall on the night
- of Saturday, October 14.
id A good Jazzss band has been engaged
y and a most enjoyable time is promised
a- all who attend, bat what is the use
e the Athenian Carnival Club always
n gives good dances.
Is The Athenian Carnival Club is
it- going to have some parade Mardi
ad Gras day. The grand ball will be
ml held the Saturday night before Mardl
Oras at the Pythian Hall. The King
I- has already been selected, but it will
ad remain a secret who he is antil after
a Carpival.
i The local public evening schooi lo
e cated at IX and Verret Streets, will
be opened on October .
SThe corps of techers wil be W.
SMiles Pearce, prlaelpl; teachere.
Loretta Honold. Mary Stenhaouse,
-Loretta Shook, tla M. Reoes, Corinne
Hughes, May 8trassel, Horace Russ,
John A. Maclarea, C. De Lca.
Anyonae wishlatg to vote In the
SNovember election shoal reember
that In additloa to having their two
a pof tax receipts, they should also
Shave their new registratnm paperm.
l several voters weren debarred from
"h vtt In t the last primu7 their
her snglsbad wers wee ftre is.t
ms psar ead net te ar eas that *eid
~ -;-)~.'
IO --- I
HIOPE, ED dodd d ýr'.4CERO YOU `+` w .'
f" is irrr f- t ·
To ORI a
' \ =' J`. _/DO AT 0 "'*1
GOSH4 - '~'L3-A R161T IE 1\.
'$00LV4 HEAVIE' - i CAR~E FU L
- o
P,,,\-~ LL_ ~-L~~f~ ·AUT
Personal Mention B
And General News gi,
Or m.
cal -
Lad Mrs. B. C. Gilder and family have
eve returned from Cuba, Ala.
of There will be a big lawn festival gar
given on October 17, at 6 o'clock at she
uc- 618 Belleville Street, for the benefit rem
go of the new school fund. Several new eel
in acts of vaudeville, never shown be- coi
ent fore in Algiers will be presented. A for
¢y; capable committee under the chair- I
res manship of Mrs. J. M. Nolan assures ho
all a good time. Don't fail to attend. co,
tier The Tigers will give their dance to
ing to-night at the Pythian Hall. Brown- to
sBy lee's Syncopating Jazz artists will to
sey furnish the music for the dancing. i
Sof The young Ladles Bodality wiligive wl
He a euchre, lotto and five hundred at ar
and the home of Miss Mamie Morrison ea
October 6. TI
isa- Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Marvant spent of
ove Sunday here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. lu
rely O. J. Malborough. wi
ion The Jolly Bunch will entertain at wi
Dro- euchre, lotto, and 500 on Thursday,
cog- September 28th, at 8 o'clock, at the b
home of Mrs. P. O. Caflero in Slidell as
this avenue. th
aew -
:ent (Continued oa Page .) it
or- fu
ally - pl
rent The Exclusive Club met at the home Ti
1 is of Miss Hazel Saleeby, on Elmira and cc
Homer Streets, last Friday night. The T
win meeting was well attended by both w
ion, new and old members. Is
side Dancing was indulged in until a late
can hour. Delicious refreshments were bi
served throughout the evening. The b
ca music for dancing was furnished by
you the following: Bertrand Peck, Piano; *
-ous W. Bergens, Cornet; William Red
and mond, Saxaphone; J. Trebugnet, i
and Banjo, and C. Hunn, Dramm.
The Club has closed its membership h
until further notice, but there is a
waiting list for those who wish to tl
join. Those names on the waiting list
ICE. will be admitted to the club as soon
as a vacancy occurs. b
vtral Those who spent a pleasant eve
prep- ning were Misses Virgil Caftero
0 be Marguerite Sarbeck, Martha Ponti, t
iight Gertrude Foret, Alma Fellers, Marie
Kern, Elizabeth Barton, Agnes Kern,
aged Lucille Barton, Ura Dubret, Hazel
used Saleeby, Magorie Blakeman, Ollie
use LeBlanc, Aien Johnson, M. Bowers,
ways Emily Choate, Messrs. Sam King,,1
Clement Balk, Henry Kern, Marion
ib is Ryan, Louis Foret, Mitchel Hurst, i
lardl Max Bergers, Clarence Dillman, Maur
11 be ice Heath, Johnnie Dillman, Willie
lardi Johnson, George Gall, Leonard Lloyd,
Klat Arthur Felsher, Frank Burlet, Willie
will Link, Irvin A. Hindelang. Jordan
after Davis, C. Hindelang, R. Donaldson, Leo
Hinyub, Edward J. McShane, J. Mc
Donald, Albert Bertrand, B. Penal
son, V. Verret, Willie Erickson, Nolan
OOL LeBlanc, Bertrand Peck, W. Bergers,
William Redmond, J. Trebuquet, C.
