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CHAPTER VIII-.Coit.rued. '.ll
gl atWo me. Andil. it. .w I ,,l i o, t h
he l at t ort Ullte i to '' ,,' It rI
Sso rprt el .an.t in l . i'i. A nii '
g , h' . suc.h Ia ttlkr1 !? .'Iy '. , II
g ies wo 1U l :,n,,t ..ti . P i,"r t, .
uth choer tll o1 cLk 1u11 utu{
y. (The Idea :-(ry lit;;o I u's  r? 'e
iqe next inute hI ' :,)I dlr: ln m lo `ie
aof the line. and we r%,'r ,lh talk- i 'ie
ib o~s, ant telling ehi:,, tetr how lf h
to si. ta~li cltrr. her
d we were to se. n c the r-t i
t he wasi yo,,ig n ,d r .\lh , her-- t \: n
1i3w he was; for thi' iadto i bk't aft- ,i
S'" l e W f me, he Il, t.kled rg hll v,\er lily I'
dIt the w\id i b"L, i.k if IeI ur. An t
a t e while lie 'as tlkillg with mt
1 eyest woultd look it iTe Irlle thlrn thn
Sas swift as llghtnhilo first he're. tll
l hea there, all ovet r thell hdll. But riot
Is didn't see her. I knew lie dliln't TId
w hber, by the look oni his fre. Antid t1
ety quick I said I'd hia'e to go. T lT
ad then he said: , il
goar mother--perhaps she lldn't- will
y ahe come?" And his face grew all the
l snd rosy as he asked n the questiohe. l
And I said yes, and she was waiting. inti
Nl that was why I had to go back and
ad he said, "Yes, yes, to he sure." Ain
IA, "g'4-by." But he still held my ýIa
ld tlight, and his eyes were still rov- I -
a all over the house. And I had to salt
a  atain that I really had to go ;
ma I had to pull real determined at b"Ti
had, ' efore I could break away. to
I went back to Mother then. The a n
hI was almost empty, and she wasn't wot
ywbfere in sight at all; but I found pro
hrust cutsidte the door. I knew then tar
why Father's face showed that he ten
Ial't found her. She wasn't there to ly I
A,. I suspect she had looked out for ne:
Is the afternoon I went to walk with tru
Seof the girls; and when I came In she
I couldn't find Mother. She wasn't sti
Sybere downstairs, nor in her room, I'd
Samine, nor anywhere else on that sht
/ar. Aunt Hattie said no. she wasn't ,r:
a., but that she was sure she didn't re
bea where she was. She must be shI
ere Ia the house.
I went upstairs then, another flight. an
iae wasn't anywhere else to go, andti l
hber must be somewhere, of course e at
Ad it seemed suddenly to me as if let
o JMt got to find her. I wanted IiI
IV ft th
AM I found her. dit
Si the little back room where Aunt tit
DM11 keeps her trunks and mothball til
Im Mother was on the floor In the to
sag crying. And when I exclaimed At
t and ran over to her. I found she T1
INS sitting beside an old trunk that
_"m q ta; and across her lap was a
.mlldctly lovely pale-blue satin dress til
t Iimmed with silver lace that had I
< @m blaek. And Mother was crying al
0dl eylag an if hr heart would break. to
.. comrse, I tried and tried to stop Ia
, siad I begged her to tell me what IC
'- the matter. But I couldn't do a
" o a thing, not for a long time. i'
im I happened to say what a lovely ti
aaily what a pity t was that the 1
wa a s -alI black. sl
 ia mid yes, It was all black-tar
". i h; sad that It was just like every- at
t.I that she had had anything to do I
u' -tmaiahed ;her life and her mar- cl
I a a
, l n
It It wua't. and that I didn't
• hit, and that •he
n t  li ,.ther either, she only
4 i more 'ad shool hean head
hlag wan t ani hoked ut e
eL e em tha little dress And she
A ,alho wore at the rig receptlon
s rIt met Father. And t d e
bmp ed ad happy when Father
Fthe tohe she onll--ynde
Uia 51 the moe ldn't seem to h tayd
* a beta a minute all the e eh
_ SM this lttoer days later he
! st me Fa hime; and she w
" Wind s ad happy. h
- l a r f mnined sple. ni -a
S mi hi aridlfwe
tes i'! I-erf,'t; but that it u an'.i't "Y'e"
Iw t itil tl ht efore ia little bit it tfri - l4 q,"iir "
", h 'li lulte: rie , iilnd then n:thel r intill "Iltu
il ther. flr n.
