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Ic SfFLmrica, State of u
l.w (eans. Be.itt know,
r- 25th day of the month
* o 2ethdra oo ur I one
tai hundred and twenty-two.
I -dehendence of the United
S dc the one hundred d
dpe re me. Eugene Ii.
bl c t, duly commisioned
*'within 'and for the parish
state of Louisiana. therein
end i, the presncfe of the wIt
tlel b and appeared LeoL.
cm s an d C zari. both real
jke tye of New Orleans, State
h C the. full age. herein p
d actng for and on. a Louis
ilea, dUpP!Y : In the city
es.an organized by act b
a Notary Public. ina
I 3vx. fa OrleanS. state of ou
Fthday rof *Matrch. 1913. andis
is th ,ortgage Office for the
sfplssin hio~k 11"4. Folio 276,
at to a resolution pas at
__lag of the stockholr.
Sthe 19th day of July.
opy of which ?s hereto at
m sde part hereof
sed sppearera delar,ed that at
peiting of the sto .kn Old5o
tioa. conen,"d on the l!ti
le_-9 which had bteen con
th especial purpose and at
Sthe holders of th entre
ýt of said corporation w
e" t In pri.n cor ,o pi
frolm 50.000.00 to $2,OOO.Otl
If0, effect said nheor, a
0. or er changes d,-idedu
--e thn r Articles I". V' mind VII I
*I _i'--. of said corlor: tion
asrdre.enacted so os to read
a. IV. The capital toek of this
shall be Two Hundred and
Toad DTollar l l$tf'
lat T.mwenty.five Hlundre.d I . I
of the par va.l.e of (ie tundre
4/.10) per share, payae , he
i cash or other property, orfr
-bteed or actually performed
hr the Board of lºi,.nors:
eorporation is to tie a colng
wh Fifteen Thousand Dollars
of said stock has been su.
ad paid for. Said stock shal
ted by certificates and shall
pid and non-s....atle
shall be personal propert.
gV. No stockholder shall ever
or responsaihl for the Indebted
dsM or defaults of this corp
- shall any mere Informality n
mlIation of the corporation ar
4 rendering the charter null.
Ju ag the stockholders to an
beyoad the unpaid balance. if
Shis stoeck subscription.
ltholder shall ever be liable or
for the indebtedness. faults
of t this corporation, nor shall
S tformality in the organization
srpration have any effect of ren
15 charter null, or of expoing
ebslders to any liability beyond
pld healsue. if any. on his stock
* htheklder may sell. or assign or
- atock in this corpora
vis g to the other stockho
the Secretary of this corpora
is Ina writing of such Intention.
a other stockholders shall have the
a period of ten days from the
ft ach notice to the Qeretary
all Ir any part of the stock
-gakielder for cash, at the book
ssof, after which ten days e
stk ay be sold without re
S itsekholders desiring to purae
tir this article must In due time
is of such desire to the eere
Is corporation. In the event
ir scekholders offer to buy more
an is offered for sale. stockholders
is buay shall be entitled to buy
stoeek nto the ratio of their
da holdinags In this corporalton.
Srpse of this article the book
ad be determined by the figures
as an the last monthly financtal
i er other transfer, or ass
stock Ila this corporation shall
satl and sunless opportunity to
oa- stock *as first been iven
masner herelnabove provided to
laehholder of this corporaton
IIght, so vested in the other
shall fellow Into any hands
Sit may pass any stock sold
ior assigned, without such
mig gives, and may be ex
the holder or holders
nliety (90) days after such
Sealered for transfer on the
of 1M corporation, and no transfer
meb stock shall be made on the
iof ds orporation during the pen
Ssamid ninety (90) day period.
VII. The business of this
shaD be directed by and all
sssrate powers vested In a Board
eemposled of five stockhod
itsaly whom shall consttute
Ser the transaetion of all ba
1U the next annual election of
to he held under this eharter.
after their duly qualified su
as teted and installed. the
f Dhiseters of this corporation
napbosd of L. L. Hirsch. . .
T. Hirsch, J. C. Lazard and
ltthe peetfftice addrese o
10 New Orleans. La.. wt
as a president. M. 3. Elgute
Mket.-T. Etrahk aa seret
L.omard as treaanrer. The
efor diectors shall be
Wednesday of June of
with 11923. All sueh e
e by ballot at the offie
Ibetween the hours
U. ald 4.0S p. m.. under
, V thrve commissioners te
the Board of Directorsn
of any commissioner
.i i ha the power to fillt
8potstmest. Fealaus to hol
a_ the day specified shall
_ erporation. but the direc
shall hold their respetv
an election shall be l
b days' notice of the time
ii gives to each stockhol
on the Board of Direc
eanm. shall be filed by
5 ofatu * dIrectors, as wel
of stockholders, except
-515l001 by law, fifteen d
u- W I,' A8 Mm.i
---_.a a stood on
",'- . m 8I Ire
_ keIL. Ae
I wa t ornr.I
lp a a meit t aB.
u~ ,
1It is
or daless
notice shall be given by mailing to each
stiockholder whose address is stated on
the books of this corporation, at his last
designated address or care of General
Ielisery at New Orleans it be has no
designated sddress, a notice stating the
timie and the place of the meeting. Each
stockholder shall be entitled to one vote
for each share of stock standing in his
nane on the books of the corporation, to
be cast in person or by proxy, as a
majority of the votes shall elect.
At its first meeting each board elected
under this charter shall elect from its
membership a president, a vice-president,
a treasurer and a secretary. and shall
from time to time, as it sees fit, employ
or appoint such other employees as it
shall deem necessary. The Board of
Directors shall have full power and au
thority to tix the salaries of all officers
and of all such other employees as it
nmay deerm necessary, and to make and
establish as well as to alter and amend
all by-laws, rules and regulations neces
sary and proper for the conduct and
mantcement of the business and affairs
of this corporation. not inconsistent withl
this charter; and it shall also have full
power and authority to do all atts and
things reasonably necessary for the proper
carrying on of the business of this cor
poration, and to carry out the objects
and purpose, for which this corporation
is org:anized, including the borrowing of
money through the president or somne duly
authorized person or persons, to exeiute
and issue taetrefor nlotes or other obli
catlions of this .corpoiration on such ternms
ais in its jltudgment may be advantageioua<.
It shall al-o hasve full power and authority
to issue and deliver full paid shares of
sltock of this corpora:tion for toney. labior,
services. lproperty or right a Itually re
*tivu l iy tith.- corlior:atl,,i r ias a dis
tribtuton of surplus
Tie withole. a. tll r, fusty |pp liars ity
the annex,.d certified ropy of the minute±
Of said pi-vial nw.'eting of stockholder.
of said orporation oni the 19th day of
July, 1b2, as aforesaid.