of lo. Hunn, Philip and Karl Saleeby, Mr.
i, wi and Mrs. J. L. Saleeby, Mr. and Mrs. I
Bourgeois, and many others.
e W. The next meeting of the above club
hers: will be held at the home of Miss
louse. Alden Johnson, 426 Elmira Avenue
irime on Friday, Sept. 3., 192, at 8 p. m.
Russ, This meeting is for members only,
. because plans will be made for our
track ride which will be given on Oc
IT. tober 8, 1922.
r two At the heme of Mr. and Mr.. P.
also uKissinger a jolly erow# gathered to
pers. consratlate them m the arrival of
fom their irst boy, who was baptised, ra
their eethrg the name Udwar4 Gustave.
i at The mspaer were Mrs Dearig and
AMMr. OM O lregh. Th tsbleu were de
B are*m UB m ae weesena. l
Big Fun Snay Aftemnoon Wi
Quite a number of Algiers boys and
girls have expressed great interest In
the coming indoor festival to be given
by the Druids at the Palm Garden
Sunday afternoon beginning at 2 p.
Judging from the number of boys
and girls who have made inquiries
regarding the various contests and T
games The Druids Jack O'Lantern Dal
Lt should be an event that will be long ly
t remembered. The youngsters have o'cl
A selected the games which they intend M.,
competing in and can scarcely wait of
for the opening of the doors Sunday. Kai
r- The pie eating contest seems to brig
) hold the popular favor for it is one cer
contest that the majority is anxious Ba:
e to enter. Oh yes, some girls want mo
to show how fast they can eat pie pre
11 too. They say that because they are at
girls will make no difference for Dig
re when it comes to eatineg ple they
at are right at home. DA
m Then there will be apple ducking.
There is no need for an explanation
nt of this but it might be said that the
"5. lucky boy who gets the right apple
will also get a nice prise as a re- th
at ward.
L'y And to create more fun there will da
he be sack races. Ever try to ran in a
all sack? No? Then come out and see
the fun. ri
Next will come the shoe race. When
it comes to being funny this Is the sti
funniest of the funny. The kids take ml
their shoes off and place them in a ths
pile. They then are all mixed up. Ti
na 1The kids go off and are started. Then cil
nd comes a general scramble for shoes. to
he The winner Is the one who finishes be
wth with his or her shoes on properly
laced. me
ito Then to give the spectators a to
re breathing spell a donkey party will w,
he be staged.
by As the Jack O'Lantern is to be a to
1o; masquerade affair the Druids are of
fering a prise to the boy or girl who
let, is present in the best clown costume. M
And to take care of those who
tap have other costumes a prize will be
a given to the person having what to
to the judges is the best costume re
lit gardless of what kind it is.
Another amusing feature which has e
been arranged is a boxing exhibition. IE
ve- This program takes care of almost b
ero all kinds of youngsters but to add to f1
oti, the merriment the committee in i1
irie charge has added a novel event. )
m,' Need we tell you what it is boys? ,
izel Why, the freckle contest of course. F
lle Count 'em and see if you can beat c
ers. Harry and Fred and Red and Mike. ,
Ig, If you have any it all just send your
ion name in before Sunday. Send it to
rst, Ernest C. Hunt, care of Albert Prados
jur- at 906 Verret Street.
Illie For the older ones an event which
Nyde has been talked of for the past few v
weeks will be staged. A beauty con- I
Le test open to all Algiers girls will be a
decided on this night. Flappers of t
all types will be on hand to bid for
lan the honor of becoming Miss Algiers.
ers, A handsome prize and a surprise
. s lain store for the young lady who can
Mr. vamp the judges. Contestants should t
Krs. send their names in before Sunday 1
just as in the freckle contest. This
lub Is necessary for many of the girls
will be masked and t is essential that
the judges know their names. At any 4
rate the girl who wins will have an
honor to be proud of.
our Two bends of music will be in at
Oc. tendance.
