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account. leg
Hibernia Bank r
and Trust Co. b
340 Verret St. pan
of t
United States of America. State of It
Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, City of pow
New Orleans, Be it known, that In I
on this twenty-first day of the month othei
of August, in the year or our Lord one no a
thousand. nine hundred and twenty-two to.
and of the Independence of the United othei
States of America, the one hundred and Crap
forty-sixth, before me, Conrad G. Collins. and
a notary public, duly commissioned and of Ul
qualified. in and for this Parish of Or- indet
leans. State of Loulnana. therein residing, inc
and in the presence of the witnesses here- auth
inafter named and undersigned. personally Vnite
came and appeared. Paut Freund. presi- Trus
dent and Walter I'oyaot, secretary, of Savis
Paul Freund. Incorporated. a corporation pop,t
created under the taws of Louisiana. by poran
public act before the undersgned notary utors
on the 24th day of January. 1917. and corpt
which said act of incorporation is duly
recorded in the office of the Recorder of To
Mortgages for the Parish of Orleans in credli
Book of Charters 1206. at folio 20. of the as m
current records of said office on the 24th to rt
day of January, 1917, and the said ap- with
pearers acting in their said capacities, as tion t
president and secretary of Paul Fr.unl. enter
Incorporated, and for and in behalf of the ontr
said corporation, under and by virtue of perso
the authority conferred on them by all tpriv
the stockholders of said corporation, at a politi
general meeting of the stockholders., held ment.
at the domicile of the corporation in this Posse
city, on the 19th day of August, 1922. as ernma
will appear from a certified copy of the buy.
resolution adopted at said meeting, and wares
which resolution is made part of this act, tion.
and recites that a general meeting of all acquln
the stockholders of Paul Freund. Incor- which
porated, was duly convened and held at sary
the domicile of the sorporation. 300 busine
Chartres street. New Orleans, La., on the name.
19th day of August, 1922. for the purpose others
of considering the making of certain things
changes and amendments to Articles 3 and p
and 4 of the charter of said corporation, This
and that at said meeting all of the stock
holders owning the entire stock were pres- nda
ent or represented, and that all the stock
holders unanimously voted to amend and mtly
reenact Articles Three and Four of the o
charter thereof, and authorized and di- of to
rected the said appearers to come before
the undersigned notary public, to preserve Thi
and embody In a legal notarial act the to con
said action of the stockholders of Paul a corl
Freund, Inc. alter
And the said appearers declared, that ARI
they have appeared before me, the under- rorpot
signed notary, under the authorizationI sand
aforesaid for the purpose of embodying in and r
authentle form the action of the stock- shares
holders. In altering and amending Ar- dollar!
tides Three and Four of the charter of cash
said corporation, so that the said Artiel..s by pr
Three and Four of the charter of Paul acutal]
Freund. Incorporated. shall be reenacted stock,
and hereafter be, and read as follows: and a
ARTICLE III--The objects and pr- The
poses for which this corporation is formed an an
are here declared to be. to conduct in the
fall sense at wholesale and retail the busi- herela
ess of drug stores, pharmacies and con- r
fectlonaries, to manufacture chemicals. atlon
pharmaceutical compounds, candles, and may
contections of every description, and to time
buy. sell. import and export drugs, chemi- corpor
cals, pharmaceutical compounds, candles, part 0
confections and any other merchandise Igs I
for its own account, or for the account corded
of others, on commission or otherwise. upon I
and to engage in any bnsiness incidental No
to, or necessary for the proper conduc- dispos
tion of the busalness. withou
ARTICLE IV-The captial stock of this tn d
corporation is hereby fixed at the sum stock I
of One Hunodred Thousand Dollars ($100.- Should
000.00) which said capital stock may be themse
increased in the manner provided by law period
to the sunm of Two Hundred and Fifty offered
Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00) said cap- ART
ital stock shall be divided into One Thou-o
sand shares of the par value of One Hun- oe this
dred Dollars ($100.00) each. to be paid re
for ia cah o hr other property, or other n
,ght8 actually transferred to the corpor- numhe
on. nla lieu of cash, from appraised b
ue set upon sai& property or rights dly c
the Board of Directors, for which In ca
perty, so appraised and transferred, ship. tl
te corporation may Issue Full Paid Ifieatot
Stcak. directol
Theus done and passed. in my office. No. aortsc
418 Godchaux Building, New Orleans, pired
Louisiana, on the ay. month and year shall h
firt above wrltten, in the presence of success
Amands A. Madden and Roger Parnet. or app
Jr., competent witnesses, ao have here- may be
unto signed their names with the said th ma
appearers and me. notary, after a due holders.
reading of the whole.
Paul Freund, President: Walter Poy- the
net, Secretary; Coarad G. Collins, Notary. from i
Witnesses: Amanda Madden. Roger commlti
Faraet, Jr. the ma
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mort- sn uh
asa, in and for the Parish of Orleans. by the
tate t Lenisiana, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing amendment to The i
the Charter of Paul Freund. Incorporated. a presi
wast his day duly recorded tn my office and a
in Book 12t19. folio -. New Orleans, La., Poratio
August 21st., A. I. 1322. fi coml
(Stiged) ROBT. SCOTT, holder.
Deputy Recorder. Any d
A true copy of the original act on file art or i
In my ofice. New Orlens, August 21. his proi
1528. bis plac
Notary Publie. at all ti
Aug. 1--Sept. 25. a power (t
.... . Istockhol
CIAITER OF learse, s
of the o
United States of America, 8tate of Lou- sated, el
isiana, Pariah et Orleans, City of New fer the
Orleans. Be it Known, that on this the whole 51
17th day et the month of August, in the with an
year of eour Lord one thousand nine hun- Indirectl]
dred and twenty-two, before me. Albert any and
David Heriques, Jr., a Notary Publie or merg
in and for the Parish of Orleans. afore- stock of
said, dauly commlissioned, sworn and qual- dlstribute
lMed. and in the pregence of the witnesses stock to
hereldnafter named and undersigned, per- tlon in
somally came and appeared the several herein at
persens whose names are hereaunto sub. -of such
serled, all of the full age oft maJority lstock up
and residents of the city of New Orleans: Itlhis char
who declared that. avaglinag themmselves previded
~t the provlaes t rthe haws of this 8tate. be read a
in mec eases made and provided. relative aetie at
to the ergnltlon at cpeam. sa lat directs
more particularly Act N4. 267 of the
General Assembly of the State of Louisi
ana for the year 1914 (approved July 9th.
1914). they have covenanted and agreed
and do by these presents, covenant and
agree. hind, form. and constitute them
selves. as well as such other persons as
mniay hereafte-r join or bhecome associated
with them. in a corporation and body puI
itic in law, and for the objects and pur
poses. and tinder the agreements and stilp
ulations following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I--The name and title of this
corporation shall be the James P. Wil
liams. Incorporated. and under its cor
porate name it shall have and enjoy ex
instence and succession for a terln of nine
ty-nine years from this date.
ARTICLE ll.-The domicile of this c.or
piration shall be in the city of New
Orleans, Parish of Orleans, State of I.ou
isiana, and all citations or other legal
proes.s shall be served on the president
hof ..:lid corporation or. in thle event of his!
absence or inability teo act, uipon theI
j1. vice president, or upon the Secreta:ry antdl
trealesl reor.
