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twhie beed4 e h t pup
A_ r ifet-urned to A. Hull. 721
1t St. tp
 lD Lost between Seguin and
/I Reward it returned to 1026
i. ner Atlantic Ave. ltp
414 Ellsa street. Each apart- 1
wo,tals 4 rooms and bath; hot
Apply 5 SegOtin street.
ss paved garage for rent. Has
on paved street. 5 .00 per
Sg. Apply 441 Bouny St.
Flat. 4 rooms. kitchenette,
sag very large sleeping porch.
S7t Belleville St.
, base, 5 rooms. kitchentte and
.i Apply 733 Patterson St.
e ansd dwelling. Apply 735 Pat
Sest 8
Two 3-room houses $15
math. Extra lot of ground.
Aply 500 Verret Street.
lt Csse rooms sad eard.
S I St. Phone gAl 40W.
or Sale
terI, flxtures, cash register, sate,
taa and store doors. Apply 735
psuomss St.
Ap steve, practically new; a bargain.
Mly I Valktte Street. It
Sean besome dsspeadent by
Clme.. Call or wift for catalog
1016 oNsE sOI
Day sad Night Classes.
Get the best for les. Investigate and
lRes Iable rates. Call or write:
Se arber College, 916 Poydras St.
to e a Barber means steady employ
a so a buinaess tf your own. Learn it
S4aal S., Now oisea
Day sad 1Mgbt Classes
Call or Write
:R sI stdock I an established mann
SIhg oeempany. Csall Room 725 De
, Ask for Mr. Kroff.
Te as eu ars some real money duaring
_ a5m time selling stock in estsb
masufacturing enterprise to your
Call Rem 715 De Soto Hotel. Ask
ls . grouaad In MeDosogh
Weaseck street, each 351115 feet;
en lot z131s feet. 731l
met, has eighlt rooms, state
- r l bla bath, electric
tas e four rooms each, has
uyMM la sls, bath,
eleaes Avenue-Seven rooms.
ums tqltse and two-story shed;
MSpleUdi business locality.
A e*d uGa me .
Is S pei gam for you to
Ii ait tM: "Whi t I (n Dor"
Sether sheet write: "What I
s" The see which list s
tatg i place the tlst of
hI eas de lthe hand
b U4i sat ask him to ques
I t uisr to test the kowl
Ui b this eftem emough you are
is gP.-'re Drier, in Ferbes
* omman, haLtrn for eaElsn
ee a ink nLied with rae
i Drmet, where o~dal
Wl ii to Pasr to meastel
it get1. Umfortunatety
- tte auetsmneer sew her
b__ the bag ot geld
hbS Isaee which
a eadeis the trunk*w
htr stm
Responsible party with $310 to $109 to
invest in cleaning. presaing and shoe re
pairing business. Party able to secure
endorsements of said amount considered.
- Apply B, care Herald Office.
This is to certify that there is not any
truth in false rumors that I am going to
more my place to New Orleans or any
where else, but on the contrary. I am con
sidering enlarging and installing shoe re
pairing parlors.
Folly Dry Cleaners
Fashionable dressmaking. Beading.
braiding and embroidery of all kinds.
SMrs. 0. E. Hodge, 440 Franklin Street. blc
_. D)onoghville, La.
)t I
a ConSolidated
STypewriter Exchange
built typewriters always in stock:
Sany make bought, sold. exchanged; all
d repair work and rebuilt tyiewrlters guar- I
anteed. 300 Chartres. Main 2219.
OW Du, Na n at ab -m
The Hatter
YVear. Felt sd Preama eHat. Cleased.
Dyed and Reshaped.
233 N. Rampart St. Main 4977
$.50; SIDEBOARD. $5; DRESSERS. $7.50;
a. M. RUlI.
ie Vallettf St
Phone Algiers 416
Bids given on all Jobs free
a CDARING CMPAh , (iEeasm nWI)
it liý.e sa een i *eks5S n I 4
CsmberIlad Phoe. Nam 3WI. Career Ca
mel ad Tehuitealas Sts. Wee Orsansa.
The Frame Shop; mirrors also resilver
ed. SatIsfactIon guaranteed. 46T Bourbon.
"A little girl's tragedy to her broken a
Doll. Save her tears. For a trifling sum I
you may have all sorts of Broken Dolls
Srepaied at the a
R. L A.W1
313 Roelt St
line Repeiriag Donae.
WANTED to purchase old mahogany I
e: and rosewood frnitutre. Wa. Feldman.
437 Royal. Main 4343. t
I Delivery In Algiers eery Thursday.
Bruce Seed & Poultry Co.
732 Poydras St. NEW ORLEANS, LA. t
Centrsl Market. Phone Algers 41.c e Ior
Allr and Betinuds treets. Choico Bee t
Pork, Veal and Mutton. resh Meat any I
Stime of day. 8. CATANSE. Prep. t
KORN KAPPLR. Deke h Coal. Tie
- wood and lee. xpress to hire. 447 Elmira
Avenue. Phone Algiers 56W.
_ILKET rIlln MATE rOOFIl IN., Ile.
1 -01t811 N. ampeet Street
.DOLLS REPAIRED-Theo Orlgial Den
SHoepltIL mO Magaynae t. acksoa 40T*J. 1
FELIX LORNE, JLR. Mill. Passems and
-. Automobiles, Etc.--i 1
iGeneral blaekmthig. abte 1
i- ; s.,.ad rubber
I easeso W3 Ru & PiS
t14 UULIA ST. Raln 311
STruck Bodies ad Trailers
AeH Lamber Tralors
EgJt to S-paraledina
wee mry. md 3*psr
Ge6eral Bl#ci Smith Wert
to 8k854 Jan St. Pheoes M3557-3~602
L" MedicaI-12
D9r W. J. Ca sII S,
Room s4 CaQueeB atldlns.
appoltnmsts b&y phma, N 188L
Prics meoaL.