She sid tl thlnl went on %st.e and "WV1
Itoi'te irlinl it ta ill her fiault. Slit- tiers
rren-t sour wlil 'roi s and i il l:gL' t'eeat' le'. I nt
Shit ce'till see uiow that .l, diid. ltit It,1k I
.hlie dtil noti reailize atit till then .i ht secret
-. she was doilng. She wias just thiikii guess
of heretlf allitia Iishers.lf; her right~s. ; sl".i "
her \t rincll . hl r hurt feei.li.. her \ hil.e,
it  ant' idl i kies. She nte-r once that 1
Stliou liht that h lie h:i rl.itsi tinl trunk
. r'n,1.e fii1 hurt feel' nl  , ityliie. o t. tI
i tShe alil it lot nore'-- hl. e'tvr sic "ti
luri th i iore' bu I c'nlll't rentllilr e.t' r It tltt
ai ll!. I knots' that slit tent onii tio s yi Ing e,
that by a dl iy the tarni'h heiiiai tio At
t (111 the lrilitness otf my life. toin: rei
t n1111 that wi the wiorst of nill. she .AIul.
Ssntll1-- thti t innocelll nlt ehlilre'tn shoull thler 1
lsuffeTr, and tlheir .oons livesi he spoiled
iby the kind of living I'd had to have.
with this wretched mniakeshlft of a (II
v11 ided home. She begarn to cry again
then, anid begged ime to forgive her;
iand I cried and tried to tell her I didn't /'~
nind It; biut. of course, I'm colder now.
and I know I do mind It, though I'm try
ing just as hliard as I can not to be
Mary when I ought to be Malrle. or
iY Marie when I ought to he Mary. Only
- I get all mixed up so, Iltely, and I
to said so. and I guess I cried some more.
Mother jumnped up then, and said,
"t Tut. tut." what was she thinking of
to talk like this when It couldn't do
a hit of goodw, but only made matters
it worse. And she saidt that only went to i
id prove how she was still keeping on
'n tarnishing my happiness and bringing
he tears to my bright eyes, when certain
to ly nothing of the whole wretched bust
or ness was my fault.
She thrust the dress hack Into the
th trunk then. and shut the lid. And
in she began to talk and Inlatch and tell
,t stories, and he gauyer and jollier than
m. I'd seen her for ever so long. And
at she was that way lit dinner, too. until
n't Grandfather happened to mention the
r't reception tomorrow night, and ask if
be she was ginlg.
She flushied up red then, oh. so red'
ht. and said. "Certainly not." Then shte
nl addetl quick. with i funny little draw
se. Ing-in of her breath. that she shoulbt The
If let Marie go. though, with her Aunt ri
ed Inlttle. It was the only chance Fa- to
ther would have to see me. and she
didn't feel that she hadl any right to thal
Int dtprlve him of that privilege, and she met
all didn't think it woull do me any harm en o
the to he out this once late In the evening. do
bed And she Intended to let me go. dldt
ia Well, now I guess something's doing all
tes all right! And my hand is shaking so t'."
eaih I can hardly write-it wants to get me.
Ing ahead so fast and tell. But I'm going ton
ak. to keep it sternly tlack and tell it just
top as It happened, and not begin at the 3Ma
bat Ice cream instead of the soup. I
a At the reception I saw Father right eyp
me. away, bhut he didn't see me for a long
'ely time. He stood in a corner, and lots the
the of folks came up anti spoke to him and one
shook hands; and he bowed and smiled
tar- -hnt in between, when there wasn't "Ti
my- anylody noticing, he lookedt so tired co!
do and bored. After a time he stirred and
jar- changed his position, and I think he
was hunting for a chance to get away. tio
when all of a sudden his eyes, roving dn
around the room, lighted on me. ral
My! but just didn't I love the way eve
he came through that crowd, straight wa
toward me, without paying one hit of tin
attention to the folks that tried to
stop him on the way. And when he the
got to me. he looked so glad to see me, .I
only there was the same quick search- yo
ing with his eyes, beyond and around we
mle, as if he was looking for somehody be
else, just as he had done the morning
of the lecture. And I knew it was to
Mother, of course. so I said:
"No. she didn't come." l
"So I see," he answered. And there e
was such a hurt. sorry look away hack I.