Rd ARTI('I.E lll.-The ohji*'ts and ,pur
pos,c's fur which this corlporation is estat,
e flished, anld the Iusiness to be carried on
by It, are hereby desclared to be to cman
S ucfac'ture. pullrchicase and sell opltiecal gcoods,
aend Cglases of eveiry 'chiaracter, alnothe
nlctical and scirentiticl instruennts. phn
tograptrlel supplies and manterials. and aill
IOU articles of merchalendise pertaining to Saltic
Ihsinelss. and. In general,o o do all ants
y and tlllings re-asonaible and n'ecessary for
the conduclct o0f sulch tculness or inc coon
th neltlion therewith. I
To pullrchase or otherwise acquire andel
tIj hold. sell. assign, trancsfer, nmortgage.I
Iliedge or otherwise dispose of the capi
St tpal. stock and bonds, debentures or otheer
evidences of Indebtedness created by any 0
other corporation or corporations, donles- a
tic or foreign, and. while the owner there- d
of. to exercise all the rights and privl- o
leges of ownership. including the right I1
to vote thereon: to borrow money anti to r
make such promissory notes. bills of ex- ii
change. bonds., debentures and obllgations Y
and evidence of indebtedness of all kinds.
w hether secured by mortgage, pledge or
otherwise, and to secure the same by tl
mortgage, pledge or otherwise: to con- it
duct this business, or any one or more
businesses, and unlimitedly and without a
restriction to hold. purchase, lease, mort- s,
gage and convey real and personal prop- a,
erty in the several States and Territories hi
of the United States. Colonial possessions
or territorial acqulsitions of the United
States and in foreign countries as shall al
from time to time be found eeressary or fr
ceonvenient for the purposes of the com
pany's business. To do all and everything fr
necessary. suitable. convenient or proper
for the accomplishment of any purposehi
or of the attainment of any one or more to
of the objects herein enumerated. or incl
dent to the powers herelin named. or which n
shall at any time appear conducive or ex- th
- Pedlent for the protection or benefit of
the corporation, either as holders of, or th
interested in. any property or otherwise. i
with all powers now or hereafter to he
ALL conferred by the laws of this State upon vo
corporations organized in this state.
of It is the Intentionn that the objects and th
of powers specified and the clauses contained I w
that in this paragraph shall. except where gr
tonth otherwise expressed in said paragraph, ,.e pe
one no wise limited or restricted by reference in
r-two to. or intference from. the terms of any a
nited other clause in this or any other para- n,
and graph of this charter, but that the ohje'ts pr
llins, and powers specified in Ianch of tile clausesrl
and of this pagragraph shall be regarded as
Or- independent objects and powers, but noth
ding, ing herein set forth is to be construed to
here- authorize the formation hereby of any
naliy I'nited States. or State Safe Deposit or inn
resi- Trust Company. Banking Corporation or sh
of Savicgs Bank, or corporation deenIed to
adon possess any powers prohibited to cur
bcy porations formed under saving bank stat- 1
tary ory rovisons for the purlposes of said lie
ant corporation., i
dr of To loan or advance money or to glve ci
a in credit to suleb persons and on sench terms Sta:
tie as may seem expedient. and in pnrticulc:ar, til'
24th to customers and others having dealincs tioc
al- with the company, or having any coninee.,- i
as tin with the business of thei comnpany. To I"f
unit. enter into. make. perform and carry eat .
the contracts of every sort and kind with any
pf Ierson. firm, association. corporati,en
all private or public), or municipal. or body A
it a politic, or with the United States Govern- (S
held ment. or any State, Territory or Coloniil
this Possession thereof. or any foreign gov- Aic
as ernment: to manufacture, export. Import.
the buy. sell and generally to deal in goods.
and wares and merchandise of every descrilp- CU
art, lion. To purchase, lease, or otherwise
all acquire all kinds of personal propert-
cor- which the corporation may deem ner-.
I at ary or convenient for the pupose of . Isla
300 business, and to do business in its own Orb
the name, or. as agent. or on commission, or day
tose otherwise, and generally to do any and all of 1
tain things pertinent or germane to the right- and
a 3 and powers herein conferred. e
This corporation shall have the right to mia
engage in businesses of a general kind duls
e- and character, whether cognate or ger- in
end mane to the main purpose or not. not ape- of
thelally prohibited by the laws of the State Pres
di of l.oulsiana, excepting that of a Home- nam
ore stead or a Bank. and
rye This corporation shall have th right er
the to contract. sue and be sued. and may use of
aul a corporate seal, the same to break and Stat
alter at pleasure. and
hat ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this agre
lre- corporation is hereby fixed at Ten Thou- and
lon sand ($10.000.00) lollars, divided into as a
in and represented by one hundred (100) come
rk. shares of the par value of one hundred corp
Ar- dollars each. which shall be paid for In and
of cash subserhibed to this corporation. or folIo
iles by property transferred to it. or srvices A
aul acutally rendered to the corporation. Such poa
ted stock, when so issued, shall b'e fully paid Serv
and non-assessable. pora
'Ut The capital stock may be increased to thorl
ed an amount not to exceed fifty thousand Iatec
the dollars, and may be issued as a dividend and
si- herein at the discretion of the stockhold- from
ers. and when the condition of the corpor- tract
ala ation permits It. The board of directors use
and may alao reduce the capital stock from breal
to time to time from the earnings of the ceie
ml- corporation, by calling In a proportional
e part of its sharea. to be selected by draw- prop
SIngs from among the stockholders, re- Pare
ant corded In such manner as may be agreed appo
ise. upon by the board of directors. and
ta No stockholder shall sell or otherwise con
c dispose of his stock In this corporation ad
without first offering the same in writing ulate
to the other stockholders, who shall have et
his ten days refusal of the sae. and which said
m stock shall be sold to the highest bidder. and
M.- Should said stockholders fall to avail and
be themselves of the privileges witblhn aid d
aw period of time, the said stock may be thori.
Soffered and mold to any other person.
S ARTICLE V.--AllI the crorporate powers
Sof this borporation shall be rested in and e
iexerlNd by a Board to be composed of tions
e not less than three stockholders, but this s
number may be changed from time to
time by the stockholders at a meetingo
eta duly convened. abase
ch In case of any vacancy in any director- tary
d. ship. through death, resignation. dilsqual- A
id ifcatlon or any other canuse, the remainIng
directors, by the armaitivre vote of a ma- noses
jority of the board of directors, may elect tobe
. a successor to hold aee for the unex- fe
s pired term of such director, whose place
Sshall be vacant, uatil the election of a To
of successor. Any officer or employe. elected or I
t or appointed by the board of directors, ratlw
- may be removed at any time by a vote of ways,
d the majority of the whole of the stock- tranl
UC holders. city
The board of directors may. at Its dls- and
cre9lon, by afrmativel vote of a majority pureb
y- of the entire board of directors, appoint pera
y. from the board of directors an executive r l
Cr committee of not less than three. of which Ralw
the majority shall constitute a quorum, Rel
and such committee may have or exercise nea:
tsuch powers reas may be conferred on them frelgh
~. by the stockholders.
to The board shall elect from its namber adjac
. president, one or more vice presidents, lines
and a secretary and treasurer of the co- green
poratlon, but the litter two oflces may the p
Sbe combined in one person, and may be rallw
filled by a non-director, or a non-stock- strct,
holder. wIse
r. Any director, anable for any reason to State
Ie act or be present at a meeting, may give tertfe
l1 his proxy to any other director to act in works
his place and stead. hatin
The board of directors shall have, and for h
. at all times exercisee, the whole corporate w e
power (when ratified by a majorlty of the
- stockholders), including the power to Plants
lease, sell,, mortgage or convey any part tis r
of the operating plant of the corporation, t
Sor the real property open whlch it is sit- e a
s ated, either in whole or In part: to trans- tiodn.
r fer the assets of the corporation as a tna a
Swhole and to merge the said eorporatlon an el
I with any other corporation, directly orad o
indirectly and to receive In payment of rotd
t any such lease, sale,. mortgage, transer. or lss
or merger, the full paid certlificates of of
stock of any such corporation, and to of Lo
distribute said tfuly paid certificates of ris o
stock to the stockholders of this corpora- 4
tion in the proportion of their holdings bto
Sherein at the time of the consammatlon
of euch transaetio to issue shares ofprW
stock up to the amonut to whichlb. nder coling
thlis charter, the steek may be inereased sad a
provlded the total prpoaed Inerease shall dmai
he read at oe meeting and laid over for as a
action at the next meting of te heard law: h
ad dnrtm k~r it LJ~L ande n ereti~
of the such action, the new stock shall be irst
at Louisi- offered to the existing stockholders in the
July 9th. proportion of their several holdings with
4 agreed thirty days privilege to pay for the saume
nant and before any stock is effered for sale, or
te them- subscription, to other persons.
