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tatesof AmericI. Stlate of
Sof Orlean. (itv of New
lt kown That tn titis twrn
Bef the month of July in the
r Lord One thouii:id. nine
grd to -two. and of the In
of the ilt- It* tof vnterh
hundred tint flirty -,,ve'lth ;
" thi cir and the ' In.h of
e.It. both of uat: tlid reui
J `ttero of New orleanscs. who
Sthat they are r"' tiýrel the
eretary of thie C 'rpescet
,Comand o and tdadt they aln -
oe. ota',- in their e.ila'aity
hVC for the purtlr,,e of Iuttintif
ts e certatin Ihn clt:*-. . ltter
ih.e de to the lelrter of
csm anF, originally lm..e b."
I iP tn, a notary iubl,, fon
pL t ain d as atm.nd In b an et
ad erof Jwrel. . .eorel'd an
0ce Book 77. folo (Pit!. and
Pr- ofkue Hook 12I'. frioh 32" rr.
set 1ftiNg under authorization of
of the st. kioldier- of head
Ia dopted it ,,etin held
dl of July. 1:c2 tth,.rref a
py is anneed hereto for further
r ers frther del.lreed that at
of the stockholder. affresaht.
 islptal st'ok of the, corpora
gad outstanding. h.einlg pre-
St mnp ted the followtint amend
the charter of the r:are were
41sdl adopted. to-wit
,KgL 3 i-The name and tille- of tlhe
.. shall be the t'r,.ecelit Furni
hdMattress ('tonlpattey. In'.. and
ts corpate alie tle sild cor
all power andt authority
a enjoy alucetrs-iCtl for the full
Sety-sline years front the date
d actocontra cut - aced rntee seal.
. tk sad aiter thie etme at pleas
hase, own. hld. leas, rev.
______te and mortgage or pledge
oSa orate atle, Iprolwrty. hoth
Y I aPnd mired. itcluding pat
pt rights. stocks and bonds. to
s issue bonds and note.. to elect
sd t such directors. officerse and
a lhe ntert ald eoneeneli-ce of
ttlie may requilre,. to e.staeee
$ us. rltes and regulations for the
rrlt of the affairs of the cerpo
aid to alter the samne at pleasure.
ly to perform all things n.ces
Scavenient to carry out the ohb
I the corporation.
.5ICLE Ill-The olrejts and pur
e wheh this corporalon i organ
old the nature of the business to
tI O by it are hereby declared to
Smanufacture mattresses of all
si de crdptions of whatsoever nla
l that proper. and ell material
r and eedful for the unanufae
mattresses, and to nianutac
eIL xeseior and any and ell led
Sirial. bddiln pillows. eusthions.
a sdn. awings, rugs. iottting, cur
e t 0tics. sheeting. ticking. print
(desm cloths of all kinds and char
~ , bed springs. household goods.
kiU. hltches ware, crockery, and all
ar *'dfil and necessary to enter
Sthe fraishlag of houses. dwellings.
brisetles, and other phlet'te; to decll
,te at wholesale ated retail as
ai ent, on commission or other
the meaufacture of the articles
, and all the materials used inl
rle; and to this end to buy. ,sell.
- s and otherwise operate a gen
Sbety in all of its bIranches acfore
Lad to do and perform any and all
jg that may tee neceealry to carry
a ft objects and purposes thereof.
jITICLE ItV-The capital stock of
* eeporatioa is hereby flxed at the
d ase haundred thousand (!$t.Ot). titti
g, and represented hy one' thousand
shares of the par value oef one ilun
a00) dollars each. The amount
d gi stock shall be issued full talid
d sasaseasable, for cash or property.
I n sreviest rendered Any ingcrease
Snhdital stock hereafter made mnay he
bd for eal or the acquisition of pro
Ss r otler bouslinesses similar to or
hel N: become necessary in the olpera
l M h as aines.
f Blise shall be transferrable only
I he bookl of the corporation.
liTYR'LE V-The corporate powers
1 eseporation shall be rested in and
dlip by a board of directors, to be
IalMd of six stockholders who shall
a Is his or her name at least one share
ht eapial stock of the corporation."
e madment being only insofar as
Soa of said Article is con
ICL3 VIII--That all notices re
hy this charter, or by any law of
et f Louisiana, now or hereafter
. whether as to meetings of
er board of directors. may
ueldd by the unanimous consent of
ehbldstters. or by the board of di
Sthe case may be. such walver
 totesed upon the minutes of the
St wthch the same applied."
gi t anBd exeeph as amended here
lb dsrite of said corporation shall
bei oi is continued in full force
SMI appearera have required me.
to ease these amendments to said
t he duly recorded, published and
S qlred by law,. to the end that
ay be operative and bnlading on
who are ow or may hereafter
usehbeldera of said corporation,
a&lrs lqtereated therein or af
las sad signed in my notarial
SCity of New Orleans, on the
am sad year hereinabove first
L thte presenme of R. B. Crom
Ad IaJamla W. Dart. competent
Who hav saigned with the said
55t me, notary, after reading
: R. B. Cromwell, Benjamin
that tIe foregoiang amendments
of the Crescent Felt Mat
b a tree and correct copy of the
at pased before me on the
da of July. 1922. and on
h- asterial archteres.
Notary Public.
lb lMeSigned tecorder of Mort
h I for the pariah of O)rlenns.
-Molin1aa. do hereby certify that
Nl ftalgetag art of incorpora
l Cuaseest Pelt Mattress Co..
ydly recorded in my office
StLes Sept. 13th, 1922.
Deputy Recorder.
ba of America. State of Louis
of Orlsas. Be it known, that
ilbi day * the month of leptem
S 5m of of ar Lord one thous
hatdld twenty-two, and of the
Sthe Ctnited States of
lb a  adwed forty-seventh, be
, _dSa Orass, a notary public,
-land qualified within
h perish of Orleans. State oi
tIreta residing and In the
f ls wittasesa named and on
eUaually came and appeared,
SlManea whse names are here
who severally declared
slves of the benefits
aof the constitution of the
- ad of the laws of the
itveh to the organiation of
_ u partlclarly of the pro
- 5 ad the General Assembly
at Louisana for the year
malted to form and do by
_ r and organize them
- N ach other persons who
We or become associated
Sthlnr acessors, into a atock
t si objects and purposes
*l esaata, regulations and
he- Yb same and title of this
be ho Lberty Ice Co.. Inc..
Gd 5 it shall exist and
bhall have and enjoy cor
er a period of ninety
lb after date hereof. It
S hold. borrow, lend. ex
Sgrant, gift or pur
a queanth. swll, alienate,
m lra OSe, pledge, hypothe
mrtgSage property of
ral peronal or mixed.
:g; msabject to such
Y e prteribed by law.
- and eadorse bonds or
llbcag of debt. It may
eadus. or other
Se money loaned or
_m eastreaet, s and
Sas lta d bycad by or
in its corporate name In any court of
competent jurledletion. It may adopt
and use. a corporate seal and alter the
salid at pleasure. It may hold stock in
other corporations and its capital stock
may be issued for capital stock in other
crporations. It may name. appoint and
elllmploy such managers, directors, officers.
agents and other employees as its said
business and convenience may require,
and may fix their compensation. It may
nmake and establish by-laws, rules and
regulations not inconsistent with thlc
charter or with the law, fixlng or alter
lug the management of its property, the
regulation and government of its affairs
and nlanner of certification and registra
tion of its stock. It may wind up and
dissolve itself or be wound up or dis
solved in the manner prescribed by law.
It may conduct businiess in this state.
other states of the U'nion and in the for
eign countries. It generally shall possss
and enjoy all the powers. rights. irisj
leges, and lulnlnlitles which corporations
are and may hereafter be authorized to
pussess under the ('onstitution and law t
of this state, and particularly under Act
267 of the aits of the ;General Assembihly
of the State of Loulsiana for the year
19114. It shall have power to Invest its
board of dlrectors with all its corporate.
powers. subject to such restrictions as
nilly ble namlled in llthe charter.