STypewriting, Etc.-14
tal ou-i- wwmmnn
m s - oenm
is sW Leublo-V
ebl b w mad h alR
*..-t gw Z #
Why Old Idea is Wreng Is Proved by th
Incdents Related by English on
Writer. tb
I have read an article In which a b
o trapper denies that animals have a to
real memory, says a writer In the Lon- of
I don Times. He admitted that most of I
them knew enough to avoid a trap at
ter an experience or two with it, I
y but contended that this was merely
a manifestation of the self-preserva- 1h
tion Instinct.
The same man cited an Instance- t
not at all unfamiliar-of a dog's re
Susing to hunt with a man who had Pr
kicked him. He said that this too
was only the instinct of all living e,
creatures to avoid injury. ti
Animals do have memory-at least n
some of them do. The trapper's theory
would not explain those many evi- th
dences of recollection wherein self
preservation plays no part. I once i
carried a fox-terrier into the house
- after he had been well-nigh killed by th
an automobile. His master had just ! re
moved into the apartment house, and
I had never seen the dog before that "n
- day. We moved away two days later, r,
and I did not see the terrier for over
four months. Then one day I passed
the house-or was about to do so-;
when out came that dog, wagging his in
stubby tail. He jumped all over me,
in joyful recognition-and memory.
11 An amusing story, significant on this 9,
subject, is told by my father. As a -
boy he lived on a farm, and was al- Cl
ways a close student of animal nature.
The mare he usually drove was old F,
and fat, and would never go faster elr
than a walk unless urged. There were fO
two roads to town, one branching off st
from the other and a little shorter. It an
- had been Old Maud's custom to take
this road, of her own volition, until on pe
one occasion a vicious dog barked at i
her and snapped at her legs. After in
that the driver had to be on his guard; ;
1. Maud would speed up when about 50 th
q yards from the turn-off and try to get sit
- by it before she could be restrained. ti`
This showed not only memory, but st
a sense for planning. -i
IOMETH iN A'- pa
Do you think it 1
E does any good to
express your feel- ga
Ings on the tele- to
Well, It may
help to cheer the an
operator by giv- to
Ing her a few
laughs If she hap- th
pens to overhear
a State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans,
City of New Orleans. Be it known, that he
on this the twenty-.second day of the Ce
month of August, in the year of our
aLord, one thousand nlnoe hundred and at
twenty-two, before me, Edward Haspel, st
a Notary Public, duly commissioned and Pa
qualified, in and for the Parish and State ni
a aforesaid, therein residing, and in the ut
a presence of the witnesees, hereinafter ct
is named and undersigned, personally came cr
and appeared the persons whose namses O
are hereunto subscribed, all of the full
age of majority, whose places of residence of
are hereinafter expressed, who severally be
declared that, availing themselves of the W
provisions of this Act of the Legislature th
of this State, known as Act No. 267 of ne
the acts of the Session of 1914, as sub- ti
sequently amended, they do by these at
presents, covenant, agree, and bind them- w
selves as well as all such other persons be
- as may become hereafter associated with at
y them, in order to form and constitute Jh
a, a corporation or body politic is law, for ti,
the objects and purposes, and under the in
stipulations following, to-wit: st
y. ARTICLE I-The name and title of this
corporation shall be the "Concrete Pipe re
Company, Inc.", and it shall have and el
enjoy succession and existence for a period Pt
of ninety-nine years from date hereof. It re
shall have the power and authority to be
sue and be sued in its corporate name, t
in any court of competent jurisdiction; se
" to contract to make and use a common to
seal and alter the same at pleasure: to at
acqulre property by grant, gift, and pur- :a
chase, and by devise or bequest; to lease. ni
r hold and dispose of, and to pledge and
. to mortgage the same, all subject to the w
7 linmitatlons as may be provided by law;: in
to Issue bonds and notes; to borrow money; K
- to appelnt such offlicers and agents as A·
the |business of the corpLoration n1:iy re'- E
. quire and to fix their compensation: to rc,
a name directors and managers. and to ci
make and establish by-laws, rlh.-s nild J,
-iu:,ult!(ns for the management of the y
iusineas affairs of said corooration as may K
S be requisite and necessary. at
ARTICLE II-The domicile of tbhis cor- si
poration shall be in the city of New Or- T
leans, State of Louisiana, where all cita- tr
tions and other legal process shall be qr
served upon the property officers thereof.
I. ARTICLE III-The objects and pur- sa
poses for which this corporation is estab- hi
lished and the nature of the business tol
Sbe carried on by it are declared and sa
-- specified to be: to manufacture. buy and t
II sell concrete sanitary sewer pipe, drain ui
1. tile. highway covered pipe, railroad cul- st
- vert pipe, roofing and other tiles, build- fs
a ing block, fence posts, and all other con- I1
J. crete and cement products; also buolding It
materials and supplies of any and all
- description whatsoever: also to exrhanage,
barter and deal in same, either at wahole- tl
sale or retail, as jobbers or contractors; Ii
to engage in the bosainess of highway it
Scontracting, road building, and general t(
rontracting and constructIon and busi- c
n aesses incidental to the carrying on of i
r such pursuita and businesses. fi
ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of this h
corporation is hereby declared to be the ti
sum of Fifty Thousand (P50.000.00) dollars, o
Sdivided Into Five Hundred (500) shares ti
- at One Hundred ($100.00) dollars each, and a
the amonot of esch share shall be paid tl
for In accordance with law. The capital a
stock of this corporation may be subse
quently icreased to One Hundred Thou- o
sand Dollars ($100,000.00).
ARTICLE V-The corporate powers of 3
this cerporatalon shall be vested Ia a
Board of Directors to be composed of sixs
*s directors, three of whom shall constltute d
a qerum, for the treansaction of business. s
The Directors are to be elected by the
stockholders at a general meeting to be I
ield os the third Moaday in January of
each year; provided that there shall be
2 no such election in the year of 1923.