ersons as The board is given authority to fix
assolated salaries and to change the satte at pleba
boidy pal- sure.
and tir- The board of directors shall be el.ected
and til- nediately after the excution of thils
-charter, without notice or other formality.
le of this The board thus elected shall serve for one
P'. Wil- year. or until the first Monday of e-ip
its car- tember. 1923, and thereafter, or until its
njay ex- t>lucc'essor is elected and qualified.
of ninea- At tile expiration of the term of alic a
lherein fixed for the first board, the board t
this -oar- of dirae-tors shall be eleat-.d at a aIta.*ting a
of New of the stoc-kholders to be held in the ('ity
of Loa - of New Orleans.. annutally, on the first I
er legal 1Moanday of Septemlber ill each year. at t
president w hi,'h tme.ating any matter of Intat-r.st to
at of hia ithe 'orporation maay lie discussed ;-and de- C
punt thte ternied as a matter of course wUithout i
ary alnd previousa notilre.
AltTI('LE VI.--The elections for bo:rd I
of directors, as the other acts of stock- t
nd pur- holdelrs. shtall be determined by a vot of o
Is esta- the majority of the stock present and re
rried on lpreented. litlher in person or by proxy. at a
to mant- such lntttings, unless othaerwise required ti
ai gooda bly law Fifteen days noti'e of all te-et -
tmaateIt- ings of stockolders shall he s.ant to tiahe
is. ,hon- last known pltoffice address of tihe stock
and all holder, stid the sto'kholder shall reordtl
to niitt I his ptostoffice addr-ess with the secretary
all ats of the aompany. In the event of his fail
iary for aure to do so, a notice addressed to the Ia
ill coln- stoakholder at New Orleans. I.ouisiatlna. 4
Sallnd deposited in the postoffiae at New b
lre nnli "rleans. iLoui:slana, Ata ill he sllffiient hb
rtgage. noti'e to the stockholder aforesaid. ar
e ra-pi- AItTI('LE VII.--No stockholder shall d
or other ever ie held liable or responsible for tI.a f
by any c ontlractts or faults of the corporation in t
dotaes-. ay further suna than the unpaid Iala;ina ,t
r there- due tie te ornlaaly on the shares of sttaak
I prlii- I owned by him. nor shall any mere infer- m
e right ntality in organization have the effen t of
and to rendering this charter null or of subjectt- IA
of ex- ing any stockholder to any liability be
Igations yond the unpaid balance due by him Pr
I kinds. ARTIC('LE VIII-This act of incorpora- o
dge or tion may be changed. modified, altered, or
me by the capital stock increased or decreased he
o con- in the manner prescribed by law, at a gen- Ti
r more, eral meeting convened for that purpose-, ti,
without after fifteen days notice mailed h ti,he
mort- ecretary and treasurer. or the secnretary. ta
irop- as hereinhefore set forth, or delivered by tht
ritories him In person.
H~sainns re
United AJRTI'LE IX.- Whenever this corper- dir
s shall ation is dissolvead, either by limitatlion or
aryor from any other causte. its affairs shal l e fe,
a li luldalated by two commissioners st-lea-ted tin
vtlng' from the stockholders at a general or a an
proper special mneeting of the stockholders. after Ir e
urpose. ifteen days written notice by the s*`re- the
r more tary. as above set forth, or delivery by cot
r inl- the said secretary in person, the sala corn- of
-hich nilNIoners to be chosen by a majority of of
or er- the vote of the stock cast at said meneting Ithe
efit of by the owners thereof as they appear on dui
of. or the books of the company, at the date of enc
prrwe,. the said mleting. In aerson or by proxy. hio
to be a ch share of stock to be entitled to one lnt
up vote.n p
Thus done and passed in my offla. in wit
the ('ityv of New Orleans. r afaresaid, ona
is and the day. month and vear herein first alve
tained I written. in the , preenee of Mlesaiaeurs hl--ih
nhere geae Stanley and John lickey, toth cotm- et
jIh p etient witnesses. of lawful age. residting
arny In thims city, wtho h-reuanto sign th ir no
? any Ynames togeather with the alid ala,.r,.rs Ic
par-a I' al. Nttary, after due readling of th, r o,
bhjcctts tresents. inc
led .a (O)riginal signed)a : James P. Williams c
Snotl- St .N-lon St.. r shlares. $100 per s-htar.' p
any i - - " tsharas. $1041) per xh:are. $2.:5aa: 1:'- nl
sit onr aound It. Isaina. .Lad l'r tania St .  I
on or shares, $100 p.er share. n2.. I
ed to A. ID. IIENItlQTES .u1. . o f
r - Nsotary la,'l, li,. ela1
tati I " t , ses : Elugene Stanly,v John TI
I. the undelarsgned R*taorder of +Mort-. star
i ave t -:o.gs. in and for the lPa:rish of Orr:lalms. or .
terms IState of Louinianina, do hti rerhv 'ertify tIha:t t:tke
i It:r, " above and foregcalll Atct of inclaorpor;l- e.-Tat
alitns tion of the Tamnies P. Willianmts, Inclorl, r.c_ rt
n,, ",d. aas thl day du-ly rs-orded i anv y and
v. To atffl, e. In Iook 1..C. Folio ,i9e - to,
r ut Na-w Orleans. La.. Atugast 17th. 1!a22 `."
i atay (Signced) rIeonT. tSOTT. rPtea
body A tre copy eputy llecorder. th
eonitn (Seal) A. D. HENRIQI'ES. Jr.. more
gov- Aug. 31-Oct 5 Notary Publi, ins.
sport. nofet
rwist LIC SERICE, INC. lar
S United States of America, State of Lon- o'tll
lf . isiana, Parish of Orleans. City of New hold
own Orleans. Ile it known, that in this 18th tlin
. or day of the month of August In the year helt'
d all of our Lord one thousand nine hundred Ixtao
and twenty-two, and of the Independ
ence of the United States of America the to v
one hundred and forty-seventh, bore forc a
It to m Stamps Parrr, a Ntary Pnblc lot
kind duly commissioned sworn and qualified Tb
ger- In and for the Parish of Orleans, State bect
ape- of Louisiana, aforesaid, and In the of th
rtate presence of the witnesses hereinafter mon
tome- named and undersign ed P ersonally camet een
and appeared the several persons whose by It
right ame are hereunto subscribed, who sev-.