AltTI('I.E II -The donmiile of this cor
ploration shall lee in the city of New itr
leIans. State of louislalnl, asnd all .ita
tions and other legal pIrocess shall be
served upon the president or in tihe event
of his albsenice lupon thie vie-president. or
in the evetnt of tilth absenlue of both of si:id
officers. upon the secretary or treasurer.
AltTICtLE Ill--The objects and pur
poses for whichl this corliporation is or
ganized, and ti," nature, of the businiiss
to bie carried on il hy it are hereby de
clared to lie: To mlanufature iie,. allnd
to that elind to buy. se.ll lease, mnortgaerl L
or otherwise deal in aill kinds oif lie
manufaciturig machlinery and .olid stir
age achinery; to erect, build and equilpt.
to buy,. seilt, Ias.e, imo rtgage ald other
wise dispose of or encumber and to mailn
lain and operate ice manufacturing planuts.
old storauge piants aind other power
plants of any or all kinds, either for its
own use and aI.ount or for account of
others. and in connection with the oiera
tion of anlly old storage plant, to ad
vance Imoney or warehouse receipts or
otherwise; and in connection with any of
the purposes aforesaid, to arry on anid
engage in the business of buyig,. selling
goods, wares and merchandise at whole
tale and retail. and generally to do alnd
perform all business properly included
with or incidental to any of said oblje ts
and liurposes, as hereloabove set fortll.
AItTIt'LE IV -The authorized capital
stock of this corporation is hereby de
clared to libe the suim of sventy-five
thousand dollars, which is divided into
and represented by seven hundred, fifty
shares of the par value of one hundred
dollars per share. Said capital stock
shall be fully paid and non-asessalle
when issttld. shall be repre-sented by
certiflcates and shall be personal pIroperty.
No transfer of said capital stock shall be
binding uponl this eorporation untless tlade
In accordance with the charter anid by
laws anti recorded in the books theref.
The capital stock may be increased to one
hundred thousand dollars, by amlendllent
of this charter according to law.
ARTICI.E V The business and affairs
"of this corlporaton shall be managed anlid
the irporate Iwers thereof vested and
exercised by a Ilard of directors of niot
less than four to be elected aniongl tiihe
stockholders, a majority of the diirr'rs.
including thie president and otlher officers.
shall conistitute' a qilorlunt. Sahid board of
directors shall elect front among thelir
nunmber, a president. a vice-pliri-silent. a
*reas.iurer and a sere.t:.ry. TIhe hoard if
directirs shall have the full and .o'plete,
conitrol of the property of this iir
Sporaition. and miilat age the samel. as
in their decretion they Imay dee'l
best and mnot in violation of thile puir
iipose of this charter. The said oi.ri of
directors shall alel hlise tile ipower to
mnake. allter. and alnnl i nilll hy-laws allid
regulation of tihe. affairs of this crlporna
tloll as they may deelll proper Tie lonrd
of directors shall have ihpoa er to alppiiillt :1
general man*ager anid all agenLts. el rks
anid employees .ald fix theiir salary or.
iomllpensatioiin atld ternm of offirei. and
shall have the riht to dimiss them at
pleasure. and tsaid hoard of dire'tiors
shall have the right to fix andt determine
lhe salaries of the sveral o(fficers hereini
provided fir. A.iy vacialicy In thie Ihard
of directirs shall he tilled tby the renain
itng nmembers foir the unexpired ternm, ait
any mlieetinng oif said board of dir.tors.
l ntil the first annuan l meeting of the
stockholders, as herein provided, or until
their succtessors are eletted and qualitied:
the following natmed shall constitute the
board of directlors and officers of this
corporation: Natalie Maestri, Walter S
Maestri. Richard Maestri. and t'easare
Maestri. with Natalie Maestri as prel
dent, Walter Maestri as vice-president.
Richard Maestri as secretary, Ceasare
Maestri as treasurer.
ARTICLE VI- On the first Monday in
r October, 1923, and annually thereafter. a
meeting of the stockholders of this cor
poration shall be held at its domicile for
the purpose of electing directors for the
ensuing year: the failure for anlly tcause
whatever, to hold the annual meeting of
stockholders, the failure to elect directors
thereat, shall not dissolve this corporation
but the directors and officers then in of
rice shall remain in the office until their
successors shall have been duly elected.
aecordance wleh and in the manner pro
vlded by thtleaws of this corporation.
ARTICLE VII-This charter may be
amended and the capital stock of this
corporation may be increased or de
creased, or this corporation may be dis
solved in the method and manner pro
vided by law, this corporation shall be a
going concern and begin business as soon
as one-half of the capital stock shall have
been subscribed and fully paid for, name
ly at these presents.
ARTICLE VIII-No stockholder of this
corporation shall ever be held liabhl or
Iresponsible for the contracts or faults of
this corporation in any further sum than
the unpaid balance of stock for which he
has subscribed. nor shall any mere in
formality In organization have the effect
lof rendering this charter null or exposing
the stockholders to any liability other
than as above mentioned.
Thus done and passed at the City of
New Orleans. on this day. month and year
herein first written above, in the pres
ence of Messrs. Jno. A. Willoz and Vhores
P. Breanux. completent witnesses, who have
signed these presents with the said ap
pearers and me notary, after due reading
of the whole.
WIltnesses: Jno. A. Willoz. V. P. Ireaux.
N. Maestrl. 1737 Esplanade Ave.. 510
shares: Walter S. Maestrl. 1511 Esplanade
Ave.. 40 shares: Richard Maestri. 1632 Es
planade Ave.. 100 shares: Ceasare Maestrl.
3510 GCentilly Boulevard. 100 shares.
Notary Public.
A true copy of the original, extant and
of record in my current notarial register.
In witness whereof my hand and seal at
New Orleans, Sept. 9, 1922.
Notary Public.
Sept. 21Oct. 26.
8utted States or America. State of
Loalsloana, Parish of Orleans. City of New
Orleans, Be it known and remembered
that on this 13th day of the month of
September. In the yearr o o Lord one
theosand. anine hundred and twenty-two
and of the Independence of the United
States of America. the one hundred and
forty-seventh, befotre me. Alfred Charles
SRammer. a notary public, duly commris
asloned, sworn and qualied in and for the
Parish of Orleans. State of Louisiana,
therein residing, and in the presaence of
Sthe witnesses hereinafter named and un
dersigned, personally came and appeared.
James J. A. Fortier, president and Elmer
L. Cbeaney, secretary, of Commercial
Credit Company, Inc., a corporation cre
ated by and existing under the laws of
the State of Loulilana by act before un
deraigned notary public, Parish of Or
leans, State of Louislana. dated 7th day
gage Office for the Parish of Orleans
State of Louisiana. in Book 1238. folio
224. and in the office of the Secretary of
-State. of the State of Louislana. at Baton
Rouge. I.losiana, In Book "Record of
Charters" No. 96. folio -, on the 31st day
of January, 1920, who declared unto me.
- notary, thaLt. a special meeting of the
stockholders of Commercial Credit Com
-pany. Inc.. was held at the offlice of the
f company in the City of New Orleans on
Sthe 8th day of September, 1922. at 12:15
h o'clock p. m.; that notice of said special
meeting of said stockholders was sent to
r each stockholder more than lifteen (15)
r days prior to the date fixed for the meet
Sitag of aid stockheldrs:
r Aad' the said nppearer frther declared
I that at msaid mseating et steehelIers of
r Commerelal Creilt Company, w. it wu
resolved by unanimous vote of all of the
stockholders of said company present and
represented at said meeting, the said
stockholders present and represented at
said nmeeting being the holders of more
than two-thirds of the outstanding capi
tal stock of said company, that the capi
tal stock of said counpany be increased
fromn seven hundred fifty thousand ($7.0.
