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The Adolph Meyer" School opened
Monday with an enrollment of three
hundred fifty pupils. This great in
crease in enrollment made it neces
sary to add two new rooms to the
building. At present the lower grades
are quite crowded and we hope to
have a new teacher to relieve the
crowded condition.
Many improvements were made in
the school building during the sum
mer months. A kitchen with beces
sary equipment has been installed.
The children can now purchase a hot
lunch at a very low cost. This hot
food at the noon hour will mean much
to the child's health-and directly af
fecting his school work. A child can
not digest a cold lunch as quickly as
he can a hot lunch. This hot food L
will greatly aid the process of diges- 4
tion, thus helping the child to think t
and act better. We hope all pupils
will purchase lunch from the school
Our school garden did not forget to
grow during vacation, for we found
an excellent crop of sweet potatoes
upon our return. As soon as the po- e
tatoes are dug, classes will at once g
start their fall gardens. We hope for tl
the same success as last year.
During the week Misses Albert and L
Griffith and Mr. L. Block were visi.- t
tors to our school. The former two,
Supervisors of Music and Physical n
Education conferred with the princi- C
pal and teachers on the coming year's ti
work. i
Classification work is completed, «1
pupils are with their teachers who of
will be in charge of them for the t,
Zoeated at New Orleans Parish of Orleans
Report furnished to the Examiner of State Banks by the above Bank at the
close of business on Sep. 15, 1922.
G. OWEN VINCENT, President. P. H. LAROUSSINI, Executive Vice-P'res.
WM. J. FREES, Vice-Pres. E. Q. YATES, Cashier.
J. HARDIE BALDWIN.., Asst. Cashier. M. G. BERNADAS, Asst. Cashier.
M. J. GASKINS. Asst. Cashier.
Demand loans .........................._............................. $ 886,.597.02
Loans secured by mortgage .......................... . ... 162,132.00
Other loans and discounts ................................... .... . 1,650,890.02
Overdrafts unsecured ........... ........ ............... . ... 3.391.32
United States Treasury Certificates ........ .. . ... .... ..... 382,600.00
Other bonds, stock, securities, etc., subscription to Federal Reserve
Bank stock . . ...... .......... .......................... 15,000.00
Banking house, furniture and fixtures ............ ........ . . 31,593.09
Reserve in Federal Reserve Bank ................................ 62.229.08
Due from banks and bankers (other than above) ............ .......... 211,206.14
Checks on other banks ........ ... .................................. 198.422.24
Gold certificates .._...................... ... ............ ....... . 3.600.00
Silver, nickel and copper coin ........ ..................... ...... 4,575.68
National bank notes and all issues U. S. Government (except Gold
Certificates) ..................... ................ ......... .... . 18.614.00
Customers' liability on letters of credit and acceptances................ 173,200.00
Total .................................$3,804.050.58
Capital stock paid in .....................$ 400,000.00 1
Surplus »..» »_. , _. ._......... ..... .... .................. 100,000.00 1
Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid......... ............... 5,970.05
Due to other banks and bankers . .... 246,994.04
Crtifiled checks .... ._ _ _.. 9,137.22
Cashiser's checks outstanding .... .........._.._.....»....»..... . 14,080.76
Individual deposits subject to check .._2...... ..»........».. 2,200,650.60
Demand certificates of deposit .4.4 ......»............,2......92.50
Individual savings deposits .................................. ............. 234,061.93
Time certificates of depoeit................. ....... ....... 126,281.10 I
Notes and bills rediscounted ...»...»............... .......... 232,760.78 I
Liability on letters of credit and acceptances.. ... ...................... 173,200.00
Reserved for interest and taxes . ... ............. 16,621.61
Total .........................................$3,04.050.58
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans.
L G. Owen Vincent, President, and I, E. Q. Yates, Cashier of the above named
bank do hereby swear that the above statement is true to the best of my know- I
ledge and belief.
(Signed). G. OWEN VINCENT, President. h
(Signed) E. Q. TATES, Cashier.
Susbcribed and sworn to before me this 21 day of September, 1922.
(Signed) EDWARD HASPEL, Notary Public. (
Slsat at New Ormeas, s.eulsina Waish e t Oseas
Report furnished to the Examiner of State Banks by the above Bank at close
of business on September 15th, 1922. -
3LM. POOL, President. -- J. A BANDI, Vice-President.