ri ly declared that avalping themselvesAi
le of the provisions of the laws of the nIerfo
and State of Louisiana in such cases made rrpa
and provided they have covenanted and
this agreed and do by these presents corennt Th
boat- agree and bind themsels as e oft
as all such persons as mry hereafter be- date
I1O) come asociated wIth them. to form to he
dre corporation for the objects and purpses lla
r in and onder the srtlclesr and tlpulatlo tatl e
rc s A RTICLE --The name of the crt. oefal
latch poratlon shall be "New Orleans Public Ina
paid Service, Inc," .ad, under its said Cor- s.t. t
porate name it shall have Power and an- other
to lhoritv to bare and enjoy corporate eC- tbe
aand Istence and succession for the full term cur I
lend and period of ninety-nInc (CS) years aleasl
old- from and after the date hereof: to con- strict'
per- tract, sue and be sued: to make and he a
tause a corporate seal and the same to All
'rem break or alter at pleasure: to held. r
the ceve, lease, purchase and Convey, as well thIs
onal mortgagee, hypotht5ate and aledge avertI
-aw- property, real. Peraonal and mixed, cor: c"mla
Darnsl nnd fncorpoceal; to name ~ad elorte
reed appoint sauch managers, agents, directors e
and oficers as Ita business, lnterests er Tn-sl
wise convenience may rlelure; and to mae ionlt
and establish, as well as alter and amend stitt
tion from time to time such by-Iaw and ens- hualn
hog ulatlons for the proper conduct, mnarg"
der aald rorationam may be necessary ntI
thor zed by law. u, , r hereartet an-not at
ARTIe II.--The domle d this
corportlon shall be the City of Ne reside
an rleas. tate of Louslaians and all clit- l-a 5
thrs t a¶pen the presldent of this or- Thee
po teatio or, in him absene, upon one rIde t
. 0. . . . ,._ president thereof, or, In tbe At
abece o. said ofmerse, upon the scts- porate
or-tary of this eoi tp.reb of thit
oARTIoLb jL--rhe abt nd pu tovol
'not teor which the eorpotlon |e an. e
eb- fleldahnd and the batur of the business titled
to be carried on by it are hereby spedi- non
fled and deelared to be: his us
t To locate. contsret, purchas, own tlin, 5
ted or lease analntadln anlN Seara street shall
,aiwas.y.. w,,. .Intertarbsn rail- The
oway, bus lines. a4o0te simlhar lal may h
eL- transportation ageneles In and about the durlng
city of New Orleans and elsewhere In the htdlnj
State of Louisiana and l other states to ext'
al- and territories of the United States to 5s the
~ P urc h as e . :r O ft h e ri s acq uir e, o w n 5n 4 t o tin
*,Pcr~tc le! a.'-. owned. controlled shall a
iRsllwrcray& "1,.cS hby New Orleana books
ie nls: to earry and tr-nsport Pssengers, res-gns
em freight, mall and express: to purchase
own or lease der-iop and ope-te on eieetio.
senadjacent to or In the vicinity of Its srid
itm.lnes of rilwa parks ahare *
Po- PrrondL and Iheir . ad p u A sl
ay the promotion of travel over lIts lines& Ponatlo
be railway and as adjuncts thereto: to con- ea.C 0
ak- struct. own. purchase or lease or etueo- thea II
wise acquire maintain snd onerate In the their a
to State of Loua°slana and In other state and electd
Ire trrtors of the nltd tre. Plants, The1
In works and systems for generatlng dtstni- lug sha
hut;,.. supplying and -ending electrIci;t shall e
or light1 heat. power and other pnrposes- prei
•to cataut purchase, own. lease or other. vice-pr
wise aculre. maintain and operate gg shal a
toPlants, works and pipe lines and dltrlbu- try at
it tion system for the manufacture, storage. in both
aI distributing and vending of gas for lirht; 'na no
powst ad ower and other purposs, (in- hoard
loding arlso the Produefton, tanaorta.- membe
tion. storage, vendian and distribution of The 1
anntural gas) in the City o New Orlam. to time
a..nd elsewhere In the Stat.e of Lanusana oers
and other states and territorles I the
of nited Ststes: to conastruct, prchas own
or lease maintain and operate In the City
be first way, buss line, electric light and power
in the and gas companies, o any company doing
g with any business in whole or in part similar t
he same that for which this corporation I estab
sale, or lished, or as may be now or shall here
after be permitted by law; to purchase
to fix acquire and own any or all of the prop
at le- erty. assets, franchises and the stocks and
bonds and other securities of any corpor
ation or (corporations organized under the
hvted laws of this state or of any other stat
of this for all or ally of the purposes herein de
rinality. tined or incidental thereto and to guar
for oe antee the bonds or other obligations and
of $,- dividends on the stock of any of said cor
tilit porations; and generally to do and per
form any and all acts and things andt
f liee acquire, hold and exercise any and all
Sbard rights, powers, privileges and franchises
S,-tins as relate to the objects herein set forth,
e City or any of them, or such as may hereafter
le irst e ctonferred by law upon corporations of
e atr. this character.
rtto AltTi'ftE IV.-The capital stock of this
l de- corlporation is hereby declared to be and
withet is tixed as follows:
Two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00)
ord Dol)tlars of preferred stock represented by
stock- twenty-five (25%) shares of the par value
oti f of one hundred ($10000) Dollars each; and
s re- Two thousand five hundred (82.500.00)
"y at dollars of (common stock represented nt by
etree twenty-five (25) Phares of the par value
Ieet -of one hundred ($100.00) dollars each.
t The preferred designations. vo
rod powers. restrictions and qualifications of
tar tihe pr-ferred steak shall be as follows
l fai- The preferred stock shall be entitled in
to the preference. to the common stock to div
tisiau. dends at the rate of 7% per annum pay
SNew hie quarterly or semi-annually as the
'ient board of directors shall determine and
I uch dividends shall be cumulative from
shall and after the date of issue thereof. No
'or lie. dividends shall be declared or set apart
i for payment on the common stock until
e nil dividends then accrued on the preferred
aek stock shall have been set apart for p
itfo- moent.
eet of In anye dlstriibutlon of assets other than l
ijet- by dividends from surplus or profitsl
ty be- whether v4untatry ar involuntary, the
preferred stock shall also have preference
over the conmmnon stock until the full r
rpora- value thereof and 7 per annum thereon
eel or from the date of Issue thereof shall have
retse been paid by dividends or distribution. t
a gen- The preferred stock shsll not receive any t
rese dividends from surplus or profits in t
v te cens of said par value and the amount
etary of such accumulated dividends unpaid
ed by thereon, but the common stock alone shll
receive all further divldends and shares in i
arper distribution. o,
ol or All beutt not less than all of the pre- "
il e ferred stock shall be subject to redelmp t
te tion at the option of the corporation upon hi
or a any dividend date st its par value and h(
fter I accrueod and unpaid dividends therein to
s are. the date fixed for redemption upon the p
y by vote of not less than a majority in interest at
cotn- of the outstanding common stock. Notice da
ty of of the intention of the company to redeem fo
-eting Ithe preferred stock shall be mailed thirty
r on days before the date of redemption s
t of Ieach holder of record of prefered stock at
roxy. is post omfee address appearing upon the so
ine j lenoks of then company, and upon the de- a
I orlt of the aggregate redemption prlce da
int with any national hank or trust company
on in the Ci'ty of New York named in such t
evI te oitee. paetablne to the order of the recor
E T- holders of the preferred stock on endorse ti
moret and shrrrende of their eortifitcat
ie :n s loetholders shall at the emiration of a the
tei notice cease to he stockholders. rpon cot
"rer rany iss of additional stock of the eom
ese a ny of any clasris no holder of outstand- bee
inCt stock of any class shall he entitled of or
rit by reason of such stock holding to C
tsa. seh"tteribe for. perchase or receive any she
hare. portion of the adititonal stock no idsned
Late itt the hoard of directors of the company am
E- my dispose of all m or any ortion of such the
2o S addetional stock without offering the same A
in the first itance to the atoekholrs eve
I. of the company for sutbscriptlon or ptr- fat
li,"h. chinen
Jhn The preferred stock shall not entitle any an
holler thereof to vote at any meetin f of
tort- stefekholeers or electinn of the corporation nel
s.s. or otherwisse to tearti, Ipete ien anv- a,-titefee
that taken by the company of stockholders ex
nra- c-tet ac may he required by law: and c-e %
ler- rcpt thetf If at any time the aceCmntlatei on
tees and nnpaed etivelende on the preferred
Sto-k to the last dividend date shall e l on
•e-V-fl . -i dollarsleer a n
of-n ( . dollr per sharei meeting C tid
f the stockhnoleers for the election of di- de-(
T. rectors shall he catled In accordance With 1r.,
eier. I thee bh-laws epon the rennest of the hold. eire
jer of record of ten (10('1 per cent or Tue'
r., more of the preferred stock then ontstand. sue
hie. lng and at suech meeting and at all other aud
otmetings of stockholeters for the election
of directors held while say dividends on Th
Ssaid Preferred stock to the dividend date the
lest tereedine such meeting, remain nude
glared, the holders of such Prreferred stoek
hon 'teall be entitled to vote along with the {-1
5ew holders of the common stock for the ele- e-a
18th on of directors, and for that nurpose the hu'
rear i holder of each share of said preferred ion
I-ed stock shhlt be entitled to one vote for each La
ad- of said shires held by him: but such right
the to vote shall Cease whenever all such .c- T
cemulated dividends shall have been de- oICI
b lc clared. her
fied This corporation shall he entitled to eora
fate begin business when fifty (.54'r per cent and
the of the aggregate of its preferred and eome
fter mon stork as hereinahove fixed shall have corp
tie been subscribed and paid for as required Ti
ose by law. the
1ev- All steek shall he paid for in rash Sr Mon
yes may be issed for labor done or services eres
the performed for said corporation or for l'ud
ado property rights actually received by it who
The amount to which the capital stock
relof this coporation may be increased by
dUe corporate action is herebyh declared (
~ dolar an any incelased stock now o fiel
Shereasfter attthorized may be of the kinds ! ft
or elsases herein Prescribed or may be in10.