And thel s:iid aippearers. having re
quettd olt. N,.tar. to put ithe said
amettndmernt in authiitic firmi. I dio by
these lpre-unt. r,"ceive siiI alendlment
in the ftur of this public at to the
end that ';'id ntlendnlents may be pro
mulgal,.id andl r,..erdl.ed and thus te r:eal
into the origl.l .lh:irter of aid i pirlir
ltiou her."i habov'e ml-ltiond.
T'rts donelt ii i-pa.se-d in mty ffile in
the city of N.w I4eans on the day and
'late first hereinabove writt,"n, in th*.
pIr,-encie of .Ias. t; Schillin and It. E.
Mllllinc. Jr., compi'tent witne se,, who
ihtre-uNto sign theiir unies as siiL. with
ime. tltr., aftier a idule and careful read
ing of the whole.
Oiriginti sitite-: ;-*ilob (C. Lazard, Leo
L. Illrsh.
Witnesses: .ian G chillin, it. E. Mill
Ing, Jr.
Notary Public.
A True Copy:
Notary Public.
Se~pt. 7-Oct. 12
United States of America, State of
Louisoana, P'arish of Orleans. City of
Nsew Orleans. le it known that on this
thirty-first lday of the month of August,
in the year of our Lord. one thousand
nine hundred and twenty-two, and of tile
independence of the United States of
America, the one hundred and forty
seventh, before mne, Gabriel Fernandez,
Jr.. a Notary Publitc in anid tor the plarish
of Orleans, state of Louisiana. duly com
missioned and iqualified, therein residing,
and in the presence of the witnesses here
inafter named and undersigned, person
illy ctanw and aappeare.d the set ral Iper
sons whose names are hereunto suoscribeid.
and all residents of this parish and
state, who severally declared that, avail
ing themselves of the provisions of the
laws of the state of Louisiaia. In stUlt
castes made and provided, and more par
ticularly of Act No. 267 of the General
Assembly of the state of Louisiana for
the year 1914, they have covenanted and
agreed. contracted and bound themselves,
as well as all such other persons as may
hereafter become associated with them.
to form themselves and constitute a cor
poration and body politic In law for the
objetcts and purposes and under the stip
ulations hereinafter set forth, which they
adopt as their charter, to-wit:
ARTICLE I. The name and title of
this tcorporation shall be Extcel Chemical
Manufacturing Company. Inc., and under
its corporate name it shall have power
and authority to have and enjol succes
sion for the term of ninety-nine years
from the date hereof. To contract, sue
and Be sued; to make and use a cor
porate seal, and the same to break and
alter at pleasure; to hold, receive, lease
and purchase under its corporate name,
property, both real, personal and nbixed
and the same to sell, mortgage, pledge,
hypothecate, lease or otherwise aispose of;
to contract, make asii endorse bills of
exchange and promissory notes, to issue
bonds; to name and appoint such officers
and agents as the interest of said cor
poration may require; to make all neces
sary by-laws for the proper manage
me nt of its affairs, to acquire stocks and
bonds of other corporations; to increase
or diminish its capital stock, and gener
ally to do and perform In this state or
any other state all such things and ex
ercise such rights and powers permitted
by law to corporations.
ARTICLE II, The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is organ
ized and the nature of the business to
be carried on by it are hereby declared
to be: To manufacture chemicals, ipaints.
varnishes and such other materials and
ingredients It may require; to represent
as sales agents such other manufacturers
and jobbers as the Board of Ilirectors
may deem necessary and expedient.
ARTICLE III. The domicile of this
torporution shall be in the city of New
Orleans. state of Louisiana, but it may
establish offices and agencies in other
statea or foreign countries. All citations
or other legal process shall be served on
the President, or. in his absence, on the
Vice-President, or, in the absence of both,
upon the Secretary-Treasurer.
ARTICLE IV. The capital stock of
this corporation shall be Seven Thousand
00/100 Dollars, to be divided into seventy
(70) shares of the par value of One liun
dred 00/100 Dollars ($100.00) each, which
shall be paid for in cash or its equivalent.
or for property or labor performed, or
service actually rendered to the corpor
The capital stock of this corporation
may, in the discretion of the Board of
Directors, be increased to the sum of
Fifteen Thousand 00/100 Dollars.
This corporation shall be a going con
cern and authorized to begin business as
soon as fatty per cent of the capital stock
shall have been subscribed for and paid
into said corporation.
ARTICLE V. All the corporate
of this corporation shall be vested i oan
exercised by a Board of Directors com
posed of not less than three stockhold
era, who shall be elected by the stock
holders at the annual meeting of the
corporation, which shall be on the first
Tuesday of September of each year.
A majority of the stockholders present
or represented shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business.
The officers of this corporation shall be
a President, Vice-President, a Secretary
and Treesurer. They shall be elected
annually by the Board of Directors from
among their number. All dire-tors and
oficers shall be elected for a term of one
year, but shall bold office until their
successors are elected and qualified.
Any vacancy ia the Board of Directors
or offies from whatever cause shall be
tilled from among the stockholders by the
remainntg members of the Board of Direc
All elections shall be by ballot; each
share shall be entitled to one vote, and
the majority of the votes cast shall elect.
Votes may be east either in person or by
written proxy, provided that no stock
shall be voted at any meeting which has
st-en transferred upon the books of the
corporatien within thirty days prior to
the said meeting.
ARTICLE VI. No stockholder shall ever
he held liable for the contracts, faults or
debts of this corporation, nor shall any
m-ere InfrmaUty in its organisation have
the elect of rendering this charter void.
or exposang a stockholder to any liability
heyond the unpaid btlaace due on the
shares owned by him.
No stockholder shall have the right to
dispose of, alienate or otherwise encum
ber his boldings of stock in this corpor
ation 'athout first notifying the said cor
poratiof in writing fifen _days before
-doi, iad the stoekholders of said
c-orporatfon shall have the right aad priv
l~ege of availing themselves of the hold
ings or stock so *sered.
ARTICLE VII. The frst Board of
Directors shall consslt of J*ha L. Thomp
sm, James C. Miotom and S. Miles ShaSer,
with John L. Theamssesas Preident.
James C. Mites a ViePri et. and
U. Mise Shafer sa ISeetary and Tress
a ARTICLE VIII. This act or acorpor
I ation may be changed, modified, altered
t or amended, or this corporation may be
I disso'lved with the assent of astockholder
owning three-fourths of the capital stock
of the corporation, present or represented
Sat a general meeting convened for that
Spurlpose, and after at least ten day,' writ
Sten notice has been given through the
Smalls to each stockholder at his last
Sknown place of residence, and by publi
cation of said notice in one of the daily
newspapers of the city of New Orleans for
ten tull days :,rior to said meeting.