W. J. PILLOW, Cashier. G. HUBER JOHNSON, Ass't. Cashier.
Demand loans . ......................... 89 ,625.03
Loans secured by mortage .... ... 2,187,889.18
Other loans and discounts $10,928,118.52 11,219,126.08 e
Overdrafts secured - »._---_- - - - .......».. 6,874.41
Ovedrafts unsecured .... 7,701.08
United States Bonds ................. .. .. .......... ..... 000.00
Other bonds, stocks, securities, ete .. .. . 796,664.9
Banking House, furniture and fixtures ........»..._ ...__ ..._ 1,220,647.64
Other real estate owned 22,992.685 V
Cash items 2,005.823 -
Reserve in Federal Reserve Bank...... .........903,71.58 C
Due from banks and bankers (other than above) ....... 2,435,692.95 o
Checks for clearing house...... . .. . 8812,971.42
4,152,295.96 t
Gold coin.. ......_....» ................_,» 1,457.60 si
Silver, nickel and copper coin » 27,346.17
National Bank notes and all issues U. S. Government
(except Gold Cert) -. 191,876.00 230,179.67 ac
mers liability on letters of credit and acceptance.--... .......... 64,402.13
Total $21,138,004.20
Capital instock _ _o0
thnrplos "-" .. 1,500,000.00_ I.
-- ---poft. e ». _ ..... 800,000.00
Unedided proitts, less expenses and taxes paid_. . _.... 115,216.60
Unearned discount 22,429.2
Doe to other banks and bankers 4,217,569.314.0
DIvidends unpald --- ,17,84.00
 84,--- . 88.00
Oetiie checks
Cashiers checks outstanding ." _ý157,6,22.25
Individual deposits subject to check ,191,920.32
Demand ertificates of deposit -......---- 2,000.00
ast funds on deposit 288,848.34 13,693,554.41
Billsa p h gal b- - -- -..... 211,72714 hem
IwL Mnal savings deposit 1,40,422.54
Time cemtifiates of deposit -11,727.i4
pa yab lle redlecoas t*.,.. .. . - 550,000.00
NeO._ anQ bills rediscounted 1,966,528.20
]Eiabwih on letters of credit and acceptances 524,820.41
STotal $21,138,004.20 ga
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orlesas.
I. , A. Baad. Vie-Prealdent, and I, G. Huber Johnson. Aes't. Cashier, of the
nsamed beak, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the for
wmes e e nowlease and bte ief
S(8Sined) J. A. BANDI, Vic-President
(Sisgnd) O. UBBER JOHNSON, Ass't. Cashier. Al
aseheresd and swora to before mea this 23rd day of September, 1922. lett
W. W. YOUNG, Notary Public. Su
This is to notify the pmblic that the partaershlp of Joh P. Slvan ot
A. d Raleth J. Williams, former owners of the SUBURBAN DRUG
lSORE has been dissolved, the bmsiness having beea takenm over
1i te nder n and will be coducted as the SUBURBAN DRUG and
S Algiers sit JOON P. SULLVAN. Jog.
C.-  1 - l I I Il I' I
, term and everybody is busy with
their work.
The children are due to reach
school at eight thirty in the morning
and are not expected to arrive either
d earlier or later except in inclement
e weather. Morning study is much
t- more valuable than evening study.
I- Parents are requested to encourage
s their children to do the work that
5 is expected of them.
Quite a number of kodak snapshots
a have been taken in the school
grounds. Children bring their
kodaks and take pictures of them
Iselves and their companions in the
sand pile, stooping over the water
Illy pond, standing by the flag pole,
while the flag Is being raised, on the
Ocean Wave, under the large syca
more tree in the arcade, and in other I
parts of the school grounds.
Milk is being supplied daily for the
pupils. They leave their order the
day before for either sweet lmilk,
buttermilk or chocolate milk.
Free text books are being supplied. s
Garden work has begun and every
effort will be put forth to make our
garden and grounds even prettier than
they were the past session.