whole or in Part of other kinds or classes H
-o-of stock which may he created and author,-ee
t~l ied with such Preferences and urtorities n
O-wheth~e in dividends sand liquidation or W
u-otherwise, over or with respect to any of Ml
5-the, kinds or classes new created or at (
-r ny time hereafter existing, and With such
..n- . , and voting pows. orm (
ARTtI'.R V-The. corporate Powers of ae
this corporation shall be vested in and tt
g• vexerised by a board of direc+tors to heth
composaed of five (5) stockholde.rs to be 5
nd eleted annually at a general meeting o lo
an sid stockholders to he held on the thirdli
orTusday in 3"aruory of eaceh yrear. A ma-Ne
ie ority of the board of directo'rs shall con- (i
-n 'titnte a quorum for the transsction of
business unltess the by-laws of this coy
aenration, adopte.d by the board of direc--hr
oftors. shall provide for a lesser number,. ogI
iry otice of suceh meeting and of all otherte
*ystockholders' meetingsa shall be given in ae
insthe manner prescribe.d by law, anid, when eti
u-not so Prescribed. then written notice of'ttc
such meetings shall be addre.ssed to each m
is tockholder at his last known place of Ne
Swresidence_ and deposited in the P~ost of'
 fee, at least fiifteen (13) doay before the
. dhte of said meeting, pestagre PrepaidAu.
tr h by-laws of the corporation may pro
nevide for any additional form of notice.
he At all such elections and at all cor-CM
5-porate meetings, holders of common stock
of this corporation alone shall be entitled
i-to vote, except as hereinabove Provided: n
s nd every such stockholder shall be en-Lui
Stitled to one vote for each sahre of cin- ta
Smon stock of this cOrporstin san~rding inAut
his name on the books of this corpora- ad
tlion, and the majority of such votes csstan
sahll elect. Sae
S The books for the transfer of the stock fry
almay be closed for such Periods beftore anid Iy
Sduring the payment of dividends and t1 ad
toholdingsa of meetings of stockholders, not las
*to exceed thirty (30t) days at any one time,.ndi
toas the board of directors may from time iat
cdto time determine and the corporation cm
ahsshll make no transfer of stock on thewhs
abooks during such period.,wh
is Any vacancy occurring among the di- gng
I.rectors of this corporstion hy deathAt2
5.reslglaston or otherwise, shall be filled by ge
e.election for the unexpired term by the re-nne
iroisining directors,.evs
A failure to elect dlrectors on the date hra
above specilfied shsll not dissolve the cor-tem
poration, nor impair its corporate exist- i a
ence or management, but the directorsunr
thnin office shall remain in office untl llow
their succeasors shall have been dtilyIrI
delected and quslifled.
i, The. board of directors at its first meet- AR
lag shall organtse anid elect officers and itpay
v hhll elect from among their number lait s
president and may elect one or more adp
vice-pre5ident• The board of directors fe
Sshall also elect at said meeting a secre-poe
- taryv and treasurer, or one person to act b u
ibothn c•Pscitfrs, either of whom-- ma o
~,may not be a member of said hoard. The Peg
hosrd of directors may also elect from itsbra
-members a chairman of the hoard,. eev
t The board of directors may, from time adI
5 o time, name sad appoint all such otherasm
Iomfcers~~ (including one or more vices-err
5presidents not members of the board ofsna
directors) or agents as it msy deem neces- ak
say for the purposes anid business of thisofeb
corporation. and the powers and duties gg
of every omfcer, agent and employce shall hl
be fixed anid dflned by the hoard of dl-que
rectors and allo sucnh officers, agents and tlit
Thje board of directors may make andJcnvn
estallh ,as w~elasur alte tanemeod, all quie
s2uchby-laws,_ules and b --ltin,. no- a a
!Pnmnistet me~w~lt, !eery and pie-las
- r in its Jndgmenft ee the eeducet and aio
Spower management of the business and affairs of
py dolng this corporation, and said board of diree
ilar to tors, which is hereby clothed l ithi all of
a estab I the corporate powers of this corporation,
ll here- shall have full power and authority to
curchase, j borrow money and to execeute nnortgage-.
ie prop- and pledges and create liens; to issue
cka and bonds, notes and other obligations, and to
torpor- secure same by mortgage andcourpledge or
ider the otherwise and generally to do any and
er state all things reasonable, convenient or nece
retin de- sary for tihe proper conduct of the bun-i
o guar- ness and affairs of this corporation; aninl.
ons and itn its discretion, the board of directors
aid cotr- may create and select an ,.e-c.ltive com
nd per- milttee to be composed of not less than
and to three (3) of Its own nmemnbers, to winichi
and all 'conmmittee the board of directors imay
Inchises grant all or any of its powers to bie e
t forth, I erclsed during the lnterim between mi .et
ereafter ings of the board of directors itself.
Lions of A director of this corporation sh'rll not
bhe disqualified by his office fronm dealing
of this or contracting with the corporation either
be and as a vendor, purchaser or otliherwise, nor
shall aniy transaction or contriact of thins
1.500.00) corporation be void or voilable by reasonn
Ated by of tihe fact that any director or any Irlim
r value of which any director Is a itnenehr. or any
rh; and corporation of which any director is a
sihareholdeer or director, is in any way in
Led by trested in such transaction or contract.
lprovided that such transaction or con
r value tract is or shall be authorized, ratitfile or
ach. alpproved either (1) by vote of a majority
votine of a quorum of the board of direetors eor
Ions of of the executive continlttee without count
ws: ing in such majority or quorum any di
tied in rector so interested or nmembers of a firmn
o dit so interested or a shareholder or director
Spya- of a corporation so interested, or (2) by
as the a vote of a stockholders' meeting of the c
ne and holders of record of a majority of all the
Sfrom outstanding shares of conmnonci stock f oi
of. No the corporation or by writing or writings ,
apart signed by a majority of suchi holders; nor
Suntil shall any di'ewtor be liable to a.ccount to t,
Pferred the corporation for any profits realized e
r pay- by and from or through any such trans
action, or contract of this corporation au
r than thorized, ratified or approved as afore- iz
profits said by reason of the fact that he or any hi
r. the firm of which he is a memnber, or any an
erence corporation of which he is a sharehole'r il
II pnr or director, was interested in such trans- It
hereon action or contract. of
I have ARTICLE VI-This act of incorporation ^
Mution. may be modified, changed, altered or te
Sany amended, or the capital stock of this cor- Is
in ex- poration may be increased or decreased.
