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1Section 10 ofL Act 120 of 1916 pro
hibits Ferry Companies from charging
school children fare during school hours.
But why are we still paying the fare?
Devoted t the Upbaidldl g of the Wht Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACT'URERS RECORD.
m e r Ji u -mnma g_ m n- ,na n. .mr . minnH ti a m i imi iii
Nothing To City For Exclusive Rights To
Collect Fares.
; tm s Have Not Paid City For Four Years-Algiers
C. Committee Asks Council To Investigate
 .uatonl clime in the ferry
was brought to light a few
when Mr. Peter S. Lawton
 Niý Eilter of The Herald in
the books at the comp
sltie in the City Hall.
M idgators were informed by
1 rhb that according to the
ao the office, the following data
to the diffiterent, ferries oper
i the city.
N ?4a 0 Avenue ferries have
r -s to the city in the years
p34*1921 or 1922.
Is, L.uisIana Avenue ferries have
r ag to the city in the years
Oihrd District Ferries have
"terhl to the city in the years
-- or 1922.
,i Caal Street ferries have paid
to the city in the year 1922.
charges that nothing has been
by the city and nothing paid
e cspalenie operating the Canal
Louisiana Avenue, Napoleon
sad Third District ferry sys
Siarlr the past year as required
irw; Agggestions that the members
ed commission council stop all
arrangements for the sale of
tics ferry leases until a fuller
can be made into the at
d the ferry management, and
sertion that the ferry-using pub
d the city is "being manacled by
," was contained in a com
sent to the city hall Tues
Skhe read at the weekly meeting
eaamission council.
Jiittr containing the charges
by J. R. Norman, chair
the Algiers Better Ferry Ser
aolmittee; Charles J. Donner,
m- cetary and Peter S. Lawton,
el the association, and read:
ice And Mayor's
perk Clash
pea edM friend, Louis Munster
, coat aget along with our
l.lds has had several
nad is each la
Mt . It seems that
ean a d- If Louis
- i- k to the Mayor or not.
-pm waam's last charge is
Sd ts awseo," for which he
a o to take his medicine like
good little boys who some
their temper. A news
--nset of his trouble is as
Mamtermann, 313 Seguin
ti clerk to Mayor McShane,
Sunday afternoon at
a-yl art streets on a
Mt liarsag the peace.
to the police, Mr. Mun
had parked his automobile
t a soft drink establish
ik pnle ahd Camel street,
Young asked him to
An argument followed, it
buat Mr. Mauitermasn
ear ac s Rampart street,
the "stop" of the sema
ie did o, Patrolman Young
.lasem tahen weal in the
lam t, 1103 Canal street,
i seg. While he was
supauted Mr. Munatermana
the policeman's badge,1
he would see that Youn
:~e .T Young placed him
. aBLui CLUB
h Club met at the
SA ils Johnson last
el mia was indulsed
blt prbshed by Merns.
nlh;-W. Br gw, cornet:;
aasphone: 1. Trebe
SC. hmn, drum. Dainty
were served.
- treek, de to be given
Oqtehr 7, were com
- ffs wlr leave from
oe Miss Alden Johnson at
PMe, were Misses Alma
"alse Marguerite Bar
PatS Vtril Calero,
Marie and Agnes
Lesbey, Urn Dubret,
! u 3in5 Bowers, Ollie
sLi' ilakeman, Alden
 mnl- HMldebrand,
, ,b Cheate, Leotha
Miner. am Kla, Clem
Ryan. Max Borges,
and Willie Johna
SClarence Dlmana,
e, Mitehell urst, Leo
SDavis, Irvin Fleet,
a Donalon, A. Abbott,
Alvi OGauthreuz,
Geerga Gana Mrs.
i i I
a r. I_
ta UWl
y Asks investigation
R "The Atglers Better Service com
p mittee desires to be recorded as em
phatically protesting against the adop
tion by your honorable body of the
ordinance directing the sale of a 15
Y year lease of the Canal Street and
e Third district ferries. We also re
a quest that you stop all present ar
r- rangements for the sale of the three
terry leases now being advertised, un
e til a full investigation be made.
