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The herald. (New Orleans, La.) 1905-1953, September 28, 1922, Magazine, Image 7

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-N--N THE  R Read the Classified
Deoted t. the UpheUidng the Wp Si6 of the Rimt. "A Tay li6N Wd ve&W&v 4spa."pa Rcrd.
2.00 per Year in Advance ALGIERS. OUISIANA ___Your HomPe
Touring Colu4r-s Girls Call on Mrs. Harding
'. , , t
S. • .
' Y 411
b1 and making her a mealber of their club The young ladies rouled their savings and boughn a cai r nrri
owv enjoying a vacation traveling all nver the Unitoi Staites . htea .
Navy's Pilots for Big Airplane Races Is A r
l onp
-- o e to W as ln o
11a Cert and Pulitzer airplane races, to take place near Detroit. Mich., during the first week n October, will
e a l t w Uaied San. L i g ht L o a M A he n a r a
- .PATRIOT HONORED Prelates me o Americar
to" t"I mr io V . aleinto
nbn> pr , t re l dr i to r Ae lyl the Gr Or to ch r
- tahoarlag pacenat the ti s Roun try t oat ten tp
& V. Prel,~ MrARK s d Orre.
wl e tFuneral of the Blind Chaplain
. tu, sW ,oan Le n. L H. ....,,erOn l e ut ,. . Drl.tn aus,  . e..g - .rv-e .a nd S
O HONORED' .eer. k le OPreleater "s Com e . .. to. A mera ..
b0~~~a.· 8 f W 5S1
:n: l oif he tri e"s in ia pi:rk hi:1 to
he un \\ Itn. ttm ( f . l. l \\t , t l .r, tot
t I'r :: . t uh i e e:' .:_'tru' . if left
Ill rI , . r.. \t [1 1 1 'e ll t, huIrt by
-t r tlat the'1. til` ot) h Iwl ti 'ltllle
. .. r, .... ~, i ll f\ ii'. 11' " ie
Iret .t'.i f ti.. Iior, zxt- l n, irretlt
tl, tr. I, :ir ., they ter i nlt. knowr
, t'' 1 ,c uh 4 d ,.
i t is t:l hon ti tl' iri t tlit't, ti 
i fon r hit.r tict ih ul' htl'r n puit hI thI re
"It is the housing proilem, ois i upe
on ple h :<,1" they sighed. "Ah, It Is a
CMG tt.rribltie pr'oblen--tlhe ho.tlinl proeb
hin. Whateer shall we dt,?
"We ae used to th", e houses. We
"We know as thoe negh m crhcd aen it
is so Itlun h to be plaved with it *eigh
horhoo.d and to feel at t)I::e in it. of t
, "What are we going to do if there coot
is this housing problem, or housing Jud
question?" "
It seeted as though magic messen
gers must have gone straight from the
come down.
E -
S "Then T hey Painted Names."
o And they did not put It off and they
birds to the boys and girls In a big
ge all about it and will rd'do" they asked
eagone they hadr been they heard of the
numters of trees which would hale to
at coe down.
W mustthey help them." they said.
Anti they did not put t off and they
am; did not forget about it afterward.
A Sometimes people will he verl muchem
interested in helping and then will fop r
get all atout it and willork. And forget how long be
eager they had ween to help.
boysut not thegirlse boy and buirlding the
No. they wanted to commence work
houses they talked to their teachers
about It and their teachers were veJust as
much Interested.
At once their teachers helped them
t shrralde to set to work. And long be
fore the trees were to come ouwn the
want a huses.
They found out the correct kinds of
tthouses to huiid for different birds and
quit.reiPs and pigeons.
And they nade every houtse just as
It sheuld he nmatle-Just the rikght kind
for erch famrily of birds who would
want a house.
The boys did the carpentry work
the't,-l;vt'es anI the girls wpinted the
hotuhes and suggested names for ut
Ant the teachers enonriged and
belted aiti praised the work the boys
anti girls were doing.
They ut the hour s lout to dry in
thni msi.hiuie after t' t'y were painted
4tntI then they painted names upot
ttvt'r otie house was the name "Rest
Another was called "Bird Hall."
Yet another was ealled "Cozy Nest '
Syria. And yet another was named "Bird I
hurch, Bungalow."
SPort' Oh, all of them were named, and
how fine the names did look paintec
- upob the houses.
Then one day all the boys and girls
with their teachers marched forth tc
the park and there, with the help ol
some of the park people, they put ial
the houses for the birds and the
squirrels and the pigeons upon othen
S The birds looked about them from
the branches of trees and some hopped
about the lawns while others walked
along the paths.
And when the children sang the
birds sang too.
Later, when the children were leav
Sing, the birds all sang a great chorus
song of thanks and though the chil
dren couldn't understand the words of
the song, yet they knew from the
Shappy volces of the birds that the
birds were rejoicing and were singing
their thanks.
And the birds talked to one another
after the children had left the perk
and said to each other:
"We have had our housing problem
looked after for us How good boys
and girls arel To think of the time
nd the trouble they took for us I"
And there was great happino in
t perk that dy bac ° pt bo°s tro
irl who loved bis
nd A set sly Ia ta da. but ni
emI the l ag ae glue & A O I
Illinois to Avenge the Massacre at Herrin
t- Determined effort to punish the murderers of strip mine workers at Herrin, ill.. has been undertaken by ofcials
of the state, and the Williamson county grand jury has been investigating the massacre. The illustration shows the
e court house at Marlon; at the left, State's Attorney Delos Duty, in charge of the inquiry, and at the right, Circuit
g Judge D. T. Hartwell, who gave instructions to the grand jury.
Crop and Market Reports by Radiophone Only
S1 d o dn
rd. The United States Post Office Department recently abandoned the use of radio-telegraphy In sending out market
ich and crop reports, using the radio-telephone ezcrurhveiy for this purpose. Farmers are thus enabled to receive the
' reports In the absence of knowledge of the dots and dashes common to radio-telegraphy. The depart'eiht'i radio
o phone outi i. ere shown e t
' I '
soon after Citarls •. Hat.,eld. who
Teat.' ritded e o caimtts to have brought relief to
et d oprepodtEbert and Chancellor We rth reviewing honor companies in front drought sufferers in toe Urited States
Bire of the reichstag on the occasion of the third anniversary of the birth of the a pi Canada. arrived in Italy on Invi
German Reepublic. tation of the governmRenF t coptou
<<at rains fell, to the deight tf the Inha
itanlts. The government wants to buy
I Lonely Grave of a British Hero hissnret
-pl.. ,,L .;4' 3 DUPONT FOUNTAIN
eAfter months of atng fr the ap
II. provai of congress, the water has bee
·This Daltc. ..s w oo.u. ,"Afce pnheld bfy ai os astnson the desolate funaina un cren ashing -.
turned on in the beautiful DuPont
, - h I @ Seth Gerfa, Just above the Antaretie clrte, marks ton. This mepo'.al to Admiral De .

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