mount or this corporation may be dissolved with ir
mnpaid the assent of two-thirds (2/3) of the out- ur
shall standing common stock of this corpora- inn
res toi tion exressed, given and obtained at a ri
general mneeting of such stockholders con- st,
pre- vened for such purposes, or any of them. th
-emp- after previous notice of such meeting shall fe'
upo have been given to each conmnion stock- eo
Sand holder by notice addressed to him at his at
In to last known place of residence, and de- as
Sthe posited in the maills of the United States th
terest at least fifteen (15) days previous to the i
Notlee date of said meeting. unless other notlee ful
,pdeem for a meeting of such character be pre- t.,
thirty scribed by law, in which event, notice ti,
n to shall be given in conformity with law. ti
ek at Whenever this corporation may be dis- liv
a the solved. either by lnimitation or from any no
de- any oilither cause, its affairs shall be liqul- ip
price dated by three (3) commninlssioners to be Th
epanv elected by the holders of the coenino to
such stock at a meeting convenned for said pur- the
enore pose as above provided andt after due no- to
lorne- tire; a majority of said stock represented am
rates, at such meeting shall be requisite for de:
f Bad the election of suchi conmnissioners. Suchi iti
Upon commissioners shall remain in office until cde
com- the affairs of this corporation shall have I Ot
tand- been fully liquidated. In case of the death rig
ed of or resignation of any one or more of acid lon
r to comnmissioners, the vacancy or vacancies, tra
any shall be tilled by the survivors or survi- c-r
esnie vor. In the event of any disagre.emn.nt has
pnnv among said commissioners, the action of shc
such the majority shall prevail and he binding. Iicc
sam. ARTICILE VII-No stockholder shall tiot
iers ever be held liable for the contracts or '-e
Pnr- faulnits or defaults of this corporation l in ol
any further sumn than the unpaid calance, at
any if any, due tihe corporation on the shiares offe
a of of stock owned by hinm; nor shall any stoe
etion re formality in organization ihave the trun
iOn -effect of rendering this charter ill. or of sud
xer- exposing a stockholde-r to any liability stot
h ex- beyond the unpaid amount remniaining due tice
ete4 on his said stcck. cpp
tred 1ARTICI.E VIII-The following shall suet
nn constitute the first ioard of dlrectors of 11g
tin thins corporation: A. L. Kempster. A. B. n"
di- M,('oard. II. A. Ferrandou. Raoul Sere. lion
W Ith tr.. Maurice II. Roonev. Said bcard of lere
cad. diree'tors shall hold office until the thinrd
or Tuesday in January. 1923. or until their oth
n- sue'essors shall have been duly elected
ther annd quallfied.
tion The subiscribers to the capital stock of ARt
O this corporation and their respective ad- ora
ate dresses are: A. L. Kempster, 421 Itaronne by
nolk Mtret. New Oleans, La.; A. B. McCoard. A M1
the 421 Itaronne Street. New Orleans, Lta.; IL. cens
,te A. Ferandou. 421 Itaronne Street, New O(r- re-t
the l,.ans. La.: Raoul Sere, Jr., Ilibernla stud
e Building. New Orleeans, La.: Maurice H. at
ea tRooney, Hibernia Building, New Orleans, first
Iaht L (or
e- The snbseribers l'herto have written holk
de opposite their respective nanmes the nunm- hold
her of shares of capital stock in this cor- befo
Sporation subscribd for by each of them, to t
went and this act of incorporation shall serve hold
om- as the original subscription list of this hold
cave corporation. any
red Thus done and passed in my office, in in tI
the City of New Orleans, on the da ings
month and year first above written, in t. ie
ir presence of Messrs. Justin V. Wolff, and to
for udwig C. Mulling, competent witnesses, to
S who have hereunto signed their names, g
together with said appearers and me. no
tary, after due reading of the whole. peas
S A. L. Kempater. preferred stock, twenty-no
orfive shares. $2.500.00: A. L. Kempster. tr
net common stock, twenty-one shares, $2,- until
in100.00; A. B. McCoard, onee share. 8100.00:stl
saH. A, Ferrandou, one share, 8100.00: RaoeuiP~
or ere. Jr., one share, $100.00; M. H. Rooney,cu
tisone share, $100.00.
u Witnesses: Juatin V. Wolff. Ludwig C. a
ofMuilling. 'fle
ne-h STAMPS FARRAR, elect
a (Seal) Notary Public.
I, the underslgned Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans.•
State of Louisiana, do hereby Certify thatprs
hethe above and foregoing act of incorpora-dip
hewas this day duly recorded in my officeorc
tion of New Orleaas Public Service, Inc. d
tdin Book 12'79, folio -. boar
ns. New Orleans, August 18. 1922. the c
in- (Signed) ROBT SCOTT and
of Deputy Recorder. the
r- I, the undersigned notary public, do
- hereby certify that the above and forego
Sing is a true and correct copy of the char
crter of New Orleans Public Service, Inc.,.ccr
in paqted befoe me August 18, 1922, with the gener
.n crcate of the Recorder of Mortgages
ofattach ed thereto of record and on file inauh
reimay office,.
New Orleans, La., August 19. 1922., al
(SeSl) STAMPS FARRAR. the at
Aug. 2--Sept. 28. Notary Public.ess
c: United States of Amerlca. State ofcar
-Louislana, Parish of Orleans, Be it knowntion.
l.tata on thls 16th day of the month of
in August, in the year of our Lord one thou- Unti
land. nine hundred and twenty-two. (1922) holder
at -and of the Independence of the United on the
Stators "of America, the one hundred and until
,_ oy-sventh. before me. W, Morgan Our-bed eter
Icy, a notary public d-ly commission toap
i.. anedqualified, in and fore Pah o r hai
ot lans Stte f Loisinatheeinresiding, C:L
an in th prsence of the witnesses here.an J
r nafter namd and undraigned, personally C.
came and appeared the several persons tther
S bwhose names are hereunto subscribed, r
who declared that availing themselves of
tie g two ofthis state relative tthe or-C
gaiato fcorporations, particularly to tr
hAct 267 of 1914, they have covenanted atnd fcr
eyagreed, and do by these presents cove-uni
5-neant agree form and constitute them-Ota
selves, ats well as such persons as maycofo
1.hereafter join or becoes- asoitdwt ttd
- them Intoa c orporatioa or body politic
n~ n law, for the objects and purposes and AR
Sunder the agreements sad stipulationslina
IIfollowing, whihte dp t hi hr
lyter, to-wit:hchteadpasterhr-do
ARTICLE I--The name an~d title of this cne
~'corporatjon shall be Chipley Cotton Coin-ntc
itpany, Inc., atnd under ita Corporate nameabv
ait shatl lenjoy succession for the full termmetn
'Qand period of ninety-nine years from and
'5after the data hereof, and shall have the AR
power atnd authority to contracte 8Ae and sali
be sued_; to accep~t and. receive mortgatges ro.
SPl~edge or other hypothecations; to makeliua
eand use s Corporste seal and the same to fiet
5 reak and alter at pleasure; to purchausei oi
receive, le~ase, .hold or otherwise acqieq io
e nd tO sell, alienate an~d convey as wellliud
ras mortgage and hypothecate Under itspoe
eorporate name property both real, per- ttet
,fsonal and mixed: to borrow money andcopr
-make and issue bonds and other evidenceIncs
aof debt and to secure the soame by anort- o n
agags and otherwise; to subscribe to atndvrsi
Ihold stock in other corporations; to ac- lqia
-qir holl.y.d and re-issue, sares of itu capt- "T
- t- stock; to,., ..carry-out all of the objectsevrb
- ad p rposs hreia-tr set out; nam, cnta
- and appoin such manatgers and directoraina.
o,,,cers san agent, asr the interest sad ud d
eonveniene of said corporatioa may re-hin
Sur; and,, te akq and establih. as wel g! is
as alt,ers~ad amen at ilessure, suek by- tIs
laws, rules sadegulat•il on f io th i- hle
ar o the c orration an l ily .. ,,,, ,. r
and doliviletiei t andi i ,i r,, ., t.
all of d all h aits alnd thing' .. trf,
n :oration, ert iorit., iare nuoth'r.e ht t d Hi., r
it to t lWs~ of the t.ite . of L i-n,:i
is," e -1 t~lr .E It 1.11. .1011. 11""o
and to p ,ishall be iin !b". t',, . ,, . .r,
edge or s lI' i of I- rll.:,i, stit. 4 J,,
I and i . n al tl i ir"ttu r , .r ,
"P' a be tnr-ed tht , t- i I e.J rir ."