SIn case of dissolution by the expira
tion of said charter. or oth, rwise, the
stocklholders shall ea-ct three liquidators
from among their number to settle the
f business and affairs of this corporation.
In case of death or disabitty of any
t of satid conmmissaoners or liquidators, the
Ssurvivors shall wind up the affairs of said
I corporation.
Thusl doltne and pta.se0d at my office in
the city of New I rleans. La., on the day
and int the month and year first above
w ritten, in the presence of Mtlton iE.
IM-are and Iritt nar I'. Latndry. colmpetentlt
WitInes.e. iato IIhas stigned their namoes
herteunto, together ' ithi th, cid app-air
ers anid Inc. Norary, aft--r due reading
of the who-l.
ktriginal signe.d: Ja ,t- C M. ioton, Ntew
t ,rltans. 1 ' share, J iohn I. L'TunlOllsa .
aNeaW irt..-u a, aare-s; Johln S. M Maton,.
.New ca tart. an. 12 sit.a rt- , -S. Miles Sihafer,
Naw Earle;n., a: share.
\t itueat.- Miltaton -E. Moore, ii. I'. Lanu
;.Altl l1l. FEIRNANlID:Z. 31t..
Notary P'ublia.
I. tit,- under.cisetd lteco-rdter of Mart
.ats itn anld for thi. iparsh of tIrleitans,
state oft *lli.ai.a l, l heretby .,rtify that
Ili . toft, ti d Iforevt- i tgat i lit , ia orpari
auitn f i - t t I Iheaital .11anufat'turilg
aI'to1p.11. Itn ., eat tlis da.y taltt ra ural id
ia mty ottiaht in Rhook 1271. Folio 45.
a Nea irla:ias. . pt. I. 1922.
C 1:1ila'1'. 51 'a 'it', 1iy. Retc.
A True ('Cpy:
(;I ittitI. FEIIN.ANIEZ, Jill..
Notary 'Pubilic.
• %t'14i l-tit. Ill
stII tRTER Ilkt
(11 %til~l;I t -f
United StIatet of .\ lnaria. State of
Ltaatailta . l'arich of t rlteant , t ity of
Naw" It rahlnls 1Ba It known toa.it Ot this
eaihth dalt y ia f tit. ioath of raptemblt etr.
Ii1tt2. before me a, I'harl .s ito.n, a Notary
I'uttlic, duly aaiaaaaas.lttted and qualitie.a
ia anid for the a.bove pariih, and in tihe
, rir"'cnce of th . t lt-ae-s ihereinatfter
tialecd and undertigned, pleroalt:ly iarne
anid appealred thte iest.ral ltrtucls, ail of
itt futll aget of mnajorilty, hose llnames
aare ihere-nto -ubs'ribed, ltio dleclared
that, iatailing themts.eles of the laws of
this state ill suit cav-ats Inade and pro
ided,, relativte to tihe organization of
corporatiolns, the.y do hlereby constitute
thitttl.elves., their as titiatts anid succts.t
suors a corporation for the olbjects and
plurlposes and undtar the conditions and
st iplulat los of the followingt articles,
which they hereby adopt as their charter,
tAitTI('CLE I The name and title of
this corporation shall be Lee Flonacher,
In e.
ARTICI.E II. Its period of duration
sthall be nintety-nine years from this date.
AItTI'LE III. The domicile of this
corlporation shall be in the city of New
rirleans, parish of Orleans state of Louis
itna. and all citations and other legal I
process shall be served on the President.
and. in case of his absence or disability,
tn the Secretary-Treasurer, or as other
a ise iprovided by law.
.AItTICLE IV. The objects and pur
poses for which this corporation is organ
ized and the nature of the business to
be carried on by it are hereby declared
to ie: To manufacture and buy and sell
rmen's and boys' clothing, and generally
to do any and all things connected with
or incidental to said business.
AIRTICLE V. Said ctorporatlon shall
hiave for the purposes of the business to
be carried on by it all the powers con
ferred by law upon corporations, and
shall genetrally hate and exert ise all the
powers necessary or convenient to carry
on said business. Said corporation shall
have full power to contract; to sue and
be sued, in its corporate name; to make
and use a corporate seal, and the same
to break or alter at pleasure; to hold. re
ceive, purchase, rent or otherwise acquire.
and to convey, mortgage, hypothecate,
lease, sell, pledge or otherwise dispose
of property, real. personal and mixed, in
cluding trade-marks, trade-names, labels
and patents: to issue bonds, notes or
other obligations: to name and employ
such managers, directors, officers, agents
and employees as the Interest and con
vetlence of the corporation may require;
and to make such by-laws, rules and reg
ulations for the management and control
of the business and affairs of said cor
poration as may be deemed necessary and
ARTICLE VI. The capital stock of this
corporation is hereby fixed at the sum 1
of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dol
lars ($150.000.00), divided into fifteen hun
dred shares of the par value of One
Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per share and
consisting of two classes, to-wit:
Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00)
thereof shall be preferred stock and One I
Hlundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00)
common stock.
The preferred stock legally issued and
outstanding shall be entitled by prefer
ence and priority over the common stock
to yearly dividends when and as declared
by the Ioard of Directors out of the
net profits or earned surplus, at the rate
of eight per cent (8%) per annum, and
no more, payable on the first day of
October. Said dividends shall be cumu
lative and shall be limited to said eight
per cent (8%) per annum. No dividends
shall be paid or set aside for the common
stock until all the dividends due on the
preferred stock shall have been fully
The Board of Directors may on any
dividend date, out of the net profits or
,.araaed surplus, retire any or all of the
preferred stock upon giving sixty (00)
days prior written Iotetia by mail or its
person to the preferred stockholders of
record, by Iaaying One Hundred and Five
Dollars ($105.00) per share, together with
aall dividends due thereon to such dividend
date; and from and after said dividend
date all dividends on said stock shall
cease. Maid redemption shall be propor
tionate to the holdings of all of the out
standihg preferred stock. Should any
preferra-d stockholder fall to present for
retirement In whole or in part the out
standing certificate of stock, the shares
so redeemed shall be cancelled on the
aooks and the amount due thereon held
for the owner, subject to his order, on
presentation and surrender of the out
standing certificate.
In the event of tse dissolution or
liquidation of the corporation, the par
value of all the preferred stock legally
issued and outstanding shall be paid to
the holders thereof in full, with all un
itid dividends. before any payment shall
be made on the common stock.
The common stock legally issued and
outstanding shall be entitled to dividends
as and when and to the extent declared
by the Board of Diredors out of the net
profits or earned surplus after the pay
ment of the agreed dividends on the pre.
ferred stock, and after the setting aside
of such amount as may be required for
the retirement of any preferred stock as
may be decided by the Board of Direc
In the event of the dissolution or liqui
dation of the corporation, after the pay
ment of the debts of the corporation and
the payment in full of the par value of
all the preferred stock legally issued and
outstanding, with all accumulated divi
dends thereon, the remainder of the
assets of the corporation shall belong to
and be paid and delivered to the holders
of the common stock.