(00).00) dollars to one million, five hundred
thousand ($1.diM),000.00) dollars
The said James J. A. Fortier and the
said Elmer L. Chesney. the president and
.retary. r.spe'ltively, of ('omlnercial
('redit Company, Inc.. further declared
that at said special meeting of stock
holders it was resolved that the'y, as of
tfiers of the company. be authorized. el
Ipowered and directed to take such stelts
as nI;y Ie. or hbecome ne"en;sary to make
effe'tiv,' the foregoing amendment to the
Whereupon the said Jamnes J. A. For
tier. president, and the said Elmier I.
t'ies.ney. se.,retary. of 4 'ollnierial C(redit
Company. Inc.. declared tmhat they do now
appear for and in behalf of said ('omnm.-r
ialt C'redit ('Collpany, Inc'., for the purpose
of making effective the action of the
stuockholderslr of said company by embody
ing the" said amendment in notarial fornm.
and they now dewlare unto me, notary.
that Article IV of the charter of (',n
mer,'ial C'redit l'omnpany. Inc., shall be and
is now amended so as to read as follows.
to-wit :
A".ItTICI.E IV The capital stock of
this corporation is hereby fixed at one
mnillion. five hundred thousand dollars
$1.f:.(100.000), divided as follows:
"Seven hundred and fifty thousand dol
Ilrs ($7:0.000.00) of preferred stck. re
pr-sented by seven thousand. five hun
dred (7.."5i)j shares of the par value of
one hundred (t10000) dollars each; and
"'Seven hundred and fifty thousand dol
lars ($75).00 000) of common stock. repre
s,.nted by seven thousand five hundred
17,.10) shares of ithe par value of oiine hun
dred doiulars ($10011.t) dliars eachi: all
of salid capital stork to be full paid and
non -issessabitle.
"StIarate anld- distinct icertiflicates shall
tie issued for ie'ich iclass of stock. Said
stock shall hI' paid fur in cash, at sil'h
titlme. In such aIoiints a.i after such iino
tiie* to the sulisirilters as lmay ie fixed
bytlhe board of directors. and the salene
maiy lie Issuied at not less than liar for
labor done and proilperty actually received
by the corlporation.
"The corporation shall not bIsonlme a Kg
li it c -ncern and ie authorized t. do blul
nIle- until s.ven ihundred and fifty tholus
and ($7!0.0(.00) dollars of its capital
stock shall have been sulhsirited and paid
"'Preferreid stock shall Ie and is in
titled to plreference anld priority oter the
imtonion stic'k in the follow:ng ianner.
to-wit: Tio receive cumiuativte dividends
at the rate of seven per cent (T7;) Iper
annuIm. aountiing fruin, February 1. 11214..
lay;able in one or mtre instalmllents as
the board of directors may deterlmine, be
fore any dividend on the comnlnon stock
shall tie paid. and. ulpon liquidation or
dilissilution. whether voluntary .,r invol
untary, after all of its delts shall have
been paid. the remalining assets. pIrolperty
and effects shall he- applied to the pay
ment if the preiferrd stio'k at liar. withl
any unipaid dividend an.umulhltlon thereon
alnd before ally paymenlet is h:aie to thil
holdlers of the conummon stock: thie hala.nce
then remaining shall li, divllded l aIIluii
and paid to tihe holders of the outstand
ing contnoni stock pro ruta The .ci'iotionI
stock shall lie intitled t"" all nIet ea:rningsi
:lnd prol fits ill ex'es s i of tll cimuultl lative
dividend of seven per icent (7 To per an
nuiin to lie Ipalidl o11n the prleferredl stk. as
heirein pirovidedi. ht no more than six
iper ,cent lit; I divid'end in iany one. year
shall Ie p'd ln thieon uihe cotollln stiok in
ls and until after the ipaymunt thereof.
there shall renialn a sIIurplIs 'tlal toi
fitfty per 'cent (fd)'; ) of the par value of
thel thetin outstanding prei-ferried stock in
uler ic.ut per annum mai iy lie I id ullon ithe
. ii o ..ii stuck
"The lboard of directors sh:ill have full
power land authority to redeeml anlldl r.etire
tllhe whole or any part of the preferred
stock. oni any day un which a idividend
thereon shall he palyabhle. bIy iiL illo to
fti" holdlers thereof oilc hundred allid tenl
dolltrs ($110) per share and a.iutnulated
dividends, provid.ed that notie' of suc'h
inlte tiotn lie 1publis ed for telin (1i) coni
se1tive days in a daily newspaper publl
li-hed in the English language in the
tilty of New O)rlelians, State of loutisiana.
the first publication to begin at least thf
tee.n (1-) days before the date of such
Iproposed redempltion and retirement; and.
after thei timne fixed for such redempition.
dividends upon stalk so redeemed oir so
in;led for redemption shall cease to H
eri.'. If any amount less than the whole
of the outstanding preferred stock shall
b,, retired, then the retirement shall be on
a pro rata basis so that each stiakholdher
shall contribute his quota towards the
sbtock Si to be retired.
"lhoth the preferred and the common
loik of this corporation shall have equal
voting powers.
"Thei' amount to which tpre calital stock
of this corporation mnay be increased shall
he, the sum of five million dollars (W(.000.
(N)) of which one-half shall bie preferried
stock and one-half common sto.ak, pro
vided that there shall always be outstand
ing an amount of full paid cinunion stock
at least equal to the then outstanding
preferred stomk."
The said appearers did produce to me.
notairy., to lie annexed to and mnade a part
of this act. a duly certified c,,ly of thie
mlinutes of the meeting of the stock
holdi'rs of said Comnmeralil Credit Com
pany. Inc., held on the 8th day of Sepltenl
her. 1922. as herelnabove set out: aind I.
saldl notary, have annexed the said copy
of the said minutes hereto and made same
a part hereof.
Thus done and pssed at my office in
the City of New Orleans on the day.
mnonth and year herelnabove first written
in the presence of Abraham Goldberk and
ItRsoul Sere. Jr.. competent witnesses, who
have hereunto sigmrd their nunmes to
gether with said appearers and mne. said
notary, after due reading of the whole.
Witnesses: O)riginal Signed: Abraham
G(oldlerg. ltaoul Sere. Jr.
JAMES J. A. FORTIER. President.
E. L. CHESNEY, NSecretary.
(Seal) AL. C. KAMMER.
Notary Public.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mort
gages, in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisilana. do hereby certify that
the' above and foregoing Act of Amend
nlent of the C'ommercial ('redlt Co.. Inc.,
was this day duly recorded in my offlice.
in Iok No. 112719, folio 76.
New Orleans. Stleptember 14. 1922.
(Signed) ROIIT. SCOTT.
DIy. Recorder of Mortgages.'
I hereby certify that the ablove and
foregoing is a true and correct copy of
the originam Act of Amendment of the
iharter of Commercial Credit Comnpany.
Illc'. passed before nie on the 13th day
of September, 1922. on file and on record
in mny office, together with the certificate
of the Deputy Recorder of Mortgageis
thereto attached.
In faith whereof I have herennto smt my
hand and seal of offnce. at New O)rleans.
iai.. this 18th of September. 1122.
(Seal) AL. C. KAMMER,
Notary Publi'.
Sept. 21-Oct. 26.
U'nited States of Amerlian. State of
L.ouislana,. lParish of Orleans. He it known.
that on this 19th day of the month of
September. in the year of our Lord one
thousand nine hundred and twenty-two.
before me, Alix's Brian, notary lpubllic in
and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Lousisiana, and in the presence of the
witnesses hereinafter namned and under
signed. pelrsonally chme and appeared.
the several persons. whose names are
hereinafter subscribed, all of full age. who
derlared that. availing themselves o( the
laws of this State relative to corporations,
they do by these presents bind themselves
and their successors to form andl consti
tute a corporatlon and body politic in
law. under the stipulations and agree
ments as are hereinafter set forth, to-wit:
ARTI('CLE I-The name of this corpora
tion shall be the Long Beach Cannlog
Company. Incorporated.