John Beverly, age 44 years, who
lived at Homer and Brooklyn streets,
f took carbolic acid while at his work
as porter In the saloon of James Fo
tar, Evelina and Elmira streets.
and The negro told pollee his brother
dee-lwas tankig a striker's job In the
per( Southera PacIf shops at Alsglebrs.
main had alwarrs hea a stre weo"
ma.. he .mioda.
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks 'saf
to s
The wedding of Miss Genevieve ing
Daly to Mr. August Traub, was quiet- mat
ly celebrated Tuesday morning at 10 aboi
o'clock, by the Rev. Father Cotter, S. 000
I M., at the Church of the Holy Name safe
t of Mary. The attendants were Miss Mr.
Katie Gallinghouse, a cousin of the and
o bride, and Mr. William Daly. After the lute
ceremony the young couple left for of I
s Bay St. Louis to spend their honey
t moon. They received many beautiful
a presents and on their return will be II
S at home to their many friends in of I
r Diana Street. cil
F Intl
B cor
In a letter received Tuesday by ads
the commission council from the not
Orleans Levee Board, attention of '
the Commissioners is called to the to
damage done by the recent high net
water cave-ins near Stanton Plan- an(
tation, on the Algiers side of the by
river. Orl
n These cave-ins, it is stated, de- cal
stroyed approximately 4300 feet of »
macademiszed road in that section-- St
the only highway along that stretch. to
The levee board informs the coun
n cil that it is necessary for the city of
to rebuild this road a little further Pa5
back from the water front. In its r
present damaged condition, it is al- hoi
most impossible to deliver the mails 6l`
a to the lower section, a condition a
11 which cannot long exist.
The communications were referred ci
to Commissioner Wilbert Black,
to - He
At a meeting of the Orleans Parish
Levee Board last week, resolutions
endorsing the levee board's proposed
seawall project, to provide New Or
n. leans with one of the finest bathing
at beaches of the country, were received
to from the Parking Commission. Slm- Ti
in flar resolutions came from Miss A. M. n1
Harte, principal of Belleville school.
s? The interests represented by Miss
se. Harte ask the opportunity to pur
Mt chase a section reclaimed in the sea
ke. wall project.
to 1I
Ich A party believed to comprise rail
ew road workmen began firing shots up
on- in the air in Algiers Saturday night,
be and sent pedestrians flying for shel
of ter, though the shooting was only g
for pure "skylarking," according to a tl
ps. police report. I
ise Detective Louis Kuepferle and Pa d
as trolman Gallicio, standing near Pa- d
aid cific avenue and Socrates street, heard p
lay the shots and rushed to the scene, 1I
lls close by. They arrested Victor Hills, e
iris laborer for the Texas and Pacific t
hat railroad of 1330 Brooklyn avenge, and d
ary charged him with disturbing the peace t
an and carrying concealed weapons.
Mr. J. C. Leddick, one of our well
known residents is now connected
with the Stoner Garage corner PelUcan
who and Elmira Avenues, where he will
eta, be glad to meet his many friends.
rork Here you will get prompt attention
Poe and excellent service. They are now
erecting standard size electric lighted
ther concrete eoor, private garages which
the wnll be ready for occpancy by Nov. L
lras. They make a specialty oc Ooodyamr
aien Tires and sparten Noras. Repair
weak Is also ten spucial attenm.
Traction System Willi
Represented As Viad
Near Insolvency Plea
The South New Orleans Light and A fe
Traction Company, with a bonded in- mentic
debtedness of more than $1,000,000,is newly
on the verge of bankruptcy, President sioner
E. W. Burgis testified before the duct v
commission council at a hearing that .