Each share of the capital stock legally
issued and outdianding, both preferred
and common. shall be entitled to one
vote in all elections and at all meetings
of the stockholdcrs, to be cast by the
registered holder thereof or his duly con
stituted agent or proxy.
This corporation may increase or de
crease its capital stock in the manner
prescribed by law. The preferred cap
ital stock may be Increased to One Ens
dred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00). The
common capital stock may be increased
to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars
The Board of Directors may at any
time issue any unsauberlbed stock upon
payment therefor in accordance with law
to such person or persons as the Board
may deem proper.
No transfer of stock shall be binding
on this corporation unless made upon its
books by the surrender of the outstand
ing certifleate properly eadorsed by the
registered owner 6r by his duly constl
tuted agent or legal repreaeatative, and
in accordance with each roles and regu
lations as the Board of Directors may
ARTICLE VII. The busineas and af
fairs of the corporation shall be managed
by a Booed et five (5) director', who
shall be elected by the stockbolders at
the manual meeting, whieh shall be held
ae the second Monday of feptember of
each year. Weah of the directors shall
own at lesat *** share af aeck lb his
w -ame o lrst anual met g *al
be held on the second Monday of Sep
tember, 1r23, until which time the offi
cers and directors named in this charter
i all continue to act, and until their
successors are elected and qualifted. All
vacancies in the Board of Directors may
be hlilled by the remaining directors.
Any uirector may be represeuted at any
meeting of the Ioard by any other direc
tor or stockholder by written proxy.
Immediately, or as oo as practicable.
atter their own electioln the director..
elected by the stockholders shall elect
trout among their own number a I'rrsi
dent, a Vie- Preideut, and a Sec.retary
Treasurer. The itaillure to hold the annual
mlceething and chest directors shall not
atllet this corporation nor ipair its
Iblal:agetCllient, but the directors in office
shall conitinue until their successors are
. . .* [, t anid agut | llt'.d.
'Ihe officer. of this corplration shall
conlsist .t ita 'residetlt, a i.e President,
Ol.,i ta r.er.tary- t rea..ur.r, biut the stock
hold.rs or the directors imay lec. t such
otheir oftliaers aud agetnts as they may
tllte, i roll-r.
T hit tiroI l:oIIrd iof Diretr,,,,r and office..rs
of this orporato'In and th.iir plstltla115.'e
I.e l-luiach.ir, No 11i4) Iufo,.sat street.
N,. . .1 Ctlilli" r tr. .e It leill , iLa.
h i l l l'r l s itd, , J. i L llhur .ottIal t, l.l0 ll
i.ir.ct.io .Ir., l.oT Ii:rlea.to, la.l , lie rl tair)
'lre' a,ur. i- r. ie ia ehrl. lilN. . i,. r1 ait.il .l
i.-s l .ticanlr , J. , irt* e r. t t, Ike r thk l
t.ink, . -. ,I4 Chartres St., Ne.w Ilre.ltl,
The l[L,.ird of lbr etors, ul% at any timll
.111 r,.t, their nu lt l .r to lot tllure lhall
iTh e of ice of the Seri.t:iry-Treasurer
ai,, ,it . il eotlsl,. Ih . tl d erlit lie . .i' h
hbi-lr+ for 1.% t-he, lio l at iI l. i iori. o111
I .it a l. th.-e r,-. ter. l o uer " or i s.d n
that ofr Si-, r. ci u lyandl ,r -ut-n r o and 3I
or ,' l ,r of tiet liour, . 'h.he lio.sird of Ili
res to,  ay itt akei . atnl , aniia repl al atll
bo. -hi-, ru le i and riefulatir s th r thu
a ndlItltet of the a rt t orpu ttotlu.
. hil e l* ti-s, by Ivtle sot hilkh od rs shall
l.-t r I.Ilot at to . oll h the itt o tie ailir
lit .t,, " rdl.tl£ re It su,'h r.,tul.tiuons as the
l:,aD to Iiircitors. iay da iterli.ti, and at
S.or rl.uch thel thull ald lh all cUet ings of
The ,l ,,klull uer, to, a'i l ll-tred share of
the ltol k hll be entitled to oile tote to
iie last of theL rs gltered iw her or his
.,Ielt of r re.preentaltrt I,'. w ritt.n pro y
.1 TI'Ic'II;E VIll. 'lhi-, a, t t o l ''opIra
li.nrtu ly Illb dified, chlal t ed or altered.
our uid urlu tih or li atoy be disslod y awith
thye aSot I rofdt the irds ato thi e c :ilstals
stcrk utliitund llilng at a ild etillg of th
t,, khlders o lsenedt for that purpoale,
and after lifteen fo.rh dayls orattn ntrct'
his been deltrtd ll it perl on or gIal Ihy
ltter muaild toc the List kllhowrn addren
of t. h ts skhuoidter. The saidm. notier Ina
ale i aie.ll ly Ill th u y haveus ousent of
all the stockhold-ers
itn Uisi of the dissolution of the cor
poration Its ailairs shall be liquidated byh
one or more liquidators electwed by a ima
urity vote of the stockholders with i such
piiiers, icopeniatlions and duties as theo
itprio klders may deter mine.
AltTIi1.E IX.No stoc.kholder shall ever
be held liable for the faults or contractn
of this r.i Sraterion in nlly llurther aum then
the unpaid balance due to the corporation
on the shares subscribed by him, nor shall
iany iere t informility have the effect of
renidering the charter null or of exposing I
any sto kholder to anye liability beyond
the unpaid balance due on his stock.
.\ tr1 lt'l.E N Tthe suh.sribers here-to haves
re lpe ttully written opposite their istnc
the amount of stock subscribed by themo
in this corporation so that this ar t of in
torporation t nay also s.erve as the original
rule orptiou list of the corporation, and
the b Ive statted their postot te address.s,
oi as to ,onformn with Acrt 267 of 1914.
rhuls donle and pasned at y oflice in
the City of l.New Oa..rleans, State of Lou
al. on the dinay. month and year herein
t st abovre ewritten, in the presence of
Louis Itosen and I. E. Whitehead. compe
tent witnesses, of the full age of majority
and residing in this City. who have here
unto signed their names with oid appear
ers anld le. Notary, after due reading of
lionrialt slined :) Leena Flona.her, 314
ihartres St., New air.les. La. 372 shares
pr.t.erred, bs shares of colunon stck:
Sol Strauss. 303 .Magazine St., New Or
leans. La., 40 shares preferred stock. 100
shares commoin sto'k; Abe Ehrlich, 715P
iCanal St.. Now Orleans, L.o . 20 shares pre
ferred stck,. 40 shares aommon t stock;
Isaac Feltenstein, 1706 Gen. Pershing St..