ARTICLE TI--The objects and purposes
for which this corporation is organized,
and the business to be carried on by it.
are declared to be: to own. control. and
lease canning factories within or without
the State of Louisiana: to own and con
trol boats. boat equipment. nets, and all
things necessary for the purpose of sein
ing and trawling for sea foods of all
kinds and character; to buy and sell sea
foods of all kinds and character; to can
and sell vegetables. fruit. and sea foods
of all kinds. and to sell the same in thi
raw state: and to own and control suche
real estate as may be necessary for thi
purpose of conducting the said business
ARTICLE III-The capital stock of this
corporation is hereby fied at the sum o.
twenty thouasand (G0,000.00) dollars, di
vided nlato and represented by two hanu
dred sharem o the par value of one hua
dred ($100) per share. All of said steeL
has been subscribed and paid for i fR
as shown by the aceurate detailed and
itemnized description of property hereto
attached and made part hereof.
AIRTICLE IV--The capital stock of this
orploration nlfty he increas.,ed to the. ut
of onie hundred thousand ($Iti0).,l00.tI dol
I:ir, ulpon compilying with the requir -
Inelnts of the law.
AItTIC('E \'- The corporaltion '. donii
ilte stiall te at New tietiin:t.,. 1 a. , i iand
servi-e of all li.gal piroi..s ishall t." taile
(,upon a official of thie icorporation
.1tTIt'I.E: VI- The -corporate existe i-,.
if this ,,rpioration shall l." for i p. riod
f t inei.ty-nin.e dIears trin. this. dite,. witlh
ill the .iorplorilte poweirs growllti-d by At
Ni; of the Genei,rall As..-iatly f the S.t.it
of Louiisiia for thie yar I!11. or by :int
lllaw% aln i.ndlatr ther,of !
.%!"11:'l '.1 . VI\ I All the ia,. re p.r i, illowe.r
of lhii .orporatioiu shall t . st.i.i in. aind
v." r, i-d by it board of 1ire., ditr,,toor-.
two of whonm slall constitute a quornin
fir t ihe transl tion of bliusinesl..
M.i.0tings for tihe. ,le.tion of dir, tor- .
-hall h. held on thit. fir-t Tusday in the
il. and week in .aiinuary l f eat h iyear. aiu
i,' tliugs for iither piurlpoies shall I. held
on sillh It isit ' and at sl. Ih times a d i i
Ie di-"lned ne't.sn.ry, uponlll the -all of .a
.i l:TIrl'lE VIII .ti the fir-t imeting of
ttl" diree-tor. after their ,el--.ltion, tlhei
shall ,lte, it ipresident. a vi.-ce pre- ident,
and a .s-retltl ry-trisurer. aind all -lei -
tiois shall H. held undler the su.pervisi.
of the hioard of idirectors. and in ll r
tor d -te with law in Iitrbi icas.es mlltad atnd
A lTICrl.E IX Until the first Tiu-sIil
in the se-.old week In Jantuary 192.. the
follwilg innled persons shall s.rv,, -al
the first hoard of directors. to-wit: I;. M.
A hronis. 110 Iiid tiof Trade Itldg., New
Irbt ant. l.a.; Wallace A. Nuinez. St li.erin
arll. I.l; land lWilllniam Estopinalo , ulf
port, Mi-sisilppi, with the said l;. M.
A.hrons as president; tle said Wallace A.
Nuine.z s vice-plresidenti; uand the said
Willian Estilinal as secretary-treasurer.
.AltTICEI X Any and all alteratillons.
aindmenlts andt changes in this charter,
inluillig lincra-se and dec'reas - of the
capiltal stock. shall be mnade in na.irdian-e
with law.
The liquldation of the affairs of thi
iicorporatiion shall be made by twii liquida
tors i-leiteld in aoincordance with the law on
the -ilijiect mnatter, anld in all iatters not
hiireinaoive provided for. the iprovisionis
of iAct nntliter li7 of thle ;etnlral .l tii
I7.%v of the State of l.outisinta for sear
1914. or of any law amendatory thereof.
shall govern.
ARtTIC'l.E XI-The corloratiton shall be
a going contcern as soon as authorized in
aci-tordlancle with law.
Thus done and passed in the City of
New Orleans, Parish of llrle-ans. State of
I.ui..ana. on the day anld date tirst liere
natuve, written, itn the presetne of W.
It. tinlo and Silly Moon. co mpetent wit
ineshes. who have signld together with
appillearers. and me. notary public. after
due reading of the whole.
(ORtil1iNAI. SI(;NETI)
W. Estopinal. Gulfport. Miss.. 19. shares;
t M. Airosll. 110 aItrd of Trade Itldg..
New Orleu.,. L.it.. share; Wallace A.
Nunitez, . St. li.ternard. l.a I share.
Witnelssels: . It. ituion. Sally Moon.
SStiall ALEXIS IlltlA.N.
Notary P'ulict.
I. the unldersigned ieputy Itecorrdier iof
lMortgaiges aJ the Parish of Orleans, leru
ihfy -eirtify that the fouregointg :at of it
cortpration of lthe Long Iteach Cannintg
tt Ol aiin t. In-iirporaoted. wa;. duly re
. orded inl tihe l Mrtgage Oflie of the
lParishi of Orlit-a,n ott this dailt, itn Itok
1279!. folio -
New (iricanl, Selttetnier 19th, 19Pc.
INignedl ialit, .i "*TT.
I'r. tecurder of .hMoirtgages.
I therby c ertify the fioregoin tir Ibe a
tran and -orrecrt copy of the original
-hairter if tie Lung leiich (atninilg aion
patly. In-urporated. and of the uertiti,-te
of thei lt- pty a Itciurder of Moirtagels
thereto attactiihed.
New Orleians. S"lepte,er 1ith. 1922.
ti:.al. AI.EXIS I tllAN.
Notary i'tuli,.
S-Iti. 21 tiIt. °1.
UI nited States. of Ameria. State if
I.ouisianii. Parish of lreains. ity iof .Ne.w
Orla:ns. le it known. That on this slt
daiy iof the month of Sepitenmber in th .
year of our L.ord, one thuo and. nine
llundre-d and twenty-two. and of t lhl Ii
detipendence of the United States of
.America. thet one hundredt and forty
seventhli. before mnie. Willianm J. (:iste. a
notary publie diuly commnissioned and
iualified in and for the Parish of Orleans.
Statte of L.ouitaia. therein residinig and
in the presence of the witnesses whose
names atire hereunto subscrited personal
ly -a e d appeared the several piersoins
whose naines tire hereunto subscribed. all
of full age. who severally declared to hie.
notary. that availing themselves of the
laws of this state relative to the org:ni
zution of corporations, they have cove
ianted and greed and by these presents'
do covenant and agree and hind them
selves as well its all such other persons
who tuny hereafter bhecome assoliated with
them to form a corploration for the obh
jects and iurposes and under the articles
and stipulatlons following, which they
hereby adopt as their charter, to-wit:
AlTICI.E I--The name of this corio
ration shaltl le Alba & Alba. Inc., and
under Its *corporate name it shall have
piwer and authority to have ard enjoy
u-irporate exittence for a period of ninety
nilte yars from date hereof unless sooller
disolved by liquidation or otherwise.
It shall have ptower to contrepit. to sue and
the stued, to make and use aicorporate seal
and to alter and break the sane at pleas
ure: to purchase, recelve, lease. hold or
otherwise acqiuire and convey as well as
mortgage and hypothecate under Its cor
porate niame. property. real. personal and
mixed. conrporeal and Incorporeal; to ior
row money and make and issue bonds and
other evidences of indebtedness, and It
desired. to secure the sname by mortgage
and otherwaise: to buy and hold stock In
other companies incldent to the objects
and purptiosesL or the expantsion of the
businesis interest of the corporation: to
name. elect and appoint such managers.
agents, directors and offlicers as the in
Strest and convenience of said crptora
tion may require. and to mak andi es
tablish as well as alter and amend at
pleasure sch by-laws, rules and regutla
tions for its proper government as may
be deemed necessary and proper, and
geinerally to do any and all things n'i-
dent to or necessary and proper for the
interest of the business of the corpora
ARTICLE It-The domicile of this cor
ptoration shall be In the ('ity of New Ofr
lans in the State of Louilalana and all
iltations and other legal process shall bh
served upon the president of the corpora
lion. said in the event of his absence,
0u0on the secretary-treasurer.