Milk is being supplied by the h
Loranger Creamery each day at in- if
On Thursday evening the first
meeting of the Parents' Co-operative a
Club was held. There was an elec- tl
tion of officers: Mrs. B. F. Biaggine b
being elected president, Mrs. S. S. t
McNeeley, treasurer and Mrs. Otis
Sims was re-elected secretary. b
A membership drive is to be made. hi
With such Interested and enthusiastic ti
officers and members we feel sure is
that the drive will be a great success le
with and that the club will prove to be
of great help to the school.
rech The good work has already begun.
orming Miss Vesou, the kindergarten teacher,
either was told to purchase whatever
ement material she needed to make her
much work interesting as well as success
study. fal.
urage Two committees were appointed
that one to inquire about playground ap
paratus, the other to provide things
pshots needed by the classes.
school Each meeting, which is to be held
their on the second Thursday of each
them- month, is to be a business meeting
a the followed by a social meeting.
pole, Perfect in Spelling-Second B. Helen
a the Donnelly, John Mars.
syca Pupils of the Fourth Grade were
other sorry to hear of the death of their
classmate, William Boulas. T
r the
r the McDONOGH NO. 4 NO'ES.
Our numbers have increased daily, 0
plied. since the opening of school, until at
they have reached the 400 mark, and p1
we hope to enroll more later on.
An extra force of workmen were o
assigned to McDonogh No. 4 this
very week, so that the painting being done
our may be completer as soon as pos
than sible. The Inconvenience caused by
this work being done during school o°
t hours will be as nothing, in compar- s
ison with the fact, that we ultimately m
will have a clean and sanitary school. In
first We have received a set of Rand of
ative and McNally's maps to be used inN'
elec- the teaching of geography. This has of
,gine been a sore need of ours for a long
. S* time and we appreciate having them.
Otis Regular morning exercises have ga
been begun, each day a different grade th
hade. having the privilege of entertaining ga
astic the school. The pledge to the flag gr
sure is given, Interesting and helpful se- Ot
cess lections are recited and a community ye
song is sung each morning. on
The boys of the higher grades have ca
been busy during the past week, writ- ha
a ing applications for "jobs." There is tr
the quite an amount of work to be done in of
a school or schoolroom, which thought
E'res. ful, helpful, energetic boys are only pr
too happy to do. The ones writing the at
hier best applications will be appointed to li'
do these acts of daily service. ha
Miss Jurllien, our new Music Super- fel
v.0 visor, visited us last week to become all
10.02 acquainted with the teachers and to m
)1.32 assign work for the different grades m
0o.oo to do. Th
, 0o A called meeting of the McDonogh
X0.09 No. 4 Co-operative Club was held last
9.08 Tuesday. The members present de
6.14 cided to have Mr. E. Vicknair of Mc- Tr
2.24 Donoghville supply our school with ob:
0.00 milk daily. This gentlemen sells a tal
5.68 very fine grade of milk and he is wh
4 00 very faithful to duty, so we feel con- bo
0.00 fldent, that everyone will be satisfied or
with the new arrangement. of
0.58 The first regular meeting of the dao
Club will be held next Wednesday, Oc- tea
D.oo tober 4, at 3:15 p. m. This is a very fo
0.00 important meeting as the election of
).05 officers for the ensuing year will
1.04 take place, so we urge a large at
tendance, not only of former mem
>.60 bers, but new ones also. Try to in- TR
1.0o terest your friends and neighbors to
1.93 come out and affiliate with this or- A
1.10 ganisation, that does so much un
1.78 selfish work for the good of the boys acts
1.0o of this district. 18t1
.51 Last, but by no means least, we scee
wish to extend our sincerect and to
heartiest congratulations to Mrs. M. tho
ed Hopper, upon her appointment as ren
)w- Principal of McDonogh No. 6 School. P
Mrs. Hopper was an efficient teacher opa
in McDonogh No. 4, as well as its you
Vice-Principal for a number of years. and
lic. She has the best wishes and good-will mot
- of her former associates and the
members of our Club, and we wish cha
her continued success in her new is I
work. We shall always welcome her
as a visitor to our school or to our
- Club meetings. A
.03 - Amc
12 Irvin Cobb in a new guise is die- ap
05 closed as the editor of "Pardon My trop
Prench," the production starring Vi-. pas
.0 vian Martin, which comes to the H. T1
SN. G. C. theatre Sunday. Trac
64 Mr. Cobb is responsible for the nIal into
85 version of the photoplay, which was Scot
82 taken from a story by Edward Childs pear
Carpenter. The famous humorist has Sept
seen to it that the titles are as fanny Badi
as the picture, which is a comedy of Le
Sthe newly-rich and full of laughable Schr
situations. Rup
Vivian Martin plays the role of n Han
17 actress who, out of a Job, accepts a athle
position as maid to a Kansas mil- and
3 lionaire whose money had come all of
a sudden and whose wife had an itch K, O
to be in Boclety~-with a big 8. A
combination of Vivian Martin and
I Irvin Cobb certainly onght to be the The
0 goods! "Pardon My French" Is re- basel
leased by Goldwyn. Ox-se
tal, I
The losing side in a Membership ente
Contest, recently held in the Epworth
1 League of the Algiers Methodist ment
Church entertained the winners Pr Con.