a "We have evidence in our posses
sion, taken from the books of the ac
e counting division of the department
a of public finance, which shows that
no debits or credits on the accounts
0 of the following four ferries: Third
$ district ferry nothing charged for or
paid for 1921-1922; Canal Street
d ferry, nothing charged or paid for
1. 1922; Louisiana Avenue, nothing
4 charged or paid for 1921-1922; Napo
leon Avenue, nothing charged or paid
I for 1919-1920-1921-1922.
a "Since all ferry leases are supposed
V- to be paid for in advance, in cash
i and its equivalent, as specifically pro
s vided for in the contracts; and, since
1 these ferries mentioned have been col
I lecting from all passengers and vehi
r cles the tariff charges 'not in excess'
of those allowed them in their expired
i leases, we must believe that the com
mission council should make an in
V vestigation as to why the city is not
getting a share of these collections.
1- "We respectfully urge that the com
I mission council give further serious
thought to this local transportation
s question, as to whether it should con
tinue to be manacled by a 'system'
which permits of the deplorable con
ditions both physical and financial
that today render it so unendurable to
our ferry-using population."
President Of Lo'cal
Railroad Dies
The death of Herman Hall, presi- I
r dent and general manager of the New
I Orleans and Lower Coast Railroad.
t proved a shock to his many friendsa
s Blood poisoning which developed from cc
an infection on his hand caused his di
s death Thursday evening at 5 o'clock
at Touro Infirmary. Mr. Hall had o0
been with the Lower Coast since
1917 and was an experienced railroad as
man. He was 48 years old, a promi
nent Mason and a member of the to
Southern Yacht Club, and belonged Ci
to the First Methodist Church. His
body was shipped to Emporia, Kan., of
for interment.
All arrangements have been com
pleted for the annual dinner-dance
to be held next Thursday evenalng at to
the Orunewald Cave, under the an- wi
splicees of Santa Maria Council 1724, Jo
Knghts of Columbus. Mike Donner, P
chairman of the arrangement com- th
)tes promiass that this year will at
surpess anything that has been
previously attempted along these
Attractive favors will be awarded
to each lady in attendance, besides tl
a world of novelty patriotic invita- fe
tions that will adorn the artistic cave. g
Norman Brownlee's famous orchesra M
will be dressed in their new matador G
costumes, and vocal and poetic selec- p
tions appropriate to the occasion will
be rendered by the following: Misses -
t Dorothy Murtagh, Mildred McCauley, I
1 Mamle Morrison and Clare Cassidy.
SProminent among the gentlemen en
tertainers will be Messrs. A. J.
O Galennle, Roy Reaney, James Brodt
Sann.a, William Dusn and William
I A reception committee at the en
trance will be headed by Meesrs.
SRingold Oliver and DBan . Knowles.
tReservatioun will be received by the
committee up to and including Oct
1 10. These members of the Knights
of Columbus or their friends who
, have been invited can make resr
,I vtions by pheniag Algiers 79.
SA linen shower was tendered Miss
rBasei Nelsn last week at the
lheme Miss Ama Mae GolM. As
the beineleet entered to the strains
SLJair's weddleg march. played
by Miss yacinth Musts, she was
showerid wh mny beeutiMa gifts
by little wlrd Walters, a coutn
, of the oem.
Amg these pm nt wera Missuws
.Macrwet G onss Anne Mm a.se.
ludsred muteg Vehms Borne, The
Cam seirNS, Noms sad ame Weber,
lereneme MeCrd, C. Sterlg, L. Nel
ms, O. Deli ad MaYie Ioe White;
,Meed Les , As, H. Ward, Ve
r, 3, Geuld a. 3Meosr, C. lInteal,
P. Diridch, L dhriuty, L. Themas,
SL Goed. J. A. Garland, W. Selair,
seemis 1 o Xenses) and
-· wu
- ~ La.
' . * .i t
Today's News Too Big for
Printed Word, Hence
and Cartoons
The cameras of the Publish
ers Autocaster Service circle ..!
the world. This paper only
has the right to print Auto
caster pictures in this terri
tory. The biggest dailies in AS
the country can run no more
S striking photos than are i
sk p now available to the readers
of this paper, through our
ability to make cuts in our
own plant.