Ia fl. -- ry n II ti-, i-uull l .
1 IIrectors . 1."11.: 111r I , ," ..I :
S II T Ae bJ" all. t ' rt
S1 1 p s s fir \ il, . th. is iup... .. ,,rr h
t glaiiLi al irid tle li tiur . . ti II I
IHayI o b .:un. di in h. II in. l r.i .1
ar-la r"-i *t* b"' 'h- 1 tr
,lt ut astir to i *l' ..ir *l J h*, r~ ''
11 rltl e: te . sp or pro ur 1- n " ?
all otrd te r 00I I:r ,lt'. r ,, r
ali ;il uror.; to d, a e,. rr :to
ett i:,,,i, ar c t1 , ",r - t..... . t- r
io mru iro ot . ursi ; u, . r
tia r lhuijir,, i n t ,ii fjlot ti r i- . , r! ,
otheral ~ ~ ~ r * oa t i or
or a s ai d eral l in aul ho. llr " l.ir.in. a l .
ib a paper l lll1c. r.il ,f tr *, . p.
lit Ilit
rn i ii du e.. tirll . .r ..,rl n r,i , i, .h., I
on - ai r rit tri- hr lier'so jur-j. L. ,. ,"
IM o I  hu th I .ll 1 h rt
t c t. hold, ililpru\,i . so-Ii 1ý,,,.rl • i ",
jor t ,nper"" . a if, , :, ilt d "
ors r o rea or pei ons of theru. rr tor pani
ount - lease nr rent wi arehi ,s or in .,r- . ,
n dddi and tI .d a g"il- %r iir- in, , i- llr I
a tir i g l rtilg buines. os. t, ii . ltr
tr"~o n ir e l. a set ia d ha~l-i"l-.-.. f t; i;r
2) iy th-re-of for t or ;,", r nart
fo teroinera c', 'oI , 6 i lo ur or !
Sthe ithe oil.iiti ns, oif nith,.r ., iu ,,ii,...
il t linos or ldil d uae nl-, f ol 1.I,.r.n r tpi
d/alstso and h$ u o n , n UI Dolars
g i- t or a iro prliir.e * I t i" - "i.- ,
. ni-nt of any of sail olrit.. oar o arie
lt tohtiereto, awl gi-ta.-railly to du ito uei and- l
stlued very tithing ot lrotitit.i1 ly ter-.
to on milo |!l00, 000.00•i "dol'-I
SV-No tranrafs-r of .tok
binding Upon tit, ,orporationl
adu- ATLuti IV--Tade d r.serdtlyd laultoir c
s.NO sto'khold,.r s~hall hlate a
aronif-r or italtavey sito i f their
the t'oriporation untb.+s antd u.ntil
]lhave first .tad, a writt,,n of
any teer fother at the stu kholderui of t tie
aiy and it to 1$ell su .1h st.Uk to thelrn I
ok value th,.reof. "'otok Value"
s reot n is hereby defit.d byto lt.ieati
ras- hunded1at whichr of the assts ar value
aecorlporation have heent in good
eed upon Iltts bulk. uollh writ
aton aeT hall b addreosed to. the oi iter A
or increased to one million dto theU.Vu.oi dal- -
tco, - lhre -
othe <ffl,'eodathe t'urporatton
-ed. ARTICLE V-No transfer of te stock.
twith shall be bndtng uptri t this offerjo
oupt- unless and uetive thaen aidto rkolders ad
por- its oof theNo stockholders desirihall ae a
,Iall be di.tribut,.d pro rata
at a right o trnsfer othr r toney akholders as
o- tk ti p the orliasetin ithe trop rntiol
thene. they shialt have first mait.- a Written of- in.
al fr to the oilier then stikhe stokies olders
Of ,u rchla.ing biear to ea'h
ock orpot roratio ell such tk haveto thet
ehis at tht book vlue trhein>f.r alty took Vaoue
te shiarehlohldr d+.rnaindillg the
de- as used hiren aiys herebway idefibted to ten p
tate-s the value at which the nase-ts land ihuiti- 1a1l
I the adis of tie or ororative be In hall
otie lth ente ge ane d rivupon Its book. u n i Iah i
I-- ti-n offer shall e- nddresed toi the othrlies
'it ice then stoikholhdrs atid to ttee icorpora- tte
d lion itel, collec Of tihe lok offrie d for
di- livere to the ffieby of the other aton,
any not less thant tll (10) days prior to the r
1q1- aplicitioa - for tranlsfer of the stock. ad
Se Te ororathion, andlt trnlml.vlit this ther
nn to the destireting tho nell be sto'kltitled toan
ur- the ltok of the stokholders desiring the
ni- to sell shall be htlder ibutlay see rit. No A
ted among h of theron otr irtonkhols alder at
fr desire tprovisions of this artiole hall
Seach I certiWhh ldg of iate of sto.k ldes- to
1unthildestrous of piurcteasinag litar to eac-h ;II"
ave othr. The corporation and shall habe thind by
ever perso iow.tlor herafa.
eathI right to rfuse to traisfer lly stuck so 11.