day night at a Japanese Social at the Tha
home of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Dunn. Knigl
The party was given outdoors and a
Japanese Lanterns were used to light LaI
p the grounds. The girls all dresed in
Japanese costume and Japanese Bro
Igames were played.ot
Iced tea and rice cakes were served
for retreshments and the Japanese
idea were carried out in every detail.
Those present were: MIsses Bertha pr
Albrisze, Thelma Cayard, Pearl Col Aada
lette, Roberts Hatkesbrlatg, Orris Deer
Summers, Grace Butcher. Bertha Sun
Cleutat, Lella Entwisle, Katte Ble. Freud
ber, Agrnes angle, Marie Peaski, viser,
Estelle Humphrey, Messrs Leonard Cod
Nuh. Edgar and Roland Cayard, El
iliott Hatesbr , Roy Hiangle, Edgar
Hollnan, J. Macey, Tracey Entwistle, On
Joseph Wier, Alto Ryan, Morme, baker
and Mr.d Mr a Mrs. . T. Dun, Elma
Mr. and Mrs. 8. N Hebert, Mr. and wagon
Mr. and Mrt. Jos. Reper, Mr. and gain 8
Joe. at imtagsr, Meames W. J. the wa
Iers ads Aln. Otsamre am.
to be
e her
ited- 1
id ap
seting di t f
Troop No. 32, Boy Scouts will be r
daily, one year old the 28th day of October, ti
until and you can bet its members are
and planning some big time. C
Affiliating itself with the McDon
ogh No. 4 School and under the b
were leadership of L. J. Schroder there a
hdone was born to Algiers on that day a ti
done new Boy Scout Troop. A
by Troop 32 during the course of its
:hool organization has made splendid pro
npar- gress in the Boy Scout work and its h
ately members have also been very active w
hool. In civic and welfare work. It boasts d
Rand of being the only Boy Scout Troop in
d in New Orleans to have a drum corp, o0
has of which Scout Roy Drumm is leader. C
long Mr. Schroder, the leader says: o
hem. Troop 32 during the course of its or
have ganization has accomplished more
rade than the purpose for which it was or
ning ganized. Its members have freely and o.
flag gratefully enjoyed the pleasures and pl
Ie- out-of-door sports that the boys of oa
snity yesterday could not enjoy and that
only Boy Scouts at the present day w
have can enjoy. It was only through real,
writ- hard work that the annual camping
re is trip was made possible and the boys at
ie in of Troop 32, did labor.
ight- I have good reasons to feel justly th
only proud of the boys of Troop 32. While ti
the at the same time they have not wholly d
d to lived up to the Boy Scout laws, they s
have at least made efforts too. Good se
Iper- fellowship, which is the foundation of Cl
ome all successful organizations has been
d to made possible by the kind, gentle- ei
ades manly dispositions of our members. JU
They, in my estimation have lived Cf
og like one great big family with hap- f
apiness always in its midst.
de Now, let us take into consideration
Mc- Troop 32, all of its good doings, its fl
With object, purpose, good times and at- RI
s a tainments, it is indeed strange to note to
is what little interest and care outside in
eaon boys have for this great world-wide ha
fled organization. This shows that the day th4
of patriotism has passed, that the NE
the day when parents would have their
sons belong to an organization that
e- TROOP NO. 32, TO
or- Attention! Flappers and Jellybeans! ma
ni- Scenes of childhood will be re-en
Dys acted on the night of October the Bo
18th, at the Pythian Hall. Yeso ,
we scenes of childhood will be presented L
md to view once more. Recollections of t
M. those happy days, which are cherished dos
as remembered and loved by all, will ap
wl. pear before everyone's eyes like an
her open book. Boys and girls, some
its young, some old, Edith, Ruth, Frank I
Irs and Joe will all be there dressed as ri
SScout Charles Gerrey cts, who is ath
is going to be one grand aftair. list
her -d a Jn
A regular meeting held Thursday 5j
to show thatdreed the enthusiasm of the lr.