called by the council to compel the the ci
company to show by its books that road
it is unable to repair the Newton becam
street viaduct, closed three weeks matte
ago on the recommendation from City bring
Engineer John Klorer that it was un- this
safe and a menace to life. Newt(
After Mr. Burgis cited the com- dlange
pany's balance sheets to show its city
actual financial condition, the coun- inally
cil decided that the company should the
produce statements showing the in- franc
come and disbursements of the power chise
company it also operates. This evi- viadu
dence will be offered next Tuesday, is nc
it was announced. fault
Operates At Loss sway
The South New Orleans Light and for t
Traction Company has been operat- have
ing at a loss since it was acquired kept
by the present owners in 1917, Pres-i pang
dent Burgis testified. When asked viad
by City Attorney Kittredge why the C,
owners continue to operate the com spec
panies when they showed a deficit, dilal
Mr. Burgis said that the board of gier:
directors decided to hold on until spec
actual ruin was inevitable or some onc:
improvement was made. get
Mr. Burgis did not appear before title
the council to ask for an increaseI TI
in street car fare. Mayor McShane obli;
S said nothing would be done with the earl
affairs of the company until the
IN, council had received additional fig- PUI
ures from Mr. Burgis.
The company originally was cited
to show why it could not stand the T
cost of repair and maintenance of mi
the Newton Street viaduct. Accord- pre
eve ing to City Engineer Klorer's esti- via'
let- mates the repairs needed will cost slot
10 about $75,000, but an additional $15,- con
S. 000 will be needed to keep it in a
tme safe condition for the next ten years.
disc Mr. Burgis said that his company,
the under present conditions, is abso
the lutely unable to meet this demand for
for of the council. a
ney- Responsibility Admitted for
be In the franchise for the operation fec
in of the company, granted by the coun
cil in 1904, there is a clause stipu- ho
lating that the eempany build and us
maintain the structure. Mr. Burgis da
agreed with the commissioners when he
ILS. they said that it was the duty of the
company to repair the viaduct, but Cc
by added that despite that fact it could
the not be done at present.
i of The company is operating from ten of
the to fifteen street cars on a line con- me
high necting Algiers with McDonoghville at
Plan- and Gretna. The franchise granted Or
the by the commission council of New tol
Orleans provides that the company
de. can charge a 5-cent fare for each au
t of passenger riding from the United tol
on- States Immigration Station in Algiers pr
stch. to the Jefferson parish line. The Jo!
n tfranchise granted by the police jury as
city of Jefferson parish allows the com
rther pany to charge another 6-cent fare ch
n its from the parish line to the court- Bi
- house at Gretna. Both franchises to
nails give the company the right to charge ca
tion a 10-cent fare from the Immigration mi
station to the courthouse at Gretna, pe
but this right never has been exer- in
Neither President Burgls nor U. Ai
Howard McCaleb, attorney for the at
company, would say whether they ft
ARD. were contemplating a formal request g
for an increase in street car rates.
Service on the street car lines is "
ish terminated at the viadact at present
o and hundreds of citizens are protest
ing against the situation. Francis
SOr- Williams of the Louisiana public h
service commission, who attended
Tuesday's hearing as a spectator, an
Sim nounced that he had cited the South- c
ern Pacific railroad to send repre
sentatives to a hearing Monday. The
MimSouthern Pacific's tracks cross be
Sneath the viaduct and Commissioner
S Williams said he would determine
why that company wouald not pay at
least a portion of the expense in
N. volved in the repalring of the struc
night, - t
shel- The Herald is in receipt of a pro' I
only gram for the fourteenth annual fee
to a tival given by the New Orleans eire
Department. The book is of large
id Pa- dimension, containing over two haun- i
r Pa- dred pages and is neatly gotten ap.
heard There are many photographs of our I
scene, locsl firemen in the book, and it gives
Hill, other data regarding the festival. The I
aciticlbig annual celebration this year, no
e, and doubt, will be as largely attended as
peace they have been heretofore.
. This merltorious organizatlon de
serves all the support the people can
E give it.
Remember the date and go to the
r we estival at the Fair Grounds on Oc
ected tober 8, 1922.
tention The body of Chester Adams who
e now was drowned on Friday was recovered
ighted Saturday afternoon by his grand
I which father Louials Adams residing on Or
Noi. L leans plantation on the Lower Coast.