In his eyes. But right away be smiled,
and said: "But you came! I've got
you." in
Then he began to talk and tell to
storles, just as if I was a young lady
to be entertained. And he took me 11
over to where they had things to eat
and just heaped my plate with chicken j
patties and sandwiches and ilives and -
pink-and-white frosted cake and Ice et
cream (not all at once. of course. but '
in order.) And I had a perfectly beautl- la
ful time. And Father seemed to like a
it pretty well. But after a while he I
grew sober again. and his eyes began
to rove all around the room.
He took me to a little seat In the
had -
bnesas Wre DetermlIned for Once to MSee &
Picture From Its Beginning I
Stell to Its End.
iidn't e
she The last scenes of a film drama rm
only flekering to their Leviltable denome
head meat. The fight between the hero and
the villain was over, the chasing of I
a the automoblles had been so far exhaust- '
pton ed that there was hardly a character
d she who hadn't chased or been chuased by
ather every other character.
I and ' Suddeny a woman nla the audlence e
ingled notlced two aice girls near her whose t
Sstay eyes were peacefully elosed. Her heart K
e eve- went out to them ina sympathy, for she
er he assumed that they were blild sad that
e was they went to the mevtes Just to bear
the profinsor peacn the plama l. I
when though that aseme teoo awl to e
I thttrN.
cOrner afterward, and we sat down
and began to talk-only Fnthter didn't
talk muclh. lie just listened to what
I said. and his eyes grew deeper and
darker and sadder, and they dhin't
rove arounll so much, after a time, but
just stared fixedly at nothing, away
out acro the room. 113 awl by le An
stmirred and drew t long sgh, aui said. 0n
alnfst under his breath:
"It was just such another night as
And of course, I asked hant was-
and Ihen I knew, almost befire he had
told nie.
"That I first saw your mother, my
"(Oh, yes, I ki .w '!" I cried,. nLaer to
tell hits tirht I "!,i" know. ".\ n I he
lst h Lv a ,.nk. l . ,ly in ti:;.t per
fe.,tl t-o:ulit: fill l,!ue slk dress all silt & A
Her Il1,.,. "
"llutw .d wu kno that?" h tr hd. ede V \
" l in . t. l oI L . I l i n
a~n't '"Y+ ,.rI:.;t, . --tine t reo , - " I 11\ ill
ulr in
anti "W\\. i:!at dIress nutl-t he--s'el.ttcu
Sl i , ar5.ls i.ild, or Itore."t
Shlet. I nii let iIg:duii and I suppose I d ii '
l lut I l .lk 1lii-i'4d; its si'h fun to have I
Shat secret. ull know, anitd nlit.h foll i. rt.- w
tki t i 5ess iaild ,tal.ter. .\And I kept him tac , t1
ight'. gi. Xiil hi. Ira. l w ,ni'lirlig fir quite it
her while. ThITn, of .ours.. I tol hitrn
once that it ilis u ttatlr. in (ratuifithi r's Tr
tuu trunk ro,il : tha:t Mother ihud gt It
e. out. at l I -ai It. T i
ir si "llut, what- w-', youlr motiher duint T .ii
r it I lth thi t ir.-': he askeli d thleui , lok- I t oil
i sad' in g .l !il. . ' Lr '1771'/i i t llt tl tiyTti .id. ,''1,"'"1
:l t" Au.lh 1 i n ... lenly I tihoLi-ht antid
itoo ,: re iil'iie ,'r. t.nat . ,ither wVus "rving I t.iu .f
I. sh it .t i .. "if iiiiurs, she wic iululntl want . 'a Il The
hilti hr to kIinow sthe na' irvling ,vitr it- lubli
1uileu ore hl,
have. lwireial
a di t~-irt
again in the
her; 7. been be
didn't ýjf=. lelading
Snow t.ns, I
1m try alid ilil
to be ceibee
'le, or i 'The
and ( connect
more. ot ll
said. ,I Tiuel
ting of T t iThie Il
natters I the ma
lent to pfubliii
ng on follow 1
"inging Seen
ertain- of t nt
11 bust- s 'p \streaut
ito the to A of tie;
ask if
.. until are r
to redd
on she I
'ihnl' Then He Began to 'I a lK and Tell Sto
r Aunt ries, Just as If I Was a Young Lady
ice Fa- to Be Entertained.