Spast few monthareis not merely a flash.
Among the important matters brought o
iia. up was the contest for the district 6
Wy trophy flag, tests and merit tests don
Vih passed, the stte fair and footbalL
H. Two recruits, enner Vallet te and U
Sinto the Tenadertoot ranthkU. e Merit
SScout s have been summoned to 4 uap- u
d ear before the nexo Cot t of Hbonor, d
rd S eptember 28the for their Merit Bl
of Le Boeur , N. P. Trist, Edward h
le Schroder, Robert Partlan and John Lou
Rupp. The tbadtes are as foellows: t
m Handicraft, gardening, pathfinding,
athletics, public health, pioneering M.
11- and machinery. Yvor
oe The Knights of Columbus Indoor Alic
te- baseball team defeated a team of Orla
e-service men at d the U. B. Hospl- la
tal, Saturday, oe ore to 4. DurTne Aoul
lthe ame, the K. of C. concert band Mat
rendered several selections for the a
bthe third of a series of entertain- Hibb
s meats given by the Santa Maria Plal
Conclil, Knights of Columbas. Mare
aKnight Peter l Mla ts ind the Miln
team by Ike Whitmore. The masi Rose
was dir cted by Bandmaster John
Laghran. The neat entertaA-ment
wlloe be men r the direction of J. P.
SBrodtman, t R. of C. eecretary Young
aof the U. . Hspital service has
I charge of the entertainments, Mc
SAndacious," Wallace Reid; "The Downs
SDeart Valtre" Texas Guan man for a
SSunday, October , st-"Pardon My wa
t- rench," Vivian Martto "The Ad- lg
vwar," Llord Hamilton; Meraad qteas
I Comedy, "Fun From the Press** of the
On last Saturday evenitg the Stae Healy
baker ante owned by H. Martians, Mctai
Elmira Avenue, ran into a bread
gcan street nemr Aix ami oveiturned
teWages. The auto was ey saighTly Do
Mount Olivet Church
Rev. Nicholas Righter, Rector
Residence, 235 Olivier; Phone, Al
glers 97.
Sunday, the let of October, will
be the 16th Sunday after Trinity. The
Rector will hold services at Mt. Olivet
Church, as follows:
Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
at 7:30 a. m.
Church School at 9:30 a. m. (Mem
bers will kindly remember the call
for several more teachers, and, if pos
sible, respond next Sunday morning.)
At 10:45 a. m., there will be a late
Eucharistic Service with Sermon.
7:30 o'clock Sunday night, Evening
Prayer and Sermon.
Week Days-Every Wednesday night
DAY at 7:30 o'clock the Litany Service 4
will be read, followed by Church In
1I be struction. Those desiring Confirma
ober, tion are reminded to be present at this I
are service. The Rector will meet the
Class after the public instruction.
Don- Every Friday there will be a Cele
the bration of the Holy Eucharist at 7
here a. m.. Friday, September 29, will be
sy a the Feast of St. Michael and All
pro- The infant daughter of Mr. and
1 its Mrs. A. Ruiz, of 425 Pelican Avenue, 1
etive was baptized at the Church last Sun
asts day afternoon.
'p in Members of the choir are reminded n
:orp, of the regular choir practice at the ,
ider. Church every Thursday night at 7:30 C
ays: o'clock.
or- The young people of the congrega- s
nore tion are perfecting arrangements to e
s ororganize a branch of the Young Peo- c
and pie's Service League, which has been I
organized in most of the parishes C
throughout the country. There is c
much fine material at hand, and we s
day wish success to those promoting this
additional help in the Church's work
Sat Mt. Olivet.