- At alln meetings for the eleetions of this
cerporatio, each steekholder shall be en
titled to oe vote for each sharae of stock
standing is his name on the books of the
company, which vote shall be cast is 8
person or by proxy.
Tbhe Board of Directors shall have the
power to make all by-laws, rules and
regulations necemsry fer the condct of
I. the businesas affairs of seld corporation;
and they shall elect from their saumber
a President, one or more Vice-Predsidents,
sad a Seeretary-Treaurer: provided that
the office of Secretary sad Treasrer may,
in the dsretion of the Board of Diree
-tors, be eperated.
cntl the electes to be held uas herl
above provided, the folloring shall con
stitute the first Beard of Directoron: AlIftnde
T. Newell, Wilttliam . Newell, Neal W.
SNewell, Seba 8. Newell, Charles L. Dulli
- and OwaOrd NewelL with AlIesd T. Newell
a Presdeat: William . Newell, as Vice
Presdeat: Neal W. Newell, as Vice
Pruelent: Seab 8. Newell, as Vice-Prl -
dent: Charles L. Dl las VIee-PresietI
sad Oswald NewelL as Act -Treasn.
ARTICL VI--TIhe capital stock of this
cerperatie may be iesesasd r dermasd I
at any time in accrdance with laws ea
this State. Ths heaster may be amedea,
S slmed or medsd, or tshee epa a ae
demsved by a veo t -as t a
=d =5 ='d ~bIrrh5 F
Ie~ mst~sbinbWk I
any of the indebtedaese, contracts or o
faults thereof, in any further asum than i
the unpaid balance due the corporation I
on the shares owned by him, nor shall A
any informality In the oraniation have
the effect of rendering this charter null,
or of exposing a shareholder to any lia
billty whatever.
ARTICLE VIII-A failure at any time
Sto hold a meeting or elect directors or
officers as herein provided, shall noti
work a forfeiture of this charter, or dis- t
it solve the corporation, but the existintg i
I. oad of Directors and officers shall con
tinoe in office until their successors in
offlie have been elected.
Y ARTICLE IX-At the expiration of this
Scharter, unless sooner dissolved, its af
fairs shall be liquidated by one or more
comnis-.oners to be appointed by the
-to,.kholders in meeting, assembled for t
that purpose, and who are invested with
tull power to sell all the assets and prop
Serty. realt and personal, of this corporation.
Sand to convey a full and complete title
ther.to. and to do and perform all acts
essential to a full and complete liquida-l
tion of the affairs of this corporation.,I
andto divide the proceeds, if any. In ac
.ordance with law.
Thus done and passed at my office in h
the City of New Orleans. Louisiana. on :
the. day and in the month and year first n
hereit:inhove written. in the presence of t
a n('uthhert S. Italdwin and J. 3. Jackson. '
-oimpetent witnesses, whose names are II
hereunto slubscrtibed as such. together with h
Sthe said appearers, and me. Notary, after
Sreading of the whole.
I Original signed: Names of subscribers
Witnesses: 3. J. Jackson. Cuthbert 8. r
Notary Public.
Recorded in the Mortgage Office of the
Parish of Orleans. on August 23, 1922. P.
in Book 1279. folio 20.
t. A true copy:
Notary Public.
Sept. .,-Oct. 12.
State of Lioiusiana. Parish of East
Baton Rouge. Be it known, that on the
r eighteenth day of Se.ptemher. 1922. be- i
fore me. John Fred Odom, a notary
public, in and for said Partsh and
r State. duly commissioned and qualified.
and in the presence of the hereinafter
named and undersigned witnesses, per-o
sonally came and appeared the several at
Spet sons whose names are hereunto
subscribed, who declared that, availing
themselves of the provisions of the
i laws of this state, particularly Act No
267 of 1914. of the (general Assembly
of the State of Louisiana. they do for i
themselves, their successira and as- t
signs, form themselves into a corpora
tion and body politic in law for the
objects and purposes and under theci
stipulations and articles following, to- c
ARTICLE I-The name of this cor
poration shall be Checker Cab Com
pany. Inc.. and its domicile is herebyt
fixed at the City of New Orleans. Parisht
Of Orleans. and State aforesaid.
ARTICLE II-The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is or- f
ganized and the nature of the business
to be carried on by it are hereby de- ri
clared to be: To buy. rent. lease, and o
otherwise acquire taxi-cabs, automo- o
iles and other vehicles; and to operate g
and run them for hire, and generally di
to do a taxi cab carrying and hauling w
business in all of its forms.
ARTICLE III-The capital stock of t
this corporation shall be fifty thousand w
dollars ($50.000), divided into 500 a
shares of a par value of one hundred t
($100.00) dollars each, payable in cash
or property actually received (more i
particularly the property described in p
the itemized list annexed hereto and si
made part hereof), at such time in such
Smanner as the board of directors may '
ARTICLE IV-This corporation may
begin business as soon as fifty per o
cent. (50%) of its authorized capital a
r stock shall have been subscribed for.
and fifty per cent. (50%) of the said ti
Sstock subscribed for shall have been p
Spaid in. and shall exist for a period of
t ninety-nine (99) years from this date,
Sunless sooner dissolved. The capital t
r stock of this corporation may be in
e creased to one hundred thousand ($100.
S000.00) dollars.
SARTICLE V-The corporate powers
re of this corporation shall be vested in a
ly board of three directors, any two of
Swhom shall constitute a quorum for h
re the transaction of business, without the
of necessity of authorization or ratifica
- tion of their action by the stockholders
e and the said board, except the first. u
- which is hereinafter provided for, shall
s be elected annually by ballot by the
th stockholders on the first Tuesday of
t January of each year. of which elec
ar tion fifteen (15) days' previous notice. t
ie n writing, shall be mailed to the
stockholders by the secretary.