nd she
'ight to that dress she had worn when he first j-"
nd she met her long ago! (I don't think wornm
y harm en ever want men to know such things, T'
vening. ido you? I know I shouldn't !) So I t
didn't tell. Father had begun to talk dlietril
again, softly, as if to himself for f
"I suppose tonight. seeing you, and pMoae
'a doing all this, brought t heck to me so vivid- Sinc.e
king so i." Then lie turned and looked at opera
to get me. "You are very like your mother ctultul
u going tonight, dear." I (5x.1(
I It just "I sluppose I am, maybe, when I'm explo
at the Marie." I nodded. and 1
He laughed with his lips. hut his stla.t
er right ees didn't laugh one. bit as he said:
ra longe "What a quaint little fancy of yours g t
nd lots that is, child-as if you were two in rgret
him anl one " Ings.
i dsmiled "fut I am two in one." I declared. 3ainn
wasn't 'That's why I'm a crossulnrrent and a in
so tiredi contradictIOn, you know." I explained.
rrem andi "A what?"'he demanded.
hink he "A cross-current and a contradilc
t away, tion,." I explained once more. "Chil
u, roving dren (.f unlikes, you know. Nurse 5a- 1'
ne. rahe told me that long ago. Didn't you
the way ever hear tha'-that a child of unlikes 210
stralht was a cross-u rrent and a contradlic w.il
se hit of tione"roh
tried to "Well, n-I-hadn't. " answered Fa- o en
when he ther, in a queer. half-smothered voice. of
see me, '¶ suppose. Mary, we were-nlikes. sea.
Ssearch- yotr mother and I. That's just what uil f
I around we were: though I never thought of it ship
omehody before, in just that way." runs
morning He waited. then went on, still half hydr
It w r to himself, his eyes on the dancers: such
i She loved things like this-musoic TI
Inaghter. ayety. I alhorred them. I in a
nd the re remember how bored I was that night thri
iay back lhtre-till I saw her." fifty
e smiled, "And did you fall In lo'e with her .an
I've got right away'? I just couldn't help ask- mam
ling that question. Oh, I do so adore toli
and tell love stories! aind
lung lady A queer little smile came to Father's 12 k
tok me lipsr. hehi
o5 to at "Well. yres. I think did. i ar. Ir A
i chicken Luct looked at her once-and then kept d5ia1
lives and on looking till it seemed as if I just o w
and ie couldn't take my ees off her. And w
rse bhut after a little her glance met mine
ly heatl- and the whole throng melted away.
d to like Iand there wasn't another soul in the Nl
whlie he room but just us two, Then she
s )began looked away. and the throng came
hack. But I still looked at hert"
at L i the (TO BE CONTINUED.)
to SW r But when the picture ended and the
ning lights flashed on, the two girls opened
four perfectly good eyes, looked at
rams w each other and smiled. A
e denome' "Did you really keep your eyes
hhero and shut?" demanded one. "Honest to rea
basing of goodness I did-but did you7" cour pa1
r exhaust- tered the other. Ins
charactr "Croes my heart and hope to die" at
chased by averred the first, "but it took a lot vic
of seif-control. However, I was deter- tal
saiedlea mled for once to se" a plcture from 51
her whose the beginning instead of from the trle
B er beart mlddle."-New York Sna. d
y, for she ths
d and that Heme.
st to hear "There's no place ie hbae, theak ,
p s ml- heaven," sighed the hen-pecked ma.n
rtal to he he locked his hotel room from the
[email protected] .
ed Another Addition to Horrors of Wad
a the I r:'ti a: i ility of the -! cL.iie.