Youll always like the Autos
caster cartoons and comics..
- -. -4
* ~A?3Imw aiwbhhii.M. Mm.· -
w g We i~ liib N~hlijab
James L. Higgins, newly appolated
customs appraiser, took office Satur
day morning.
Gifts from friends were scattered
over the little office. There were
flowers from Dr. Arthur Lines, Mr.
and Mrs. Emile Kunts, John A.
Wogan, supervising inspector of cus
toms; Henry Dedeaux, Santa Maria
Council 1724 (Knights of Columbus),
Walter L. Cohen, flowers from post
office clerks, and a silver penholder
and pen from the St. Vincent de Paul
The Exclusive Olnb wlll give a
track ride Saturday night. The crowd
will meet at the home of Mrs. W.
Johnson 426 Elmira Avenue, at 6:45
p. m. All members are asked to be
there on time as the truck will leave
at 7 p. m., sharp.
Police transfers affecting our din
trict are: Oticer Bertonniere, trans
ferred to local station, vice Officer
Frank Vandrell; Doorman Godfrey
Moll to local station, vice George
Lecourt, transferred to the Third
I _
That Turkish Tobacco
; .. r
. ' ta-,;1_ý6 t: .ýar +" . i ;ý:K.r:,__ .:- -7" ýie 's..;' __ . r
The New Leader Department Store
which has just moved into its new
I quarters, at 424-426 South Rampart
Street, will have its Grand Opening
on Saturday, October 7, from 8:00 a.
m., to 10:00 p. m.
The popular store has been in busi
ness for many years and only recently
disposed of all of their old stock so
that when they go into their new
rstore on Saturday their customers
will have'only new fresh stock to se
lect from, as all of the old stock has
been sold at auction.
The New Leader has Just completed
the remodeling of their new store
which is one of the show places on
South Rampart Street
Mr. J. A. Klinger, the proprietor is
an expert buyer of merchandise. He
has held many sensational sales that
were taken advantage of by the Al
giers housewife.
Mrs. Klinter who is also a member
of the Arm takes a great interest in
the many customers who depend upon
her judgment in making purchases.
She is an active worker and has
earned her share of the credit for
their success.
r Mr. Klinger invites, through this
r medium, an inspection of his stock
and store, and will welcome all Al
I gerines at his big opening on Sat
Daniel Vernullle, 5 former service
man under treatment at the veterans
, hospital In Algiers, told police Mon
t day night that Dan Ryan, 24, of H94
i Robin street, robbed him of $8 In
Camp near Joseph street. The police
arrested Ryan in the rear of a coffee
house at 1008 Camp Street.
Vernuille told police Ryan grabbed
him around the throat, demanded to
see"what you've got,"'' and robbed him.
"I had just treated him to a cup
of coffee, too," Vernuille said.
With its fall strength the Liberty
Social Club, one of the most pop
ular social clubs in Algiers, is oling
to turn out in parade on the night
of October 28 to help Troop 32, Boy
Scouts, celebrate its birthday.
Doorman William Daubort of the
I Eighth Precinct police station was
r brought to the Second Precinct police
station Sunday by several civilians
I who said they had found the police
c man in civilian clothing in an in
toxicated condition. Daubert was
placed under arrest, charged with
being druak. ý.L1
Personal Mention
And General News
Mrs. L. D. Tolley has returned after
spending the past three months in St.
Louis and other eastern cities.
Mrs. G. W. Pollock entertained the
Matrons Club. The successful players
were Mrs. F. Goebel, Mrs. C. V. Kraft
and Mrs. L. F. Gisch. Mrs. J. A. Gar
land will entertain at the next meet
Mr. and Mrs. B. G. North of 626
Elmira Avenue announce the engage
ment of their daughter Marion Amelia
to Mr. Thomas M. McBride of New
Orleans. The wedding will take place
shortly .
Edward Wagner will leave October
15. for Hamburg. Germany, as a mem
ber of the engine room force of the
steamship Cliftwood. He returned
Sunday, September 24. after a trip
to Liverpool on the steamship Maquan.