ARTICLE VI-The said board of di- t
rectors shall, immediately after their
d election, proceed to the election of a
d president, a vice-president. and a see- c
Itretary-treasurer, out of their own num- c
to her. Any director may. by written au
ethorization, appoint a proxy to repre- c
; I sent him at any meeting of the direc- i
n tors. with all the powers of his con
stituent. provided that the person so a
appointed shall be qualified to be a
miiimber of the board of directors.
1d .ITICLE VII--Ioseph M. Distes.
e whose address is 1927 Dumaine etre.t.
; in the city if N-w Orleans. Fred (v
T King, whose address is 1938 St. Roch
1 Avenue. in the city of New Orleans. and
Evans Mercier, whose address is Car
rollton Avenue and Oak Street. in the
city" of New Orleans, Louisiana. with
t.Iseph M. Bistes. as president: Evans
Mercier as vice-president, and Fred C.
King as secretary-treasurer, shall con
stitute the first board of directors, and
shall hold their office until the first
Tuesday in January. 1924. anti until
their successors are duly elected and
Squalified. I
SARTICLE VIII-Citation shall be
- served on the president: in the event of
- his absence or disability, upon the vice
t president: and in the event of the ab
I sence or disability of both of these of
I fleers, then upon the secretary-treas
i urer. Whenever this corporation is dis
- solved by limitation or otherwise its af
- fairs shall be liquidated by one or more
liquidators elected by the stockholders
from among their own number.
ARTICLE IX-No stockholder shall
. sell, assign or transfer his stock in
e this corporation unless he shall have
' first given thirty days previous notice
myIn writing to the corporation of his in
l tention to do so: provided that the sald
corporation shall have the option dur
ing said period of purchasing said stock
from said stockholder so announcing
i his intention to sell; and after said
e time the said stock may be sold in the
i, open market. A list of the subscribers
o to the capital stock of this corporaton
a with their post office addresses, and
d the amount subscribed for by each, is
1 annexed hereto and made part hereof.
Thus done, read and passed at my
* office in the city of Baton Rouge, in
the presence of H. K. Strickland and
o Muryl M. Reiley. competent witnesses.
a who hereunto sign their names with
i said appearers and me. notary, on the
a day, month and year herein first above
Witnesses: H. K. Strickland, Muryl
e M. Reiley.
e Fred C. King. Joseph M. Biates. Evans
Mercier. per F. C. King.
g A true copy:
Baton Rouge, NO.Sept 12
(Seal) Notary Public.
State of Louisiana,
Parish of East Baton Rouge.
Before me. the undersigned authority.
personally came and appeared Fred C.
King and Joseph M. Bistes, who afte
being by me first duly sworn, did de
pose and say: That they are incor
porators of the Checker Cab Company.
Inc.; that the capital stock of said
corporation amounts to fifty thousand
dollars: and that all of said capita
stock has been subscribed and paid for.
N Sworn to and subscribed before me,
=at Baton Rouge, this 18th day of Sop
tember. 1922. JNO. IRED ODOM.
** (Seal) Notary Public
!. the undersigned Recorder of Mor
g-rages in and for the parish of Orleans,
State of Louaisana, do hereby certlify
* that the above and foregoing Act of
is Incorporation of the Checker Cab Coi
' pany. Inc.. was this day duly recorded
i in my office in book 1279. folio ,
L New Orleans, Sept. 19, 1922.
Deputy Recorde.
Sept. ttl--fove
or of our Lord one thousand, nine hun- !
an Ildred and twenty-two (l922). and of the
on Independence of the United States of i
all Ametrica. the one hundred and forty- c
vre sixth. before me. Watts K Leverich. a v
ill. r-notry public duly commissioned and ti
a-- qualified in and for the Parish of Or- o
!. :in. State of Louisiana. therein re. t
e' siding, and in the presence of the wit
or nesses hereinafter named and under
lot igne t., personally came and appearcld
is- t h- -everal persons whose namn.s are
tg hereunto subscribed, who declared that.
,n. !,ailing themtlsel\ves of the laws of this o
in ~:t;:t, relative to tile organization of p
corporations, they have covenanted and b
is :'a--d andand to by these presents cove- h
I-nint, vgree. ind. form and constitute li
re themselves as well as such persons as tl
be may hereafter join or become assoC- h
'or ated with them. into a corporation or ba
th lily pioitic in law, for the objects and tl
p purposes and under the agreenents andl a
n, stipulations following, to-wit: I.
tie ATTIt'LE I-The name and title of I
ts this corporation shall be Illooln's Son,
a Inc.. and und,-r its corporate name It
-hall enjoy succession for the full te.rm
c- aind lpel ind of ninety-nine years from ln
and after the datei hereof, and shalll
in have po,er iand authority to contract. II
on site and he sued: to accept and receive a
rft r:ortgages, pledlges or other hypotheca- I
of lonis; to make andl use a corporate seal. it
ln. and the samrne to break and alter at it
irpleasure: to purchase. receive. lase. a
th hold or otherwise acquire and con\ey. tl
er ,s weIll as mortgage and hypothecate
:nder its corporate nlame, property, a
rllth real. personal and mixed; to bor
tomw noney and maike and issue bonds. p
and other evidences of debt. and to e- it
(cure the samne my mortgage or other- ft
wise: to subscribe to and hold stock
in other corporations; to acquire, hold
le. ;tld re-Issue shares of its capital stock; u
he to tarry out all of the objects and pur- y
22. 1 poss hereinafter set out; to name and p
appoint such managers and directors.,
officers and agents as the interest and h
coinveieencet of said corporation may g
le. require: and to make and establish as a
well as alter and amend at pleasure w
- such by-laws, rules and regulations
UL f.or the management and regulation of
the affairs of the corporation as may
he necessary, proper or convenient; and
5st gtnerally to do all such other acts and
he things as trading corporations are aiu
e- Ithorized to do under the laws of the
ry state of Louisiana.