ARTICLE 111-The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is es
tsblished ad the nature of the business
to be carried on by it, are declared to
be as follows:
'so carry on the business of manufac
ttrers agents and merchandise brokers:
to buy .sell and generally deal In goods
and merchandise of any nature whatso
ever, whether as brokers, agents, or on
its own account; to conduct and carry
on such other business as may be tougd
necissary or convenient for properly Ff
feeling the aforesaid purposes or enhanc
itg the value of the properties. rights
and privileges of this corporation.
ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of
this corporation is hereby fixed at the
sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10.
000.00). and shall be divided into and
represented by one hundred shares of
the par value of One Hlundred Dollars
($100.00) each.
The said stock shall be paid for in cash
or its equivalent, as provided by law
and in such manner and at such times
and in such installments as may be pres
scribed by the Board of Directors.
This corporation shall become a going
concern and shall be authorized to conm
mence business when Five Thousand Dol
lars ($5000.00) has in fact been subh
scribed and paid for in eash or its equiv
alent as provided by law.
ARTICLE V-The capital stock of this
corporation may be Increased to the sum
of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50.000.00! by
a two-third vote of all the stock at a
special meeting called for that purpose
or at a regular annual meeting of the
ARITCLE TI -All certificates of stock
issued by the Company shall be signed
by the Pre,.idenmt and countersigned by the
ViTe-Presii1,-nt or if authorized by reso
lution of Board of Directors. shall be
signed by the President and ceunter
signed by the Secretary.
The stock of this corporation can he
transferred only on the books of the
corporation and subject to such regula
tions and formalitie. as may be by the
Board of Directors from time to time
No stockholder shall be permitted to
sIl or otherwise dispoos of his stock
wIthout first ofering the mae in wait
ing to tile oth,,r l-tko.kll.lders thr(Iugh
tlit. Io:ird of iire. tors at al Irce l ot
e, .ceding the botok ailn i thereof, and
the* s 'khold,.r sr hall hail. ;llli; option
iand firs.t right to pirch'is. :iall ttil. t.rlirt'
of -t'ek to , to tilhn di-p,-o-ed of hy tho
d.at ih. rl--ii .intiot or ot h.r l-. iof tn y%
of the .t,,, khold,,rs of th1. ,. rlporatluii.
lrl h-aill hit ll" I eriod of tenI d'I. ill
Ihis I to ;..' .lolt or d*b* lii. ' sl*t Ih otf.r of
t, I. Shoul It h ollaldi l ri r f irt. ltor
or the -t,-kholders de-. hl. to pin haS.
sh, l id to, Ik. then, h tl h. sl ot kh,,l ..r ,r
Ito. kholders w ho made .' Ith' oft..r to -ill
or itherwis,, dipoL,-." f Ilh.- ,to'k ntol
, II ,or otht rwi-., di ioi-, of it is :1nd ull l
io.r and :it liV pri . tihatt he. or the)
II. --,' fit. IUIt o h-liare of so'k it
1-- ,edi l under the , ,endsitin and under
-ta lidin ti h til no I l k1 hollo .r shall ltake"
ail.e or trir-t.-r of r i lln s to kl ii iiolal
titon of this proin. oi-n . anld ,tlllh -.lI. or
tr.ni fo.r, if ti llti., hiill ..- vill ll. land thist
Ioiml,,iy ' hi ll I,, sitel r oil o I, hicallT. il
I' h-t 01 .to-'k onl ts book. or to rto
ni ,r tit.- holder of the ierllticat, thertll ..
.AlT'Ic'l.E VII The corpolrte pow, r.
,f thi ortloratiolln -( dill It., veot.dl i li h u dll
.\t.r, i-i d Il . ii ho ird of tll :lt ir ir,'t , ,tor.'
swit iof % Ih Sl shl l . oi i-t litute o arii
I'Th. direc itor of this  orir r iatilo (1i.1t
alte in lll.,rs",- or t' rittin piroi ' li atail%
if lih. niloetinig. oi f lthe Ih tOilri of dir-, Irsn.
lind tie. boart ofI dire,' tor. iay d. L g:1tl
n1111 If its poler to 1ul( oti'.-r -,r ,Iii
.rs or %any otlh r r.epre ntatlii l of Ith
otipt.V I. \ alIppropri It. r'oltion to illthat 111
'iTie ir tbo. rd of dire.-tor l of ii-l i or
prationi shall heI .ulnpos.d of the i 1t lI
iiwno gu. Edwari Ait... owaid Allot.
"th.l,.ls Alt:i. with oflicerr a" foll''.I
diwaridi Alb a. iprel i. litl ,. lI w litd lll bI.i
Sice pr 'tlet-iit: 4e' ri'des .Ilta. '0r.-tarlr -
(rI-a.ir-r. r and they-v shallh serie untitl tIi,
.-olil Monday:l" of .a.iuary. l.'It. or iuntil
their sIiur.rerS are ret.i.ted and uaolitied.
i,'ll. dire1 .tor- shall be elted atllanually.
lIt >ts al d Moilliday olf Jlaialiry of .lle h
Notie of such meetinig shal . gilvetS
t lldtii t rior to the dite of (the meet
ilu. tI, writing and entll to each st.tc 'k
holtdelr at his Iast knowno addlress.
Each sto.khollder shall at such annual
ime tieg or other meetings ge-sintralt or
ipi'ial. lie entitled i t person or by proxy
to one vote for eiach share of stork ow Oued
E tll, s sl l tli i ii s it he lheld unde.r such rsules
ald regulations is I 1ay from timue to tii
ioe determine.d by the boa:lrd of dlr.,tor.
The dirltors whien el.'te.d shall hold
offlie for in1,' 3.ar or until their su.."
-,r> shall have been ele'ted aned qualified
iandl failor. to hold the annual ine.-ting of
stockholders or to ,i'et asununliy the di
re-ltors shall not ope.rate the forfeltr.e of
(this tlS.rter or any rights ther,-undE.r.
.TItl'ltE VIIl This .charter or at of
incrorition alily t i'hsantged. modified.
allt-red or aint.sdeltd ly and witlh the "ol
I.."lt of to thitrds of ial the .sticlk pr.eent
at any meetlig. g.ent.-rnl or s.pecial. held
for that purpose: and suchi aueii.inintslts
ilmiay he interial or immiauterial subject
ionly Ito iiitutios ais lay be by 1w a rI
ided- and this corporation shall have ti'li
power ito increase o.r de.relase its capitali
sto, k as thernbefore f lt out, aiu.l Sainy ii
I resas e in :sitlal stuck in eieas of the
a o ii ulnamed iereiin als (the llout to
.which it may e increirased, (0ii t lillnide
by a tihreefourthi vote of all outlstanding
ARtTItC.- IX- Nottie of any sand Iall
milletiFigt r.-ferr.e to in this charter or
rInirld ty law. Ishall bie given in lthe
el tinr providhted for guils t ililer i
:as of el e iiis, SleSu less tie same shalli
have been waived.
AltTl'.E X I\ In lase of disolutyion.
liquidation or I.terination of this char
t.r, tby limtilntitli ior otherwise, lhe. tif
fairl of the. 'rporation shall e Iqtuidhe ate
ir ll or anr" Iuliuidator . leS tfed I. ulhe
.s .khiblirs, who may provide the s -n-I
lir a pa:ill li lnidatilors. and s. it sitn
nith "lh plow tllr antd authoritou may
hby w he permlitted lix the t.rins, and
I or li iin upon hIlilif i they shrII all t i rs ,.
and their il o.lenr tiotl, and provide that
Ili cne of d:th or dita. ilrltyl otf a or . i
oif ld yliulitors, the remaining li ui
11IIr% may fill thII ' l ttei nlly or i ,itinui
to ii t onl behal lf r -f ie orliraiilt.