I at :, 1, a 1,%t l fi, t w:l het of
` ' , . e value t", all f, ri,' :i' I
d `, ' ;,It,.: . ,',,.,1;1.:,.al a nt l :uth t ,: rý, f,,ll,,t s
tadO t nb , :ht ,.a s , tlea, rV.. l
. i .t
j' \ty , i t r,-,i : h s tp l,' ,at..to lr P tl
tio. i .. t\.. n,, ',r, in tt at n k,.hned 1..sling
ii; ' *,, t ,:i it is rAr - rlrand ', fr h tl. ~ ,-
t1 i1 a &Il.lI - f"r" iI.+ t¼.l+ i.L atal  i ft iii , .i 1" , .;11" ie l' t 'tl'.* -i , it. 4.
St I . 1  i ', In , i t 1 l.. L,:i
T f f o r the Motrita
li ."n w. t," t or t he ar I t"~ie
.. :1 ;1' '11 1 t t , , illll" ". . ' I- 1 i 11 ' 'i i
l t,'ri if th n ia, ' 'd S it'. lh a d -,.ntt.r. -l,'r n Tf noii t- 1.
t r in` li t u t. ".c ine trret is Its.'' tl 4h i. - ii.n
ltid JaI ..itags' ,i t i , ippaarutit 1t-1 f 1! ire,' ile +
t eIP' , ."..". alr. o ty atitins I by . "f .rr In tr:mate inn, ritii:ng :ll +
Til 'rc~iTiz hal lark to i'Prk ii h lit h.
rti rt1 \atixe pla.. 's it,, lalls ttI .. . 4011 if nl - f1
i k. 11 'I t i v It S ' ly  tle li olltt r, 1 i "ll. but fit.
"li,',,i i ii 'Ulti't'hl 1 ji t" 11a11,l lsrip- mt l nity c li rf r t
tind S. :bitran is ::nko l:n y n:lt' .,,f tih , \ tepett ,uh" "ation pi
ing t,""" ,f tMe t',uted statey. i "' .
a ldThere s 1u Inti) untruth it reb gstiy r : the ent1Ire . 0
cied publi ca l tio n tll.. le. (rt t r -
orie NRtli atrko ark highway Au sittelv reliale 4ubcat
ere0 'i*lizel ind therebyt b hea. p :r ed.
r,'ct atie os re thou hihayght ftrees ad plats foul lyr
in the seine of the dollar, .eo",logy has
beell belittled withI fltitiprk!us ln h itcky -llong the hla or on side tris h co*
leadiig localized tin'es aid detscrip- munity center.
tiOns, botany is unkn own bfy ntipublatis o te tihn on al formation
and plants is Nell as trees have re- and geology over the entire 6.500
ceived lohal names. miles. :""
The Nati,mal Park to Park highway An nbsolutely reliable publication "
connects with one wonderful highway on trees and plants found growing
nountains and on the Pt'lfi* ('oast. In other words, the National l'arl
The pIlans being formed in the general to, P'ark highway is to be geologizedi,
i (,ltfit' of the asslciatloan by (;us IHolins, botanized. mapped, charted and signed *
the managing secretary. are a set of te assist the private automoblle
publicntliols co'vering separately the traveler. r
flling sujects: It Is the desire of the National Park
to l'ark illghiway association that only
Scenic attractions, recreative places truthful information and advice shall *
of Interest, sluchi is forests, lakes and be given to its mIally patrolns. anill It
streamns, free to the llpublic. is the purpolse of its thousiais of 0
Slistorical lllres of Interest: malnly I mellmbers ti see that It is idone. The
of these attractions are found directly general offices are in Denver.