nd I ARTICLE II-The domicile of this
ei corporation shall be in the parish of
-Orleans, state of Louisiana. and all ci
Ia tations or other legal process shall be
to seirved upon the president of the com
pany; or in his absence, upon the vice
o ARTICLE IIl--The objects and pur
ly poses for which this corporation Is or
or ganized and the nature of the business
s- to be carried on by it are hereby de-'
a. clared to be: To buy, sell and deal in n
he as brokers, agents, commission mer
he chants, principals or otherwise, for ac- tl
o- count of itself or third persons, rice it
and rice by-products of all kinds, sugar, m
coffee, molasses and other food pro
r- ducts, or articles in the grocery trade: t
m- to purchase, lease or otherwise acquire
s and hold and operate rice mills and L
sh other plants for the manufacture and i
preparation for market of rice. rice n
ir- I roducts or by-products,. or any other c
ºr- food products: to receive on consign- '
ss merit, make advances on and handle r
ie- rice and rice products and by-products
nd of all kinds, sugar, molasses, coffee and a
n- other food products or articles of the
ite grocery trade or agricultural commo
Ily dities; to obtain certificate as public
ng warehouseman and carry on business as
such; to buy, sell and deal in sacks. I
of twine and other merchandise connected
nd with or incidental to the handling of
00 any of the commodities above referred
ed to; to purchase, hold, improve, develop.
sh sell, mortgage, pledge or otherwise deal
re in and dispose of real and or personal
in property; to exchange its entire capital
nd stock or any part thereof for property 1
*ch which it is authorized to acquire; to
ay exchange its entire assets and business a
or any part thereof, for property.
stocks, bonds and other obligations of
er other companies, firms or individuals;
tal and generally to do all acts and things
or. necessary, convenient or appropriate to c
aid the accomplishment of any of said pur
en poses or germane thereto.
ARTICLE IV-The presently au
e thorized capital stock of this corpora
tion is hereby fixed at the sum of
in- twenty-five thousand dollars. ($25,
10.- 000 00), divided Into and represented by
two hundred and fifty shares of the
er par value of one hundred dollars
i ($100.00) per share. The amount of
said stock may be Increased to five
o hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00).
ca- ARTICLE V-No transfer of stock
rs, shall be binding upon the corporation t
st, unless and until made and recorded a
all upon Its books. The corporation shall
the have the right to refuse to transfer any 1
of stock so long as the shareholder de- 1
ec- manding the transfer is in any way I
ce, indebted to the corporation, and the r
the corporation shall have a lien, pledge
and privilege on each share of stock
di- to secure any indebtedness, due by the
er shareholder to the corporation.
a ARTICLE VI-AII the powers of this t
ec- corporation shall be vested in a board
m- composed of not less than three nor t
au- more than seven directors. The pre
re- cise number of directors within said -
ec- limits shall be fixed by the stock- I
in- holders at the annual meeting, or at
so a special meeting called for that pur
a pose; provhled that in the interval be- I
tween stockholders' meetings the board
cs. itself may elect additional directors
it. within the maximum limit above pro- I
C vlited. if the stockholders shall not have t
chelected the same. A majority of the
nd Ioardl shall constitute a quorum. Said
tr- lard of directors shall be elected an- 1
the nually at the stockholders' meeting to
ith he held annually at the office of the
ins corporation on the first Monday of July 1
C. of each year. after notice given to each
in- stockholder ly mail at least fifteen
nd lidays before the date of the meeting.
rst addressed to the last designated alddress I
itil of the stockholder; or, if he has desig
nd nated no address, to the General De
livery at New Orleans. Special meet
be ings of the stockholders may be called
of by the board of directors or by the
ce- president or vice-president at any time t
ah- and notice thereof shall be given in the
of- manner provided for annual meetings;
as- provided that in all cases all notice
is- may be waived by unanimous consent.
af- Each share holder shall be entitled to
ore one vote for each share of stock stand
ers ing in his name on the books of the 1
corporation, said vote to be cast In per
all son or by proxy and a majority of the
in votes cast shall elect. Failure to elect 1
ave directors on the day above specified shall
1ce not dissolve the corporation but the
in- directors then in office shall remain in
aid office until their successors are elected
ur- and qualify. The board of directors
ock shall have power to fill all vacancies
ing which may occur or in any manner
aid arise or be created on the board, even
the though no quorum remain at the time
ers such vacancies are to be filled. The
ion board shall elect from its number a
and president, and a vice-president and shall
i also elect a secretary and treasurer who
may be the same individual and need
my not be members of the board or stock
in holders; and the board Is expressly
and authorized from time to time to dis
ses, pense with any of said officers and 'or
rith combine and or separate any of them,
the and or elect any other such officers as
ove the board may think proper or con
venient to the carrying on of the com
aryl pany's business, and to provide that
said officers need not be members of
the board or stockholders; and the
ana board shall fix the salaries of the of
fleers, agents and employees. At any
meeting of the board of directors any
director absent from the meeting may
I. be represented by any other director
1li. who may cast the vote of the absent di
rector according to the written instruc
tions, either general or special, of said
Ity. absent director. The board of directors
C, shall have authority to make and es
fter tablish, as well as alter and amend, all
de- by-laws, rules and regulations neces
Cor- sary and proper for the support and
any, management of the business and af
aid fairs of this corporation and not in
ital shall have power to authorze the bor
notes and the execution of pledges and
mortgages, oad generally to do all
things necessary or convenient for the
me. proper carrying on of the business of
ofP- the corporation.
Until a general meeting of the stock
bc held in 1922. or until their duly quall
the post offrce address of whom is No.