AlRTICL E XI No stockholdtr sa ll
hI. IL, 1-1l- or re.ponsihlh for :Illy co t".,
, ontracts, deiti or f7isults of the corp'ri"
lil, oir of any ol f its olffiitcers. noilr shall
111%y mnere informality in organization
hve , the effet of rendering this ,harter
tll and veolt. or if pl.ing liany o t.ck
htllders to any lihillity beyond the un
p:lid ialance due' on the stock tll byy
.\tTIt'.E XII- The subscribers htreto
hlls.. written opposlle their naTlls the
number of shares sub(iCribi.d ly 'ah iof
themt. nd their post offclle addresse. so
lhait this charter lmay ,erve as the suib
scription list of the eorporation all Iof
whirh subscriptions are paiyalil into the
manner and form set out lierein.
Thusi done and passed at mny office. In
the city of New Orleains, on the day and
1in the nmonth and year herein tirst altive
written. and in the iresence of Wmn. .a
son niith. JIr.. and Paul E. C'hasez. com
ipetent witnesses, who have hereunto
signed their names with the said ap
learers and toe, notary, after reading of
the whole.
Witnesses: Wm. Mason Smith, Jr., Paul
F.. C'hasez.
tNamsea of subs-ribers omitted.)
Notary P'ublic.
Recorded in Parish of Orleans. M1. O.
II. 12791. folio -
.t true opuy:
(%eal) WILLIAM J. G['STE.
Notary lublic.
S.pt. 14- Oct 10.
United States of America. State of
Louisiana. Parish of Orleans. City of New
Orleans: le it known, that on this 30th
day of the month of August. the year
of our L.ord. One Thousand Nine Hundred
and Twenty-two. before me. Robert R.
-tamos, a Notary Public. duly r-mmis
sioned and qualified,. In and for this City
Iand the Parish of Orleans, therein ore
siding, and in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinaft.,r naited and under
signed; personally came and appeared.
thi, Persons whose names are hereunto
subscribed, who declared that availing
themeilves of the provisions of the Con
stitution and Loas of the State of Louis
iana. and particularly of the provisions
of Act No. 267 of the Acts of the General
Assenlbly of the State of Loulslana for
the year 1914 and the amendments theire
to. they have covenanted and agreed and
do. by these presents. covnant, agrtee.
bind and form themselves, as well as
suhll other prsonis i (IIity hereliftir Ino
or becone assoeiated with them. into a
the objects and purposes and under the
agreements and sipulations following.
AIITICLE I--The name inft style of
this crporporation shall be the CASTIOLI
under that name it shall have and enjoy
corporate existence for a period of ninety
nine years from the date hereof. It shall
have power to hold. receive. ('onvey. trans
f-r. mortgage and hypothecat., property.
real. personal and mixed: and to issue
bonds. notes and other obligations. It
may contract, sue and be sued, plead or
he impleaded by Its corporate name in
any court of competent jurisdiction. It
may make. adopt and use a corporate seal
and alter or break tho same at pleasure.
It nmay hold stock in other -or'loratlons.
and Its capital stock may be isued for
capital stock of other corporations. It
may name. appoint and employ such man
agers, directors, offices, agents and
other employees as its lnterests, business
and convenience may require, and may
fix their compensation, having due re
gard to the nature. character and value
of their services. It may make and es
tablish by-laws, rules and regulations not
inconsistent with this charter or any ex
isting law. fixing or altering the manage
ment of its property, the regulation and
government of its affairs and the manner
of the certification and registration of its
stock. It may wind up and dissolve
itself. or be wound up and dissolved in
the manner prescribed by law. It may
conduct business in this State. the Federal
luistricts. the T,.rritories and possessions
of the United Slates. and any foreign
country. It shall have power to Invest
its Board of Itirectors with all of its
corporate powers, subject to such restric
tions as may be named in thla charter
And it generally shall have and possess
all the powers, rights, privileecs and Im
munities which corporations are and may
hereafter be authorized to have and pos
sai-s under the Constitution and laws of
this state., and particularly und--r Act No.
"T7 of the Acts of the l*eneral Aseuiibly
of the state of noosuiana. for the year
1914 and the amendments thereto.
ARTIIoE IT. The domiecle of the said
eorporation shall be In the city of New
Orleans, parish of Orleans. state of Louis
lana. but it may cotablish and maintain
offices and agencies throughout the
United States of America stld foreign
All citations sad other legal process
shall be served on the premidint or In
his absence, on the Vice-President of the
corporation. In the event of the abseace
of the President sad Vice-President of the
lid e onrpor:atio ,. thi n r l ! s I r , .. sit.'.1 n
he serv.ed on tih Secretary. t1
AltTI1'I.R III The obj.ts . nld pur-d
rposes I,,r wh hib hi- 1 ur.orl.*ration I: ..rg.|l
Iz.d a itd th" niature' of ti.t t)tsi nss to
be carried on by it are hlriby declared I'
to b(. :e
iT buy .. %-il. 'fip. 'tore, consign and
r.l.,ir. oiln oll. . gittiht. i lmport :od *' t
port. and g*i. r.,I. de.al in. eitheir at
r.t.il t r i ,w holesl. . or as a broke.r or r'
prin ipl. ,ga s, i lih. fruit.. lprodn . v'ege.
ables,l p ntitri ., d t k-. rabblit.-,. wild gamllt.
.nu all kind- :ild i liatnntr of perishaltle
inil all other fool prodin. to. and to carry
"I 1 l .: t.r. broker.g. .l',t t ,,i Jolt n.; hg ai
l*'-, anid aill othier foodstuiffs.
iwd lg*iinrally to hold and exe.r I.e t all
it iin, idelentil Ipowers anld pri' ii gas as
riit,.i t, tlho i.tbj.'cts iamI pulrpos.. lh . r
iliatt s it forth. or is may be nis-
'-ary, nilfuil or ,tntenl'ent for effecting
s.id objt, t and purits,.s, or any of
th m*ig. is
.ITli'F:L IV ThI'g untitorigzed icpital
stok t , tthis strpor.itioin is hereb.ly ti%.d '
at and to, I.tr,..I to ire the stun. $o i . oi0iIN00. fl
Sbii.hb capital stog k limay bIe ini.reawad in it
ih*. mlannlir profiled by lhw it the siln n
of $tt1." ao IUO
The pr w.ni'ly nuthori7,,d capital stock -
iof tlhli. corptr..ttion 'ig:il l 'oist of iOO .i
.gire otf iti- plar rlat ,. of $1 1.a41t ea'li I'
It sha.ll he r p,-ri'e.ilted r i y v -,-rtiti, at's.
h;ill I. be lill l..tr ail non d lo ass"'a1bl'
! he'n issur'ed. -all I.." i-n'ued ouiV foir n
hbor dille. or for ,property .g tua:lly ri'- ii
e.riv,.d. or for onusues to tie pailld its
el-mplo -ee'.. or in lie g of '.lh dlvi.dends., '
w tutu and as >..lh ldit ld.s .hall hiv0.
becol.ionl iruted. or for 'ai to be .lil f
'at such tile and Ii n such ioiint. an d
:after such noatIel-r i gs nun hei ditFrntlrmned
by the lItard of lr. tors. aind shall hae
i.'erson:rl Iproperty. No Itranfer of s-idI
I capital stock shall b' tinding lupon this
'urpIorrtiaon lil.-'-' ill l, 1 . it ..rd.-.. .'
with Its charte.r and by laws and re
corded on tb le books thereof.
AIRTI'CLE V. No stockholde.r may sell
avigln or transfer his stock in thils 'or
Soiration without giving to tthe o.ther
stockholders, through the S-Cr.tiary
Treasurer of this corporation. notice in ,
writilng gf such inteuntion. and the othi'r a
I stoc,'klholders' shall ha've the right for a
period of iNO days from the delivery of
sucih niotice' to the Si'retairy-Treasurer to
Ipuirh base all or any part oft i lt. st.1. of
such stocklholdler for tcash at the manrket
valie tIhereof. after which 90 days the
.:,id -to-k may he tsoldi w'hithi it r-str. -
EOther sto,lkhold.rs d.esiring to pur
chans.e stock iunder this article must in
Idue tli.e give niti'ce of suilh desire to
f the Secretary-Tlreasurer of this ciorpora
lion In the event that the otheir tirck
fholders offer to abuy morle stock than is
offered. sto.kholdl,.rs offerlng to buy shall
tre entitletd toi buy the otffered sttck in
equal prolportions of the ainount of stack
offiered for sale..