The Jolly Bunch will entertain at
euchre, lotto, and 500 to-night at the
home of Miss C. Biaggini 633 Elmira
Avenue. The games will start prompt
ly at 8:00 o'clock.
Mrs. E. McKee and daughtr Mer
lin are home after an extensive tour
of the West.
The Misses Giepert and Cunning
ham entertained a few of their
friends at a dance on Saturday night.
Sept. 30, at the latter's home, 2229
Pine street. Music was furnished by
Marcour's jazz band and a few vocal
selections were rendered by Mr
Duane Leas. All who attended had
a most enjoyable time.
(Continued on Page 3.)
Junior Red Cross clubs were
formed in the school during the
week. Their work for this month
will be to help the city get rid of
the mosquito. Each member prom
ised to fill all puddles in his yard
or drain them, and put into the trash
can all old tin cans, bottles or any
receptacle that holds water.
Officers of the Fifth A Class elect
ed were: James Kennedy. president;
Henry Dubret, vice-president; Ade
M. line McfLarr, secretary; Bernice Boud
reaux, treasurer.
ice Fourth A: Joe Cherry, president;
s Catherine Nicklaus, secretary; Anna
Louise Hindelang, treasurer.
On Monday a called meeting of
46 the Parents' Club was held. A large
in attendance, including several new
Ice members, was very gratifying. The
iee club discussed the necessity of puar
chasing a playground apparatus for
ed the pleasure of the children.
to Second Grade-Perfect in spelling
m. for the week were: Vernon Suther
ap land, John Mars, Catherine 8unseri.
Fourth B-Arithmetic speed test:
Bessie Gollmer.
Fourth A-Table test winners: Al
phonse Nicklaus, Alice Lee, Catherine
Nicklaus, Anthony Lichardo, Joseph
Cherry, Louis Aubert, Catherine Wag
ty enhauser, Luanna Dumesnil, Cath
)p- erine Quartano, Robert Hughes.
Vacation days are over and nothing
remains but a pleasant remembrance,
while the second week of school fnads
everyone busy and hard at work.
he Teachers have formulated plans to
Smake this year's work the very best
Lce and great success Is expected.
s The kitchen has been completed so
a the principal assumes that hot dinner
- will be served at an early date.
SAmong the visitors this week was
Miss Caroline Alberts, Supervisor of
Music,. who outlined her program for
the term .
Dr. de Reynor and Miss M. D. Haave
were here on Tuesday vaccinating
some children and examining the arms
of others.
The faculty welcomed Miss Lois
Stafford, the recently appointed
Dopnestic Art instructor, and wished
her success in her special field.
Miss Nan Oriffith from the Depart
ment of Physical Exercise was also
at our school this week arranging her
The school deserves credit for the
garden work which has been quite a
success; the summer crope being a
surprise, as It consisted of several
barrels of large yam potatoes.
The following children were perfect
in the weekly tests in Spelling and
Rapid Arithmetic:
-- Spelling.
Eighth Grade A-Leola Umlbch.
Eighth Grade B-EarlI Cooper,
Nathan Forrest, Marguerite Rogers,
Elizabeth Costello.
Seventh Grade A-Arthemine Um
bach, Thelma 8Sutherland.
Seventh Grade B-Martha Schlater,
Angeline Chagnard, Irma Vallette,
Irma Dean Sitmon.
81xth Grade A--ordon Camus, Wl
liam Hynes, Ethel Maronge, Gladys
Orundmeyer, Francis T'ravla, Robert
Winters, Mildred Campbell, Marie
Cantia, Camille Costello.
Sixth Grade B-Lydia Campbell,
Nora Mingle, Floreace Begue, Adolph
Hotard, Thelma Arago, Leror Cooper,
Arthur Dams.
Plfth Grade A-les GOlleot, Noap
esrta ebero, Berm sn wgltte, DiWe
Fith ones 3-J Canon, At
(C.MMAmA 4 SAge a)
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
The marriage of Miss Olga McNeely
to Mr. John Brewster, a well-known
rice planter of Covington. was cele
s brated Thursday morning at a nup
tial mass at Covington. La. Rev. Mar
- tin Barre officiating.