221 Magasine Street; M Metrro, the
post office address of whom is Natches
I f ai M.K ..e . , eters.- *
I by a vote of two-thirds of the entire ,lit
apital stock present or represented at slit
Sgeneral meeting of the stockholders ins
Sconvened for such purpose. after pre- soI
Sviotus notice shall have been give.n ill ti
I the lmantner abl.se required, to bIe given co
of the annual inciting of the corpra-r re(
tion. of
ARTICLE VIII -If this corporatisn shl
shall he dissolved, either by lisuisl.itoun
or front any n ther c.use, its affairs rig
ishall I.e ltymlsated by three c-rtnmis- ot
s-ioners to be ap.pointed at the nie*tintt *
of stokholders convened fTor tile pur
pose of liquildatio n, alld to be electeid or
by ithe Itajoprity vote of all the stick- vie
holde.rs votinng upon a parity. SItl, for
liquidators shall remain in oifflhe until by
the taffairs sf the corpor.tlin shatll
h a v,'e Ise.'n f ,till , s stttled a n t l i] j tij l. lt. ., s
dand they shall have full lp.w,.r and au- .r.
th,,rity to tran.sfer atnnd i\ i. title to Ist
all the pt operty and assets of the cor-j l I
Ilorataton and to distrlhute the pIroceeds iere
in .sse. of death, di"ability or resigna- 17,
t :oT of int, iqtittdator. the vac'tncty. he'
shall ibe filled hi v the sunr.'vor.
AitT'I'LE IX- No stockholder shall ' ti
,be he.l h lsl,. or r..-s.onsilsth for the r.e
'contr.cts or faults of saii coriporation tic
In any further s.un than tile unp.uld Ial- itso
iuanc'e dule ion the share, oif stick owned to
iy hin. no)r shall any mere iiformality itt
IIt orrill|anitattonl ha\.' llt. e ffect of rten- .m; n
tiring this chart, r null or s.f sexplstl isip
any stockholder to any liability beyond tilt
the unpaiid ial.tnce due oin his stck.
in orde.r that this charter uiy s. e! intr
as the origintal subscription list. thei
-'s1s'i ilers hereto have indicated opi- !.
positi, their respecttl\ signaturesll the ' i
ini iitier of shares of Stock subs-rhbed se
for by each of then. no
Thus do(ne land passed at my notarial hI.,
office in the city of New Orleans. state
of Louis iana. on thle day. month and tht
tyear first he.reirlnal t.ve written. in Ithe II,,
pretrcence of tGeorge l'Pt'ez and Arthur
King ,'competent H..ttessses, who.s have an;
hereunto subscribed their names. ti
g.ther with ile, notatry. anil thet said la
aple'arers. after dutile readling of the I11n
whole. thi
Witnesses: ;torge Perez, Arthur
(Names of subscrllSers omitted. )
Notary Public.
A trule copy:
Notary P'ublic.
Sept. 28-Nove. 2.
ZWW O ULAX S Pl ULIC l lt, .
United States of America. State of
Loui-lana, Parish of Orleans. City of
New Orleans. Be it known and remem
,ered that on this 22tnd1 daty of the
month of September. In the year of our f"'
Lord, one thousand. nine hundred and of
twenty-two and of the Independence of tht
the IUnited States of America. the one vic
hundred and forty-seventh: Before me. "
Stamps Farrar. a notary public, duly C"t
commissioned. sworn and qualified in
and for the Parish of Orleans. State of .1,
Loulsiana, therein residing, and In the
I presence of the witnesses hereinafter ntu
natmed and undersigneld: Personally Or
c:me and appeared,. A. L. Ktempster, tit
president, and Maurice II. Rooney, see
retary, respectively of New Orleans
Public Service. Inc., a corporation cre- Se
ated by and existing under the laws of
the State of Louisiana by an act ie
fore Stamps Farrar. notary public.
Parish of Orleans. State of Louisiana.
of date August 18. 1922. recorded in Lo
the Mortgage office for the Parish of W,
Orleans. State of Louisiana, on the 18th ;t
day of August, 1922. in Book No. 1279, tbh
folio 4. and in the Office of the Secre- nit
tary of State of the State of Louis- nil
iana. at Baton Rouge. Louisiana. in pit
Book "Record of Charters" No. 105, fIt
Folio -. on the 23rd day of August. aI
1922. and said appearers declared that pr
a general meeting of stockholders of p,
said New Orleans Public Service, Inc., ap
was held on the 21st day of September, S,
1922, at the office of the company in all
the City of New Orleans. Louisiana. at a,
which meeting all of the stockholders m
of said corporation were present and th
voted, and it was unanimously deter- th
mined and resolved to amend Article re
IV of the charter or articles of associa- tit
tion of said corporation so that same 19
should read as hereinafter set forth. pr
The said A. L. Kempster and the said pt
Maurice H. Rooney. the president and b
secretary respectively of New Orleans
Public Service. Inc.. further declared tr
that at said general meeting of stock- In
holders it was resolved that they. as
e officers of the company, be authorized,
empowered and directed to take such pr
k steps as may be or become necessary
a to make effective said amendment to
d the charter.