No sale or other transfer or assign
lnent of stock in this corporation shall
Ie valid until and unlessa opportunity to
plurchase sluch stock hlas first been given
in the nlanner hereinabove provideld to r
the otlher stockhollers of this corpora- '
lion, aind this right so vested In the e
other stockholders shall follow into any I
hands linto which It may pass any stock f
sold. transferred or assigned without uach i
opportunity being giv'.n, and may be ex- t
arai-d :against the holdeir or holdr''
thereof within 90 days after such stock
is tend.ered for transfer on the books of
this corporation. and no transfer of any
r suchiI stock shall ie lumade on the booksi
Sof this .corporation during the pendency
of said !Hi-day period.
AIITII'CLE Vk All of the corpliorate
ipowe.rs of this corlporation and the nian
-u'tg.nmelt of its affairs shaill be vested In
I and c-.ntrolled lby a ltoarnl of Directors.
comipos-d of three (3) stockhllders. ex
,li tpt t ,t te o .fgiters of this carporaition
ghall have and ex-r-ise tirhe power grantud
to corporate ofti.ers of Sectionl 16 of Act
".t, of 19114.
.1 majority of the BoP.arid of Dirrectorst
I.h:ll Cils'titulte a iquorumn for thle trains
acttion of attny 'ltd all business l. andl a
Imajority vote of the uroruunl piresenlt at
ally nieting sihall I. valid alnd icorlllporatet'
ants, within the' stcople. authority and r
lrty'.-r of the Itoard of iair,.ctors.
Slll dlir.ectors shaill ie r-e'fed annually
I ot tlt first Mondaly in October of each
year. colntlen.llilng with the first Monday
in IOctober, 1!r'3. and suchi directors so
1 la-ted shall hold ofitre for one year or
tuntil their succe.ssotrs shall be duly etle'ted.
r iqualiied and inst:alled. Fallure to elect
Sdtire-ctors at any annral meeting shall
not dissolve the corporation, but the
directors then in office shall hold over 1
until their successors are duly elected
Squalfied and Installed.
Each stockholder of record on the books
of said corlporatlon shall be entitled to
o cast at the meeting of stockholders for
thi' el.stion of directors, either in parsoln I
or by proxy, one vote for each share of
stock held by him, and a majority of the
votes cast at such meeting shall elect or
decide any other question before it.
SAll meetings of said stockholders or
Sdirectors shall be held at the domilell
of ithe corporation, except with the writ
Sten consent of all directors.: valid meet
O inlgs of directors may he held outside of
the state, or in the state, elsewhere than
at its domicile.
Any vacancy occurrln, for any cause.
iin the Iloard of Directors. between the
dates of the annual meetlngs herein pro
vided for, shall he filled by the remain
Ing members of the Board of Directors
Immediately after the annunl election
Sof directors they shall meet ana elect
fromn their number a President. one or
more Vice-Presidents. a Secretary. and a
Treasurer, but whtbh two latter offices
Imnay be combined in one and the same
Iperson. The dutles of such officers sh l
hla aunth aa usually pertain to the position
oit which they are elected, and such as
may I'., provided for In the by-laws, or
as may be deslgnated by the Board of
llrectors at any regular or special meet
f in .
S l'ntli the first annual meeting of the
h stockholders for the electloe of the direc
r trs. to be held on the first Monday In
4 Ot.tober. 192,1. Vincent Casthilola, Joseph
1. Pellegrini and John W'vman shall com
pose the first Board of Directors, who
y shalt serve until the first election of the
dirertiars or untIl their suucessors are dul'
elected, qualified and Installed: and untIl
that time Vincent fastglilola shall be
I, President: Joseph Pellegrinl, Vlce-Preal
o dent, and John Weyman, Secretary
g Treasurer.
ARtTICLE VII. This 'hart-r may be
amended or this corporation may be dis
a solved In the method and manner pro
I vided by law.
r AitTICt.E VIII. No member of this
corporation shall ever he held liable or
i responslble for the contracts or faults of
this corporation In any further sum than
s the unpaid balanne for his stock sub
n scrlption. nor shall any rnere Informality
a In organization have the effect of zeaner
ring thIs charter null or of exposIng a
p member to any liability than as above
. provIded.
Thus done and pavsed In my office at
a the city of New Orleans. Touulsiana, on
the day and date first hereinabove writ
4 ten, in the presence of 3. Myhand and
it. Turegano, competent wItnesses, who
hereunto slgn their names with said ap
II pearers and me. Notary, after due read
in of the whole.
Original signed: V. Castlgliola. 151
shares. New Orleans: Jos. Pellegrlnl, 10
It shares. New Orleans; John Weyman. 10
shres. 'ew Orleans.
a Wltnesses: B. Turegano. 3. Myhand.
Notary Pubill.
New Orleans. U,., Sept. Notry"2. ub.iO. B,
1279. Folio 42.
A True Copy:
Notary Pubtlle.
Seat. 14-Oct. 19
T'nlted States of America, State if
t T.ouislana. Parish of Orleans. City of Nt.w
Orhians. RP it known, that on this twen
ty-ninth day of the month of August, In
d the year of our l.ord one thousand, nine
r hundred nad twenty-twn, and of the In
a dependence of the United States of Ameri
- ca. thr' one hundred and forty-seventh. hr'
a fore me. Frank Willlam Hart. a notary
y publtc. duly commissioned and quallifltd.
I1 In and for thIs city. parish and slatr-.
P therein residinr, and in the presence of
n the witnesses, that deslring to avail them
at slves of the provisions of law of this
Sstate relative to the formation of corp-,
atlons, and especially Act No. 2N7 of 1t.14.
and to acquire and enjoy the rights, pri
1s'ileres and powers of a body corporate
I' snd polItic in law, they do hereby form
y themselves into such a corporation and
hndy politic under the name and stvlr
and for the purposes hereinafter spet-ifl
call" set forth, namely:
ARTICLE I-The name of this corpo
ration shall be the ,. Sehirmer of Louuls
lans. Inc.. and Its duration shall be for
a pa'rlod of ninety-nine years.
ARTICLE II-The objects and purposes
for whit-h this erporailon in formed are
a hereby declared to be: EngravIng, print
inl. publistulng, producing, manufactiar
SInlo, purchasIng and selling music and
musIcal Instruments. end whatever apper
5 tasn thereto, and to perform any and
In singular those acts and thlags which may
ae be neeary, expedient or incidental to
* the aforesaid purposes.
e Aad to thi end nader its corperate
n)imLe Lat .or lorttion shall hate ' lpower
rind aithority to conitra, t. ."- andi to be
suitd: to rallke, hit. Huni(d . a ('poiratte
",11 . to hld ri . i.es ,·, h ,e. ,puir,'lh .""e. I,
proe. tr. rsf.r i. ive.y. t. II. .orrow.
pIelie. m Dreli. .a "", h tpothe,,i t," in I's said
,rl , ,r.it,' l ta.s I," prlpe. rt . r, :l. ie.rs al: l
in i .ud . .ton.. hpitiritte ,rndt H11. a ilt such
i li itl r,. I, III tor aIIgIIertt or s rvall ts as
1li1'e ii Iiter, t or .i .i isl .n "' lire i tf the iill irp
rat: .:. tri l o ir ; t o mrarki e ansd etablish
int , i : lal ., itrLa ll r ides :ltilll regulati nll fl or
the tii:i rs.i ll- t lllll I-tiandl r gn it (if its oaf
fairy -IN 11 u,. .%ntll ll. d. l".vue l t ' a r) atiltr I
prop.l r Ti . .n1.1 ai ind r.i pal ithe siile at
l e a r l. oll to lo a lll)l am l other a tL
ii thlll- l p rmittel d ti v law, or is .hall
Ir ma Imay ie ne~ , lars 1nd prop.ll 'r to iarr)t
nit lh,. hbj"t n it tl purposes of Ihie .n:lld
orp I l l ,liti ii.