New Orleans, La.. 7 shares preferred stock,
Is share.s common stock: J. Wilbur Stew
art. 2417 Marengo St.a New Orleans tha..
7 shares preferred stock. 1 shareus com
IIo lnll stn sIk.
Notary Public.
Witnssses B. E. Whitehead, Louis
1, the undersigned Recorder of Mort
lases ind and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of iLouislana. do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing Act of Incorpors
tion of the Lee Flonacher. Inc.. was this
day duly recorded in my office in Book
127Ss. Folio -.
New Orleans, Ia.. Spr t. 9 19 22 to
ll be net(Signedyie ROBT. SCOTT.e
Assistant Recorder of Mortgages.
A true copy : int o N O
Notary Public.
Sept 14-Oct. 19.
Uni ted States of America. State of Lou
isiana. Parish of Orleans. City of New Or
leans lrye It Known That on this 8th day
tof th e month of September, 1922, Before
commissioned and qualified n and for theo
aove Parish and in the presence of the
witnesses hereinafter named and under
signed, personally came and appeared ethe
everal persons, all of the full age ofr ma
Jortve, whoste names ar e hereune to sub
qurired, who doelared that avaling them-r
rielves of the lawr of this State in such
isias made and provided relative to the
organzstson of corporations, they do here
by onstitutae themse mlvas, their asso is
and srsnsors al corporation for thre ob
jcts and purposel. and ndlr the cond i-o
tlns and stlerulateons of the followiveng Inr
ces which they herebyn a ndopt as their
tharter, to-denal o ndwit :t
ARTICLE .-Thp name and title of thisl
ryloratw Ion shall be Cuban- Louliean-a
a aR'lCLE Ia .-nThe domicle ofa the cor
n id corporation shall be ian the City o New Or
ana nd nall ecrtations and other legal pro
cess shall e served ton the President, and
Tin ~-r of le absence or d isabilitye, on the
aret nryn or as otherwise a provide d by
ARTICLE IV.- r e The objects and pur-n
poses for which this corporateion is organ
ied and the nature of the busnesa to be
carried on by it are hereby mdelared to bo
to buy and sell. either ais brokers, or on
commison, or for ital ow n account; to m
port and to export; and to execute either
for sport or future deliv t ery orders for the
purchasend and sale of shugars, syrups, ter mao
lares. ricef all kinds of food products,
and other articles or mnrchandise; to sc
quire, own, operate, and cultivate tugrr,
rict, and other c aptation. in Cubak Losu
silanad or any b her States Territory of
country; to ow acquire, lease and iper
at. sugar refinc f or factories, rice millse
molasses and syup actories and generally
connection with ite boaentss; and gener
eoedttions a the board et dietrs may
determiine in accordance with law. fc
No transfer of stock shall be binding.
upon tihe torplorattion unless llade upon
its books by the surr",uder of the out
st:anding ,'eriti.a:it,.s properly endorsed by '
rhei r.egistered ownller or by his duly cion-Iv
(tlllltetd ajs:ient or hI gal r-pretsenltatlve, In
w-..ordan., with sui' rules and re.gula
nioli as lhe boarid of dire'-tors may d.eter
, .1 " ,,, ..r othr dispo.-ititon of stock in
[hI , , ., pa, ratllon ,1h ill ".- sal,d." Hw Itth ut
, first bli.lll ltrerld 1i wriling for thirty
I. i to the t1 li r ft..- L t k li.r- , thro.gtI s tilio '
I.trlI of dtilre t-rs a t a ris 110 iut to el e.l
l l6.i booi ,llurt it .aill stlo ik aIs of the
.t." l 1 >.. iL ,l'r, a ant all s..,'S. pledgesI L or 1
ellllr ll]+r p lto li otr ii -llu lrrall , il said
-llo t s.ThlJl k ie l ,d .i" .lhJe,'t to thlls pro
11 ,ll of ti. .hart -r ,lh .ll - ..t io uraut ioL.l :
h1111i1 ott Ie, re'u ir. d to rl,1 guf( l allll
l,.lhster "r right ;aq uilr.d in %tilIltl l of
tit, prot asoin o I tie I li .irter. should the
t it kholil-r- I ii Lto s l.\.r. It1 sail i pt o ntlu
to 1p,1r hat : ,. i ,t 'k within said p.riod,
th,. ,~ 1,."r I he.r,.or may l ' ake such otherF I
i- -u itl n theretiiii ' -is lie n aty des.1t ire,
l t11. , t , t ll it i.ll'rle . or de- I
i -i..l-" , I .,,t t.rl I.t tnk I the lit ann r plre- i
ri, l by al t. 'I ir- a tn,.illit to liflt.ih th. -
.I i.It.l -to -I its flt. h r ll .il'r'a e ld I. ltiwo
- I.lred andi r I ,fy trl" t.,t llrt i'ollars, fi
r.li r t I. 11T I 1 II.h l lt i t lplwf r of thise :
Nri-rtiEn ··.t, 1it I (l, . lrtb lld and -f i e
t-,-; 1 1 .."I " nt-i irs l hall be t-ll on the
S11. hrl t a it t.l ll In, iur.: hall i.e held of i
ill.llhlld I this , h. rt,-r shall lutlin.e to'I
.r. llti t l. thl' r r nl , i r sr. r rl 'tlV t~' l
.llit1.1t ll ,llr -A.', f lil .i , .,h, I, ,o d ir t h'- l uo:rr. i
,'I d ard' o fl, I ri i wi..- tt r l .llst, i r.i lli:. r
t- f.il rIle tilled by- ts. rult i aidll r rIf the
firt,. for- the codurt of the dlrt. torshall o'n I,
it Iy balliot at the ot i.ce o ff the comp ny it
S.ill stoholk adr, each registepretd athare
al.\ i byi the r hIt oard owneby :or by her
nrg- t or rb prt entuive by wri ttn roxdiAty.l,
orITI soon aVp.-Thi act ol f ncorpora- ,r
* ll t;i.y be odied. cr shall or alte froed
t1.... ,i tinl f o it nluml her, it pr,.ldl .lt, :I
II , .ll 1. -l ,nt. ,-- -I r.t.,r%, aid :, tI ,.t
.,rr aidI hcr lirnt ayd ofbe ditssoldr aith
,the of t of three-fourths d the capital
oth, .eld r,',++"* . %%ho shill hold ote,• until
ith- r out tllidi n ator unmil tig ofr uthe
and after  iftl-.iI tiali written notare has ii
ItlldI 1t fi'e t. I'o rin, ddr; N. each ter
"t . N iti lerll. said noticesrt; mayile .