Whereupon the said A. L. Kempster, or
y president; and the said Maurice H. rli
IRooney. secretary, of New Orleans Pub- th
y ic Service. Inc.. declared that they do n
e now appear for and on behalf of said New at
e Orleans Public Service, Inc., for the m
k purpose of mnaking effective the action ga
e of the stockholders of said company by fi
embodying the said amendment in no- in
s tarial form, and they now declare unto in,
d me. notary, that Article IV of the char- at
r ter or article's of association of New eq
Orleans Public Service, Inc., shall be ch
d and is now amended so as to read as an
Sfollows,. to-wit: pa
t "ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of of
Sthis corporation is herebly declared to in
ie and is fixed as follows: . pl
S"Ten million (810.000.000.00) dtIllars sh
c f preferredt stock rtepresenteld by one nl
Shundred thousand (10o.00(,) shares of le
e the par value of one hunslred ($100.00) gl
e dollars each; and to
S"Fifteen million ($15,000.000.00) dol- ni
Slars of common stock represented ty re
o one htundtred and fifty thousand (150.- or
e 0s0) shares of the par value of one so
y hunlted ($100 00) dlollars each. ss
5 "The preference , designations, voting
a powers, restrictions and qualifications. th
of the preferred stock shall be as fol- fi
s lows: II
"'The preferred stock shall he en
titled in preference to the common
comtmon stock to dividends at the rate
Sof 7% per annum payable quarterly or rC
e semi-annually as the board of direc- Li
e tors shall determine and such dividends
e shall be cumulative from and after the of
I; date of issue thereof. No dividends of
e shall be declared or set apart for pay- el
s. ment on the common stock until all et
o dividends then accrued on the preferred hi
stock shall have been set apart for sf
"In any distribution of assets other ti
e than by dividends from surplus or M
t profits, whether voluntary or involun- si
f1 tary, the preferred stock shall also ti
e have a preference over the common Si
n stock until the full par value thereof
d and 7% per annum thereon from the ct
a date of issue thereof shall have been ai
. paid by dividends or distribution. The si
preferred stock shall not receive any
n dividends from surplus or profits in ex- bs
cess of said par value and the amount T
s of such accumulated dividends unpaid p
a thereon, but the common stock alone
11 shall receive all further dividends and o
o shares in distribution. a
"All but not less than all of the pre- ci
l. ferred stock shall be subject to redemp- fs
ly tion at the option of the corporation tl
*. upon any dividend date at its par value ti
r and accrued and unpaid dividends there- v
on to the date fixed for redemption S
s upon the vote of not less than a major- 5
a- Ity in Interest of the outstanding com
,- mon stock. Notice of the intention of e
at the company to redeem the preferred
of stock shall be mailed thirty days be- t
Ic fore the date of redemption to each L
f holder of record of preferred stock at
sy his post office address appearing upon
the books of the company, and upon the
my deposit of the aggregate redemption
or price with any national bank or trust I
ii company in the city of New York named I
in such notice, payable to the order of
I the record holders of the preferred t
rs stock on endorsement and surrender of
s- their certificates, said holders shall at
l the explratiow of said notiee cease to
s- be stockholdeds. Upon any issue of ad
ad tional stock of the company of any
f. class or holder of outstandlng stock of
n- any class shall be entitled of right by
my reason of auch stock holding to sub
scribe for, purchase or receive any por
oton of the additional stock so issued
ad but the board of directors of the com
of Ing the same in the first instance to
the stockholders of the company for
"The preferred stock shall not entitle
say holder thereof to vote at any meet
Ing of stockholders or election of the
corporation or otherwise to particIpate
in any action taken by the company or
stockholders except as may be required
by law; and except that if at any time
the accumulated and unpaid dividends
he on the preferred stock to the last dlvi
Gend date shall equal seven ($7.00) dol
Iaraper share a meetiag of the stock
lolder for the election of directors
shall be ealed in aeeordance with the
l by-laws upon the request of the holders
at of record of tea (10%) pet cent. or
mere of the preierred sleek them oat
a.D e ..er .asee nj m
divi.ih.nts on said preferred stock to the
]ivollen, date ;last preceding such meet
ing r.nlain undieclared, the holders of
such pre.ferred stock shall be entitled
to, ote along with the hohllers if the
comim:oirin stoc'k for the election of di
rectors. and for that purpose the holder
'If ieach share of said pref.rredI stock
shall hre ,enittl.d to one ..te ftor each
if said shares hell by hint; Iut such
'right to o1te shall eiasie whetnever all
such ;icuimilatedl dividends shall have
b en ib ,lared
"A.1l stick .lhall bI, palt for in cash
Ior iay hlIe issIued for labor done or ser
vices tprr lfi ltiel for said corporation or
for property or rights actually received
by it.
"The auinn tt to which the capital
stoik of thlis crporattlin may be in
ereas..,l I by lhi. cniporate actiron is here
by ,.l,.'.',i , to h." o*ne hundred million
($ li I.II. {l0 inon ntl I .tollars and any in
cre:se.,I stok now or hereafter author
I, I rl as Ie ,f the kinds or classes
hilre'itn pres,'rnhed or Iay he in whole or
in part of other kinds or classes of
.stock whiih' may I.e creatied alnd author
izedl with su'ch preferences and priori
ties whether in di hlends and liquidi
lian or othl.rwie i is .r or with respect
t,, any of the kihr ls tor classes now cre
uted ior at an iyV tin. hiereiafter existing.
and  Ith lsuch dle.sInations andt voting
powers. or restrictins or qua:lifications
therei"f as mary e lIrescribed "
.Anil the said aippleatrrs produced to
tole. notiiar. a cerlfled Itract from the
iintilte's iIf ::ai g.oneral ml.eting of
stockholdlers aulthorizing said action.
:ndl .saildl rtlltle copy,. after having
te,* n p.iraiphed "No. Varietur" my me,
not:r\y. fir id.entification herewith, has
len anne.ed to the nlargin hereof.
Thuts dliine anldl passed at ny office in
the Pity if Nw tirleians on the day,
ninth ;anl year hereinabove first writ
ten in the presence of Justin V Wolff
and It .1 Schiilingkamp. comp.letent wit
t.esses. who has l hereunto signed their
namllnes togerther with said appearers and
imI.'. said niotary. after due reading of
the shole.
Witnesses: Original Signed: Justin
V. Wolff. II. J. Schulingkamp.
(althll;IN.\L Sl(;NI':1)
MAR'OII': i1 ItooNEY.
(Seal) ST.\AMPS F.\RRAR.
Notary Public.
1. the' undersigned Recorder iof Mort
cagls,. in andl flr the Parish of Orleans.
State of Louiisiana. do herelby certify
that the ai.,\ve and foregoing Act of
.lnlendnlent of New Orleans Public Ser
vic.,. Inc . \was this day duly recorded
itn rny oftice, in hIook No. 1279, folio -
New Orlians. September 22. 1922.