Picric Acid Used as a New Stump-Buster I
ftrmers, averaging 22 poundls ier *
farrner. We estimate that this will
cleair 3...1Mi1 acres of lind iand has made ii
Sa saving of over $70(,;M)K for the farm- "
ers of the state."
r The .c.ono,,y of this ex;,losive Is "
ayen4sphasinl ty the department in a re
t" S , ,rent circuinr .howi\lng that list fall' *
Lady distributilon svl'ed the farmers asout i
.3iMl-,(5IN" over the cost of other explos- *
ives. There are now availab:ile sole
arst tl*;.- •i • -. .i.N puii s of pierie acld. and of *
wom- this aunlaint 1,.-I).(10 are available to .
hings. TT-.:NTIi IN of farmers in all sec- ei-tih if tihe lake states-Michigan, ,
So I ti ons of the country to the free Wisconsin atuld Minnesota. i
talk eli trilitioni of excess war explosives , l'lcri ntcli is a high explosive which '
for fiirn \work is cIlled by the I nited was useda in large quantitites ,luring the "
i. and St:itates Ielpartmtent of AgricuLlture. ,iar, iand is now being distrtiuted to =
vivid- Since lrlit fall the elpartlment. ii (o- farlers for agricultural piurposes. says *
ed at ol:eratioin with the various state igri- the ldepartmtent. N, charge is made"
other tiltural colleges. has distrlhuted 3.- by the governmlent for the explosive
0(1,.(54) poitnds of picart acid. a surpllus itself. but as it has to he dried ouilt and
n I'm explosive. which' is very effitlent, easy i cartridgeld befiore it can lihe used for
lIand safel to halndle. In Minnesota the peiac-eful purposes the co't iof this
it his stite - rtl-iclturll c·illeg. relt.lrts: work ltiust lie I litd by the falrmrs. I
id: "We feal that Ihcric acid llas been a 'ii-rir ailal is a cornparutlvely anfe
yours grlit lienetit to the state atnd llhas lo#ne ltxhl.isive anil is tsed in the stmne way
l geatrett tliatl to .timllhte land clear- , that other lagrichultural explosives are
lnlgs. The 774.(0,4 Itund.its allotted to utsel. It Ii.i si·venrli advantuges over
and linnsota were distributed to 3,511 commnnercial exploslves.
-Where Oil Bubbles Up Out of the Sea
Ve Sa- WENTY y.-ars ago a skipper of the
i't you Itritish steinmter Etolla, cruising O
nlikes 200 mlles off the Texas const, and oil
tradlc- with more than a mile of water he
tween the ship's keel and the
ed F- oceian's floor, palsed lthirough patchles
voice. of oil on the surface of the
Inlikes. sea. "Thte oil alppeared to he liubbling -
t what upl from the sit," said the note in tihe
it of it ship's log. and since that daliy there
runs through the retords of the nany ,1."
11 half hydrogralhlh oftice repeated reports of
es such oil signs at s.n. Through the years that followed. re
-music. The same year the steamer Dtunstan. ports of oil on the sea's surface have
iem. I n almnost the same lpsition. "lpassed come at frequent intervals. The hy
t night thraughl a stream of kerosene oil abiout I drographic office records show 26 such
fifty feet ixidle." Four years later the mariners' observations during the last
Ith her 8an Jat.into encountered, close to the . 20 years, some of them from points
lp ask- same locality. "a layer of crude oil: l well north of ('ape May, some far out
adore colr a dark yellow; very strong odor," in the Atlantle. But the grefatest nim
anld steiitnid imore than tive hIours at Ier are clustered In the gulf soitheist *
'ather's 12 knots beforre the ,ll snmear was left of the Texas coast In waters rangingll
behind. froml 8H) to n) fathoms in deplth.
a. llAginl, in 1909, the stealmer C(le- 4.ni ossrvatil hn wa.S InII shout
In ket dian replorted a Inl!e-wide oil stain tweuty miles off Gallveston in 16 fiath
I "whlich could he seen lubbling on the oms, aind others frolll that point out to
And surface In three Jets." the spot 2)0 tiles from shore.