The bride, who is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John N. McNeely, of
6 Abita Springs, was attired in a travel
- ling suite of navy blue Poiret twill
is with accessories to match. She was
W attended by her sister, Miss Martha
eI McNeely. who wore Migonette satin
crope with nccesories to match.
tr The groom w:as attended by Mr.
n- Compton Moise. The ushers were
te Messrs. Harvey McNeely, a brother
4d of the bride, and Jos. Casserta.
p The wedding march was played by
n. Miss Michaelas and during the sing
at ing. Mrs. J. W. Ford. a sister of the
te bride, sang Millard's "Ave Maria."
ra After the ceremony a wedding
,t- breakfast of thirty-two covers was
served. Mr. and Mrs. Brewster, who
r. were the recipients of many hand
ir some and costly presents, left for
Hammond and Baton Rouge to spend
g. their honeymoon.
it -
!9 The wedding of Miss Petrina Tri.
y piano to Mr. Angelo Decorte took
al place Teusday. Sejt. 26. at a Nuptial
r Mass at St. Alphonsus Church. The
d church was beautifully decorated with
palms and ferns. The choir, com
- posed of male voices, rendered splen
did music during the ceremony.
The bride was attended by Miss
Marie Trupiano as maid of honor,
Mrs. Massett as matron of honor,
and Misses Jessie Massett, Jeanne
Fusullo, Mary Castroglovannal and
Grace Decorte as bridesmaids. They
all wore orchid trimmed with silver,
re and carried roses and lilies of the
te valley.
h The bride wore a gown of white
of satin with a train of brocaded satin.
n. Her veil of illusion was caught with
rd orange blossoms, and she carried a
ih bouquet of orchids and orange blos
sy soms.
The groom was attended by Frank
t. Fazzir, Sol Profumo, H. Schneider,
t; John Renna and Anthony Costello.
l. The little flower girl, Elisabeth
d. Crane, was dressed in pink georgette,
and little Angelina Massett was
t; dressed as Cop.
The ushers were eight young girls,
who wore orchid georgette crepe
of dresses.
After the ceremony a reception was
tw held at the home of the bride. The
he young couple left the same evening
for Houston and California to spend
or their honeymoon. On their return
they will reside in Constance street.
Miss Merlin McKee was the re
Jl- cipient of much social attention while
te out West this summer. The follow
Ph lag clipping from an El Paso paper
g- tells of one of the afairs given into
h their honor:
"Miss Ray Browne will entertain
with a dancing party and supper this
evening at the Modern Cafe to honor
her guest, Miss Alberteen McKee of
New Orleans, who is being extended
ig many social courtesies while here. A
e, great basket of roses in soft rose
s and gold shades will center the table,
and pink and white tulle will orma
to ment the handles of the basket. Van.
st Ity bags will be the dainty farers for
the girls and the men are each to
eo have buttonnieres."
of -
or The Victory Social Club held a
rousing meeting last Saturday night,
ra Many important matters were taken
ag up, among them being the monster
is parade which Troop 32, Boy Scouts,
are going to stage on October 28.
is Troop 32 was praised for its many
d civic turns and its leader, L. J,.
id Schroeder, was termed the champion
of the Boy Scout organisation. They
.lintend to turn out in full strength
a in Troop 32's parade.
a The Athenian Carnival Club is
ml making preparations for their grand
dance Saturday, October 14, at the
it Pythian Hall. A good Jams band has
4 been engaged and a real good time
is assured all those who attend.
., Once more, my friends, I annonce6
that registration is still opee In Troop
. 18. We need many boys yet to make
it a good troop. I sincerely hope that
r, every boy is interested in scouting
p, and would like to become a scout.
If there are any, I wish they would
1. please come see me, then join and
a help make Troop 18 a great old troop.
t Yours for scouting,
515 Homer St.
, The followtins boys fms the local
playground passed their efdlency
Steasts: Bidward Oerret. Weley Batbn,
a Melvin Pere Johna Sulls, neao
Jeanfres, kvla Merse, Water Teo
, ly, John Chlverw. Raymoad UmbMch,
John Whle 8 s WraEh LeiAM
.aluR tm te m.

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