siid io long s te agrehe to the proviung the s
iesake si h y to y k subjeItd to the Ore- tt
ll pledges, hyporortheoation shall orI
lint Ihas-.- a li-Il. pledgei and pirivilege onl eaich tii
of ar of slorances of said stl.bt or dealss t
r ard th ere to , sh all b e su bject
g. itle b I-A the the powers of this coror- l
-t1l.tj11 oi1 ti iii. itouli alny of Itie s-toc-k offered for all
or sl- e be t esir ed by the otxercised the
I In hotlers .witiln t-t dlays from the receipt
ni at tii coporati boardThs e of the written cal
ar offer to s el thtl, a ted annually at the by
any itokholiin ilietsing to sell be eld annuatited t
hethe trasr of the crportion on the hu
Ssh r-c as st hovliber aof see fit. Nac yeari
lit stock next legal day If that bead a
dae of the meeting, taddresse
duc- the of the lrov-isions of this artle shall
iiar u eial meetiitngs of the stock s- to
hallbe called by the orporaton and hal board atbut
ad notice thereof shall be givenst
of m un -ver provided for annual meet-er ah
l Ied that in all cases corpora- aid
r Lion, l of w khol agree to th provisions cre
orhereof and take ach sharetock subjet standhere- s
irdder's nll ple le on theti books or tin
s-l otheir enicumnbrances~ of said stock. or deal- by
Sigsw ith on. said votthereto, shall be cast in
yproxy, and a majority of the d
shall elect. Failure to eleet
tthe day above specified shall
to the he orporation but the dre
of ATCL offic e shall remainrs of this ficer ff
- oratio shall bcessors are ted cted a ndexercised
rd A ajoityof the board of direc etors shall ohave
IIall vacancies which may oc- p
H t manner arism The or be createdd- et
d.even though no quorum re- h
tint snc vacancesare tto be
br- rectors shall be elected annually nt the tion
na stockholdersident. The be oarld annsh ually seo
tryH. at the offie andof t reasurer, and eion ther
s irst Tuesday nmay ovepber of ne or more I
sherein provided and said of- d
r on the next legal day, if that be ea Al
ren holida aftzed from time to eachtime tok- thi
In- holder by anyt least oift iers andays yea
or- before the date or separate any of them,sed
"in, to the last knlown address of the stock- pcp
e holder. ay other such off thers Stock- the
hisk propholders may be called byor convenient to e
any time and notice thereof shall be givenl hold
In in o of the compr any's businesset- hl
lgs; provid shall inx the salaries all no
tces m agents anived by uemployees. At
Sof the board of directors, h
nabs ent from the meeting mayfor
to one vote for each share of sdiretok stand- a
,e fug in the holder's name on the book, of t0w
oevote of the oroaabstion said vote to be cast In re
written eastructions, ei ther et
so ecial, of said absent direc- tha
soard of directors shall have 3n
mtake and establish, as well g
damend, all by-laws, rules
tlPoeto tllal vcniesar whic naopy oc ore
and manngeeanr ort bus I
ot b rd of this corqoruoation and
thet with this charter; and
hve b ower to authorif e the
e generally to do sall things
e a crnvealent for the proper a
ofi the busines of the corposa
e aneral meetdng of the stock- a
letbon of diretors to be held and
aesday in November, 19tt3i or b
cd e qualified auccesors are hoa
Insalled, the board of direc- the
c omporbs of the following: ear,
ester Cbipley, Greenwood, 8 a
erChlpley, Greenwood, 8. 0.. e
"rin Chipley, Greenwood, 8. c
ma pcsttesvoten of theasen doreora shall
whe shall also be the treas- l
1 corporation; thoanahn W.nc
a d rporationt and the said of
or d their respeidte offices the
tTuesday to November. 1923, ln
to. the board of directors in heu
a o th the provisions above
tII-rThis act of incorpora- elec
chns n fangrs mofithes crorationend-ad
not pnconist nt wihtiss charer;b an voelc
of the entire capital stock
borting of the stockholders tea
n s ch purpose, after previous an e
ti e bec n given in the manner
to be given of the ancual Edk
n III- this corporation
dir ed, either by limitation or
ercause, its affairs shall be
the then existing board of
Stioquidstore shall remain it
ir the afPaird of the corpora- belo
lae been favy settled sa-d ta
t p they shall have full thi
tr horrty to transfer and give th
s property and assets of theICl
t to distribute the proeors ilher
o ty dwit bility or resignation Rs
ort the survivor or surti
ng, shall proceed with the
IX-No stockholder shall g
n y able or responsible for the (OR
aults of aitd corporation ao
sum than the unpaid bat
hir sheen of stock owned by
t a y mere Informality in or
vethe effect of rendering
nilfor sc ePposng aeny stock
a olbo ldto b enond the aunpaid Adw
ca use its faissal e.Sa
tr,,,l-... n In rde;rtha t q
1* r I h .rs h'erre
, rFIt tivea
" . i i P and tc
ý N' "+ ri,of 1 seub qnjcti
I.. ' hf tills ho
" ; s. s toro t t
' I.... T u Sd t th,~'li
theor it t
~{ r ription r ayt 1
H... i br the ea m
r st r tme
lof Theod-a i
" no ar
'1 ; r"Off05in athCiyNý
r niopetent wih i
or Ig har'elo ods c
n. ti sh b ners al
Su h r n,." -et,
, tiry, asn to
r, i. , re, nwoo d h e $ .
... : - a:"  ,s  ':,. ,, " ... L,..,' 1 .
r. r o w .o'sitns sa a~l Ni. tg
~r , of s rsth, 9nrs
' tr t hlin aTa u h.a , 1
: , w °tr' - o tell: T '5ea
Port thj Lundsi
li' It, ookr andfo
* r$g~ leaas5
" her, cf -st the to _
liar u at end a And l. M
Ift*.., t offi,+ ' . t-- %
valuI. (eal)
,av t,,. u t.-S .pt.
4 ",ol
"I A ar T Ed i n p Id
-N'ua% att, a fells i
offer dprtte as 1ad 1
aj true and appe rrEecst~
auit r n sha n be the h
r n enI., Inc. , --.- __
wri as aln l h
farb to--ature of the all
otten eIy -
te del the3 hereby i
lilo es pucand
all tr aldel ) m I
e rt te lWinnd no l
uns a y'ateAu. 24$plats.
S niARTICLE II-T9ill .nll
so oi t l shal l t o Ith
orate Ag oie, oacs s a
Sth tde lansredt lf th h
o toil by it a omp a- b
of oheIoCharle so~id sai.Uiii
0 uI t e absoswie a nd Ia eaa
ftrcapilta| stock sha1 iet ,,.
ran-and afifty per a ente a ga
corporation. p1 e
arnd o tpeanscr taed nk
o tii e parl ib. d al o le -
1tot- y the board ob detj1sj
ej. ARTICLE IV-iTe aM 1
l poration shall 1t sIk
th leans, b d tare of
e tionh w ad all thers
lh erved upon theuW "
th ence or disabmlMt? apeeait+
at or as asthe, ise o rsa sm t
sa ARTICLE V-The l
, bsnthis corporWhes the fh t
y years from thsdt
kdARTICLE VI-- 1. S11 g_"
f eoporatit n sha be shll h ,
a the corporate Pn e tac."
Itnre- sudbaretetrshalunli
o r after provided f.
o- 2. The sames at ths agitI
del for the at yer, o a af
betc 31e athre capithe] iiat 11
ad-are elected tad belaah,ma(
Sto-wit John al Wlherb,
k orleans, ate.; Wilnof hi
the dnt, of New as ,leas
letsec'retary-tresafe, IIii
al h ofthere d P u othe r eit, o
c that t e o wn d ia i eiateq l
dnveo e fall plad Utan
year., ad 55Otherls sequip e
be a The nmiTe dit
oc- poration may ath jia e
dato ne membefo ths di
s"'eed' ARTICLE III-L 2U
r0(e- aporald s hcallk h slr th
c hoiadecleared to r tile an 1114-.
be for in opratie o al '
tso fand dollars (
erlaws, rohules Islat
the duct of th e ý+
a lnd to ldr a sad a a
m-and diretors w d he t
Safter c prtlsocks haed f ayr
tions or otheir es .
d ARTICLe rscted ba,
athis corporatlies MJ
d-e edated b a onr agt st m
b et in Threnu cap; itl a falam h
oby the stofdsndis L. 3
lsed retyaww.
hail g of th isd beaiis
rei- thans t ah e o fn In iii l
the lions flpaid al d othe pa
waln- eve capita s tic ielii
rthe second rMedlabely a .
yea r, or as ItV
be a which YeePh t
or- s cpora tsma shat o
r ethirs ihr tis dhle
- the coTea beard
Santil their irecs, em
llquallfled. _
ve h2. As see h a_
oown eleucton, the -
i-elect from thdei eR ae
f- and a topvined -pndd
Select ad adreltr Mawi
hemay ceablate swl'
Streas ourer, h ir im
onepa paeal._
e idted by oa, em -
nof AtICLEt Jobs L A.Wo
writing ofand Leia eam
reto the last knes ..
rhol dert, but One Ig
r eeshall be astCtiIte.
either h i perter wh i -
of the seboelneadar . f
corporatioi sad_
lber of share at __
ao tnke il this teinm
ei tb q ua laified.
Thus dsone al
the Cit ion, ei
- tae c, ifnr tle idri,
kd oan a. WlclpeI
thew Orle, t1s 5
lars; Willopmn.
iNdew Orblawn i.,
dwr~igand d.I'
Witnesses: +
I, the i i
tare holdrs nsoall
g the above persia W3
lio of the snsihiis
on he.o shars tl 51
. office, in thi
N'new Ounderini
(Signed) ,. 
ii certif t t ht i
SThtrue dn lad
thle Ci of
laa. In th "
Witntss w
Ui"ew Orleas.

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