The congregation enjoyed having
istly the Rev. S. L. Vail, of the Annuncia- h
'hile tion Church, in the service last Sun- a
lolly day night. He preached a most in
spiring sermon. Present also in the
Food service, and reading Evening Prayer,
a of was the Rev. Mr. Williams, of Christ
en Church, Bradentown, Diocese of South.
ern Florida. Bradentown is situated
er- just below Tampa, on the Florida West
ived Coast, and is one of the most delight
ful and promising cities in the whole
State of Florida. Christ Church, Bra
dentown, ministers to a large and im
tion portant section, and is in a most
its flourishing condition. The Rev. Mr.
at- Rightor, of Mt. Olivet, was the Rec
sote tor there before he took up the work
in Arkansas. The Rev. Mr. Williams
has just declined a call to become
day the Assistant Rector of Trinity Church,
e New Orleans.
At the opening of the St. Roch
Playgrounds Swimming Pool, the Al
giers Playgrounds children won sev
eral of the contests.
55L -Inch Boys, 20 Yards-Joe Wieg
man. Time, 14 1-5 seconds.
en 59-Inch Boys, 20 Yards-Louis Im
the Bonef. Time, 12 1-4 seconds.
* Unlimited Boys, 60 Yards-Louis Z
ted LeBouef. Time, 50 2-5 seconds.
6of 3-Inch Girls, 20 Yards-Mary Gor.
d, don. Time, 12 4-5 seconds.
me Championships
ak In order to settle all disputes and
as rival claims for the various play
ground championships, E. C. Hunt,
is athletic director, has announced the
it following champions, although the
list is not entirely complete. Those -
In which Algiers leads are:
ny 55-Inch Boys, 20 Yards-Joe Wieg
nd man.
s 55-Inch Girls, 20 Yards-Elgn Mil
he ler.
Ih. 59-Inch Boys, 40 Yards-Loufis Le
ht Bonef.
let 3-Inch Girls, 40 Yards, Mary Gor
Its don.
63-Inch Boys, 40 Yards-Roy Drumm.
ad Unlimited Boys, 100 Yards-Emile
ad Mothe.
rit Diving
Lp 59-Inch Boys-Joe Wlegman.
r, Boys Over 59-Inches-Alvin Le- -
it Blanc.
is Tennis
ed Doubles-Hart SchWarzenbach and
in Louis Acker.
: Singles-Louis Acker.
Efficiency Tests
SMary Gordon, Loauise Bourgeolis,
Yvonne Kunts, Louise Kraus, Ruth
Borne, Mary McQuilling, Lillian Wil
lis, Theresa Caugeni, Florence Wit
. tenberg, Virlnfa Orlando, Margaret
Duffy, Thals Vergona, Lucy Beninate,
" Alice P~orbes, Mary La·Pranca, Katie
t Orlando, Agnes O'Donnell, Myrtle
'I- Flescher, Roberta Startevant, Alice
g Aubert, Ella May Henry, Pauline
d Matulich, Helen Charlevillo, Mildred
0 Duffyr, illa Burgan, Merle Martines,
a( lsaphene Smith, Abbie Abbott, Alice
- Hibben, Muriel Heftkamp, Lilan
B Plaisworth, Vera Smith, Carrie
Marone, Ella Kirkpatrick, Catherine
i Drescoll, Florence McQilming, 3lg
IMiller, Anita LeBlane, Gladys Ros,
-Rose LafoceL
McLAUGHLIN--On Monday, Sep
tember 25, at 12 m., Jas McLaughlin
died. Deceased was a native of County
Down, Ireland, but had resided here
for many years. The funeral which
Iwas privlte took place Tuesday morn
ing at 8:30 o'clock. A solemn re
quniem mass was sung at the church
of the Holy Name of Mary. Inter
ment wasu private.
Deceased was the uncle of Mrs. J.
Healy, Mrs. J. Fllay, and Mr. Peter
Boom to Mr.u sa Mrs. Chs =ar
Miss Eula Boyer entertained a num.
ber of friends at her home in Patter
son, Monday night, the occasion be
ing the nineteenth anniversary of her h
birth. Dainty refershments ere I
served in abundance. Music was g
furnished by L. Hinyat, H. Gauth s
reaux, L. Redmond and A. Abbot. a
Others invited were the Misses: Irene
and Leona Noland Myrtle and Lillian
LeBlanc, Eula and Velma Boyer.