eodyer Young Adams was drawing a bucket
Repair of water up tfroma the river when he
temke- lot his aLauce sad fifl evrsbeuri
Williams 1To Investigate
Viaduct--Citizens Are
Pleased By Early Action
A few days ago some of our citizens
mentioned to Francis Williams, the
newly elected Public Service Commis
sioner, that our Newton Street via
duct was impossable due to decap and
that a controversy existed between
the city, the Southern Pacific Rail
road and the Algiers Railway. He
became very much interested in the
matter and offered his services to
bring about the re-establishment of
- this important thoroughfare. The
Newton Street viaduct is now a
dangerous bridge, closed to traffic by
city authorities. The viaduct orig
inally cost about $0,0tO.00 and when
the Algiers Rtailway bought their
. franchise, it was a part of this fran
r chise that they were to maintain the
. viaduct, which they failed to do. It
,is now a question as to whom is at
fault in the matter, whether the city
should have seen to it that the Rail
way Company repaired the viaduct or
d for the Southern Pacific Company to
' have seen to it that the viaduct was
d kept up as the Southern Pacific Com
ipany is the only benefactor from this
d viaduct.
ie Commissioner Williams made a
Sspecial trip to Algiers to Inspect the
Sdilapidated bridge and told the Al
of giers people that he would make
tl special efforts to get a hearing at
te once so that we would immediately
get the relief to which we were en
re titled.
se The Algiers people will be gratefully
ne obliged to Francis Williams for his
he early attention to this matter.
he The Louisiana Public Service com
of mission will hold a hearing on the
rd- present condition of the Newton street
sti- viaduct in Algiers. Monday Commis
sioner Francis Williams said that the
15, commission had been petitioned to
a make an investigation and after going
r into the matter he found that the
ny, state commission has Jurisdiction in
s the matter.
nd "I have set October 4 as the date
for this hearing," said Williams, "The
matter will come before me, acting
for the commission, order to this ef
ion fect having already been issued.
)un- "The commission has been asked to
Ipu- hold the hearing immediately but
and uader the law October 4 is the earmlest
rgis date that such a hearing could be
hen held."
Santa Maria Council 1724, Knights
ten of Columbus, will entertain their
con- members and friends with their ladies
ille at an Informal Dinner Dance at the
sted Orunewald Cave, on Thursday, Oc
New tober 12, 1922.
any This annual celebration is eagerly
ach awaited because those who have been
ited fortunate enough in the past to be
lrs present recall the good time they en
The Joyed at the previous affairs of this
jury nature.
om- Michael E. Donner the Chairman in
fare charge announces that he has engaged
Mrt- Brownlee's Famous Orchestra to
ies furnish the dance music for the oe
mrge casion. This band of celebrated
tion musicians will make their first ap
tna, pearance in their new uniforms add
ser- Iug grace to the affair.
Miss Dorothy Murtagh, Messers.
E. Aubrey Galennie and Win. Donner and
the an set from the Orpheum Circuit will
they furnish the entertainment for the
tos. An excellent menu has been ar
,s is ranged and should appeal to the
sent fancy of the most exacting epicure.
test- The committee expect this year's cele
suds bration to far surpass any previously
ublic held. Handsome favors will be
nded awarded to each lady in attendance.
r, an- The following is the personell of the
oath- committee in charge.
'epre Alvin T. McGlvney, Reugo Oliver,
The Warren Whitmore. P. O. Caflero, Remy
b. Charles, Wm. Dunn, Peter Munts,
loner A. Bevans, A. C. Brodtman, Mark
mine Abbot. Jas. Brodtmann, Dan Knowles,
sy at Geo. J. Forrest, Michael E. Douner,
a in- Chairman.
FIre Commissioner Harry Fltspat
rlek presented the counel with a pe
tion signed by Algiers etisens ask
pro- ing some fire protection for that part
I fes- of the city isolated by the closing of
Fire the viaduct. No vehicles are per
large matted to use the viaduct. According
hun- to Commissioner Pitzpatrick, the fire
i tp, department would have to detour
i our twenty blocks in the event of a fire
gives on the opposite side of the struc
I. The ture.
ir, no Public Property Commissioner Black
ed as suggested that an engine be housed
on the opposite side of the strueture
a do- temporarily, but no action was taken
e can on the suggestion. Action will be
taken after Safety Commissioner Ray
o the makes as Investigation.
in Oc
In the contest for a name for the
new harbor fire tug. the name "De
lugse" was chosen. The fifty dollars
s who had to be divided into thirteen parts
overed as that number suggested the name.
grand- There were 1500 who entered the
on Or- competition.
Coast. Among the thirteen suceessful one
bucket were Capt. A. T. Price, Jr., $1 Ope
-he, he lousas Avenue and Soe. A. lls 52
beard, Seuj Sret.a

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