I mlll |d. N'A i r IE , h.i ., iuilding, NewI I,
r. lian. i.:t , f it e prl idli l ts ; luon sehnt of all
I ..-iour' ,-U , 1 tfron eltt iluildini.o New I
I r. I, m I.:, , ret r) ; 'hilip E'. i'.1h'. 1ri
_II :tit' ofr St di, w olitrlt ofi the orpor-as '
theto .khol affairs or the direcuidators by one
ort anlir llt create or ele4 t nd t'h otht'r oity -
,.rs, igentil, or repre siuntatives as as they ri
ITII.E I o ttroperler
Shetd lffiable f of the rfaults or and tra ts urer
of i at any ltin e unitd any further stoumk
holdr, e or by the boardl of dirue to the, into
th, rloti, e on tle shares arubcr by hur iir.
The board of diretors may siake, anitlid
nod repeal all by merelaws, rules ad reula
tions fr th crnduterin of the cororati nullon.r of
.x11 elections by the stockholders shall
be by ballanct at th e due of the compny, his
ihae tordance with such regulations as the
board of directors may determalso ine, and the
every su bsc eleripction and at all meetings ofrp
athe tockholders, each registered sharct i
of sthuck shall be entitled to one vote. to be
nst by the registered owne ar or by hisre
agnt or reprstsentative by written proxy.esence
ARTICLE VIll.-This act of incorpora
tion may be modified, changed or altered,
or said corporation may be dissolved with
the assent of three-fourths of the capital
stogk out tandinK at a meeting of the
stockholders conveneisd for that purponse,03
and afters ift.,e n days written notiLce has
,.-en deliveredil person or given by letter
ew Orld o anse a. kown address of each a
toll, kholer. he said notices may be t
V.aived by the unanimous consent of all k
Sstochares: kholde . Crondeet i
litn ese of th dissolutioE of the corpor
:ation its affairs shall be liquidated by one
or more liquidators elet otard by a majorityc.
v of the u toker hold Rers with such pow
ers, compens ations and duties as the stock
holders ainy determine. W
AI:TI('I.E IX- No stockholder shall ever I
he held liable for the faults or contracts o
of thie of corporation n anhereby further sumthat
than the uantd falanoce due to the nopor
poration on the shan-es subscribanaed by higars.
nor shall any mere inforecoalty have the
effet of renderinsta thnt ecrder ofnull or ofs
expewosing any st,oca. Skholder o any liability
Aeyond the unopid balance due on his
stoNotary Publick.
ARTICLE XO-The subscrbOers hereto
have rof spectvely written opposite their
names the amount of stock ubscribd by p
them in this yorporation so that thi actnine
of incorporation may also erve as thefore
original subscription list of the corpora
tion, and they have stated their post-ofee
xddresses, so as tp conform with Act 2067
of 1914. h
Thus done and passt d at my oublic In
the City of New Orleans, State of Louisi
ana, on the day month and year herein
after first above written, inof the presence
of Louis Ro namedn and B. E. Whiteead, com
petent witnesses of the full age of majority
jority and re dcsiding n this city, who have
herento si ogned their names wth statid of
othppearers and m Notary, after due read
ass(Original signed):Bishop . Perkins. 203 on
N. Peters St.. New Orleans. La., &3 shares; o
E. A. Rainold. Sugar Exchange Bldg.,jects and
New Orleansd udea. the ares: Phailip E.
Vallee, tion04 Dectur St., New Orleans, La. to
R3 shares; J. C. eThourgeon, Caroandelet
Sltds.. New Oransd under t3 hat nameres.
itnes shall have and enjoy all thead Loights
dvtgNs and priilege otary Puby l.
.full the und persigned Reorder of Mort- ty-nine year
cntres, in and for the Parish of Orle ansd
usate of corporulanate do hereby certifyh ame thato
althe abobve and bforegoin at plrnre tof Incorpor
a on, of the Cuban-gel hypothecate andrs
Inc..pledge properwa this day duly personal and myed,
corporeal and ook No. rp'rea. to name ad
Appont stuc ant Recorder of Mortgages.
New Orland others La., Sept. 9oyee 1922t ter
ests trud copy:nvenience may ruire, and
toNotary and establish Puba as alter
and amend from timeof the moe uch byof ep
hundws, rule and twenty-two (9s m2, before
me: s ernard iltche, a Notary Public in
and for the parirh of Orleans, state o[
falousians of, duly corpormmisstioned and qual
oiedo and inbed i the presence of the wit onesses
Nesoally c ame and appeared tue sever al
ratons w hose names are hereunto ll sub
themselves of the laws of the state ofrpr
LouARTICLE, particularly ATh bjct 267 opr 1914.
poses for latv to the organi corportion sof corpora
tions, they do hereby thecl pred to be tht
ofand bind themseerive, as well agoods of all
dassociated withalso them, to form and old bycon
titute a corporation for thers objects adproperty.
purpoeal and uder thmoble articles and tbl.p
ARTICLE IV. . The name and styleh of
of this corporation I shall be at cltsive
it holnd have and enjoy all(5.00.00) to he drid-ghts
adva nto onages ahnd prived aleged granted by law of
to corporations, and shall exist for the
omfull tnIrm and pethorioed to do bnety-nine years
0.00)from this date. It shall e bcrbhave power toh
oincreased to the be soed to make hoand
use a corporate eaLE V., and tho same tor
ceive, leae, purchase, seil and "convey,
corporeal and incorporeal; to name and
appooDt such managers, directors, offcer.
()to make and establish, as) whell as alter
(ii) stokelrders1 fner (41) or whomuaB
constitute a quorum for the transaction
of business.
The directors may vote in person or
by writt!.rin lpry in f:vor of any other
dtir-.-fitr. and the I,ard rma:y vote vis a
The first It,,:ird of liir.,'t,,r- shall be
col'tl ,o i of Atllrt Illiur itz. Iouis 1:, rn
te lli, VlI. ir olirwitz. . t i ,r e Mlintz aliI
\i2. 1":ll. iltirnitz, who,. :t0 re.s.. s are
.1. follow .
Alibert IIiHurwitz. iaddlr s ;34th) N:apotleiin
ai,.l i- . IS v i*rt :iii-s . I.:t.