A.rlilTI I: Ill The dilu vile of this oir
orituln shal! Ihe i tihei ('it of N - Or
.i-in 'naristh of rl!,.lnsll. rt.ii of Louis
.t- TIt'i F: IV The .litn.il t- , ic k of thir s
,,rpirl, t i.t n I, heirrt 1 d.. I ,l r ti o bi e livf e
ll,,1:.mi.t d tollar. s , I 4.0 1111 % hii h11 % may i le
in, re.:.,,"i t~ ont h m rll r,,I theell- :Ill dolllrs
irrI.tin i rity in the i.M ti er pirol tided by
law. .:i, ast ," t k I- disvil-d in , tliflt (:Ol4
I tr.tll il ,f itih p In-ii i i tll,. t of ion.. hundred
,ll:r. i 1t"t 40ili. ach to he pit i.li for as
pres, ri, d,,, by '.w or ,owr alt the disi
rti't on of th.e lt rd of . ire, ltors. lin tihe
Imay tie i tssued it t IIre I iI Ithain p.ai r In. pa)t
ewit r i "e. Ihl e' for I roip. rt ' rI ,eived -
Si- i t- ir11et. liii. i;i i ii i'll l l'ii. h ll III itt"
ordian.. with law 1 .
iThf su. -, ririt ,ll of l :. S. hirililr, ilnt . tol
fortsiu i l 4It ~ ih t i r, i n of tlh ,, ipitaIl
it, k of thi.- c rptratin n lli :ill I, lpa id fior
iby thfle r lf-ir tlho t l' l orpor:tl nl by said
i. S.hiri.t er. In . ,Iof all oi f Ith.e ilusieu vs
of G. klhlrmer i.-., now 'ondonltd it the
(its of N.lwrt IIrtil. . iStatel of iLo rmit:nila.
toietoihr with all it.t its-i t of said t lt ti
1aie. iln. ' lln.t nllL. Irhindlse. t'a , s inv.en
t ,i. r ill. ro . t ii hl. fl urltnit ure. ul e ts
alim.r'e lrio ing to sal d ull iness, which
iuinels ailld he asi".tll itelongiu g theretoi-l
as heremahol e de,. ribed. at4 hrereby lp
pmibed y to- e 't oard i f dire .tor' herein
iaft. nit ed. :it the n of ftir thousattnd
ltien hiundredt ( $t I 7011 )l dollars. anl d In
tir Iv rii I i ii i1ittl 131 ihri prI t l f r I nitiue
ernsidr rat ion of the intr: fi r thereof to
tl i' corporatiilion p lhord hof dire nitorl
htr.,of nherphs inuithrizes the isnul e to
said i. Sihirtiir. itin i, t.f forty tteven 471
shares of fil) paid cnpital stok of this
Sorioration lif the par value of tlrone hut
dred ($l10 ton)i dollars peir sh are.
Any sto kholhhelr lin:yt aell or liavln or
transfer his t .tk in the said corporation
fprivided thirtl y ill. days' prior notllet
thtr-ef h.' g .ln to the co.nliy,. and thea
ale the firist prisilel oflt purchasing for
and in lthe nam of the crlt pnit the bild
stock. ali ill th r,- .lluit of the iiard of
directors rt ftini or negli.e't lg to m lr-t
i..e the 'Ftioni It  llrchase the -aid stock.
the .:ii n:lyt I..' ontld aft.r said thirty
'itll" days notite in the plt in fmarket.
Thei hillhIn :lnd aiffair, of this corpn
rntion shall he m ititanagd bty an all of it
.orplratl." powers shall ,he vested in and
tet.ruis.t by it hoard of three directors to
be elicth."d annullll by the stoc.kholders
froint amtnl their niiiimbr. A majority
of said holard .hnld) constitutel a quoruml
for fhl tralSa'thn of iuslli's.
The officeri of this corporation shall be
n pre- ident.it, vit. tru-t lt t, i 1 set.retary
and a it rtr rtier. "The pr.ld.nt, l tae
prfillet and treasurer shllhall elected
.i theo r f hr o idirector. fro nt nleng
their number. The si. retarV shItll ilo bet
lIcti i ed e l dirii te. ors, but
need out i t i iii t.uii.r of the h :ird of't di
rte. tofr tn t l a khrll i, r tint iy two of
Nilr o offi.- iilay ibe e ti by one lland the
intil th, irti alitoan t l ,nr.tng hleren
nffer or.leint for. or until their u'erl
olIn thae duly oelfed eand qualifie.ed the
follow inl pler-ui rs ahll:l constitute tlhe
first hiirl of directors n (liffi.ert of
tilo c pl, tn rll t ililt. Itiri .i No. I::it u' nrl
nr.et,. tI a-hl.lelnh ihtener. n o. t1't r'ainal
i Street h.llnry t rv lant t. .No. 7:3 ha'altoi
Sitr-t. witu h lOlf i, itiz :s pre-id. nt La
Tilhe r. iltenl.hvtt ire i. rshiont ant
trt,"l:nrt"r, and Hlenry Kronltage as were
This bottrd of direlntro fhall oentinue In
office until the oiny d 'ti, dayit in othe
mlionlth Iof. i.ns.it 3 oill whicalh date and
lannully thereufter, their npcessrors shall
aie eliCtE : at stokhe lderv' lof eti.rl on
vened for that purpose, or until the ir sue
,.--ors are elected.
Ntl e of such 'lction all be givt en
by deliverinlllg personally or by depositing
in the pot offleh properly addressed to
each stnekholder, an eopy of said notice
of election at least fifteen (I51 days he
fore step th ellitNii. provldehd, however.
that suclh notice shall not he requlired toi
be given to an"y stockholder who shall in
weriting walf e otice thereof.
The president shall preside at such an
nuan meeting andi any fliltr n elet di
rea tors on the day nsned for that purpose
shall not dissolve the e srporation, but the
dir-litori then In offite shall fontinue un
til their slutessour are ialeted, and at
every else.tion and dleemtilNg of stock
holders, ineh stockholder shall be entitled
to one Vtlle for each share of stock regis
tered in his nlme either in person or by
written proxy.
ARTICI.E V The hoard of directors
shall hnave power to fill vacanles in their
number caused bly death, resignation or
The ihl hoard shall have full control
of the property of the conipanv and shall
conduct. manage and direst the business
tf yhe company conlsotent with ihe ob
jeats of the company.
The nild asard may appoint much man
agddrsl ashiseanrs, agents wind empnoyeet
as it shall dhom names ary for conducting
and managing the businesi deta l of the
saltd orporation, and may from time to
time delegate such sppeiar power, and au
termt of t hvice.
ARTltILi VI-Thar 7hart3 r may be
hanged, modifred or e mended, or then
.orporatgon dissoivar- at a general meet
Int of stockholderh convened for the pur
poNew pursuant to law.
have respec'tively written opposite their
amount of the capital stork for which
they have subscribed, no that thiv an t of
incorporntion may sirve also af the or(gi
ial subscription list of the corporation.
Thus done and pasied at my notario N
offlte in the tity of New Oriu ang. the day
and datn heurein first above written by the
soriied in lhe preence of rLdlla Io . Dubut e
nI. Itt. Mtnulhlteh. nomptarynt wpbicshr.
who hertiflnto tigned theoe prsiuoegontg, ti
gctier wofh laiipanerar i and mse, notarr,
after due readrne of the whole.
fillie yoitc. l shartu 73re anal ,traet,
7Ne ranal Stri- t. New Ordeans o usenry
Notary ttubiic.
A. the undersigned Re.order of Mort
gaWes. In and for thes Parlh of Orluans,
e279e folio -.
T. the undernigled notary public, here-

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