:* New Wind Gauge Will Help Aviators
nonly shows the direction of the wind.
e ea and keeps continuous record of the ve
r.  locities at all hours, but Indicates the
vPlorlty on pressing a button. By
. i. |counting the number of huzzes per
@ minute the velotcity is read.
 | The continuous record of wind v
E |locities at 700 feet above the ground
S will be of material aid to aerial navi
and the . gation over this territory, especiallly
o - a - "i when rigid and nonrigid airships are
oked at in flight. Formerly, in order to get
A to aviators in the vicinity of the wind velocity and direction, small
a eyes 'asington is offered by ithe bu rubber balloons, hydrogen filled, were
st to ea of rnuts of the Navy de- liberated. Now pros~pective flyers need
partment, In the announcement otf the only telephone to the recording offilce
nstallatin on the 70foot rad tower to receive the readings at any moment
to die" t Arlington of a wind-recordinig de- inuous ecords at 700 feet above
vloce. A mast has been erected on the the ground level will be compared with
tallest of the three towers on which is thmose taken at various stations at the
*re fro0e a six-foot wind vane. which, by elec- ground level, one of which is at the
S therica connections. records in the office foot of the Arlington tower, and will
every vagary of the wind currents at be useful nla determining the increase
era " "tde of wind with altitude. The data will
The records, it is said. will be of also be of value to engineers, the de
Sthank ceptional value to airlen In show- prtmient l a, Iln using the readings
leg the more constant currents of the for the de*lirltlon of wind pres
r at a ir. the recording device not nrs1 on str.c.te.
P -----+++*+++++-I- +- + -:"++++ *+++ . N
" The Home of Flowere"
S Phone MaNn 5C7
0 A
. 914 Canal Street
- 5A
+ Country Orders Attended to i
in this paper will bring
good returns on the
money invested SC
:il " Delivered from Your Drag
moe *
m- gist or Diret
Is . *
""t 1300 Dryades St.
:he : Phone Jackson 10841081 :
: We Make and Deliver the :
*" 0
Ich : Finest oakm anud Ptriu :
" for A1 Occasions.
AC- "
,g ,
JOHN P. VEZIEN, President
Ship Chandlers and Grocers
Special Attention to Railroad Orders Prompt Delivery
814.31 Morgan Street Phone Algiers 211
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Hardware, Groceries, Wines, Liquors, Ete.
i- f--------------w"" ~ l
FRANK BRAAI, President WILLIAM BRAAI, Vloe.Premident
DOUGLAS BRAAI, Secretary-Treasurer
Repair Work, Gutter Spouting, Steam and Gas Fitting, Shee
Metal Work of Al Descriptions. Gas Stove
Repairing Our Specialty
Phone Algiers 377 $10 Newto Street
Si.O )eticiozus u! titin
re ASX OUL Gj=a9rQ
Builders of Tugs, Bargee, River Steambea
l Cenetruction Yard, Bayou St. John
ill Marine Repair Plant With Wharf and Derrick FPlitlee
le .Situated on the Miaissippi River at Algiers, La.
gs P. O. Drawer 4 Telephone Algiers 101
The Cir:',l ir - re than a Nrassiere. It:s
Se- Adirt e ii a mply slips nver
the hea-. a...,s at t!e v'rst aund unaer
arm, ao suiý oua ot saly Lars.
If your rde.'er cJn ar r t, end otartl
ablet meneel.. t. .,.r. a Jrrs. and
$1 (t0. HW''ii ., Ifa Ce r.,rlet pre
paod. Sire.34 t , .4.
Ncmo mygmienic-F.,shion Institute
120 L.at Icith it., .- 1a..k, Le)p't M.
1 i.' al . " ; ". , :,1i toeat But
you I : 1 i.h a:.,t ea' b..tl ,r by
tr,.,::. w:th u. ):r pr em . aLe
low a::,l I. qu; (tltu ly is h.gh.
Pellcan Av:nue and Verret t.
Full Line of Choice
Sanitary in Every Respect
Courteey--Qua! ity-Service
Couget & Fabares
U~ --~-- ---
Has Your Come In and
Subscription , ''
Expired? in,,
A FARMER carrY n
express package from
S a big mail-order house was
* accosted by a local dealer.
S" WA didn't yo bu. ithi bll
* of goods from rme I eed l ars
* saved you the express. and bside
* you urould ham. been patredW *
* Awnes a ese. wAkh 1ups p the
* faxes ad budds up thid Isduil'."
S The foame l oabed the .
* chnt a smen and l Cthen aid:
S"Wh dWn' you easIe ,peesr
* mane paper end doerfie) I rseed a
* anddidn'thiknest ehrAsdttehu
I hao kee. "

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