Ir.i.i 1:. rn-t.i na. :al tr'-.u . r i aIn Mtilan
strn ? New terleas.u . L.a.
i, fIor Ilr\ i.z, S(r: :o). t ip"l"-on
hut I t.l -. NO fWur I rlil.ti,. I .r:
The ofl,. r- ..f -',ili or, , ,r.tith hall be
i. ii, 1:lrn -t f.r -t ii. . llr .i r l ,t .rlt in
uI tl ft I,,ir ii," . , or - ti n ll,, I .-i . illduly
ifor . iit , rIft- . li r  .,rii' cr.l r .,iftI VIf .,1
ti.ll- r . p i. l . i ,f h df .y u. t 1 .r ai
ITh.-. ,ilir .t,,ru i li :1,n.. llt I• l..n. r i-ri f.r
inil tle olid:r ui t.. -i-,. trlh l l 1iii- , iha lj lin
fI i, r. f. tiiil ti 11i rllir.ht t
sli'll, r ol i l h r li . u ll si shti- tl if lii
*1 Ij t h 1 . off * r" l llof lI .e a lli l,, b t1
1,lt Ire i-. I busty t rile t1 flu h lillli -
o· t"" t lorp titi.. but fit. dOtrector,
flir it o llultif- llnre, ii id If t-e ,l
-ltiil iit.i thhl dIr r ndp. ,t e Iof rd u ol
thir stior do not sere l t: o l.uri-i fl
r t i t. . flt-li it - i r 1 11 it .r of ien I..
StI-s I. till- d o r ,t. u liree hrl l,d t .rm i,%
with'out likwie irfring It to fre ord
.lt : rie alld, - uoI such thlerl.s ThI
hrilt t o ,o , ,.ur . i- l for e . Itseare .d.if
if , thtl h ThIs proi . ll , Ii. ll
tITI k ,LaE IS. In the entli oni t o. the
oIf itlrtion . .r dissolutio of this torpor
itr l i t i, proil ld .r i la  o rity of 1t11
tilulo rhall :I ri it mon their ,tumber at
-iitl -i- lngll l f-ouniir d l fr li 't, Iturpos,
ito rkhil terthl l tr by all to his last by
knowt :ifdr.-s said ll u. khot i ,ra s hall hae
si*. p rintni' i . I.. Ib i el at t'osay nu". iit
the rauthority to wind Iip the bl f
hloarl if rti o thi r..ror t. to khin. In to.
to will t of th in.
I tlii m,.nH be diol.-ld wio th e last knsnt
ol socilders townl n t. swo-thIlrds t1 e
of entIre pitiral stou, atk by tineral freta
ofi t of the stoll of thers cons.eu , sor that
IlTr.oc.-. aVt- tinftlIo 1 d ls writeli.
niaLli h1 hall bar,- bet-n griv.n to eIt-h
TblE SI. iru o subscrber iand orders for
ishti Iner te heiof lahle nor the o -trt
running for a period esRaid isorporatn loar
fhall be valid uitob, the samtr ,.ihall be
tlrbarized l0 1 t .- ig. iturel, 'if lito r 1i
in ry ther u thof the unpad l-company.
A.TICLE ' VII. .111 sales and other
tranf i anyof d t he s tok of this corporatin on the
been ll rev ioi ly orlered to the then hold
ers of tuck through he baoard of rlbd- not
till y stockholder eer and theld Boa liable
or sirto rs do not see lt to puor debts In anythe
Irther sumto than it shall ntpaid beoldanc It
.illy, on the sto.r owned by him; aor
ha ll ans price or upon more favn orable ter
wihae th e eet off rendering t this charter
t null or ndri and upon subsh ter or stoche
theholder liableof the ond the npalld amounthe
right rtoemaining dse e said stock in the tit .
ARf their hoX I This rorporation is
or panlrinted under then lor stampws o the ston each o
lIouisiana. and eseecially Act 267 oi 1914.
.ertipicate of stopk
and TII.he subscrE IX. n the event of thethemseles
liquind ation or disporatoluton of this corpor
as l art of i uts ctholders shand all elect twons
liq thuis ators fratm allong their htnumber at
pr leng coandvned for that purposed to
after fifteen (15) days' written notlce sent
to each .stockholder by mail to his last
the authority to wigrand tedp the busand on
und lffairs of this corporations by said case
oi the death of a liquidator, the survivors
shall atpoint a stockholder as successor
tO him.
AIITIC.LE X. This charter may be
modilfied, e hanged or altered, or said hts.
powerition ay be dslsolved with te asswernt
f stockh at lder owning two-thirds of the
entire capital stock, at a general meet
ig ofin the stockholders convened for that
purpose, ain the prifteence (1 day writrera
noce lawhall hand been give In to each
sto4 kholder, mailed to him at his last
known address.
whoRTerE X. No subscribe their for stock
shall ever be held liable for the con
tra'ts, faults or debts of said corporation
in any furwith saidn thrt the unpaid bal
ance, if any, du the set corporation on the
stock for which he has subscribed ; not
shall any stockholder ever be held liable
for such contracts, faults or debts in any
further um than the unpaid balance, itth
any. on the stock owned by him; nor
shall any mere Informality in organization
have the effect of renderin 30g this charter
null, or rendering any subscriber or stock
holder liable beyond the unpaid amount,
if any, remaining due on hls stock.
ARTICLE XII. This corporation Is
organized under the laws of the state of
Louisiana. and especially Act 267 of 1914.
and the subscribers hereto, for themselves
and said corporation, and for its officers,
directors and stockholders, hereby acept
as part of this charter and as conditions
of this corporation all the rights, powers.
privileges and immunities granted to
corporations and granted to and con
ferred upon officers, directors and stock
holders of corporations by said laws and
said act; such acceptance being as full,
shares; Albert H~urwitz, 30 shares; Louis
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Iternst.jin. 11 .harers; Ella Ilurwitz, 20
shars; Vi,,tor IIur'lsr, 2°:. share.s.
\V'itrleses 1'. It. e',rrera, Marsell
N t:Lary l'ubli'.
I. the itnsltr.icr.d 'Its' rdur of Mtort
IL:"Lr,.' in :sIuI for th.. I:irl-h of 5Irl.:ins.
tasb,* ls i.Lu-is:ian i. i. h tretby ,.rtify th:iat
l ito :' si o t..l . s i l - l .i, I ..(t wiI osr s).r
..1 t l" -i. ,. - l i:. ) , t Iis. I n12 ,
I 'l '1:; 117'1 HITT . liy. 1.'.
I . r. ,,rt the :h .s', ani'td fore
i., , tI.. l i ,. .i fr t i" I - rr,-'st ,pcY of
hI,. L rI:i . I : t .f i . irpi Ir.sfirtln of :[ t -
, lt -i . " lt1.1- Ii . t". .I th .r i t i f hll 1,."
*.rtitrill. t f *L, ' 1I. irltr if M. rtsis'.
"ni hI, ,a I .,f eI' rl 1 mIy o .fir.''., 1..1 4. 11
it f. li ii !*r.'f I tsr ,Uintoi sit yIII
l.. " .antd .. ,1 tu s ti d.iy of ..pt llmber.