Anita, Irma and Edna Daigle, llelois-rl
Lauland, Jennie Lotinger, Hilda
Frickee, Rita and Lillian lHildebrand,
May Barton, Odessa Iluges, Amy Le SI
Blanc, Freida Champagne, Louise
Herbert, Gladys Boyer, Marie Le a
Blanc and Irene Trahan. Messrs:
Louis, Gaston and Numa Daigle, Clif
ford Boudreaux, Abel Trahan, Ollin 1
Cooper, Herbert Chandler, Ellie Le i
Blanc, Norman and Abner Boyer,i('
Albert Pitre, John LeBlanc., Joseph I1
Robichaux, Louis Gomez. Lawrence d'
Menge, Ignatius Trauth, Benny Bour- s'
geois, Bill and lHadley Lauland, Roy St
Kerns, Roy and Percy Boyer, Nolan di
Trosclair, Roy Owens, Dutch Senner, cf
Joe Umbach, G. Jones, Lester l)aigle. S
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Herbert, Mr. II
and Mrs. J. B. Milan. Mrs. Sidney n
Boyer and Miss Trahan and many II
others. 01
Conforming to the plan of the lii
national organization of the BusiM
ness and Professional Women's K'
Clubs, formulated at the convention H;
held at Chattanooga in June to ar
stress the importance of high school F
education and to encourage girls to M'
continue in school, the New Orleans
Business and Professional Women's
Club has appointed an educational
committee, of which Miss Sallie Pear
son of our town is a member.
"What kind of a girl is Louise?" of
"Well, she has had a sofa in her
home two years and it is as good Co
as new."
-Banter. Se
'"W To Serve You Well With Electricy
SO Convenient & Cheap NOW
South New Orleans Light & T
i Eblmira Averme ALOIERS, LA. Phm
(The Original Auto Wremkims)
"We Wreck Prices as well as Arbtsmif' :
Is now connected with this firm and will be ulsais 0
friends and acquaintances here.
At Pelican and Elmira Aveasss
Goodyear Tires and Tubes Texaco Gas sa
Phone Algiers NO
Manufactured By
Latest styles and creations. Never before have w
marvelous selections of chokers, capes, cosat, V! '
Our Prices Will Attract Yo
Buying direct from the trapper enables us to Oir
prices much lower than elsewhere. Coasidt th
their lowest for this month is surely san iads -
now, as as affords you to own one of these i Pr
you wish itf you come immediately.
Two-SiDe Aars gicyMa& A Small DsP5I
Choker25 cures Any -F*
S8peolal ..........-25.00 until you ddNM
Prolong the life of your old fur by having It
modeled. Expert workmanship and years of
antee Just satisfaction. Ring Main 1034 a"d
oar expert furriers to call for your furs.
Remembers, prices are very low for this N at
Open All Day Satuvrda.
Standard Hide & F
200 D... S .. o heksl Fvnr, ,
On Monday, 8e
rovjd of
hlollme of M ·I· ff
JI'laronde St
Riving Min t
surprise, the ea
anniversary of
peon the atri
e. home of Mi- ola
s(on, 50 Verret >r
their hostess nd 1ta
presents galore, 
surprlsed ando
Refreshments w -k
ance and daotalP 'l W
enjoyed until a la I
Those present
McCord. Elsie Osl 
iMary Younger I
ica Brown Reosi'-1c
IHuckins, 01ga
de'rson, Vera M
son, Margerite
Schaefer, Catherla
dred Murtagh, Ia
codes Tompeg0o
Shields, Harry J.
Higgins, Earl Slelie
no.v. Robt. Brown, ea
IHarold O'Brlean, 
Olivier, Wm. Sho t
mings, Robt Ripp o -
Jr., Noel Tomeo;,q
Albert Klein, Lmt -
lin Kucera p. Q.
Mrs. H. Schaefer,
Kucera, Mr. and Kg .
Hy Vogt, Mr. sa It
and Mr. and Mrs. g
Fathers: M. A. Coauer
McGrath and McO .
A Mothers Clab ~s
September 8, I2, at t
Hope Baptist C r .g
of McDonogh Schod im
The following lesm
Mrs. S. Holmes, P imI
Colar, Vice-Pred ; It
Recording Secreya -
Secretary; Mrs. A.

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