(Signel I lttltT. St'OTT.
DIeputiy IRecorder uof Mortgages.
I hereby certify that the above and
foiregoing is a true and correct copy
of the original Act of Amendment of
the charter of New Orleans Public Ser
vice. Inc., passed before me on the -
of September. 1922. on file and on re
cordl in my office. together with the
certificate of the Dieputy ltecorder of
iMortgages thereto attached.
In faith whereof I have hereunto set
my hand andl seal of office, at New
Orleans. La.. this 22nd day of Sep
temlber. 1922.
Notary Public.
Seplt. 28 -Nove. 2.
'United States of America. State of
Louisiana. Parish of Orleans. City of
New Orleans. Be It known, That on this
7th day of the month of September. in
the year of our Lord. one thousand,
nine hundred and twenty-two. Before
nme. Percy Sommer Benedict., a notary
pulilc. duly commissioned and qualil
fled in and for the parish and state
aforesaid, therein residing, and in the
presence of the two undersigned com
petent witnesses, personally came and
appeared. S. Reynolds Yundt. George W.
Small. I). A. Coyle and Aubrey Murray.
all of age. and residents of the Parish
and State aforesaid, who declared to
mie. notary, and the said witnesses,
that, desiring to avail themselves of
the provisions of the law of this state
relating to the formation of corpora
tions, and more particularly Act 267 of
1914. to acquire and enjoy the rights.
privileges and powers of a body cor
porate and politic in law, they do here
by form themselves into such a corpo
ration, under the name and style, with
the powers and for the purposes here
Inafter speciallr set forth. to-wit:
ARTICLE I-Tne name of this cor
poration shall be The Small and Yundt
Co.. Inc.
ARTICLE II-The objects and pur
poses for which, this corporation is
organized, and the business to be car
ried on by it, is hereby declared to be
the business of buying. selling and
Smanufacturing. .at wholesale or retail,
and to install and remove.all and every
manner of gas, electric, combination
gas and electric, acetylene, oil and light
fixtures of all kinds: all and every
manner of accessories and parts of all
1 makes of nutomolillles and motor boats
and engines; electrical appliances and
equipment for uilllings. marine, ma
chine and motor work; all other motors
1 and motor apparatus; radio apparatus,
parts anld supplilles appertaining thereto
[ of every kind; gas and electrical heat
ing and cooking apparatus and fire
place goods and devices; glassware;
ishale's of silk parchment and similar
miaterial; electiu.plating, enamelling and
lacquering of stetal. wood. porcelain,
glassan and other material; and generally
to do andI perform all and every man
ntr. atct, fact or thing which tilay di
rectly or indirectly appertain. In whole
or in part. to the btusiness hereinabove
set fortlh, the same as if specifically
set f.rth herein.
AIRTI('LE Ill-The capital stock of
this c.orpiratlon shall he the sum of
five thousand dotllars ($5.000). divided
itii, one hundred (100) shares, of the
lar value of fifty dollars ($50) each.
AR\TICL('IE. IV-The domicile of this
corporation shall be New Orleans,
9 ARTICIE V-The board of directors
of this corporation shall be composed
3 of three stockholders, and shall be
- elected annually at a meeting of the
I stockholders of the corporation to be
I heldr on the third Monday of the month
of J.anuary of each year; and until the
first annual meeting of this corpora
r tioit. which shall take place on the third
r Mondlay in January. 1923. the following
- shall constitute the lboard of dlrec
Stors. S. Reynolds Yundt, George W.
f Snmall. Aubirey Murray.
f ARTIC'IE VI-The officers of this
e colrporation shall consist of a president
n iand a secretary and treasurer, who
e shall be elected annually hy the board
yof dilrectors. The said officers shall
ire members of the board of directors.
t The ,lectlon of these officers shall take
Splace on the third Monday of the month
e of January of each year, and the maid
d officers shall serve until their succes
sors are elected and qualified at the
- election of officers abiove provided. The
Sfollowing shall be the officers during
a the first year of this corporation, until
e the first election of officers above pro
vlded for. to-wit: Mr. George W.
n Small, president; Mr. S. Reynolds
r- Yundt. secretary and treasurer.
I- ARTICLE VII-Thlis corporation shall
f endure for a period of ninety-nine years.
d ARITICLE VIII-The board of dlrec
- tors shall have the power to adopt such
h by-laws. rules and regulations for the
t governing of this corporation as they
in may deem proper.
e There Is presently subscribed to the
n capital stock of this corporation the
at sum of five thousand dollars. being the
id full amount thereof, in the proportion
Sof $2,450. represented by 49 sharea of
rd the capital stock, subscribed by S. Rey
)f nolds Yundt; $2.,450, represented by 49
It shares of said stock, subscribed by
to George W. Small: $50, representing one
d share of mid stock, subscribed by D. A.
I Coyle. and $50, representing one share
Df of said stock, subscribed by Aubrty
7 Murray.
b In testimony whereof, the said p
r- pearers have hereunto affized
id signatures, on the day, month and year
i1 herein first above written, in the prOe
in ence of Albert E. Moulln and Lawrance
r- G. Bodet, who hereunto sign their
to names with said appearere and me ao
r tary. after due reading of the whole.
le Witnesses: L. O. Bodet, Albert U.
t Moultn.
e 1. W. Smsll. Jr., Gee. W. Small.
t 8. Reynolds Yundt. New Orleans, La.,
or 4 shares; D. A. Coyle. per 8. R. Yund
ed Lexington, Ky.. l share;: eo. W. Small
se 137 Murat Street. New Orleans. La.. 4
a shares; Aubrey Murray, 4050 Clevelam
fl Ave.. New Orleans. La. 1 bshare.
k- Notary Puble.
rs Recorded in the Mortgage Of
he Book 1279, follo 67. September th.
r 192tt, Parish of Orlesas, State of Lo -
or lana.
it- A true copy:
_ y -se.. .s. 2

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