I: '1 Sl:' ' s s'1"I'. 1ly. lIt, '.
p ' ,' l i ,t 1r
I '\% 111111).T I1, 14)1 1 II E 1 'R OF
1.l11 I-Ii I i "11111t. 4 4i 11'\I l1. I ('C.
Slinit . I i , i. . N s.- r,, . 't s t, iof .il'
i..:.h .1 I . an h . ii ,.,1,- 4'i t -f *%,-%v
r4i n" i I: it llh, llh i.r i. ti t R I ll- .I s I 2t*lr
i'y lfi of I.,h. . ,t .sIr s..r '. ih t ." l ai r
- if o r L . "r. I. Iss r si i si.i.e hnlion rO
aril tii.nt s rl... I. to .ri- . ,l. tolr K.
hll i: , I a .1 t t r: t I, il . ,l , ll , ,- l -n - n i. c ned
it .1 .ii d is lo .I I l, !,T". r Ith. .ir -Ih ,f tir
It li ie s , t, o ui- a , or 1 1 t- h r tit -
inre n i'': n.n l in th P.r. n i. .r.t ti H
"'tn111 h' t int .:l.t , 1 .!l i s rj un.-t ri isiii
.iill , . ll ,. t, I , ir i ,t i ,',r .1 I t I Itr f'.
Ir~l i, 1 0 il ' sa1 -is . t a tht1 e d.u- l : t hor
t ,d 1. n1i . i .l c itt . t1 .l1. un1 t.'r
l:, i nf t er Iiti , , it hi l ts's. . ile hor
i ,,' I .-, . t, r 'It r .. i-tir . r . I ,,h l t i i t,. 1 I... l'
i 1 ii Tri 's I', i. ' 3lll ll,. 1 St it,. , ' i ,r ,r.l lOi2
I. i n a ri l, li ' lit ,l i%-. t i- . a t , r r' l i s I' r
I r'l ti 'sS'I i iii 'd'r th i Ii 'sn o tr i is'l s
I K .itll i, ui, ltri Irli ,'slslt, in rmi ' i for the
I'.iritsh .f ll r i, sl ' t if. of I In , i.- la. on
th. I llh stay - t .Iani nry. l! _I. duly r,"
.irld in l' t:,. Mort'.;,r.e s ili.a. .. f the ai'ir
i-h ,,f o iri i i.s. its Its',i k s12il. Fo lio of
ite I... rI of it h' h ri r.s. sit iln, lilhl .a1y%
"ft .laie nry, i lto ihs,.e h, r 11' ta
% hl h I ls i ,l rel.!ar.n dis ms.Ii 'u to me.
n.o It'a l it I, h. : . a l at timeltili: t of h
hrokhold-r .If th, .:i, corpor ai to till
Illte isth1 jlay tv .July, 1 --', t iat Ih i hsr lof
StI . . .". k p ItI p ". ar .I U4 uit.i, haviin'li
h,,en t li-n in wll tinll as-i required by
o".e Iri i .Lr s :l their o harte. r lofins ls i..r
pe rat..i".ni, to .:i."h :lld c ,tel stoclkholder.
aidi :iAl It.hi h s 1i,1 l-"',lial s i "tiuo :If r out
tnIi is !e t .! u l inual i.s-sk tof nlhs. r
parir,, a .t r.Ir ..iinteid :is prerien . l ts
.er . fr t of t.sis ts fill. - i corporat iont
It i:i n ! r iid Iian ly fl o red t. o ar n.I Ar
ritlI IV of lhe o igi. inal f harter of .:t
.,,rI ir ation iis, that the Malia . shall low
read : l r fs llfNie:
t .1:Iis' 1.1: IV rl'sThe ea it:ll stoc'k of
this onrp ,rati.n I hereby fixed at ten
thoiusand dollarss (ei$1 isitoil dtvided Into
onel hundr.ed shares of one hundr.d ($10111
ai'hr. said sutsek to lel paid for before is
esuing n and Ie. fully pnoid and non-e sa
till.. The .-.rporation shall b.sgiln b s5i
ires as a gtoing concelern as soon as fifty
,r .cent of s th- -apial sto,'k shall have
bieen sissed and paid for. Tthe rsmneisng
stosic wihall I.t offered to litn Frank, of
N.aslvill,. T lennessee: . l'ilk, Nu. hville.
I'tenn.eoe; Asrall F rnnk, of Nashville.
Tenlirts.; J. I. Fr.ledtinan. of New Or
one-fifth of the ,apitll to each. said stock
to he paid for at par, before offering the
saner ti the general publie The i orpor
ation may issule the shares to the sto.k
hold.rs In ase te prf of the rsoflrbusinesans
are taken In and become a part of the cap
Itle. The profits so treated mult pqual
in valute the par value of st'k Il aned
No stockholder shall .'.111 or in any way
di'spose ofl. mortgage orli hypotheate his
stocik wlthout first offering it to the cor
pration whic.h shall have thirty days to
decide whether it will purchase the stock
or not. For ithe purposes of t sale, such
stc.Ik shall rre valued in aecordanlle with
the financial report of the corporatioo Im
iediately pr.seedigthetie offer to sell.
All transfers of stuck must be made
upon the tiis kso of the corpioration and
the original certificate surrendtered, prop
erly endorsed. The corporation shall have
the power to Increase its capital stock to
one hundred thousand dollars ($10hia00n."
The sraold appearers further derflared
unto me, notlry, that at the said special
meeting referred to above, they were au
thorized toI appear before me and to exe
cute the proI.pr notarial art and de,.lara
tion of said amendment, for the purpose
of afforllding autheutle and permanent re
ord and evid.ince, all an is required by
law, and as will more fully appear from
the certified copy of resolutionsas s adopt
ed at said spcni al meeting of stockholders,
the same being annexed hereto and made
part hereof; and the saild appearers ftr
ther declarted unto me, notary, that they
were authorized and empowered to do any
and all acts necessary to execute and per
form the resolution aforesaid, and to
bring it into legal effect.
Thus done and pansed In my omeie In
the City of New Orleans, Louisana., on the
date. month and year herelnabove written.
In the presence of Julius Howard Wieser
and Kathryn Clare Payton, competent
witnes.e"s, who have slgned with said
appearers and me, notary, after due read
log of the whole.
Notary Public.
A trie copy of the original.
I. the undersngned ltecorder of Mort
gages. in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of Lioulsiana. do hereby certify that
the above and foregoIng Ast of Amend
ment of the Charter of the Louisiana Tire
Company. Inc.. was on this day duly re
corded in my office, in Book 1279. Folio ..,
New Orleans, August 24th. 1922
Deputy Recorder of Mortgages
Aug .u31-Oct. 5.

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